to have NOT tipped the Tesco home delivery man?

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Lycraphobe Sat 23-Jan-10 18:40:59

I just got my first grocery home delivery - from Tesco - and I got the feeling that the delivery man was waiting for a tip. I didn't have any money handy and I wasn't about to start looking for my purse and then sorting out some money in front of him so i didn't give him anything. But it was a bit awkward for a moment or two until he decided to leave. So, is it usual to tip the tesco driver?

juneybean Sat 23-Jan-10 18:41:33

Are we meant to tip?!

MrsBadger Sat 23-Jan-10 18:41:50

I never have and until one notices my 39wk bump and offers to carry the shopping through to the kitchen I never will.

Lycraphobe Sat 23-Jan-10 18:42:11

I don't know..but he seemed to be waiting for a tip.

i didn't know you were supposed to tip them fell slightly blush now. I do my shopping online from time to time and i nver tip. i bet the think i'm a scrooge!

topsi Sat 23-Jan-10 18:43:30

maybe he was waiting for an invite to come in !! wink

ImSoNotTelling Sat 23-Jan-10 18:43:51

I have ocado and have never tipped.

mrsbadger they carry your shopping through to the kitchen maybe they would be worth a try if you have them in your area? they claim to price match tesco on a lot of stuff.

SpringHeeledJack Sat 23-Jan-10 18:43:52

I heard you weren't allowed to tip them

Lycraphobe Sat 23-Jan-10 18:44:36

Maybe he was waiting for something else, but what? I'd signed the paperwork and said thanks.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 23-Jan-10 18:45:39

I used to tip but Sainsbury's driver told me they weren't allowed to accept tips. I offered really amazing Ocado delivery man a tip a while ago and he said he'd rather I emailed and said he'd done a good job than tip him. I did tip the Ocado driver at Christmas as he'd got through snow, etc, to get stuff to me.

I don't think they usually expect tips - they don't hang around long enough to get one if they do!

JaynieB Sat 23-Jan-10 18:45:53

I think this chap is taking the mickey, it would never cross my mind to tip someone for a delivery...

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 23-Jan-10 18:46:00

We use Ocado and I always tip but they do take the stuff into the kitchen.

CaptainUnderpants Sat 23-Jan-10 18:46:06

Blimey - never ever thought about tipping - and to tell you the truth ain't going to start ! grin

Have a Tesco shop online about every other week .

activate Sat 23-Jan-10 18:46:15

You don't tip delivery people unless you live in America

bellavita Sat 23-Jan-10 18:46:20

I have had my shopping delivered for at least 5 years and I have never ever tipped the driver. I have offered them a cup of coffee to have in their van when it has been really horrible weather and a glass of iced squash in summer but that's about it.

satc2bringiton Sat 23-Jan-10 18:46:47

It's never even crossed my mind to tip them blush

Don't worry about it.

BoffinMum Sat 23-Jan-10 18:53:39

I have never tipped in 7 years. I am polite and cheerful and say thank you and so on though.

BTW all of my delivery drivers are happy to carry the stuff through to the kitchen if I ask them. Apparently they are supposed to wait until invited to do so.

LetThereBeRock Sat 23-Jan-10 18:56:10

I tip supermarket delivery drivers, always have and I don't live in America. I don't think it should be expected but I like to do it.

ruhavingalarf Sat 23-Jan-10 18:58:08

I gave the Waitrose men a mince pie when they made it up to our house in the snow and ice before Xmas.
It was 9pm and they'd been out since 8am without a break. I've never seen anyone so grateful, it was lovely.

But I wouldn't normally

BoffinMum Sat 23-Jan-10 19:04:07

I am feeling a bit mean now. But I really hate tipping. It makes me feel pretentious and condescending.

LetThereBeRock Sat 23-Jan-10 19:05:57

Why would it make you feel like that?

BoffinMum Sat 23-Jan-10 19:09:00

As though I am Lady Muck distributing largesse, but also I feel worried I will have guessed the amount wrong and insult someone somehow. It's a social minefield.

onagar Sat 23-Jan-10 19:13:51

I don't know anyone who tips them and I'm pretty sure they don't expect it normally.

juneybean Sat 23-Jan-10 19:14:07

I do tip the takeaway driver though, only to the nearest pound though.

I knohow you feel about tipping Boff - and I definitely don't tip delivery men.

agree with BoffinMum

radstar Sat 23-Jan-10 19:17:26

I would imagine they aren't allowed to receive tips. I used to work for a big shop like this and you weren't even allowed to receive a box of chocolates off customers, nevermind monetary gifts. I bet he was trying it on.

dippywhentired Sat 23-Jan-10 19:18:55

No, never even occurred to me as you pay the delivery charge. Have also done my Granny's shopping online a couple of times with Sainsburys and she said she offered him a tip and he said delivering was his job, so don't think Sainsburys are allowed to accept tips

dilemma456 Sat 23-Jan-10 19:22:13

Message withdrawn

DaftApeth Sat 23-Jan-10 19:43:16

I've never tipped and never felt they were expecting it.

Maybe he was waiting for your plastic bags?

notcitrus Sat 23-Jan-10 19:48:29

They aren't allowed to take tips. They've always happily carried my stuff through to the kitchen for me, too.

megapixels Sat 23-Jan-10 19:55:15

Never even crossed my mind to tip the delivery person. Been shopping online weekly for years now and never done it, and they always bring it into the kitchen. I doubt that many people tip them, this thread is the first I've heard of such a thing.

misssurrey Sat 23-Jan-10 19:57:29

Yes, I tip the Waitrose Deliver driver at Christmas.

fernie3 Sat 23-Jan-10 20:16:29

I never tip! I think I already paid for delivery so Im not going to tip as well. Mine never help with the carrying in - they just dump it in the crate by the front door and wait for me to unload it all (even when hugely pregnant lol)

puddinghead Sat 23-Jan-10 20:18:17

Do you tip the check out person when you do a supermarket shop? Of course not.
What next. There's a delivery charge already, why should you tip? Maybe at Christmas if you're feeling in the mood but that't the limit.
This delivery driver was rude to hang around expectantly.

hf128219 Sat 23-Jan-10 20:18:55

I always give the Ocado man/woman a pound or two.

josiejo79 Sat 23-Jan-10 20:20:48

I used to work for Safeway and staff were not allowed to accept tips. We encouraged staff to ask the customers to write a letter or speak to one of the managers so that they could be entered into the employee of the month drawer. All staff entered got a voucher for £5 and the winner got a £25 voucher too.

I don't ever know how much to tip hairdressers or on the very rare occassion (once in a blue moon) that i go to have a pedicure or manicure how much to tip them either.

I don't tip, and the Tesco man always carries the food to the kitchen. I offered to help, once, and he was quite out out.

gaelicsheep Sat 23-Jan-10 20:25:22

I never tip anyone - sorry. We get ripped off enough as it is. OP, YANBU.

put out, obv

laloue Sat 23-Jan-10 21:29:11

I don't tip (Ocado), but I always offer to help and offer a hot / cold drink. I'm friendly and polite because...the people delivering are PEOPLE!!!!!. Years of delivering wine (no delivery charge) to flash homes to have people, (who're expecting you), ignore the doorbell "because they were eating" or " sat in the garden", made me realise just how inconsiderate many people are. In ten years I received a tip twice, a cup of tea and the offer of a Pimm's (doh!...had to drive) and I never expected any of them. So, YANBU at all and a tip shouldn't be being loitered for...but just the offer of a quick glass or cup of something warms the cockles of the heart of someone stuck in a van all day who, generally, can't leave it as the stock won't be secure.

SherriHewsonsNipple Sat 23-Jan-10 21:30:20

i never tip

scottishmummy Sat 23-Jan-10 21:44:08

good grief i dont tip!does anyone?

moomoomalarky Sat 23-Jan-10 21:46:06

OMG hope we are not meant to tip - I had my first delivery the other day and it never crossed my mind!!

I didn't even tip my hairdresser today as the prices have gone up loads since I last went (something to do with VAT apparently) and I was reeling with the shock about that shock

scottishmummy Sat 23-Jan-10 21:51:09

always tip hairdresser a 10%,tip restaurant

noshouting Sat 23-Jan-10 22:51:29

I always tip them, Sainsburys too, didn't know they were not supposed to accept them.
I live in a top flat with two toddlers and am so grateful not to have to go to the supermarket I would probably marry them if asked grin

maggymay Sun 24-Jan-10 10:18:56

Hubby works for tesco and tips are not expected they can take them if offered as far as he is aware but they shouldnt expect them

MrsL123 Sun 24-Jan-10 10:35:28

What is with this tip culture we live in anyway? I don't get a tip for doing my job! <wishes she did>

I used to tip my hairdresser before she hiked her prices up - now I realise she probably earns more than me, for less hours. I always tip in restaurants because I know the waiting staff are probably on minimum wage no matter how expensive the restaurant is (not that we go to any expensive ones!). But I wouldn't tip unless I've had good service, and would never eat somewhere that added a sneeky 'gratuity charge' to your bill. We went to Frankie and Benny's two weeks ago and our waiter was so friendly, polite and just generally nice that we gave him a £7 tip on a £28 bill (only had a fiver on me, so just added it to the £30 we'd left it on the table for the bill). He actually came outside in the pouring rain as we were getting in our car to say thank you, and seemed genuinely thankful and shocked. Which makes me wonder what he usually gets! It's not like we left him £50! But people like that, I don't mind tipping.

I never tip taxi drivers (they're all loaded!) and as for the xmas tips - never! I'm always skint at xmas without handing out money left right and centre just because people did their jobs for another year. Bah humbug!

BoffinMum Sun 24-Jan-10 11:17:47

I have to say I do get presents from students, and sometimes I have to return them because they're too extravagent. I spoke about this with my boss and we decided that £5-£10 in the form of comestibles or wine or a paperback book was acceptable, whereas more than that could be construed as some sort of bribery.

The best present I got was a lovely thank you card from an entire student cohort thanking me for my lecture series, with things like "Thank you Dr Boff, you've inspired me to go into teaching" and "This was the best module I had this year". I made them put that on my personnel file! grin

roulade Sun 24-Jan-10 11:20:12

I would feel really rude if I didn't tip. I used to work in a hotel and the amount of people that don't tip is amazing ( especially Americans, they very rarely tipped!)

ImSoNotTelling Sun 24-Jan-10 11:38:08

I thought americans were well into tipping?

I hate doing it I feel really uncomfortable, as per boffinmum's post.

Lycraphobe Sun 24-Jan-10 12:04:04

I always tip waiters(unless the service was absolutely awful), taxi drivers (though I resent it because the fares are so expensive anyway) and I tip hairdressers (because I want them to do a decent job next time) and I've had the odd time when i haven't been able to avoid having the hotel porter show me my room and so have had to tip, but until yesterday I never got the feeling that a tip might be due to a supermarket delivery man.

Tesco should have a policy on it to save embarrassment for staff and customers, but they also need to keep the delivery costs low if you have to pay twice for things to be delivered.

Anyway I am glad I am not in a minority on not tipping.

I wouldn't ever tip a supermarket delivery driver, I might offer a hot / cold drink dependant on the weather.
I do tip waiters and taxi drivers (if they're good)

Was in Pizza Express (in Lincoln) once with a friend and the service was terrible. The look on the waiter's face when we didn't add a 'discretionary' tip. But he was awful. It took half an hour from getting our coffees for a drink for my daughter to arrive. She was distraught. Will never go back there.

Wigglesworth Sun 24-Jan-10 12:26:08

I never tip the Tesco delivery man, I already pay a fiver to have it delivered. I tip in a restaurant and our pizza delivery bloke, I think that's it. I don't get a tip for doing my job.

PDR Sun 24-Jan-10 12:40:30

This is quite a strange one....

I have never even thought about tipping the Sainsbury's delivery driver and I get my groceries delivered every week!

I work in a hotel and we get a lot of tips which are then divided equally amoungst the staff, from head chef to maintenance. I do quite well out of this since I only work 2 days a week and noone can be bothered to pro-rata the tips LOL.

How much are you guys tipping the delivery drivers? I always feel very awkward tipping in this country as our smallest note is £5! I have always thought it very rude to give coins and £5 is quite a lot!

Maybe I am being mean since I receive quite a lot of tips myself through the pool at work!

megapixels Sun 24-Jan-10 13:14:21

I only tip taxi drivers if they have to get out to open the boot, if I have the pram or shopping there. If all they have to do is stop at my house, drive to destination and stop again there is no way I think they deserve a tip for it!

SpringHeeledJack Mon 25-Jan-10 10:29:20

Bollox. Have just taken my last ever Tesco's delivery


...I am a habitual tipper but never ever occurred to me to tip the Tesco man! Now I am wondering whether, every time the Tesco man has engaged me in friendly chit chat, he has, in fact, been waiting for a tip

blush I should probably tip him, to avoid social awkwardness.

I'm not keen on awkwardness...

and yet- I can't bring meself to tip someone when have already paid a fiver for the delivery in the first place!


Mumcentreplus Mon 25-Jan-10 10:39:44

I have never tipped delivery weird...I think he was taking liberties

Casserole Mon 25-Jan-10 10:56:07

Are you sure he didn't just want to come in and share your angel delight??? wink

mayorquimby Mon 25-Jan-10 13:32:29

Never tip anyone, then it cuts out this sort of confusion.

Aussieng Mon 25-Jan-10 17:37:36

DH is just finishing up a 3 month contract for Sainsbury as a home grocery delivery driver. They are technically not allowed to accept tips but I know generally do when they are offered especially the small tips offered by older people so as not to offend. DH was offered some tips over the Xmas delivery week but generally has not been tipped and does not expect it. On the other hand he has hated the job - it was a life saver for us over Xmas while he was waiting for his CRB checks to come through to be able to take up another contract but it is back-breaking work (he is now in agony), the shifts are unsociable and driving in the recent weather conditions has been awful. Please be nice to the delivery men (but no need to tip).

shinyrobot Mon 25-Jan-10 19:14:34

I have never tipped our delivery drivers either, never even thought to.

I did give one a cold can of coke from the fridge on a hot day last summer though.

Hulababy Mon 25-Jan-10 19:26:16

I have never tipped the deivery man, nor had any look like they were expecting me too.

mumatsea Mon 25-Jan-10 19:37:18

It has never occurred to me to tip - like many, I have just proffered a mince pie or drink occasionally. So - -we have just had our fortnightly Sainsburys delivery - and it was the man who comes quite regularly - so I asked him. He said they don't expect tips and are not allowed to accept them. Being polite and maybe a mince pie (or seasonal equivalent - my words) is nice 'though. Phew! So all you non-tippers, don't give up on the online experience yet!

You're not meant to tip them.

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Mon 25-Jan-10 19:56:21

I leave something out for the milkman at christmas as well as the bloke that delivers the vegies. I don't tip Ocado, they tend to drop and run. I tip the taxi driver if he drives into the cul de sac where I live and helps me get the bags to the door (I don't like asking but I'm really grateful if they help), I didn't tip the wa*ker taxi driver that couldn't even be bothered to drive down the road on which the cul de sac is on as 'it's a pain for him to turn around' hmm, leaving me to walk down a long road with four heavy bags of groceries, the toss*r! angry

arsenal49 Thu 01-Apr-10 16:04:54

Supermarket delivery drivers are forbidden under terms of their contract of employment from accepting tips, it may be a generous gesture on your part but it could also end up with them losing their jobs over it.

doesntplaywellwithothers Thu 01-Apr-10 17:03:52

Nope...I don't tip them...I actually asked around, and they aren't really supposed to accept tips, so that sorted it for me.

Know it's an old thread, but my DH as an ex delivery driver says if it were discovered that you'd tipped the driver he would be fired.

squimlet Thu 01-Apr-10 18:36:45

I have never tipped, but have offered a drink or a cake/biscuit esp if I have just baked one

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