to love the disclaimer from mumsnet ?

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kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 21:30:53

"Note: This topic, as you might guess from its title, encourages posters to take sides. This means that posters tend to express their opinions. If you don't want to read posts from people who might strongly disagree with you, you might prefer to post in a different topic area on our site. "

i have only just noticed this. it has made me chuckle grin

crazy isnt it.

fryalot Wed 28-Jan-09 21:32:49

well I completely disagree with you



now squonk -- that is funny

what they should say is
there are a lot of beetches on here, mind your backs wink
particularly during the full moon.

whoingodsnameami Wed 28-Jan-09 21:37:20



differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:38:29
PeachyBAHonsPRSCertOnRequest Wed 28-Jan-09 21:39:10

<<wonders if that is interpreted as: even if you are plainly right and someone else is being offensivce hard luck, by not liking it you are automatically in th wrong for being here atb all>

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 21:39:49

trip trap grin

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:40:24

Peachy, does your now ridiculously long name mean no one believes your qualifications then?

PeachyBAHonsPRSCertOnRequest Wed 28-Jan-09 21:41:38

No just that I am being deliberately antagonistic in the light of the whole Rev thing grin

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:45:29

ah, thank you. I did

Lio Wed 28-Jan-09 21:48:02

Love it! Never noticed before.

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 21:52:42

right you bunch of fucking bitches. i only wanted an honest opinion. you nest of vipers, evil beatches

i should have stuck to netmums

which way to flouncers corner ?

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:53:46

Second start to the left, then straight on till morning!

Califrau Wed 28-Jan-09 21:53:47

is it new? They should have something similar on Baby names!

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:54:08

sorry, star to the left.blush

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 21:55:32

i love peter pan DIFF smile

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 21:57:32

see, we're not all so bad!

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 21:59:23

what a clique


kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:01:02

it amused me.

they could have just put
"you are probably being not only unreasonable but completely fucking crazy. people will point this out to you so if you dont like it - leave "

doesnt have quite the same ring to it does it ?

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 22:07:11

I can't believe you called me crazy!!!

Do you even know what that means???


differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 22:09:36

that's not a flounce this is a flounce

just don't go cryign to hq about it, wink

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 22:11:25
differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 22:13:45

that's so not a fruit shoot!
this is

i'm going to hide this thread


kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:16:29
differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 22:16:48

fine, feck off then.wink
See if we care!grin

How is your little family doing, sparkles?

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 22:19:26

frankly my dear I don't give a damn

for your flounces

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:29:59


differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 22:35:03

why are you crying korma?
<stands unsympathetically>

we be fine thanks ID grin

how are you?

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 22:40:50

Are you feeling ok tonight?
Are you a bit down?

(Meaning you disagree with me therefore I'll imply you are mental)

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:40:58

cus i thought it was funny and it clearly is cus im like, never wrong. and i am totally rational and non hormonal

and you lot here just have no sense of humour. you dont understand. my uncle's cousin's mother's best friend's vicar's cat just died and i needed something to laugh at

im sticking wioth netmums from now on


Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 22:42:23

lol huns


differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 22:42:55

well thanks sparkles.

Korma, anyone who says they are non-hormonal must be cyborgs.

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:44:26

yes exactly DIFF - cyborgs

tis the only feasible explanation

UnquietDad Wed 28-Jan-09 22:47:42

All the sections should have a disclaimer, shouldn't they?

TV: "Note: this section includes people discussing their favourite TV shows as if they are real. They know they are not. Please do not feel the need to point this out. Yes, John Barrowman is very good-looking. He is also gay, so forget it."

Dadsnet: "Note: this section includes blokes talking about sport and computers and their birds and stuff. If you don't like it, sod off."

Phil/Rel/Spir: "Note: this section, as you might guess, features people talking about god and woo and crystals and shit which cannot be supported with logical evidence. If you are a rational type, it may be best for your blood-pressure if you butt out for a bit."

Chicken Keepers: "Yes, it's about keeping chickens. You have a point?"

Legal/financial: "This section, by its nature, will have some posts from people moaning that, in the current economic climate, they are finding it very difficult to get by on Hubby's 100K a year and may have to let the gardener and cleaner go. Please be sympathetic if you have six kids and one can of beans to feed them on until your next Giro."

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 22:50:01

pmsl UQD grin

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Wed 28-Jan-09 22:51:04

Oh UQD, I've missed posts like these from you. Where have you been hiding?

UnquietDad Wed 28-Jan-09 22:51:28

margo - mainly with the woo-mongers....

Desiderata Wed 28-Jan-09 22:53:56

It makes me larf too!

One of my fave occupations on an AIBU topic, when everyone is cooing and saying, 'No, darling, you're not being unreasonable at all, is to wade in and tell them they're an unreasonable twathead.

It's funny how nasty they can get .. wink

pmsl wouldn't do something like that would you? shock

oh wait ..... you have already grin

Desiderata Wed 28-Jan-09 23:02:45

He he he! I guess you're aware of my more recent faux pas grin

What can I say? You either get me or you don't.

Did you notice I put your miserable arse up on a 'Who's my favourite MNer thread?'

did you? i am honoured smile

<<<goes off to vainly seek out thread>>>

lol...never noticed that really is funny and UQD is right there should be something on all teh sections...

Desiderata Wed 28-Jan-09 23:08:24

Ah, don't get too excited. You were just in a list.

Am I the only one that would fucking love to do a MN'ers you hate thread?

Ah, bad form .... <mutters peevishly>

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 23:11:01

Nah, there are only a few in my list and I'd rather watch for their posts

might I make yours?

bad press being better than no press

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:13:40

Desi, I think someone did at th eheight of the troll fest last autumn. Was swiftly deleted iirc.

Desiderata Wed 28-Jan-09 23:20:37

Yes, they're always swiftly deleted grin Oooh, but for just one unfettered night grin

Of course, I'd appear loads of times, but that's the appeal, really.

Ronald, you might make mine. I like your posts, by and large.

<inspects finger nails ...>

<<<snogs desi>>>

list or no list i loves ya too grin

i'm too anti-social half the time to appear on lists.....

i wander out every now and then onto threads and then quickly disappear when it all gets too much

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:27:16

lol sparkles.
do you mean when mn gets too much or rl?

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 23:27:37

Dalmation, I was hoping for a more rounded loathing Desi

the thread sounds good and suitably offensive

planning is what we need

when are mumsnet hq incapacitated?

let's invite them to a large fake "do" and then run amok

{I might need some serious help}

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:28:25

you are not anti-social btw, you have dc.

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 23:40:59

sunday lunchtime is the time for mn ers i hate threads. HQ will be off doing family stuff. lets have a good ruck and clear the air

no really i am anti-social i don't really like people very much

people want to talk and know things about me ask my opinions things like that, i really can't be arsed with it

it all gets a bit too much in both respects ID when rl gets too much i have mn when mn gets too much i have rl

plus i have wine that always helps grin

differentID Wed 28-Jan-09 23:53:02

wine is the answer, definitely!

oh lol @ you lot plotting that mn'er hate thread with such precision grin
(not sure why I am grinning, tbh...I owuld probably end up on it, lol...although...maybe I wouldn't tend to be quite invisible

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 31-Jan-09 04:08:23

I'm far too unmotivated to actually hate any mumsnetters. I can barely muster the energy to hate my MIL these days. I could go for a 'MNers who I find mildly irritating' thread. Not even as irritating as a papercut really. More a hole in your sock irritating.

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