To hate HSBC with a passion?

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lainey8 Tue 28-Feb-12 21:22:58

So, trying to move house, to a house not a flat, because 29 weeks pregnant and not relishing 2 flights of stairs with baby & buggy.

Got a buyer end November, found a house early December, applied for mortgage and instructed solicitor straight away.

HSBC approved the mortgage mid Jan, following valuation survey. Ready to exchange we planned to move mid Feb.

THEN HSBC have this new policy to insist countrywide do all their conveyancing. So despite our solicitor having done everything for the purchase we have to pay countrywide to do it again. Then we wait. And wait. 3 weeks later Countrywide send this long list (44 items) of mostly unnecessary stuff. Things like insisting on a chancery survey at £17 plus an expensive premium if it comes back positive, instead of a £10 indemnity.

One final point that our solicitor says is pointless and any normal conveyancer would move without has now been waiting on Countrywide for a decision for 4 days. We aren't allowed to contact Countrywide only HSBC. But HSBC won't tell us anything, promise to call back but don't.

We are now about to lose our buyer and have the whole thing fall through and HSBC just tell us it's in the system. Then promise to call back.. But don't.

If it wasn't for this random HSBC policy we would have moved as planned 2 weeks ago and be happily in our new house.

I so desperately wish we had gone with anyone but HSBC......


I utterly despise HSBC too, for too many reasons to go into here.

But yes, they are utter, utter bastards, with stupid policies that their own employees can't explain.

Kaloobear Tue 28-Feb-12 21:43:22

Oh God...we're getting our mortgage through them...hope they sort things out for you v soon.

lainey8 Tue 28-Feb-12 21:48:30

Kaloobear, abandon hope all ye who enter any pact with HSBC.. Our solicitor has now agreed a company policy not to do conveyancing on any mortgage involving HSBC. Too much stress.

But good luck, really hope you get a better experience.

TheOutlawLauraPalmer Tue 28-Feb-12 21:49:05


I closed all of my accounts and switched banks - that's how much I hate HSBC. And believe me, they made it ridiculously difficult to remove MY money from their dirty evil corporate clutches.

drcrab Tue 28-Feb-12 21:51:14

We had a problem with Hsbc and mortgages too. We'd been loyal customers for 18+ years and anyway dh got made redundant just as we were moving. Never mind- we told them. They said that's ok we'll recalculate etc. oh we can give you a mortgage for just 10% less than what we initially quoted you. Yay!

Then when everything was going through they said we've got to send the paperwork to underwriters. Oh shit! We can only loan you £137k!!! (which was way lower than what they initially quoted us). And which would not have got us anything. This even though we had a 25% downpayment. And a high single income.

We walked into Halifax which approved our mortgage immediately with dh as the dependent. And result - our repayments are actually £100 cheaper compared to what Hsbc was going to offer us!!

thegreylady Tue 28-Feb-12 21:55:32

I hate banking with them especially if you try to do stuff by phone-I swear they choose their phone staff on the strength of having very quiet voices which are impossible to understand!

VacantExpression Tue 28-Feb-12 21:58:01

YANBU Thats shocking :-(

citruslemon Tue 28-Feb-12 23:36:30

I just had an argument with HSBC on the phone this morning - they are utterly ridiculous in so many ways and treat you like you're thick! Two months into opening my account and I still can't even log into internet banking and seem to go around in circles when I ring them! Have been with Natwest 14 years and never a problem. If HSBC don't sort themselves out soon then I will be closing my account.

NarkedPuffin Wed 29-Feb-12 08:17:18

THEN HSBC have this new policy to insist countrywide do all their conveyancing

shock Is that even legal?

HOw can they insist you use their solicitors? hmm

We have banked with them since university but not impressed atm.

NarkedPuffin Wed 29-Feb-12 08:22:07

Apparently it is legal shock


lainey8 Wed 29-Feb-12 08:24:31

Narkedpuffin - the law society are challenging it but so far seems they can do what they want. So much for 'too much red tape stopping business'.

Today's plan is to go to the branch and not budge until we at least have an answer!

Sorry to see they have such form in the utterly rubbish customer service stakes.

NarkedPuffin Wed 29-Feb-12 08:35:33

I hope you get a result.

lainey8 Wed 29-Feb-12 19:21:18

Today they just sent through another list of things they needed. All of which we had already provided. I despair.

survivingwinter Wed 29-Feb-12 20:41:10

YANBU and sorry you've had such a nightmare OP.

Also planning to switch accounts when I get around to it - I can't stand HSBC and they turned us down for a mortgage a few years ago with their utterly ridiculous criteria.

flagnogbagnog Wed 29-Feb-12 20:57:35

Can you not go elsewhere for a mortgage? Some mortgage companies can sort you out very quickly indeed. Tell HSBC to shove it up their arse!

We moved from them about 18 months ago because of their arrogance. Never looked back.

Glittertwins Wed 29-Feb-12 21:19:27

Ouch, we never had any of this when we switched mortgages to them 5 years ago, got extra for loft conversion or remortgaging again with them this time and avoided the arrangement fee. It was Nationwide that messed us around a bit. That said, a colleague did get messed about when she did their mortgage with them. Sounds like I've been lucky.

MsVestibule Wed 29-Feb-12 21:27:27

Grr, HSBC. Two years ago, after 1.5 hours on the phone giving all of our financial information, they approved (in principle) a £150k interest only loan, even though we only asked for £120k. On that basis, we put an offer in on a house, and sent in all the paperwork to them. Even though EVERYTHING, i.e. all our incomings and outgoings matched up exactly with the info I'd given over the phone, and there were no dodgy historical debts or missed payments, they wouldn't even give us £120k, because they thought we couldn't afford the repayments plus the repayment vehicle. And that was four weeks after we'd sent everything in. Their prerogative, but what is the bloody point of giving an agreement in principle and then not honouring it, when nothing has changed in the meanwhile?

Luckily our mortgage broker found us one with Nationwide within 24 hours. Also, the vendors were desperate to sell, so no danger of them pulling out!

Sorry, that was long. Hope no one thinks I'm still bitter about it wink.

Glittertwins Wed 29-Feb-12 21:39:48

No, just cautious. I need to call them about reducing the amount we want to borrow as we have a reasonable lump sum to knock off before the new fixed term...hopefully they won't pay silly beggars with me.

cocoachannel Wed 29-Feb-12 21:51:47

YANBU, also having problems with them. They are either all incompetent or liars.

beezwax Thu 01-Mar-12 15:51:16



HSBC did exactly the same with me when I applied for a mortgage. It took me about a week to calm down and I'm getting angry just writing this post...Thing is, we have used our solicitor for many years so we really wanted to stick with her. We have a good relationship and never had issues etc.

However, when I mentioned to her what HSBC had said she told me that I could let the Law Society know about it as they are gathering evidence of unhappy customers and plan to challenge HSBC. The email is

They also gave my solicitor a letter template that I can send out to our MP and complain (not quite got around to that yet...must admit..)

How DARE HSBC tell me what solicitor I can use?

FairPhyllis Thu 01-Mar-12 16:06:44

YANBU. They are useless. Supposedly you are able to set up an overseas HSBC bank account with them before you move abroad, but they didn't complete the account opening process and didn't even bother to phone me to let me know. I found out the week I moved that I wasn't going to have an account when I arrived. World's local bank HA HA HA. When I move back to the UK I am going to switch my UK current account to NatWest.

YANBU. We closed our HSBC accounts and moved our money elsewhere. Would never deal with them again.

lainey8 Thu 01-Mar-12 18:34:27

Thanks beezwax, will definitely look into sending supporting evidence.

Today at 4pm our buyer issued an ultimatum and so we exchanged on the sale. At that point we thought we were on the last leg and there was still a fair chance approval would come through today.

HSBC knew nothing and countrywide weren't responding.

Then around 5 pm countrywide came back with a bunch of pointless questions they could have asked weeks ago.

So looks like we will be homeless for a while.
I'm going to start from scratch with a different mortgage provider on the offchance they will still be quicker than HSBC.

May need to eat my own bodyweight in dairy milk first though!

KittyAnne Thu 01-Mar-12 19:09:17

Countrywide are also very shit..!
Their staff have to be the thickest people in the entire world. They must recruit them from people who failed TOWIE auditions.
It beggars belief.

Katiekitty Thu 01-Mar-12 19:17:17

OP - I feel your pain

Have been in tears at HSBC - they saw fit to call a team of observers to watch in on such an 'interesting meeting'

Have had a house sale royally effed up by Countrywide - who lied about the wearabouts of our purchaser on behalf of the purchasers other lawyers. Still don't know why today.

I have no advice to give, but hope you come through this horrible ordeal and do make a complaint afterwards.

You WILL feel a sigh of relief soon. It's impossible to feel it now, however, you will come through this.

Keep posting

Ach ((((hug))))

Glittertwins Thu 01-Mar-12 21:06:28

This is staggeringly bad. I called HSBC this morning to sort out the reduction of loan and our lump sump payment. Made notes, seemed sorted. But after reading this, I decided to call back at the end of the day to check my requirements had been noted and it was being dealt with. So far, so good...let's see what happens come March 29

loveulotslikejellytots Thu 01-Mar-12 21:41:39

HSBC were crap when we tried to move house as well. DH had a house and his Mortgage with them. We found a house valued at £160,000 so decided to go and see HSBC about getting a mortgage before putting his house on the market. We went in and booked an appointment etc. and saw them the following week. We had a deposit of £40,000 if DH's house sold at the minimum valued so mortgage needed was £120,000

Fine, we got a mortgage in principle from HSBC for £160,000. This was £40,000 more than we needed and they did say to us that the actual figure may change when the finer details were ironed out. But we thought as they had provisionally agreed a figure £40k more than we needed we'd be fine (BTW they looked at payslips and everything to do the mortgage in principle it wasn't just a blind estimate!).

We put an offer in for the asking price on the house (house was reduced by a lot as sellers wanted a quick sale). They accepted straight away. We went back to HSBC to do the mortgage application and the offered us a total of £98,000.

I came out of there in tears. They asked if we had any savings to make the deposit up with. We had some but not £22k!!!!!

We went to a mortgage broker who got us a mortgage for the full amount needed within a week. I have had nothing but trouble with HSBC. Is it too late for you to change?

5ofus Thu 01-Mar-12 22:17:42

I might be the only person here without a gripe with HSBC. I like them so much I've refused to switch banks even though DP works for their competition. Everything is with them.

I'm keeping fingers crossed I don't have to have any dealings with them and mortgages any time soon!!

Good luck OP. Can you vote with your feet?

Glittertwins Thu 01-Mar-12 22:23:58

So far, we also don't have a problem at present. They did stuff up mortgage 5 yrs ago when they took it over from Nationwide against everything we'd stated re early redemptions but it was sorted after I gave them both barrels down the phone and forced them to climb down and correct.

shockers Fri 02-Mar-12 16:19:21

Well don't bother trying to complain via email... they just completely ignore you angry.

lainey8 Mon 05-Mar-12 08:24:36

Fingers crossed we exchange on the purchase today.

Would have been Friday but countrywide took 5 hours to pick up the phone and confirm we were approved! Very frustrating, we were being told by HSBC all was good and countrywide just needed to call our solicitor.

But, hey ho, it's looking more promising.

Once the money is through we will be launching such a complaint (already got about 10 in the system!)

Thanks for all the support, we really would not be using them if we hadn't thought we were nearly there for the last 4 weeks.

Glittertwins Mon 05-Mar-12 08:36:48

Good luck smile

Marking my place as we have just realised this applies to us. Hoping to exchange in the next week but our solicitors are finding HSBCs solicitors impossible.

NeilsBoar Mon 05-Mar-12 09:09:30

Nationwide also do this to some extent and have a 'panel' of approved solicitors - when we did the application the advisor told us we could probably use our own, then 8 weeks later just before the mortgage is approved we are told we have to change solicitors to one of their 'panel'.... Thankfully the solicitors we found who were on their panel were very good, but it was still annoying (and time consuming and expensive) to have to change.

lainey8 Tue 06-Mar-12 09:08:02

Woo hoo we completed! We are not homeless. We are moving Friday, which presents a whole new set of logistical challenges but all of them end up in a new home and able to indulge in a little nesting.

Sorry to sound miserable getting to grips but I would recommend you manage your buyers and sellers expectations a bit. From mortgage funds approval to exchange took us about 7 weeks and that was after our solicitor had done everything once already in December and with us chasing daily/ 3 times a day. If people know it may take a while longer than normal they may be less pushy and less grumpy when it takes longer.

Hey, maybe we just got unlucky and all will be fine. I hope so for your sake. Best of luck.

pinkyp Tue 06-Mar-12 09:09:56


flapperghasted Tue 06-Mar-12 09:22:03

We've never had any problems with them and they supported us when we were really struggling financially, but that was years ago. Our mortgage is with them but we're heading for the tail end of it, so haven't had much reason for dealing with them over it. I'm dreading the day we decide to upsticks and move as mortgages seem to be nothing but trouble these days!

I hope you managed to sort this out OP. Good luck!

timetoask Tue 06-Mar-12 09:29:46

Thanks for letting us know, will make sure I avoid them when getting a mortgage, although happy in general with their customer service for savings, etc.

secretary Tue 06-Mar-12 09:50:13

I hate that bloody smartkey thing. I would leave but I am unable to pay off my overdraft too lazy

only4tonight Tue 06-Mar-12 14:10:59

Oh FUUUCCCKKK! Thanks for the heads up. Had no idea about this despite having our aip with them.

I need to avoid countrywide. Their estate agents make my ears want to bleed god help me with a solicitor!

Glittertwins Wed 14-Mar-12 09:18:58

Right...I live to regret my previous positive comment.

I wondered why my March mortgage payment was higher than the Feb one when it was supposed to be fixed. The imbeciles had decided to put me on SVR instead of my fixed rate. Now I have to wait for my complaint to go in before THEY decided if they will pay ME back the overpayment that they took angry

Glittertwins Wed 14-Mar-12 13:55:38

Update- I got a call back from the complaints dept within 90 mins. Very apologetic and I was totally correct / they were wrong. All money has now been sorted out and apparently I have some red wine coming as well. Roll on the next battle of the 31st March when I have to do the next bit!

I used to work in the press office at HSBC. Their mortgage products may be excellent but the mortgage service centre is known internally one of the most inept parts of the business.

We are using them again at the moment for our mortgage on a new property purchase, the first time since this (IMO) ethically questionable panel conveyancing approach has been brought in. After reading this thread and the campaign on the Law Society website I shall be phoning them every day.

Needless to say we are NOT using Countrywide to act on our behalf but HSBC are charging us £192 for their own conveyancing, just to repeat what our solicitor will be doing hmm. This seems grossly unfair. I'm not sure how they can get away with it really. Especially when the service provided by Countrywide seems to be so poor.

I feel a bit sorry for our solicitor who's going to have to negotiate all this. I soon developed zero respect for HSBC when I worked for them and this is just classic of their arrogance and big boy bully tactics. It seems, in my opinion at least, to go against outcomes 1, 3 and 5 of the FSA's Treating Customers Fairly regulations. Just sayin'... HSBC I know you will be reading this wink.

Glittertwins Mon 19-Mar-12 14:08:41

I got a letter on Friday, dated Weds after our conversation about the wrong interest rate and again had the wrong rate! I called up again & got the same helpful chap who put in my complaint. He found a copy of the incorrect letter and then also another letter dated Thursday with the correct rate on it. Needless to say, that letter has not arrived here yet.

lilylou2006 Fri 30-Mar-12 13:51:45

Does anyone have a solution to the HSBC mortgage issue ie how to speed them up? I am an HSBC customer but have had the good sense to get my mortgage for my new house elsewhere. My buyer hasnt however! He has his own solicitor but due to the new HSBC rules he also has to involve Countrywide. We have had the contracts signed for weeks but Countywide will not give his solicitor permission to exchange as they are too busy to look at the paperwork. We are just sitting waiting. We are buying a new house and had a 28 day to exchange contracts. We are about 40 days past this deadline and now the builder is getting twitchy so who knows if he will pull out. We also have a 10 day deadline from exchange to completion. How can Countrywide and HSBC be holding people up like this. Take a look at Countrywide's website. Apparantly they pride themselves on customer service and fast transaction times. What a joke!!!!

jenfraggle Fri 30-Mar-12 14:13:05

Be very careful when having anything to do with Countrywide. We used them as an estate agent and also used their mortgage advisor. Very poor service and entirely unethical. I had letters from them saying that they had arranged our home and contents insurance despite us never requesting it and they had set up direct debits even though we hadn't given them bank details. They took the information off a cheque we had given them. Good job we checked with the bank and were able to cancel them before they went out. I know someone else who used a different Countrywide mortgage advisor and the same thing happened to them so not just a one off.

Dawndonna Fri 30-Mar-12 14:22:21

It took me from September until March to sort out a bloody mortgage with HSBC.

wildswans Fri 30-Mar-12 17:08:17

Trust me, HSBC can't be worse than Barclays. They are so appalling that I've sued them twice and recovered £8k on each occasion. I would say more but I'm bound by a confientiality agreement. I've been with RBS as my main bankers for years with no problems but can't say I'm filled with joy at their takeover by Santander....

Glittertwins Sat 31-Mar-12 08:17:38

Agh yes, Barclays. My mum has had several problems with them over power of attorney accounts.
I have round two of HSBC this morning. Fingers crossed. The wine that they sent as an apology for messing up last time was a joke and I am going to tell them that. It was dire. Anything that has "vin de table" is going to be the worst type of plonk ever........

orsettorusso Thu 31-May-12 21:50:59

I appreciate this thread is a month old by now, but I landed here because I was searching the internet about ways to complaint to HSBC for their Countrywide fiasco (of which my partner and I have been victims since Feb. and god knows for how long still).

Just to say that I've just sent four copies of my complaint to various people at HSBC and Countrywide. I don't know what the outcome will be, but given the huge amount of damage that their scam is doing to thousands of people in the country I can only encourage as many people as possible to keep bombarding them with complaints. It has already worked once, as the scam will be abandoned in this present (unfair) form from 1st Aug. due to huge pressure from many parties and the public. Good luck to anyone who formally complains to them!

lovebunny Thu 31-May-12 23:10:39

hate HSBC? seems reasonable. i loathe santander.

stella1w Fri 01-Jun-12 04:35:54

Had a mortgage with First Direct, subsidiary of HSBC for years. A few years ago raised a small home improvement loan on it with no probs. At some point the mortgage started to be administered by HSBC. Tried to raise a second small home improvement loan on the mortgage and first off was told by. Both First Direct and HSBC that it wasn't,t THEIR mortgage, then that I would have to completely repackage entire borrowing at a higher rate. Cancelled kitchen plans and asked for HSBc to confirm situation writing.. They then admitted they were wrong... I could so easily have been conned out of the advantageous rate I have over a tiny additional equity loan.

lifechanger Fri 01-Jun-12 05:12:34

We're using these guys, recommended in MSE. So far they have been really helpful; we're half way through the process, and everything has been prompt and positive. They're free independent advisors. I have no affiliation with them.

StiffyByng Mon 04-Jun-12 23:28:54

Our buyer is with HSBC. We have so far been delayed almost a month in exchanging because of their endless demands for pointless documents.

MilkNoSugarAndAShotofWhisky Mon 04-Jun-12 23:34:06

Am looking to change bank accounts from the fuck ups that are Natwest...can safely say HSBC are NOT getting my custom!

lovebunny Tue 05-Jun-12 02:58:55

know someone who worked for countrywide. they were terrible employers!

Pitmountainpony Tue 05-Jun-12 05:12:12

Just been charged 12 quid for a check book....oh and ten quid a month just to have a checking account.
In the US, but that will be in the UK too dor too long!
Hate banks but at least it is free in the UK.

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 05-Jun-12 06:33:39

May I offer you HSBC France, which won't let you do anything useful on internet banking, such as make a payment, unless you enter the site via Mozilla Firefox. Oh and it won't work at all if you are using a Mac rather than a PC. I got a gallic shrug and "Yes, sometimes this is the case" from the helpdesk when I was trying to pay a bill the other day.

foxinsocks Tue 05-Jun-12 06:41:58

I am so relieved to have my accounts with HSBC given the experiences dh has had with Natwest. It sounds like the issue is HSBC mortgages and Countrywide and that sounds horrific! We have our mortgage with the Woolwich (now taken over by Barclays). I won't bore you with my sob story but all I can say is that it makes HSBC look like saints grin

Chicpier Wed 06-Jun-12 19:21:49

Working with banks can be very frustrating. As a mom with three kids more stress is not what we need. I found a laugh now and then makes the world easier to maneuver. If you are frustrated with your banker and banks try reading "Hot Sexy Banker Chicks" and don't let the title fool you. You will look at your situation and your bankers with a smile on your face.

StiffyByng Thu 07-Jun-12 12:51:40

HSBC still deciding whether they'll let us exchange. They may or may not make this decision on Monday, but probably later. We've been waiting to exchange since early May.

Nymia Thu 07-Jun-12 14:13:30

Lifechanger we also used London & Country to find a mortgage, as recommended by moneysavingexpert. We didn't pay them any fee. As it happened, we considered two properties before making an offer on the third, and each time I rang the broker to talk through the options - so by the time we finally agreed a purchase price I'd spent maybe an hour or more on the phone with him before actually giving him any work!

Our guy, Adam was especially great - I could reach him by phone any time I tried, or get a quick call back, and he had no problem taking the time to explain anything about the mortgage market to me when I asked stupid questions.

We went with Nationwide and we did use their recommended conveyancers, who were decent (the other side used a "proper" solicitor and while they complained a lot about our conveyancers not being very good, at least ours had everything in order when they were supposed to, as opposed to finding out that there was no Transfer Deed received just as we were about to exchange - and their client was in Israel and couldn't be contacted while out of the office...) I am a solicitor myself although not working in property, but I have never heard anything good about Countrywide.

Again no affiliation with L&C whatsoever but we did go on to recommend them to a colleague of my husbands who was buying a £1m+ property so I hope the guy got some good commission from the bank out of it!

mamij Sun 01-Jul-12 07:02:01

We are buying with a mortgage from hsbc and are REALLY frustrated with Countrywide too. The solicitor on their panel is really rubbish and slow. They've also asked for information at least two or three times.

We are really keen to move and worried our buyer is getting fed up. We put in the offer in March and are finally at a point where we can almost exchange. Hoping we won't fall at the last hurdle as we've given our notice for our rental property!

1mike23 Wed 25-Jul-12 05:35:14

As a shareholder I have been disgusted by HSBC World Wide and I am very sorry for your problems.

Why not send your complaints directly to Mr Flint the Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc.

Let him know what he is doing to a great Bank, please remember he is responsible for what is going on in the Bank.


Fabs1981 Tue 21-Aug-12 01:58:49

My horrible HSBC experience.

I've been with HSBC for more than 4 years now and never had any problem, except once when I've been to India on holiday and they blocked my debit card, had to make a transcontinental phone call to get it reactivated.

Anyway, my biggest trouble started when I decided to get a mortgage from them.

Found this property in June but I was unlucky, it was sold one week after to another buyer. Had fixed an appointment with them in the meantime and when they told me the property was gone, I phoned HSBC asking if we could still go ahead with the appointment, so that I could gather more information about getting a mortgage. So far so good. Before the appointment I decided to use their mortgage calculator on their website that was telling me I could borrow up to 120k. Good, I was looking for a shared ownership property within this range, adding of course my savings to it.

I attended the fixed appointment in the hope of getting a quotation. We went through my income, my payslips, my expenses and so on, and the agent told me maximum I could borrow was 54k, half of what I initially thought. I started to feel a bit disheartned but to my surprise the agent was able to give a so called 'mortgage certificate', which means I could show it to any seller showing them that my bank was behind me all the way. Although the amount was less than I expected at least I had the certainty of HSBC lending me the money I needed for a purchase.

I started to look for a property within my new range, I found the one that I wanted to buy at the beginning of July. I viewed the flat, I liked it a lot and decided to pay £350 to the housing association for a formal reservation that would keep the house off the market. So I reserved. At the association they asked to get everything lined up as soon as possible, so I called a solicitor who accepted to handle my case and I called HSBC.

I fixed an appointment with them again, 12 days later!!! I should have understood at the time that that was the beginning of a terrible experience. After 12 days nervous wait, I attended the meeting with the mortgage manager, I showed her all the documentation requested and even more. She told me that all in all, it would take, in the worst case scenario, a maximum of 10 days for the application to be processed by their central branch. Well, 10 days looked like a reasonable amount of time. No???

I waited for them to contact me and after 12 days, with not even a 5 second phone call from them, I decided to go to the local branch, where I applied (half mile away from where I actually live). It was a Friday, they asked to leave my details and somebody would have called before their office was closed. To my despair, nothing happened. So I decided to try again the following, once again they took my details telling me that somebody would call me as soon as possible, for sure. Nothing happened. I went to the branch again the day after and I told them that I wouldn't have left the branch if they didn't let me talk to the mortgage manager, who I found out was out for some kind of external job. I went back home and I wrote a complaint on their website and only at this point, they botherd lift the phone and give me a call.

The manager told that she would fasttrack the application, even because I told them I've given the notice on my rented property. After a week of short phone calls, with no useful information, she told me on Monday last week that apparently they were still processing the application and to complete it I had to sign and send back some forms that she would have sent me the same day, on Monday. After a week, in spite of the bank being half mile away, and the postoffice is there too, I haven't received anything. Until this morning, I received some forms stating that I accept all of their conditions to go ahead with my application. As I'm hugely fed up, I decided I won't sign anything and I actually called today a private financial advisor whose number was given to me by the housing association I'm buying the flat with. They reassured me that they can do the job in 2 weeks. Thanks God!

I must say the people at the housing association have been lovely, I kept them updated about my HSBC disadventure and they were very supportive and still haven't put the property on sale, in spite of the fact that my reservation is long expired, because they said it's not my fault and they have been told today by my financial advisor that HSBC is messing with hundreds of people.

Hopefully, I get everything done in a couple of weeks and I'll move into my new home soon. I wasted 5 weeks of my life, chasing HSBC up and down. I swear, when everything will be sorted, the first step I'll take must be closing my bank account with them. And I really hope they come to eat in the restaurant that I manage, I'm going to treat them in the same 'professional' way!!!

Sorry, it's very long but I'm too upset!

rwilsher Wed 05-Sep-12 16:25:19

We were told just over a month ago that we had to be in a position to complete on our house sale and purchase by 7 September.
It was an absolute stipulation of the purchasers's side.
As a result, we pulled out all the stops and are now sitting surrounded by cardboard boxes in a place where almost everything is packed up, everyone has been notified of our impending move, technicians have been arranged to set up phones, broadband and TV this weekend, our mortgage is organised and ready to be applied, and all we need now is the money from our purchasers so we can pay off our existing mortgage and put down the deposit on our new place.
Phew, what a relief!
But what's this?
A phone call from our estate agent has just come in to say that our purchasers arranged their mortgage with HSBC and that their solicitors, Runnett & Co, who are approved by HSBC (indeed used to be on a panel of solicitors that you had to use if you wanted an HSBC mortgage*) have let it be known that despite everyone being in a position to move this coming Friday, it is now going to take five working days before the money is going to be made available! Five working days that we should all have been told about when it would have enabled us to move on 7 September - this coming Friday.
Our buyers have to leave the place they are renting this Friday, I have to leave for a permanent job in the Middle East midweek next week, but hey it's HSBC - the world's local bank - what does it matter to them that people's lives are messed around in this way.
They are bankers after all. And we have all unfortunately had to come to know what chimes and rhymes with that, haven't we.


Tryingtobenice Wed 05-Sep-12 19:37:43

Just to update, i started the thread (have since namechanged). We complained after our move and to be fair to HSBC they did respond. Initially they tried to fob us off with £200 but eventually they paid us the full £1000 to cover the extra costs countrywide's incompetence had caused. They also went back on the policy to have to use countrywide.

Sorry to hear the other HSBC approved solicitors aren't much better rwilsher....

GreatBallsofFluff Wed 05-Sep-12 20:22:58

That's a great result. well done on following through with your complaint.

As a side note HSBC now will allow any solicitor who is CQS accredited to act on their behalf (i think, although I only went back to work today and skimmed through the emails blush )

devon007 Mon 10-Sep-12 18:50:55

I read this thread with interest - because I have been a residential conveyancer for over 30 years and firms like Countrywide have made our professional lives a misery! A lot of public are not aware that Countrywide are owned by the same company who own Fulfords Estate Agents. If you use a multinational estate agents and they tell you they can recommend a good solicitor/conveyancer to you - ask a pointed question - just how much is the solicitor/conveyancer paying them for the recommend? Very often the information is given to you hidden in the "small print" and if you had gone to the solicitor/conveyancer direct you would have got a better quote!
Countrywide Property Lawyers are licensed conveyancers and as such are not CQS Accredited (they are governed by the Council of Licenced Conveyancers, not the Law Society who are backing the CQS scheme) and therefore would not qualify to be on the HSBC panel!!!! I don't need to tell you my thoughts on Countrywide - you have all been quite eloquent on that subject.
I would recommend anyone who wants to move/buy a house to seek recommendations from friends/family, check the firm out on the internet via google. There are plenty of excellent independent firms out there who would love to have your business and give you an excellent service in return. Most want to keep you as a client and look forward to years of helping you through your legal problems. If we want to keep the small independent firms going -they need your custom!

devon007 Tue 11-Sep-12 10:37:48

rwilsher Runnett & Co are a "conveyancing factory" firm of licensed conveyancers, just like Countrywide - and used to be known as RTL - a name which will make a lot of conveyancers shudder. Reliant on high volume and the fact that, like Countrywide, they are not too bothered if clients don't return because they get all their work from estate agent referrers. It may not be common knowledge but they are now owned by InDeed, who in turn are allied to RightMove, so look for a growth in this firm as more work pours their way - and probably a similar increase in complaints sadly.

AlicatDXB Tue 11-Sep-12 12:50:20

Last time I was forced against all reason to go to HSBC went to the branch the very sweet but frankly slightly dense customer service girl told me she banked elsewhere because the service was so much better. I wish I had the mental energy to change banks.

I utterly despise them too. When I was a student I got some part time work and used the money to make some voluntary repayments on a loan with them before it fell for repayment. When my circumstances changed and I tried to cancel the monthly payments, HSBC said their computer system wouldn't let me cancel them during the loan term, even though they fully accepted that the first repayment wasn't due for another year. I had to take a loan out with another bank to pay off the whole thing in full - plus their early repayment charge.

noisytoys Tue 11-Sep-12 12:58:15

I am an ex employee of HSBC. I couldn't list all the reasons I dispose them. I would still be here when this thread is long forgotten

Frannyloo82 Mon 05-Nov-12 15:42:39

I've just come across this thread when searching for evidence of HSBC being crap for other people too and clearly they are! We are currently trying to move from a 1 bed flat into a house before baby arrives (now due in less than 3 weeks-eek) and have hit endless delays due to the buyers of our flat using HSBC for their mortgage. So, so frustrating, we have started a daily campaign to hassle our own solicitors and estate agents but unfortunately can't get any access to HSBC solicitors to try and hurry them along. Most annoying thing is the buyers are only getting a v.small mortgage compared to the size of their deposit so presumably could have borrowed from anyone! hoping it will all get sorted before the new arrival makes his / her entrance...

JCLeeds Tue 04-Dec-12 11:00:52

After banking with HSBC for 22 years, 14 years of a mortgage in which a single payment was not missed we decided to continue with them for the purchase of a new house. Had a meeting and received a mortgage in principle of £235,000, thought we wanted to borrow more and they said if we cashed in our savings and paid off a loan they would lend us more, we did this and received a mortgage in principle of £272,000. We actually only needed to borrow £215,000 so we instructed solicitors and were well into the chain when the underwriters have decided that they will not lend us more than £205, which represents payments of £1,200 a month. We have banked with them for years they have all our bill payments online and after paying a mortgage of £1,200 (based on the £205k they will lend us) a month and all essential bills (utilities etc) we still have over £2,000 a month left in income. They will not increase the mortgage by £10,000 as they feel it is unaffordable and a risk. The mortgage adviser is surprised, as are her colleagues but it seems the underwriters will not budge. As all our bills are paid by direct debit there cannot be a credit rating issue. The only reason they will give is that they look at all the income and outgoing as they feel that 1,200 a month payment is the maximum we can afford even though this is clearly not the case. We have reduced from a decision in principle of £273,000 (based on all our accurate income and outgoings) to £205,000 so the decision in principle is clearly not fit for purpose and is rendered useless! We now have to find another mortgage and hope our buyers/sellers will wait. We used HSBC as we wanted to be loyal customers but as we have not received this in return we will take our business elsewhere as their calculations have no bearing on our financial situation. My advice (and also that of Martin Lewis - the money saving expert) is to use a mortgage broker as there are better deals out there.

MRCmum Tue 16-Apr-13 21:02:40

We are having terrible problems with an HSBC mortgage application and I wish I had known just how bad they are. Please DO NOT use them at any cost. They use countywide solicitors. The latter seem to have no sense at all. The whole system does not function. You cannot speak to anyone at Countywide (never explained to use when we applied in December 2012 issues still on going as of mid April 2013). You cannot speak to anyone in the mortgage centre who has a clue what is going on. Please see the article in the FT on March 30th and read before you part with any money to arrange a mortgage with this bank. The worst service I have experienced in my life!!!!! If anyone knows who we can complain to externally about the service please let me know. The internal complaint has not worked. The issues are with countrywide rather than the financial side.

CloudsAndTrees Tue 16-Apr-13 21:08:51

Zombie thread, but I like HSBC.

1mike23 Fri 14-Jun-13 07:18:34

What HSBC may do to an individual if you try and help people against HSBC Group's illegal behaviour.

HSBC did agree with the DOJ wherever it has the highest standards they will do this in the rest of the world.

Has HSBC Bank Plc not only excluded me from receiving the highest standards, but also excluded me from receiving even the basic standard of service concerning my personal details?

To Mr Flint the Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc

Dear Mr Flint
Internal E-mail dated 19 Mar 2013 16:24:10 GMT

Will Mr Flint the Chairman of the HSBC Group explain why he allowed Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation at HSBC Bank Plc to write to the FCA, saying "I may complain about the decision we have made". According to internal e-mail it was your decision Mr Flint to force me to close my accounts with HSBC.

Instead of Mr Lewis Head of Customer Relation at HSBC Bank Plc running to the FCA and making allegation against me, which is a great shame.

Did Mr Lewis tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the FCA when stating I have conducted a 9 year campaign against the HSBC Group?

Is this what shareholders will be labelled as conducting a campaign, just for questing Board of Directors about their behaviour?

I did notice that Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation at HSBC Bank Plc has omitted to tell the FCA about the illegal behaviour of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in India and the help that I have given to many people in India and Indian's around the world.

Is Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation of HSBC Bank Plc crying wolf and wasting the time of the FCA or is HSBC Bank Plc through Mr David Lewis Head of Customer Relation trying to discredit me?

In an internal e-mail it states: Under the title Mason-Mahon (So glad they got the hyphen correct, shame they forgot the Mr) "For many years, Mason-Mahon has conducted a vitriolic campaign against the Executive and Board". This is not what Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation of HSBC Bank Plc stated to the FCA.

Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation of HSBC Bank Plc should spend his time stopping staff communicating false information about our accounts in internal e-mails.

What was Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation of HSBC Bank Plc involvement with these e-mails?

Mr Flint you are fully aware that HSBC Bank Plc is breaching the Data Protection Act by communicating false information about our accounts in internal e-mails.

Is this HSBC's Values, is this HSBC showing their courageous integrity, by staff communicating false information about my accounts in internal e-mails.

HSBC states: HSBC takes compliance with the law, wherever it operates, very seriously. Is HSBC telling the truth?
Not according to Senators in the USA, this is their description of HSBC.

When a US Senator describes the Bank as "perversely polluted for sometime".

The Senate investigation concluded that HSBC provided a, "gateway for terrorists to gain access to U.S. dollars and the U.S. financial system." This was going on while Mr. Flint was the Finance Director for seventeen years.

Mr Flint as HSBC Group's Chairman, how would Mr David Lewis the Head of Customer Relation at HSBC Bank Plc describe the illegal and criminal behaviour of the HSBC Group for over ten years? Would Mr Lewis describe this as a campaign by the HSBC Group?

Sorry about the length of my posting.

Yours sincerely

Michael Mason-Mahon
Mobile: 0044 7834763544
Mobile: 0044 7448770801

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."

1mike23 Fri 14-Jun-13 07:40:14

Before reading anything about HSBC, people should go to youtube: 1) How HSBC Chairman Mr Flint lied to shareholders. 2) Protest against HSBC in Mumbai. 3) Help Stop Bankers Cheating

Is Lies the new truth at HSBC? Is Cowardice the new Courageous Integrity at HSBC?

Please google the following: How much longer can the FM, RBI ignore HSBC in India? - Moneylife

Why have the Major shareholders not forced any changes to the Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings Plc?

If the world is to believe the statements of Mr Flint, Chairman, Mr Gulliver, CEO, that they are truly sorry for the illegal and criminal behaviour of HSBC Group, let Mr Flint, Mr Gulliver and the Board of Directors show the world how really sorry the HSBC Group is.

Is the HSBC Group willing to make an act of Attrition for their illegal and criminal behaviour around the world?
Is the HSBC Group truly sorry and wanting to atone for their illegal and criminal behaviour around the world? Are they willing to pay the Price?

Is Mr Flint, Chairman, Mr Gulliver, CEO and the Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings Plc very serious about restoring the reputation of HSBC around the world?

A good start would be to show society that the HSBC Group is not only willing to atone for the past and that the HSBC Group is willing to be a great Corporate Citizen of the world.

The cost is to help the world, the hungry, the poor, the uneducated, the homeless and the sick children of the world.

The HSBC Group is willing to announce in the next 30 days that the HSBC Group will donate £3 billion to help the world and for the next ten years donate £5 hundred million every year. The £3 billion donation will be made within six months of the announcement.

Some ideas for HSBC Group.

India £ 762 Million, then for the next tens years £51 Million.

Africa £ 823 Million, then for the next tens years £56 Million.

South America £ 514 Million then for the next tens years £43 Million.

Middle East, Syria and the Lebanon 370 Million then for the next tens years £46 Million

China £ 236 Million, then for the next tens years £79 Million

The rest of the world £ 210 Million, then for the next tens years £205 Million.

Estimated costs for running the program £ 20 Million per year.

Have the HSBC Group paid over $2 billion in fines and settlements in the USA in the last seven months?

This may be too high a price for the HSBC Group to pay to restore their reputation?

By helping the world maybe, just maybe, the citizens of the world, may be able to start to forgive the illegal, criminal and shameful behaviour of the HSBC Group.

What was the Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings Plc doing while this illegal and criminal behaviour was going on and who are still Board members?

How did they not know what was going on within the HSBC Group?

For tens years that this illegal and criminal behaviour was going on, Mr Flint was the Finance Director and he staes he did not know what was going on in the Group?

Now Mr Flint is the Chairman, will he be saying he did not know about the illegal behaviour by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in India?

Concerned shareholder

Michael Mason-Mahon
Mobile: 0044 7834763544
Mobile: 0044 7448770801

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."

laskes Tue 20-Aug-13 23:12:52

We sold/found a house to buy in April and went to HSBC for a mortgage. Based on our income etc they gave us a decision in principle for £475K (we have an annual joint income of £105K). We applied for £250K mortgage on £545K house (45% LTV) and received a formal offer a few weeks later. We paid HSBC application fee of £1,999 to secure 2.28% lifetime tracker rate.

This purchase has fallen through in July.

We have now found another buyer and another house to purchase.
The new purchase price is £612,500, required loan £280K (45% LTV). We need £30K extra loan in comparison to the original application.

I tried to see the branch mortgage manager today but he is away on holiday for a fortnight so called the Mortgage Center directly to update the details.

They entered the numbers again (no change in our financial situation since the original application, no credit history issues) to get the agreement in principle and it was declined. #

Obviously I got surprised that a few months ago they were prepared to lend us £475K but today won't even lend us £280K. The person said that it was all to do with the purchase price which was probably too high. He said that their lending criteria change all the time and now they would not even lend us £10K. When I challenged him on the absurdity of his comment and the fact that it's LTV and affordability not the house value that matters, I was told that it is not how their systems work.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

NapaCab Wed 21-Aug-13 00:47:31

Awful bank with terrible customer service. We are currently shopping around for a good bank to move to as we 're fed up of them. There are too many reasons to go into here but their ridiculous 'fraud detection' system is a major one. They constantly block purchases on our cards and message us about 'unusual activity' on our card etc. it is so annoying. Note to HSBC people: not everyone buys the same things on their cards every day of their lives! People do travel abroad, buy things online, have large purchases from time to time and so on. It gets to the point where I just don't want to use the card anymore, even though it's a debit card.

Harry2013 Sat 07-Sep-13 10:14:58

HSBC are also bad with their credit cards

I have had a very bad experience with HSBC credit cards, I went through a cash flow problem for 3 months at the beginning of the year and my HSBC card was blocked/revoked. HSBC agreed if I paid them a large initial payment followed by monthly contractual payments, they will immediately re-instate or issue me a new card.... So that's what I did... and waited.... after a month or so I didn't get my card so I complained and HSBC apologies for the error and wrote an apology letter to me along with a WRITTEN confirmation a new credit card would be issued,,,,, I waited again for 4 weeks and no card.... So I called them up.... only to be told to complain again... Which I did.

After 8 weeks of HSBC investigating the claim, I finally get a response.... another apologies letter stating that the decision to re-instate my credit card was made in error and therefore no credit card can be issued to me and whilst HSBC accept it was their error, would I accept £100 as full and final compensation to bring closure to this complaint.

I called their service centre up in Leeds and spoke to a Parrot and after pulling my hair out... I have had no option but to go to the Financial Ombudsman.... HSBC do not care what they commit in writing and come out with frail explanations..... I guess another unhappy customer with HSBC...

Tim1958 Wed 18-Sep-13 21:08:36

Having banked with HSBC For 5 years for my business and in that time having tried to borrow money occasionally, always being refused, due to, the weather, the sale of pastic bags, bendi buses in London. In fact any excuse possible, now after having an incredible growth in my business over the passed 5 months (a uplift of over 40%) I once again very foolishly approached HSBC for a loan to assist with the extra business, only to be told by a wet behind te ears bank manager(joke) incidentally the 12 one in 5 years! That our accounts don't stack up and the accountant is doing them wrongly! Just incredible! They are a complete shambles of a bank. Banks like this are whats wrong with the Country! Terrible terrible people they ruin people, they ruin businesses an try ruin the economy! I have now changed from HSBC. JUST IDIOTS,

notloyal Wed 06-Nov-13 16:55:32

I am not surprised by how loyal some of you are to your own bank/s etc.

Why are you so loyal to them????

Shop around for deals or use an independent mortgage broker.

HSBC are the one of the worst banks that promise the world and deliver nothing!! Nice tv ads and low rates etc.....but you always get disappointed.

Get real people and stop living in the dark ages FFS!

dimdommilpot Wed 06-Nov-13 17:33:04

Countrywide dont have to do all conveyancing. You have the option to use your own.

puntasticusername Wed 06-Nov-13 17:37:06

I believe that is the case now, yes. It wasn't when this thread started. HSBC changed their policy after the avalanche of complaints they got - including ours - about Countrywide being so utterly, ridiculously useless.

mitchsta Wed 06-Nov-13 17:58:56

YADNBU. Enjoy the Dairy Milk!

1mike23 Fri 02-May-14 18:52:21

Thank you Moneylife for allowing me a venue to highlight the illegal and criminal behaviour of HSBC.

After signing the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, why is HSBC still committing illegal and criminal behaviour?

US Senator Carl Levin describes the HSBC Bank as "perversely polluted for sometime".

The Senate investigation concluded that HSBC provided a, "gateway for terrorists to gain access to U.S. dollars and the U.S. financial system."

HSBC states "HSBC takes compliance with the law, wherever it operates, very seriously.

If the Chairman will not tell the truth, how can you expect the staff to tell the truth?

An outside audit by Deloitte LLP showed that 25,000 transactions totaling more than $19.4 billion involved Iran, according to the report.

How could the Chairman and the Chief Executive not know what was going on in the bank?

Did the HSBC Middle East Deputy Chairman, warned the Bank, as many as 90 percent passed through the bank’s U.S. accounts with no disclosure of ties to Iran?

HSBC states "HSBC takes compliance with the law, wherever it operates, very seriously.

What was Mr Flint doing??????????????????????????????????
Is this the same Douglas Flint as Chairman would not tell the truth to shareholders at two AGM’s?

Is this the same Douglas Flint as Chairman denied that staff in India was asking customers to sign blank Letters Of Instructions?

Is this the same Douglas Flint you can find on YouTube? HSBC Chairman Mr Flint lied to shareholders. 2) Protest against HSBC in Mumbai.

HSBC settled their case with the DOJ for $1.9 billion. The settlement is the third time in a decade that HSBC has been penalized for lax controls and ordered by U.S. authorities to improve its monitoring of suspicious transactions. Previous directives by regulators to improve oversight came in 2003 and in

Should Mr Flint and other Board Directors (passed and present) of HSBC Holdings Plc be barred from being a Director of any company?

Should Mr Flint and other Board Directors (passed and present) of HSBC Holdings Plc be in prison?

You may like Google: How much longer can the FM, RBI ignore HSBC in India? - Moneylife

H elp
S top
B ankers
C heating
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win".

GreenIsTheWord Fri 02-May-14 19:09:24

Seriously? Why are you bumping every thread related to HSBC?

Pickle131 Sat 03-May-14 19:29:02

They are awful! We nearly lost our current house because Countrywide sent round an idiot who didn't look properly and said the house was unmortgageable. We quickly went with an independent financial adviser who was able to find a bank that didn't use CW (Newbury Building Society). Also the person dealing with us was very young and clearly enjoying his position of power: "now lots of people come in here wanting a decision straight away but it takes a bit longer than that" - so we went away without even a vague subject to full report estimate. Bloody waste of time. And we were looking at something like a 30% mortgage - utterly ridiculous. So no, YANBU and I'll steer well clear of HSBC in this life...

vivideye Sat 03-May-14 21:05:24

you need to write a very snotty letter asap with a deadline of, say 3 days, telling them that unless this is sorted out by your deadline then you will have no choice but instruct other solicitors to injunct them into sorting themselves out, and, if the sale falls through as a result of their twattishness, to bring proceedings against them for negligence. It will give them a pretty nasty scare and may work since they are being professionally negligent by the sounds of things. good luck.

vivideye Sat 03-May-14 21:07:48

the letter needs to be written to your sols btw, and cc'd to your bank manager.

Peterparker09 Wed 14-May-14 09:19:44

After !9 years banking with HSBC they closed my account without contacting me while i was away working

They claim the sent letters to my uk address even though i informed them i would be away for 6 months and i gave them the necessary contact details for where i would be.

I had spoken to them on numerous occasions when my card got blocked by fraud detection team so they were aware i was away.

They have left me without funds for the last 8 days as i cannot withdraw any money and now i'm being told (well what they are allowed to tell me) they are investigating something and a decision will be made about my remaining funds in the next 7 business days??? so this whole time i have no money and i'm missing work as i am stuck in the uk

annielouise Wed 14-May-14 11:40:20

Santander are no better. NatWest pissed me off this week - was asked at the counter when paying a cheque in if I was interested in the mobile phone app for online banking. Said no thank you - had to tell her twice as she was trying to get me interested. One hour later I get a text from NatWest telling me how to download the app for mobile banking. They don't listen at all. I miss the days of having a bank manager who actually knew you, who you could call up and say funds a bit low but there'll be money in a week Tuesday etc. Of course you have to pay for that now. As if they don't make enough money from your money.

peterpaul123 Wed 25-Jun-14 18:45:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

GatoradeMeBitch Wed 25-Jun-14 21:38:02

Me too lovebunny. I would sooner burn my money than give Santander a penny of it! They are the most useless bank I've dealt with in 20 years.

tommyg00 Sun 29-Jun-14 12:57:35

I know it is an old topic but I was silly enough to apply for HSBC mortgage. Just don't do it. Now I am facing the possibility of being homeless because their failure. They have used some monkey business for valuatuon survey. My bank account was charged 2 months ago but the survey was never carried out. Now 3 days before exchange date HSBC sent me a letter blaming me for lack of valuation an witheld the funds. When I asked if they can accept the survey I requested they said no. I had to chase countrywide and some imbecile told me they don't take orders from me as they work with HSBC.

Andrewofgg Sun 29-Jun-14 13:38:52

Remember when they were the Midland Bank?

There was a parody of their advertising jingle which went:

People have problems - over the years
Midland Bank - will make them worse
It's a curse.

iccmortgage Sat 05-Jul-14 17:47:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Yibble1 Mon 04-Aug-14 18:18:39

I really don't know how anybody ever gets a mortgage from HSBC.

I earn considerably more than the average, and my credit rating is excellent on EXPERIAN (ie 999, can't get higher). I applied for a mortgage through HSBC, was approved in principle, and then after a long telephone assessment interview of 2 1/2 hours in which every single incoming and outgoing was dissected, it seemed that the mortgage we wanted was easily affordable. 4 weeks after I had submitted my supporting documents and had chased the underwriter several times, he came back to me offering 90 grand less than was originally agreed. No chance of appeal and no real explanation. This means we have almost certainly lost the family home we wanted.

The underwriter seemed to actively enjoy withholding the mortgage..... it was really disconcerting - talk about somebody enjoying power over others!! He made comments like, 'Can you prove your current income?' When I said I could easily prove my present income through a letter from my accountant, he said that would not be acceptable as it had not 'gone through revenue and customs.' I actually ended up saying, 'So you would like me to travel into the future to next January and get the accounts I would have submitted by then to prove my present income.' Just laughable.

My experience of HSBC has been very bad. All I can surmise is that they are only prepared to offer mortgages to clients who could not possibly need one. I even asked how much I would need to be earning before they would consider offering me the mortgage I requested. The monthly payments on the mortgage I wanted were 40% of my monthly net income, and were still affordable to me if interest rates went up 5%. I have submitted a full account to the financial ombudsman, and am interested to see what they make of this.

andyridder1 Wed 27-Aug-14 13:15:02

No idea about this. Just want to know something. My loan application at klikcredit (<a href=""> </a>) got rejected. They do not are rplying to my emails anymore. Can I sue them?

IFA007 Wed 24-Sep-14 14:03:44

This is an old thread, but it made me click and join just to answer this - ALL banks have their own solicitors panel, if your solicitor isnt on it - ask yourself why? Last year banks lost out �1,000,000 to fraud that was mainly due to fraud within solicitors. Banks need to take steps to only deal with solicitors that they can trust.- You want to borrow their money you have to stick to their rules.

laineydechristiehsbc Sat 27-Dec-14 10:18:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WalkWithTheLonelyOnes Sat 27-Dec-14 14:37:22

Zombie thread confused

Cauliflowersneeze1 Sat 27-Dec-14 15:22:16

This thread is from 2012 hmm

Fluffyears Sat 27-Dec-14 19:39:25

Lainey are you speaking in tongues? That post makes no sense!

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