NOT to want to pay £29 for a school photo???

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PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 10:04:43

My school has got Tempest to do 'modern' class photos - long thin ones with the kids in small groupings with props - they cost £12.50 for a print, or £29 framed. They're awkward to find a place for, too big, too expensive (to get both my ds's class photos would be £58!!) - who can afford that?

Just emailed the school sec with my feedback and she said they have just had positive feedback hmm - so AIBU??

What are your school pics like and how much are they? I just want a record of my dc in each school year, and their friends, and don't want to pay a fortune for it!!

Ours are tempest and very normal, only thing I thought was they're very close up on the face, I thougr school photos were usully head and shoulders. Anyway there are a range of formats etc. Hasbe you looked on their website?

ShatnersBassoon Mon 26-Mar-12 10:26:13

Just get the print and choose a cheaper frame.

I wish schools would stick with traditional photos. I hate those naff 'modern' poses they put them in.

soverylucky Mon 26-Mar-12 10:26:24

Oh I hate those new style class photos - I am very, very, very old fashioned though. I am the same with Venture - all that catalogue posing with props - just looks pathetic imo. Fine if you look like a model but most people don't. I like the formality of a school class photo. Luckily at dd school they do both.

take the photo yourself, in their school uniform. problem solved

ShatnersBassoon Mon 26-Mar-12 10:27:29

YANBU, by the way. It's a lot of money, and what on earth do people do with whole class photos? I've never seen one on display in anyone's house.

ElphabaisWicked Mon 26-Mar-12 10:31:33

I refuse to buy those fancy class photos on principle. They are far too expansive as you say difficult to frame and I HATE HATE HATE to see pictures of children in school uniform with no shoes on.

I understand the photos of the hockey teach/school choir etc with props but again WHERE ARE THE SHOES?

I do have one of my dd's class last year but only becasue they messed a friends order up so sent her an extra free copy of some of the photos by way of compensation and she gave me one.

startail Mon 26-Mar-12 10:32:04

I don't mind the new style individual photos. My slightly theatrical DD2's are quite fun.

But the new class photos are a real pain. They are just too big and too expensive.
I wish they'd stick to normal sized prints that fit in my album.

ElphabaisWicked Mon 26-Mar-12 10:32:41

You can't get a cheaper frame Shatners, they are not atstandard size, you would have to get a fram specially made. They are long and thin and come in a rolled up tube.

BusinessTrills Mon 26-Mar-12 10:34:35

YANBU to not want to pay £29.

So don't buy it.

Same as anything else that you think is not worth the money.

startail Mon 26-Mar-12 10:35:03

Yes no shoes looks silly, DD is kneeling in her arty one and you can't see her feet.

I guess they stand on something white.

picnicbasketcase Mon 26-Mar-12 10:38:33

YANBU. I'm another who detests those long modern class pictures and refuse to buy them. If they would still do the formal ones of the class standing in rows tidily I probably would. I simply don't want to see my DC lounging about on the floor with their feet propped up on some random kid's head while another one rolls marbles at the teacher, or whatever the fuck they do in them. Awful bloody things.

familyj Mon 26-Mar-12 10:39:43

We had them one year. Complete waste of money. I just brought the photo thinking I could put 2 together in a frame. They are not even the same size as each other.
Thankfully school has seen sense and is bback on traditional ones .

ShatnersBassoon Mon 26-Mar-12 10:40:39

Ah, I didn't know they were a weird shape as well. That's rubbish.

Kayzr Mon 26-Mar-12 10:40:53

I just got the print of it and got a cheap frame.

They are far too expensive, however can't comment on the style as not familiar with it.

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 10:42:36

PolarBear - I'm talking about whole class pics not the individual ones (and we also have the squint close ups as well for those, which drive me insane - I want a nice pic of the kids in their uniform, not a Venture-type rip off shot hmm)

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 10:43:00

Thanks all - glad I'm not alone in thinking this!!

ElphabaisWicked Mon 26-Mar-12 10:47:12

Our individual school photos are also arty. Dd hugging a telegraph pole and ds swinging off a rusty metal gate was one year, the previosu year was dd sitting cross legged in a circle (sports marking) on a concrete playground or photos taken on the school field with the sun causing too much glare.

I just want a nice tradidional phot of my children in school uniform.

Clawdy Mon 26-Mar-12 10:53:52

The photographers were in at the toddler group two weeks ago. The photos are £30 for a pack of three 8"by6",all the same shot. They took several(admittedly lovely)shots of each child but they could only be bought in threes. One mum was looking at a 3 beautiful pictures of her baby and toddler, 2 individual and one together. When she asked if it would be possible to have one copy of each for £30,she was told no. As she could not afford £90,she had to buy just one pack. How unfair is that?

lazylula Mon 26-Mar-12 10:56:46

I just got the print for ds1's reception one as a memory for him. I will then get the year 6 leavers one and will do the same for the other 2.
I am a little hmm with ds1's school at the mo as they only had their individual ones done last month and they were ordered last week, then on wed we get a letter home saying that they are having owls visit this week and they will have photos taken with them. I may not have ordered the normal one as the owl one would be a bit different had I have known!

Hassled Mon 26-Mar-12 10:56:54

We had the same class photos last year - I quite like the concept but not being prepared to go beyond the £12.50 mark I'm left with something that needs a magnifying glass to identify a child's face. And what you can detect is that the kids all look very self conscious in their arty faux-casual poses - give me a bog-standard/tall kids at the back please class photo anyday.

LoonyRationalist Mon 26-Mar-12 10:57:36

I agree with everyone else, the school can't please everyone.
DD1 started school this year & I was shocked at the price of the (very poor) photos. (If they had been "modern" photos I wouldn't even have thought about buying them though) DH has taken a better one of DD1 as a record of her first year at home with the added advantage that I could print loads for family for the grand price of £2.50. Her class teachers take photos regularly & put them in her learning journal & this is a much nicer record of her with her friends anyway so I haven't bothered with the class one either.

We had a really odd photo this year, the class had to run and jump and skip and they took "movement" shots.

It was, well bloody awful tbh

My ds2 was jumping up with his eyes screwed up and his mouth open.

That cost me £30 angry

I just want a pic of the class lined up in their uniform smiling, surely not too much to ask for a CLASS PHOTO angry

Mrsjay Mon 26-Mar-12 11:54:41

My dds tempest photo was Brushed up this year shock she has acne on her picture not a spot in sight , I didnt know what to think about it I suppose they touch up photies , I think if you want to but photies just get the prints and dont worry about the fancy frames , why would anybody want a whole class photo every year <dunno> My eldest has a leaving school photo with her year its huge and ive nowhere really to put it ,

HairyLemon Mon 26-Mar-12 12:28:19

YABU just buy the print

SoupDragon Mon 26-Mar-12 12:30:21

No one is asking you to pay £29 for a school photo. They are offering you a photo for £12.50 or a frame plus photo for £29.

I really can't see what you are complaining about - just buy the bloody print.

Scholes34 Mon 26-Mar-12 12:31:00

A big hurrah for our school - after two years of those awful long modern photos, they've gone back to the traditional everyone lined up photos, much to everyone's relief!

ElphabaisWicked Mon 26-Mar-12 12:33:31

The problem is what to do with the print. You can't put it in a frame unless you pay to have one specially made. You can;t pop it i nan album, they dont make them big enough. You coule just buy it and leave it in its rolled up tube. even if you buy it with the frame where on earth do you display it, too big for the mantlepiece.

I think what people are saying is give us some choice. Let us have a traditional photo in a standard size at a reasonable price.

shagmundfreud Mon 26-Mar-12 12:38:46

We had one of these tempest photos.

The grouped ds(8) and his friend - the smallest boys in the class, either side of the biggest girl in the class, who's hugely tall AND fat.

Poor ds and friend looked like toddlers. Poor girl looked freakishly large.

Not good at all.

Didn't buy the picture. Don't know what possesses a photographer to do something like that in a school photo.

Kennyp Mon 26-Mar-12 12:47:19

I really hate those prop photos, leaning all over the teachers and gym equipment. Theres no date or class name or names of kids. I never buy them.

My son was "posed" one year .... Hands in pockets, standing sideways. He looked nothing like him at all.

Bring back the normal photos i say, although sm in a minority tooo. I sympathise.

OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere Mon 26-Mar-12 12:53:42

One year DC3's nursery did photos. Nothing unusual there but when I saw them shock

They were those 'victorian waif' ones. Hidious and weird. Weird because my DC has dreadlocks and he looked bizarre in a cloth cap and knickerbokers.

I declined to purchase any.

I never buy photos now. I keep the proof. I only want a record of what they looked like at that time. I dont like school photos, they are generally pretty naff.

I was reeling on Friday when the dcs came out of school with their class photos and they were £10.50 each.

I will stop complaining now as they are traditional rows of pupils with their class teachers and I can see everyone's face clearly and obviously much cheaper than the alternatives grin

VivianDarkbloom Mon 26-Mar-12 12:56:34

In this digital age, I feel like they could do a photoshoot for each kid/group and put them all in a protected online gallery, then you can order as few or many as you like/want to pay for. Would be a much better use of the cost of hiring a pro and all the equipment. I'm sure as kids we only ever had terrible school pics because the outlay of printing was such that you only got one chance. With the group shots such as running and jumping they should just take a whole bunch and each kid will surely have some great ones and some scrunched ones. Seems silly for the photographer to pick the one he thinks works instead of taking ten in the assumption that there'll be a passable one of everyone that way.

Jenny70 Mon 26-Mar-12 14:01:17

I didn't buy ours, my daughters expression was very false and scrunchy...

So I dressed her for school nicely, sat her about a foot away from a plain coloured wall with good natural light. Took digital photo, telling her a joke to make a more natural smile, got printed on high street for 69p... friends dropped over and they thought I'd had her school photo back super quick.


HairyLemon Mon 26-Mar-12 14:02:04

Buy the print, take a pic of it with a digital camera and then print it out at whatever size you have a frame for. I've done this with loads of non standard size prints I've bought

EngeldinckHumperbert Mon 26-Mar-12 14:04:08

I agree, they are a rip off. The mark up is way too high. Both DH and I are good photographers so we take our own.

ladybirdbliss Mon 26-Mar-12 14:32:45

yanbu! we just got the full group poto when we were in school.
its fab looking back on them now.

i dont see the point in single pictures of ur kid to be honest its just a money making racket... i mean everybody now has a camera so why not just take a photo of ur child at home all dressed up in their uniform why does the school need to do them.

schilke Mon 26-Mar-12 14:41:56

I hate them too so yanbu. I bought ds2's class photo last summer as he was in year 6. I hate it. They are all in their socks - WHY?? The girls have mainly white socks, but the boys seem to have every colour under the sun and that bugs me! Some children are standing, some sideways some face on. Yuk. I just bought the print as framed was going to cost a fortune. So now, it sits, rolled up in the tube it came home in.

Plus it's longer than my school photo of the whole school - 820 children plus staff!

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 15:56:24

soupDragon that was a completely unhelpful reply. Thanks. hmm There's no point buyng the print without a frame, is there?? You can't stand it up like you can the traditional cardboard school photos as IT IS TOO LONG. And it is not s atdnard size so it would be v hard to find a frame for it. There's no point replying if you can't say anything helpful.

Jenny - I can do photos of my own dc, I was talking about class photos.

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 15:56:48

Oops - a standard size blush

BeerTricksPott3r Mon 26-Mar-12 16:02:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HairyLemon Mon 26-Mar-12 16:22:51

Honestly OP buy a print just so you have record of it and then take a pic of the pic , print it off and stick it in a frame. it is a fair bit smaller obviously but at least you have something you can frame. Or if it is of DC with a group could you just take a pic of it and crop out the others?

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Mon 26-Mar-12 16:30:52

Our school offers photo books, I thought it was Tempest, but I could be wrong. I liked those because they have the whole school in them, so when ds1 was still at primary I could just buy one and have both of them and their class included. I'm not a school photos on the wall type person, so I just wanted a record.

I do wish they would make more of an effort to make the children smile naturally in the individual photos, my dc always look slightly odd!

SoupDragon Mon 26-Mar-12 16:31:03

Thanks for singling me out, PiedWagtail. After all, I was the only one who said you should just buy the print. hmm

I must have missed the bit where you said "please only post if you agree with me"

"There's no point buyng the print without a frame, is there??"

Yes, of course there is. I have all of 2xDSs and DDs class photos and they are in an album because, whilst I want the record of their class, I really don't want all their friends on my mantelpiece.

If I don't like school photos I just don't buy them [shrug]

DC's school started doing class photos outside and "casually" posed - but it's still a group photo, not a collage of lots of them, and it's a conventional shape so you are not forced to buy the "special" frames. Most of them are nice, but I wouldn't pay that sort of money. DS now has formal, uber-conventional, team photos and I do get those as I think they are a sort of record of achievement and who knows how much longer he will manage to make it into teams for

Do they not do any sort of mini-print option, OP - that you could stick in an album or something? We did, I have to admit, buy some of the pseudo-venture ones which DD had taken at nursery, because they were stunningly nice pictures of her (and not in uniform).

OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere Mon 26-Mar-12 16:48:46

My favourite school/nursery photo is one of DC3 (again). Every single child is looking in a different direction. Its hilarious.

LeeCoakley Mon 26-Mar-12 16:51:28

You don't need a frame because you are not going to display it are you? It's just a record really. My dds are in their late teens and we had a real laugh at Chiristmas going through their old class photos so I'm glad I bought them all.

I hate the packs that contain 20 shots of the same photo in all different sizes. Relatives must dread it. grin But if you only want one photo the price isn't that much cheaper.

Bathsheba Mon 26-Mar-12 16:53:39

Our school only does those class photos for Primary 7 as a "last picture" type of thing...I think they look great...!

carernotasaint Mon 26-Mar-12 17:00:29

OP i do NOT for one minute believe what the school secretary told you about only having positive feedback. In this economic climate? BULLSHIT!
i bet shes telling that crap to everyone that complains.
im not a parent but i am really shocked at these prices. My last experiences of school photos was when i was in them back in the "80s.

familyj Mon 26-Mar-12 17:07:23

The problem is soup that those photos don't fit in an albulm. They are too long.

Shutupanddrive Mon 26-Mar-12 17:11:11

YANBU. I would only buy a class photo when it is their last year in the school. That's what most of the parents around here do. Ds1 is only in year 1 so I don't need to worry about that yet. I do buy the individuals though as they let me take ds2, who hasn't started school yet to be in it too.

HairyLemon Mon 26-Mar-12 17:12:20

photos dont have to be kept in an album family

MrsHeffley Mon 26-Mar-12 17:17:46

God don't get me started on this.

It bloody hacks me off the way schools willingly fleece parents for rubbish.We had dire photos for ages(blurred on occasion,out of focus,can't rem the company).Cost a fortune cue complaints and call backs.

I finally ordered some only to never get the pics.The big company our school used used self employed photographers hence the shite photos.Anyhow in our case he went bust.When I asked for my money or the photos I got abusive e-mails.The big company weren't interested and neither were school.

Be aware.I'm firmly off the opinion school photography is the biggest license to make money (and rip off parents) out.

I prefer our own family photos and buy the class photo(cheaper) instead now.

familyj Mon 26-Mar-12 17:23:27

I know they don't need to be kept in an album. I was just replying to soup when she said she stores hers in an album and that they donb't need to be framed. These particular photos are a pain. They come rolled up in a tube so you can't easily look at them.

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Mon 26-Mar-12 17:26:51

I bought them for a few years when DD and DS were at school together, and I could get the one of them together.

But, though they've been quite good and I have been tempted, I haven't forked out for the ones of them on their own - I agree they're very expensive and we have lots of other nice pics we've taken ourselves.

I don't think I need a huge pic of each of them in each year at school ! Other pictures can be more interesting !

ElephantsAreMadeOfElements Mon 26-Mar-12 17:34:19

HairyLemon Mon 26-Mar-12 14:02:04

Buy the print, take a pic of it with a digital camera and then print it out at whatever size you have a frame for. I've done this with loads of non standard size prints I've bought

And bingo, here we have the reason they cost so much -- well, not so much what HairyLemon does, which I think is morally (albeit not legally) fine, but in The Old Days when we were at school, if you wanted one copy of the picture you would order and pay for one, while if you wanted three copies you would order and pay for three (etc.). Now that scanning and/or photographing the prints and making illegal copies is so easy, virtually no one ever orders more than one; they order one and make as many copies as they want. So the photography companies have to make the same profit from fewer actual prints sold, which means the cost of each individual print goes up. And it becomes a vicious circle, because when the prints cost that much parents feel ripped off and can mentally justify to themselves why it's OK just to scan the print and make extra copies.

DS's school does traditional class photos -- I buy one of those, mounted but not framed (I think he'll like to look back on them later, and the mounting costs very little and makes it less likely to get trashed in the meantime, but I don't want to pay £££ for a frame) but don't buy the individual shots as they are rubbish and I can take better myself.

DartsAgain Mon 26-Mar-12 17:37:12

Our school uses Tempest. I now buy the pic on CD and it comes with the right to reproduce as many times as I like, as long as it's for personal use only (they retain the copyright). It cost me about £10-£12, but I can print what I want in the size I want.

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 17:48:44

carer I was wondering that as well - must check with other mums in the playground!!

soupdragon - I don't mind at all people disagreeing with me, it was more the tone of your post hmm

The pics are 7" x 28" - not really possible to put in an album! And the faces are tiny.... gah.

PatriciaHolm Mon 26-Mar-12 18:10:10

Our school does normal ones for YrR-5 then those long ones for Y6. As far as I know, they come on a cardboard mount like the other ones, so you can easily display it on a mantelpiece or window frame as it props up fine, it's just not in a nice frame.

School photos are a bugbear of mine. The school actually expects us to pay cash on the day of the photos, sight unseen, for the number of pictures we want to buy. They also do two a year! Autumn and spring. My kids haven't changed much in a few short months so I can only assume it is to show of their clothes, as schools are non uniform here.

I haven't bought any since they started this scheme, sad because the one I got be white they started charging first was lovely... But I can't justify $60 on photos without sering them first. We go to sears instead and get a set for $8.

kedge Mon 26-Mar-12 19:34:04

We have decided that we are just going to buy a photo of each child for the year they start school and the year they finish!! With three of them, it can work out to be very expensive if you buy one set each for each year, especially as the photos are usually sold in various 'packages' with size and quantity varied, so to get the size of photo you actually want you have to commit to buying one of the larger packages. To be honest, I would rather take them to a photographer every so often and get a decent picture of the three of them together, rather than one of them in school uniform as no matter how smartly turned out they are for photo day, they look like they have been dragged through the school fields/hedges backwards in the pictures.......... So dont feel pressurised into spending hard earned cash if you dont think the pictures are worth it.

oldsilver Mon 26-Mar-12 21:04:58

I just bought the Reception class modern (3-photos-put-together-to-make-one-class-picture) just to write the names on the back for memory sake - it is kept in DS memory box - I don't want it up. I may buy the Y6.

To be honest I was given a Christmas card (as a thank you) of the class for some work I'd done for them, photo taken by the teacher in a lovely grouping, far more natural, all look happy, none of those silly gaps - that means more to me smile

DoubleGlazing Mon 26-Mar-12 21:37:37

YANBU. That's far too expensive.

LynnCSchreiber Mon 26-Mar-12 21:45:16

<snort> at MrsDevere's dreadlocked Victorian urchin.

Our DC had their pics taken today. It is our first year here, and their first school photo in uniform so I will buy it no matter what. Just a bit apprehensive now.

Fairyliz Mon 26-Mar-12 22:02:42

I'm the school secretary and last year we changed to these tempest 'funky vista' photos. We sold twice as many photos as in previous years so some mums must like them! Personally I thought they were very expensive would never have paid that much for my kids photos. It made a lot of money for the school and funded two free trips so there are one advantages.

PiedWagtail Mon 26-Mar-12 22:58:23

That's interesting fairyliz! Guess it takes all sorts smile

Mum2Luke Mon 26-Mar-12 23:25:53

My ds school has the traditional ones, with the children in classes standing on benches and a separate one of your child- I think I paid £8.00 for the usual cardboard frame.

I hope we don't use Tempest - sounds alot of money.

katykuns Tue 27-Mar-12 00:01:30

I would contemplate paying for 1 simple image of my daughter... IF she didn't look like she was either stoned or in fear in all of them. She is like me, I never had decent pictures...
My daughter is beautifully photogenic the rest of the time... so not sure what happens when she gets in front of their camera lol.

stella1w Tue 27-Mar-12 00:16:55

Tempest just did my dd's preschool. In theory I thought I would like the long thin props pic of all the class, but actually, it's rubbish. My dd's face is v small, and she hasn't got a great expression (which presumably if they had done individually, they would have made sure to get) and tbh I don't really want a pic of the whole class. but bought it anyway as memento of her time there, just choosing the print in a tube for 12.50 - and I know I'll never find a cheap frame!

RaspberryLemonPavlova Tue 27-Mar-12 00:32:18

Sadly they do these prints at secondary school too. DD went off in a rush on on picture day wearing odd socks, and was then horrified to be told to take her shoes off and sit at the front of her group with her feet out!

If you think four year olds look odd grouped in strange ways in school uniform, without shoes, eleven year olds look even more so.

merrymouse Tue 27-Mar-12 07:15:29

I think the modern photos are silly. For most people school photos are a record rather than something you want to put on your wall. 20 years later, you want to identify the person with the familiar name in the local newspaper crime reports/on telly/working with your cousin's husband. You don't want to cart around a photo of them at a 3/4 angle barefoot with their arm's crossed to display on your wall for 20 years.

Surely the the set up that the police use when they arrest somebody would be cheaper?

iamme43 Tue 27-Mar-12 07:40:36

Can I direct you to a site that 'some' school photographers use.

Tempest I believe print their own photos so I would imaging be even cheaper.

Be prepared for a shock!


iamme43 Tue 27-Mar-12 07:41:00

That doesn't particularly surprise me, iamme. After all, it is supposed to be the photographer you are paying for, not the paper and ink. That being so, it would make sense if more of them offered the option to just buy an electronic version for the same price as the unframed print, though.

melika Tue 27-Mar-12 09:05:23

Just get the cheapest photo, put it on your pc and print your own sizes off it.

LunarRose Tue 27-Mar-12 09:20:31

Hate all school photos on principle. They're expensive and a total waste of time. my daughter never stays tidy for them and my son never smiles (if he even looked a the camera for them it would be a miracle but then he does have ASD).

I do have a whole wall of photos taken of them at home or on days out. May take hundreds of photos to get one of my son smiling, but up on the wall there are a few!!! And it doesn't matter if my daughter isn't looking her tidiest when in the photo she's up a tree. grin

Animation Tue 27-Mar-12 09:32:20

Melika - good idea!!

dietcokehead Tue 27-Mar-12 09:52:06

My one year old has just had her first lot of nursery photos. Apart from the fact they were taken after snack time and she could have done her face being wiped, I am shock at the price, and confused at the 'pack' system. As Vivian says, in this day and she why can't you go online and pick the combination you would like, in the same way you do for wedding photos, for example.

We have decided not to buy any, after all have rather a lot of photos of DD (PFB), including a beautiful photo book DH made for me showing highlights of my pregnancy and her first year. Still feel a little guilty for not purchasing her first professional photos though- ridiculous I know- but it did get me wondering about all the money being made from parents buying photos they don't really want 'for the record'.

ibbydibby Tue 27-Mar-12 11:02:32

DS1 had "whole school" photo done when he was in reception (he is now 15). We bought the non-framed rather than the framed version, and every so often he/we loves to get it out and "spot" people. Am sure that if we had bought the framed version we would have tired of it hanging on the wall, so would have regretted buying it, eventually. Plus we have moved away from area so it is less relevant - but still good to get it out and look at it. Ours was supplied in cardboard tube with lid, but am sure that if they don't come with a tube these days, would be not too difficult to buy something fairly cheaply.

Re single and class photos, I have bought these every year for both DS1 and DS2. They are in 2 albums, in chronological order ie single child in reception, class photo of reception, single child in Yr 1, class photo of Yr 1. Again we love to look at these now and then, and I am glad I started this when DS1 was in school nursery class. It is getting expensive now, and it annoys me to have to buy more than I want, sometimes, to get the correct photo for the album. But it is a lovely record of their school years.

noramum Tue 27-Mar-12 13:31:00

I never buy the photos. We did a lovely photo of DD on her first day at school and I will do one when she leaves school as well.

I hate traditional poses, I just find them boring. I hated my school photos though as well.

We also never bought the nursery photos either.

sherbetpips Tue 27-Mar-12 13:34:06

i've stopped buying the group ones, I have the end of infants, 1st of junior and I will probably buy the last year juniors but nothing in between - no point as they just sit in a drawer and DS couldn't care less about them.

Cherriesarelovely Tue 27-Mar-12 14:48:44

I agree, they are awful and very expensive. We didn't buy the one of DD's class, they look so staged and naff.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Tue 27-Mar-12 15:00:42

Ds primary school,does the traditional class photo, tall kids at the back, littlest at the front, all in uniform and with shoes. Thank the lord, and long may it continue. "arty" shots I've seen of others are all naff/hideous.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Tue 27-Mar-12 15:02:00

Meant to add its a tender once a year, in a cardboard mount. Ill write names on the back and put away for future crime watch etc.

CuppaTeaJanice Tue 27-Mar-12 17:25:56

If you save all the long skinny awkward sized photos, then in a few years you could buy a standard sized large frame (A2, A1 etc) and mount them all together.

Ample Tue 27-Mar-12 18:06:13

Those prices sound much the same as what we pay here. Personally I think it's a huge rip-off and if you have more than one child...shock

I buy one print and frame it myself.
I miss the old-style school portraits

ShowOfHands Tue 27-Mar-12 18:15:32

£29? Just got ours and they're nearly £50 for a framed one.

DD is standing there with arms spread looking bemused while 3 smaller children kneel below her. It's the last bloody supper gone horribly wrong.

PiedWagtail Tue 27-Mar-12 18:21:42

Op again Thanks for all the replies! The more I look at dd's pic, the worse it looks - there are 5 distinct 'groups' of kids, so it doesn't even look like they weer all taken as a group. Plus, she's right on one end of the photo, looking tall and awkward, and her elbow is missing - it must have been photoshopped out for some reaon shock Bizarre!!!!

oldsilver Tue 27-Mar-12 19:44:54

It's what they do - take separate group photos(several attempts), take the best of each group and then stick them all together in a line! My old school photos they had two goes and that was that .... done, sorted, not so arty farty - hardly cost anything. Perhaps that was just insulting to the creativity of the photographer hmm

AphraBehn Tue 27-Mar-12 21:02:34

Our Primary has been doing these new style photos for a couple of years now. I won't buy them, mainly because they tend to place DS (tallest kid in the year) leaning awkwardly on the shoulders of one of the short kids. He looks like an escapee from land of the giants.

I did buy eldest DS's year group photo for year 11 though, just so we can point and laugh at their hairstyles in 20 years.

WittyTitle Tue 27-Mar-12 21:09:58

In so glad its not just me that doesnt want a photo of everyone else's kids! Some days i don't pArticularly like my own!

DownyEmerald Tue 27-Mar-12 21:32:05

Last year the school put out a new stylee photo and a trad stylee photo (for the class shot) and we voted. Trad won luckily.

How much do the school get, hadn't crossed my mind some went to them?

cobwebthegrey Tue 27-Mar-12 22:28:16

Pied, just to put it into context, the photographers equipment is likely to be of a value in excess of £5k, with the editing equipment and pc/mac he or she uses potentially doubling that...and this equipment changes relatively regularly. They may be 'school' photos, but the people taking them are business men and women trying to make a living.

I guess you should pay the price or decide it's too much for you and take one of your own. Bloody hate the bandwagon modern shots though, much rather have a single one of dc, which is why I haven't bought ours for the last two years.

BexieID Tue 27-Mar-12 23:56:22

Our school only do the class photos for P1 and P7, so i went for a set with photo in tube, 4 bookmarks and a memory book for £20. I do like the traditional group photos as well, but can sometimes be a bit of a 'wheres wally', like my whole year photo in last year of secondary school.

What I didn't like, was Toms individual photo last year. Horrible navy background, stupid pose and they hadn't bothered to fix his tie!

SmileSchoolPhotos Sun 08-Apr-12 21:05:29

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Snapper99 Thu 29-Nov-12 18:07:06

Noramum ..... as you never buy photos, can I suggest you and all others who feel the same, request that your child isn't photographed in future. This will save time on the shoot and reduce costs (the proofs are quite costly to produce).

IMHO school photos are good VFM. (but then I would say that as I am a school tog)

In order to critisize the prices, you need to be up to speed on what's involved in producing school photos.

It's certainly not a liscence to print money. Many school togs go out of business.

valiumredhead Thu 29-Nov-12 18:08:45

Don't buy the £29 one then buy the print for £12 and frame it yourself.

Pandemoniaa Thu 29-Nov-12 18:11:45

It's certainly not a liscence to print money. Many school togs go out of business.

I'll ignore, for a moment, the ghastly use of tog (but please don't tell me that this is how professional photographers refer to themselves because I am one, and the majority of us don't!) but would suggest that if many school photographers go out of business, it might well be because they aren't providing a service that combines any sort of quality with value for money.

This combination not being mutually exclusive.

Our school uses Tempest too. I've not bought any as Dd1 has always looked awful on them.

Was planning on buying this time around as Dd2 is in the nursery and thought it would be nice to have one of the two of them together (they do sibling shots). However, the original date (Weds when all nursery kids are in for part of the day) was cancelled and it was rescheduled to a Monday (when Dd2 isn't at nursery). So no pictures this time either.

ParsleyTheLioness Thu 29-Nov-12 18:36:33

Zombie thread..

natation Thu 29-Nov-12 18:56:40

You're all being ripped off. I just paid £12 for a large individual photo, 8 smaller photos + also class photo! Well it's rare that something from Belgium costs less than the same thing in the UK.

BridgetJonesPants Thu 29-Nov-12 19:41:39

DD's class had one of these when she was in P1. I bought the framed photo (if I hadn't the photo would never have been framed).

We have it up in the playroom / office and it looks lovely.

Hopefully her class will have one done when they're in P7 and I'll buy that as well.

When she's older (like me) it will be a lovely reminder of her class.

spotsdots Thu 29-Nov-12 20:07:31

May I ask the photographers (those taking "modern" school photos) why the "modern" pose and not the "tradition" ones.

I received 3 snap shots/ sample of the 2 picture/ pose. There are 14 different price package options and you need to choose whether colour, B&W or sepia on each sample. The price range is £9.50 and £40. The samples are so small I had to use a magnifying glass to see dc's face sad.

PiggyPlumPie Thu 29-Nov-12 21:46:29

I quite liked the long modern £29 one I got this year.....

At our school we alternate yearly between individual and class photos so only one lot to pay each year. I like taking the mickey admiring all the other beautiful children!

bumpy06 Fri 17-May-13 13:58:22

I have just got my first one of these. I stupidly didn't think about it and bought an unframed group one. it is lovely but I can't find a frame for it anywhere it is 12 x 5

Flyingtree Fri 17-May-13 14:03:14

Year group shots are good nostalgia, but how easy is it to put your child in full school uniform, stand them against a blank wall in your home, switch all the lights on, use flash, take your own photo, then get it size adjusted on your pooter and send it off to Tesco online photo print for 11p...

bumpy06 Fri 17-May-13 14:08:07

I can easily get a frame for the individual ones and i bought the group one as well thinking we would file it away for nostalgia purposes but my ds loves it and wants to put it on his bedroom wall. If it goes up unframed it won't last a week but that size seems impossible to frame. Have spent ages trawling websites to no avail

Decoy Fri 17-May-13 14:28:08

That sounds far too expensive. At the very least, they should offer a simple snapshot taken by a teacher for those who don't want to pay £29.

ShiftyFades Fri 17-May-13 14:57:50

Our nursery has had both types.
2 years ago it was the standard head &shoulders, DS had a lovely cheeky smile in them and I bought them for everyone he's close to.
Last year they had the Tempest ones, they were ok. I did chose a "modern" pose (him lying Down with his legs bent up behind him, it looks nice as he's in his own clothes.
But the cost was shocking, I bought unframed ones and gave them to grandparents only.

I spoke to the manager of the nursery who said they'd had lots of comments about the price and they wouldn't be using Tempest again because of it. grin

Miggsie Fri 17-May-13 15:05:57

Last couple of school photos were appalling - badly framed, badly lit - DD looked like she was going down with jaundice or some osrt of fatal skin disease. Her friend looked like someone was slowly inflating her head due to a very poor camera angle.

I now take my own and get a nice print from photobox (the online photo printng place) at a fraction of the price.

I also found a local professional photographer - he did 60 shots for £45 of DD - then sends a CD with them on and I ordered a selection of prints (Again from photobox). He also did a passport suitable shot.

I do wonder where they find these "photographers" to do school pictures, they have n idea about lighting or framing - I can do better myself - and DH does the photoshop where required (he very nicely paints out my grey hair!)

IneedAyoniNickname Fri 17-May-13 15:42:30

Our school does this too, and I just cannot afford them. sometimes I buy the individual shots, but not the class ones.

Some of the others mums are aghast that i dont buy them, will my children explode or something because I haven't? confused

Dahlen Fri 17-May-13 16:00:04

The trick to surviving your child's school years is to develop a thick skin. Just brazen it out and refuse to buy them. Most parents are guilted into these things anyway because they don't want to be that parent. The truth is no teacher can remember from one year to the next who bought what.

Personally, I'd love to say to my DCs school if I promise to pay you £25 per term, will you please stop sending me tat to buy/requests for donations.

amazingmumof6 Fri 17-May-13 16:08:49

never bought the class ones. only individual ones , but getting less precious about them.

also refused to buy book of poems written by the class or pay £8.00 for DS3's "artwork". he can do them at home for free - his words not mine!
I won't feel guilty that the money was raised for the school PTA fund - a few years ago the then PTA chair ran off with over 2 grandangry ..fool me once

Ness1234 Fri 17-May-13 16:22:08


My dc school does this style also,

You need a magnifying glass just to spot which one is your child. Awful layout.

Group ones are crap and overpriced - I don't want a picture that's made up of lots of little ones and pasted together. I want a group photo ie a snap taken of all the kids togther in a group, as for the unnatural poses of kids leaning on teachers' shoulders etc - arghh! I don't buy them every year. I do get the individual ones though.

LaGuardia Fri 17-May-13 17:41:25

YANBU. I hate them. I am always amazed that parents buy them. The schools get A LOT of commission from every sale, hence the exhorbitant price.

LordSugar Fri 17-May-13 17:54:12

I never buy whole class photos.

£29 for a photo is a total rip off.

unlucky83 Fri 17-May-13 18:06:06

Actually (or at least for the group I'm involved with) the commission is 20% of the take less vat -so for the £29 picture the school gets £4.50ish -
I would imagine this goes towards subsidising school trips etc...rather than the staff biscuit supplies -but could be wrong...

Anyway I hate the big long ones ...I got two last year - had one in P1 and one in P7 - I got ones without frames - mainly because at some point you are going to want to store them away and framed you will need a huge box!( having said that maybe you could get one framed - and then future ones not framed - replace the photo in the frame and store the old one in the tube...I much much prefer the old style! The modern style photos have rubbish props, no idea why they grouped as they are ...and you can't see your dcs face as well ...

AmberSocks Fri 17-May-13 18:12:53

we havnt been offered one with the whole class yet,dont know why they do one who would want a photo of the whole class?

cinnamonsugar Fri 17-May-13 18:13:59

My child's school sent out text messages to all parents at 8.30am this morning - to advise us school photographs were being taken today. What was the point? Nursery used Tempest last year and I don't think we bought them, not sure what school is going to come up with though!

They are expensive aren't they ?
I got some nice ones for a few years with DD and DS together, when they were at the same school.
I quite like the one of DS this year, but am still wondering whether to get it, even though it's past the proper deadline.
He's in Y6, so as we get nearer to the end of year I'm more inclined to get it (as he'll be leaving primary soon)

fruitcorner Fri 17-May-13 22:16:36

So glad to have found this thread, I thought I was the only killjoy at my DCs' school who doesn't like these photos. Ours are £13 for cheapest ( plus cost of silly shaped frame) as I have 3 kids, that's £39 - far too much and I hate the posey photos whereas I quite like the stodgy photos of rows of kids. Now feel fired up to mention it to school .....

uncongenial Fri 17-May-13 22:17:57

My DM and grandmother have the old long class photos from their schooldays, I was surprised to see that style again.

Hulababy Fri 17-May-13 22:23:45

I never buy a framed version of any school photos, and especially the class photo. I don't want a photo of DD and her class actually up in my living room. I buy an unframed print which DD keeps (normally comes with a cardboard frame thing anyway) in her room and then it goes in her memory box.

I think £12.50 is standard

Hulababy Fri 17-May-13 22:28:29

I prefer the traditional shots. DD's school, for first time ever (she's in y6), did some more modern versions this year - but also did traditional ones as well. She is in a small class so all the children are taken together , so at least no issue with the badly put together versions and no tiny faces either.

We do have a whole school one from a few years back as it was a school anniversary. The faces are tiny on that but it is a nice memory for DD to have in the future.

fragolino Fri 17-May-13 22:31:44

Yep same here, utter piles of fucking shite.

Who wants a really long spaced out photo of random kids you dont know on your wall and their teachers?

you want a nice normal class pick of the whole class too.

take your camera to sports days and xmas when they are older they can see their peers that way.

shall we give the teachers and the school a nice long pic of all us mums in random spaced out poses? To put on school wall.

fragolino Fri 17-May-13 22:32:57

Infact i did buy the long one but only for her memory box, but what I did do, was cut out the little tiny pictures of her on the sales blurb!

Hulababy Fri 17-May-13 22:33:25

Please bear in mind that the teachers have no choice over the photos. They are not booked or organised by the teachers!

OhLori Fri 17-May-13 22:58:47

Yeah well, every other tosser always gives "positive feedback" and you are the only awkward one. Idiot schools, yet again. I never buy any photos from "the school", its become an expensive joke.

Sorry, a bit wine but in vino veritas, or something like that grin.

flanbase Fri 17-May-13 23:01:28

Why not just get the class together for the school photo and have the headteacher take it and send it to all the parents?

OrWellyAnn Sat 18-May-13 00:02:24

I think that as in any service or product you need to understand why things cost what they do. I'm a photographer (don't do schools, the idea brings me out in a rash, but basic premise the same) and I can tell you that The £12.50 - £29 you are talking about has to cover the costs of:

Equipment - average INDOORphotographers kit will contain
two high end camera bodies (about 5k for the pair, usually relplaced once every 4 or 5 years)
Between 4 and 8 lenses, varying in price from £600 to £2000 again these get damage through lots of use or updated and need to be replaced from time to time. My own lenses bag would cost me £8k to replace)
Tripod £300
Strobe kit - this is lighting to you and I, now i don't have one of these but i did look into it and prices for a pro setup, rather than an amateur one start at about 1k for a VERY basic low end kit. Most kits of those pro's I know are MUCH more expensive than this.
Decent PC and screen to process images on. I use a (now ancient) mac because when I bought it there wasn't a PC to touch it for image processing quality' it was 2k.
Software. Photoshop currently costs about £600, upgrade every year or so? Lightroom costs About £80 these days I believe, and you need to upgrade regularly, which also necessitates software updates...
Calibration kit, essential to keep your printing colours matched to those you see on screen.£200ish
Training/workshops etc between nothing and £thousands a year depending on the calibre of your photographer.
Then you have the time it takes to do a shoot like this, (i have no idea, but have you ever tried to photograph your OWN kids...takes a while to get them to look at the camera depending on personality...and getting more than one to look at the camera at the same time without one picking their nose/ blinking/ looking the wrong way/ pscowling....welll you get the idea!)

Thennnnn you have the time it takes to upload images to a computer, make sure you have images for ALL the little darlings, edit an image or two of each one, print the proofs for the parents to look at...all in all for a class of 30 kids would take about 4/5 hours to edit if my family shoots are anything to go by!
Then you have to receive the orders, and get them printed, process the payment, chase the late preserve or payees...this is their time and work time needs to be paid for, especially if they employ people to help them...

All in all I'd say £12.50 is a bargain!

I personally never buy school photos, but then I think their soulless and that you should get your local decent photographer to take you and the kids to the park after school and pay them for an individual shoot where you can get some lovely natural shots and pick and choose what you like, but you'd pay them more than £12.50... grin

superfluouscurves Sat 18-May-13 11:23:09

I didn't buy ours this year (disorganisation rather than intentional decision). The class one was nice but they had - for some inexplicable reason - asked each child to pose on a hay bale for their individual shot. We live in a capital city ie the most urban of settings ....confused

PanicMode Sat 18-May-13 11:49:35

I don't have a problem with paying £12.50 for the rolled up print because you do have to pay for the photographers time, equipment etc. I do however resent that there is no sibling discount - they don't take account of the potential cost of buying (in my case) four class pictures -and those packs that they do don't allow you to mix and match the individual photos which really winds me up. I detest the modern class photos where they are all posed really unnaturally - I'd far rather a more traditional one (as would almost every parent I've spoken to, so why they persist with the stupid long ones is beyond me).

That being said, I haven't yet bought a class photo - they are terrible and I only every buy the individual ones if they are good - some years are better than others!

goingupinfumes Sat 18-May-13 11:56:11

I'm with you 100% my DS had a football as a prop, we are not really a football family and on the proof we can't even see his face!! - Hate the long thin also highlights the height differences massively and I have a short DS and he's now noticed how short he is!!

Shesparkles Sat 18-May-13 12:06:20

My ds's school did the long trendy photo 2 years ago, and funnily enough went back to the "traditional" one this year- thank goodness! (They do individual ones and group ones on alternate years)

For those of you saying you don't want class photos, I don't want a photo of the other 29 kids in ds's class for me, but in future your child might be very glad to have it for him or her. I can't tell you the laughs I've had with old school friends over class photos, between us all we've all the class photos that were taken and we're in our 40s now

sweetestcup Sat 18-May-13 12:09:28

This thread is over a year old, wonder why it popped up again?

CouthyMow Sat 18-May-13 12:15:13

I haven't bought a school photo since the school changed photographers and they do these stupid modern poses.

A few years ago, it was the only year I had all of my oldest 3 DC's in the same school - and I had no plans for DC4 at the time.

They did a group shot with them, which I REALLY wanted - DD was in Y6, DS1 was in Y2, and DS2 was in YR.

They laid DD on the floor (!), sat DS2 on her back, and sat DS1 next to them. DS2 was only in his school shirt and bloody PE shorts.

I mean, WTfuckingF?! confused

I was livid. And I had to pay £29 for it. Because it was the only chance I had for a school photo of the three of them together before DD went up to Secondary.

<<Bloody stupid 'modern' poses mutter, mutter, mutter...>>

greenfolder Sat 18-May-13 13:42:00

oh dear- humiliated parent- dd3 had class photo today- which i knew. brushed and tied up tangly nightmare hair, wiped face. silly me, should have checked her toes as her 15 yr old sister had painted her toenails blue, and this would ruin the shot. i mean, obviously you would have your shoes and socks off and be close enough to spot blue toenails. i am getting old

Cherriesarelovely Sat 18-May-13 14:09:54

I hate those modern arty ones. In Dd's class photo all the children were arranged in naff poses and one poor child was peeking out from between the teacher's legs! It was awful!

Merguez Sat 18-May-13 16:51:02

Dh takes lovely photos of the dc so I gave up buying the stupid overpriced school one years ago.

Hulababy Sat 18-May-13 17:06:52

It's my class photo on Monday - shudder!
It is a modern style one apparently. We do alternate years - one year traditional, one year modern. Feedback was 50/50 when we asked for responses.

Parajse Sat 18-May-13 17:23:01

I hate school pictures. Overpriced, bad lighting 90% of the time and none of my ones ever looked like me, I looked a bit rabbit in the headlights. DD's will be next term, I won't be buying them. I have professional ones of DD, DM and I around the house and they are lovely, why would I need one in school uniform?

ElizaDoLots Sun 19-May-13 17:35:26

Our Tempest ones for the last two years have been either out of focus, or not centred. The children were gurning and smiling like Cherie Blair - total waste of money.

wonkylegs Sun 19-May-13 17:50:13

Usually I hate school/ nursery photos as our usually photogenic child often seems to be gurning in them hmm
We have bought his class photo this year though, as we are moving and we thought he would like a memento of his school & for the 1st time ever he actually looks lovely. Ours were £39 framed though! shock

Fillyjonk75 Sun 19-May-13 18:31:35

Ours have the option to get the photo emailed to you or on CD. Still not cheap, but then sending it to Photobox and getting as many copies as you want for family and one framed.

Coconutty Sun 19-May-13 21:20:53

When they are photoshopped together, the children are often odd sizes. There's a tiny girl in our school and she was made to look the same size as the tallest girl in the class.

TheFutureMrsB Sun 19-May-13 21:32:00

My son came home with a school photo last week and they have him posed as some gangster rapper!

I am not buying it it is awful!!!

RedlipsAndSlippers Sun 19-May-13 22:35:43

Tempest did DDs nursery pictures recently, the individual ones were lovely, but the cheapest pack is about £17, and that's for only one of the 6 pictures they sent us to chose from and of course no mix and matching! The group one is very disappointing, the kids had their picture taken in groups of 3/4 and these were all then photoshopped into one long awkward looking picture, won't be buying that one.

C999875 Sun 19-May-13 23:49:11

I wouldn't pay £29.00 for school photos. Idolise my daughter as I do, but I know what she looks like. xx

MCos Sun 19-May-13 23:56:26

Ha! You are getting a bargain.
DD2 made first communion last week. They got photos taken in school during the week. The 'Special' of unframed class photo, plus framed individual photo and 8 wallet sized photos comes in at a whopping Euro 60! And the class photo is NOT a good one.

Khaleese Mon 20-May-13 07:40:30

Only last week i thought that i must ask mum for my school photos. The reason....i wanted to work out the class size!

No one need arty shots, they are awful, i don't even like the head and shoulders ones.

Just a cheap class photo so children can remember their friends or work out class size wink

MrsMook Mon 20-May-13 08:44:59

We used to have a photographer in every other year to take a group picture of our Brownie unit. We got nothing for it, but the palaver of chasing orders and money. A couple of years ago we decided that we could do it ourselves. So we pop across the road to the park on a nice day, use one of our decent cameras (they'll only be printed in a modest size) take several photos of the pack all lined up with the flag and toadstool (after a bit of uniform swapping to make sure they look respectable), pick the best then offer parents a couple of size options and things like mugs, key rings, and order online with a sensible profit margin for the unit.

(Hopes traditional shots come back into favour for my DSs' school days. Can't stand contrived poses on a white background.)

fotos4schools Thu 23-May-13 21:20:42

This post makes for interesting reading. It is really important to hear what parents/guardians think with regards to school photography. As a professional school photographer it is fundamental that other photographers understand what you say on forums such as these in regard to their work and pricing.

Personally, I believe in both the traditional individual portraits and traditional class photographs. These are timeless and will never go out of style. It also shows children at their best and everyone is equal and the same. I understand that some photography companies pricing is a bit steep but normally they use a middle man for their proof cards and printing. The cost to the photographer is actually quite expensive and so that is why the cost is passed on to the customer. This is mainly due to logistics as their is a high volume of images from various schools to process.

I feel that you are the ones parting with the cash so you should have a say in what products are offered and what prices you feel would be appropriate. I have attached our school price list to see what we offer. We do not use a middle man so this allows us to keep our prices as low as possible and pass the saving on to you the parents.

Individual School Portrait Pack:
A- One 12"x8", two 9"x6", two 6"x4" (prints only) =£12

B- One 12"x8", two 9"x6", two 6"x4", two large photo keyrings (prints only) = £17

C- Two 9"x6", two 6"x4" (all prints mounted using luxury heavyweight linen strut mounts) =£14

D- Two 9"x6", two 6"x4", two large photo keyrings (all prints mounted using luxury heavyweight linen strut mounts) = £19

E- Digital high res copy with no copyright = £30

A- 12"x8" print only = £5.00

B- 12"8 print in heavyweight linen strut mount = £7.50

This is just my price list to let you compare but all the sizes are standard so it is easy to get frames for them either in the supermarket or online.

I also do nursery photography where I offer more premium products as well such as canvas wraps, acrylic blocks and framed prints. With my framed prints these are all hand crafted locally and come with choices of mouldings and sizes. This is maybe why some companies charge more for their framed products as there is a lot of skill and work that goes into them.

Hope this helps and gives you folk an indication of what one company charges and hope it makes for some light reading.

fotos4schools Thu 23-May-13 22:18:45

CORRECTION! Pack C & D for individual portraits consists of: Two 9"x6", THREE 6"x4" NOT TWO as previously stated. Prices are still the same. Apologies.

VersaPortraits Sat 08-Jun-13 01:36:05

As a school photographer myself, for many years. Tonight I'm came across this website and read the majority of comments. It's always good for photographers to read forums like these as it helps us keep in touch with what parents want. From what I've been reading so far its seems that the majority of you prefer the traditional photos compared to the contemporary ones, especially for group photos.

The problem school photographers have, is its not always our choice which photos to offer. The final decision will always be with the school. Mainly the office staff or head will have the final decision. We can only relay our feedback to the school and try to guide them into what we think is best for the school and parents.

The problem with contemporary group photos is the amount of time it takes to get a finished product, which in turn explains the rise in cost. The photo itself takes longer, plus you have to edit and stitch all the little groups together in photoshop. Unfortunately, this takes time. Our contemporary group prices start from £12 for a rolled in a tube option and £14 for a mounted version. We don't charge postage and also offer a 10% discount if ordered within 2 weeks. for the total order 20% is vat, 20% is the schools commission and 40% is the printing and postage costs, leaving the photographer 20%. 20% may seem a lot but please bear in mind we also have equipment, diesel and other overheads to pay for. Traditional groups are much easier, generally if your photographer is good at what he does, then they are quick and easy to set up and require minimal editing, meaning our prices can start from as little as £8 including a mount.

On our individual photos we also offer a mix and match service, enabling you, the parent to mix different photos into one pack. Saving you money.

I wanted to post on here, not to gain potential new business but to give you a little more detail of our side. Not all photography companies are trying to 'rip parents off' some of us just want to do a decent job whilst earning a living.

Hope this is helpful smile

Pinkflipflop Sat 08-Jun-13 03:13:47


Take the photo yourself and download a photoshop app.

They are fantastic!

SukiFrames Wed 28-Aug-13 09:29:27

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shakeandvac Wed 28-Aug-13 10:02:22

Oh,I feel your pain about the so called 'arty' ones, they're awful!
At our school, the Infants class photos have all the children lolloping about - someone will be leapfrogging over a box, while others will be laid out on their front with their feet in the air. hmm
What happened to old fashioned, classic photographs?!
For those saying "Just buy the bloody print, I put mine in an album" - have you SEEN the actual size of these monstrosities we're talking about?!
They're absolutely huge. They're really long and thin, and roll up into a long tube.
They wouldn't fit in an album.
Without a frame, they'd just be like a really long poster.

NoComet Wed 28-Aug-13 10:18:25

Dear photographer, what I want is a disc, with the copyright of all the photos you took of my child or children for about £20-30

Not a separate disk for £20 for each child or each pose.

As long as you do that I will by the £7.50 print and scan it for Grandma.

I'm sorry, but DHs parents are dead, neither of us have piles of relatives. If I buy a big pack I just end up with a draw of waste prints I can't bear to trow away.

I want two to make two reasonable sized prints and the ability to do photo books, calendars and add the photo to my Xmas letter to aunts and uncles that like to know our goings on, but have enough pictures of their own grand kids.

ADREW77 Wed 28-Aug-13 17:11:59

Does anyone know the size of the photos tempest do for the class bought the class photo and now looking for cheap frame on the internet but cant remember the size!! Its the one rolled up in a tube! Thanks!

dundy Thu 28-Nov-13 20:35:08

The school photos are rather boring for me and I also feel pressured to buy them each year at certain time and despite if I like them or not. My kids are getting very upset and feel left out if I don't buy them. On top of everything I am a photographer myself and it causes almost physical pain smile. I have spend ages to convince the kids but now we have agree that I will make some nice photos of them in their favorite activities and outfits to keep in the milestone book and we only buy the class photo. Each year at roughly same time we take some photos to track down and enjoy later in life
I am in South London and the schools in the area are all with attitude smilesmile

dundy Thu 28-Nov-13 20:37:01

if anyone is interested message me

dementedma Thu 28-Nov-13 20:42:13

For ds first high school ones yesterday. In one he is sitting at a table with his arms in the foreground so they look about 10 feet long. The other is a close up one but at an angle which I actually like. Cheapest pack is 22.50!

tpcfotos Sun 05-Jan-14 12:18:39

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

tpcfotos Sun 05-Jan-14 12:47:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Daisychainsrus1 Thu 29-May-14 09:00:37

i am really really really so annoyed with my DC's school.
my uncle is a governor in another school in Wales and he told us over the weekend that someone had reported it to them that some of the big school photographors had been giving the teachers rugby tickets to get the school photo work from the school. Who pays for the rugby tickets ????? we do!!! when we are paying expensive amounts of money for the photographs, I am so so angry they have enough in wages already, do they really need to have free tickets to do our shopping badly for us?

Waltonswatcher1 Thu 29-May-14 09:07:09

I absolutely loathe school photos - if anything dire happens the press get hold of them and that association has stuck in my head .
They are no way as nice as a relaxed fun family shot - IMHO .

fatlazymummy Thu 29-May-14 10:33:01

I've never heard of these new arty photos.
Anyway, I don't really see the problem. I only buy school photos if I really like them,and then it would probably be the cheapest pack.
The kids don't get upset. When they were very young I would have just made some excuse up but as they get older they don't care.

emms1981 Thu 29-May-14 12:51:54

They did these at my boys school, I bought ones of the boys before Christmas but they did class photos later, I don't really want pictures of other people's kids so I didn't buy them ....

Daisychainsrus1 Thu 29-May-14 17:19:10

I don't mind the pictures they are allright, i prefer the old style though and they are a memory for my DC's to have when they are older and they can reminice,
but i do damnwell mind paying extra for the teachers to have trips to rugby grounds paid for, it must cost a lot of money to pay for rugby games.

I have spent so much money on school pictures over the past years

why should i pay extra so that a teacher that i don't like can watch a silly game with an odd shaped ball?

mellicauli Thu 29-May-14 17:42:00

We had some great ones this year. DS (4) Major Sulk Holding Beach Ball and DS (10) Wallace & Grommet Grin.

No way was I parting with hard earned cash for that!

eyecandy Tue 17-Jun-14 11:46:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Darkesteyes Tue 17-Jun-14 17:04:34

Just dug out an old infant school class photo of mine from 1979. The little envelope under the cellophane at the back looks so pristine it could have been put there yesterday.

The price of the photo.........85p.

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