To not want somebody to come and eat Mcdonald in my house when I am on a diet?

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soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 10:14:07

I started a diet yesterday, which is the first time as I love my food and take aways too much and cave very easily. I am determined to do this properly now, not to loose weight as such (yet) but to improve my health - I am very pregnant so want to be fit and healthy anyway, regardless of weight.

So, DH asked our friend to come and help us with a few things today, which is why I am not wanting to make a big deal as he is doing us a favour. BUT he told DH that he would come and get McDonalds breakfast on the way (with me picking him up). McDonalds is at the end of our road. DH asked him not to eat it in front of me as it would really test me and he knows I would be upset if I gave in already.

So, I went and got him after the school run, and he went on about McDonalds all the way there. I said I would drop him off at McDonalds and meet him back at mine (2min walk) because I didn't want the tempatation, although he had already made me fancy it! He was very hmm about it all but did it anyway. Next thing I know, he is at our door, with 2 Mcdonals meals, both for him and he has just sat and eaten it right in front of me. I am quite annoyed TBH. My whole house now stinks of McDonalds brekkie and I am now hungry and wanting to eat more now, which isn't the point. Have had some fruit and a shape yogurt, but was hoping to wait till DD went for a nap (about 11am) before cooking my beans on toast for brunch. Yesterday it worked fine doing that and I wasn't hungry in between, wasn't tempeted to have anything else etc but I feel a bit like he is just rubbing my nose in it a bit?

Obvioulsy he can eat what he likes, but can he not just eat in? I might as well have just taken him through the drive through.

What do you think? Am I being fussy or would it of annoyed you to?

fishie Mon 23-Feb-09 10:16:27

you are all being unreasonable. why couldn't you cook him breakfast if you have invited him to you house to help you? it is also terribly rude of him to bring food from outside into your home and eat it. i don't think your diet should have any bearing on it.

Buda Mon 23-Feb-09 10:16:59

You are being fussy. He is doing you a favour and it is not his fault if you are on a diet. I am constantly on diets but would never try to stop anyone else having something that I shouldn't.

PurplePillow Mon 23-Feb-09 10:17:33

He was asked not to eat it in front of you but still did??

Is he a total fuckwit??


He is a total ignoramous.

2pt4kids Mon 23-Feb-09 10:18:26

You sound a bit mental tbh.
The guy is doing you a favour. You cant ask him not to eat breakfast while doing the favour due to you not being able to stop yourself wanting a McD's too!

AliceTheCamel Mon 23-Feb-09 10:22:39

YABU - It is your responsibility to not eat things you ought not to. No one else needs to modify their behaviour because you have decided to lose weight. Exercising self control around food is hard. Good luck with it.

YABU - FGS, who would be tempted by McDonalds?

He IBU - but only because I'd be pissed off if someone made my house smell of McDonalds, regardless of circumstances.

YANBU. He is being extremely inconsiderate.

Just being very pg and being unable to tolerate the smell - let alone having other reasons not to want McDs in the house - should be enough for him to comply. It's not difficult is it!? Just eat your breakfast at McDs and walk back FGS.

OTOH, is he coming back tomorrow? If so, then you and your dh need to lay down the law. Otherwise, well, it's not good for your blood pressure, let it sliiiide, let it sliiiide.

MrsMattie Mon 23-Feb-09 10:24:59

YABU. If you are going to stick to a diet you're going to have to accept that temptation will always be there, and learnt it deal with it. You can't go around dictating what others eat. Come on!

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 10:25:34

I am not trying to stop him eating it, as I said - just not sit and eat it all right in front of me and stink my house out?

And he is more than welcome to eat our breakfast here, he knows that. He is a very regular guest who wouldn't feel uncomfortable to ask/help himself etc and knows he can have some of what we are having when I cook it etc.

MrsMattie Mon 23-Feb-09 10:26:32

Should he go outside and eat it then? When he is helping you out? Oh, I dunno. Seems incredibly petty to me, sorry.

PenelopePitstops Mon 23-Feb-09 10:27:09

YABU and sound wierd

get over it

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 10:27:55

Eat it in the McDonals where he bought it from???

I must add that he lives with his parents who offered to cook for him this morning but he couldn't be bothered to get up in time. So it isn't his only option

duchesse Mon 23-Feb-09 10:33:50

Yes YABU. You are the one on the diet- you can't expect everyone else to tiptoe around you. If you are that easily influenced you need to work on strengthening your motivation not to eat crap. That said, McD is hideous stuff and should be enough to put anyone off in itself.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 10:34:21

Do you seriously not think it is rude to bring a take away to somebody else's house when they are not eating it? And he isn't doing us a huge favour, just a 10 min thing but needed somebody to help lift something with DH. And will in return have lunch and probably dinner here as well and I will have to go out and give him a lift home. Will probably use our internet for most of the day as he doesn't have it at home.

MrsMattie Mon 23-Feb-09 10:35:27

I don't think it's rude at all. hmm

Bucharest Mon 23-Feb-09 10:36:07

YABU to want to stop the guy having his breakfast.
YANBU at the thought of anyone eating a McDonalds in front of you. The look and smell would make me boak.

myfunnynametaken Mon 23-Feb-09 10:36:37

I hate to tell you this but there's always gonna be food all around you, whether you're on a diet or not. It's the world we live in. It's also one of the reasons dieting is so hard.

You can't cut yourself off from food, you need to learn to ignore it.

At least, thats what a nutrition counsellor told me once, still haven't mastered it though blush

duchesse Mon 23-Feb-09 10:36:39

No- if anything he may have been trying to be considerate by not getting you to make his breakfast for him. I think you are probably extra-irritable because you are cutting back and are hungry.

harleyd Mon 23-Feb-09 10:38:06

you havent much willpower if you are cracking after one day because of a mcmuffin??

Maveta Mon 23-Feb-09 10:38:47

I think YANBU. I don't think the issue is that you are on a diet and all that (in which case I would say YABU because you can't control what other people eat just because you are worried your own willpower is not enough) but that you specifically asked him not to eat it in your house. He could have eaten it there or not at all yet he ignored you and did exactly the opposite. so incredibly rude, even if he does think you are BU and a nutter to boot wink

myfunnynametaken Mon 23-Feb-09 10:39:56

blush - i'm the same - I get totally evil if I see a skinny person enjoying something nice when I'm on a diet.

shootfromthehip Mon 23-Feb-09 10:41:54

YABU- if this person is doing you a favour, then you should have the good grace to be more accomodating. If he'd cracked a beer open first thing in the morning then you would have grounds to be annoyed but he's eating his breakfast. Can't believe you are annoyed that a grown man didn't get up earlier to have his breakfast before he came to yours. That's ridiculous.

You are annoyed not by your helpful friend but by the dieting because he can eat what he fancies and you can't. Which is also ridiculous.

YABU on so many counts.

Firstly, if you are very pregnant, fruit and a shape yoghurt is not a proper breakfast. What about some cereal or toast? Completely the wrong time to start a 'diet' if you ask me. Eating healthily, yes, but dieting, no.

Secondly, you made a big deal about him being a frequent guest, helps himself to stuff etc - what is the problem with him bringing food to your house then? Very mixed signals if you ask me.

And lastly, McDonalds? All this unnecessary, BP raising stress over McDonalds? Vile, hideous, non-food. Especially the breakfasts.

pingping Mon 23-Feb-09 10:53:54

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at this thread YABU and rude he is doing you a favour you should of cooked him breakfast

compo Mon 23-Feb-09 10:55:36

yabu but you'r pregnant and hormonal - definitely not a good time to diet!

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 11:26:35

As a have said about 3 times, I WOULD cook him breakfast, he knows this but is CHOOSING McDs over this.

And I am not "stressed" or "raising BP" over it at all, just thought it was a bit rude and just wanted to see if others shared my views.

And I am not doing a silly diet. A fruit and yogurt is fine for me first thing and then late morning I have something proper, today beans on toast which is plenty.

I have never said I didn't want him to eat it, but just not right in front of me. We have a dinning room he could use if nothing else but he has sat in front of me in the living room eating it when he knows I asked him really polietly not to.

MamaG Mon 23-Feb-09 11:30:59

soon, without wishing to sound patronising, I really do think your hormones have taken over a bit here. I got irrationally angry about silly stuff when I was v pregnant (not that long ago) and I couldn't see it at the time.

if you're hungry: eat. Just have some fruit, some cereal, a bit of toast etc - you don't have to eat the bad stuff!

Don't get upset by folk disagreeing with you on here and don't worry about your diet - plenty of time for that after baby. Just keep yourself happy (and if that means a McMuffin, blood have one!) and think about your baby

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 11:41:25

I am not angry about it, I just thought it was a bit rude. I haven't had an arguement about it, nor have I even mentioned or let on that I am in the slightest bit annoyed, just asked on here.

I am thinking of my baby, in trying to eat healthily and start to look after my body. I recently found out that because of my crap diet I have annemia and other deficiencies which coud effect the baby, so I have plenty of reason to eat properly and I have looked it up properly and got advice etc, not just worrying about my weight or anything like that.

And yes, I know to eat when I am hungry, I just didn't want to have a take away.

Gorionine Mon 23-Feb-09 11:46:53

Yabu, him having a take away does not mean that you HAVE to have one as well.

lalalonglegs Mon 23-Feb-09 11:46:54

Why would anyone over 9 years old want to eat McDonalds?

troutpout Mon 23-Feb-09 12:00:08

it's the sends you a bit weird...i can remember thinking that the whole world was trying to sabotage my ww diet.
I was so blardy hungry i went a bit strange i think

troutpout Mon 23-Feb-09 12:01:33

me longlegs...i would

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 12:03:51

Gorionine - I never said it did. And he had one and I didn't. But I would never even think about turning up at somebody's house with a take away, unless they had asked us to bring our own food or something.

lala - just because you don't like McDonalds, doesn't mean nobody over 9 does hmm.

We don't have the money for it even if I wasn't trying to eat healthy. But the point is, we asked him yesterday not to do it, so he had plenty of notice.

Yes he has done us a (10 min) favour, but we do a hell of a lot for him, so we are in no way ungratful.

MamaG Mon 23-Feb-09 12:28:28

Sorry soon, I see my post looked a bit preachy and insensitive. I didn't wish to imply that you were starving yourself. When I was pg I ate lke a horse and an apple and a yoghurt wuold no way have sated my hunger until mid morning! I just wanted to be reassuring.

Hope you are ok.

(I like McDonalds as well blush and I'm over 9)

Gorionine Mon 23-Feb-09 12:37:16

Sorry, When I read

"And yes, I know to eat when I am hungry, I just didn't want to have a take away."

I thought you had felt hungry and had a Macthingy event though you did not want to because he had one.

I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding.blush

CrackerNut Mon 23-Feb-09 12:40:11

Tbh I think you were unreasonable to ask him not to eat it in front of you in the first place.

Diets are hard yes, but thats your problem not his. I coked bacon and egg sandwiches for my 3 dc the other day and sat at the table watching them eat them whilst I had soup.
Drove me mental but I was glad I pleased with myself for having some willpower afterwards.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 12:43:58

I wouldn't have asked him not to eat it in front of me if we were all out together or something, but he is a guest, in our house and I think it is very rude to bring a take away into anybody's house if they are not eating, regardless of the situation.

Thats ok, Gori, probably me being unclear.

Buda Mon 23-Feb-09 12:48:55

Well I don't think he was rude exactly - just thoughtless.

However - if you are serious about eating healthily then try not to think of it as a diet. You will drive yourself mad! If you just think of it that you are making healthier choices it will be easier.

And as part of an otherwise healthy lifestyle the odd MacDonalds is fine. Hard on your first morning though I agree. I was all set for starting a diet today but had a shit morning and ended up eating crisps and chocolate by 11am!

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Mon 23-Feb-09 12:51:21

YABU, you shouldn't be dieting while pregnant AT ALL.

By all means, eat healthily, but a yoghurt and a bit of bloody fruit is not good nutrition for breakfast.

YAalsoBU because people shouldnt have to adjust their eating habits around you.

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Mon 23-Feb-09 12:54:11

YAalsoBVVVVVU for mentioning macdonalds when i crave them and dont have the car today!!!

HairyMuff Mon 23-Feb-09 12:54:37

IT is hard on your first morning having someone scoffing 2 MCD breakfast whilst you have a yogurt. I would have felt like snatching it out of his hands and scoffing it myself (especially whilst preggers).

It isn't clear what has annoyed you. Are you annoyed with yourself for wanting to scoff it and having your wilpower tested or are you annoyed that he brought a takeway into your house when you weren't eating.

Would you have been that bothered if you hadn't started your diet today?

piscesmoon Mon 23-Feb-09 13:10:22

Even if I was on a diet and hungry I wouldn't want to eat a McDonalds breakfast!

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 13:13:17

Thepregnantwitch - As I said before it isn't a faddy diet I have an eating plan because my diet was very poor and me and my baby were suffering. I am not stupid and have researched it and know what I am meant to be eating and have made sure I am not depriving myself.

The whole fruit and yogurt thing (not that I should have to explain myself but I will - again), is because that is what I can eat easily with my DD around (who is still only crawling and into everything) and fits in with school run and my morning sickness. If I eat much more first thing then I will just throw it up again. If I have something little - ie fruit and yogurt to keep me going, I can then sit down properly, late morning and eat as much as I like. I have not LIMITED myself to fruit and yogurt, that is just what works for me.

This wasn't meant to be a thread to critisize my eating habits but hey.

Nekabu Mon 23-Feb-09 13:19:21

OMG he ate TWO McDonalds meals? Is the man mad?! shock

Good luck with your healthy eating plan and congratulation on not secumbing to the junk food.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 13:28:43

Lol, they were breakfast meals so not as big as normal ones but still - I would struggle to eat one, let alone 2!

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 13:35:56

YANBU about the McDonalds. He could have just eaten it there.

WRT the diet, have you spoken to your doctor about it? You need to make sure you are getting enough calories in. Things like Shape yoghurts are total crap - they are almost as much junk food as McDonalds is. Just buy the normal kind.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 13:47:17

I am doing slimming world but adapted to suit preganacy/breastfeeding needs (as in, extra portion of dairy etc). So I can eat unlimited amounts of food. Honestly, we are now eating loads of fresh meat, fruit and vege etc rather than bung in the oven crap.

themoon66 Mon 23-Feb-09 14:02:35

YANBU. I would a bit cross if someone stank my house with McDonalds stinky burgers.

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 15:22:43

How many calories are you getting a day?

The healthier foods sound good but I don't see how you could get enough calories on a slimming world diet.

Slimming world seem to have something against fat. There is nothing wrong with fat eaten in reasonable quantities. In fact our bodies require it, particularly for our brains. Low fat foods like Shape are a lot less wholesome than foods with normal fats like cheese or butter or yoghurt.

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 15:27:25

Here's something about fat. Babies get 50% of their calories from fat in the first year of their life and they need to help their brain develop:

"Feeding baby brains. The most rapid brain growth occurs during the first year of life, with the infant's brain tripling in size by the first birthday. During this stage of rapid central nervous system growth, the brain uses sixty percent of the total energy consumed by the infant, and the brain itself is sixty percent fat. Fats are major components of the brain cell membrane and the myelin sheath around each nerve. So, it makes sense that getting enough fat and the right kinds of fat can greatly affect brain development and performance. In fact, during the first year, around fifty percent of an infant's daily calories come from fat. Mother Nature knows how important fat is for babies; she provides around fifty percent of the calories in mother's milk as fat.
Best fats for growing brains. It's not only the amount of fat that's important for growing brains, it's the type of fat. Different species provide different types of fat in their milk, fine-tuned to the needs of that particular animal. For example, mother cows provide milk that is high in saturated fats and low in brain-building fats, such as DHA. This helps their calves grow rapidly, though it may not do much for their brains. In adult cows, the brain is small compared with the body. Cows don't have to do a lot of thinking to survive. In human infants, the brain grows faster than the body. Highly developed brains are important to human beings, so human milk is low in body-building saturated fats and rich in brain-building fats, such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega 3 fatty acid. For kid friendly supplements with DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids (see Dr. Sears' GoFish line.)"

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:08:04

So because I ate a shape yogurt this morning - I am not getting enough caleries and fat and have a poor diet hmm

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:12:13

I think what they are saying is a Shape yoghurt is falsely advertised as healthy. You'd be better with some natural yoghurt and fruit stirred in.

tbh I can't imagine being 'very pregnant' and surviving on just yoghurt for breakfast. I used to have yoghurt fruit, scrambled egg on toast and then still be hungry mid morning.

Please stop the slimming world diet for now, slimming and pregnancy are not a good combination. Just research healthy eating.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:14:15

Shape cotains Aspartame too, evil .

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 16:16:32

If you are eating a low fat diet as promoted by Slimming World (you said you were following their diet) you possibly aren't getting enough calories, particularly if you are pregnant.

I didn't say you had a poor diet, I was concerned about the amount of fats you might be getting. You really need to talk to your doctor about it. Sorry if I offended.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:19:43

I am not "slimming". I am eating healthily, I have researched.

Ok so the shape yogurt might not have been great but it is one thing FFS! Sorry not to have a perfect diet.

And as I said about breakfast - what am I meant to do - eat more and just throw it up?? Even though I am perfectly happy with fruit and a yogurt?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:21:28

You are clearly not happy if you are craving mcdonalds just because someone in the house is eating it.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:24:46

I have ALWAYs craved shit like that, as in, we would have at least 2 take aways a week or similar because that is the food we like. If healthy and money didn't come into it we would eat fast food rubbish 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

So no, it is not that 1 day of healthy eating is making me unhappy.

Nekabu Mon 23-Feb-09 16:29:59

I think there's a little unfairness to the OP on this thread. She didn't say she was craving McDonalds but has intimated it's the kind of thing she liked to eat before her healthy eating plan and that she had a tendancy to over eat. She's had yoghurt (OK, it was a Shape but now she's been thoroughly informed of the Horrors That Lurk Within I expect she'll eat ordinary yoghurt now!) and some fruit for breakfast and was planning beans on toast for elevenses. She has also mentioned that with SW she gets an extra dairy portion (plus can eat more should she wish) and that she's been eating lots of fresh veggies, fruit and meat and all in all has been making an effort to eat healthily.

The guidelines for eating in pregnancy is to eat healthily and avoid junk food - this is what the OP has done! It doesn't sound as though she has been starving herself or going on some fad diet.

SW are a reputable company and therefor have a reputation to consider. If they have a pregnancy/breastfeeding diet then I think we can safely assume they've checked that very thoroughly as the last thing they'd want is any adverse publicity but if the OP is at all concerned then she could run it past her doctor too.

Personally I think she should be taking her friend (TWO McDonalds meals! Just think of the stuff in that!!) with her to her SW classes ... wink

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 16:35:38

I checked their site, they don't have a pregnancy diet. They say if you follow SW you have to be under the care of a midwife and take her advice.

Look it doesn't take much to work out that a diet designed to slim may not be a great idea when you are pregnant. Slimming world promotes low fat crap. When you are pregnant cutting out or severely restricting a food group like fats is not a good idea. But don't take my word for it, consult a doctor or nutritionist.

mosschops30 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:38:13

YABU - he is doing you a favour, you are in control of your feelings, not him and are adult enough to decide what and when to eat.

I dont care who brings what into the house, in fact all the better if I dont have to cook for them grin

LucyEllensmummy Mon 23-Feb-09 16:38:27

Just hold on to the fact that whenever you eat a macdonalds you cant help but feel that you have just ate a load of cardboard shit

Nekabu Mon 23-Feb-09 16:38:52

"I checked their site, they don't have a pregnancy diet."

That's odd, Dittany, I thought the OP said they did?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:40:00

I agree SW promote a lot of crap food.

A friend of mine was on it and they pushed teir 'chocolate' bars and cereal bars etc a every meeting. All full of shite and very expensive. Weight watchers is just as bad, have you seen the ingredients list in their ready 'meals' ?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:40:15

I agree SW promote a lot of crap food.

A friend of mine was on it and they pushed teir 'chocolate' bars and cereal bars etc a every meeting. All full of shite and very expensive. Weight watchers is just as bad, have you seen the ingredients list in their ready 'meals' ?

mosschops30 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:40:33

BTW why are you dieting in pregnancy, surely its an excuse to stuff your face and not care about being fat, because you will get big and fat whatever happens, but will then return pretty much to normal.
I ate all manner of shite when pg with ds and dd and loved it grin

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 16:42:03

I think the OP said she'd adapted it for pregnancy.

Slimming World and Pregnancy

It says consult a midwife.

LucyEllensmummy Mon 23-Feb-09 16:43:23

soon2befamilyof4 - congratulations on starting your healthy diet and your imminent arrival!!

I just wanted to say that whilst you are doing great - your choice of breakfast isn't doing you any favours. You will need some carbs first thing - fruit and yoghurt are great for afters actually but can make you feel hungry if you eat them on an empty stomach as they can stimulate your appetite. Of course im sure you are not restricting calories anyway but it might actually want to make you snack more. You should try and have some cereal based breakfast, and maybe a slice or two of toast with low fat spread, that should set you up - you can have a banana at snacktime, and something more wholesome for lunch.

Anyway, hark at me, im the takeaway queen although i hate macdonalds actually - will eat it but only when ravenous and need something NOW!! chinese and indian are my downfall - but i so need to go on a health kick - ive high blood pressure and NEED to change my habits, so hats off to you for getting healthy

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 16:45:52

Sorry but the food choices that are being promoted here sound like the sort of stuff teenage girls eat. There is also nothing wrong with wanting a snack later on after breakfast.

Low fat crap is bad for you. Eat the real thing and eat it in moderation.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:49:10

I didn't even know that SW did their own line of food, so they obviously don't promote it too well!

I admit that the shape thing probably wasn't a good idea, although nothing to do with pregnancy or SW. Just seemed like an alternative as I am used to having nothing for breakfast at all and the having a brunch when DD went for a sleep, which isn't idea.

BUT SW DO adjust their diet for pregnancy. You get extra healthy extra allowances etc. Yes you do have to get permission from you midwife, but I am guessing that is just to cover themselves?

I think a couple of people on here are ignoring the fact i have said loads of times that i have done my research and I know this is definatly a better option for me then how I was. Maybe you don't believe me? This thread wasn't even meant to be about my diet.

And my house now stinks of kabab as that is what he decided to eat for dinner after turning down food here.

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 16:54:07

I don't understand why if you've done your research you'd be following a low fat diet in pregnancy. Apart from Slimming World (who obviously want to sell you their diets and like you say are covering themselves by saying consult a midwife) who thinks that is a good idea?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 16:57:39

When pregnant an average daily diet was

Wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs and fried mushrooms
Greek Yoghurt with honey and chopped mango
Glass of orange juice
Cup of coffee with milk

Biscuits and banana milkshake

Chicken breast with couscous, roast veg, lettuce and soured cream in two wholemeal pittas.
Slice of carrot cake

Breadsticks and hummous, olives, carrot sticks and cherry toms in olive oil

Tuna steaks with green veg, avocado salsa and roast spuds.
Big slice of lemon meringue

And throughout the day I snacked on veg crisps, elderflower cordial, the odd can of dr pepper and lemon fanta and jelly babies.

I didn't put on any excess weight, and tbh my diet must have cost less than takeaway food would,

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:58:15

It isn't cutting out all fat though is it? Its not like living on vegetables! Meat etc is all unlimited which all contains fat. And you are allowed syns everyday - which contain fat. You are allowed cheese everyday - which contains fat etc etc.

Nekabu Mon 23-Feb-09 17:02:54

TheDevilWearsPrimark, you've made me feel decidedly peckish after your menu description!

soon2befamilyof4, your friend had a kebab for lunch? Two McDonalds meals for breakfast and now a kebab?! Does the man want a heart attack?!

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 17:03:44

You didn't answer my question. Who apart from Slimming World thinks a low fat (not no fat) diet is a good idea during pregnancy?

(In fact I think it's a pretty bad idea outside of pregnancy too).

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:09:37

I don't really understand what you mean to be honest, as I thought eating a BALANCED diet was the whole point?

What foods are you saying I should be eating that I can't in SW????

I am fully aware that you need fat as part of a balanced diet, but to be honest, I thought what you get from eating fresh home made meals was usually enough?

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 17:16:02

I'm saying it's probably a good idea to eat full fat foods not their low fat alternatives which are what Slimming World promote. They aren't promoting balance.

I'm looking at their menu here and everything that would normally contain fat is either fat free or very low fat.

But what I think most of all is that it might be an idea to talk to your doctor or midwife about what a good healthy diet in pregnancy is including the number of calories you need.

If you are eating all the full fat alternatives, please ignore me.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 23-Feb-09 17:17:37

And fgs when pregnant 'sins' should be the last thing on your mind

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:20:27

Well that is just a sample menu, not adapted to the pregnancy one at all so not really a true example too and I think you are assuming I have no common sence and not believing me when I have said I have put proper thought and research into this. I am not going to lie about it.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:21:37

So thedevilwearsprimark - you are saying I should carry on eating the awful diet I was before? hmm I am pretty sure this is a hell of a lot better thanks all the same.

dittany Mon 23-Feb-09 17:22:30

So do the menus adapted to pregnancy say to use the normal full-fat alternatives rather than low fat this or fat free that?

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Mon 23-Feb-09 17:25:46

I'm all for healthy eating.. i always lose weight in pregnancy because i stop eating so much crap.

However, like DWP, its about adapting in moderation, not cutting out.

dieting however is not recommended and can be bad for you and baby.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:54:57

Nothing is being cut out the devilwearsprimark, not at all.

There isn't any "pregnancy menus". The only "menu" that I know of is the sample on that you linked to.

What sort of food are you refering to? It does say to have low fat yogurts, and lean meat but thats about it I think? Ie, still have full fat cheese and stuff? I don't really get your point, because it is not cutting out fat

SparklingSarah Mon 23-Feb-09 23:21:11

read fast food nation or watch supersize me and that will soon put you off

a cooked brekkie doesn't need to be unhealthy
dieting doesn't involve starving oneself it involves doing some extra physical exercise pregnant or not.
Cut down don't diet if you're "very " preganant you will use up fat stores and eating as properly as you can manage will mean that your energy levels will be stable.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:49:53

If you had read my posts I do have something cooked but just a bit later in the morning as otherwise I throw it back up with the morning sickness (yes, even at 32 weeks).

And I am certainly not starving myself hmm I eat till I am stuff and pick all day.

I haven't been able to do extra excerise. I would love to, but I physically can't at the moment. On good days I can go for a walk and I do make the most of it but I can't do anywhere near as much as I used to but I can't help that.

And I am eating as properly as I can, like I have said at least 10 times.

Sorry to snap at you, I just feel that nobody is listening to what I am saying and are just jumping to conclusions. And I have common sence, although people on here seem to think otherwise. This thread was meant to be just asking a quick AIBU question, not everybody critising my entire diet just because I ate a low fat yogurt FFS!

Yabu, because the only reason you are pissed off about it, is because you didn't get couldn't have a MCD....

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:54:39

No, I am annoyed because DH specifically asked him not to bring it in our house and he did anyway. If he wasn't asked then that is fair enough. And does a reason matter? It is still bloody rude to just ignore what was agreed the night before

can I just point out, that SW is a very healthy diet, envcouraging freshly prepared meals and eating a large amount of good and healthy foods....

soon2be...but your friend sounds about 12 year still at home, not eating mummies breakfast because he couldn't find his way out of bed grin...can't expect of such person to be thoughtful or considerate...anyway....if you are focussed, then some little thing like that ain't gonna get ya....juyst make sure you fill up with good, nutritious healthy foods! grin

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:58:11

Thank you FairLady - that is my point and everybody seems to think I am doing a faddy diet where I am starving myself and my unborn baby!

ilovepinotnoir Mon 23-Feb-09 23:58:44

Mcdonalds food is disgusting and it would be gross to eat it anyway. Forget about it. All this stress is bad for your unborn child.

nothing faddy about sw at's not like point counting WW where you could be encouraged to use your points on rubbish....(well, that was what I would be tempted to do grin)

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Tue 24-Feb-09 00:11:09

I wonder why he ate his Mcdonalds in your house when your DH had asked him not to - and why he then got a kebab for himself and refused to eat with you and your family. Is he a teenager? Is he one of these people who prides himself on 'not being bossed around' ie selfish and rude? How would he have reacted if you had said, please don't bring takeaway food in here as now I am so PG the smell makes me sick?

dittany Tue 24-Feb-09 00:18:55

Slimming World is not healthy if it is discouraging people from eating a whole food group - fats. Our bodies need fats as much as they need carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and protein. A lot of the time these sorts of diets fail because people binge eat after a while to get the nutrients they have been depriving themselves of during the diet. It's good to eat healthily and in a balanced way, it is not a good idea to do a low fat diet like the kind of thing that Slimming World promotes.

The reason I was asking you about your diet soon2be was becasue you said you were doing slimming world whilst you were pregnant. Not just because of the Shape yoghurt.

I'd love not to jump to conclusions but you haven't answered any of my questions about calories or about whether you are using the full fat versions rather than their over-processed unhealthy low fat substitutes. Which makes me think you are going low-cal and you are doing a low-fat diet both of which I think a doctor would tell you not to if you are pregnant. But like I said, don't take my word for it, ask your doctor.

soon2befamilyof4 Tue 24-Feb-09 00:58:40

Dittanyy - I haven't told you how many caleries I eat as I have not got a clue. I don't count caleries and don't intend to. I have much better things to do with my time thanks.

And you are twisting things again by saying I/Sw are cutting out all fats altogether - it is NOT and you are not listening to that at all.

And yes, I did try to answer your questions regarding the low fat things but you didn't answer the questions I was asking back, which meant I didn't know the answer as I am still not sure what you mean. SW do recommend low fat yogurts and lean meat - is that what you mean? Most other stuff, cheese etc is fine full fat, just usual stuff. So not really sure what you mean.

Are you saying we shouldn't eat lean meat?

soon2befamilyof4 Tue 24-Feb-09 01:01:46

The "all this stress is not good for your baby" rubbish is not relvant. I was really not that bothered, I just thought it was a bit out of order so asked on here to see if it was just me.

Yes he is a bit childish, but we are all in our early twenties so fairly youngish anyway. We are the first out of all of our friends to be married with children etc so I guess some of them do find some things hard to understand.

TinkerBellesMumandFiFi2 Tue 24-Feb-09 01:50:04

soon, it sounds like you've had a hard time on here and I don't think you were unreasonable. It's your home and he should respect that.

Can I recommend a site, if you haven't already found it? BabyFit is brilliant for diet and exercise during pregnancy and tracking both.

ProfYaffle Tue 24-Feb-09 07:26:59

Soon2be, I think you've had a really hard time on this thread. I'm doing sw atm and, as you say, it's basically a healthy diet which is suitable for everyone including pregnant and bfing women, young people and those with diabetes.

I've just checked one of my sw booklets, it states the sw programme is approved by the Royal College of Midwives, signed consent is needed from your mw and sw will not tell a pg women how much weight to lose.

Yes it's true on sw low fat dairy products can be eaten without limit but you can also eat measured amounts of full fat cheese and olive oil, these are the 'extras' I imagine a pg women will be advised to increase.

Good luck Soon2be, hope all goes well for you.

soon2befamilyof4 Tue 24-Feb-09 09:08:54

Thank you ProfYaffle and tinkerbelle. Thats really helpful.

dittany Tue 24-Feb-09 09:51:06

"And you are twisting things again by saying I/Sw are cutting out all fats altogether"

Actually what I said was that it was low fat, not cutting out fats all together so I think it's you who is twisting what I said.

Slimming World is a weight loss plan. That's why it's called Slimming World. It is designed to make people lose weight not gain it. It is completely crazy to be going on a weight loss diet at a time when your body and your baby need to grow.

I think it's an absolute disgrace that they are marketing it to pregnant women and pretending it is a good idea for them.

Professor Yaffle, of course they shouldn't be telling pregnant women to lose any weight. Pregnant women need to gain weight. Am I seriously the only person here who can see how bonkers this is?

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Tue 24-Feb-09 10:08:13

Just FYI: the entire slimming industry is a vicious con trick, end of. None of this shit works. What it does is mess up your metabolism (while you are eating all the dubious additive-stuffed 'meal-replacement' crap and cutting out entire food groups) so that when you start eating 'normally' again you will gain more weight than you lost and therefore run crying back into the arms of the con-artists to give them even more of your money. Most of the people who are actually too fat - as opposed to those who are within a healthy normal weight range and too smart to fall for slimming industry bullshit - are people who have been trying every diet plan going for years, and wrecking their metabolisms more with every attempt.
Dieting in pregnancy to lose weight is an awful idea - but adjusting what you eat to include more fresh veg and less processed food is fine - it's what most people do when PG unless they were annoyingly health-conscious anyway. I just thinkg, Soon2Be, that you might have got better, more accurate dietary advice from a site that wasn't part of the slimming-industry's ongoing, woman-hating con-trickery.

LucyEllensmummy Tue 24-Feb-09 10:10:04

Christ almighty, i cannot BELIEVE this thread has turned nasty!! So long as the OP feels well and is consuming enough food to stop herslf from feeling hungry there will be no harm to the baby - believe me, the baby will take what she needs! I was BF and had gallstones, i had to it a ZERO fat diet to avoid agonising pain. I lost nearly four stone in as many weeks - My Baby put on all the expected amounts of weight because she got everything she needed out of my milk. It was me who felt like shit!

I am sure the OP is being careful and following the guidelines.

LucyEllensmummy Tue 24-Feb-09 10:13:57

I have to say that i do agree with dittany with regards to the diet industry - it really does tap in on women's insecurities. I did do weight watchers once, with DP - we lost two stone each in about 12 weeks. Great- but acually not great, we piled the weight back on and more once we packed it in. While we were dieting we were pretty much OCD in our attitudes towards food. The having to eat no fat during my illness was extreme and again i have piled the weight back on, and more Am now considering a diet but refuse to be sucked into any SW/WW lose weight programmes as i think the only pounds you really lose are the ones in your pocket. And have you noticed that the leaders of these programs tend to look really old and haggared - thats because i think they take their diets too far. Not everyone is meant to be a size 10!

dittany Tue 24-Feb-09 10:15:45

Breastfeeding and pregnancy are not the same LEM.

I don't think any doctor would advise going on a weight loss plan whilst someone was pregnant. But the OP shouldn't take my word for it, she should see her doctor about it. Unlike you I'm not saying believe me. There aren't any guidelines from Slimming World for pregnant women - they just tell them to get their midwife to approve.

LucyEllensmummy Tue 24-Feb-09 10:50:56

just a turn of phrase dittany, and of course BF is very different to being pregnant - i am pretty sure though that the baby will take what it needs and it shouldnt be a risk to the baby unless the mother is undernourished. What i dont know is, that does dieting = undernourished? I would be more concerned actually about the OP doing her own body damage in trying to diet and be pregnant too. Does that make any sense - i agree with you dittany (for once wink) im just looking from a different angle and possibly not explaining myself very well.

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Tue 24-Feb-09 10:53:34

Many diet plans that are marketed as 'The Answer' do lead to malnutrition. The Atkins diet is pretty unhealthy unless followed very carefully and even then it's not great (scurvy, anyone? Kidney failure?) and LIghter Life is frankly dubious. Weight Watchers appears to be one of the least unhealthy, but it still isn;t great and encourages the same sort of submissive-obedeience-unhealthy-dependency-on-the-Group as the 12-step programmes do.

dittany Tue 24-Feb-09 10:58:32

Come over to my diet thread on AIBU so I can leave soon2be alone, LEM and SGB.

I've probably said my piece and then some on this thread. blush

Anyway, SW does NOT say to cut out all fats, it actually encourages you to have Olive oil, you have to count it...etc...also nuts...yes, you can't go on eating nuts all day, a small amount, but you can...

Also, actually if loosing weight in pg is a good idea or bad idea, depends actually if the person is very overweight or not....a very overweight person would actually be encouraged to loose weight in pg...(before would be better, of course...)

ProfYaffle Tue 24-Feb-09 12:21:18

Agree with FairLady, iirc, the advice for pg women who are overweight is not to lose weight but not to gain any either.

sw is also not about cutting out food groups or eating meal replacement crap.

Anyhoo, not getting drawn in any further as I don't particularly want to be on a one women sw promotion mission, I just wanted to add some support to Soon2be as I couldn't quite believe what a hard time she's getting on here.

Do youself a favour soon2be, hide this thread!

soon2befamilyof4 Tue 24-Feb-09 16:11:56

"By dittany on Tue 24-Feb-09 00:18:55
Slimming World is not healthy if it is discouraging people from eating a whole food group - fats."

So this is in no way implying that they are saying to cut out a food group??? This is only a few posts before you say:

"Actually what I said was that it was low fat, not cutting out fats all together so I think it's you who is twisting what I said."

I am not planning to LOOSE weight during pregnancy, I have already said that god knows how many times! I just want to improve my diet. I have already said I have adapted the diet to suit myself and pregnancy and I am using common sense with it, just using it as a guide.

Can I just say, I have just finished eating a big fry up. I have just eated 2 big slices of bacon, sausage, egg and beans - and I am stuffed. I then had a yogurt about half hour later just to take the taste away sort of thing.

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