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to love the disclaimer from mumsnet ?

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"Note: This topic, as you might guess from its title, encourages posters to take sides. This means that posters tend to express their opinions. If you don't want to read posts from people who might strongly disagree with you, you might prefer to post in a different topic area on our site. "

i have only just noticed this. it has made me chuckle grin

Desiderata Wed 28-Jan-09 23:20:37

Yes, they're always swiftly deleted grin Oooh, but for just one unfettered night grin

Of course, I'd appear loads of times, but that's the appeal, really.

Ronald, you might make mine. I like your posts, by and large.

<inspects finger nails ...>

<<<snogs desi>>>

list or no list i loves ya too grin

i'm too anti-social half the time to appear on lists.....

i wander out every now and then onto threads and then quickly disappear when it all gets too much

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:27:16

lol sparkles.
do you mean when mn gets too much or rl?

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 23:27:37

Dalmation, I was hoping for a more rounded loathing Desi

the thread sounds good and suitably offensive

planning is what we need

when are mumsnet hq incapacitated?

let's invite them to a large fake "do" and then run amok

{I might need some serious help}

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:28:25

you are not anti-social btw, you have dc.

sunday lunchtime is the time for mn ers i hate threads. HQ will be off doing family stuff. lets have a good ruck and clear the air

no really i am anti-social i don't really like people very much

people want to talk and know things about me ask my opinions things like that, i really can't be arsed with it

it all gets a bit too much in both respects ID when rl gets too much i have mn when mn gets too much i have rl

plus i have wine that always helps grin

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:53:02

wine is the answer, definitely!

oh lol @ you lot plotting that mn'er hate thread with such precision grin
(not sure why I am grinning, tbh...I owuld probably end up on it, lol...although...maybe I wouldn't tend to be quite invisible

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 31-Jan-09 04:08:23

I'm far too unmotivated to actually hate any mumsnetters. I can barely muster the energy to hate my MIL these days. I could go for a 'MNers who I find mildly irritating' thread. Not even as irritating as a papercut really. More a hole in your sock irritating.

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