AIBU to think the government should cap the number of children called a particular name each year?

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sausagesandwich34 Sat 13-Oct-12 22:52:27

ok I know I am and this is supposed to be a bit of a light hearted thread but....

I am a brownie leader

25% of my pack are called Chloe!
3 of them have a surname starting with the same letter

out of the rest of them Molly,Holly & Emily I have multiples

I've taken to calling the entire pack by their full names so no one feels left out hmm but that's 48 names to rememeber!!!

how do teachers do it?

ivykaty44 Sat 13-Oct-12 22:55:18

I think they should limit names - so when you turn up to register your baby's name and it is full you have to then think of another name in 5 minutes that you both like.

We should limit top ten names to 1000 per year, then the next top 90 to 95 per year - after that there wouldn't be any limits

See I have it all worked out

MoetEtPantsOn Sat 13-Oct-12 22:57:22

That'd be brilliant. But they'd have to allocate the ration of names across the year as well? Otherwise all the January babies would use up all the Amelias etc

sausagesandwich34 Sat 13-Oct-12 22:57:48

that's exactly what I'm talking about! grin

EndoplasmicReticulum Sat 13-Oct-12 23:03:34

No, forget names. We should number everyone. Or do something like car registrations.

I like the idea of January Amelias. Do it alphabetically by birth date and then you'd have a rough idea of when someone was born.

Or just call everybody Dave.

InSPsFanjoNoOneHearsYouScream Sat 13-Oct-12 23:04:41

we should all be called MN nicknames so no one at all is named the same

ivykaty44 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:04:43

So a monthly ration of the top ten names, followed by the 90 left on the list and then a free for all on anything over that

What about every 4 years though on 29 February? would you get a bonus Billy on that day?

KatyPeril Sat 13-Oct-12 23:04:55

Yanbu. If I come across another child called Mia I may vomit <Joke. Quite like the name actually>

Put all the girls with the same name into the same six, then don't call the sixes names like the gnomes or imps, they becomes the Emilys or the Ellies or the sodding Hannahs....

ivykaty44 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:14:29

in England and Wales, the most popular female and male names given to babies born in 1800 were Mary and John, with 24% of female babies and 22% of male babies receiving those names, respectively.[24] In contrast, the corresponding statistics for in England and Wales in 1994 were Emily and James, with 3% and 4% of names, respectively. Not only have Mary and John gone out of favor in the English speaking world, also the overall distribution of names has changed significantly over the last 100 years for females, but not for males. This has led to an increasing amount of diversity for female names.

So we have got better and more adventurious

LonelyCloud Sat 13-Oct-12 23:16:00

I've got a better idea.

Get the registry office or whoever to pick 365 boys names and 365 girls names. Then allocate a name to each day of the year.

So, for example, girls born on January 1 are Amelia, boys born on January 1 are Harry, girls born on January 2 are Chloe, boys born on January 2 are Billy, and so on.

And then, OP, you will only have name confusion if the brownies share birthdays!

tescocarrierbagexplosion Sat 13-Oct-12 23:18:45

But it's so hard to pick a really nice boys name! I picked Oliver in the end...

And he was a end of November baby.. So I would have missed out on a yearly allocation of that name...

But YANBU there are so many Amelia's and Mia's at the moment!

nailak Sat 13-Oct-12 23:20:04

it wont work. As in some areas you will still end up with loads of kids called the same name.

In my dds class there are loads of variants of sumayyah, i bet that is not even in top ten, but in her nursery afternoon of 60 kids there is loads of them, samia, somaya etc

LonelyCloud Sat 13-Oct-12 23:21:09

See, tescocarrierbagexplosion, my idea means all this name choosing angst would be a thing of the past! grin

Viviennemary Sat 13-Oct-12 23:21:16

No. Can't think why they would want to do this. I do think they should clamp down on the more ridiculous names and the weird spellings. There was five Rebecca's in DD's class at one time. I quite like LonelyCloud's idea!

I think children should be named by the registrar in batches, like dog breeders do with puppy litters. First batch, something starting with A, next batch with B, etc, and I like it when theyhave to get a bit inventive with X Y and Z,

GreatGretzky Sat 13-Oct-12 23:23:08

YANBU. DS1 has four friends at school called Oliver!

Mrsjay Sat 13-Oct-12 23:24:51

IN dd2s year there is at least 7 chloes I know off a handful of emmas and a lot of Rachels

DD1 was all Amys and Emmas It must be confusion , dd2 is friends with 3 chloes and a lewis or 4 shock

Mrsjay Sat 13-Oct-12 23:25:19


Mrsjay Sat 13-Oct-12 23:28:07

MY daughters didn't have anybody with a shared name in the school years not because they are unusual probably really boring but they were not popular the years they were born,

fuzzysnout Sat 13-Oct-12 23:29:44

I think it would be fun to give an allocation of each name to each social class wink. Therefore when all of the naice middle class names run out parents will have to broaden their horizons with what would previously have been considered 'lower class' and no classroom with an unbalanced intake will be over-run with children who answer to the same name.

One would also find it harder to be judgey on the basis of names grin

of course I will be shortly informed that there is no longer any such thing as social class and that, if there were, it wouldn't influence children's names anyway

and that no MNer would dream of being judgey

TuftyFinch Sat 13-Oct-12 23:31:45

We should do it how they do it in Iceland. A name for every minute of a 24 hour period. The names are all on a database. There's obviously male/female lists. So a boy born on any day at 15.45 would be Peter.

kerala Sat 13-Oct-12 23:32:46

One third of girls in DD class called eve. Most families with boys will have a Ben, Oliver or josh. These names are full!

Ds1 has a top 10 name I think and he's the only one in our village, but there are millions of Henry, George, Thomas, Emily, Amy, and Roses.

Perhaps allcocate by area too.

WorraLiberty Sat 13-Oct-12 23:34:54

we should all be called MN nicknames so no one at all is named the same

This ^^

And when they run out of names, they can put numbers and kisses after them....

Mrsjay Sat 13-Oct-12 23:34:58

My name was one of 'those' names I hated it every 2nd girl born late 60s early 70s has this name the teachers used to call the 5 Jays in my primary classes by their second names too , <sigh>

peppapigpants Sat 13-Oct-12 23:45:12

All that happens round my way is that the children's name on the register is not what they are known any boy with a Mohammed first name has a middle name he uses instead (and then there are the boys with Mohamed as a last name, just to keep me on my toes) and boys called Syed are always known as something else too. Then there are the children who I couldn't tell their gender by looking at their name on the register, and had to wait until I had met them in person. And there are the siblings who have virtually the same name except for one letter...and the parents where the mother has a different surname to both the father and the child as it's not their culture for her to take the husband's name on marriage. Sometimes the child has a surname that is not shared with either parent.

I do have an Emily though...she is the only white British child in the class.

My eldest DD has a common surname and much less common first name, and yet there was a girl in her school two years older with the same name combination. Fortunately their middle names were different, but even so they were continually forwarding emails to each other that had reached the wrong pupil.

goldenlula Sun 14-Oct-12 00:08:23

Ds2 (4) is Oliver, I am surprised he is the only one in his class and ds1 (6) doesn't have an Oliver in his class either. I do like the idea of rationing names though smile

YouMayLogOut Sun 14-Oct-12 00:12:32

YABU. I don't suppose people would be too pleased if they were told they couldn't use their carefully-chosen favourite name!

FannyBazaar Sun 14-Oct-12 00:25:17

UABU, move away from this area of people of little imagination.

I live in a very diverse area, I don't think there is any duplication of names in classes although there are two girls called Ellie in the whole school - about 600 pupils.

I am one of a zillion Gemmas. Constantly got 'little Gemma', 'Gemma-with-the-brown-hair', 'Gemma M', 'Geordie Gemma' as a point of reference. I hated it, and cursed my parents for giving me a common as much first name are rarer than hens teeth middle name - why not the other around!

As such, DD has a nickname grin It could be a nickname for two or three longer names, but I've stuck with that. She was one of only 13 born in the country with that name last year. Happy days.

quoteunquote Sun 14-Oct-12 00:40:57

When my oldest was at primary school there were four Joshua Walkers in the small village school, three of them in his class, as well as all the other Joshua, eight in total in his class alone, half the boys in the school were called Joshua.

marbleslost Sun 14-Oct-12 00:41:04

Well allocating names would cut out all that needless arguing with your dp about what to call them. But imagine if you got allocated Roger or Alan. I wouldn't be happy at all.

Gold - I think there's also a tendency to call people "big Gemma" or "little Gemma". Both of which are not very nice. We have a "big David" at work.

80sMum Sun 14-Oct-12 00:49:10

Names come into and go out of fashion, especially for girls. 10 years ago there were hardly any Amelias, now it's one of the most popular names.
I suffered with a popular name and was determined that my DCs would be the only one in their class (in fact, they were each the only one in their school) with their name. Funnily enough, both DS's and DD's names both became very popular in later years; DD's name was actually number one a few years ago, yet when she was born I had people ask me "what do you want to call her that for, it's an old ladies' name!"

Wetthemogwai Sun 14-Oct-12 01:04:49

That's a great idea! There was 5 jacks in my class at school, so confusing!

Out of interest, how do you do that thing where you find out how many babies shared a name? Interested how many of dds name there were

YouMayLogOut Sun 14-Oct-12 01:08:42

How about just giving everyone a number?

sashh Sun 14-Oct-12 07:59:00

They should have a league table of the top 100 names at each register office.

It's not a problem if there are 50 Amelias, but it is if they all live within 1 mile of each other.

Or, we could do what happend to my SIL. On her first day at school there was already a girrl in the class with SIL's name so the teacher just changed SIL to her middle name.

She is now known by her middle name to everyne.

ZeldaUpNorth Sun 14-Oct-12 08:20:24

Dp picked DD3s name and i'm dreading her startingnursery/school as i'll bet there are at least 3 in with her name (Emily) I do like the name, but i dont like the popualrity of it. My other 2 dd's have older names, i think there might be only 1 or 2 of each in the whole school.

AThingInYourLife Sun 14-Oct-12 08:24:13

"But imagine if you got allocated Roger or Alan. I wouldn't be happy at all."

Tough, you'll learn to like it grin

ontheedgeofwhatever Sun 14-Oct-12 08:31:05

How about this?

Each registry office has 2 lucky dips one for girls one for boys containing 500 names each. Parents pull out a name on arrival and that is the childs name. When all 500 names are gone, the slips are put back and the process starts over again

VisionaryGoat Sun 14-Oct-12 08:34:26

I get that this is a lighthearted thread... but there is a real grain of truth in it.

I recall one class I was in, way back in my high school years - and there were 6 girls named Catharine/Katherine/Cathryn (or some variation of the name) 5 girls named Samantha, 3 named Amy, 3 named Clare/Claire and 4 boys named Ben. It was just endless confusion about who was being referred to. Nightmare of a class it was, both for teachers and pupils.

It would actually be lovely if parents could be brought up short at the registry office - "Are you aware there have already been 537 girls named Jane in this county this year? Do you still want to name her Jane even with that knowledge or would you like to re-think?" AND "Do you really want to name your son <insert ridiculous name>? Really? It's not at all normal you fucking twat."

While I think people should have the right to name their kids whatever they like (as long as it isn't screamingly stupid) it would do no harm to make folks aware of how popular/foolish their proposed name is - or isn't - and check their spelling before they actually commit it to paper.

CookingFunt Sun 14-Oct-12 08:37:47

We could flood the baby Name threads with more diverse suggestions. Their are four Mason's on my road,two jacks,two Ava's, and each of my kids has multiple Amelia's as friends.
We could suggest the lesser used names like Keith,Peter,Jennifer and Maria and see how long it takes for them to get into the top ten
It would be an interesting experiment.

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 14-Oct-12 08:44:43

I've never met anyone in RL with the same name as me!

I'd love it if I did!

MousyMouse Sun 14-Oct-12 08:44:55

but what about similar names?
dc2 has a name that is sometimes classed as 'granny name' but her nick name is quite popular and there are similar popular names in other cultures (indian, polish). result in th nursery group are 5 dc (that I know) with a similar name...

Growlithe Sun 14-Oct-12 08:50:35

My DD is in Reception. There are 3 Reception classes in the school, and without exception they have put all the children with the same name in the same class. Why would they do that?

CombineBananaFister Sun 14-Oct-12 08:55:03

Ds has nursery with 4 Finns, Finleys, 2 Dexters, 3 Bellas as well as multiple Jack/George/Josh. I am afraid trying to ask a 3 year old which one he is refering to means it's 'curly hair Finley' or 'Finley who comes on his mummys bike?' type questions. Think they should ban the naming after famous people though, at the register office - No, 'you can not name your child Rhianna, she is already faar too famous and your child will be forever in their shadow' smile

soverylucky Sun 14-Oct-12 09:22:28

Amelia, Grace, Mia - there are loads of them

Finley, Harrison, Joshua -there are loads of them too.

We should all be called the same name. I am sure it would work.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 14-Oct-12 09:24:27

I don't think this is as much of a problem now as it used to be in the past. There also doesn't seem to be the tradition of naming sons after fathers quite so much, which must have led to lots of "Big John, medium John and small John" sort of situations.

Also when child mortality was high families would use the same name again if a previous child had not survived, my mum has an old sampler with a family list with two daughters called Mary, only one of which lived.

x2boys Sun 14-Oct-12 09:39:23

i kind of go off names that are over used my sons have a cousin called joshua and a cousin called thomas both lovely names but in my sons schoool you cant move without bumping into a joshua or thomas i thought lexie was a nice name at first but there are hundreds running around i like the idea of having sixes based on names ie the emilys i think i was the pixes as my name is a variation of anne and there were lots of annes knocking around in the seventies and eighties we should of have been callles the annes!

RobynRidingHood Sun 14-Oct-12 09:40:28

Give them a number, like the army grin

x2boys Sun 14-Oct-12 09:44:44

yes i see what you mean endo in my family benjamin was a family name great grandad, grandad,uncle, and cousin only uncle and cousin still alive but my mum refers to them as our ben [my uncle her brother] and young ben [ mycousin her nephew] young ben must be at least 45 now!

YouMayLogOut Sun 14-Oct-12 09:54:40

You get the ones who think they're being frightfully original and edgy but then they find most other people in North London have picked the same name!

x2boys Sun 14-Oct-12 09:55:43

there has always been popular names though when i was young i,m 39 next months there were loads of claires, catherine [various variations] sarahs etc boys were all paul david stephen etc i dont think i have come across a baby paul or sarah for years and at some point maureen and alan must have been popular but can you imasgine a newborn maureen or alan?

AlwaysWantingMore Sun 14-Oct-12 09:58:43

When my parents were naming my brother they had 7 names they liked, one allocated to each day, and they named him accordingly. Don't see why that couldn't be rolled out nationwide for each day of the year!

Rosebud05 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:01:39

It totally depends on the area which you live in.

I live in a very diverse area and, although my son has a popular name (popular for generations, not 'trendy'), we very rarely meet anyone else with the same name. There are no duplications of names in my dd's class, although one in my son's.

I'm sure if we lived somewhere else in the country he would be known as 'popularname3' or whatever.

Mrsjay Sun 14-Oct-12 10:04:16

yes it does depend on where you live how popular names are 1 areas Alfie is another areas Archie it is all geographical

Littlebluetoo Sun 14-Oct-12 10:04:54

In my NCT group there was a little boy called "Pholen". It was apparently his mothers maiden name but, dear god, it is ugly!

Mrsjay Sun 14-Oct-12 10:07:23

Pholen confused sounds like Fallen grin

eurowitch Sun 14-Oct-12 10:08:06

There were 5 of us with my name in my French class at school (out of 30).

And one of the teachers had a lazy eye and would ask a question and then end with the name of the person she expected to answer, looking up at them. The problem was, she could look at two of us [samenames] at once! It took me most of the year to figure out which eye I should be relying on.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Sun 14-Oct-12 10:16:05

Archie. I know 14 Archie's aged between 4 and 10.

Rachel. Umpteen Rachels here.

Ethan, Oscar and Lewis are all popular boys names here, and Holly, Isabelle and Chloe are popular girls names.

MrsWoodforTrees Sun 14-Oct-12 10:19:48

Good thread Sausages.

There could perhaps be some pre-registration system (max 3 choices) with names to be allocated across the year. I could however see this leading to ds posts on MN along the following lines

"Dear MNers

What to do ?

Our (unborn) DS is currently waitlisted for a Harry and we have a firm offer on an Alexander . We have a backup of Timothy . All for September this year.

We love Harry but think he would grow into Alexander and we would probably be happy with it in time. I hate the name Timothy but my DH loves it (and wrote it down on the form without me knowing shock. ) I fear if we end up with Timothy I will have to leave the bastard.

So my question is , anyone live in the Upsidedown Netherbourne area and know what the situation is with the waiting list for Harry ?

Yrs Namedilemmanamechanger "

MinnieBar Sun 14-Oct-12 10:20:27

Ah, but if you have an unusual name then you forever have to spell it out and/or correct the people who can't be arsed to listen properly and call you by the male version of your name/another name entirely…


Yes, I know this also happens with Emilie and other variants on 'common' names but I'm willing to bet not half as much.
<and breathe>

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Sun 14-Oct-12 10:21:36

Yes, I picked an 'unusual' name for DS1. Well, it was unusual in 2002. Now every second child has the same name. In 2002, only 3 DC's in the COUNTRY were given his name. Now it is consistently in the top 100. Grrrrr.

I helped start the blooming trend!

MinnieBar Sun 14-Oct-12 10:22:08

Plus, if you had monthly quotas, can you imagine the queues at the registry offices on the 1st of the month as the competitive mummies try and jostle the others out of the way? grin

PedanticPanda Sun 14-Oct-12 10:23:50

Nah I don't think it should be monthly rationing of names based on a first come first served basis, that's too boring. The parents should have to compete for their favourite names in the registry office - the parent who can fit the most grapes in their mouth at once gets to name their dd Emily grin

Mrsjay Sun 14-Oct-12 10:23:58

ID go with Alexander all the Alexanders I know are september born my dad and a cousin. I havn't heard of Alexanders for a few years dd2 is 14 and I know 5 her age so bring it back round

Mrsjay Sun 14-Oct-12 10:25:05

the hospital could have a ticket machine like the supermarket and new parents could pick a ticket to see what baby was called that would be different and they replace the roll every few months

MrsWoodforTrees Sun 14-Oct-12 10:27:59

On second thoughts I vote for the mouthful of grapes idea

chris481 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:37:04

Am I the only one that consulted official government statistics on name choices and ruled out anything in the top 50?

There are actually lots of good traditional names that don't seem old-fashioned, but are hardly used at the moment.

Spreadsheets compiled by Office for National Statistics here:-

chris481 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:38:00

In one of my dds classes there are 10 girls and 3 of them are called Ruby!
Whereas I picked what I assumed to be pretty common names (my youngest two are Emily and Rosemary) and have never met any others at the school.

Salmotrutta Sun 14-Oct-12 10:45:31

I'm with you all the way sausage - I have taught a million Rebeccas/Amys/Tegans/Jacks/Connors/Dales etc. etc. (with all the various spellings thereof hmm) and it's a nightmare trying to sort them all out in your head when you get your new classes.
I'm secondary and I can have around 100 plus names to remember in short order.
I once had a class with a Mary in it a couple of years ago - it was so refreshing!
I vote for the lucky dip idea - they could use a proper old barrel of sawdust too. Just like the old days at school fetes grin

chris481 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:47:03

To the OP, Chloe is on 12th on the list, suprised you haven't got more Amelias

1AMELIA 5,054
2OLIVIA 4,938
3LILY 4,761
4JESSICA 3,984
5EMILY 3,974
6SOPHIE 3,923
7RUBY 3,702
8GRACE 3,691
9AVA 3,621
10ISABELLA 3,464
11EVIE 3,385
12CHLOE 3,347
13MIA 3,346
14POPPY 2,932
15ISLA 2,849
16ELLA 2,783
17ISABELLE 2,719
18SOPHIA 2,661
19FREYA 2,619
20DAISY 2,458

Salmotrutta Sun 14-Oct-12 10:49:23

Ruby is definitely one of the up and coming names.

I'd really like to see a resurgence of Fiona, Elspeth, Eleanor, Catriona, David, Hamish, Ian etc.

honeytea Sun 14-Oct-12 10:50:13

I wish they had this system in the 80's, I have never been in a class and not had another Amy as a classmate.

Salmotrutta Sun 14-Oct-12 10:52:14

Hardly anyone has my name.

I doubt it'll make a resurgence hmm

GhostofMammaTJ Sun 14-Oct-12 10:53:34

I had never heard of DD2s name when we had her. It was DPs idea and I liked it. Got home from hospital two weeks after she was born to find that someone else in our street of 25 homes had got a dog and called that the same!!

Then a few months later someone moved in over the road and they had an older DD with the same name.

Then my neighbours across the road had her brother to stay with his DD with the same name!

It is not common though and I can't imagine she will have anyone in the same class with the same name. I think the brother named his DD after hearing mine being shouted at called.

MinnieBar Sun 14-Oct-12 10:55:33

Well between DS's and DD1's classes, only 5/20 are represented around here - and only one of each.

Extending it to friends, I know 10/20.

This leads me to conclude that there must be regional pockets of popularity. So your idea needs yet more refining OP I'm afraid… you need to find the areas with high levels of Amelias and ration them the hardest. Then we'll see the Boden mummies moving house to certain areas 'Well yes, the school might be failing, but there hasn't been a Jessica for two years so we're guaranteed to get that name'.

We have an Emily smile

PedanticPanda Sun 14-Oct-12 11:25:52

mumble would you have been willing to do the grape test to be able to use the name?

5Foot5 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:41:36

When I was at senior school there were six of us with the same first name in our form. That was 6 out of fifteen girls all answering to the same name! In the year as a whole there were seven of us - one other Jxxxx in another form.

What I could never get over was why, when the school looked at the list of people starting in 1973 and had to decide how to allocate them between five forms, they thought it would be a good idea to put 6 of the 7 Jxxxx all in the same form rather than split them between forms.

quoteunquote Sun 14-Oct-12 11:42:55

I know seven couples called Dan and Kate, we also know quite a few more couples that have duplicate names, really confusing sometimes especially when phone messages are left.

Himalaya Sun 14-Oct-12 11:50:58

How about a cap and trade system and let the market allocate?

Amelia, Chloe, Jack and Josh might end up trading at £500 for a naming licence.

Adolf, Gladys, Alan and Gertrude you could pick up for £1.

....of course if your name goes up in popularity and you trade it in later by dead poll you can cash in on your parents' foresightedness. grin

CassandraApprentice Sun 14-Oct-12 12:39:01

There are very common names in this area that I have never heard of prior to moving here.

We went for out of fashion traditional names - but found ourselvess at a head of a resurgence in popularity.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 14-Oct-12 12:44:22

Perhaps when children start school there should be a re-allocation, allowing duplicate children to choose an alternative name.

sausagesandwich34 Sun 14-Oct-12 13:10:39

thinking about it I know 3 couples called Andy & Jo

and I only know 1 Amelia who is 19 so not popular round here at all

him -postcode lottery do you think?

JumpJockey Sun 14-Oct-12 13:29:39

Quoteunquote - my neighbour's under-tens are called Kate and Dan grin

Interesting, DD1's Rainbow troupe has no repeated names and only one name in the top 20. I don't hear them very often around here, it would be a perfect moving spot for the Boden mums grin

QueenOfToast Sun 14-Oct-12 16:04:19

You get the ones who think they're being frightfully original and edgy but then they find most other people in North London have picked the same name!

This was me, I was so gutted with my lack of originality that we moved out of North London to suburbia where I can pretend that I still have some credibility and urban edgyness. grin

Littlebluetoo Sun 14-Oct-12 16:09:12

I've just come across a little girl called Alizabeth. Can't work out if it is a real name or just being silly with the spelling! I do know the poor child will be forever having to say " no you need to spell it with an A"!

ivykaty44 Sun 14-Oct-12 17:43:50

I have heard of an Alaura

complexnumber Sun 14-Oct-12 17:54:17

I haven't read any of this apart from the 'you being a brownie leader' bit.

So I just want to say thank you to you, and all the other brownie leaders around the world.

We love you!

Forget names.
Forget numbers.

Barcodes are the way forward. They have the added advantage of you being able to scan them in and out the house/school.

redlac Sun 14-Oct-12 17:58:19

5foot5. I am a J** born in 1973! Think there was 5 of us in our year at school

I am now know as J** L at work too as we have 4 J***e and 3 J***a

DD is the one one of up her name in her year so far at Primary however at nursery she did have classmates called Keeley, Cailey, Casey, Kate, Katie and Cassie - which was confusing when she has a slight speech impediment

redlac Sun 14-Oct-12 17:59:33

Bugger - I fucked up my **

1944girl Sun 14-Oct-12 18:03:25

My year of birth is in my user name.When I was at school there was one class I was in with four Carols.They were all born in December.The teacher referred to them as Carol A,B.C.or D.It was very common in those days for every girl born in December to have the name Carol or Christine.The equilivant for boys was David or Christopher.These names are not widely used now, and usually gives the owners age away.
There is always a ''fashion'' for names, they are all over the place then fade away and come back again.

JollyJackOLantern Sun 14-Oct-12 18:08:03

I was in a hockey team of 11 girls with6 Kirstys and two Kirstens. Nightmare.


Lancelottie Sun 14-Oct-12 18:09:57

We once had a birthday party consisting entirely of Philippas and Katherines.

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 18:12:30

Have never met another child with ds2's name, or ds3's. I have met one other of ds1's, he's nearly 10.

I feel a bit better and less poncy after reading this thread, so thankyou.

It wasn't all about being different - I just felt odd using a name someone else I know had already got, iyswim - it feels like stealing!

marbleslost Sun 14-Oct-12 18:20:51

We once had a birthday party consisting entirely of Philippas and Katherines.

I don't think it's a new problem. Some of the wards I worked on seemed to be made up entirely of Valeries, Phyllis's or Ronald's.

I have a v common name which nobody uses now. It's very aging I think when that happens.

I do find Alizabeth amusing but I'm not quite sure why.

BeauNeidel Sun 14-Oct-12 18:24:40

I don't really get why people fret about duplication of names and how popular it is. I'd like my children to be known for more than they are the only Adolf* in the class!

*not real name grin

Lancelottie Sun 14-Oct-12 18:27:39

Endoplasm: 'Also when child mortality was high families would use the same name again if a previous child had not survived' -- my barking parents did that. My second brother was not too impressed when he found out.

There are 11 boys in dds class 5 are Thomas, 3 are Joshua...

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 18:34:42

Well, I was trying to think of a nice name for ds3 and all the ones I liked, I already knew someone like a close friend who had used that name. It felt a bit uncomfortable, like I was copying them.

So I had to rule out quite a few that way. finally came up with something very unusual but still 'normal'-ish - I mean it's a recognisable name, it's not hard to spell or pronounce. And mostly, I really like it.

I just couldn't use something my old friend had already used, or my cousin, or my friend at school. I felt like I was treading on their toes.

JollyJackOLantern Sun 14-Oct-12 18:36:41

Ds's name was well outside the top 100 in 2010. In 2011 when he was born it shot up to 60 something. Not much you can do about that.

My dds name is in top 5. I hate it and wish I had never chosen it.

I liked another lovely name but now exh vetoed it sad even dd wants to change her name!

eandh Sun 14-Oct-12 18:51:49

Dd1 is Ellie I would do anything to rename her now, 2 Ellie's in her clas, 2 Ellie's and Ella at brownies and 3 Ellie's at the stables where she rides (wanted to call her pippa but bottled it and used as a middle name :0(

Dd2 is Hattie funny enough in her primary school of 600+ children she is the only Hattie! There are 3 cases of 30 in each year and they put 3 Finns together in her class would you not think they would split them up?? Although her class does seem to have the collection of children with unique or unusual names so her name seems fairly normal!!

BarbarianMum Sun 14-Oct-12 19:20:59

I am very glad my sister got to 'Max' before I did, or ds2 would be the 4th one in his class.

peppapigpants Sun 14-Oct-12 19:26:43

eandh and barbarianmum I know someone with two children called....

Max and Ellie!!

mycatoscar Sun 14-Oct-12 19:48:43

My husband works with 3 lees. They are known as digger lee, fat lee and black lee! Apparently they don't mind, I think I might though!

I was one of 7 Rebecca's in my year at school, luckily there are several nickname versions of that, although now I might be fat Rebecca lol! Or stroppy Rebecca grin

sausagesandwich34 Sun 14-Oct-12 19:53:47

thank you, nice to know we are appreciated blush

RedGreenWhiteViolet Sun 14-Oct-12 20:11:44

I sometimes feel guilty for calling dd1 Olivia. There is only one other in her class and luckily they have different nicknames. We gave dd2 an foreign name so we've only ever met one in England apart from dd. People often ask if they are really related. blush

EldritchCleavage Sun 14-Oct-12 20:17:39

Everywhere I go these days I trip over an Oscar.

3 girls called Leanne, lee-Ann , Leeann in my class at school. All with surname jones. It was a nightmare.

Dd had 3 Ellie Browns in her year.

Both dc's have top twenty names but are the only ones in their school years. Our surname is Oliver which does cause problems for ds as several teachers have struggled to plumb it in to their brains that its his surname not his given name.

hooper02 Sun 14-Oct-12 23:15:28

Makes me think of my A level maths group, about 15 of us in class with 3 Sarahs, 2 Joannes, 1 Joanna and 2 Catherines, oh and the identical twin of one the Sarahs was in the class too. Bit confusing for the teachers

BlueSkySinking Sun 14-Oct-12 23:25:01

I know 5 Isla's, 3 Jack's, 1 Amelia, 4 Max's, 1 Josh,

LucieMay Mon 15-Oct-12 00:32:40

I was quite happy with my choice of name for DS- it's easy to pronounce, easy to spell (unlike our long complicated Greek surname) and a traditional proper name. However, he's the only one with it in the school and I rarely come across it so it means he is always easily distinguished (which is a good job in the award assemblies as the deputy head can't pronounce our surname and always calls him out by just his surname).

My 2 (teenage) DDs both have names from my country of origin, and local to the area I come from, so never meet anyone called the same or even anything close.
DS however is Max. He is the only one in his year.
In his class there are 2 Mia, 2 Maya, 2 Daisy hmm

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 15-Oct-12 09:59:44

I have an Archie. I had no idea it was such a faux pas until it set the eyes of MN rolling uncontrollably! (although tbh I still don't actually know why as I was too scared to ask)

Only 1 person I know knows anyone with an Archie. Think it's definitely a postcode lottery. Round here they're all Oliver or Rhys.

Mrsjay Mon 15-Oct-12 10:06:23

I think Archie is a sterotypical middle class boys name I am not sure if that is right though ,

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 15-Oct-12 10:09:03

Woo hoo! I'm posh! No wonder it's not popular round here grin

Tallalime Mon 15-Oct-12 11:44:06

My DD is the only one of her in her class, in fact there are no repeats in her class, though there are a Kaydee, a Kaycee and a Kaylee I almost cried with disappointment when we turned up on the first day and they weren't triplets after all

I know a LOT of Bens though and Evies and Chloes and approximately eleventy billion Maddis...with no E.

Himalaya Mon 15-Oct-12 13:19:46

Hope you've all had a go on this baby name voyager uk version

FrankelSaysRelax Mon 15-Oct-12 13:33:59

With some animal breed societies (dogs, horses, etc) each year has an allocated letter, so every animal born in that year must have a name starting with that letter. It helps to be able to identify which year an animal was born.

<realises teachers might not like this idea> wink

MsVestibule Mon 15-Oct-12 13:47:11

I like the idea of a local Top 100. We consulted the national Top 100, instantly dismissed anything in the Top 20 and thought we were fairly safe.

But it seems that ever since we named DS, every other bugger in my area has called their son the same name and I can pretty much guarantee that he will always have another boy in his class with the same name. Might as well have just called him Archie/James/Joshua angry.

My boys have the top 2 boys names.
My daughters name rarely makes it I to the top 100.
I don't know any other Oliver's and there are none in his nursery either.
It could be an area thing.
Ds1 was named after his grandad.
Ds2 was named while we were waiting to go down to my section as we decided we didn't want baby hotcoffeeisamemory on his wristband!

QueenStromba Mon 15-Oct-12 17:53:17

Whoah - my name has really gone out of favour. It's a completely normal name that doesn't sound old fashioned at all but there were less than 30 babies born in 2010 with any spelling variant. It's a lot more popular in the states so people think it's more common than it actually is.

JollyJackOLantern Mon 15-Oct-12 18:01:15

The Scottish stats office publish every national forename and top 10s for each council area. Helpful smile

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