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to kill off the sea monkeys?

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redshoesnoknickers Mon 24-May-10 12:14:07

DS got a sea monkry aquarium for his birthday from someone and last week I set it up and activated (!) the sea monkey eggs. All good - hatched and grew...DS no really bothered/interested.

My problem is that I thought it would be oooh look at them grow then they would die off in a week or sea monkeys are so happy they are mating and having babies!! When will it end!!!?

Essentially as DH pointed out we now have a jar of LICE in the kitchen. They are multiplying. What do I do? They are freaking me out but it seems cruel to stop feeding them...shall I just chuck them in the flower bed and be done with it?

oldandgreynow Mon 31-May-10 18:24:50

They are gross! I got DH to flush ours the tank was full of some hoorible mould stuff as well [shudders]

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