to think you'd struggle to find a more beautiful country than Spain?

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autumnlights12 Sat 10-Nov-12 21:58:27

(obviously I'm not talking about Benidorm)
I've been all around the world, Lisa Stansfield style. to the South Pacific, Asia, the Americas, all over Europe...but they are no more beautiful than Spain which is only a 2 hour flight away. I would move there tomorrow if we could feasibly make a living there.. sigh..

TidyDancer Sat 10-Nov-12 21:59:49

YABU imo.

But yeah, it's a matter of opinion.

It's Italy or actually parts of the UK for me.

WorraLiberty Sat 10-Nov-12 22:00:27


My MIL is Spanish and moved here when she was 16

She rarely goes back to visit cos she much prefers it here

Different strokes and all that

McKayz Sat 10-Nov-12 22:01:32

YABU it is about opinion. We drove through the Yorkshire Dales today. Absolutely beautiful.

Onebadbackandalostpelvicfloor Sat 10-Nov-12 22:01:34

Yabu it's bland and grim. Give me Germany and Eastern Europe any day

Roseformeplease Sat 10-Nov-12 22:02:05

YABU. You clearly haven't been to Scotland.

OpheliaPayneAgain Sat 10-Nov-12 22:02:45

I doubt you'd find anything more beautiful than England on a sunny autumn day with all the leaves turning russet and gold. But thats just me.

For sheer vibrancy, latin America, I'd move there like a shot. Mainland Europe never has done it for me.

McKayz Sat 10-Nov-12 22:02:57

Oooh yes. I love Scotland. And Snowdonia

autumnlights12 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:03:19

I've been to Scotland, Germany, Italy and the Yorkshire Dales. I still prefer Spain.

Bluestocking Sat 10-Nov-12 22:03:41

Do you work for the Spanish tourist board?

autumnlights12 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:04:01

Nope. Sadly.

thenightsky Sat 10-Nov-12 22:04:46

Every country has its own beauty. I love Spain too OP.. especially the Catalan area, towards the Pyranees.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Sat 10-Nov-12 22:04:59

Beautiful is different things to different people.

Spain to me is not beautiful, nor are the hills and greenery of the UK, I think the beautiful parts of the world are the places with lots of sand and sea.

Follyfoot Sat 10-Nov-12 22:05:03

England has it all. From the Lake District to the Cotswolds, Northumberland to Cornwall.

Ephiny Sat 10-Nov-12 22:06:40

I love parts of Spain but can think of plenty of other countries that have beautiful regions too.

Not sure this makes sense as an AIBU tbh, surely it's a matter of personal taste/opinion?

McKayz Sat 10-Nov-12 22:07:46

I think it would be better in Chat really

autumnlights12 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:08:10

how many AIBU's strictly belong here though?

GrimAndHumourless Sat 10-Nov-12 22:09:16

There is a patch on the Herefordshire/Shropshire landscape that reduces me to tears, TEARS I tells ya

YABNU to have a very fave landscape in the whole wide world

YABU to decide it should be all our faves

autumnlights12 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:11:29

ok, I agree Grim. IABU to say you should all like the same place as me, as much as I do.

DorisIsWaiting Sat 10-Nov-12 22:12:38

No, like anywhere i've been to some bloody awful places in Spain. But yes there are nice areas too. However I now live in south Devon and love it.

MadameCreeper Sat 10-Nov-12 22:22:57

Yabu but i'll give you the Pyrenees and Basque region.

I left my heart in Transylvania.

CaliforniaLeaving Sat 10-Nov-12 22:29:44

I think the UK has the most beautiful countryside of anywhere.

WrathdePan Sat 10-Nov-12 22:52:12

England's Peak District. I'd luuuurve to live there!

Oh hang on......grin

gordyslovesheep Sat 10-Nov-12 22:55:08

German Alps? Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia?

Scotland is beautiful. I'm so glad I'm lucky enough to live here.

I see beauty everywhere.
The world is like a giant fruitbowl of beauty. How to say the perfect pineapple is more gorgeous than a perfect grape or mango? I don't need to make such a judgement - just open my eyes and love it all.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 10-Nov-12 23:01:44

for wrathdepan - I assure you there are things in Derbyshire as noble as in Greece or Switzerland." Byron.
i love lots of places for different reasons. whete in spain do you particularly love? we love javea.

North coast of Cornwall has it. Nowhere else I'd rather be.

Portofino Sat 10-Nov-12 23:13:24

Spain has nice bits. Everywhere has nice bits. Sunset over Vernazza in Italy was to die for though.

Portofino Sat 10-Nov-12 23:14:27

Or the view over the Dordogne valley from the Jardins des Marquessacs.

WrathdePan Sat 10-Nov-12 23:17:29

Ohhelpohnoitsa - thank you - I didn't know of that.

Spain - the view from the top row in Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium, look down and watch beautiful football, or look out to a setting sun over the hills.

MrsCantSayAnything Sat 10-Nov-12 23:18:00

yabu. Italy is far more lovely.

amarylisnightandday Sat 10-Nov-12 23:19:53

Yanbu - I thi k the countries on the med are utterly gorgeous grin

kim147 Sat 10-Nov-12 23:21:04

South Island, New Zealand.

Mind you, the Dales are pretty good.

apachepony Sat 10-Nov-12 23:22:03

I don't think I could possibly choose which country is the most beautiful, there are so many heart stoppingly gorgeous places in the world!

bluebump Sat 10-Nov-12 23:24:12

I love Spain too. We drove down from the north to the south two years in a row and it was great, the scenery changed from the cold, snowy north to fields of sunflowers and then the dry south. It was brilliant.

Rattitude Sat 10-Nov-12 23:28:46

mmm... I think too much of the Spanish coastline has been disfigured by awful buildings in cheap tourist destinations for my liking.

France does it for me though: from the rugged landscapes of Brittany to the Mediterranean coast, via the Loire chateaux and the mountains (Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central, Jura)... I could holiday there for the rest of my life, as there are so many diverse and beautiful places to see.

Chocolatephiladelphia Sat 10-Nov-12 23:28:52

Spanish food was a real let down, not too keen on the country.
Much prefer France, in particular the Côte d'Azur.

AngryBeaver Sat 10-Nov-12 23:29:57

New Zealand, hands down. I live here and am still amazed by it's beauty. You have everything, green hills, sandy beaches, snowy mountains

nulgirl Sat 10-Nov-12 23:42:41

South Africa for me. The desert, the beautiful coastline, the amazing rugged highlands. The diversity of climate. Spent 6 weeks travelling around the whole country and fell completely in love with it.. Would love to spend more time there but think I'll have to wait until the kids are a bit older.

LessMissAbs Sun 11-Nov-12 00:03:27

Austria is more beautiful. Spain is a bit dry. I have no connections to Austria but it is breathtaking.

BandersnatchCummerbund Sun 11-Nov-12 00:17:13

I loved Spain. Seville, Granada, Cordoba... Although I also love Italy, and France. Really want to go to Krakow next.

PandorasSocks Sun 11-Nov-12 00:26:14

Spain is really beautiful. My DH is Spanish, we met there, honeymooned there, family is there, my dc are half Spanish... I'm biased grin

Sure, there are lots of beautiful places on this planet, but Spain does, IMO, take some beating. Salamanca, Toledo, Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada, Valencia! Stunning and breath-taking and gorgeous.

fragola Sun 11-Nov-12 00:46:33

Italy is more beautiful :-)

LoopyLoopsOlympicHoops Sun 11-Nov-12 00:55:36

YABU, Spain is mostly quite barren. Italy, UK, Germany, France all more beautiful IMO.

Salmotrutta Sun 11-Nov-12 00:57:48

Norway is rather stunning. And breathtaking.

As is the Algonquin region of New York state.

Tuscany is gorgeous.

The Loire Valley is very pretty.

The utterly beautiful Cote Sauvage in Brittany has crashing waves and majestic cliffs.

And my own homeland here in my part of Scotland has rugged, pretty, glorious and commanding views all within a few miles.

... I love my home.

Salmotrutta Sun 11-Nov-12 00:59:23

Oh - I forgot Portugal.

Some of the most stunning mountain countryside I have seen.

stargirl1701 Sun 11-Nov-12 01:00:35

YABU. Scotland or The Maldives.

EIizaDay Sun 11-Nov-12 01:06:09

I've lived in Spain - and many other countries and in my opinion Spain is a bit 'bleh' apart from some exceptions of course. For me, its neighbour, France, wins hands down.

I think there are so many beautiful countries in the world and you really do start to appreciate them after living in the ugly ones (I've lived in Dubai)

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Sun 11-Nov-12 01:15:11

Kashmir or Halong Bay, Vietnam, or Burma.
Or southern Turkey.
Or the South Downs.
How can you possibly choose?
Unless based on random geographical patriotism.

BegoniaBampot Sun 11-Nov-12 02:03:48

Nothing against Spain But TBH it's probably one of the less attractive countries.

catgirl1976 Sun 11-Nov-12 06:35:50

Where is nice in Spain? I fancy the short flight but have no idea where the naice places are.

desertgirl Sun 11-Nov-12 07:18:11

Eliza, I'm sorry you think Dubai is a perfect example of an ugly place - I think there are some beautiful parts - the dune-y bits of desert, the starkness of the Hajar mountains/ the wadis (OK, they are not in Dubai as such but very close), the flamingos on the creek, actually all of the creek -and aLl over town there is some fantastic architecture. I'm from beautiful Perthshire and I still find mysef stopping before I drive home from work to look at the skyline against the sunset and think 'wow'. It's not Scotland, but it definitely has a beauty of its own.

Coralanne Sun 11-Nov-12 07:18:23

Beauty is in the eye of the beholdersmile

cubscout Sun 11-Nov-12 07:37:05

YABU. Scotland or Greece for me

Frontpaw Sun 11-Nov-12 07:41:50

Scotland - the North Coast or Loch Lomond, Berwick, Italian coastline near Grosetto, the rainforests in NZ (or the glaciers)...

FrankWippery Sun 11-Nov-12 07:43:17

I agree. Lived there for 8 years, covered pretty much all of it. Some parts are dreadful, like anywhere, but give me the rugged Galician Coast, the mountains and lakes south of San Sebastián, Toledo, Ronda and the surrounding campo, and the cities of Sevilla, Barcelona and Cordoba and it's Heaven. And the food is amazing, the Ribero del Duero wines, so much. Yep Heaven.

VolumeOfACone Sun 11-Nov-12 07:44:58

You know I've never really seen anywhere truly beautiful in France. I should probably go back and look in different places!

The most beautiful scene I have seen was in Scotland.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 11-Nov-12 07:45:31

Granada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Apart from the bus station.

VolumeOfACone Sun 11-Nov-12 07:47:10

I do love Spain though OP. smile
Seville is a beautiful city.

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 11-Nov-12 07:50:22

I love Spain. But to me, Scotland is far more beautiful.
My Dad is Spanish and he would come back and live in England, but his wife wants to stay in Spain.

BikeRunSki Sun 11-Nov-12 07:55:42

The Highlands
The Namib Dessert
Monte Carlo
All beautiful, all different. The Earth is a beautiful and diverse place.

tiredemma Sun 11-Nov-12 08:01:58

The most beautiful place for me is the Alps. Beautiful. On top of this beautiful world.

dysfunctionalme Sun 11-Nov-12 09:39:41

I used to go to Spain a lot, mostly the Catalan area, and have lots of happy memories. But to me there is so much more to life than the scenery of a place, is there something else about Spain you like?

WineGoggles Sun 11-Nov-12 09:41:50

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are gorgeous places all over the world. I went on a tour of Catalonia and I thought it was lovely, but I preferred Provence and Tuscany.

"There is a patch on the Herefordshire/Shropshire landscape that reduces me to tears"
Hear hear! It's a stunning part of the country.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 11-Nov-12 09:47:30

YABU... you can't live on scenery. Spain is bankrupt.

echt Sun 11-Nov-12 09:48:15

Scotland is indeed stunning.

It took me years to "get" Australia, but now I do; a weird, worn-down nubbins of a place, and wonderful.

SugarPasteSnowflake Sun 11-Nov-12 09:59:07

I love Spain - like anywhere bits are stunning, other bits less so. Our long term goal us to move to Spain. I'm looking forward to it but I will miss the UK I think, probably the greenery the most.

CaptainSolo Sun 11-Nov-12 10:00:11

Spain!!!shock No way. Switzerland everytime.

FreudiansSlipper Sun 11-Nov-12 10:12:20

I love Spain parts I have see are beautiful but personally think Italy is more beautiful.

There are so many places that I have seen that are beautiful. I think walking over Waterloo bridge at night is one of the most amazing sites but so are the amazing blue sky in Sydney and the coastline of california and the
Sahara desert seeing the moon set and the sun rise it just amazing

ophelia275 Sun 11-Nov-12 12:53:26

YABU. I personally think Spain is very overrated both in terms of its landscape, architecture and people. For me it is far from beautiful.

However, you are entitled to your opinion but I disagree.

Wilding Sun 11-Nov-12 12:56:48

I do think the Alhambra is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. But I also love Northumberland, the Altai mountains in Mongolia, the west coast of Scotland and and the Tibetan steppe... could never pick just one!

I love the Catalan region and had a very happy 6 months living there, very beautiful. But I have to agree with the pp who said that South Africa is the most beautiful place. Stunning scenery wherever you go and amazing diversity. Cape Town is an amazing city and totally different to the rugged isolation of Drakensberg or vast emptiness of the karoo. Truly amazing country.

The amazon region of Brazil is also stunning and like nowhere on earth.

SuperTressy Sun 11-Nov-12 15:35:06

It depends on what you consider beautiful. I live on the North Devon coast, which to me has the most gorgeous scenery and I can't imagine living anywhere else (except for New Zealand perhaps). I've only been to Costa Blanca in Spain, which to me is a bit barren and full of new housing developments and furniture stores. Would love to explore of Spain though ~ what areas would you suggest?

SuperTressy Sun 11-Nov-12 15:35:39

Sorry, Meant more of Spain!!

corlan Sun 11-Nov-12 15:39:33

Upon Westminster Bridge.

jamdonut Sun 11-Nov-12 15:41:14

The Yorkshire coast is pretty impressive. So glad I live on it. smile

desertgirl Sun 11-Nov-12 16:55:50

there are so many beautiful places smile and one of the best things is that if you go away and look at something completely different, the place looks even more beautiful when you go back.

(Alhambra is fabulous - had one of the most perfect meals ever sitting looking at it - great food, great company, great view, perfect weather..... those are the moments you want to package up and put away to take out and polish in your old age....)

EllenParsons Sun 11-Nov-12 17:02:57

Austria is the best IMO!

Doha Sun 11-Nov-12 18:42:58

Ewwwwww I have been to many wonderful beautiful countries and l certainly wouldn't class Spain as one of them.

So since you asked YABU

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