... to be shocked that DS' reception class were asked to dress up today as a character from a childrens' book and 2 boys turned up as.....

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LadyOfTheFlowers Thu 04-Mar-10 22:16:04

.... the Kray Brothers??

Now correct me if I am wrong, but these are NOT characters from a childrens book.
All the other kids were dressed up as pirates from Treasure Island and disney princesses etc etc.

They came complete with handguns.

I am probably going to be told I am being stupid and DS had no idea who they were dressed up as so I guess it does not matter, but I was shockedand thought it was wrong.

Was it?

usualsuspect Thu 04-Mar-10 22:16:52

sorry but that made me grin

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Thu 04-Mar-10 22:17:29

I know this is wrong but......ROFL!!! What were the parents thinking!!!YANBU.

paisleyleaf Thu 04-Mar-10 22:21:40

My DD's in reception, so this bookday stuff is new to me.
It's been quite an eye opener.
Disney's 'Cars', Supermario. I'm sure there are books floating around as spinoffs from some of these films/true stories/games etc. But it's not the point is it?

cakeywakey Thu 04-Mar-10 22:22:06

What children's books are those kids reading? The big book of East End crims? PMSL

Dollytwat Thu 04-Mar-10 22:23:27

that's funny - I've been trying to get my DS2 to decide what he's going to wear next week and I can honestly say THAT never occured to me!

choosyfloosy Thu 04-Mar-10 22:23:35


oh good grief

i guess that's not what the original organisers of WBD had in mind

sorry but slight grin

Mumcentreplus Thu 04-Mar-10 22:24:25

Wah???.gringrin...I mean at least stick to the brief..they could have come as bugsy Malone and his gangster mate..lol

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Thu 04-Mar-10 22:26:03

or James Bond.

lol It tells you a lot about the parents tbh.

Vallhala Thu 04-Mar-10 22:26:26

Sounds to me like the parents were peed off with Book Day for whatever reason and did it to take the rise.

Odd way to make a point though!

bernadetteoflourdes Thu 04-Mar-10 22:27:04

Now you are avin a larf arentcha Reggiewink

paisley that's 4 and 5 yr olds for you. Once they have it in their minds that they want to dress up as a character that isn't from a book it's kinda hard to force them into something more bookish. My DS went as luce skywalker one year and said "I bet I could find a book of Star Wars somewhere" as his excuse.

Dollytwat Thu 04-Mar-10 22:30:21

I wonder who the children thought they were?

Can you imnagine the conversation?

'but I want to go as Bob the Builder mummy'

'that's not a book darling, I know you can go as the Kray twins'

'who are they mummy?'

'Well, let me tell you a little bedtime story'

wastwinsetandpearls Thu 04-Mar-10 22:31:26

Do you live in the east end?

Mumcentreplus Thu 04-Mar-10 22:31:34

weeel..technically The Krays have a bio..so thats a book hmm..perhaps they are East-End gangster type parents and its the bed-time book ..are you havin a bubble?grin

Mumcentreplus Thu 04-Mar-10 22:32:36

Once upon a time there was 2 bruvvers..grin

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Thu 04-Mar-10 22:32:51

You can actually buy star wars books though overmydeadbody, ds has one. There's loads of them, all spin offs from the movies.

I wonder who they will dress up as next year? Hannibal lecter? Jack the Ripper?

troublewithtalk Thu 04-Mar-10 22:37:14

grin I like parents with a sense of humour and perspective!

cakeywakey Thu 04-Mar-10 22:38:49

<whispers> MumCentreplus they'd be having a giraffe, a bubble is a Greek (bubble and squeak) grin

BarryKent Thu 04-Mar-10 22:39:42

We considered the Krays' old school for DD FACT

Was it there?

Mumcentreplus Thu 04-Mar-10 22:40:48

hahah..not where I come from..cakey

cakeywakey Thu 04-Mar-10 22:44:22

Are you in Greece then? grin

My PIL live very near to the cemetery where the Kray family are buried. We've even seen people picnicing near the graves hmm when we take the graveyard shortcut into town.

Mumcentreplus Thu 04-Mar-10 22:49:37

I wish! grin...means *taking the piss*..but I'm sure you are correct in the traditional terms..* ahem *

cakeywakey Thu 04-Mar-10 22:52:38

I am a bit of a traditional Laandan gel smile

SirBoobAlot Thu 04-Mar-10 22:56:03

PMSL grin

oldernowiser Thu 04-Mar-10 23:03:06

I just wish that school would give a bit of notice! FFS 'could you please send DC dressed as pirates etc tomorrow' I work full time and commute and can't bloody do it on a day's notice!

kitchensinkdrama Thu 04-Mar-10 23:07:53

Oh dear. Mine insisted on going as Batman. We did however, send him in with an old Batman and Robin book.

scanty Thu 04-Mar-10 23:11:32

ha,ha - we had some Kray brothers today at my ds's school. Does the school start with the letter 'L' by chance.

Jasnam Fri 05-Mar-10 06:23:07

My ds's old school used to turn the whole book day thing into a competition of who had the best costume. Those that turned up in a bought costume were excluded from the competition. It took the fun out of it, and most parents ended up hating it.

Ds's new school has a 'literacy week' with no dressing up - hooray!

emmymama Fri 05-Mar-10 09:04:23

ds went as sonic the hedgehog grin

porcamiseria Fri 05-Mar-10 09:07:34

ha ha ha !!!!! like it, whats next? Fred West? Saddam?

We had a David Beckham, he came with his biography
Not quite as stunning as the Krays

southeastastra Fri 05-Mar-10 09:10:06

i would think the parents had a wicked sense of humour if i were judging them! makes a change grin

runnybottom Fri 05-Mar-10 09:10:13

I'd rather see the kray twins than yet another disney princess.

Where do you get a 60's mod suit for a 5 year old though? Not Tesco anyway....

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 05-Mar-10 17:31:46

If they had had mod suits I would have been more impressed!

Yes, the school starts with 'L'....

BendyBob Fri 05-Mar-10 17:40:43

Weeeel I've had a helluva dreadful time with farkin WBD this year so I think maybe I do understand how this could have come about tbhgrin

onebatmother Fri 05-Mar-10 17:52:51

Other children: Alice in Wonderland, Cat in Hat, Ballerina girl person, White Rabbit etc.

My child: Chris Ryan, ex-SAS officer, now author of children's 'adventure' books: full camo including face paint, night vision goggles, stun gun etc <wince>.

pointydog Fri 05-Mar-10 17:53:32

AFter seeing a variety of film and tv characters, no I am not that shocked. But I agree that bigging up violence and general nastiness would kinda depress me.

3littlefrogs Fri 05-Mar-10 17:55:15

The starwars book was written before the film of the book was made......IIRC.....

Jamieandhismagictorch Fri 05-Mar-10 17:58:34

I was vair vair embarrassed when DS1s "book" character choice was Spongebob, last year.

This year he made up for it by choosing Oliver Twist

< smug >

lucybarnes Fri 05-Mar-10 18:03:20

Message withdrawn

101damnations Fri 05-Mar-10 21:56:28

This made me laugh out loud.We've got WBD next week and dd1 wants to go as a horse!Or spiderman.

butadream Fri 05-Mar-10 22:01:15

hmm at Kray twins but I would not hmm at generic gangster costume, lots of books about gangsters. WBD at our school today resulted in lots and lots of Disney princesses, a few Spidermans and Supermans and Ben 10 characters, a few Worst Witches, a few Peter Pan characters etc.

If it's of interest to anyone, Asda has a sale on costumes at the moment, you can get Mr Men ones for a fiver.

MilkNoSugarPlease Fri 05-Mar-10 22:06:56

At mindees school today there was 84,000 disney princess's, spongebob, minnie mouse and michael jackson!

Oh and many hannah montana's!

Tis not quite the point of WBD

LEMisdiscombobulated Fri 05-Mar-10 22:33:26

it could have been worse, there could have been girls there dressed as Jordan/Katie price

When I went in to have my daughter I was chatting to the midwives at about 3am and they were giggling, me being nosey asked what they were laughing at and they reluctantly told me someone had just had their second baby boy and called him Ronnie and yes the other boy was called Reggie! shock

pointydog Sat 06-Mar-10 12:15:09

A horse, no problem - Black Beauty. Read the book first though.

Buddleja Sat 06-Mar-10 12:26:53

DS1 went as himself hmm he's got on of those stories that has his name in it wink

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