To dye daughter's pony pink?

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MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:22:49

A bit late for regrets now, hopefully it will be nice surprise rather than horrible shock. It's just so cochineal when was aiming for subtle pastel pink.


EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 15:23:35

all the other ponies will laugh at it.


pickledmonkey Fri 14-May-10 15:23:54

are you jordan?

MaisietheMorningsideCat Fri 14-May-10 15:24:06

What - you dyed a real, live horse pink with food colouring? In the name of the wee man, why??

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:26:57

Please, please explain. I really, really am all ears? All yours. Off you go! You may begin...............

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:27:28

As a surprise, she is having birthday party this evening and decorating some of the others. Thought would be nice head start so she could help her friends?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:28:54

Someone's going to phone the ILPH aren't they!

drinkyourmilk Fri 14-May-10 15:28:56

I need a photo!

KathyImLost Fri 14-May-10 15:29:30

But... a REAL pony? Pics plz.

ShinyAndNew Fri 14-May-10 15:29:55

You mean 'My Little Pony' no? I thought they were all pink and ghastly glittery anyway?

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:30:11

Couldn't you have just had a few balloons and a cake? Maybe push the boat out with a clown?

But to dye the pony pink?
Erm do you have a photo of this unfortunate novel animal?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:30:17

Can I upload to profile from iPhone? Will try . . .

MaisietheMorningsideCat Fri 14-May-10 15:31:14

That still makes no sense at all - she's having a birthday party and decorating some of the other ponies, so you've dyed this one pink with food colouring?

What's wrong with bowling and pizza? grin

Mouseface Fri 14-May-10 15:33:53

WTF...... you dyed a real live pony?????


Oh I hope it's not permanent.........

Will await photo.

CMOTdibbler Fri 14-May-10 15:33:57

Is he glittery yet too ? Bet you he rolls in some mud before the party !

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:33:58

Wow - can't wait to see what happens on the kids 21st birthday! That is one party I really want to go to. I am getting right in with Mitchyinge's gang!

OrmRenewed Fri 14-May-10 15:34:18

Will you also colour it's poo? Because that horse shit colour will not go with pink at all.

BattyKoda Fri 14-May-10 15:34:31


MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:35:03

Bother, I can't. Is on my FB though, will have to add later.

Sooooo AIBU or NOT?

Cogitoergosum Fri 14-May-10 15:35:13

'spose it makes a change from paint a pot parties.

BattyKoda Fri 14-May-10 15:35:43

How the fuck do you dye a pony???

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:35:55

Am I being stupid to wonder what colour is was before or is that now irrelevant?


whatwasthatagain Fri 14-May-10 15:36:23

Oh Mitchy - just looked at your pics and your spaniel is almost as handsome as mine. You haven't really dyed a real life pony pink?

Downdog Fri 14-May-10 15:37:15

YANBU, you are being Fantastic - wish you were my Mum! Yes photo please

(cochineal is harmless and will wash out with water)

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:37:48

I don't care if you ABU or not. You are totally barking mad and I think you are great!

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:39:59

cochineal in water, at first carefully sponged on then I thought 'fuck it' . . . and just poured it all over

KathyImLost Fri 14-May-10 15:41:11

Orm is right, pony poo colour needs to be addressed. Blue food dye might work. Otherwise I am on iron tablets at the mo, and they result in black 'go with everything' poos.

You can upload a pic to twitpic using your iphone, then post a link?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:43:14

Got 20 mins to make mine purple, he's called Barney so am disguising him as that famous purple thing called Barney.

Pony was coloured, skewbald (blue roan and white). Good job we only do the 'coloured' classes, in case it doesn't wash out?

Songbird Fri 14-May-10 15:43:24

'go with anything' poos grin

my god, there's only one thing I would have loved more than a pony when I were a lass, and that's a pink pony!

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:44:34

Please be my friend - when we were at school my mate Peter once gave his mum's poodle a blue mohican. She was so lovely about it, she came home and in her queen type vowels just sighed and said

"Oh dear Peter, what have we done now?"

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:51:30

Now I know you are winding us up! Barney?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:54:53

I promise I'm not! Barney is the dark brown one on my profile, he is only a bit sparkly with lilac glitter now though, not very purple at all

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 16:01:59

Ok this had better work, the twitpic upload app cost 59p!

please don't say he looks rubbish

Hullygully Fri 14-May-10 16:03:28

I won't say he looks rubbish, but he does look like there has been some sort of truly horrific and tragic accident that has left him flayed alive.

ShinyAndNew Fri 14-May-10 16:04:10

grin @ Hully.

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:04:37

He looks like a proud and noble steed. Just needs a knight on his back

I think confused

WorzselMummage Fri 14-May-10 16:04:52

He's Lovely !

envy i alwasy wanted a pink pony!

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 16:06:01

Oh shit. Am going to put some glitter on, see if that helps. At least nobody is saying his mane is on the wrong side?

FoxyRevenger Fri 14-May-10 16:06:17 looks like he's suffered some sort of terrible burn injury. Poor beast!!!

OrmRenewed Fri 14-May-10 16:06:25

Oh I think he looks embarrassed mitchy. Sorry grin

etchasketch Fri 14-May-10 16:07:08

from a distance the pink looks like raw exposed flesh

not rubbish though

TrinityMeemaRhino Fri 14-May-10 16:07:12

oh my god, you really meant a real pony

erm...he looks......great grin

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:09:13

I think the mane on the wrong side is the least of the poor beast's worries. He's feckin' bright pink!

Oh my...

YABU to dye the poor sod pink fgs. I wouldn't mind seeing a purple pony though.

petisa Fri 14-May-10 16:09:43

LOL he looks dead funky! your lucky dd having a mum like you - I wanted a pony soooo badly as a child (still have plans to get one, but will be about 50 at this rate grin

Was going to say going from your pics your horse is the bay one so prob not going to go v purple, but I see you've discovered that already grin

I'm sure your dd will have a fab time, hope you all do!

oldandgreynow Fri 14-May-10 16:10:31

Thanks for shelling out 59p ,Best belly laugh in a while !!

OK having looked at the picture, I see that it is a kind of purple pony. He looks ace, like he's been tie-dyed. He looks unimpressed though. You think he'd be more grateful tbpfh.

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 16:12:17

poor bugger looks skinned.

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 16:12:51

I did laugh though grin

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 16:13:58

and the pool of what looks like gore at his feet shock

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 16:14:29

Argh am in trouble for staining yard blood colour. Ok, thanks for your support and honesty grin on with the party!

Hullygully Fri 14-May-10 16:15:10

At least noone will EVER forget the party...

stealthsquiggle Fri 14-May-10 16:15:48

I do think he looks embarrased - but I am sure the glitter will make it all better grin - how is the purple thing going? I think I might have done for borrowing a purple rug on that one...

herbietea Fri 14-May-10 16:17:50


He definitely needs some clip-in mane hair extensions in hot pink to compliment the look.

LeninGrad Fri 14-May-10 16:18:25

Holy shite! I thought you meant a My Little Pony or something. I'm in the office and my shoulders are shaking.

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:19:42

I think he needs loads of red lipstick and long batting eyelashes

seeker Fri 14-May-10 16:21:08

<hides car keys to prevent self from rushing up to the yard and dying dd's grey Arab blue>

msVal Fri 14-May-10 16:23:05

fabulous! you know what this pony needs? a tutu. seriously. would look amazing. your party is going to rock!

OMG!. I thought it was an equine extra for Kill Bill. Did make me laugh though.

I hope to goodness the colouring comes out post party and that your DD appreciates all the trouble you've gone to.

Songbird Fri 14-May-10 16:26:32

The more I think about this, the funnier it gets!

Jesus, he looks like he has just committed a murder! For my shame I happen to know you can buy glitter hoof oil. Tie some pink ribbons in his hair... in for a penny and all that!

lazarusb Fri 14-May-10 16:27:30

I want to dye my big,fat stripy grey cat pink so she will look like Bagpuss. But nobody will let me...not least the cat wink

Gibbon Fri 14-May-10 16:27:43

oh don't say arab seeker , it makes me pine for my childhood pony and feel sad


Anyhow, back to the thread.

Fucking hell. He looks like he's been tortured.

I can hear her telling her therapist now.


stealthsquiggle Fri 14-May-10 16:28:01

cupcakes you are a genius - what would be superb would be a rainbow of mane extensions along his mane. Or sparkly ones.

Poor sod is never going to be able to hold his head up in the yard again, is he?

msVal Fri 14-May-10 16:28:16

dye the cat! dye the cat!

CrankyTwanky Fri 14-May-10 16:28:50

Dear god that is one camp pony!
He even has his hind leg at a jaunty "hello sailor" angle.
The real give-away though is that his mane is on the wrong side.wink

LeninGrad Fri 14-May-10 16:29:21

I've just put it on full size on a larger monitor, it gets better and better!

Have a great party and thanks for enabling my week in the office to end with a smile.

OrmRenewed Fri 14-May-10 16:29:54

Here's hoping mitchy junior doesn't see her beloved pony covered in blood and burst into tears of anguish.... grin

BorisTheBold Fri 14-May-10 16:30:24

I love it (and I'm not a pink kinda gal) - I bet your dd will too!

this is how I imagined it to be...

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:33:59

Do you think maybe Mum should invite a child psychologist along?

Just to be on the safe side y'know....

LeninGrad Fri 14-May-10 16:34:20

I was expecting this or this. Imagine my surprise.

Now you just need fireworks coming out the back of the horse like these ladies

Their horses also have glitter on their hooves and rumps.

LeninGrad Fri 14-May-10 16:38:23

I felt sore just watching that. Am sat at my desk clinging on for dear life and clenching in inappropriate places.

PrivetDancer Fri 14-May-10 16:44:04

I've never typed this before but I do quite literally have tears in my eyes from laughing at that poor pink horse

Sassybeast Fri 14-May-10 16:52:39

Oh - pretty pretty pony! He needs ribbons and glitter though!

Mishy1234 Fri 14-May-10 16:56:15

Excellent! Not permanent, so no harm done.

I sprayed my pony with gentian violet and back combed her mane and tail when I was 11 (we were entering a fancy dress party as punks). Got into a huge amount of trouble for that!

Hope your daughter has a brilliant time.


that is one very funny looking pony!

<contemplates doing the guinea pigs>

ChunkyBrewster Fri 14-May-10 17:00:31

I think he looks lovely - kind of like the horse when Dorothy gets to the Emerald City. Hope your daughter has a great party.

seeker Fri 14-May-10 17:02:05

There's a picture on my profile, Gibbon, if you want to pine further.

I hope you've got glittery hoof varnish, mitchy!

Please come and tell us what your daughters reaction was, I think its fab but a bit shocking

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 17:03:33


<still weeping>

I have no fucking idea what a Gay Hussar is but I'm 99% certain that's his mount.

seeker Fri 14-May-10 17:16:34

ah, the Gay Hussar - reminds me of my mis spent youth!

Aitch Fri 14-May-10 17:25:39

OTW, my friends, OTW. grin

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 17:32:56

I am incredibly urban so the idea that people actually have real horses as pets seems like something from another dimension. Then to discover they dye them pink.. well, its an educayshun itellya.

seeker Fri 14-May-10 17:37:26

Let me reassure you, onebat, they don't. Or rather, they haven't......up to now!

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 17:42:18

ANd glittery hoof varnish sounds like a euph for something you wouldn't google, an all.

Seeker, I'm pleased to hear it.

I'm afraid it's true that when I see the words 'My horse' it doens't quit compute for me. Like 'my stealth drone' or 'my starling'.

stealthsquiggle Fri 14-May-10 17:42:54

Do you think poor abused humiliated pony would feel better if he thought he was starting a trend?

OneBat - "people" round us have ponies (definitely plural). We don't, and won't ever, given that we already have a house-shaped money pit and don't need one or more horse-shaped ones to add to it.

IAmTheRSPCA Fri 14-May-10 17:47:50

There's been a report.
I'm sure there's no truth in it but we have to follow them up.
Can I see your skewbald pony please. It won't take a minute.

Aitch Fri 14-May-10 17:48:30


seeker Fri 14-May-10 17:51:43

I feel like that about "my tube station" or The Gay Hussar"
Things that give me a faint bat-squeak of recollection from a previous life!

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 17:53:36

grin seeker. (bat-squeak is a good word)

BouncingTurtle Fri 14-May-10 17:56:05

That poor pony is going to require months of therapy.

MItchyInge, I fear for your sanity.

(OH btw your brown and white spaniel looks just like one of my dad's that died a few years ago, sniff).

seeker Fri 14-May-10 17:56:13

Damn - now I have to acknowledge that bat-squeak is not my own. A small pot of virtual glittery hoof varnis for anyone who can attribute it.

MaisietheMorningsideCat Fri 14-May-10 17:57:36

OMG - I've been thinking about this poor hoss all afternoon. He looks like he's just had a lucky escape from the glue factory - please put a (pink) rug over him, or at least warn your DD in advance! This has to be one of the funniest threads in ages grin

(disclaimer - I do not actually think horses and glue factories are funny)

Gibbon Fri 14-May-10 18:17:46

Oh seeker...jumping too <gulp> wonderful memories....we keep saying we'll move further out and have a couple of horses on the land but I doubt we'll ever do it.

I have been thinking of this pony all afternoon. I keep looking at the pic and it still looks like it's been on a hack through an abattoir to me <snort>

LetThereBeRock Fri 14-May-10 18:30:26

Poor thing looks as though he's just had a skin graft.

minipen Fri 14-May-10 18:34:45

I do hope your daughter enjoys her party!

Thank you for the entertainment

DavidHameron Fri 14-May-10 18:41:58

hilarious. Still <weeping> at 'dye the cat! dye the cat!'

DavidHameron Fri 14-May-10 18:42:35

Anyway you'll be fine on the horse shit front because everyone knows the only colour that works with brown is pink.

RealityLovesYou Fri 14-May-10 18:47:47

hahahahahah Mitchy you are FAB!

TheFoosa Fri 14-May-10 18:51:08

he looks like your name, poor sod

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 18:55:04

That pony charity will be asking for a photy

Abused and Degraded? Can you help?
Just £5 a month can prevent the needless suffering of a pony like this. £30 a month will pay for rehabilitative therapy.

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 18:56:00

DAmn that first ques mark is wrong

DavidHameron Fri 14-May-10 18:59:35

Just a thought: if your DD is going to offer rides to the party-goers, DO make sure you have an explanation ready for all the gore-stained thighs of all the seven year olds, won't you? shockgrin

I sprayed hearts on a grey ponies bum when I was a kid and went in fancy dress as my little pony. was cool, although your dd's pony does look a bit like it has been skinned.

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 19:04:14

Christ yes it will look VAIR BAD.
Then again so will saying 'that's not blood on your dd's inner thigh it's cochineal. I dyed the pony'

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 19:05:24

skinned! lol
Abused, Degraded and Skinned. Can YOU help?

bronze Fri 14-May-10 19:07:23

Now you know what it looks like you can do it again at haloween

chesgirlNOTgriffins Fri 14-May-10 19:29:54

A pony!
Its pink!

Add a big tub of icecream and a pair of Jimmy choos and its chegirl heaven!

I used to dye my dog. He was called giro and was a collie cross. When I dyed my hair pink I would do a bit of his chest. He looked lovely and we matched grin

DavidHameron Fri 14-May-10 19:36:52

You and your dog used to have matching pink hair? Did you make him wear dangly earrings made out of Patagonian worry beads too? And a pair of Fairtrade loon pants?

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 19:43:34


chesgirlNOTgriffins Fri 14-May-10 19:52:18

How dare you! He did have several bandanas in various colours from Camden Market.

It was the 80s FFS grin

elastamum Fri 14-May-10 20:27:35

OMG! I wish I had the sort of mum who did that. I have a huge grey horse if you want to come round and give it another go!

Quattrocento Fri 14-May-10 21:04:08

This truly belongs in MN classics

MI, you are sick.

Can you do a noseband with white flowers? Along with the multicoloured hair extensions and glittery hoof oil? And plait flowers into his mane and tail? Ooh and what about a nice pink saddlecloth?

expatinscotland Fri 14-May-10 21:07:43

Why is this thread not in threads of the day on the homepage?

It's classic.

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 21:19:56

I've just done our guinea-pig's highlights for her. Next, a brazilian for the cat.

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 21:37:01

Woohoo! Loads of posts!

That was the best party ever! I forgot to do food, cake etc but don't think anyone minded, just need to put the 80000000 pics of finished ponies on computer now. Am in state of Advanced Excitement grin

onebatmother Fri 14-May-10 21:40:03

You are utterly mad MitchyInge, but your enthusiasm is infectious.

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 21:49:49

My HANDS though! Will they ever stop being so pink?

DavidHameron Fri 14-May-10 21:56:26

My DH loved your pink pony so much he tweeted it...

TotalChaos Fri 14-May-10 21:57:55

roflmao. and am gobsmacked Che, wouldn't have had you down as an animal-dying kina gal.

Partyofseven Fri 14-May-10 22:07:03

OMG mitv=cy very funny but i'm so gald they enjoyed themselves.

PMSL a lot at onebatmother i have two cats waiting for a brazilian now, <<<ponders what to do to rabbits>>

chesgirlNOTgriffins Fri 14-May-10 22:11:09

I didnt dye the whole dog TC. Just a bit of one grin

stealthsquiggle Fri 14-May-10 22:14:41

which clearly makes all the difference, Che grin

chesgirlNOTgriffins Fri 14-May-10 22:15:51

Bless him, it detracted from the fact he only had 3 legs.

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 22:45:29


Will you do my hair for my party? Please?

Do you have any of that dye left?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 23:02:24

of course!

I warn you, it fades quickly see?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 23:06:00

but v pleased with finished product

beautiful subtly pink pony

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 23:08:16

That would be just perfectgrin just dont't put my mane on the wrong side

seeker Fri 14-May-10 23:13:41

Have to say I think pink would suit my dd's pony more than it suits that lovely skewbald!

iamamug Fri 14-May-10 23:24:41

I am crying here !! My ds has party at a castle tomorrow and I am not xcited at all now! This looks like the best party ever - fab fab fab

pamplemousse Fri 14-May-10 23:25:45

What a lovely horse! It looks very odd pink!! Hope your daughter liked it

MitchyInge Sat 15-May-10 01:25:13

awwww iamamug, a castle tops everything and anything - will there be jousting? would LOVE to have a go at that

(wish I could put closer pics of the other ponies up but they have other people's children on them or near them, not sure that is really ok without permission)

(also wish was not so long until next year, or can I find some other excuse to do it all again?)

ZacharyQuack Sat 15-May-10 02:28:39

In all those photos you can see the horse looking down at his front legs and thinking "WTF?"

crabb Sat 15-May-10 06:42:46

You are one fab Mum!

sockmonkey Sat 15-May-10 08:29:16

oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard.
Mitchy you are some kind of evil genius...
That poor pony.

thinker Sat 15-May-10 08:42:11

I think you are a bloody maginficent woman ! Its the sort of thing that will go down in family history and what good childhood memories are all about xx Am on the verge of buying daughter pony and you have just tipped me over the edge here xx

Dollytwat Sat 15-May-10 08:43:01

So this isn't the first time you've dyed your pony?


Undertone Sat 15-May-10 09:03:15

Brilliant, frankly. I wanna dye my pony now!!

pedrothellama Sat 15-May-10 12:02:39

For some odd reason I am still humming the theme music from the Pink Panther.

Dum de dum, de dum de dum de dum de dum de duuuuuummm, da da da da.............

[Looks confused and stares out of window]

Amapoleon Sat 15-May-10 12:18:10

Hahaha, you nutter grin

pedrothellama Sat 15-May-10 13:09:35

Anyway I have to go to hospital to get my lacerations stiched up.

Cat took HUGE exception to being dyed pink


Mouseface Sat 15-May-10 14:00:20

Cripes, you did mean a real pony!!

Fab picture!!!

It reminds me of the scene in The Wizard Of Oz, when they get to Emerald City and get all spruched up and the horse pulling the carriage keeps changing, yellow, blue....

You are as mad as cheese though..... grin

<dashes off to find unsuspecting animal in the garden to dye>

pixiestix Sat 15-May-10 14:16:50

Mitchy, you are a legend!

omfg, thought for sure this would be a joke!! My favorite thing about the whole story is that you were so busy dyeing the pony that YOU FORGOT TO DO THE FOOD AND CAKE!!LOL LOL LOL!!!!

So funny, youre a ledgend, despite having a pony with mane on wrong side (how embasrassing!) wink grin

nighbynight Sat 15-May-10 14:31:01

Must admit, I thought you were Jordan at the start of this thread, but her dd's younger.

Bet they never forget the pink pony party though.

Mumsnut Sat 15-May-10 14:33:06

I can die happy now.

<no pun intended>

Marne Sat 15-May-10 14:39:59

We used to dye ponies for fancy dress at the stables i rode at as a child (mainly for fancy dress at shows), i have seen pink and blue ponies grin.

glastocat Sat 15-May-10 16:41:24

I can see lots of photos of ponies and dogs, but none of them are pink. confused

seeker Sat 15-May-10 18:47:44

"In all those photos you can see the horse looking down at his front legs and thinking "WTF?" No he isn't - he's going into a lovely outline because he's so proud of his new colour!

MiladyDeWinterOfDiscontent Sat 15-May-10 19:44:36

This thread is ace. Has anyone recommended it for Classics or should I go first?

nickytwotimes Sat 15-May-10 19:52:58

Pmsl at this thread!

Poor bloody thing - pink of all colours.

It does look a tad St Sebastian, doesn't it?

Mspontipine Sat 15-May-10 20:03:02

Bloody hell that's pink!!!!

Thank you grin

Money well spent for link

MitchyInge Mon 17-May-10 09:28:26

He is still quite pink, poor lambikin. Daughter really pleased though even though McPukes ended up in charge of the catering!

Next time I will definitely wear gloves, my hand still looks as though I've shoved it somewhere nasty.

Poledra Mon 17-May-10 09:38:24

ROFL, Mitchy, you are truly insane! grin

BTW, ladies, can I remind you, this is the same woman who thought it was a Good Idea to play football with a giant snowball and her Land Rover?

The snowball won..................

MitchyInge Mon 17-May-10 09:41:43

Argh you remember that!

Poledra Mon 17-May-10 09:45:16

'Tis only because I suffer dreadfully from Landy Envy - no horses, only drive on urban roads, cannot justify the Discovery my heart yearns after grin

Or alternatively, I keep a spreadsheet of Embarrassing Things People have Admitted on Mumsnet and try to remind them at all opportunities. <mwah ha ha ha>

seeker Mon 17-May-10 10:38:49

I showed dd the pictures and she says she's going to get an injunction to stop me going anywhere near her pony without permission. I think it was my mentioning tie-dye that really worried her.......

carrotsarenottheonlyvegetable Mon 17-May-10 13:20:01

Oh come on, how can a snowball win over a Landrover?

Our Landrover has argued with some pretty though things - trees, concrete barriers on the motorway, river banks and so on, and only once has it come off worse when a horse and carriage bolted into it 3 weeks ago (back window broke and door is bent).

Oh, and my DH's cousin got drunk once and headbutted it, which left a dint in the door.

But a SNOWBALL? Giant or otherwise....

Now, about this pink pony. hmm grin

stealthsquiggle Mon 17-May-10 15:12:41

seeker - it's got to be done - you could draw pretty patterns all over the pony with a candle and then douse it in food colouring - on your DD's pony it would come out even brighter grin

Quick, before DD saves up for that injunction...

MitchyInge Mon 17-May-10 15:20:40

I think my defender would have coped, tough metal bumper, but I was in the discovery and hit the snowball (compacted ice and snow, much higher than bonnet, biiiiiiig snowball) at slightly sideways angle. Smashed the lights, the bumper and front wing - it was like slamming into a brick wall. At first I thought the crunching sounds were of snow and ice but driving round again I could see a depressing amount of orange shards and black plastic at the base of the totally unscathed snowball. Got a pic of the damage somewhere, but anyway I swapped it for a disastrous old Rangie (which is for sale if anyone is interested). It was just ridiculously expensive to fix, given its age and nearly 300k miles etc. It was never really right for me anyway.

It would be good if more people dyed their ponies, am surprised at how seriously some people take life given that none of us get out alive anyway?

seeker Mon 17-May-10 15:40:17

oooooh - batik! I hadn't thought of that!

stealthsquiggle Mon 17-May-10 15:41:20

Batik pony with tie-dyed mane and tail.

When is your DD's birthday?

seeker Mon 17-May-10 16:20:51

December. She will have got the injunction sorted by then.

pedrothellama Mon 17-May-10 17:08:40

Can't you dress it up as a dragon next time complete with fire breathing skills?


YOU were the one with the giant snowball! i remember that grin

woman you are crazy!

the pony is fabulous dahling

seriously though, how do we nominate for classics cause this HAS to be in it!

I dont think I've laughed so much in all my life, and it bloody hurts with tonslilitis...

I think he looks really embarrassed i'm afraid... wink

I also hope you wash away the place where the dying occurred or else it really looks like there has been a terrible massacre of some sort and might frighten the poor little part goers to death!!!

Can I just ask a technical question, why is only part of him pink? was is a problem with the mix ratio? or some other unforeseen problem?

I have to admit, i did have a peek at some of the other pictures of him being ridden, when the really nasty looking injury had worn off... he did look rather cute eventually...

But still embarrassed Im afraid... ;-)

Snobear4000 Tue 18-May-10 10:14:52

YANBU. Terrific idea.

maltesers Tue 18-May-10 11:05:01

I hav heard of humans dying their hair , but not a blooming horse. Does the pony like it ?
It does sound very "BLING- BLING
As another mnetter said,, "Are you Jordan"?

maltesers Tue 18-May-10 11:07:00

God i laughed SEEKER. " When the pony looks down and thinks WTF " lol lol lol !!!!! grin

MitchyInge Wed 19-May-10 00:19:56


PURPLE horse

at last!

CMOTdibbler Wed 19-May-10 15:23:05

They were absolutely in fits at the yard about you dyeing the horses Mitchy. There were threats about DS's preferred pony getting dyed a hi vis colour if he escapes again

MitchyInge Wed 19-May-10 15:30:31

Hahaha, to begin with Joey pulled free and legged it when he was half pink half grey, think he was planning to fling himself under a passing tractor or something. He's adjusted well to being pink now though

Pixel Wed 19-May-10 17:30:28

'Adjusted' or given up the will to live?? grin

Macdog Wed 19-May-10 17:36:23

Can't help grin at pink pony, Mitchy!!

lowrib Fri 21-May-10 14:46:29

Thank you so much, I am literally crying with laughter.

YANBU, you are being beautifully mental. Brilliant stuff, I love it grin

I've seen this thread title all week and couldn't be bothered clicking on it, as I thought it would be something irrelevant, and nothing to du with dying ponies, but so glad it did today!!!

ROFL especially at "I thought it was an equine extra for Kill Bill"

HermyaHasBeenQuattroed Fri 21-May-10 16:19:34

That is fantastic!!! Brilliant!! I've not laughed so much in ages. grin

I saw this in the round up and I'm so glad I clicked on it - haven't laughed so much for YEARS! Dds think i'm mad of course

Eve Fri 21-May-10 20:12:36

pony club would not be impressed!

I will pay you to borrow pink pony to take to a rally to see expression on DC's face.

MitchyInge Tue 25-May-10 00:04:51

(still a bit pink)

Like redtartanlass, didn't think this could be real pony/interesting thread etc... but now, am crying with laughter at all the posts and photos. Was having farking awful day, and now I'm ok!

BythewayItsStillMe Wed 26-May-10 14:19:22

I'm another one who saw the title but thought it'd be about a toy pony, never thought fir a second it would be a real pony! grin

Wish I'd read it sooner, best laugh I've had all week!

Is the pony still pink?

MitchyInge Wed 26-May-10 15:49:34

A bit

Hee heee heee, why did I not spot this earlier ??? That is one pissed off looking pony <<wipes tears>>

reelingintheyears Mon 14-Mar-11 15:21:04


reelingintheyears Mon 14-Mar-11 15:22:11 did you find this?

Indith Mon 14-Mar-11 15:24:59

Ah this was one fine thread

umm what did you use to dye him?

<eyes white puppy thoughtfully>

It was linked on a should I use food colouring to dye my kids hair pink thread grin

NiceBears Mon 14-Mar-11 16:59:40

I can't see a pink pony <cries>

Ormirian Mon 14-Mar-11 17:00:39

Woooah! A true zombie thread! I remember this from last time.

It's further up, well worth the search grin Looks like it's been attacked with a meat cleaver

aliceliddell Mon 14-Mar-11 17:05:01

is this one of those 'horses of a different colour' from Wizard of Oz? BornThisWay - surely blue for a puppy? Be reasonable...

grin i nearly wet myself there!! And you're adding glitter, how fabulous!!! envy i always wanted a pink pony!! Tho the poor thing does look rather emmmm blush

I am so jelous I only have a Cat and she is black nothing will dye over it.. <gives Cat a disgusted look>

I have have to shave her in a creative fashion instead.

roomonthebroom Mon 14-Mar-11 17:49:33

Damn, I was thinking about this thread yesterday and was going to cite the pink pony if I ever had to name change to show I had been here a while and now it's back on the first page!

It is a brilliant thread though :O

roomonthebroom Mon 14-Mar-11 17:50:03

Or even

hmmm maybe blue alice i dont want him to get picked on .. but a pink staff would look VERY funny around my rough staff infested council estate area

Merlotmonster Mon 14-Mar-11 20:21:27

this is bloody hilarious!!!....although the poor horse does look a bit perplexed..he he

ps...had you been down the pub at lunch time??

NorthernGobshite Mon 14-Mar-11 20:32:15

I think you ROCK!!! I want a pink pony, I want a pink pony....

NorthernGobshite Mon 14-Mar-11 20:36:46

How do I see the photo????

Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-11 18:45:48
Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-11 18:49:59
NorthernGobshite Thu 17-Mar-11 16:35:22


MitchiestInge Thu 17-Mar-11 19:52:21

Ooh who bumped this up? That pony has had his revenge 1000 times since then!

OM Christ!!!! lol

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