He wee in the airport

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Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:11:45

dh got excited and had a wee in the airport and left me with the bags and if we have the work men coming around the same thing happens but with no bags

Swankyswishing Sat 29-Oct-11 00:12:37


ChaoticAngelofSamhain Sat 29-Oct-11 00:12:51


TidyDancer Sat 29-Oct-11 00:14:01

Ooh this could be good.

<marking place>

worraliberty Sat 29-Oct-11 00:15:39

Has mental image of OP checking in colostomy bags

worraliberty Sat 29-Oct-11 00:15:59

sorry about the bold blush

ScarlettIsWalking Sat 29-Oct-11 00:16:53

Why does he do this?

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:17:05

he gets excited about the workmen and wees and I cant use the bathroom because hes in there and if I get excited Id have to use the bathroom but cant because dh is in there because the workmen are coming

HowlingWereWolfBitch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:17:15

Oh dear.

slavetofilofax Sat 29-Oct-11 00:17:58


BertieBotts Sat 29-Oct-11 00:18:02

Oh no! I was about to go to bed. Now I am so excited about this thread that I need a wee have to stay up to read more.

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:18:14

if you only knew mr todd ooo mr todd

TidyDancer Sat 29-Oct-11 00:18:23

Are you both dogs?!

worraliberty Sat 29-Oct-11 00:18:24

If the work men are coming I'd say they're probably more excited than you and your husband shock

Are you calling them workmen because you don't know what else to call them?

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:19:37

i think one is a plumber

squeakyfreakytoy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:19:50

didnt we have a thread about a dh who gets excited and needs to wee all the time, not all that long ago...

I thought only puppies did this confused

TuftyFinch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:20:50

Are we talking extensions?
Whoever you are you always pitch it just right. Bravo.

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:21:00

I like the way the lecturer laughs he looks evil and has tiny eyes and laughs like jack dee but jack dee doesnt laugh but if he did hed laugh like my lecturer

HowlingWereWolfBitch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:21:09

Ditto Bertie.


Is your DH using the 'excited wee' excuse to stop the workmen doing a poo in your toilet, should they need to?

BluddyMoFo Sat 29-Oct-11 00:21:18

So you both wee when you are excited....sex must be a soggy affair.

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:22:48

no the issue isnt about jack dee because dh gets excited i think when something is about to happen like the bus or the workmen and i get excited not about that but about christmas but i dont wee but if i did wee id need the bathroom but dh is always in there

HowlingWereWolfBitch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:22:51

Holy arse biscuits. You poor woman.

TuftyFinch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:23:18

So would it be better to do away with pavements? Or not?

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:23:43

sorry im confused

Was the bus going to the airport? Like in the plotline to Speed with Sandra Bullock?

worraliberty Sat 29-Oct-11 00:24:16

Don't be silly squeaky puppies don't start threads

Though if they did, I'm sure they'd make more sense.....

bellabelly Sat 29-Oct-11 00:24:31

I've laughed so much I need a wee.

squeakyfreakytoy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:25:08

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:23:43
sorry im confused

and we arent? confused

TuftyFinch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:25:08

You're confused! What about the skylarks?

HowlingWereWolfBitch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:25:13

Get the workmen to build another bathroom.

But don't let them use it <lingering odours may linger>

BluddyMoFo Sat 29-Oct-11 00:26:39

Oooooh does it go purple when the robots turn off the telly, like when the postman walks down the street and it starts to rain just when he gets past number 34 but the car down the road has a bit of rust on its bonnet even though you went to the supermarket the day before yesterday.

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:28:29

I sorted the rust out but it could come back but I hope not because Jim has retired but he said hed still do my car and he has a peacock on his farm so i like going there and always had a fondness for you i did

<<fondly reminded of thread about the wine up the wall>>

We had a workman who came to fit a radiator in the cellar not that long ago. When I came down with a cheese sandwich for him at lunchtime, he was sitting on an upturned bucket reading my copy of Delia Smith's One Is Fun.

HowlingWereWolfBitch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:29:14

<wees self>

I remember something about the wine up the wall to.

Can someone shout "willy willy willy" so I can go to bed?

TuftyFinch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:31:10

So if I miss my train and walk to the baker's to get a croissant and then get a coffee and forget what the fuck I am doing and miss the next train is it ok to say "oh, for fucking fivks sake"?

BluddyMoFo Sat 29-Oct-11 00:32:03

I cant believe you sorted the rust out, well done you cos it was a mammoth job cos it looked just like that baby that was looking at the clouds the day that the elephant walked along the river when I went to the cinema but couldnt have popcorn because the lift at my friends flat had some crisp crumps near the escalator when sundays used to be the day of rest but now they are near the park that doesnt have swings.

BluddyMoFo Sat 29-Oct-11 00:32:15


celticlassie Sat 29-Oct-11 00:32:35


saffrone Sat 29-Oct-11 00:32:48

Never has PMSL seemed more appropriate.......

Such a Virginia Woolf wannabe... Sigh.

TAT is that a self-pleasurement guide?


PandorasSocks Sat 29-Oct-11 00:34:45

<steps into twilight zone>

<steps out again, vowing to leave the vodka alone in future>

susiedaisy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:35:06

Does Dh make it to the toilet or just wee where his stood ?confused

Chaos - Workman's hands were well clear of his dungarees - so I am thinking not

QuintessentialShadyHallows Sat 29-Oct-11 00:36:28

oh. This must be what Auntie Mabel sounds like on a sunday afternoon, between the sherry and the port.

TuftyFinch Sat 29-Oct-11 00:39:49

So I was standing in lewisham high street and this lovely olden came up to me and said is this eltham so I said mo it's lewisham to which he said fick off why don't you I'm looking for debenhams

Mazsy Sat 29-Oct-11 00:41:40

Im your friend too mr todd

What's with the Sondheim lines, Mazsy?

You shall drip rubies

ScarlettIsWalking Sat 29-Oct-11 08:41:23

wow! When " one is fun" was televised I remember the theme
" one is fun, but tea for two is double, three is too much trouble, one is fun"

ellmum Sat 29-Oct-11 09:03:47

Leave him, OP.

Proudnscary Sat 29-Oct-11 09:26:38

About 7.85 I'd say

Schnarkle Sat 29-Oct-11 09:59:48

2 excitable wee fiends in your house. I'd say Christmas is a howl. Top of the list from santa: a 12 pack of loo roll yehaaaaaa

Mandy2003 Sat 29-Oct-11 11:40:31

<New, from the author of He Came on My Homework...>


Mandy - is that by the same author as this

Dawndonna Sat 29-Oct-11 18:59:30

I suggest a lampost and a crossword puzzle, at least you'll know there's a solution.

SpringHeeledJack Sat 29-Oct-11 19:06:33

scared @ Mr Todd

SpringHeeledJack Sat 29-Oct-11 19:07:11

ooh, Tufty, are you local?

I am


FanjoForTheMuahahammaries Sat 29-Oct-11 19:12:05

tomatoes. Trucks. Monkeys. <nods>

Mandy2003 Sun 30-Oct-11 11:35:05

Eyes - that is brilliant! Could there ever have been an innocent explanation for that title, even in the 1950s?

There may have been Mandy, but for the life of me I haven't the first idea what it might be.

EEEEKinthebeeswax Sun 30-Oct-11 13:32:05

I have been taking large amounts of tramadol recently for a broken jaw.

They make you quite high, and sometimes i ramble on a bit.

Think OP has been stealing my secret tramadol stash.........

I have never read as much nonsense in my life smilesmile

tottiesfortea Sun 30-Oct-11 13:33:24

Its it just me......I am totally confused?????!!!!!confusedconfused

LadyEvilEyes Sun 30-Oct-11 13:34:11

This is the poster with the wine on the wall, the new carpet, Sharon the hoor
and the dead wasp.
<remembers thread fondly>

How could I remember the bit about the wine and forget all about Sharon the hoor and the dead wasp!? Those were the best bits.

stepawayfromtheecclescakes Sun 30-Oct-11 14:12:41

can someone link me to that thread, then I might have a smidgeon of a clue as to wtf is going on here confused

Salmotrutta Sun 30-Oct-11 14:15:58

Were there bikers and a piano wig OP?

Please say there was a piano wig too. Please. grin

And an old lady with a dog.

Salmotrutta Sun 30-Oct-11 14:16:41

And seagulls

Salmotrutta Sun 30-Oct-11 14:17:10

And maybe some lost marbles?

BOOareHaunting Sun 30-Oct-11 14:27:12

or a picnic that's missing it's sandwich?

Mandy2003 Sun 30-Oct-11 15:30:27

And who could forget the immortal He flooded the hospital room??

Gingefringe Sun 30-Oct-11 15:34:17

Is this going to be another thread about workmen shitting in your toilet?
I dont understand the airport bit, sorry.

StepAway - that thread is here

LeBOOOf Sun 30-Oct-11 16:54:26

I loved the homework ejaculator. Is that thread still around?

Mandy2003 Sun 30-Oct-11 17:28:28

Found It, Found It, Found It!!

I will be present for the next few hour if anyone wants to present me with my medal!

LeBOOOf Sun 30-Oct-11 17:32:52

thanks Will that do?

Mandy2003 Sun 30-Oct-11 17:36:46

Yum they were very nice, thank you!

perplexedpirate Sun 30-Oct-11 17:44:34

Oh I LOVE He Came on my Homework! That thread actually prevented my having a panic attack as it's impossible to panic attack and absolutely piss yourself laughing at the same time.
Because he was ANGRY! Brilliant. A happy hour is promised while I revisit that one. grin

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