to want my dad to stop calling me sausage?

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Swedington Thu 26-Nov-09 00:20:49

I'm 45 ffs?

Tortington Thu 26-Nov-09 00:22:51


its lovely

Vallhala Thu 26-Nov-09 00:27:52

YABU. My Grandad used to call me Sausage all the time when I was a child. I'm the same age as you and this Christmas will be the 5th one without him. I would give anything to have him still with me, calling me Sausage... its a term of endearment.

macwoozy Thu 26-Nov-09 00:34:52

Yikes I'm called sausage too!! But I'm more freaked out that my cousin is known as 'mash'.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 26-Nov-09 01:39:54

YABU, It's a lovely, affectionate word.

>>recalls using it for pfb<<

fernie3 Thu 26-Nov-09 08:48:57

my gran calls me a soppy haddock... it could be worse (it is affectionate!)

pjmama Thu 26-Nov-09 09:34:05

It's his right and privilege as I'm sure he'll always see you as his little girl, no matter how old you are. YABU wink

MintyCane Thu 26-Nov-09 09:37:37

YABU lucky you

Ixia Thu 26-Nov-09 09:44:43

YABU, my Dad calls me Bud or Sam, neither of which is my name!

SuperSoph73 Thu 26-Nov-09 09:47:58


I call DS1 Sausage or Poop .... however, he's only 7 and hasn't told me to stop yet so I guess I can get away with it for a bit longer

Ivykaty44 Thu 26-Nov-09 09:49:04

call him swede - get your own back?

msrisotto Thu 26-Nov-09 09:50:21

My dad and sister call me sausage! Why? I have never understood it. I thought it was just them being weird but now i learn it is widespread! There MUST be a reason!

morningpaper Thu 26-Nov-09 09:54:47


I call my DDs sausage too


RockBird Thu 26-Nov-09 09:56:35

YABU it's lovely

deepdarkwood Thu 26-Nov-09 09:57:30

dd is called sausage (or often sausie) precisely because my dad called me sausage. Where does this one come from? Little fat swaddled babies?

ChilloHippi Thu 26-Nov-09 09:57:45

YABU. I call DS sausage.

Prunerz Thu 26-Nov-09 09:58:59

It could be worse: my father called me Fanny until I was 15 and threatened to leave home if he didn't stop. He still has the occasional lapse and I'm 37.

OrmIrian Thu 26-Nov-09 10:04:35

I used to be spud. Was spud as a baby but it re-emerged when I was just the right age to get very offended. He has stopped now. I rather liked it.

(spud was because of my name not because I was fat and shapeless I might add!)

CatIsSleepy Thu 26-Nov-09 10:06:58

awww grin

i was a sausage, my dds are sausages too

perhaps you could be something a bit more grown up....chorizo?

Flower3545 Thu 26-Nov-09 10:09:09

Count your blessings, I was "affectionately" known as Buggerlugs courtesy of my dadhmm

ginnny Thu 26-Nov-09 10:09:49

My Dad used to call me Princess or Poppet!!!
I used to hate it but actually I miss it now he's gone sad

teameric Thu 26-Nov-09 10:10:33

YABU my dad used to call me princess, now it's his pet name for my DD, I wish I was still his princess smile

juneybean Thu 26-Nov-09 10:12:06

I was always pud and I vaguely remember my cousin being called the little sodpot haha

upahill Thu 26-Nov-09 10:13:31

You are lucky to have a dad that thinks of you in affectionate way.

whoisasking Thu 26-Nov-09 10:15:13

I was pigeon <bemused>

Unless I was constantly shitting on the car windscreen and was minus a foot, I don't really get it.

chachachachacha Thu 26-Nov-09 10:16:37

Sausage is quite affectionate I think - my so called dad kindly refers to me as 'fatty' even though I'm not - bloody lucky I don't have a body image problem.

meltedchocolate Thu 26-Nov-09 11:14:17

I am sausage - my mum calls me it. I told her to stop when i was a younger teen but i have allowed her to start again. She also calls my son sausage.

DaftApeth Thu 26-Nov-09 11:19:55

I'm in my 40's and still called 'sausage pie' by my dad blush

catastrojb Thu 26-Nov-09 11:20:35

my younger sister has always been squidge from my father (as a baby she had cheeks like a hamster pouching an entire christmas dinner grin) - us two older ones were always slightly jealous growing up as we did not have a nickname other than ones fashioned around our names!

allaboutme Thu 26-Nov-09 11:25:56

i'm podge (charming!), my sister is fanny and my brother is sonny jim (he is called neither sonny or jim!)
dont you just love dads grin

Boffinista Thu 26-Nov-09 11:28:16

I am Pods, as this is how I first said my name. :.)

I love it.

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 11:44:17

YABU it's sweet smile

In our family my bro gets most of the soppy nicknames (he lives at home and is close to my mum).

When I had DD1 (first grandchild) my mum said to me "how's little tootles?" and my brother exclaimed "but I'M tootles!"

That story is either hilarious or tragic, I guess grin he is in his 30s.

MrsVik Thu 26-Nov-09 11:46:38

That made me chuckle, ImSoNotTelling!

I'm a pudding and always will be, probably. I call my cat sausage!

DS gets called sausage, but he is only 5.

I am nearing 30 and to this day my father has never used my given name. I am, have always been and forever will be Bubs (shortened form of Bub-Bubs).

Not so good when he yells it to me in public though hmm

AgentZigzag Thu 26-Nov-09 13:13:06

Awww it's nice, I'm surprised it's so widespread as well.

I was a sausage, and call my DD sausage pie, I always wondered whether there was such a thing, so I googled it and there is! It looks right yummy, that sorts tomorrows tea out...thanks grin

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 26-Nov-09 13:21:51

I'm 45 next month and still get called Bunny by my father, though I don't think he has used Sausage for some years now. Bunny, Bun and other variations thereof (which also include my real name, hence I am not listing them) have always been my nicknamaes from my father. I am very glad of it.

CatIsSleepy Thu 26-Nov-09 13:24:18

"but I'M tootles!" LOL ImSoNotTelling grin

lambanana Thu 26-Nov-09 13:28:09

I like it - it's very endearing

I was always called tilly mint and my brother joe soap by my lovely nana and grandad. Until my DS and DD's turned up that is! Now they get called it!

Spidermama Thu 26-Nov-09 13:33:23

I've always squirmed at hearing someone called 'Sausage' whatever age. Maybe it doesn't help that I'm vegetarian.

AgentZigzag Thu 26-Nov-09 13:34:59

Lol @ spider, veggie saussage just doesn't have the same ring to it grin

Spidermama Thu 26-Nov-09 13:38:01

My dad calls me lentil burger which I prefer. wink

daisyj Thu 26-Nov-09 13:39:04

I think you know you are being vvvu smile. I call dd 'sausagemouse' sometimes. Sometimes just sausage, sometimes just mouse. I'm sure she will grow to hate it, but as she's only 8mo she doesn't currently have a choice. She has a beautiful given name which I do try to remember to use from time to time!

My dad still calls me curly smile.

RemyMartin Thu 26-Nov-09 13:48:42

I call my ds sausage and I AM vegetarian!

Spidermama Thu 26-Nov-09 13:51:02

I know it's a bit mean of me but I do always wince when people call their kids 'sausage' and it has nothing to do with vegetarianism. It's to do with it being cutesy and a bit fatty and sizzly. One of my really good friends does it and I shudder every time.

fishflange Thu 26-Nov-09 13:53:30

YABU count yourself fortunate to have such a lovely dad who obviously loves you very much!
I am 37 and still Frimbly Poo, never my real name...

HollyGoHeavily Thu 26-Nov-09 13:56:10

"No i'm tootles" ROFL

Get him a t-shirt for christmas with "The Original Tootles" printed on it

Meglet Thu 26-Nov-09 13:56:32

Sausage is cute.

My sister calls me "Fanny", which is fine in private but hmm blush in public.

MollieO Thu 26-Nov-09 13:59:28

YABVU. You will miss it when he is no longer around to call you that.

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 14:07:12

Tootles t-shirt idea excellent grin

Kaloki Thu 26-Nov-09 14:07:47

My dad calls me sausage too, when he's not calling me button nose hmm

AgentZigzag Thu 26-Nov-09 14:30:01

Oh fishflange, are you sure that's not your real given name?? grin 'Frimbly Poo Farquhar-Smythe'? How did he come to be calling you that if you don't mind me asking?

Servalan Thu 26-Nov-09 15:12:02


I call DD "sausage". It's cos she reminded me of a sausage when she was a newborn, all pink and curled in a sausage shape as I cradled her in my arms. (A very beautiful sausage, mind!)

She's only 3, but I can imagine that I'll probably always call her by pet names, however old she gets.

She is also "picklepot" and "angel cake". It's amazing she knows her own name really grin.

Hulababy Thu 26-Nov-09 15:25:17

Aw, it's sweet

I call DD alsorts of pet names like sausage, poppet, etc.

I use these pet names with the children in class (work in Y1) at times too.

Linnet Thu 26-Nov-09 16:00:21

I call dd2 Sausage or sausage pie, but she's only 5.

Dd1 was pumpkin or pumpkin pie, but I haven't called her that for a few years now.

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 26-Nov-09 16:03:00

How sweet, don't see your problem

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 26-Nov-09 16:06:17

Now my dad calls me 'bitch' so what do i knowhmm

labyrinthine Thu 26-Nov-09 16:11:06

lol@ the real tootles
My dad called me wee skinnymalink,maguinness,maguinty and many variations of..

I call ds sausage
We called dd babs for many years


pagwatch Thu 26-Nov-09 16:12:47

I still call my son 'puppy' and 'sweet boy' and he is 6 ft tall grin

Greensleeves Thu 26-Nov-09 16:15:21

aw, I think it's lovely that he calls you sausage

he loves you to little bits grin

my dad is too gruff and dysfunctional to call me sausage!

Aw, my grandfather called me 'choochie face' (i think from Chitty chitty bang bang)which I still rather like. Might reinstate for dd.

pagwatch Thu 26-Nov-09 16:33:56

My mum used to call me Floribunda Rosebud. I put up with it through teenage years and 20s until it died out when I was in 30s. You can imagine the agony when bringing friends home etc.

When DD was about 5 my mum called her Floribunda just once. DD turned on her heels and said "what did you call me Grandma?" with a face like hmmand mum never called her it again.

I wish I was grown up and assertive like my DD [sigh]

schroeder Thu 26-Nov-09 16:39:03

I wish my Grandad was still here to call me 'boy' and ask me 'what's the diarrhoea?'sad

NotFromConcentrate Thu 26-Nov-09 16:41:39

YABU - enjoy feeling young for a moment each time he does it grin

MmeLindt Thu 26-Nov-09 16:42:19


My Dad had lots of nicknames for me, Tilly was one, and Toots.

Still sometimes calls me that, it is sweet.

LOL at The Original Tootles tshirt

jollster Thu 26-Nov-09 16:43:29

I call my DS Sausage.... in fact he is even known in the local Pret as firstname Sausage...

I wish my dear dad was still alive to call me anything he darned well liked envy. I miss him terribly.

gallusbesom Thu 26-Nov-09 16:46:36

FIL calls me Spud, Dad calls me Suzie Kettles (Emma Thompson character in Tutti Frutti) or Kettles for short.

we call DD gets called Flossy or Mavis

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 26-Nov-09 17:00:43

Aw. My dad calls me Cuddles.

My mum calls my sis 'BitchBag' when she is moaning to me about her grinblush I dread to think what my nickname is hmm DH calls me Fatty [sigh]

MmeLindt Thu 26-Nov-09 17:11:13

Tootles Tshirt

cyteen Thu 26-Nov-09 17:19:59

YABU. I call my DS 'sausage' and I will never stop, not even when he's 50! grin

zanz1bar Thu 26-Nov-09 18:47:54


You should try this I still get called puke-o.
And yes I did puke a lot as a small child, but I am now 41 FGS.

MamaLazarou Thu 26-Nov-09 19:42:04

I wish I had a dad to call me sausage. sad

differentID Thu 26-Nov-09 19:46:16

My dad used to call me Fanny-Anne.

My name is not Frances or any variant thereof. Miss him like crazy- will be dead 20 years on the 30th.

trefusis Thu 26-Nov-09 19:49:31

I will still have a Pufto and a Womfrey when they're 45 grin.

However, I did have to make a New Year's resolution one year to stop calling dd2 "Bottoms The Baby". She was 5 and didn't like it any more.

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 20:47:39

LOVING this tootles action grin

Bro has actually asked for a t-shirt for xmas this year - I am sorely tempted to buy the one mmelindt has so kindly designed...

HollyGoHeavily Thu 26-Nov-09 20:49:51

Do it!

You could get a matching babygro for your DC with "Tootles, the imposter" or "Tootles Junior"

poshsinglemum Thu 26-Nov-09 20:50:14

I call my dd sausage! It's cute.

I dare say she'll hate it if I still call her sausage at 45 though!

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 20:59:13

"Tootles 2 - this time it's personal!"

AmericanHag Thu 26-Nov-09 21:04:25

Here in the U.S., calling someone "sausage" would get you punched in the face. It's the same as calling someone a fat cow. Well, here in California it is.

Swedington, I'm SO glad I read the other responses before I advised you to tell your dad to go piss up a rope! grin He's saying it with love!

Nooo, get brother "I'm Tootles" T shirt, then expose child wearing "I'm Tootles" T shirt, then you and DP take off jumpers to expose "I'm Tootles" T shirts in an "I'm Spartacus" moment ! grin

Sn0wflake Thu 26-Nov-09 21:37:37

I call my son Flumpet... smile

MmeLindt Thu 26-Nov-09 21:39:17

Tootles - The Original

Tootles - Lite

theslightlypeckishcaterpillar Thu 26-Nov-09 21:40:48

I was 'lovely' , still am, is very funny when dh answers my phone when dad rings and calls him lovely.

My dd is pork chop.

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 21:44:01

grin @ further tootles suggestions...

spartacus moment would be brilliant!

Am seriously thinking about getting tshirts etc done...

fishflange Thu 26-Nov-09 22:02:05

Ds is Mr Chumbles and dd Officer Dibbles.
Will we scar them for life?grin

PommePoire Thu 26-Nov-09 23:44:36

This thread is lovely. Sorry, OP YABU, 'Sausage' is a lovely name, whatever age you are. My dad called me 'Miss Mouse' or 'Mouslet'and since my marriage I've been 'Mrs Mouse.' Irony is intended; I was a very noisy child! I'm still quite loud at 37.

MrsChemist Thu 26-Nov-09 23:57:39

YABU, I call DS sausage. I haven't got a clue why though. I just started calling him sausage and couldn't stop. Sometimes he is Sausage Monkey.
He also goes by the names Mr Toots (he farts a lot) and Mr Fussypants. I think I may have also called him Commodore Cuddles once or twice.

I was Tina Ticklebum when I was younger. My brother was Tom Ticklebum.
Neither of us are called Tom or Tina.

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