to have thought that this was a display of smuggy smuggishness

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This morning, went with DS into local Sainsbury's for supplies and we were looking at the cheese and stuff when another mum with two LOs under 3 in her trolley. She also peruses the shelves then says to her eldest child "oh my GOODNESS! There's NO tzatziki!" Little one looks at his mum like she's off her rocker then she says again "There. Is. NO. TZATZIKI!" She then summons a shelf-stacker to moan about there being no tzatziki and explains to him at length that it's all that her two will eat with their crudites all the time doing a terrible cat's bum mouth that suggested that the shelves of hummous/salsa/raita weren't agreeable to her wunderkind's palate.

I almost handed her a tub of humous and told her to get a grip. AIBU aren't I?

AndieWalsh Thu 13-May-10 15:25:54


Sometimes (despite having been a SAHM for years and years) I really do feel like saying to some women 'Time to go back to work, love'.

AbsOfCroissant Thu 13-May-10 15:26:02

Nah, she sounds hilarious/demented

You'd have been better to point her in the direction of yoghurt and cucumber wink

You heartless bitch, my kids really wanted that damn Tzatziki!

Nah, kidding. YANBU.

zapostrophe Thu 13-May-10 15:27:28

Message withdrawn

LadyGardenia Thu 13-May-10 15:28:05

Child's stupefaction clearly indicated he had never heard of tzatziki. That overly loud stuff for everyone else's benefit is always a pain the backside.

YANBU about the hummous because tzat. is a bit tasteless anyway.

lorelilee Thu 13-May-10 15:29:36

Brilliant. Some people are just MENTAL and completely absorbed in their own wee worlds.

Oh yeah, she was definitely doing it so that everyone in the immediate vicinity would know that her children had a very worldly palate. She probably thinks that hummous is too common now that every bugger eats it.

Litchick Thu 13-May-10 15:32:17

I love it when the kids of such parents come round and give the whokle game away.
DS' best friend told me he'doesn't eat home-cooked stuff' LOL.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 15:32:17

Me and DD treaure a moment in Ilfracombe co-op 4 years ago, where a tall woman with joules gilet and swooping walk brayed her way round the shop. She was obviously on holiday and expecxted the shops of Devon to only sell bread and potatoes (not that far from the truth up until recently). Anyway, she shrieked with joy and started saying 'oh HUGO they have got chorizo (will full proper castillian lispy pronunication), how marvellous, what an extraordinary stroke of good fortune.

We then heard her shriek 'oh look they have even got goats cheese, we must get some of that, Meredith does adore goats cheese so'

Me and dd pissed ourselves and were very childish going round co-op going oh look, french bread, battenburg cakes in excited tones.

We still can;t eat chorizo or goats cheese without doing an impression of that woman.

LadyGardenia Thu 13-May-10 15:32:44

Not sure tzatziki has had much foodglam quotient since the days when it was a dip likely to share a table with Cinzano Rose!!

potplant Thu 13-May-10 15:33:43

LOL at 'time to go back to work love'

My DS is partial to smoked salmon and had a major meltdown when Asda had sold out after I said he could have it for lunch. I asked the lady in the shop to check their stockroom for smoked salmon cos he wanted it while he was wailing 'I want smoked salmon' at the top of his voice. I was more frantic desperado than smuggy mummy.

DS - spolit much?

That is priceless, GOML. Some people ingest a Jamie Oliver cookbook then think that they have some authority on excellent produce. Meh.

<goes and makes some Dairylea on toast for DS>

CurbAppeal Thu 13-May-10 15:35:04

I sympathise with her. I had to get mine into halloumi once feta appeared in pub lunches.

thinker Thu 13-May-10 15:36:06

What is it? How do you pronounce it? Just so I can shout about it in tesco later.

Potplant, it's different if it's your child voicing a desire for something he likes. My LO asks for paella for his dinner which I like. But I wouldn't stand in the middle of the supermarket going "Oh CRIKEY! There is NO SAFFRON with which to make your paella!" It's a bit showy-offy for an adult to do it. Fine for a L.O.

Thinker, it's "sat-zee-kee"

Please do it much louder than is necessary to add to the effect

OH my Goodness!

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 15:39:56

I had to send my son to preschool with a smoked duck pate sandwich last week, had gobbed down all the ham in a 10pm too much wine pre bed snack frenzy.

scurryfunge Thu 13-May-10 15:41:05

Next time I'm in Lidl Waitrose I shall shout about the lack of SunnyDelight

potplant Thu 13-May-10 15:43:45

cupcake - I was a bit embarassed tbh. I felt like saying 'he eats chicken nuggets as well' just so the woman didn't think I was a complete snob.

Now that I think about it, I don't know whether she was showboating about her kids' electic tastes in snacks or about the fact that she could pronounce tzatziki.

Well now I know how to pronounce it I shall shout about it loudly in Asdas clothing department. grin

NickiSue Thu 13-May-10 15:50:26

<Hides her bread sticks and tesco value dip in the cupboard>

OneTwoBuckleMyShoe Thu 13-May-10 15:52:58

Sloany I had reread your post a few times as I thought your DS had a post wine frenzy grin

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 15:53:06

OOh, does anyone else get a cheap illicit thrill from buying crap like pop tarts and findus crispy pancakes from Waitrose and seeing all the mummies eyeball my shopping trolley and categorising me as an Asda shopper.

Oi! Get those breadsticks and dips back out, I'm ruddy starving!

NickiSue Thu 13-May-10 15:55:52

LMAO @ cupcakesandbunting - thank goodness I'm posting on shopping day, otherwise it may have been tesco "pringles" and homemade value mayo & curry powder dip.

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 15:56:09

Do waitrose do that? I can't even get McCain Smilies at mine

minipie Thu 13-May-10 15:56:44

Surely the appropriate response is "Gosh, I always make my own tzatziki, there are far fewer nutrients in the premade kind..."

no? wink

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 15:57:20

Oh I am lying about the findus crispy pancakes blush

I have bought pop tarts from there. And other standard crap like Frosties and doritos etc.

Yes, GOML.

We had a barbecue on sunday and I popped into Waitrose to get some nicer sausages for the tiddlers than I had bought for the grown-ups. Whilst I was in there, I bought a pack of <<<drum roll>>> potato smiley faces! I felt so naughty putting them into my basket! grin

AbsOfCroissant Thu 13-May-10 15:58:56

Once in Waitrose I asked where the frozen meat was. The man gave me a look like I'd asked him where the frozen corpses were.

I like Findus Crispy pancakes. The cheese and ham ones. Nom nom nom. [guilty emoticon]

TheCrackFox Thu 13-May-10 16:00:15


If she really wanted to be smug she would have made it herself from organic ingredients grown in her allotment.

<casually eating a bag of Quavers>

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 16:00:34

I'm sure I've bought a frozen total freedom air plucked 28 day aged spatchcock from there before... biscuit

ahahaha. Ive only been in waitrose once. Walked all around the place with a big smile on my face, admiring all the stuff and bought myself a doughnut because I wanted to use the sticker machine thingy.

Desperately need a Waitrose nearer to where I live.

smug??? hardly. it's all they'll eat

you could easily have out-smugged her by saying "oh, ho ho, MY 2 will eat anything, I've always offered them a very varied diet"

Eglu Thu 13-May-10 16:02:00

mininpie, perfect response grin

Alicetheinvisible Thu 13-May-10 16:03:00

Getorf - my Dh was slightly mortified when i asked him to get me Pot Noodles when he went shopping. His reply "Do Waitrose sell such crap?" Answer Yes they do!

Oh and there is only a couple of bags of smiley faces in ours at a time, so either they are very popular with the waitrose crowd or it is the same two bags....

sarah293 Thu 13-May-10 16:03:34

Message withdrawn

JennyPiccolo Thu 13-May-10 16:05:08

I've never been to Waitrose, i don't think my fragile ego could handle it.

I was in Asda in glasgow on Hogmanay last year getting booze and stuff for the night ahead, and there was a very posh man cracking up at some wee laddie in an Asda uniform.

'What? No ^creme de cassis?!^ On ^New Years Night!!!?^ This is an outrage!'

it's become a catchphrase whenever anyone's being pretentious.

Litchick Thu 13-May-10 16:05:14

Personally I make my own - somone pass the yoghurt.

JennyPiccolo Thu 13-May-10 16:06:53

fucked up my italics

darkandstormy Thu 13-May-10 16:08:34

Sad woman, sounds like she could be character material for "Little Britain" "Dahlings only eat tzatziki,don't you kno"

darkandstormy Thu 13-May-10 16:09:04

chuck em a spam butty.grin

'What? No ^creme de cassis?!^ On ^New Years Night!!!?^ This is an outrage!'

it's become a catchphrase whenever anyone's being pretentious.

DH and I have one of these from when we went to look at a stately home as a potential wedding venue (couldn't afford half a wedding there as it turned out) We were looking out onto the grounds, which were rather lovely, from a first floor window, when a booming Country Casuals-type women rolled up and looked out of the window and proclaimed "What a boring vista, Heggy!"

Quite. I mean your landing window probably looks out over the hanging gardens of Babylon or something equally super hmm

smallwhitecat Thu 13-May-10 16:20:17

Message withdrawn

JennyPiccolo Thu 13-May-10 16:20:41

haha, thats amazing!

OrmRenewed Thu 13-May-10 16:22:48

If she was really smug she should have gone and made her own!


SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 16:25:08

My mother had a posh mummy-friend when she was my age and doing the having-children thing. Her friend's child was getting over a nasty flu or similar and said her boy was off his food but that he could manage "something simple like a Coq a vin".

It became a catch-phrase in her little circle of mummy friends - oh why not have something simple like a Coq a vin!!! Hehe. She still uses the phrase occasionally to this day.

SloanyPony I am roaring here. That's hilarious! All my DS will scff when he's out of sorts is biscuits and crisps.

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 16:31:08

Its great isn't it. I love people who are genuinely like that, not just trying to be. I swear it didn't even occur to her how she must have sounded, she ended up being my piano teacher and she was just like that, if you know what I mean. Love it.

There will be MNers who would say "well coq au vin is something simple in my house. it's not MY fault that you find cooking a challenge" or whatever.


<goes and makes DS some smiley faces and fish fingers>

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 16:42:49

Hehe. Actually, its not that complex if you use diced chicken rather than a whole chicken cut for saute... biscuit

It's not that complex if you use one of those Schwartz packet sauces instead of marinating the coq in wine and garlic for a day beforehand grin

Kariba29 Thu 13-May-10 16:48:02

Coq au vin might be 'something simple' to make true but to eat whilst suffering from a nasty virus i would rather have just chicken soup, definetly much lighter smile

bradsmissus Thu 13-May-10 17:05:35

Well my two love tzatziki too but I'd never ask for it because I'm never sure if I'm pronouncing it right!!!!!

(They do like houmous too - honest!)

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 17:07:07

I prefer the "one for the coq, one for me" approach to adding the wine...

ndavy Thu 13-May-10 17:31:30

Are there actually children out there who eat such fancy things?!

Between my son and my three nephews the shopping list would read as follows:
- Bread (preferably sliced and white)
- Chocolate milk (my sister once asked me if chocolate milk was much worse than giving normal milk! Her son is 2.5 years before people go bonkers at the thought of a baby with a bottle of the brown stuff!)
- Cherios
- Orange vegetables

flibbertigibbert Thu 13-May-10 17:37:48

I have to admit to being a teenage food ponce. I watched far too much Nigella and Jamie. Unfortunately, I grew up in a provincial Midlands town and the staff in the local Asda would look at me blankly when I asked where the lemongrass was.

I used to dream about moving to London and hosting dinner parties for my friends where we would eat risotto or Thai green curry in my enormous loft apartment.

I remember going on holiday to Cornwall when I was about 16 and overhearing a very posh gilet wearing woman exclaim 'there's no arborio, so that's risotto out of the question.' At the time I had never eaten a risotto in my life. I thought this woman was so glamorous and exotic grin

Which Midlands town, if you don't mind me arsking? I am also a midlands girl and I cannot believe I have to travel into Birmingham to buy fresh thai basil to make thai curry paste with. It's simply not good enough!

pjmama Thu 13-May-10 17:52:33

I remember once having a total meltdown because I'd forgotten to set the dishwasher going. hmm

Perhaps she's still in that slightly gaga, adjusting to having little or no control over your life anymore, obsessing over small, inconsequential things stage of early parenting? grin

flibbertigibbert Thu 13-May-10 17:54:35

cupcakes - the town gives its name to a very popular sport.

Now I live in London, but unfortunately I live in an ex-local authority flat, not the spacious converted warehouse of my 16 year old dreams with the little deli and artisan bakery round the corner grin.

And the last time I had Thai curry it came out of a jar. I do have to admit that on occasion, DP and I do special outings to Waitrose to buy poncey goodies, and I get very excited by these trips even though I'm only in my early 20s blush

I'd have understood of she was chucking her diva-fit over them having no milk or no something-else-quite-necessary-for-everyday-life but tzatziki? Pfffft. I'm sure that little Montague won't waste away because he hasn't got an greek dip to dunk his crudites into! grin

Noooooooooo, outings to Waitrose for special cook-y stuff is ace. One of life's simple pleasures IMO

pagwatch Thu 13-May-10 17:59:39

I remember standing in waitrose while a woman shrieked across me to the staff at the deli counter

"No. That one, there - the Ta-Ma-Slar-Tar!"

It has been called that in our house ever since

Thediaryofanobody Thu 13-May-10 18:01:50

blush I've just muttered around tesco about them having no bags of couscous only the already made stuff.
Then DD piped up "Oh no mummy what will we do with our sundried tomatoes"
So we went and harassed a shelf stacker who couldn't care less.

In our defense this particular Tescos is really badly stocked so we often have trouble finding what we want.

sarah293 Thu 13-May-10 18:02:34

Message withdrawn

How do you say taramasalata? blush

In Pizza Express a few months back there was a faux-posh woman in there being an arse to the waiters etc. When her pizza came she moaned in her best posh voice that "there's hardly any meat or cheese on it, is there?"

Sorry, not totally related but made me chuckle

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 18:05:10

What sucks is when little Auriella pipes up and queries whether the mi-cuit Prunes are from the Agen region...

sarah293 Thu 13-May-10 18:11:04

Message withdrawn

SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 18:13:00

"Mama, can you ask the man to select Langoustines with the roe still on them..."

Sloany, you seem to know a lot of these. Were you one of these children yourself? grin

MrsvWoolf Thu 13-May-10 21:26:28

Tsk, it's very simple to make tzatziki.

smallorange Thu 13-May-10 21:35:23
UnquietDad Thu 13-May-10 21:37:39

I get the feeling that "There! Is! No! Tzatziki!" is destined to become something of a repeated in-joke phrase on here.

allsweetness Thu 13-May-10 21:42:46

Message deleted

Aliarse Thu 13-May-10 21:44:31

Thai basil is really easy to grow from seed on a windowsill

Prupru Thu 13-May-10 21:55:23

Tzatziki? Fucking part-timer. My toddler simply won't touch her artisan-baked toast without Patum Pepperium. Did you all hear that? PATUM PEPPERIUM.

Err, not really.

honeydragon Thu 13-May-10 21:56:41

"There! Is! No! Tzatziki!"

"What will they dip their turkey twizzlers in now???!!!"

<cat bum>

"the poor mites will have to make do with pot noodle and truffle oils!!!"

<cat bum>


SloanyPony Thu 13-May-10 22:03:11

Lol Cupcake. Only a bit.

By the way, the Coq a vin boy turned out to be quite a well known opera singer in my home town - another country but I daren't out him. Its all a bit precious though really...

EdgarAllenPoll Thu 13-May-10 22:04:11

patum pepperium is almost never out of stock (long life, over with fish spreads, next to jams..)

i can well believe it.
I had a woman complain about the lack of blinis. we'd only just run out too...

My kids really love bhajis. can't see me getting stroppy with Asdas if they aren't there though. the running joke in this house is that a balanced diet is bhajis and samosas.

i was 23 before i even knew what tzatziki was... our kids have benefit of much more international cuisine.

domesticslattern Thu 13-May-10 22:27:09

Reminds me of my mother (full Country Casuals type) in Waitrose a few years back. They had run out of 2 pt bottles of semi-skimmed. Cue my mother braying loudly:

"There is no milk! It's! Like! Russia! in! here!"

DH and I still use that one.

YanknCock Thu 13-May-10 22:41:34

Speaking of pretentious catchphrases.....

DH and I went away for the weekend and stayed in a 16th century built slightly poncy hotel. As we were in the middle of checking in, a white-haired, distinguished looking gentleman approached the desk, completely interrupted us and bellowed in a very posh accent 'What does ONE have to DO to get a DRINK in this hotel?'

We nearly pissed ourselves and have been saying it to each other ever since. grin

flibbertigibbet - I too am 'too young' to be exicted by Waitose but it is just so lovely, isn't it?

Never too young to be excited by Waitrose, IMO. I just love those "a pinch of" and "a handful of" jars that they sell. They're overpriced but look so pretty in your cupboards.

I am a marketing man's wet dream hmm

Mouseface Fri 14-May-10 12:42:11

What? - clearly bonkers!

<hides ferret steaks in red wine sauce, next to peacock milk and hedgehog pate>

Do your DCs eat that stuff anyway, really? hmm

Mouseface Fri 14-May-10 12:43:51

Should say I mean the tzatziki........

cupcakesandbunting I'm in the Midlands just over the Worcs border and I'm growing 4 different types of basil. So far the slugs haven't munched it.

When it's big enough you can have some.

Fuckinhell, can everyone grow basil but me?! I planted some in my belfast sink with some thyme, sage and marjoram. All the others are thriving but the basil is fecked.

Yes, I'd love some of your basil, Spider grin

I planted some in my belfast sink with some thyme, sage and marjoram

Ick, that was too Red magazine smuggy for words. I'm sorry

Snort! My thyme is growing in a wicker ex-bathroom bin...

Waste not want not! grin

I'm in Rednal, I'll let you know when it gets big enough to be harvestable. There's some snazzy purple basil too. grin

Ah, we are vairy close.

Geographically, I meant. I'm not hiding in your cupboards.

We have a cold frame overflowing with flipping basil if anyone wants some - and my DC will not eat pesto hmm

Genuinely LOL at 'time to go back to work love' - my DH thinks (and barely refrains from saying) that about some most of the mothers at DS's school.

Our family equivalent of 'What? No ^creme de cassis?!^ On ^New Years Night!!!?^ This is an outrage!' is "THOMAS! Eggy Bread time!" - as hollered across a French campsite every bloody morning by a particularly obnoxious woman when I was ~10. My DM was pregnant with DB2 at the time and he very nearly didn't get given his long-chosen name as a result grin

I cringe when DS demands "smoked salmon pate wrap" for holiday club packed lunch. It's no use explaining that, since we buy bargain basement whole salmon and DH smokes it, it is actually quite cheap, because that whole process just sounds too poncey for words. I am tempted to put a note in saying "he eats McDonalds too, honest" grin

Riven - taramasalata is known as "tarama-wotsit" in our house

ninedragons Fri 14-May-10 13:17:33

DD (2.4) is on record as having asked the nursery staff for "blinis and the black stuff". In 30 years she will be wearing a gillet and annoying people in picturesque rural areas.

She doesn't understand why I ask her if she'd like just a wefffer-thin meeent after her dinner.

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 14-May-10 13:19:16

Oooh, how do you smoke a salmon?

My daughter is your basic common or garden salt fiend. She'd lick the salt cellar if I one let her. This translates into pathetic begging for olives, smoked salmon, chorizo and Brie when any of them make an appearance. Have you ever noticed that poncy food is saltier than non poncy food?

So she's eighteen months old and eating smoked salmon and olives, and my gosh could I seem smugger? Like the above poster, I want to say to people, she'll eat marmite toast and twiglets too, you just don't usually get those sold in cafes.

I was explaining to DH the other day that olives are fucking brilliant because they taste like kicking salt up off the table. Oh god yes. Get me to some olives!

tortoise - you invest in one of these and hope that your neighbours are either not too close, or enjoy their laundry being gently fragranced with slightly fishy oak smoke. The very best results we have had were from running it overnight in significantly sub-zero temperatures.

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 14-May-10 13:26:48

Oh, thank you cupcakes, I reread my post and thought wow, could I BE smugger? Thank you for rescuing me.

Thanks also, stealth. I am not worried about my neighbours. One is a lovely woman with whom I share mutual friends and won't mind, and the other one is batshit, collects buckets of water in which to breed mosquitoes, and likes to tell me things like 'yes, i hear your husband and you talking through the wall all the time, he's got quite a nice friendly voice hasn't he? always laughing'. We live in detached houses with a strip of garden between.

Baaboobaa Fri 14-May-10 13:35:12

what a load of tosh! what the hell is so smug about someone wanting a yogurt with cucumber/garlic??? what's so bloody exotic about it? do you all live in the seventies or something? kids eat a lot of foreign stuff, not cos we're smug but coz we prefer it to pop tarts, chip butties and whatever else is "ok" to eat without sounding smug.

bluesheep Fri 14-May-10 13:38:25

My mum and dad used to look after their very pretentious neighbour's kids after school. Mum would always stop at the village shop on the way home from school and buy us a treat, and she asked the neighbour's youngest (who was about 6 at the time) what he would like. He replied that he would like a 'creme patisserie'! I still don't even know what one of them is!!

Also he came out with the classic line once 'It's about this time of the evening that usually I have a mug of Um Bongo'. My mum and dad still use this as a euphemism for going up the pub!!

Oh dear. I remember a long ago trip to get champagne from waitrose with DD1 for some celebration or other (waitrose being the nearest supermarket). Ever since then, whenever we go to waitrose, DD1 bounces out of the car shouting 'come ON, we've GOT to go to WAITROSE to get some CHAMPAGNE'.

Oh how I wish that was really my life.

Katiepoes Fri 14-May-10 13:56:31

My Dad has a fishmonger pal that smokes his own wild salmon, Dad used to bring German clients in to buy some so he'd always give Dad a big bag of whatever was fresh in as thanks. Nice for us - there was always lovely fish in the freezer. Sadly ruined for my Mum when brother aged 6 bellowed up the street - "dinner better not be bloody scallops again" - this in 80s suburban Dublin.

Jbck Fri 14-May-10 14:04:05

A few years ago DD1, about 3.5 at the time, had a tantrum because there were no brioche rolls left for her snack to take to nursery. ' I neeeeeeed a brioche' she wailed.

DH's friend looked at him in mock disgust and barked' Hand over your Labour membership card now'

Yes Baaboobaa. Because those of us that don't make a song and dance about there being no tzatziki all chow down on pop tarts hmm

You see, if I actually liked tzatziki, I would make the blooming stuff, not buy it at 15 times the cost of the ingredients. I am not sure my DC have ever tried it, but if they did I suspect they would quickly diagnose it as yoghurt and cucumber. Do you think perhaps smug woman had not worked that out?

Tzatziki is shit anyway.

I'll make her something nice with the rose harissa that I make from scratch. I can outsmug anyone with that.

Fibilou Fri 14-May-10 16:28:42

Lazy old baggage could have made it herself if the situation was that desperate grin

Fibilou Fri 14-May-10 16:30:17

" He replied that he would like a 'creme patisserie'! I still don't even know what one of them is!"

Actually there is no such thing as a creme patissiere. Creme pat is the thick, custardy pastry cream that you get in fruit tartlets. So unless said child just wanted very thick custard...

treedelivery Fri 14-May-10 16:38:22

Very good thread.

We went to CentreParcs. A group of children and parents, by some non-verbal, team spirit, playing in the woods together type way, organised a really good game of running up and down the gant see-saw. There were about 20 involved and it was lovely.

When the various Boden velour stripey sweaty chldren assembled around their lovely hotpotch top and sassy jeaned mummies to eat little bags of carrot sticks, dd1 [4] shouted from the far reaches of the play park....

'Mu-um, is there nowhere around here I can get some chicken nuggets and chips and some totato sauce????'

In her thickest yorkshire accent.

T'was hysterical.

treedelivery Fri 14-May-10 17:08:23

And our nearest Waitrose is 70 miles or thereabouts shock

Please! If you ever see this mad woman again, tell her in a very loud voice that Lidl's are selling their own brand of tzatziki now for 79p a tub, might take the wind out of her sails grin

BrownNotCameronPlease Fri 14-May-10 21:29:32


This thread is FAB! I love the Aga-saga woman link

Waitrose is fabulous!

I got all shirty in sainsburys as they had no wholemeal self raising flour that wasnt organic, and I was NOT paying THAT much for it!

So I went next door...where they too only had organic brown self raising that cost exactly the same....but it was was WAITROSE

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