to think using FRENCH bags for life is poncery?

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SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:06:27

in the Uk natch.

cumbria81 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:06:58

I have a french bag for life blush. but I used to live there and brought it with me. is that ok?

itsmeolord Thu 10-Dec-09 14:07:41

Yes. Poncery. Much like those people I see on the tube with their "Big Brown Bag" or "little Brown Bag" etc etc.

Berrie Thu 10-Dec-09 14:08:45

I've got one that we got while camping in France. A bag is a bag! Snigger!

thelunar66 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:09:02

Oh yes.. totally poncery... but I'd do it anyway (if I actually had a french bag) grin

ClaireDeLoon Thu 10-Dec-09 14:09:29

I have a couple of french bags for life in the back of the car that have sat there since our holiday in Sept blush am a ponce obv blush

I don't use them much though as I get shopping delivered. So I'm an occasional ponce.

MrsBadger Thu 10-Dec-09 14:09:45

oh yes absolutely, we should bin all those ones we had to buy in Fr and buy brand new waitrose ones

er no

AboardtheAxiom Thu 10-Dec-09 14:10:14

this thread title made me chuckle grin

It is a bit 'look at me' isn't it. hmm

ClaireDeLoon Thu 10-Dec-09 14:10:15

lunar66 would you like me to send you one of mine?

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:10:40

its very county imo
just saw someoen in waitrose and i htough oh fgs

thelunar66 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:11:06

You know what Claire? I'm almost tempted by your offer.

SixtyFootDoll Thu 10-Dec-09 14:11:09

I have two french bags for life
as I bought them on holiday to use there, and as they are 'bags for life' brought them back with me to use here.
I also have a Somerfield bag for life so that surelly cancels out any poncery from moi?!

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:11:16

I want one.

What do French bags for life say?

Sac pour la vie?

Can't be doing with those bags for life anyway. My gran had one of those from British Home Stores in the 80s. Grim.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:12:08
ShutUpandDrinkYourMulledWine Thu 10-Dec-09 14:12:11

i have one from when I lived there

but i am a well-known ponce in these parts

Berrie Thu 10-Dec-09 14:12:26

Mmmm, need a bag...Tesco?...Asda? No I must search for the French one so that everyone will look at me. hmm

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:12:32

my mum hasa british museum bag for life

very U3a

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:13:37

Oh it would be in Waitrose.

I love Waitrose. I saw a toothsome pair of women in jodphurs in there on Saturday debating between krug and Dom Perignon.

Jodphur wearers in Waitrose in Cheltenham. How much more middle class smug can you get?

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Thu 10-Dec-09 14:14:42

am clearly a ponce. All my bags for life are from france. Got them on hols and use them for the supermarche here grin

I have a French bag for life. I love poncing around Waitrose with it. hmm

Its a Sherpa bag and says something about "Les montagnes".

Actually its in English one side and French the other so does that make me only haLf a poce. I do always make sure the French side is on display though so everyone notices it and thinks wow!

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:15:55



i bought some savrain with mango on it or somesuch ( for drinky nibbles) and they had champagne on sample

and everyone wore natural fibres

tres bien

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:16:15

It is like ladies of a certain age carrying putting their St Michael purchases into a bottle green Harrods bag for life.

Or, younger women who carry those Big Brown Bag bloomingdales bags. Ooh look at me I have been to New York and am a sophisticate (no you're not, you're carrying your sandwiches in a beige oilcloth bag in Bristol, Carrie Bradshaw you aint).

MrsBadger Thu 10-Dec-09 14:16:32

ok ebay one v poncey

ours our manky plastic ones from Leclerc or similar, nowhere near as poncey as the Waitrose sustainable-hessian sort

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:16:42

tell em
what is wrong with a marks turtle bag?

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:17:26
NorbertDentressAngel Thu 10-Dec-09 14:18:35

MIL has a few as they spend about 3 months of the year in France, Spain, Belgium.

Some of the bags are much nicer than ours though -colourful close-up photos of peppers etc rather than huge crap smug slogans about the fact you're doing your bit for the environment.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:18:38

Lots of women (and how they look so happy with themselves) wearing Joules rugger/polo tops reading ingredients on tianes of smoked salmon.

And there is me with Rice Crispies and Bovril in me trolley (the working classes invade Waitrose)

SixtyFootDoll Thu 10-Dec-09 14:19:43

My fave bag for life is my Boots 'Gorgeous' Cooton one, I really ponce around and flick my hair a lot when I use that one.
And giggle in a girly, flirty way!

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:19:54

Scargot you're mad - you are researching carrier bags on ebay grin

ThumbleBells Thu 10-Dec-09 14:20:13

I use UK Bags for Life in Australia - is that poncery too? (they are mostly from Waitrose)

Ponymum Thu 10-Dec-09 14:20:55

Oh dear, I have a couple and I use them.blush Is that bad? In my defence, you go to a supermarket there and if you have no bag you basically have to carry your groceries to the car piece by piece, so yes, you have to get the bags. What was I to do then? Throw them away? (Hint: I think the clue is in the name.) They were the first bags for life I got, they're good bags, so I keep using them.

Poledra Thu 10-Dec-09 14:21:45

Moi aussi, MrsBadger. Have 3 or 4 placcy LeClerc ones which I had to buy while on camping holiday in France a couple of years ago. Still using them as they are bags for life, see?

A bag is for life, not just for holidays!

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:22:55

i htink the bags do have national boundary limitations

ooh yes we cant have forrin bags ere - theyll be takingall the jobs and im not a racialist but..

Ponders Thu 10-Dec-09 14:23:08

I've got one - it's much prettier than UK ones so I speet on your French poncery, snaily (& your mozzer was a 'amstair)

fiveisanawfullybignumber Thu 10-Dec-09 14:28:06

In all honesty, does it really matter where one's bags are from (and no I don't have any French ones.) I haven't got the time to give myself up to bag for life envy.
Get a grip peoples!wink

OtterInaSkoda Thu 10-Dec-09 14:28:40

We were caught short in France (they don't give bags away any more at the Carrefour and we hadn't brought any from the UK - would using Morrisons bags in France be poncery? grin )
so now we have some rather poncetastic Carrefour ones and use them here. At Morrisons. I do feel a bit wankerish but try not to over-analyse grin

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:28:40

no we need to rant

BonjourIvressedeNoel Thu 10-Dec-09 14:30:23

but my french bags for life are so pretty!

Botbot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:31:44

I've got an Italian one, because I am an immense ponce.

Tinuviel Thu 10-Dec-09 14:32:57

YABVU. Lots of French supermarkets don't give you free bags anymore. So we had to buy them when we were on holiday! Therefore as they are still usable, we still use them.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:33:49

oh Italiano

<Gavins mum emoticon>

nowbringussomeJammypudding Thu 10-Dec-09 14:37:01

We have French bags for life. Bought them in France, while on holiday (self catering) and brought them home. Use them loads. Nice size, nice design, wouldn't want to waste them now we have them. What's not to like?

Pineapplechunks Thu 10-Dec-09 14:37:04

Is it OK if I use my French Netto bag over here? Will that lower the level of poncification down to an acceptable degree? grin

dexter73 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:38:21

Is it poncery when I go to France and use my English ones there?

Nowtheres4 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:39:10

Is it a bit like the teenage girls who carry thier books/pe kit to school in abercrombie/jane norman/prada carrier bags?

yes truly, dropped ds1 at school this morning (yr 8 secondary school) and i saw a girl with a jimmy choo carrier bag with her pe kit poking out of the top! biscuit

french supermarket carrier bag not quite so poncey as jimmy choo for school?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:39:35

Where's Anna?

We need to find out what happens re bags for life in the 8th arrondissement grin

(apols to Anna - that's probably the wrong arrondissement and is some piss poor borough of Paris)

Buda Thu 10-Dec-09 14:40:22

I use Irish ones. In Hungary.

Is that poncy?

Neither country could be thought to be an aspirational holiday choice I wouldn't have thought.

dexter73 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:43:37

I have bag snobbery issues with my dd! She had to take an oven dish to school on Tues for cookery and I had put it in a Sainsbo's bag. Cue much OMG!!! from dd - " Can you get a Jack Wills bag instead?"hmm

My dad uses french bags for life to do the weekly shop. The ones he has got are more like ikea bag material. They are bigger than most shopping bags so he only needs 2/3 to fit all the shopping in.

Is it poncey that i sometimes use my red sparkly harrods bag i got the other week? I normally just use it as a changing bag to hang on the pushchair? I had to think twice before buying it, i only normally see old ladies carrying harrods bags (im 21).

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:48:53

Oh God Jack Wills bags obsessions. Anyone with a teenage dd will know the pain.

I used one of her precious pink and blue stripey bags once to put some towels in - it is probably the worst thing I have ever done to her hmm

That and All Saints and French Connection bags. Those of the PE kit bags of choice for dd's age group.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 14:49:54

I once put her PE kit in a brown paper Primark carrier bag. She gave me The Look (oh how I laughed).

potplant Thu 10-Dec-09 14:54:24

I've got a blue one with a big fish on it bought whilst on holiday in France (to carry the shopping in as they didn't have normal bags). I have used it over here as well, cos its nice and its for life.

Oh and OttersMum - it doesn't matter where you take your Morrisons bag they are never going to be poncey.

GerbilMeasles Thu 10-Dec-09 15:11:51

OK, I use mine, so you've got me bang to rights. Is it OK if I use them in really, really common shops though, where most of the customers can't read and therefore won't know that all the writing is in a different language? (Slopes off to see if there's actually any french writing at all on old bags, in which case I'm probably OK to use them without ponciness).

ABetaDad Thu 10-Dec-09 15:22:30

What, pray tell is a FRENCH BAG?

Is it like an English bag with a bit more style and an ever so slightly insoucient attitude?

SantaClausImWorthIt Thu 10-Dec-09 15:26:52

I have a French one and an Australian one that I use. Double poncery, dontcha think?!

ABetaDad Thu 10-Dec-09 15:27:17

I bought some Jack Wills clothes recently. I am 47 and didn't know they were for teenagers. blush

Nice bags though. smile

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:28:48

you see this is how brands get the CLarkson effect

the rot is setting in

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:29:03

lol @gerbil

VirginMaryWearsPrimark Thu 10-Dec-09 15:31:34

Big Brown Bags are just tat and verging on chav.

We are in London not new York ffs.

I must admit I look after my british museum ones, and my one from the pompidou.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:32:37

arf now is a french museum bag for life the ULTIMATE in poncery
Maybe htis summer we need a bag for life abroad photo comp?

gagamama Thu 10-Dec-09 15:33:25

My absolute pet hate is people using those cardboard carrier bags from posh shops to carry their wordly belongings, it just screams 'I once went to a posh shop and bought an actual thing, look, LOOK!' - even if they're completely battered and torn and therefore suggesting that visiting the shop is not a frequent occurance. In the last week I have witnessed a woman transporting an APPLE in a large Selfridges bag, and only this morning, a woman who was carrying a Molton Brown bag for the sole purpose of stashing her scarf. And those bloody ugly, impractical, ugly, show-offy, ugly, ridiculous, did I mention UGLY, Macy's brown bags. Argh.

VirginMaryWearsPrimark Thu 10-Dec-09 15:35:05

(feels like she's being stalked)

IwishIwasmoreorganised Thu 10-Dec-09 15:37:08

I take my french bags for life (that we brought home from our holiday) into Home Bargains - talk about giving mixed messages!!!

santaschristmascakeywakey Thu 10-Dec-09 15:38:08

Crikey! I'd sooo forgotten about PE must-have-the-right-shopping-bag angst. I almost wore out the one River Island bag that we had in our house grin

I have a heavyweight Bloomingdales medium brown bag that I love and bought specifically to nark people off wink

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:38:39

benetton was de riguer in the late 80s

MrsBadger Thu 10-Dec-09 15:41:00

oh yes I can just see myself covertly photographing Tesco and Waitrose bags-for-life in the LeClerc at Sables d'Olonne and seeing how many turn out to be Mners

I will be carrying an MN lentil weaver one and a screaming baby

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:41:31

no no
YOU need to get a lelerc one and photo yourslef with it

JaMmRocks Thu 10-Dec-09 15:41:40

I had a french bag for life, from holidays. It has broken though. I also have a Coles one from Australia. If it holds stuff, I use it

cakewench Thu 10-Dec-09 15:42:53

how about German? or Dutch? (tbf most people will think the Dutch is German anyway.) grin

Most of my bags for life are from those countries, as we lived there for several years and, as many people have pointed out, it's near impossible to get free carrier bags in European markets.

As someone who never, ever thinks about what other people might think about her carrier bags, this thread is starting to make me paranoid!

TheChewyToffeeMum Thu 10-Dec-09 15:43:19

I was told by an Asda checkout lady I would have bad luck for using my Tesco bag for life with a Christmas tree on it in February - I didn't have the heart to tell her it was 2 years old and I had been using it year-round since I got it. I do prefer my fetching butterfly pattern one from Paperchase though. blush

MrsBadger Thu 10-Dec-09 15:44:10

oh I see

like the 'who was reading Just17 in the most exotic place?' competition

OtterInaSkoda Thu 10-Dec-09 15:44:36

I send ds to school with selected carrier bags (not the Frensh ones - they're too big) for his swimming kit. I am a total wanker and possibly beyond help. blush

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 15:45:42


now am all envy

dexter73 Thu 10-Dec-09 15:46:27

My dd is currently sporting an Abercombie & Fitch bag which is ok with me as it has naked mens (or boys?!) chests on it! grin

SplitPea Thu 10-Dec-09 15:49:31

Eeeep! I have French supermarket bags. I bought them there a couple of years ago and they are brilliant! So much stronger than UK bags. I've got an Aga one too. Very poncey! grin

I must admit that I do have a bit of a carrier bag fetish blush I can't afford a proper bag habit so I have a carrier bag fetish instead. What a saddo grin

StrictlyKatty Thu 10-Dec-09 15:50:29

I use only German bag for life bags as we lived there for 2 years and bought them back and don't want to buy others when these are still good.

German things last forever so I'll be using my 'Rewe' bags when I'm 90 no doubt grin

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 15:51:08

Oh yes imported Abercrombie bag from California was the number 1 carrier bag in this house pre UK having Abercombie.

Yes, my PE bag was a River Island one with pre-raphaelite paiting on it. I loved my carrier bag.

Abetadad - jack Wills is for aspirational teens. All the Cheltenham College pupils have Jack Wills clothes and Diana Vickers hair. My dd would be aghast at the fact a 47 year old man would wear jack Wills (sorry).

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 15:52:18

We still need Anna's view of carrier bags de Paris.

MrsBadger Thu 10-Dec-09 15:55:17

my money is on string bags to be filled with authentic artisanal produce from local markets and bijou delis, not branded plastic hypermarché sacs-pour-vie

shockers Thu 10-Dec-09 15:57:41

French supermarkets don't have any carrier bags so you have to buy bags for life there if you've forgotten to take one. Do you expect people to throw them away when they come back?
Life's too short to examine each bag I pull out for 'ponceyness'.
Just off to the Co-op with my turtle bag... I read somewhere on the thread that you approve so that's ok hmm

dilbertina Thu 10-Dec-09 15:58:51

How come everyone seems to have French carrier bags, and I don't?

And I live in France.

Is there a French mumsnet? Are my Tesco & Asda bags being discussed?

dilbertina Thu 10-Dec-09 16:00:31

Oh, and loads of locals around here use snazzy coloured modern granny shopper bags with wheels...

Poledra Thu 10-Dec-09 16:01:04

Yeah, but the minute you put something heavy in a string bag (some spuds, for example) the bugger stretches to such an extent that it is practically dragging on the ground, and also makes like a cat and tries to wrap around your ankles. No - I'll stick with my poncy LeClerc placcy bags, thank you very much.

ABetaDad Thu 10-Dec-09 16:12:01

GetOrfMoiLand - frighteningly I did buy them in Cheltenham. blush

Tell your daughter they are the sort of clothes a 47 yr old bloke buys (with his 45 yr old DW's encouragement) because he thinks they make him look cool. That should put her off! grin

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Dec-09 16:13:57

Abetadad - I could kiss you. Hopefully that will work and then I can avoid the whole cajoleing 'please buy me these £100 jeans and £15 knickers mummy' and i can kit her out in Top Shop gear instead <hopeful>

TheGoatofChristmasPast Thu 10-Dec-09 16:15:36

i do this, french bags for life are so much nicer. i do cancel it out with my aldi bag.

Poncey as all hell, but I did it anyway! We got 2 of them from Carrefour, quite deliberately, cos they look much more interesting. It makes a change from deliberately using the Tesco ones in Sainsburys and the Sainsburys ones in Tesco which I used to do to make sure they didn't start feeling they owned my soul...

midnightexpress Thu 10-Dec-09 16:30:23

They're probably all made in China anyway and shipped here at vast cost to our carbon footprints.

I wonder if there is a french equivalent where 'snail' is busy berating her fellow mesdames for their poncy use of a tesco cath kidston bfl.

SkipToMyLou Thu 10-Dec-09 16:30:37

Oh bloody hell, I do this. I also have a collection of Asda, Tesco and Waitrose bags that go to France with us on holiday, because you can never have too many of the bloody things!

I do like the french bags though...

Elfytigga Thu 10-Dec-09 16:51:21

Our leclerc bag works really well for the big shop so YABU and judgey since we do our big shop at Aldi.


Horton Thu 10-Dec-09 16:51:31

The French Leclerc bags for life are fantastic. Why don't any British supermarkets do similarly good ones? The best bit is whatever it is they make them out of so one little hole doesn't mean the whole thing comes to bits. We've been using ours for the past three or four years in happy poncery. Also the loops inside for standing wine bottles up are really useful.

Milliways Thu 10-Dec-09 16:54:49

Ooh - we have a few French bags that go to Asda each week. They are twice as strong as the UK ones so last longer

I like using any bag other than Asda bags in Asda (theirs are the flimsiest)

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 16:58:31

get orf
was it your dd haveing school issues or was it mascaraohara?

tws someoen in "midlands " (arf)

CommonNortherner Thu 10-Dec-09 17:35:46

I got some in the US... I suspect that not poncy at all especially as one is from K-mart

mamasmissionimpossible Thu 10-Dec-09 17:50:24

my mother gave me a couple of french bag for lifes and I used them. Didn't even think I looked poncey blush Too late now, they've broken and I won't be replacing them!

hohoholepew Thu 10-Dec-09 17:52:17

I use ones I got in NYC.
I'm not a ponce, just well travelled [flicks hair]

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 17:58:45

I have lots of French bags for life. And Swiss ones, are they extra poncy? Globus and Manor ones are coveted in our house.

I have also just bought the ultimate ponce shopping accessory a reisenthel carrycruiser

AliBellandthe40jingles Thu 10-Dec-09 18:12:46

My future SIL carries about a 'little brown bag' as well as her handbag, but then she does think she is a WAG - my DB has made a bad choice I fear!

I love bags for life - I have a hessian Waitrose one which I bought at their food festival in the summer. It has special pockets inside to put eggs and things in so that they don't get squashed. If that makes me a ponce then I don't care!

LynetteScavo Thu 10-Dec-09 18:13:45

I would like to defend my Big Brown Bag. Tis no where near chavvy - thankyou!

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:18:45

LOL at DD's school all the children in maternelle have drawn a picture of themselves with their name underneath and polypropylene bags for life have been printed with all the picture and the name of the school (French name followed by Paris) as a Christmas gift (funds raised are for a school in Africa).

Given the population of this school the bags are currently winging their way through the postal systems of the world shortly to be opened by Grannies, Aunties and Cousins across the globe grin and paraded on the shopping streets of dozens of countries...

I think this probably outponces ponciness... grin

Flightattendant Thu 10-Dec-09 18:22:13

I've got a german one my sister chucked out and I nicked. Sadly it's less sturdy than the English ones but I still prefer it as the design is much more tasteful than some crappy hearts or ladybirds.

The monsoon ones are nice though.

Flightattendant Thu 10-Dec-09 18:23:46

That thing is like the Stokke Xplory of Shollies.

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:24:07

GetOrfMoiLand - in Paris people use shopping trolleys which imply that you (a) shop on foot (b) don't go to the street markets, both of which are très chic smile. So I don't actually own bags for life, or have any need for them, as no grocery shopping goes on by car in this household!

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:24:13

ahah! Anna you win!

Flightattendant Thu 10-Dec-09 18:24:26

a mme lindt btw grin

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 18:24:39

Anna wins the poncey competition.

<wonders where to get bags with photos printed>

My mum would love one of those.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:24:46

to NOT go to street markets is chic?
i cant keep up with the rules in paris

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:25:26

That was a mistake - I meant to write don't go to supermarkets but to street markets!

bibbitybobbitysantahat Thu 10-Dec-09 18:25:37

Nowhere near as poncey as only eating home baked biscuits grin.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:26:57

grr wink

is there a book i can buy somwhere anna?
"rules de paris"

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:26:57

No not photos, they are little self-portraits (?) by the children...

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:27:55

they are etchings
not as mundane as photos

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 18:28:46

Oh, I beg your pardon.

Of course. Little works of art.

Shopping bags today, tomorrow the Louvre

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:30:28

Why would you need a book when you have moi at the touch of a keystroke? grin. In a state of permanent update, too!

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:32:03

One Ecole Active Bilingue Paris bag for life 2009/10 going to the highest MN bidder - proceeds to a school in Kenya!

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:33:02

but does someone tell you anna or are you like this all the time

ooh lala

Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:35:44

Of course no-one tells me! I love scrutinising people, and I have lots of like-minded friends. DP is a great sounding board, too!

I did actually earn my living doing this sort of thing once upon a time...

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:36:16

what as a cool hunter
were you?


Bonsoir Thu 10-Dec-09 18:39:04

I worked in business academia, on lifestyle marketing - basically telling lots of boring head-in-Excel senior executives what were the über-trends in high-end markets that would soon be filtering down into their more mass market environments...

wildfig Thu 10-Dec-09 18:41:43

we have four HUGE bags for life from Auchan - they're massive and much more sturdy than anything you get here. Perfect for a damp load of laundry, moving house, games kit, dirty wellies. All they say about us is that we're the sort of saddo booze'n'cheese shoppers who buy in bulk.

My DP do like to make sure I get a Booths grocery bag when I need one at home, though. They might not have Waitrose up there, but they do have quality supermarkets.

SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 18:42:08

lol once in booths they had an aisle marked " forrin foods"

TinselInYourBum Thu 10-Dec-09 18:44:15

M&S is the epitome of posh where I live. The nearest one is about 60 miles away. You would not believe the amount of ponces that go to the local supermarket (Tesco, Dunnes or Lidl) with poncey M&S bags.

poinsettydawg Thu 10-Dec-09 18:52:13

Yes it is poncy. I did this for quite a while because we brought big, top quality super-u bags back from france.

I stopped using them after a few montsh because I realised the ponce levels were dangerously high.

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 19:16:11

There are levels of ponce though. I would say the Carrefour and Auchan ones are poncier than the SuperU ones.

Oui, les cartes de vie est poncetastique!

grenadine Thu 10-Dec-09 19:23:43

I ended up buying a couple of french ones in the Alps and yes I do use them in Waitrose grin and Sainsburys for that matter.

One is Sherpa the other is 8 a 8.

I don't think I use them for poncey reasons but I suppose I enjoy thinking back to my holiday when I use them.

morningpaper Thu 10-Dec-09 19:24:39

My local baker makes their own which declare: FOLLOW YOUR NOSE TO BARRY THE BAKER'S

they are Brown with a Beige trim which sums up my life TBH

yes, it's not a map, is it ?

<<gets coat, brushes up on schoolgirl French>>

Prinnie Thu 10-Dec-09 19:26:29

OMG this thread!

It is poncey if: you use it on purpose and bought it specially to use in the UK.

It is NOT poncey if: you went on a SC holiday to France and so as not to waste them you use them over here. I fit in to this camp so opener YABVVVU!

justaboutisfatandtired Thu 10-Dec-09 19:27:03

I am not contributing to this thread because if I do I will have to admit that I am not averse to grabbing the not-for-life-ones and then using them to put rubbish in


MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 19:30:32

I was wondering about le cartes. Thought my French was so bad. Le (la?)sac is a bag, not sure if the bag for life have a different name.

Hassled Thu 10-Dec-09 19:32:00


How come the OP made a clear reference to "drinky nibbles" along the way, and yet still no one has mentioned pots and kettles? How? How? wink

Elfytigga Thu 10-Dec-09 20:13:45

Horton ours doesn't have loops for wine bottles


midnightexpress Thu 10-Dec-09 20:15:48

Oh Justa please don't consider yourself a failure on that account. Hell, I put one IN THE BIN today. Just like that.

<picks up flail>

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 20:20:09

I will send you a poncy French one if you would like to redeem yourself

justaboutisfatandtired Thu 10-Dec-09 20:24:11

Ooh Mme Lindt


I am v v tempted

Do you live in France then or do you keep a special supply?

I thought it might be "la sac de vie" in French but then I thought that sounded uncomfortably similar to scrotal sac

(OK that was just me)

MmeLindt Thu 10-Dec-09 20:26:04

I am just over the border in Switzerland but shop over in France and always forget to take bags with me. I have DOZENS of the buggers.

Am going to the post office tomorrow to post loads of other stuff so if you want one CAT me

My sister sent me a bag by one of her artists..

It has "I Shoplift... therefore I Am" on the side of it...

I use it for DS library books.. too scared to use it in real shops... grin

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 11-Dec-09 09:00:36

Oh lol at Anna - I knew your would trump us all on carrier bag chic grin

Yes OP I distinclty remember a reference to drinks and nibbles at Waitrose Studio so I certainly think you commit poncedom crimes yourself!

hatwoman Fri 11-Dec-09 09:13:12

i was in john lewis yesterday - they were selling those light-weight cloth bags that fold up and keep in your hand bag (which I think are brilliant - I have two of them) - but the ones in JL were by some poncey hand-bag deisgner and they were £20 shock. I despair. a bit like the paper-weight I saw advertised made from "sustainable" wood. wouldn't it be much more sustainable just to not bother with the paper-weight at all. which is, after all, completely pointless

StAnne Fri 11-Dec-09 09:38:53

This is an odd thread. Since I was little I have loved having shopping bags from the countries I've visited it reminds me of my hols and I have never thought that anyone would think very scruffy me as poncy. I had a paper bag in 1983 from Japan I just loved it and used it until it fell apart. I now think I was ahead of my time reusing old bags. At the mo I love my Corte Ingles bag how common is that.

JeffVadar Fri 11-Dec-09 10:08:10

Anya Hindmarch did a reusable shopping bag for Sainsburys a couple of years ago, and there was blood on the floor as people fought over them, I seem to remember; and they were appearing on ebay for riciculous amounts of money.

I do love my Casino bags though; they are huge, very tough and have nice woven handles.

Bonsoir Fri 11-Dec-09 10:14:41

Don't you think Anya Hindmarch for Sainsbury's is a bit obvious though?

There is something delightfully discreet about the showing off of foreign supermarket bags smile. It could almost pass off as unconscious wink.

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 11-Dec-09 10:19:28

However Anna I really don't think you would consioder it chic to use foreign carrier bags in Paris (i.e. Morrisons or Somerfield).

Common consensu is there is a league table of supermarkets in the UK:


What's the French equiv? Where would Casino bbe for instance?

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 11-Dec-09 10:20:29

I remember that madness re Anya Hindmarch machine. nearly as mad as the stampede and injuirys when Primark opened on Oxford Street.

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 11-Dec-09 10:21:11

What's an Anya Hindmarch machine fgs? I meant bag obv.

Bonsoir Fri 11-Dec-09 10:23:39

No of course not - because there is nothing to show off about when you live in the nicer parts of Paris about having visited a town in England with a Somerfield's or a Morrison's, is there?

All these things are dependent on where you live, where you have been and what is acceptable (like I said, supermarket carrier bags are not chic, wherever they hail from, where I live - but shopping trolleys are). I'm quite partial to a few Waitrose branded packets in my kitchen cupboards wink.

I've no idea who would find a Casino bag chic, but doubtless someone somewhere would!

Bonsoir Fri 11-Dec-09 10:25:34

Oh, I missed your point.

Supermarkets/hypermarkets are not nearly as socially segmented here in France as they are in the UK.

Monoprix is the chicest supermarket (town centres) but it is nothing like Waitrose - the range of quality and price points is much broader.

JeffVadar Fri 11-Dec-09 10:29:12

Don't care how chic Casino is, I've had their bags 3 years now, and they're still going strong.

I even gave birth to DS in one in't middle o't motorway.

JeffVadar Fri 11-Dec-09 10:29:31

I made up that last bit.

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 11-Dec-09 10:32:58

Lol - you must have thought I asked you which were the chicest supermarket carrier bags!

Love the fact (and also exasperated by tbh) the fact that the UK has such an entrenched class system that it also applies to supermarkets.

I am considered a hideous snob in my household because I ignore the Morrisons and Asda a mile away from my house, and go to a Sainsbos and Waitrise miles away.

Bonsoir Fri 11-Dec-09 10:36:31

In the UK social segmentatation ("class divisions") are highly visible everywhere - supermarkets, schools, type of house etc.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't class divisions in other countries - in France there are plenty of them, they just manifest themselves differently. I suspect that the reason that the supermarkets haven't differentiated themselves so much here is that the domestic service economy is still alive and well, and that the equivalent of your average Waitrose customer in the UK gets her maid to do the shopping.

JeffVadar Fri 11-Dec-09 10:47:06

I just got a bit upset that someone might be dissing Casino sad. Where we holiday in Brittany it is the nearest supermarket, so that's where we go.

I still think it knocks spots of British supermarkets, especially in the range of fresh produce; you can buy three different types of white fleshed peach and it has special misters to keep the lettuces just right (sighs nostalgically).

Poppity Fri 11-Dec-09 10:56:47

I have some Japanese ones, they are wovengrin

Poppity Fri 11-Dec-09 10:57:19

and pink, surely I am a superior ponce?

OtterInaSkoda Fri 11-Dec-09 11:16:01

That is quite Poncey, Poppity grin

FWIW I think any supermarket with a "Taste the Finest Best Difference" range is common, and that includes Morrisons (although I love Morrisons). It implies that the rest of their stuff is crap.

Waitrose is clearly the poshest of the widespread supers though, granted.

I don't think Le Mutant do carriers. I would like one muchly grin

StAnne Fri 11-Dec-09 11:16:44

Poppity Yes I love Japanese bits and pieces

charlotteolivia Fri 11-Dec-09 11:47:32

I saw a very sloaney middle aged woman on the district line the other day with a hessian typr bag that was advertising a butchers! had a cow stiched on!!

comfortablynumb Fri 11-Dec-09 17:45:36

Xenophobic if not unreasonable. Had you looked closely you might have noticed how they are roomy, well-built and with essential little loops for holding bottles of wine. They are also incredibly cheap in the supermarkets - mere euro cents instead of the pounds supermarkets charge over here. Inverted snobbery anyone ?

Riponite Sat 12-Dec-09 20:29:07

When my American mother-in-law comes over here (often) she loads up with Sainsburys bags for life and takes them back to give to her friends who are all wild about the sophistication and take them to the farmers' market. She must have exported about fifty by now.

echt Sun 13-Dec-09 02:46:38

Our DD is mortified when we use the M&S, Sainsbury's bags for life, but hasn't cottoned on to Pam from NZ; we're in Oz.

dilbertina Sun 13-Dec-09 06:13:03

So, can I get away with just getting everyone French bags for Christmas? [hopeful emoticon)

ninedragons Sun 13-Dec-09 06:26:07

I have Lao bags for life. They're the ultimate in backpacker ponce.

fairylightsgliMMErontheLINDTen Sun 13-Dec-09 09:41:58

In the interest of research a tidy cellar, I dragged all my bags out yesterday and folded them. I can report that the best ones are the Carrefour ones, they fold easily without much swearing. The Champion ones are ok but require an Origami course, and the ones from Attac get balled up in a fit of rage and thrown in the corner.

Will send you one of the nice Carrefour ones on Monday.

willow Thu 17-Dec-09 12:29:15

I mix and match my Corsica bags for life with my Asda ones. Glamsual, that's me.

willow Thu 17-Dec-09 12:30:58

Fwiw, the Corsica ones are far better quality. Can shift tons in them without losing feeling in fingers. Hence fact they are still with me - eighteen months later.

FolornHope Thu 17-Dec-09 12:31:42

lol iu thoguht of this thread the other day as i found a noN brand centre parcs one

corriefan Thu 17-Dec-09 12:44:51

I've got a french on from PROXI (?) from our hols 2 years ago. It says "Proche de la vie et complice de la nature" on it. I've kept it and always use it with other British bags for life. It sounds daft but I like using it it reminds me a little bit of times I've spent in France and it's a bit different. It has never occured to me it was a 'thing' people do or a class type thing to be judged by, how odd!

MrsBadger Thu 17-Dec-09 13:01:08

I thougth of this thread today in Tesco

spotted 8 international bag-for-life ponces, mostly Fr, including me grin

sparechange Thu 17-Dec-09 13:17:39

I use carrefour ones blush
We got them a few years ago and I haven't really seen the point in throwing them out
I wonder if UK supermarkets will replace them? Waitrose replaced a tatty old Sainsburys one for me...

5Foot5 Thu 17-Dec-09 13:29:15

I can understand why someone might want to keep using the bag that reminds them of their holidays.

We went to the Isles of Scilly this year and I saw someone with a "Scilly Old Bag" and I would have loved one of those but unfortunately never managed to find one while I was there. If I had I would definitely be using that for the shopping.

corriefan Thu 17-Dec-09 13:39:49

Ooh I love the Scillies! Spent every summer there as a kid and went again more recently and it still has its magic! Not the Scillonian though, could do without that! Sorry off topic!

BeingSoFullofFestiveCheer Thu 17-Dec-09 13:43:33

I've got two French bags for life, which I have used every week for SEVEN years and are only just showing signs of being on the way out.

Tesco Sacs de vie last an average of two months.

That's why I use mine. And i don't care if you think its poncey, so there <sticks tongue out emoticon.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 17-Dec-09 14:05:49

Is anyone else playing forrin bag for life bingo whilst Christmas shopping?

Saw some lovely ones in Waitroe yesterday - one a carrier bag from the Musée d'orsay. Poncerama.

willow Sun 20-Dec-09 21:37:43

Am loving my Bryer stores one, right now.

nighbynight Sun 20-Dec-09 21:52:25

I use french ones (in germany) because they are better than anything else I have found.

they are stylish and made of incredibly strong and long-lasing woven plastic.

Stop being so insular!!

MillyR Sun 20-Dec-09 21:59:06

I have a New York Strand bag for life, and it is in lunatic asylum ticking stripe. It is my favourite bag and I hadn't realised people were judging me on it!

mellifluouscauliflower Sun 20-Dec-09 22:04:41

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.

If you had some Carrefour ones like mine, you'd use them too. They are huge (no nanny state health & safety concerns in France), last forever and are in bright colours / nice designs.

Anyone who goes on a £5 booze cruise can get them. It's not exactly exclusive club..

Meglet Sun 20-Dec-09 22:06:52

I haven't noticed shoppers with foreign bags for life, I will have to keep my eyes peeled this week.

I have the M&S turtle ones (pink and green) and just got fabric ones from the dc's nursery with their hand / foot prints all over them. Everyone in my family is getting them for xmas whether they like them or not grin.

meaningofnight Mon 21-Dec-09 10:20:50

Guilty of the bag thing! I have French bags brought back from the South of France where we have our second home. And I always use them in Waitrose in Islington. How poncey is that?

tallulahbelly Mon 21-Dec-09 16:03:42

I worked with Englishman who had a 'nucleaire non merci' sticker on his Morris Traveller.

I haven't seen him for 25 years but he's the sort of insufferable ponce to have a French bag for life now.

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 16:04:37

oh yes and the german Umwelt ones

FlumpetMum Mon 21-Dec-09 17:38:10

I work in Waitrose & it is FULL of ponce. On saturday after the 8 inches of snow, when no lorries could get to us, "Oh My God, do you know you are out of organic houmous?" "Sorry madam I will flog myself now" FFS

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 17:40:26

omg you need tyour OWN thread
" from the back rooms of waitrose
Please start it now

noddyholder Mon 21-Dec-09 17:41:22

A modicum of poncery gets me through the day sometimes

FlumpetMum Wed 23-Dec-09 15:46:23

I shall start a Waitrose thread! I am off there in a minute for the Christmas eve eve shift on the deli. "No sundried tomatoes? Oh my Christmas is ruined"

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