to to be pissed off with my xmas pressie from MIL

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crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:30:49

for my birthday my MIL asked me if i would like money or a present for my birthday and me knowing how much i hate recieving presents cause i am so fussy with everything asked for the money and explained i would enjoy picking something myself, she decided to get me a present anyway of which she chose a tracksuit, i never wear tracksuits and dont even own trainers, the tracksuit was also 2 sizes to big, she then got the hump when i asked for the reciept to change the size not the gift!!

now we have secret santa in our family and she has got me and has showed me the present she has got me and its a really taky bag (that i doubt she would use herself)which i will never use, this may be the only present i recieve this year as me and my partener are not buying for eachother as money is tight

i might sound very ungrateful but i feel there has been no thought put into either of the presents she has chosen me and she bought her other DIL a very lovely present

random Wed 02-Dec-09 19:31:58

Don't be so ungrateful ..

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:36:04

i know i am being ungrateful but i just dont know where she got these ideas from for these presents, i feel awful now i knew i was ungrateful

TheFallenMadonna Wed 02-Dec-09 19:36:21

For my birthday last year my MIL gave me a packet of paper napkins. And the year before for Christmas I got a plastic microwave omelette maker.

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:38:32

lol well i suppose im not that unlucky then, i think i would have prefered the omlette maker though

hohoholepew Wed 02-Dec-09 19:39:05

For my 30th my MIL got me a verrucca sock, just the one. I smiled and said thanks. Then binned it.

DizzyIzzyLizzy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:44:55

TheFallenMadonna do we have the same MIL?? Last christmas I had a set of plastic microwave saucepans grin

diddl Wed 02-Dec-09 19:45:15

I think YANBU to be hmm that she offered money & then bought a tracksuit.

I wouldn´t have a clue what to buy my MIL, nor she me!

Good job we only do cards!

maybe she doesn't like you, sounds very passive aggressive

JaynieB Wed 02-Dec-09 19:48:11

Those presents are pretty awful! The verucca sock takes the biscuit though - can you get your own back? Buy her something equally dodgy perhaps...? A negligee two sizes too small...

Jofins Wed 02-Dec-09 19:49:26

YANBU, my MIL went through a phase of buying presents that involved water and electricity.

They do it on purpose.

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:50:11

i think she doesnt like me i think thats the upsetting thing as she did offer me money and i mentally spent it on a jumper i loved! she also phoned me and asked what to get my other half *her son* as his dad has him in this secret santa. why not phone my other half and ask him if she wanted to pick something. oh well her money wasted

Tizzyjacko Wed 02-Dec-09 19:51:05

My MIL once gave me 2 coathangers but the worst was a shower cap when I had very short cropped hair

DaftApeth Wed 02-Dec-09 19:52:00

Plan it so you get to buy her present and buy her some haemorrhoid creamgrin

ScaredOfCows Wed 02-Dec-09 19:52:26

A verucca sock .... I assume you actually had a verucca?

FabIsVeryHappy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:52:50


You sound jealous of her other DIL.

How much time do you actually spend with your MIL?

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:53:21

its her birthday soon and she has asked for a professional picture of all her grand children which i was happy to organise until now! even saying we would all need to split the cost of a decent size photo

Georgimama Wed 02-Dec-09 19:53:34

Part of me says don't be ungrateful, but it's the waste that annoys me - my MIL wanted to know what DS could do with for Christmas, I said a coat. She has bought age 4 to 5 because he will "grow into it". He is a 2 and a half and I know one year olds who weigh more than him. Hurrmph.

We can beat all of those crap presents though, last year SIL bought DH (who doesn't cook) a packet of salt. We still don't know why.

Buda Wed 02-Dec-09 19:53:44

You will not outdo WWW (I think) whose MIL bought her X yards of knicker elastic. So don't even try! grin

MIL bought DH a comb one year.

He is bald.

Greensleeves Wed 02-Dec-09 19:54:09

My MIL once gave me two carrier bags full of old slimming magazines

she is like a toothpick with hair and I am.....nothmm

hohoholepew Wed 02-Dec-09 19:55:16

No I didn't have one. I wasn't even going swimming either. She likes to buy me anti-perspirant for christmas.

2ChildrenPlusLA Wed 02-Dec-09 19:55:39

fgs what does it matter. the relationship shouldn't be defined by presents.

biglips Wed 02-Dec-09 19:55:55

YABU hmm....i get £5.00 every year without FAIL off my MIL and i appreciate it too. Appreciate what you got.

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:56:04

much more than her other one i go round ther most days to tak my son to see her and put a lot of effort in with her, i do anything she asks and put myself out alot, im not jealous of her other DIL im jealous of her present!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ScaredOfCows Wed 02-Dec-09 19:57:21

Buda - love the comb for your bald husband!

2ChildrenPlusLA Wed 02-Dec-09 19:58:55

My grandma bought her son (my dad) a bag of tabaco for christmas 6 months after he had given up smoking. She explained as he opened it how she had bought it for him before he had given up.


Well that's alright then.

Thing is, my grandma was lovely, so you should base your relationship on presents.

2ChildrenPlusLA Wed 02-Dec-09 19:59:59


crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:04:47

i know i would never stop talking to her over it or anything its the offering of money and then thinking actually no! she couldnt of seen that tracksuit and thought thats got her name written all over it honestly leggings and pumps is as casual as i go, if i could see where she was coming from with the tracksuit id not say a word, but it just makes the bag worse now aswel

LynetteScavo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:05:55

Why on earth has she shown you your Chirstmas present now???

YANBU - there is no point in knowing you are going to get a gift you don't want, like you say she is wasting her money.

And what has she got her other DIL?

I got a tub of plastic farm animals (DH got plastic dinosaurs) from my MIL... luckily it was in our stocking so I did get a bigger pressie grin

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:13:45

well she isnt getting other DIL as we only buy one present and recieve one present! she bought her other DIL a molten brown gift set for her birthday though

RJRabbit Wed 02-Dec-09 20:15:10

Is it just me with tears streaming down my face with laughter? Some of these gifts are hilarious! There's obviously a lot of passive-aggressive mils out there!

OMG I'm loving the verrucca sock (I'm so sorry) and the comb! Oh the comb....

RJRabbit Wed 02-Dec-09 20:15:55

plastic animals? why?

EdgarAleNPie Wed 02-Dec-09 20:19:07

my Mil once bought a feather duster as a present...

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:19:25

they are funny, but at the time its slightly embarrassing im dreading opening the bag on boxing day infront of everyone, and then she will moan to everyone and anyone that i dont use it

ilovesprouts Wed 02-Dec-09 20:22:58

gosh you lot are so lucky my mil has bought me nothing in the 4 years ive been married to her son .

BAUBLEnod Wed 02-Dec-09 20:24:30

Oh god, I hate opening christmas and birthday presents in front of my MIL. Every year she gets me something hideous and every year I smile sweetly and then take it to the charity shop at the first available opportunity. For my birthday last year when I was pg she bought me a hideous size 14 (I am size 10 and she knows it) pink frilly shirt from mothercare. I have not worn pink or frills since I was about 3 years old. What can you do?! grin

Weegle Wed 02-Dec-09 20:26:28

I think I posted this on a similar thread last Christmas - my MIL (who really is ok most of the time) once gave me a Nail Kit with USED emery boards in it - anyone who knows me knows my nails are short (was work related at time), but still USED emery boards, that's just grim...

BAUBLEnod Wed 02-Dec-09 20:29:35

hahahaha - weegle I think i remember you from that thread last christmas grin

fledtoscotland Wed 02-Dec-09 20:34:20

i too am loving this thread. FIL is very kind to me (MIL died some years ago) and I do all his shopping as he cant get out. Because I don't buy my own present he always gives me a very generous cheque to go shopping with in the sales.

malung Wed 02-Dec-09 20:36:17

Sprouts,I feel for you but honestly, what my MIL buys is not so much a present as an excuse to insult me. Nothing would be a better gift.wink

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:40:03

USED EMERY BOARD!!!! that is grim im glad i put this tread on as i am feeling alot better now, she is a lovely lady, maybe just abit odd i do get mixed feelings from her one minute i feel like her best friend the next i feel she cant stand me, she probably gets the same feelings from me x

redballo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:43:28

My MIL buys me fantastic present, its the ones from my Mother that I cant fathom.

hair gel (I have long hair)
a jumper with satin embellished balls on it.
For years a thimble from every where she went. Why??

IckleJess Wed 02-Dec-09 20:48:52

My sister's MIL bought her a Trinny and Susannah 'What Not To Wear' book and an anti-cellulite brush one Xmas!

My MIL is really good actually which I'm very grateful for.


5Foot5 Wed 02-Dec-09 20:49:39

It's not a very secret Santa is it?

a) You know who is buying for whom

b) She tells you what she has got before Christmas.

delphinedownunder Wed 02-Dec-09 20:50:43

My MIL buys me nothing and nothing for my birthday either. My mother this year had bought my DH a polo shirt (right size, nice colour, completely fine) and some socks. She has bought me a box of soft centre (strawberry cream?!!) choccies that were impounded at customs and opened up for inspection - oh, and this is a joint birthday and Christmas present for me. Clearly I have done something to offend. Do you think I can ask for her rather nice pressie back for myself?!

pollywobblebauble Wed 02-Dec-09 21:03:20

boo to knowing about secret santa in advance....does she know she can wind you up?

my mil once bought me a lovely, correct sized nightie for xmas..thought lovely....then in front of dh she said she liked it so much that she'd bought one for herself .....No! MIL> No!

hohoholepew Wed 02-Dec-09 21:19:00

haha at nighties. MIL bought me a nightie, it was, at least, 15 foot long , with long sleeves and a high ruffle neck. When I opened it she said to DH "Well you won't be wanting her wearing that". With a big smile on her face.

It's like some twisted Greek tragedy.

pollywobblebauble Wed 02-Dec-09 21:26:43

grinhoholepew,good idea,may buy the tale of oedipus for mil!

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Wed 02-Dec-09 21:27:59

My PIL bought DH a car torch two years running. I usually get a calendar.

GrumpyWhenWoken Wed 02-Dec-09 22:03:51

my friends' mil got her a (used and out of date) magazine for her birthday, she wasn't impressed either!

I got a packet of Rizzla's from my xsil one year (I'd given up smoking a while before!) and never smoked rollups anyway!

hormonalmum Wed 02-Dec-09 22:21:30

I usually get asked what I want, then she buys me something else that is not at all what I wanted.
In fact, this happens all the time. I have even tried getting dh to suggest ideas but that get ignored too.
Step mil is fab and we get a cheque to share between us.

Thingiebob Wed 02-Dec-09 22:26:42

hohoholepew - words fail me...

jellybeans Wed 02-Dec-09 22:27:57

lol at some of these. I get either money (exactly half of what DH and kids get) and some other gems have been..

stinky, old granny clothes (polka dot 70s dresses)..from charity shop or tip maybe?

2nd hand or battered gift sets

This is the first year that she has put love from on my card.

jellybeans Wed 02-Dec-09 22:28:19

I had a card made from wallpaper once too.

purpleduckUnderTheMistletoe Wed 02-Dec-09 22:29:38

Buda - I thought of the knicker elastic story too

grin - still makes me larf!!

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 22:48:58

my xmil got me a colouring in book. i forgot about that i really should learn to be grateful x

susiey Wed 02-Dec-09 22:55:09

never again will I complain about mil pressies there are s many mean mil in this world

Upsy1981 Wed 02-Dec-09 22:57:48

This is my first reply on here, I just had to reply to say YANBU-she asked that you wanted and then ignored you! Even if she had bought you something more suitable, it would have still been a bit strange when you had told her you would rather have the money.

Also, just wanted to share my MIL present story. One year, she got me Trinny and Susannah's 'What not to wear' book (like someone else on here-maybe we have the same MIL?!) It's mot even that I watched the series or even like Trinny and Susannah that much. But to make matters worse, the very same year she bought me the '10 Years Younger' book! I was 24 at the time and had no desire to look 14 again!

ConnieComplaint Wed 02-Dec-09 23:14:24

My sister once got a handbag from her MIL, lovingly wrapped, labels and all still on it....... until she realised the label was for a pair of shoes which her MIL had bought in M&S and tied the label onto the bag - and that she had used the bag, had a pen leak all over the inside of it and left 2 fag ends in it!!!

My sis was gobsmacked but said nothing - it wasn't as bad as what she give nephew, a used colouring in book, with 'Micheal, Christmas 1976' written in crayon!!!!!! (this was last year!) shock

herbietea Wed 02-Dec-09 23:25:43

My MIL bought me tarty sexyish underwear one year.

I had given birth to DS2 (3 weeks early) the day before.

Needless to say I never wore it - it went straight in the bin.

Now she gives me money as she says she doesn't know what to get me.

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 23:31:58

at least she doesnt waste her money though envy

AmericanHag Wed 02-Dec-09 23:43:37

Wow! As much as I loathe my MIL, at least she never got me a used coloring book, used handbag, or pack of smokes for Christmas! At least I could trade the pack of smokes for protection. Oh wait, that's in prison...never mind!

I'd say the thing to do with MILs like this is just *try to outdo them* in the ridiculously awful gift department. I don't have any specific suggestions, but get creative!

ItsAllaBitNoisy Wed 02-Dec-09 23:47:21

Lol @ "10 Years Younger" book for a 24 year old!

KittyTN Thu 03-Dec-09 00:00:06

tea towel and cheap hand cream is my MILs worst so far. Rude but lacks the weirdness of a single verruca sock!

differentnameforthis Thu 03-Dec-09 03:24:06

I get a Christmas cake & a calender....

Year after year....

MrsDmamee Thu 03-Dec-09 10:50:50

an ex's mother bought me a *cheapy white plastic toilet brush* for xmas one year and underwear the following year..i dont know which one i was more disgusted with angry

Miggsie Thu 03-Dec-09 10:59:27

I am sure there is a book entitled "presents to insult your in-laws" which some people appear to have and follow.

I often think a gift which is unsuitable is worse than no gift.

lol at these especially:
She has bought me a box of soft centre (strawberry cream?!!) choccies that were impounded at customs and opened up for inspection
and 10 years younger for a 24 year old
and the card made from wallpaper
I am getting a teapot, I hate tea! But that doesn't really compete and my MIL is lovely really.

crumpet Thu 03-Dec-09 11:06:20

I'm expecting my 5th birthday organiser year thing from MIL this year, with pockets to keep the cards in. Given that they are supposed to be everlasting I'm not sure why I get one every year - she's probably determined that one year I'll take them out of the plastic wrapper and use them!

crumpet Thu 03-Dec-09 11:11:07

Ah the knicker elastic thread has already been mentioned - that was v funny

sillyoldfatcatpuss Thu 03-Dec-09 11:24:39

YANBU but you will jsut have to join the rest of us DIL's at the charity shop dropping it all off just after Christmas hmm

sillyoldfatcatpuss Thu 03-Dec-09 11:24:57


Stayingsunnygirl Thu 03-Dec-09 11:47:13

Well - the verruca sock could have been worse - it could have been used too!!

ginormoboobs Thu 03-Dec-09 13:05:38

YANBU Why do people waste their money with this crap.
I was given a pair of socks from MIL a couple of years ago. Knitted trainer socks , bright pink and white. I distinctly remembered her opening those on christmas day the year before because I thought that they were hideous grin. DH was given lots of lovely things. I got a pair of re -gifted socks , yay! grin
She gave me a box of regifted chocolates last year...

PrammyMammy Thu 03-Dec-09 13:06:38

lol my mil gets me pj's from tesco (where she works) every year, they are always size 18, i am a 12 but was smaller a few years ago before the dcs - so the pj's might be bigger this year. Dp wont let me ask for the reciept though so they just stay in the packets. I wore a pair of bottoms when i was pregnant and they fell down on the stairs.

They must have a list somewhere, some of these things are crazy, a verruca sock??

nannynobnobs Thu 03-Dec-09 13:32:37

Wow, I am impressed at the selection here. I've never received anything from my MIL as she lives in another town many miles away and has spent her cash on booze for all of my DH's life.
my step- MIL gets me 'I didn't know what to get' sort of presents such as a manicure set (I had no nails), scented candles, shower gel sets etc. She likes me better than my DH but thats because he has had experience of her control freak ways and now has little time for her, whereas I just nod and smile.

JaynieB Thu 03-Dec-09 22:07:29

Buda - that made me laugh!

Doodleydoo Thu 03-Dec-09 22:52:30

My MIL gives you a present then opens it for you- also does this for dd's presents which kind of pisses me off!

Doodleydoo Thu 03-Dec-09 23:03:27

Also got a tacky clinton's lovely wine glass with the wrong age on it for a significant birthday, when at the same time my bil for his bday (1 week before) got a lovely shirt and jumper. Perhaps I should take the you think I might not be the popular one?

ChickensHaveNoTinsel Thu 03-Dec-09 23:17:46

My aunt recieved a very disturbing gift from her MIL one christmas. Auntie unwrapped a ceramic, powder blue, severed hand, complete with bright red nail varnish, in a 'grasping for your throat' kind of pose. Said hand had a purple ribbon attatched at it's wrist, and small holes at the finger tips. MIL helpfully informed her that it was lavendar filled. Some days later, auntie realised it was the worlds worst pomander.

NancyDrewRocks Fri 04-Dec-09 06:55:48

A verrucca sock ha ha ha ha ha!

What on earth do you say when you open that?!

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Fri 04-Dec-09 08:31:16

oh god this thread is hilarious

a severed handgrin

a fag riddled handbaggrin

who are these women?!?

my FIL gave may then 3 year old DS some size 8 womens hotpants shockI can only guess he thought they were shorts and picked them off the wrong rack.
MY MIL never gives me anything for christmans or birthdays. The only thing she has bought me are clay cooking pots whihc have rounded bottoms and don't sit on the hob proplerly.

BouncingTurtle Fri 04-Dec-09 08:55:36

MIL buys me smellies... which get a profuse thanks and then get recycled through DS's nursery raffle!
I suffer badly from eczema so avoid all smellies. Haven't the heart to tell her not to buy them, because she does put a lot of thought in to buying them, and she is lovely.

Some of these gifts made me laugh.... the plastic animals and dinosaurs - guess that person's MIL has a great sense of humour!

Crazybubba - YANBU to resent the fact that MIL wastes her money on a gift into which she is put zero thought, but you have to suck it up and be the better person - and be grateful.

TootaLaFruit Fri 04-Dec-09 09:04:47

I was given a kid's art-n-crafts card-making kit a few years ago by MIL (this was long before dd or any thought of children so that can't have been her reasoning). It came with feathers, glitter and SAFETY scissors. She gave the same kit to my sil and we just looked at each other, smiled, and have never made a single card between us.

Ungrateful behaviour? Yes, probably. But you should buy a present you know/hope the recipient will like, otherwise it's a waste of money. I, for instance, would not buy MIL a subscription to More magazine.....

alypaly Fri 04-Dec-09 09:07:18

i got some Bronnley from my boyfriends mother.....does this mean i have officially arrived in old age bracket

MamaVoo Fri 04-Dec-09 09:14:43

Great thread! I get the most bizarre assortment of crap from my MIL. I have to try to compose myself as I unwrap so that I don't laugh, but the fact that we open the presents after dinner when I've had too much wine does tend to work against me.

ChickandDuck Fri 04-Dec-09 09:32:46

YANBU, sounds bizarre!

Luckily I skip all this with MIL as she is Johovahs Witness grin

BalloonSlayer Fri 04-Dec-09 12:19:43

I have no problems with what my MIL gives me - ££££! - she is lovely - but she has reached the age where she doesn't need anything really and doesn't want any more tins of biscuits or talcum powder.

The problem is that we sit opening presents and MIL says:

"Ahhh, thank you X" waving hankies at someone across the room "They're lovely. Thank you so much."

A second later I get a dig in the ribs and she says in a VERY loud stage whisper (is deaf) "I don't want these love, you have them?" and she's trying to shove them on to my lap.

So I say, discreetly: "No, MIL, they're yours, you keep them."



< Everyone looks round >

MIL: "You don't want them."

Me: "Well they're yours, I don't want to take your present off you."

MIL: "Pardon?"

Meanwhile the generous givers are watching all this with a hmm look no doubt thinking that no one wants their lovingly chosen gift.

Doodleydoo Fri 04-Dec-09 14:12:37

Still all hilarious antics being told! Loving it!

I have a friend who's mil goes shopping with dil who lives nearby - at xmas the two other dil's get something heinous that has been chosen (prob by other dil) and the nearby dil gets something vvv nice. And they say sucking up doesn't work.....grin

biggirlsdontcry Fri 04-Dec-09 14:56:01

balloonslayer i have just sprayed tea all over my keyboard , your mil sounds hilarious grin lol

muminthemiddle Fri 04-Dec-09 17:11:25

This thread is fantastic.

MummyAnnabella Fri 04-Dec-09 17:26:52

nothing for christmas but i do get a nice gift for birthday so cant complain.

one year got loevly set of crystal glasses - no really they were good ones. probably a regift but so nice i didnt care.have also got clarins skincare in the past for birthday.

SIL however bought dh and i a novelty ceramic toilet brush?! she is very nice person so no idea what she was thinking.

YANBU - she sounds like she is trying to call you a chav. Keep hassling her for receipts of everything she buys you until she relents and gives you vouchers.

Haggisfish Sat 05-Dec-09 17:19:29

Oh my god! I didn't actually think such awful MILs existed! Mine is lovely and pays for me and hubby to have a weekend away together. I am clearly exceptionally lucky! I have actually snorted out loud reading this, though. Thank you all for sharing!

ImSoNotTelling Sat 05-Dec-09 17:36:44

How about...

2 pens with "foot" holders so that they stand up, with little feathers stuck all over them and little birds heads?

LittleAngelicRose Sat 05-Dec-09 17:59:14

I could not have guessed at some of the hilarious 'gifts' people are given. Part of me wants to laugh really hard and thank my lucky stars that my MIL is actually quite good at presents, often helped, but the silk underwear of the kind you would never buy yourself but love and a riding jacket are top of the list.

But part of me just feels sad that some people either know their nearest and dearest so poorly that they don't realise / don't care, and that some people probably try really hard and still get it wrong. Only you lot know which category your MILs fall into. Even my worst presents from MIL have been thoughtful.

ImSoNotTelling Sat 05-Dec-09 18:04:12

Nah, some people just like shite. You should see them on xmas day, all giving each other piles of rubbish. Quantity not quality is the watchword for DHs family xmas celebrations grin

flockwallpaper Sat 05-Dec-09 18:21:20

Very funny grin My DS received a second hand plastic wedding cake decoration (a bride and groom) one Christmas from BIL.

Horton Sat 05-Dec-09 18:32:59

I got a vest and a truly vile item of clothing for my three year old daughter last year. I do see that my woes are as nothing compared to the rest of you, though!

VerityClinch Sat 05-Dec-09 19:57:01

Last Christmas, from my MIL, I got a painting of half a horse.

With a dedication on the back from the artist.

To someone else.

I am wondering if this year I might get the other half...but desperately hope not. To be honest, I'd rather have the plastic microwave saucepans. Or even the verruca sock. At least it's SMALL; the painting is HUGE.

Ahem, I should say was huge. T'is no more. grin

altern8gal Fri 11-Dec-09 15:28:28

I went through a stage when I was young and hip (?) of shaving my head...Sinead O'Connor (ex) mother in law bought me a hairdryer!

secretgardin Fri 11-Dec-09 15:34:16

wish i had a MIL as i seem to be missing out on a lot of fun sad

HeffaMerryChristmas Fri 11-Dec-09 15:42:40

My MIL phoned me up on Christmas Day and said that she liked the present I'd given her but did I want it back for my birthday (mid-January). I thought she was joking, but no. At least she's recycling I guess.

There have been lots of other random gifts but she often picks fab presents. I sometimes get a voucher for their shop which is fantastic (jewellery shop!).

I think the knicker elastic wins though.

amystev Fri 11-Dec-09 15:55:19

My MIL sends my boyfriend and I a Christmas card each year titled 'To my darling son, and his girlfriend'. My mum also gets 'To my darling son and his wife' cards, so we now consider them a running joke.

This is the same woman who asked me if her son was 'OK' with the fact we were pregnant with a girl, as if somehow the gender of the child was my fault. When we told her we were pregnant again she just said 'oh for God's sake, you're not are you?

My lovely MIL also gets me stunning presents. 2 years ago I received a small fire extinguisher for Christmas, followed the next year by a fire blanket. I absolutely dread to think what exciting thing I'll open this year - although if it's following a theme perhaps it's a fire engine with a load of nice firemen in it. A girl can dream!

I've just had to learn to put up with the woman. We're going there for Christmas lunch so I'll be gritting my teeth for England and drinking enough rose to pickle an elephant.

Jux Fri 11-Dec-09 16:17:13

Didn't someone's MIL give them an elastic band?

DingALongCow Fri 11-Dec-09 16:25:43

Five years ago my stepmother wrapped up all the contents of the family medicine cupboard and gave them to me as a birthday present. She had just moved into the old family home with my father and obviously wanted to get rid of all the bits and bobs that had accumulated over the last 20 years, but instead of dumping them she wrapped them beautifully and gave them to me.

So a very exciting looking box full of little interesting packages included :

a half full bottle of surgical spirit (circa 1984 when my brother was born)

a TCP bottle from the early 1980s (when I was born). She was particularly pleased with that one as I was pregnant at the time.

3 cotton buds nestled forlornly in their plastic box

a selection of crusty and manky make-up bits that were at least ten years old.

Plus one of those straps for holding on sanitary towels and a packet of the mattress sized towels to clip onto it.

She was pleased, I did lots of rictus smiling. I dont think our relationship has ever recovered.

gemmasetters Fri 11-Dec-09 17:27:41

last year my brother (who is by no means poor) bought me a can of air freshner. I eagerly await this years offering...

NinthWave Fri 11-Dec-09 19:09:04

I would love to know how many Mumsnetters will turn into batty crap-present-givers when their DC are old and married grin

pooexplosionsonthedustyroad Fri 11-Dec-09 19:18:45

Ninth, I'm going to print this thread and keep it until my boys are grown up, for inspiration <evilfutureMILcackles>


Louise0212 Fri 11-Dec-09 20:43:42

I agree with the person who said some people just go for quanity over quality. My SIL for one - we have had random tat for years, including a plank of wood for BBQing fish (?), horrible serving bowls, 'Indian' food dishes...handle fell off taking it out of the packet. Anyone who has seen the ITV programme tonight called 'Christmas for a Pound' can probably take a stab at where these delights came from. Thankfully, we now only do presents for the kids...

My worst present was from my nan. She came back from holiday in Spain, proudly bearing identical presents for me and my sister. I opened it out of her sight (probably just as well) - it was a peach coloured towel, about the size of a guest hand towels, with velcro running down the sides. It took me a while to realise it was meant to be a handy way of wrapping the towel round you and holding it up. Well, it probably worked quite well if you were the size of a small 5 year old. When asked what I thought of it, I tried to be quite tactful and point out it was a bit on the small side. My nan's response? "you must have put weight on" shock BTW, my sister is about 3 dress sizes bigger than me, so goodness knows what my nan thought she was going to do with it - a legwarmer perhaps?! It was too bad even to take to a charity shop...

CheeryCherry Fri 11-Dec-09 20:58:53

My MIL has bought me juice-maker books for the past4 years....but we have no juice maker....

Anti-wrinkle face cream in my twenties too...

CheeryCherry Fri 11-Dec-09 20:59:57

Oh yes, MIL got me a plank of wood for the bbq for my bday too...and I'm vegetarian...

dizzyg Fri 11-Dec-09 23:02:35

this thread has made me laugh!! i thought i had he mil who gave the worst presents but the vsock and the comb that is hilarious!! my mil doesnt 'do presents' i get for my husband and dds and she gives me the money and dh husband gets mine for her she she actually does buggar all I even wrap them for her!!

Mandy1966 Sat 12-Dec-09 11:29:03

Oh my, what a brilliant thread, sitting here with tears running down my face, laughing hystericaly

Squitten Sat 12-Dec-09 12:07:17

I'm crying with laughter reading this and also dragged DH in to read some of these - hilarious

I appreciate my MIL much more after reading this!

altern8gal Mon 14-Dec-09 14:01:52


I think this gift was off my mum, as she has 2 of these on top of her piano and gave my son one for xmas once....ha ha!

thingamajig Mon 14-Dec-09 23:36:01

Step MIL last year bought me a stanley knife. Which would have been bad enough if I hadn't been in hospital at the time, with depression/self harm/suicidal thoughts hmm

ChristieF Tue 15-Dec-09 12:09:20

Your mother in law won't be around forever. Hold that thought. I used to have the mother in law from hell. How she produced my lovely husband I don't know. Peace at last. For us that is.

porcamiseria Tue 15-Dec-09 13:56:17

if the tracksuit still has tags on it take it to shop and change it!

you are being a bit ungrateful, but frankly it sounds like s SHITE GIFT

but thats family for you, I feel guilty for being rude about an "extra large" kaftan I got for my b day..... so I hear you!

Veggiemincepie Wed 16-Dec-09 18:51:39

OMG Thingamajig that's aweful, what an evil lady, and the severed hand is terrible.

I can't believe some of these presents, my MIL is quite lovely and gives nice gifts, however she occasionally gives clothes to me which are nice enough but she likes to point out that they were actually given to her but 'of course' they are too small so she thought I would like them hmm

My SIL on the other hand gave my DS1 girls clothes for his 4th birthday! Bless him when he opened them he exclaimed 'I can't play with these!'.

lem73 Wed 16-Dec-09 22:43:28

No I don't think you are - I think she's being quite unkind. My mother in law likes to give me crap presents. My solution is to do the same right back at her. Luckily my husband has no interest in picking presents for his very demanding mother so she never gets a decent present from us. Don't get mad get even.

FleeBee Wed 16-Dec-09 23:17:03

This is making me laugh... One year my MIL got me some tummy control pants - Bridget Jones stylee - but this was pre-DC and I was a skinny size 8 at the time, and these were a size 12. Sadly I'm too large for them now!!!

I was bit hmm at the time but my DH thought it was hysterical.

A few years ago she bought me a Tommy Hilfiger watch and it was hideous. She'd made a big fuss about my joint Christmas/birtday present (yep christmas birthday) saying she'd spent a lot on it and my SIL was saying how wonderful it was. and she was v. jealous of my gift...

I hated it. It was just awful and I felt terrible with my fake smile and thanks, all the time my DH was killing himself laughing because he knew I hated it,and it just wasn't my style. I just felt so awful and ungrateful and gave it to a charity shop. She said she bought as she knew I loved designer labels. I don't like designer labels, Florence and Fred is as designer as I get!!!

MIL and SIL have since moved overseas so I don't get presents now.

MrsMattie Wed 16-Dec-09 23:24:16

Lots of people are just totally shit at present buying. Deal with it.

I once gave my boss a concrete squirrel that looked like it had rabies. It seemed appropriate.

Two employees gave me a china lobster pot prinked out in white and gold trim and decorated with lobsters, crabs and roses. it had a small flower vase at the back too.

BitOfFunderthemistletoe Thu 17-Dec-09 02:36:26

Come on, lem73, we need examples!

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