To think that you shouldn't keep your 8 year old up all evening just because it's Friday?

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BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:12:16

Or am I seriously off the mark? (Have been before on here!)

A "friend" on facebook (I know I know) has just posted that she and her DD are just about to watch another film and eat more choc.

Is that odd? hmm

Or am I reaaally old fashioned?

My DD is also 8 and if I had her up at this time she'd be a nightmare!

midori1999 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:15:25

Some people don't have bed times for their DC, especially at weekends.

Perhaps it's a treat, perhaps it's a special occasion or important anniversary or maybe she just wants to sit up and have some time with her DD? Either way, I can't see it matters as long as she's not tired at school on Monday.

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:15:49

Haha! My 13yr old is fast asleep by about 10pm on a Friday cos he's knackered and loves his sleep!

However, you don't know (presumably) whether the child's been to school or not, what time she got up and whether this is a one off treat?

I seriously doubt anyone can keep an 8yr old up if they want to sleep though.

Meh, it's not something I could get worked up about.

missymoomoomee Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:05

On a saturday night I let my dc stay up as long as they like, we have a night watching films and eating pizza snuggled up under duvets on the couch we usually all end up falling asleep together too. I love it. DH hates it and ends up going to bed earlier instead of watching High School Musical 1 2 and 3 or some other such nonsense.

Spero Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:09

I think it depends a lot on the child. Mine is 7 and she won't sleep much before 10pm. Apparently I was the same as a child. I get her into bed by 9pm on school nights and sometimes she stays up later on Fridays and Saturdays. She is usually up around 7 am and seems fine. But regardless of child, surely as an occasional treat it can do no harm?

PinkFairyDust Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:11

My friends child who is 4 goes to bed at midnight....they let her watch whatever, ie big brother
She always falls asleep on the sofa and then her Dad carries her up to bed think both are bad to be honest and wind me up as she is so tired the next day and mum gets cross

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:31

'Keeping' them up, or letting them stay up?

I would say at 8 that they'd drop off when they're ready.

Ours went to bed late tonight, but it means they sleep in later tomorrow.

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:37

from my pov with DS it would mean he stays up late and still up 5am (should get off MN) but dd sleeps untill 9-10am on the weekends.

normally i am in bed now, but i am having a much needed night off, still up 5am lol.

with dd it would mean we get up at 11ish and feel rather refreshed

katykuns Sat 06-Oct-12 00:17:42

I have had my DD up 10-10.30 in the past, but any later and she will be awful the next day. Even when she goes to bed late, she will still get up early.

However, if her DD doesn't have trouble with lateness, and they aren't doing anything actually inappropriate, then it's really not your business is it?

Jinsei Sat 06-Oct-12 00:18:52 7yo dd has only just gone to bed. She might sleep in a bit in the morning to catch up, but actually she needs very little sleep and never seems to get tired. I'm strict about bedtimes in the week, but I don't mind bending the rules at weekends!

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:18:57

'I would say at 8 that they'd drop off when they're ready'

I don't know why I've said it at just 8, any age would sleep when they're nackered and ready for it.

katykuns Sat 06-Oct-12 00:19:43

I also personally wouldn't make a habit of it simply because the evenings are mine and DP sanity time :P

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:20:51

I also personally wouldn't make a habit of it simply because the evenings are mine and DP sanity time :P


WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:21:12

My Mum and Dad used to take us to the British Legion nearly every weekend when we were kids.

We used to fall into bed around 12.30am, happy as Larry and full of fizzy orange and Golden Wonder crisps.

Happy Days grin

dearprudence Sat 06-Oct-12 00:21:34

Might be perfectly reasonable in the circs, might not be. Without knowing a lot more about this family none of us could possibly say.

LDNmummy Sat 06-Oct-12 00:23:18

I don't think its a problem at 8 as it sounds like they are having a cuddle while watching the telly.

I can't wait till my DD is about that age so we can do the same thing (maybe not after midnight but still late'ish), in fact its the thing I am most looking forward to as a parent in the near future.

The child will probably fall asleep soon and it might be a one off even.

deleted203 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:23:21

I don't mind bending the rules at weekends, but I'm buggered if I want a kid still up at midnight! I do want a bit lot of 'me' time. I'm sick of ruddy kids by about 9.30pm at the latest.

hatesponge Sat 06-Oct-12 00:24:17

I always let both DSs stay up later on Friday and Sat nights, usually as long as they wanted. I work FT and have never got home before 6.30-7, so made no sense to me to rush them off to bed, esp at weekends.

TellMeLater Sat 06-Oct-12 00:24:56

Up to you what time you judge appropriate, I like my head space so I like them in bed by 10.00 at the weekends but I wouldn't get all judgey if someone allowed their child to stay up later. School nights are a different thing though.

Jinsei Sat 06-Oct-12 00:26:33

Thing is, some kids don't get grumpy if they're up late, and they're fine the next day. That might be hard to get your head around if you have a child who doesn't cope well with late nights.

Also, I guess it might be a problem if you spend the evening watching tv that might be inappropriate, but it's rarely on in our house, so that's not an issue.

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:26:38

Ooooh, late night cwtch up on the setee, it'd be wrong to go and poke DD2 to wake her up wouldn't it? grin

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:27:33

God I must be evil! By abut 7.30pm I'm tired of DC and want to be alone. or with DH.

Is that bad??

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:28:13

i am looking forward to sharing fine wines and chick flicks with DD when she is alot older alot older, so she needs to learn how to keep up with me. early training and all that

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:28:18

I want to know...don't people NEED to get shut of them by 9 or so??

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:29:33

I don't know if I COULD watch a chik flick with DD even when she's 20! I might be embarrassed! What if there was a sex scene? And yes I DO talk to them about periods etc...but I wouldnt watch a chick flick with them!

midori1999 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:29:44

Some people actually like spending time with their DC... hmm

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:31:24

OP everyone is different.

I like my kids in bed or at least in their rooms at a time me and DH deem appropriate.

But that's not to say it suits everyone...there's no right or wrong is there?

Like someone said upthread, some working parents feel they don't see enough of their kids in the week so if it suites them to let them stay up, what's the harm?

Different strokes that's all.

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:31:59

And my ability to spell has been kidnapped sad

SummerRain Sat 06-Oct-12 00:32:03

My 7 year old didn't get home til 9.30 (her bf is 12 years younger than her siblings so their house tends to run on adult times). She was full of beans and was still reading when dp and my takeaway arrived gone 10... I think her light is off now but can't be 100%. She'll still be up earlier than anyone else, the only reason I sent her yo bed was coz we like to watch grown up tv on a Friday night!

All three of mine stay up til midnight when we go to my parents for dinner as my parents eat late and we chat after.

When I was little I was often allowed to stay up with the grown ups, I loved it and it did me no harm.

Don't see a problem as long as mom and daughter are enjoying themselves.

usualsuspect3 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:32:13

Does it matter what other people do with their DCs?

Just because they do stuff you don't ,so what?

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:32:33

Midori thanks for that....I DO of course...but in the day..out and about. DOING THINGS>...not watching films at bloody 11 in the night!

midori1999 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:33:55

You're welcome...

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:34:14

Usual you don't need to get snarky with me. I wasn't mean or anything.

I am getting heartily pissed off with MN. I know this is AIBU but people don't real all the thread...they don't pick up on nuances or when the OP has in a roundabout way admitted they are BU...and they KEEP PILING IN! It's fucking boring! No discussion.

Just a load of yobs wading in.

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:34:36

i have a motive, if she is at home with me drinking wine and watching a DVD she will not be doing it lol

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:35:13

It used to be full of banter...even AIBU was amusing. Now it's all just cunty and horrid.

People seem frustrated and enjoy wading in.

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:35:24

I DO of course...but in the day..out and about. DOING THINGS>...not watching films at bloody 11 in the night!

You don't sound happy with your choices?

Are you feeling guilty for some reason?

If you are, you shouldn't long as you and yours are happy, that's all that matters surely?

usualsuspect3 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:35:31

I'm genuinely puzzled why you give a shit about what other parents do though.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 00:36:34

I don't Usual! It's just fucking banter on the internet! I was bored. I read someones FB and thought "Shit...I couldn't be arsed with that!" and decided to see what MN thought.

Obviously I'm just a twat though.

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:36:34

Sorry, who's been cunty and horrid?

<< scrolls back to check >>

TellMeLater Sat 06-Oct-12 00:37:00

I asked my dd (9) what she would like to do as a special treat and her reply was stay up and watch films to midnight, snuggled up on the sofa with me - that says it all.....and she will, it's such a nice thing to do, if I can stop myself falling asleep.

usualsuspect3 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:37:50

Bloody hell.

<goes to bed>

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:38:17

TellMe I've woken up in the past with my DS's saying "Mum, it's time for bed...we'll tell you how the film ended in the morning" blush

Startailoforangeandgold Sat 06-Oct-12 00:38:20

jinsie hits the nail on the head, some DCs don't do tired and grumpy and don't try it on if they are allowed the odd late night.

There is of course a totally selfish reason to do this with smaller children.

Possibly they'll sleep later on Sat morningwink

Doesn't work with DD2, she bounced up full of beans regardless (just at 11 starting to have the faintest hint of teenage sleepyness).

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:38:41

Yobs? I don't mind that, it makes me feel a bit young blush

I agree I want them to f off to bed so we can Not Think, but I can understand why it might not be too bad watching a film with them if you've got nothing else on.

HolyAutumnGoldBatman Sat 06-Oct-12 00:38:46

It's not really a discussion type topic though is it? Somebody elses child's Friday/one-off bedtime routine?!

YABU. It's fine to stay up late now and again. I think it sounds lovely, having a sleepover with your mum! It's sounds like a really nice bonding thing.

DC1 (age 8) goes to bed at 9pm, but is still up and down, reading, tossing and turning wide awake at 11:30pm on a school night. Still gets up at 7am no problem and isn't tired during the day. Some kids just don't need that much sleep.

Jinsei Sat 06-Oct-12 00:39:23

I only have one dd and she is genuinely good company. I don't need her to go to bed so that I can relax or enjoy my evening - I'm happy to have her around. But I can understand why some parents might feel that way.

hatesponge Sat 06-Oct-12 00:39:28

When you're working FT, the evenings can be the only time you get with DC.

Hence being somewhat laissez-faire with bedtimes...

I don't understand people packing children off to bed early so they can have me/couple time. But then if I was at home all day I suppose I might feel differently.

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:40:05

op as your claws are out, i will say i have been up at silly o'clock watching dvd with ds. He is ASD and i have updated my statues because people don't belive me when i have said i have been up since 3am and in work at 6:30am

i do not sleep, i just calculated in 7 days i have slept 24 hours 25 hours the max. What else is it to do

TellMeLater Sat 06-Oct-12 00:40:32

I'm only up late tonight worra because I fell asleep on the sofa during Strictly...I am regressing, I love my naps.

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:40:36

Hmm I'm disappointed at being called a yob

That means I'll have to change out of my PJs and put my Hoodie and low batties on again.

I was so relaxed too innit? sad

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:41:04

You're not a twat OP, I've seen you posting sense on other threads.

Just remember the free flowing alcohol it's Friday night smile

"I want to know...don't people NEED to get shut of them by 9 or so?? "

I quite enjoy spending time with my dc hmm

This evening they stayed up until 10pm, we all watched the new Red Dwarf episode snuggled on the sofa and having fun!

Casmama Sat 06-Oct-12 00:41:33

Erm I think you are being a bit bloody touchy- assuming you have read Aibu before then you realise that people are allowed to disagree?

usualsuspect3 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:41:49

I've not been called a yob for many a year.

I'm sober AZZ , dh is ill in bed so I have to be responsible grin

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:42:53

If you had a shell suit (should that be all one word?) worra, you'd have no need for PJs wink

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:43:27

eny 1 wanna hang out on da street wiv me an nick da milk from da milk float l8r 2nite?

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:43:56

i am far from sober.

i may name change, this name is crap and miss my name of MchappyPants2012

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:44:28

<sadness and sympathy for Headfirst>

WorraLiberty Sat 06-Oct-12 00:44:49

I put my shell suit in the tumble dryer and now it's a snug fit for my Russian Dwarf hamster sad

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:45:11

Headfirst oh dear hope it is not man flu sad

<sigh>. I had a lush forest green and hot pink shell suit when I was 11.

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:46:06

i had a kappa jacket

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:46:21

Why 'santaisNOTathreat'? (that was really difficult typing and not putting spaces in grin)

Who said he was a threat?

Yeah, full on man flu lol!

mum11970 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:47:43

Oops I'm a terrible mum then, ds2 (7) is still up watching tv with me now. Ds1 (14) and dd (11) are fast asleep in bed but ds2 is wide awake and will happily sleep in tomorrow. There's no way I'd allow it on a school night but I know he'll get enough sleep as we have nothing on tomorrow.
Big fat I must admit I did say to dh I wished they'd go to bed at 9 and give us some peace but it never happens and dh was up at 4.30 for work this morning so was ready for bed himself at that time.

santaisNOTathreat Sat 06-Oct-12 00:48:44

i was pissed of with parents using the santa card ' be good or santa will not bring presents crap' in october

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 00:48:45

I've been through rah-rah skirts, culottes and big checkered patterned skirts sad

To say I'm a damaged person would be an understatement.

McHappyPants2012 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:53:57

<changed back>

Moln Sat 06-Oct-12 01:04:33

I don't think I'd be putting on a new DVD at 11 for my dcs - 6 and almost 9 (mind I'd be highly unlikely to put one on for myself at that time)

though they do stay up later on Friday and sat - not that late though 9 maybe. They get grouchy if they don't get 11 hours and they rarelt sleep in past the usual waking time

OP did you fB friend say what film? If it's something like Saw i'd find t wrong!

CouthyMowWearingOrange Sat 06-Oct-12 01:14:27

8yo DS2 goes to bed at 9.30pm on Friday and Saturday. 10yo DS1 at 10pm, and 14yo DD at 11pm.

I would have followed. Except DS3 only fell asleep 5 minutes ago. hmm

TheCatInTheHairnet Sat 06-Oct-12 01:33:16

Am I the only one then, that regularly had Friday night playdates that continue well into the evening?! We take it in turns to hold them, the kids all fall asleep in a big pile after wearing each other out, the Mums drink wine and everyone eats Pizza.

It just makes me feel a little sad as my kids all get older and need picking up from all over the place, that they are getting rarer and rarer.

Pandemoniaa Sat 06-Oct-12 01:47:47

You'd never have kept ds1 out of bed once he'd decided it was bedtime. He always needed far more sleep than ds2 (as adults nothing much has changed either!) so although I was fairly relaxed about weekend bedtimes, he was mainly controlled by his body clock and there's no way he could get much past 8.30 at the age of 8.

mum11970 Sat 06-Oct-12 01:53:10

I can't see how anyone can comment on another person's child's sleeping habits, they are all different. My 14 yr old will stay up late every night of the week but is still up every day by 6.30 for his paper round, my dd (11) needs at kick up the bum at 7 am every morning, no matter what time she goes to sleep and ds2 is happy to go to bed early during the week but is a night owl at weekends (just like me), yet dss (18) will stay in bed all day if allowed.

Leena49 Sat 06-Oct-12 01:53:23

I must be old school or something! I'm even a little shocked!
My dd (7) goes to bed at 8 midweek and 8.30 weekends. She needs more sleep because she is a child.
The only times she stays up have been a family wedding and a few times on holiday abroad.

Pandemoniaa Sat 06-Oct-12 01:59:21

You know your own children though. I knew that ds2 needed far less sleep than ds1 so could stay up later and still be absolutely fine in the morning. So on occasions, he did stay up later at the weekend. I'm so old I must be Old School but I still never saw any harm in being relaxed about bedtimes occasionally.

I still don't understand how anyone could keep a tired child awake anyway so can't really see the point in judging someone else on something as trivial as this.

WandaDoff Sat 06-Oct-12 02:05:55

I had a shellsuit of the market & I was made up with it as it was the same everyone elses.

WandaDoff Sat 06-Oct-12 02:06:17


AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 02:07:57

Why would anyone comment on anything though mum11970? Because they were up for the chat?

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Oct-12 02:10:18

grin wandadoff, I'm sure you were pure class grin

I bet originals are worth a fortune on ebay.

musicalendorphins Sat 06-Oct-12 05:26:48

My ds and I used to watch old black and white films and eat toasted bagels in in my room right up until he was about 11 years old, on the week-end. He always fell asleep and dh would carry him to bed when he got home. (works a late shift).

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 08:27:17

I am back. I was BU. Thank you and good day.

I was rather silly to post an AIBU at midnight when I was tired an emotional!

Soditall Sat 06-Oct-12 09:48:58

Our oldest child is now 16 so doesn't go to bed before 11 at the weekends usually after midnight.But we love it because for those 2 days a week we have time with just him and he's so much more mature now we can watch something a bit older with him and have a laugh with him and a bit of adult conversation.

Our younger children have stayed up that late if we've been to family party's,weddings,new years eve,or we've been traveling back late from a holiday.

Op there will be a stage where you can't send them to bed at 7.30.

crosscupcake Sat 06-Oct-12 09:57:45

I do Bigfats!!! grin

By 8.30 at weekends...well i allow him to watch a dvd in his room as a special treat on a friday and sat night....mwwaahhhh.

Im a horrid mum.

This is ONLY becuase we made a HUGE thing about how very very very very VERY special it is for a boy of 8 to have a tv in his room....the threat of the loss of his beloved sat night dvd has provided me with much bargaining power!

He is out for the count by 9ish though! light weight!

MummyPig24 Sat 06-Oct-12 10:10:53

If I let dc stay up they go mental. They don't sit nicely and watch tv, they tear about and get over excited. Therefore they are in bed by 8 at weekends, 7 on school nights. Unless its fireworks night/xmas etc but ds still wakes up at 6.30, wakes dd up and are both miserable. Plus I have had enough and want time for me and Dp in the evenings. I am a sahm. But if someone else wants to do it and it works then thats up to them.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 10:13:40

That's the same here MummyPig...they play...they don't sit all cute and quiet under a duvet.

AND I like watching scary shit at night! I don't want to watch fecking High School Musical!

jamdonut Sat 06-Oct-12 10:36:02

Under 12's should still have a "bed time", in my opinion. Even at Weekends. Obviously there are times when that rule can be broken, but on the whole, there should be some sort of routine. If only because everyone needs some adult time.
You should see what the vast majority of children are like at school on a Monday morning ,because all the rules went out of the window at the weekend or because they were at "Dad's House" or "Mum's House" or whoever they don't live with during a normal week. Imagine how you are on a Monday morning after a weekend living it up. This is how children get too.

GoldShip Sat 06-Oct-12 10:38:14

My mum used to let me stay up as a treat at that age. No harm

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 10:38:22

I think under 15's need a bedtime to be honest! I did....I was allowed to read or watch telly...but adult time is so important and so is sleep for growing kids!

GoldShip Sat 06-Oct-12 10:39:37

And I must have been a mature 8 year old coz I didn't cause any bother, just sat reading a book or writing alternate endings to films I'd just watched with mum! (Yes I was a bright and geeky child) grin

jamdonut Sat 06-Oct-12 10:45:25

I agree. I said under 12's because it gets so much harder to "make" them go after that age. I "suggest" that my 12 year old DS2 is in bed by 9.00, but he usually sits reading till gone 10pm! My 15 year old DD self regulates, but is usually asleep by 1030. My 20 year old...well...let's just sayI couldn't fuction on the hours he keeps grin

devilinside Sat 06-Oct-12 10:47:24

hmmm, I allowed 7 year old DD to stay up until 11pm last night. Her ASD brother was asleep. All the time he's awake, she behaves in exactly the same way he does - running around, jumping, screaming, play-fighting, get the picture.

Last night she sat nicely with me on the sofa, I was stroking her hair, we were chatting. That never ever happens when her brother's awake. It was bliss.

Mine were up later than me last night....however they are nearly 12 and 15, so it's not quite the same!
We used to do the Friday night thing too though when they were younger - I have a couple of good friends who lived very close by and we used to take it in turns to go to each others houses. Mums would have Chinese takeaway and wine in the kitchen, and kids would hang out, play, or watch DVDs in living room.
I look back now and think what a great time we always used to have. smile

differentnameforthis Sat 06-Oct-12 10:51:56

Up to the parents. My eldest stays up a little later on Fridays. She gets plenty of sleep other wise, so I don't see the harm.

I used to love staying up late with my own mum watching the late night horrors. It was our special time & meant so much to me.

BoffinMum Sat 06-Oct-12 10:57:25

I think it depends on the child, but it sounds a bit bonkers to keep them up unless it's a special party or wedding or something.

jamdonut Sat 06-Oct-12 10:58:38

I think there's a lot of difference between sitting cuddled up,relaxing,than there is with being over stimulated i.e.playing computer games, or being out at a pub/restaurant/social club/family gathering, where there is likely noise,music and other general raucousness going on. The former is less likely to have a negative impact on general behaviour on Monday morning at school.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 10:58:55

*2blessed that does sound fun. I might chill and suggest to my friend that we do it once or twice.

Proudnscary Sat 06-Oct-12 10:59:33

I'm Victorian about bedtimes - mine are 10 and 8 and go to bed 8.30/9pm on weekends unless we have people over or it's a special occasion.

Obvs it's up to individual parents - and my dc can't hack late nights at all as they never sleep in later - but it does annoy me when we have friends with kids over and they assume they can stay til 11pm+.

I don't say nuffink though, I just roll my eyes at my dh and pour another glass of vino collapso.

Chandon Sat 06-Oct-12 11:00:11

OP, for what it's worth, I think letting a young child stay up that late is a bit slack parenting.

Kids need their sleep. Why not watch that film the next day?

If it's a one-off, fine I guess.

Don't know why everyone came piling in here, bit of a bullying attitude imo

charlottehere Sat 06-Oct-12 11:02:24

My 8 and 11 year old stay up pretty much every non school night. Its fun for them

Ragwort Sat 06-Oct-12 11:04:38

I agree with Proud and to be honest I can't think of one thing on TV/film that I would choose to watch with my 11 year old DS; I have no interest in the crap stuff he watches and on the few occasions I have suggested we watch something together (ie: my choice although I try to find something that would interest him) he is bored stiff. So no, I send him to bed at 9pm ish. Or I go to bed on my own first with a good book grin.

GoldShip Sat 06-Oct-12 11:04:54

'Slack parenting' oh please do pull the other one. Sometimes it's nice to have some one on one time, after the youngest have gone to bed, after chores are done, a time for you and your child to relax and bond.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sat 06-Oct-12 11:06:35

Same here Ragwort I like horror and thrillers...not blinking Victorious and Spongebob!

charlottehere Sat 06-Oct-12 11:08:53

In fact my 3 year old was up until 11 last night as we were at a neighbours house. She will be tired later although she has had 9 hours sleep.

charlottehere Sat 06-Oct-12 11:10:24

Sometimes I would like to send DDs to bed earlier as they are getting on my nerves but DH works long hours so generally don't. However, we must sit quietly a watch the programme wink

Bigfatlegs It was always just lovely and relaxed! In the summer we'd sit in the garden and the kids would be on the trampoline, or just running round, and my two friends and I would sit and put the world to rights! One had lost her dh like I did, and the others dh worked shifts and was usually out on Friday evening, but if he was home he'd join in.
Maybe we were all just lucky, but we all have 2 dcs each, and they all seemed unaffected the next day....but probably did sleep in a bit longer. I never did the Saturday morning sports/activities thing - I scheduled that for Sundays or after school, and Saturday mornings were our lazy morning when I made pancakes or bacon rolls and we didn't get out of our pjs til gone 12.
We actually still do that on a Saturday grin

charlottehere Sat 06-Oct-12 11:11:11

Oh and not spend all night doing shows if we have visitors/go to someones's house <wicked mother>

Chandon Sat 06-Oct-12 11:11:20

sure Goldship, but starting another film at midnight, so we are talking a 1:30 bed time, which is just excessive and unnecessary, isn't it? For a young child?

I have that one on one time with my 10 year old when the younger ones are in bed at 8, and we stay up another hour.

Kids need their sleep for growth and well being. It is not some random "punishment"confused. letting them stay up very late, regularly, is as bad (or worse) as feeding them junk, letting them drink lots of fizzy drinks etc. It is a bit rubbish.

(what is happening, next I'll be ranting about fruit shootsshock and gregg's sausage rolls!)

anyway, I think a 1:30 bed time for an 8 year old is too much, and I'd be hmm
about it, but in real life (not MN) I'd keep that to myself.

thebody Sat 06-Oct-12 11:13:30

No for us Friday night was family fun night.

Dh usually away all week so time to catch up with us all.

Pizza, crisps, sweets, wine for grown ups,DVD and usually ended up carrying younger ones up to bed as fallen asleep on sofa with blankets.

Bloody lovely.

GoldShip Sat 06-Oct-12 11:15:29

I can see 1:30 might be a bit on the late side but if parent and child aren't tired, haven't got anything to do the next day where is the harm? Its a tad judgemental to say its as bad or worse as junk food, everything in moderation isn't it?

Like I said I used to stay up late with my mum, brothers had gone to bed and I loved and cherish that time with her. I'm now 21 and haven't got any problems stemming from this so let's take a step back and take our judgey pants off!

fuckadoodlepoopoo Sat 06-Oct-12 11:15:35

I have a friend who keeps her 3 year old up until 11 every night to allow her to have a lay in the next morning (they get up at midday). She starts school next September, her mum is going to have to change the whole sleeping pattern by then!

Having said all that, we were usually back home and off to bed around 11ish, maybe midnight at the latest....I think half past one is too late.

hatesponge Sat 06-Oct-12 11:15:55

If children are tired, they fall asleep. My DC have always gone to bed later than most, because I work and would never see them in the evenings otherwise, but even so at age 8 probably wouldn't have stayed awake much beyond 12.30am at weekends, and indeed often would have nodded off a lot earlier than that.

GoldShip Sat 06-Oct-12 11:16:09

thebody that's lovely and the same as what I did! My stepdad learnt me how to play chess at the age of 8 from my little 'late night stop ups' too

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