to think adults who wear disney character clothing are odd

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GetOrfMoiLand Wed 02-Dec-09 12:54:09

Ooh I have never seen this thread before.

I saw a purple Suzuki Vitara a couple of months ago in Cheltenham, it had a picture of Eeyore on the spare wheel coevr thingie, and the woman's name *"Sheila" amblazoned in bright pink joined up handwriting font on the back windscreen.

I chortled and thought 'I must tell mumsnet' but forgot.

I LOVE the howling wolf fleeces. Do you remember the very first Apprentice - Saira and the posh one had to select some tat merchandise for a telly shopping channel - they saw one of those wolf fleeces and completely roared with laughter at the sight of it, it was so funny to watch.

My friend is obsessed with bagpuss, and has computer accessories (mouse, laptop bag etc) covered in Bagpuss motifs. It is deeply odd.

Pikelit Wed 02-Dec-09 12:34:32

I have, for some years now, been trying to lose dp's precious "Mickey in Moscow" T-shirt which he was given after (even more shamefully) attending some Morris Dancing bash in Russia. The only saving grace is that the lettering is all in Cyrillic script but the poxy mouse still looms large on the front.

It's not as if dp has any time, whatsoever, for the Dismal Corporation or their relentless colonisation of the planet. But he does love this particular garment.

But yes, as a rule, adults who want to brand themselves by sporting Eyeores, Tiggers and Poohs all over their clothes need help. Or to be given as wide a berth as possible.

jellyhead Wed 02-Dec-09 11:52:19

this thread has returned
it is one of my favourites
for the last couple of years I have felt a bit of a buzz whenever I spot a disney wearing adult and feel I have come to understand them a little more.

On holiday last year ds1 went and blew his holiday money on a t shirt with a huge tiger face on it..oh the shame

BornToFolk Wed 02-Dec-09 11:25:45

My sister asked for warm pyjamas for Christmas a few years ago. It was pretty much impossible to find some without a WTP/Little Miss Naughty/some stupid slogan emblazoned across them. Some even came with a little teddy bear in the pocket! For grown women, FFS!

Naffer than a naff thing.

RoseWater Wed 02-Dec-09 11:15:38

Our (male) headteacher is often seen in school sporting a fleece with a large embroidered Mickey Mouse on the back biscuit - the younger ones think it's great but the Year 6's are known to snurk from time to time.

We'll see whether the cold weather makes him bring out his wolf fleece.

RockBird Wed 02-Dec-09 10:35:24

Not Disney but I drove all the way home last night with that fucking crazy frog grinning out at me from the rear window of the car in front. Great big thing sat on the back shelf. It was the only time I have ever contemplated deliberately driving into the back of a car.

mamasmissionimpossible Wed 02-Dec-09 10:09:36

I agree with Jellybeans. Live and let live!

WhoIsAskingSantaForCake Wed 02-Dec-09 10:05:01

I saw a grown woman wearing Hello Kitty earmuffs yesterday. Her whole car was full to bursting with Hello Kitty cuddly toys and stuff hanging off the rear view mirror.

I cut her up quite badly at a roundabout. She totally deserved it.

MamaLazarou Wed 02-Dec-09 10:02:58

Re the howling wolf fleece:

A woman I have never seen before wore a blue fleece with appliquéd Alsatians on the back to my grandmother's funeral.

Appliquéd Alsatians aside... A fleece! To a funeral! It wasn't even black.

teameric Wed 02-Dec-09 09:59:12

I'm sitting here reading this thread in my Hello Kitty PJ bottoms grin I have a bit of a thing for HK. And I also love Owls. I'm not a saddo, honest!

jellybeans Wed 02-Dec-09 09:54:33

I see alot of older people with owl or bird motives on fleece tops, the sort you can buy in posh garden centres. I think it is maybe abit odd but I like oddballs. I wouldn't wear it, prefer plain stuff and no labels but it's not really any worse than head to toe in Bench etc and if they like it why not?

wukter Wed 02-Dec-09 09:48:25

LOL - "nafftastic bearfuck"

I am going to cover myself in honey and proposition DP with that exact phrase when he gets home this evening...

Stayingsunnygirl Wed 02-Dec-09 09:34:43

Tell us what you saw, pleeeeease Carmen. grin

nickschick Wed 02-Dec-09 09:07:03

lol sure teenage ds has already done that lol ive seen him snigger when im wearing my tinky tee ......hmm

OMG.. never... NEVER google 'slutty tinkerbell' images to accrue evidence

Or at least make sure your safe search is on...

nickschick Wed 02-Dec-09 08:07:05

Tinkerbell is so not slutty - is she?

I have a tinky t shirt and pjs ......blush.

and the wolf tie dye eyes are bleeding!

Hey nothing is as bad as the howling wolf fleece jacket here

pigletmania Tue 01-Dec-09 22:18:04

I must say though i only wear those things in the house and not outside and certainly not to work.

mamasmissionimpossible Tue 01-Dec-09 22:05:57

My mother has a whole sofa dedicated to all her cuddly friends, v v worrying. They are going straight to the charity shop, if I am ever 'lucky' enough to inherit them.

pigletmania Tue 01-Dec-09 21:43:09

YABVVVVVVVU I love my fleecy Micky jacket from Disney store its so warm. Whatever happened to your sense of fun OP, just because you are an adult do you have to be miserable and loose your inner child, my goodness me what a grump. Bring it on, I have an Eyore jumper from Disney store with my name on it grin

YANBU. It is concerning to say the very least! I hate to see cars full of all the fluffy characters...peering out the back seat...hanging off the mirror. Lordy.

Katiekitty Tue 01-Dec-09 21:13:54

oops wear = year

(a year so bad, I am still unable to type)

Katiekitty Tue 01-Dec-09 21:12:46

I once worked in a very small office, for a wear, with a woman of 35, who was so deeply, deeply obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, that, she could only call him, in deeply revered tones:

Wwwinnieee da pooooooh (upwards incline on the end of -oooohhh if you don't mind)

(deep shudder)

squirrel42 Tue 01-Dec-09 19:22:15

I don't have any Disney clothing but I do have a couple of t-shirts with the comics version of the Joker from Batman on. Homicidal psychopathic clowns are much cooler than grumpy donkeys and honey-obsessed bears...

Jujubean77 Tue 01-Dec-09 19:01:11

My step daughter 15 wears a distressed minnie t-shirt in a post Modern ironic way, all her friends do too, they are all tall and gorgeous and wear them with skinny jeans.

It is actually quite cool amongst the young 'uns now...

Doublebuggy Tue 01-Dec-09 18:48:42

I have NOT read all 7 pages

I once had a blind date with a bloke in a restaurant who said that I would recognise him because he would be wearing ....

his "mickey mouse nature lovers shirt"

it turned out to be a jumper with Mickey in some nature scene on it.

It was easy to find him in the restaurant.

There was no second date!

MintyCandyCane Tue 01-Dec-09 18:11:45

So who buys all the forever friends night dresses I see in M and S then ? I always look at them and think what an utter turn off that must be to men. Are there women out there that really wear those ?

MamaLazarou Tue 01-Dec-09 18:09:58

YANBU - these women are strange and I will never understand them.

LeQueen Tue 01-Dec-09 17:54:31

Pity them...they cleary have no sense of taste, or personal style.

lovechoc Tue 01-Dec-09 17:53:43

also have a vest top with Micky Mouse on it. Might be shameful, but at least it's a talking point with DC.

lovechoc Tue 01-Dec-09 17:51:59

I have an eeyore t-shirt and a betty boop t-shirt. the shame! blush

deaddei Tue 01-Dec-09 17:50:47

And women of a certain age who wear fleeces with SHEEP all over them.....

Ooh, I have a fitted t-shirt with a line drawing of Tinkerbell on it. And some nice blue sweatpants with a vintage Mickey. And a fitted Hoodie with a tiny Tinkerbell motif. (I don't even like Tinkerbell, think she's a bit slutty... I was just cold at Disneyland and needed a hoodie!)

They're not awful, but I wouldn't do the big glaring print of Winne the Pooh or something.

(I have a local resident pass for Disneyland and go every few weeks... you're all just jealous grin)

Antdamm Tue 01-Dec-09 17:39:19

blush I have gotten terribly mixed up with all of the links to different threads about terrible clothing.

Just ignore me

Antdamm Tue 01-Dec-09 17:38:03

My Sil asks for WTP themed jammies every year - she's 24 hmm

I do buy them for her - mostly because they are so easy to get my hands on....

She also wanted to go to Disneyland Florida with her Husband for their honeymoon, but he DH said NO!

She still wants to go and is hoping to go next year, but her DH is less than keen....

She has WTP paraphenelia all around her house - and she used to have loads of WTP cuddly toys which took up a large portion of her bed. I think they may be in storage until they have a kid hmm

ok, maybe I could be persuaded for a thousand!

niceglasses Tue 24-Apr-07 11:17:16

A few yrs back on me MSc in Computing (for arts thickos like wot I am) it seemed to be compulsory for the girls to wear Disney stuff and the lads to wear horrible 80s Christmas jumpers and carry plastic bags with there books in.

nailpolish Tue 24-Apr-07 11:17:06

lol expat

so would i

expatinscotland Tue 24-Apr-07 11:15:26

Oh, I don't know, I'd wear one for a thousand or so.

I HATE the t.shirt thing though! Would NEVER wear a disney item of clothing unless I was paid millions of pounds to do so! he,he

mustrunmore.....I have a bambi tattoo on my lower back. Its very cute. I want to get a little pink bird to symbolyse my little girl. I know thats not disney, but still cartoony. I think if its small and can be covered up if needed then its cute!

Emprexia Tue 24-Apr-07 08:27:27

I love Eeyore, i did used to wear T-shirts with him on, but now i tend to stick to keyrings.
I do have one guilty pleasure, lol, DH knows i have an Aspergers Syndrome induced Eeyore obsession, and he bought me a pair of eeyore knickers from BHS for xmas. Gotta love that man.

As for pj's i don't see the problem in sleeping in pj's with WTP stuff on, i love my WTP jammies, and so does my 7mo DS who sits and pats the character on my top while i'm feeding him.

I'm actually wearing a set with Snoopy on at the moment.

Quokate Mon 23-Apr-07 22:37:21

ShirleyMac! I'm so JEALOUS!

Can I have your Chewbacca hairy backpack PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEE! Seriously - I would be topbananas with my DD and DS as we're all Star Wars FREAKS!!!!

viticella Fri 20-Apr-07 16:35:59

I have a Tigger t-shirt that was in a sale at New Look - thought better afterward but annoyingly it's a very flattering cut and colour so I still wear it!

Shaun the sheep is different though!

Roskva70percentcocoa Wed 18-Apr-07 11:14:06

It's not just rather odd, it's extremely odd! But then, I'm probably just a snob cos I hate clothes with any sort of logo on

hannahsaunt Wed 18-Apr-07 10:35:36

Yes - it's odd (rather than yes you're being unreasonable).

hannahsaunt Wed 18-Apr-07 10:34:52

Gosh yes.

Ponce Wed 18-Apr-07 10:01:21


Washersaurus Wed 18-Apr-07 10:00:05

I will admit to having a tiger shaped bag that I loved.....

I was 10 years old!

I'm not keen on any character themed type of stuff really (its all a big marketing ploy y'know), but I wouldn't stop my DS from having something if he really wanted it - he is currently sporting a spiderman cap and sunglasses which he loves so much he wears them indoors!

custy Wed 18-Apr-07 08:15:51

i have a penguin /chicken in disguise (wallace & gromit) bag. for display purposes only.

sockmonkey Wed 18-Apr-07 07:51:41

I had Shaun the sheep bag for work before I had kids & I loved it. It was too small for nappies & wipes etc so it had to go once I became a mummy.
How do you all feel about comic book characters then? Superman, batman etc?
<sockmonkey wonders if she is just a big geek and should just leave this thread be>

Washersaurus Tue 17-Apr-07 21:43:30

I also often wonder about the adults I see wearing those stuffed animal shaped rucksacks/backpacks (with apparently no children)....that is weird IMHO

I have to admit that is does seem difficult to avoid disney themed baby stuff - can sort of see how that could spiral into an uncontrollable habit (although not in my house obviously - there is not a hint of disney here....we are faaaaar too stylish)



I toyed with the idea of a WTP themed nursery when my DD was born but thankfully my DM talked me out of it before I got too far down this primrose-strewn path.

She casually pointed out that the bath sets were cheaper in Toys R Us so that sorted that one out. DD does have two WTP duvets on her bed though but that's as I'm too stingy to buy her Barbie or Bratz now and they're perfectly ok

mummytosteven Tue 17-Apr-07 21:01:04

DisneyShop had some men's Cars underpants in their sale - didn't think DH would appreciate them though

and I didn't know there was a Rodin Museum either - have just about heard of the Louvre though

bamamama Tue 17-Apr-07 20:55:30

Can't help feeling that character covered clothes of any persuasion are used in place of a personality. I hate disney with a vengence and there is no way while there is breath in my body that my ds is going to disneyland. even if someone else pays. maybe. What is worse are work colleagues who seem to truly believe that social services should be called just because you don't have matching disney nursery furniture.

WideWebWitch Tue 17-Apr-07 20:32:24

I completely agree, I started a thread ages ago about this, mad imo.

Lovecat Tue 17-Apr-07 19:57:18

I must confess: I have owned a WtP nightie and dressing gown.

In my defence I must stress that I got them from Mothercare on sale and only wore them in the last month of pregnancy during a bloody cold winter! They went off to Freecycle shortly afterwards.

On Winnie-ther-Pooh generally, I'm with Colditz. And I love EH Shephard's illustrations, they are beautiful (so are the ones he did for A A Milne's nursery rhyme books and for Wind In The Willows - now there's a good book!).

DD's room has EH Shephard stickarounds on the walls and a WtP music box. She loves them and I can't wait til she's old enough to read her the proper stories.

Minnie Mouse, however, can burn in hell. Why isn't her dress long enough to cover her drawers? It always disturbed me as a child....

saggers Tue 17-Apr-07 19:49:41

I knew someone at University who had a hammock full of soft toys strung across the back of her car. Hello?!

smoggie Tue 17-Apr-07 19:11:06

mum at ds's school has disney crocs ....eughhhh.
Agree that there is something strange about grown women wearing Disney clothing in public, sorry!.....I have the same thoughts about grown women with 'character' back-packs (anyone remember the girl on WNTW with a huge furry animal one?) Oh and women who have lots of fluffy teddies in car or twenty keyring appendages.

Imawurzel Tue 17-Apr-07 18:50:15

I have 2 tigger t-shirts and 1 of piglet,In my defence i only wear them round the house/in garden or when i pop to parents quickly.
I must go shopping sometime soon.
<<<Wurz wanders off to find stuff to sell to buy more t-shirts>>>

kimi Tue 17-Apr-07 18:33:37

My sister (30) has Whinny the pooh PJs

I didn't know that there was a Rodin museum in Paris . I wouldn't waste a trip to Paris to go Disney shopping though!!


WelshBoris Tue 17-Apr-07 18:05:33

" By welshboris on Mon 06-Feb-06 22:46:23
If the pass the parcel girl gets married before me, then my life is officially over

lol lol lol lol

WelshBoris Tue 17-Apr-07 18:04:30

I remember that other thread, I just laughed out loud at a post on it then realised I had written it!

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 17:52:11

Enough to make you weep Notapushy (althoguh teensy bit surprised that the Rodin museum is what yuo think of when it comes to Paris.Maybe you were being a bit of a tease??)

3andnomore Tue 17-Apr-07 17:45:14 I sad then, because..well..ermm..uhm...yes...erm...I got a Pyjama with some Winnie Pooh characters on it..[oh the shame, I suppose....but you know's so comfy and I love it]

notapushy1 Tue 17-Apr-07 17:36:45

Oh, I so agree with you, nailpolish.I am reminded of the shallow antipodean flibbertygibbet and first-generation -"graduate " who my DD had the misfortune to have as her primary class "teacher". My DD wasted a year with that naffly Disney-attired thick cow. At the end of one term she said she was going to Paris for the second time in as many months
"Oooo, lovely," I said," will you be visiting the Rodin Museum?"
"No" she replied, looking baffled. " I'm visiting Disneyland again. I was devastated when I lost my Eeyore necklace @ school somewhere, so I'm going to get a replacement."
" Are you going by yourself?"
"Yes.What's a rodin ?"

agnesnitt Tue 17-Apr-07 16:30:41

(creeps in very quietly)

I think it's odd for anybody to be wearing disney paraphernalia.


(creeps out again)

sockmonkey Tue 17-Apr-07 16:24:39

I dislike Mickey Mouse & co, and WTP, but like Tigger & Eeyore.
Not suitable for grown ups to wear, but a babygrow with Tigger on seems fine by me.

I did go to Disney in florida for 2 days with DS1, and you do kinda get caught up in the spirit of it while you are there, but I still refused to have anything with the mouse on it....I have my pride.

RubyRioja Tue 17-Apr-07 14:09:57

I have a theory - people who have taken their dcs to DLP out of season are occasionally forced to buy additional clothing to cope with the utter, relentless cold. This required them to take out a second mortgage, thus obliging them to wear the damn stupid, yet terribly warm and cosy, Mickey Mouse jacket for the next three years to get their money's worth.

Or they just don't care what Mnetter think !!!

And I like most kids Disneyclothes.

When I was pg I wore a t-shirt that said 'here comes trouble' underneath a picture of a cute cat. Haven't worn it since though - not keen on the stretched out clothes look now .

Purpleparrot Tue 17-Apr-07 13:55:08

I think if you like it then wear it. We probably spend far too much time being worried about what other people think of our dress sense and spend far too much money on clothes. I personally like winnie the pooh and have a t shirt and some night wear with him on and I don't care what people think about me wearing them because he is a cute cuddly bear who struggles with his weight.. just like me, only not a bear

TeeCee Tue 17-Apr-07 13:43:30

I think vintage Mickey Mouse tees are allowed but a jumper wit a big fat eeyore on it frankly scares me! I loathe Winnie the pooh on clothing for any age, newborn and esp middle aged folk, very odd imo.

I wore a WTP sweatshirt to do charity collecting in at Toys R Us once - it's great for attracting the attention of toddlers being handed money to drop in charity boxes .

I didn't buy it myself though - my cousin gave it to me for Christmas . Went in the charity clothing bank soon after that as there's no way I'd wear it as proper clothing.

Fimbo Tue 17-Apr-07 13:42:25

Oh yes Lovelymoo-ok on kids definately!

lovelymoo Tue 17-Apr-07 13:41:14

MY DC's have disney crocs and they look great but not on an adult

Fimbo Tue 17-Apr-07 13:36:04

You can get <<<shudders>>> Disney Crocs.

Botbot Tue 17-Apr-07 13:32:52

Was just perusing this thread again when a woman from our accounts department walked in wearing a diamanté Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Quite like the girl so I feel guilty now.

kslatts Tue 17-Apr-07 12:54:44

I have a minnie mouse nightshirt and really like it, I also quite like the disney fitted t-shirts, but am too fat to wear fitted t-shirts.

AlienEars Tue 17-Apr-07 12:47:02

I have seen a car with fecking great Winnie the Pooh transfers all over it. And the driver wears matching clothing. Why????

jellyhead Tue 17-Apr-07 12:41:51

I have always thought that but never analysed why.
I once went to a [single] colleague from work's house and she had 4 massive winnie the pooh toys sat around her dining table. I wanted to scream, I would have been less frightened if she showed me a knife collection

As I suspected, it doesn't have a real definition , but it's a reaction against modernism, essentially. It's mostly goofy stuff, imo.

Post modern is a new postal service, offered in the more interesting areas of Britain.

You can post ideas, goals, thoughts, beliefs, or even tangible objects. You don't need a stamp, or even an address, the service just delivers them appropriately.

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 12:40:02

post modern can be flung around with gay abandon
I urge you.

It is as meaningless a phrase as 'thinking outside the box'.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 12:37:18

good question colditz

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:32:10

<<scratches crotch>>

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:31:48

<<nearly name-changes but doesn't>>

Is 'Post modern' a real thing or is it just one of those words you use when you feel like saying long words but have no cause to? because I would love to chuck that ne around a bit, but might drop a blooper as I don't know what it means!

suzywong Tue 17-Apr-07 12:26:06

manly punch on the arm for coldtiz for the post modern deconstructionism

very impressed indeed

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 12:23:43

i dont like the original books, although i can see the appeal

i also dislike cat in the hat

makes me <shudder>

dd1 got the boxset for xmas and i felt a chill up my spine

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:23:29

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 12:22:32

You're wasted girl.

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:22:12

I should read more challenging books, I think.

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 12:20:28

V. good deconstruction Colditz.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 12:20:03

Sex with clothes on?

Oh no!

Not unless you're in public .

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:18:51

I love the original books. I really do. they were written to keep the adults awake while they read to the children, I think. But poor old Winnie-Ther-Pooh is dead, and his corpse has been reanimated by Disney like a parody of Frankenstein's monster, renamed Pooh-Bear, and paraded around various calculatedly schmaltzy scenarios, with his American Voice, and his American friends and his All-American Boy owner, until he is just a parody of who Winnie-Ther-Pooh used to be.

There is no satire left in Eeyore - he is now merely a miserable donkey. Rabbit is just a rabbit, and owl's pompous blundering was mistaken by the mundane for genuine wisdom and has been paraded as such.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 12:13:58


fishie Tue 17-Apr-07 12:12:57

i find the nightwear most upsetting of all - how does anybody expect to have sex with children's characters on their nighties?

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 12:12:15

I just Don't Get It.

I am 26. I am not 4. Why would I want to look 4?

Ex MIL gave me a WTP purse for Christmas one year. I was utterly bewildered. I live in Jeans and black v neck t shirts. Nothing about me or my house screams "Rampant Disney addict!" I like functional things, and Disney Pooh makes me want to VOM.

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 12:05:08

My aunt (60 plus) mists over and drops her voice reverentially when she discusses her three trips to Disneyland.

Her bedroom is full of soft toys and her fridge is covered in those 'You've got a friend' and 'The world's bestest grandma' type magnets.

You get the picture....

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 12:04:11

he didnt mind his wife squeezing other blokes arses

says it all!

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 12:03:29

FGS nailpolish don't ask them either question A or B! They might think you're offering.

I know np, honeymoon!
They were meant to go to Cancun the 2nd week, but there was a hurricane so they stayed at disney.

They said afterwards they were glad they didn't get to go to Mexico as Disney was so fabulous!!! WTF?

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 12:00:44

i would most certainly have Pluto as my bridesmaid

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 12:00:10

Is it worth to get married in Disneyland or honeymoon there d'you think???

Why would you want to wear something that basically gives a massive corporation free advertising?

Maybe that's a whole nother thread though...

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:59:43

oh jesus - honeymoon??????

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 11:59:22

I would so love to meet them and quiz them.
There is a swinigng coupoe in the cul de sac where my dd is childminded.
Good on 'em! Livens the joint up a bit.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:59:21

he buys me clothes because i have made it clear to everyone i detest getting money ro vouchers

lol moondog.
Totally agree with OP nailpolish.
My sister has numerous WTP t-shirts etc, and she and BIL actually went to Disneyland ON THEIR HONEYMOON!!!!

I do not get it.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:58:32

yep MD thats him

Anna8888 Tue 17-Apr-07 11:58:29

Character merchandise is already pretty sad for children and should be used with great care. For adults it is just tragic...

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:58:11

MD ny next door neighbour wears t shirts with naked women on them

we had a culdesac get together at a different neighbours house and he turned up with one on

cheap see-thru cotton jobby with a cartoon of a naked woman legs apart

his wife got drunk and tried it on with ALL the men

i am sure they are dirty swingers

they got married at age 16 and i would LOVE to know if A) they are frustrated or B) thet swing

purely curiosity of course

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 11:57:58

Isn't he the bloke who came to take your dh home to nurse him to health as yuo weren't capable (in his eyes?)
He's a widower isn't he?
Despite sartorial faux pas,fair play to him for having a go at buyingyou clothes!

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:55:52

no, i wouldnt want FIL buying me sexy jammies either (of course not!) but i dotn want to appear ungrateful, id rather have sone exquisite perfume or suchlike

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 11:54:51

I won't have Disney crqp for me kids either.
If it comes in the front door,it doesn't stop going until it leaves via the back one.

hitchcock Tue 17-Apr-07 11:54:41

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 11:53:40

I'm so with you Expat and NP.
And how hysterical to shag a bloke in a Tssmanian devil blouson.
I saw a bloke wearing an Abba! The Musical!!! t shirt yesterday.Accessorised with a jacket with lots of little badges on it and a trilby.Needless to say,he was shopping with his mother.

custy Tue 17-Apr-07 11:49:21

i don't think there is anything more wrong with this than say some middle class bird wearing a grey cardigan and thinking she's the dogs knackers for looking ordinary.

we all have different tastes.

hitchcock Tue 17-Apr-07 11:47:21

oh the shame!!!!

nogoes Tue 17-Apr-07 11:46:47

Sarah, I knew a bloke with a jacket like that he was a total tosser. Thought he was Gods gift but wore cartoon clothes bought for him by his mum and thought the height of sophistication was Planet Hollywood.

hitchcock Tue 17-Apr-07 11:45:26

nice !!!!

sarahhal Tue 17-Apr-07 11:43:57

Good friend of mine once pulled a bloke in a bar and all was going well until it was time to leave and he put on a leather jacket with the Tazmanian devil character on the back
Thing is, she still went home with him and now can't believe that she actually shagged a bloke a) in a leather blouson and b)with a cartoon on it.

suzycreamcheese Tue 17-Apr-07 11:32:01

ironic is passable.... disney is horrid...though have been to disneyland once in tokyo wouldnt ever think of going there..hate packaged holiday thing...

mytwopenceworth Tue 17-Apr-07 11:30:31

yeah, they're trying to be all young and cutsie. probably giggle a lot too, and have those backpacks that look like cute furry animals .

slap em i say, slap em.

Botbot Tue 17-Apr-07 11:25:28

I caused outrage in my office when I mentioned that I'm not keen on Disney and am certainly not planning to take dd to Disneyland ever. People reacted as if I was depriving her of an essential part of her childhood. Eek!

lol NQC " nafftastic bearfuck nightmare that is Disney Pooh"

LaSenza actually have some nicer plainer stock in at the moment (walked by window yesterday), failing that take them back & pick a gift for someone else!

Maybe exchange them for non-Disney La Senza pjs?

PJs are such a minefield, my MIL is forever buying me them from M+S. But the ones she's bought have been a) cat-themed (I have cats! This doesn't mean I want pictures of cats on everything! If I want to look at a cat, I can just find one of mine!) or b) with polar bears on. Nice enough, but a bit cuter than I wanted ...

But would you want your FIL buying you 'sexy' PJs?

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:21:12

i could do with some new bras, and they ARE from La Senza

but i <shudder> at La Senza bras

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:20:42

what should i do with these disney jammies????????????????

hitchcock Tue 17-Apr-07 11:19:18

whats wrong with wearing disney may i ask ???? i have the hairband with 100 dal dogs on wearing a pooh bear jumper and wearing eeyore slippers i think i look good!!!

yeah right xxx only joking ladies dp would have locked away if i dressed like that

Oh, and I dislike pre-Disney Pooh, and hate Disney Pooh. All the branded products suck, for one thing, and oh, it's all so naff naff naffo.

I don't understand why British people, particularly, would want anything to do with the nafftastic bearfuck nightmare that is Disney Pooh. Particularly if you like the original stuff.

No no, Dr Seuss is fine. Miffy is fine. Hello Kitty (Goodbye Taste! [tm Marina]) is fine.

Disney is horrid.

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 11:15:22

Dr Seuss eh? Now, I wouldn't mind a 'cat in the hat' hat. That'd be a bit of a talking point at the school gate wouldn't it?!

Hilllary Tue 17-Apr-07 11:13:30

I think these people are a class of their own, no offense to them but its not my cup of tea.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 11:12:40

And that Pooh gear doesn't come cheap, either!

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 11:12:21

I also found out one of my colleagues is a Pooh person. She's in her 30s, and honestly, I just wouldn't have pegged her for a Pooh person.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 11:11:33

If they were my relatives, crazy, I'd snurk at them.

Possibly openly, too.

I think it looks wanky.

I am not going to disneyland ever - even with my children.

But then I have a tee-shirt with a Dr.Seuss thing on so maybe I am wanky too.

(hey wouldn't it be great if we had a [wank] icon instead of the one - I would use it loads.)

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 11:04:09

crazy - thats wierd

crazylazydaisy Tue 17-Apr-07 11:03:22

Relatives of mine- in their 60's and grandparents- go to Disneyland every couple of years and rent out a huge 4/5 bed place with swimming pool. Aah, tha's nice isnt it to take the grandchildren? No- they have never, ever taken any of the dgc, they always go alone. On all the rides, meeting Mickey etc just the 2 of them. Then fly home - always first class- and tell their children and grandchildren all about it . Does anyone else find this odd?

shirleymac Tue 17-Apr-07 10:54:43

I'm 34 btw & I know I'm sad.

I just don't care .

shirleymac Tue 17-Apr-07 10:53:20

Oh and I've got a discworld t-shirt with the Nac Mac Feegle on it in a 'Trainspotting' pose which I will never ever give up. You can see the one I mean here .

lol at JARM being young and fat and stupid

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 10:52:26

I have another friend who went to Paris.

To go to Disneyland.

I made no comment.

But inside, I was snurking .

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 10:51:53

Talking of wierd things you keep in the freezer...

I was going to say arrested development when I remembered the Miffy top I had before I had children. I thought I looked pretty cute in it (this was years ago before miffy was cool again)can I get away with it if it's kitschy??
anyway I wouldn't wear it now. norks too big. miffy would look like the elephant man, not a good look for the Dutch bunny

suzywong Tue 17-Apr-07 10:50:49

other characters are fine
it's just Disney

we all know what a weirdo Walt was in his spare time

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 17-Apr-07 10:50:26

< worked...runs off again....>

pinkfluffy29, surely you meant 13 not 23?!?

shirleymac Tue 17-Apr-07 10:49:27

Ummmm I'll just bin the skateboarder Goofy t-shirt shall I? And the Bagpuss top. And the Nightmare Before Christmas tote. And the giant hairy Chewbacca-head rucksack. Oh, and the Captain Caveman T.

I'm not making any of this up btw altho' in my defence the hairy head (!?!) was a gift from dh & dd1 & dd2 & was used once to please them then consigned to the top of the wardrobe.

I do still wear the Bagpuss top & would also wear the Captain Caveman top if it still fitted .

And the NBC bag is just cool - we've got Jack Skellington coasters on our dining table .

i live in essex and what makes me chuckle at the minute is the 14-17 year olds who wear fake tracksuits with sylvester or tweety pie on the back and leg wtf?? then they try and give attitude i cant help but snigger - soooooooooo cooooooooool!!!!

i think disney characters are ok for nightwear but over the age of 23 not for day wear. i used to have a fozzie and bagpuss rucksack and thought they were sooooo coool - in my 20's now dd has them to cuddle lol

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:48:09

who's worrying vvvvvv?

i am sitting by the phone waiting for an important call passing the time moaning about utter crap

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 17-Apr-07 10:47:09

OH to have so little to worry about.....

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:45:05

fed UP that should say

Grown women should never wear t-shirts with pictures on the front or for that matter t-shirts with writing on advertising the brand...So naff!

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:44:47

and i am fed with friends (mainly one CHILDLESS couple friends of ours) who go on holiday every year to disneyland

i would rather pluck my toenails out


dejags Tue 17-Apr-07 10:42:09

Very strange indeed.

By all means get into the swing of things whilst in the actual park, but leave the cheeseball merchandise in your cupboard as a souvenier when you get home.

suzywong Tue 17-Apr-07 10:39:59

OH god I just knew this was going to be a Disney-Winnie-the-Pooh thing

It is very very odd
on many layers

I think one could just about get away with mickey mouse because he is so iconic and only when in the company of small children

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 10:35:31

Maybe he dresses up as Christopher Robin

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 10:32:30

No, she was for real. I was shocked. She just didn't seem the Pooh type, you know.

I just told her, 'Oh, that's lovely. I'm so glad you found each other.'

Then, when I went to the ladie's room, I start giggling like a maniac and it was all I could do to regain composure.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:23:03

i also woul dlike to express my hatred of character MUGS

even with cutsey kittens or cartoons on


or wtf is it with next kitten t shirts with fake diamonds etc


peachygirl Tue 17-Apr-07 10:22:32

I very very much agree. Several people where I work had bizarre 'pooh' related onsessions.

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 10:21:30

Urrrgh expat that's toe curling.

I can't bear it men treat their wives like ickle girls. Shudder.

Mmmm, the mind boggles...If a friend of mine bought me pyjamas with a disney character on them I'd laugh!

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:15:40

<groan> expat

i hope you are being sarcastic

expatinscotland Tue 17-Apr-07 10:14:02

A friend of mine, in her 40s, recently told me that what really made her fall in love with her now husband was when she had a bad cold and he came over and 'read her some Winnie the Pooh'.

I was just like, 'Oh, that's so sweet.'

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:11:32

im asking this becuase:-

FIL gave me 2 pairs of pyjamas for my birthday from La Senza, 1 pair with eeyore hte other with a teddy bear on

i am quite devastated.

i know its materialistic but i cant help it

electra Tue 17-Apr-07 10:07:30

Anyone remember this thread?

TinyGang Tue 17-Apr-07 10:03:36

Someone once gave me some ginormous Mickey Mouse slippers after they'd visited Dinseyland. WHY?!

It looked like Mickey was trying to mate with your feet when you put them on. Bloody dangerous too; I fell over in them a couple of times. That, combined with the fact I looked a complete tit in them consigned them to the charity bag.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 09:59:19

lol @ saggers mum

nogoes Tue 17-Apr-07 09:52:39

That must have been a moment of madness, Saggers. I think I would rather wear a pooh bear one.

misdee Tue 17-Apr-07 09:47:09

i have a tinkerbell bag, when dh saw it he said

'thats a nice bag...........for an adult'

saggers Tue 17-Apr-07 09:45:50

My mum, in a moment of madness, once bought herself a jumper with a kitchen scene appliquéed(sp?) onto it. It was almost as bad as a Disney motif.

Jealousyisgreen Tue 17-Apr-07 09:45:37

My 27 yr old SIL is obsessed. But then she still lives in her childhood anyway

She sits on her dh's knee and likes to be patted, even when people are visiting. (I dont anymore) (visit that is, not sit on her dhs knee)

She has glass/porcelain pots, like honey jars. She has huge teddies in the spare room. She also has royal doulton with WTP on it. She can quite often be heard to shreik "Ohh I love Winnie The Pooh!!" When my kids were born she got them tigger outfits, which I give to the local hospital for sick children

She has no children of her own yet, but I fear the obsession will worsen when she does

Flamesparrow Tue 17-Apr-07 09:40:23

Oh god yes MRM - met a guy once who had a giant forghorn leghorn on his calf (calve??)!!!

nogoes Tue 17-Apr-07 09:34:19

When I was around 25 I would wear quite tight fitting disney tops that I bought from Camden Market to go backpacking, I have no idea why I wouldn't be seen dead in them now. I don't get the whole adult obession with disney/cuddly toys either. I worked with a 50+ woman who was obsessed with Tigger, really weird. My very intelligent sensible 24 yrd old SIL got loads of winnie the pooh stuff for Christmas, why? I am a grumpy old sod though and lost my inner child years ago.

sockmonkey Tue 17-Apr-07 09:23:30

I never got the obesssion with winney the pooh, when Tigger is clearly much more cool. I think it depends on the character TBH.
But then again, I wear a batman watch (and have batman pjs). Do comic book heros count as sad?

Proud to be wearing my Piglet T-Shirt this morning.

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:57:51

<<<runs off to bin tigger t shirt!>>>

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:55:28

oh god yes lots of people have winnie the pooh tattoos dont they

i know someone who has a huge disney clothing collection

car ornments
keyrings (which she loops onto jeans)
its beyond me

mustrunmore Tue 17-Apr-07 08:54:06

Clothing is disgusting, but not as bad as Disney/other cartoon tattooes <<ducks for cover>>. I love tattooes, but why would anyone want a cartoon???

littlelapin Tue 17-Apr-07 08:52:39

I have a tshirt with Tweety on the breast pocket... it says "small bird", which I am

JARM Tue 17-Apr-07 08:52:07

i live in my eeyore dungarees when heavily pregnant - got them in america when i was fat and young and stupid

MrsBadger Tue 17-Apr-07 08:51:42

do you know these people actually concern me more than ones who swig juice in Tesco.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:50:54

VERY sad

honestly, do you really think to yourself "oh i will look so fetching in that shapeless tee shirt with the disney motif"

cathcart Tue 17-Apr-07 08:49:37

sad methinks

fryalot Tue 17-Apr-07 08:49:02

I was quite upset when I got too fat for my eeyore top

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:48:54

i may not be sad, but i obviously cant type!

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:47:50

i have a tshirt with tigger on too, dont wear it very often but still wear it (although i'm not in my fifties!) does that ake mesad!?!

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:47:45

2shoes i DONT give a shit

im just mildly interested

its not as if they are cheap either, if from disney shop

you could get a pretty monsoon top for the same price

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:46:43

pet peev is the fleeces with winnie the pooh on it. embroidered. i ASK you...

no no no no.
don't do it.
put the character clothes, bags etc etc AWAY.

2shoes Tue 17-Apr-07 08:46:05

i have 2 with micky on them. Why? because dd loves them and so do I. It makes her smile
do I care that people think i am
I think it is sad that people give a shit

tarantula Tue 17-Apr-07 08:45:11

Because he/she is a grumpy git?

Nemo2007 Tue 17-Apr-07 08:45:02

I have a t shirt with winnie the pooh on..pmsl..although it isnt obviously winnie the pooh..god with that and crocs I really am a MN no no arent I!!!!

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 08:44:32

I really rteally do not know why women in their fifties are obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.

It is SAD.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:43:18

honestly, why would a grown adult wear a jumper with Eeyore on it

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