To take the body lotion and soap from a £250 a night hotel? They have asked for it back!!!

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mayaswell Wed 18-Apr-12 10:57:03

Hahaha, I didnt realise how old this was, I googled the bloody hotel yesterday, it seems they survived! Looks nice actually...

SoupDragon Wed 18-Apr-12 10:33:22


Good lord! why do people bump random threads from years and years ago?

sashh Wed 18-Apr-12 10:28:26

Tell them you have chicken pox / rabies / lurgy and you will return them, but their other guests will be at risk

Insist on a full risk assessement of returniing them, including the dangers postal workers may be exposed to ensure you do not harm anyone whilst returning them. In fact suggest to them that they use a professional toxic waste courier to transport the toiletries back to you.

If you like I could go round in a suit witha clipboard and ask them what their health and safety policy is regarding the reuse of possibly infected products.

TattyDevine Tue 17-Apr-12 21:14:29

This is a great thread. I realised it was old on page one, the date caught my eye, god knows how. But I still read lots of it grin

I have stayed at this hotel in my pre child days. I'm amazed they would be so petty despite providing full "retail" size toiletries - they are not the only hotel to do that either, green or otherwise.

I'm glad I never take toiletries though, even the ickle ones, or I might have had egg on my face too, like the OP. I've never truly liked any of the toiletries that hotels have, and I'm not even that fond of Molton Brown. Not that I'm terribly snobby, theres stuff cheaper than Molton Brown that I do like, sometimes.

It took a couple of years of marriage to educate my husband that a couple of pilfered sample sized toiletries from a poxy hotel in Frankfurt or similar was not an acceptable "gift" for one's wife after a business trip hmm grin

ScarlettAlexandra Tue 17-Apr-12 20:52:43

did the hotel ever comment? got to page 12 and gave up lol.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 17-Apr-12 20:19:55

I remember this thread as well, in fact as soon as I saw the title I knew it was this thread. Wasn't it Strattons in Norfolk? <good memory>

A gorgeous hotel that I've been to had to change their soap dispensers as people were heaving the giant Molton Brown ones off the walls.

They have also had people steal their communal hair straighteners (meter GHD's) by snipping the wires.

If I'm going somewhere swish for a weekend I am not thinking about what fixtures I can lynch!

jinglymum Tue 17-Apr-12 20:09:29

Oh dear kickingk what for? Stealing more soap?

cherrypieplum Tue 17-Apr-12 19:52:51

Haha! Just realised how old this is!!

cherrypieplum Tue 17-Apr-12 19:50:55

Tell them you work for environmental health and took them away for testing after receiving complaints about the bottles are being reused!!

FayKnights Tue 17-Apr-12 19:28:32

lol kickingk, i didn't realise it was 5 years old either! Thanks for the conclusion Karma I couldn't do another 20 pages.

kickingKcurlyC Tue 17-Apr-12 19:24:20

Oh my god. I know mum2sons! She's in prison now.

fedupofnamechanging Tue 17-Apr-12 19:23:09

The conclusion was that she sent the bottles back, along with an email about how embarrassing this all was. She did name and shame and the hotel sent her back a letter about how expensive these products are (£100 per room on the six refillable bottles) and how if everyone took them it would push the room rate up. But the OP only took 2 bottles and the retail price is not the price the hotel would have paid.

So basically they alienated and upset someone who'd spent £500 in their hotel, over lotions which only cost them a few quid.

suebfg Tue 17-Apr-12 19:08:41

Haven't read the earlier posts but have you named and shamed?

thenightsky Tue 17-Apr-12 19:06:42

I remember this thread! Argh that I've been wasting years mumsnetting for so long!

FoofFighterYNWAJFT96 Tue 17-Apr-12 19:04:29

I want to stay in the "*Fantouche*" room grin

amandine07 Tue 17-Apr-12 19:02:52

I noticed there were 35 pages of posts but I couldn't be arse to read through it all, I wondered how on earth this topic could have stretched to that many pages since this morning!!

Did the OP send back the stuff in the end? did she complain to the hotel?!

<clearly too much time on my hands, should make more use of my evenings>

amandine07 Tue 17-Apr-12 18:59:43

Got to page 5 or so then decided to skip to the last page & now realise the thread is 5 years old...the posts did make me chuckle!grin

fedupofnamechanging Tue 17-Apr-12 18:59:10

I was wondering how I could have missed this gem, before I noticed the date!

Also, we keep bumping this thread, so some poor sod is currently ploughing their way through it, as we speak, under the illusion that it's new grin

Apologies MNers, when you reach this post

I remember reading this too.....FIVE YEARS AGO?!?!?!?!?!

Jesus Christ, five years. Five years plus the rest wasted reading mumsnet grin

Also feels very old, remember this golden oldie

0bviously0blivious Tue 17-Apr-12 18:56:43

It was my 27th birthday when this thread was posted. I wish I'd been at a boutique hotel <sniff>

Oh no and 5y after saying I stay in travel lodges...guess where I'm staying tonight? Pack my own soap these days though

MargueritaaPracatan Tue 17-Apr-12 18:52:51

Bloody hell, I remember this the first time round!

tthithis wss a blast from the past. I posted the second reply smile will have been 8 and half months pregnant then

TheMonster Tue 17-Apr-12 18:49:06

I wish I had noticed the thread was four years old before page 18.

Brilliant- I have waded my way through too.

NiceHamione Tue 17-Apr-12 18:41:07

I was reading this thinking there was a thread just like this about 5 years ago!

SuePurblyBusinesslike Tue 17-Apr-12 18:31:13

This is why we need to lock threads after a year <all tidy like>

fedupofnamechanging Tue 17-Apr-12 18:29:29

Balls! I have just ploughed through this entire thread, only to find it is 5 years old!

ImperialBlether Tue 17-Apr-12 17:29:42

I've just read all of this and hadn't realised it was out of date.

Have to say I was really shocked by the posters who took it on themselves to email the hotel - what the hell business was it of theirs? And the OP shouldn't have taken the home - they were clearly not individual bottles - and she shouldn't have named the hotel, either.

Marilyn1980 Tue 17-Apr-12 16:49:30

I used to work at a rather lovely Highland hotel, and when you were paying prices such as this you would get a free glass of Dalmore whiskey and a yummy box of Arran Aromatics goodies in your room.

StellaAndFries Tue 17-Apr-12 16:35:33

Phew my friends parents own a hotel in Swaffham and I was hoping it wasn't them, thankfully it isn't.

diabolo Tue 17-Apr-12 16:33:47

Rindercella - someone linked to it for me in "Weekend Breaks" and I accidentally replied here confused.

I've replied in the proper place now.

Rindercella Tue 17-Apr-12 16:29:50

This thread is now 5 years old! grin

diabolo Tue 17-Apr-12 16:28:02

How strange and amusing grin

I wont be taking the toiletries though, we were made aware of how "green" they are. grin (I would only ever steal a little bottle anyway, not a 250ml thing).


BringBackGoingForGold Sun 17-Apr-11 12:54:15

I know you've already sent the stuff back, but I would have said ignore the cheap fuckers and, obviously, never consider staying with them again and tell all your friends not to either!

£250 a night and they can't absorb the cost of a few beauty products? And how dare they write to you? Name and shame and embarrass them!

ChippingInLovesEasterEggs Sun 17-Apr-11 12:32:38

Four fricken years old - grrrr

Perhonen - what the hell was the point in reviving this thread to say hmmmm???

Anyway... now I have read the entire bloody thing... the OP should never have taken the damn things in the first place, they clearly weren't a 'single use' size. Having said that, as they were just plastic everyday bottles, I think the hotel did far more harm than good asking for them back - both environmentally & commercially.

250ml - who the hell 'nearly uses that up' in a weekend??

Iskra - I'm glad you stayed and had a nice time. It's a shame you didn't nick the toiletries, it would have been very entertaining to see if they had emailed you! grin

WideWebWitch Sun 17-Apr-11 11:30:17

Iksra, interesting! I've never contemplated staying at Strattons, mainly on the basis of this thread, what poor service (not to mention PR)

bea Sat 16-Apr-11 23:23:44

i love this thread!!!! FOUR years old!!!!!

confuddledDOTcom Sat 16-Apr-11 23:21:13

250ml isn't industrial sized though. If most of it had been used over the weekend and she thought it would be thrown like everywhere else when she left then I totally understand her keeping it. It wasn't the product they were complaining about being taken but the cheap bottles.

FudgeGirl Sat 16-Apr-11 22:57:38

PMSL! Classic thread.

Shocking behaviour by the OP. Don't blame the hotel for asking for their industrial sized pump action toiletries to be returned, out of principle.

Bohica Sat 16-Apr-11 22:49:44

Well that's another hour of my life wasted.

4 years old?????

ShowOfHands Sat 16-Apr-11 22:23:50

Oh I remember this thread.

In the intervening 4yrs, I've moved onto the road Strattons hotel is on. grin They have a nice cafe/deli. I've never nicked anything from there though.

confuddledDOTcom Sat 16-Apr-11 22:21:42

Well it's kept me amused on my phone from my hospital bed all day! Wish it hadn't took me so long to get the date! I was just trying to work out how old it was, thinking just over a week...

iskra Sat 16-Apr-11 22:16:26

I know this thread is old but...

We JUST stayed in Strattons last weekend & I'm a bit gobsmacked someone could have thought the toiletries were up for grabs. They are in big bottles with pump tops not little mini sizes. However i'd expect the hotel to write the loss off...

We had a very nice time grin

Lucyinthepie Sat 16-Apr-11 22:08:02


Deuce Sat 16-Apr-11 19:33:53


Broodymomma Sat 16-Apr-11 18:35:11

I stayed in Malmaison a few weeks ago and on the comment card mentioned how nice the toiletries were. 1 week later I got a box of 6 conditioners and 6 body lotions from them - how nice is that!

bea Sat 16-Apr-11 18:34:32

the thread is FOUR years old!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

jasminetom Sat 16-Apr-11 17:49:16

I would ask for my money back what a shambolic place

MaisyMooCow Sat 16-Apr-11 17:28:51

OP, I think someone may be pulling your leg here!! Your DH perhaps. There's always headed paper in the rooms, perhaps he took some to play a practical joke.

Deuce Sat 16-Apr-11 17:27:43

Is the op still here?

noddyholder Sat 16-Apr-11 17:22:17

What would they have done if you had used them all? I always take the stuff esp if its top notch

working9while5 Sat 16-Apr-11 17:21:03

I wasn't even married then.

ebbandflow Sat 16-Apr-11 16:46:33

Me too bea, I was trying to work out the end of the story it's because it was April 07.

bea Sat 16-Apr-11 16:34:24

flippin nora! i didn't realise that this was 4 years old!!!! read most of the bloomin' thread too!!! even looked on trip advisor to see if they had any fall out... silly me!!!! blush

ilovesprouts Sat 16-Apr-11 16:34:19


working9while5 Sat 16-Apr-11 16:32:43

I went to a fantastic hotel in Vancouver where they had Aveda goodies everyday. It was £50 or £60 a night as part of our Trip Advisor tour and we were there 4 nights. I still have some of the facial bars <swoon>. Can't remember for the life of me what it was called!

microfight Sat 16-Apr-11 16:19:17

I am quite surprised that everyone is so angry at the hotel? I mean who takes away a soap dispenser size bottle of shampoo from a hotel?
Now realised it's 4 years old but yuck a refill dispenser why would you take it?

LadyOfTheManor Sat 16-Apr-11 15:59:39

On a cruise around the West Indies they restocked my bathroom with Molton Brown bottles EVERYDAY. I came home with hundreds of them.

LDNmummy Sat 16-Apr-11 15:53:20

I was smarter than to read the whole thing without checking the date, as I have already been burned by the ressurection of an old thread once today grin

I think if it was in a dispenser then what was the OP thinking in taking it??

But, if it was just a large plastic bottle I think the hotel is yuck for not providing individual bottles for individual guests. Who knows what the lotion may have been used for by the guests of the room before OP shock

jimper Sat 16-Apr-11 15:46:52

Nooooooooo - I just read ALL of this and it is 4 YEARS OLD!?

Deuce Sat 16-Apr-11 15:31:13

Lol lol lol

BaggyNadine Sat 16-Apr-11 14:17:17

Hmm, I haven't seen Nadine Baggott around for a while... maybe she is trying to boost her profile again? grin Maybe Perhonen is swedish for "pentapeptides"!

TidyDancer Sat 16-Apr-11 14:00:40

Oh, I saw that they were returned, I just wondered if they ever came back and said anything in response to her letter when she returned them. Appauling customer service wasn't it?

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-11 13:55:54

I think it was established at the time that they were large plastic bottles

Were they actually dispensers and not the normal plastic bottles? I'm shock that anyone would nick a dispenser from a hotel

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-11 13:49:06

Tidy dancer, I think she returned the soaps, Strattons were unrepentant, that was it. I've only skimmed the thread though!

TidyDancer Sat 16-Apr-11 13:40:18

I wasn't around back then, but I would love to know what happened at the end of this one! Anyone know?

HecateQueenOfTheNight Sat 16-Apr-11 13:38:45

you bumped a FOUR YEAR OLD THREAD to say hmmm? [boggle]

why on earth would you do that? hmmm. not even a long opinion or a witty remark, just a 'hmmm'. How odd of you.

LadyOfTheManor Sat 16-Apr-11 13:36:41

I just spent an hour of my life reading this thread and it's bloody 4 years old.

Deuce Sat 16-Apr-11 13:34:05

What was the outcome anyway? Did she send the stolen goods back? Or is she still wanted grin

Deuce Sat 16-Apr-11 13:25:30

I remember this. Talk about a blast from the past. And so many old names too sad

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-11 13:23:55

Wow this is an ancient but amusing thread!

I particularly like aloha's assertion that bears shit in the woods!

Perhonen Sat 16-Apr-11 13:16:07


mum2sons Sun 15-Apr-07 22:08:45

Hi Starmummy,

I will definately let you know if I do get a reply. Time has healed this particular wound for me but I am really interested to see if I do get any kind of response..

Starmummy Sun 15-Apr-07 19:11:36

Not wanting to be contentious (sp?) but do you really expect a reply from them? I suspect they maybe lying low at this point realising what a complete mess they have made of everything.
It will be interesting to see if they have managed to aquire a sembelance of sense and start to behave like the mature responsible reasonable company one would previously thought they were IYSWIM. By which I mean send you a thoughtful handwritten note apologising for any misunderstandings which may have occured. etc blah blah.
Let us know wont you?

mum2sons Tue 10-Apr-07 11:50:16

Hi Powder28

They should have got it on Saturday. No response as yet...

powder28 Tue 10-Apr-07 11:43:35

Mum2sons, have the hotel got their stuff yet? Have they responded?

newgirl Mon 09-Apr-07 20:25:40

for next time

HOTEL Du VIN have gorgeous shower stuff in nice (plastic) bottles and leave a note saying


JanH Mon 09-Apr-07 18:22:43

I was going to say "no you didn't!" but that would be childish so I won't.

chocolateface Mon 09-Apr-07 18:19:37

Ha ha, I killed this thread!

chocolateface Sun 08-Apr-07 21:32:43

Do people still check in as Mr and Mrs when they're not married?
It would be one thing for DH to spend the night in a hotel with some fluzy , but quite another if she pretended to be me!

mum2sons Sun 08-Apr-07 19:35:39

Me and Dh thought of something else quite worrying for a romantic hotel.. the letter was addressed to Mr and Mrs...I opened it. What if DH had not been with me but with a secret mistress who he checked in as his wife? The hotel made a complete assumption that we were married. Hardly the greatest of discretion

I am suprised this is still going on but guess what soap and lotion I saw out last night in the toilet of a wine bar? Yes, you guessed it! I nearly had to take a valium.

notapushy1 Sun 08-Apr-07 18:12:25

Custy's last post reminded me of that joke :
Q:Why do anarchists drink herbal tea?
A: Because all proper tea is theft

powder28 Sat 07-Apr-07 20:55:45

Ive booked and ive asked them to put signs everywhere so i know what i can and cant take, otherwise i might make off with the entire bathroom suite!

Well if there isnt a sign, what do they expect?

zippitippitoes Sat 07-Apr-07 19:40:27

but that's exactly it you can't make an example of a isn't school assembly!

gingernutlover Sat 07-Apr-07 19:38:47

my twopenny worth

was it wrong to take the dispensers - tbh I wouldnt have taken big bottles so, yeah not right really

but, it was wrong of them to write to you, if they feel that strongly about bits of plastic then surely they should have a label on them saying not to take them.

Personally find it hard to believe that m2s is the first person to ever have done it - but do wonder if they are g
etting fed up of. it. happeneing and de.cided to make an exaomple of this one time iyswim

totally unprofessional, their mistake to not make it clear and very wrong to write that letter.

zippitippitoes Sat 07-Apr-07 19:07:13

I said i thought it looked nice..this thread wouldn't put me off, but it would be too poncey for me unfortunately not a place that I would be comfortable in because dp would hate it

chocolateface Sat 07-Apr-07 19:06:35

Actually, powder28 and I have already booked......

OMG is nthis thread still going!!?? This is the funny thread I have seen on Mumsnet I think for a while!

WideWebWitch Sat 07-Apr-07 19:04:08

I shouldn't think they'll have got any business as a result of this thread, quite the contrary. Most people want to stay somewhere that doesn't write you snotty letters after you've stayed.

chocolateface Sat 07-Apr-07 18:49:16

How much buisness do you think they'll get from mum2sons starting this thread?

powder28 Sat 07-Apr-07 18:27:55

So do I CF! It looks really nice.

chocolateface Sat 07-Apr-07 17:33:25

Bizarly, I now want to stay at this hotel.

Dinosaur Sat 07-Apr-07 17:07:33

aitch - I met Ken McCulloch via work a few years ago - he doesn't half know how to throw a party!

expatinscotland Sat 07-Apr-07 16:09:45

the ONLY reasons I wouldn't have packed plastic pump dispensers in front of the hotel manager are: 1) most hotels and B&Bs don't use the kind of products I want to use, anyway 2) pump dispensers are hard to close properly and could make a terrible mess of your belongings if they leak.

These people have a lot to learn about good public relations and customer loyalty.

NadineBaggott Sat 07-Apr-07 13:17:55


powder28 Sat 07-Apr-07 09:10:12

Somebody kill this thread!

mum2sons Sat 07-Apr-07 09:06:02

I don`t think it was an April fool judging from the e mail response a couple of NMetters got back. It is totally bizarre behaviour IMHO. On the way out we had a lovely chat with the manager guy and were asking him about how to go about getting vouchers for my parents wedding anniversary present, signed the guest book saying what a lovely time we had had and then 2 days later get the below letter.

It is totally embaressing to think that they thought that we were thieves. We had just spent £500 with them!

MintChocChippyMinton Sat 07-Apr-07 08:58:36

Twas an April Fool surely, if letter was dated 1 April? Can someone think of a witty riposte mum2sons can send them?

mum2sons Sat 07-Apr-07 08:45:21

I think I would have taken them in front of the manager Aitch as I really did think they were ours! They were only plastic, not as posh as my own fave Space NK ones and TBH, it does feel rather gross that lots of others have been pumping away at the dispensers since 1996!

WideWebWitch Sat 07-Apr-07 08:05:39

lol at NadBag and 'enjoyment' well, quite!

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 01:09:40

oh yes, that's right i forgot. you're not allowed to remove ceramic objets, just plastique.

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 01:05:39

Was it plastic, Custy?

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 01:01:28

was there a sign saying 'don't take it'. if not then you should have done...

custy Sat 07-Apr-07 00:51:55

i very much wanted to take the tea pot from costa coffee today.

i didn't but it was terribly hard to be honest

fairyfly Sat 07-Apr-07 00:38:31

Anyone that take my pump dispenser out of my house is going to have to deal with me

( i like it , it was from ikea, don't take it out of my bathroom, we've bonded)

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 00:37:13

I'm always amazed by people who say they've taken stuff they didn't realise was on the buggy/under the trolley back to pay for it.

I just think "bonus"

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 00:34:55

i don't completely believe you, you know... but i agree about the glass dispensers, it's a bit cheapoid not to, given that you can pick them up in woolies for a few quid.

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 00:32:59

I would've taken the pump dispensers in front of the manager - if they were plasticky ones, not the posher ones.

I do think if a hotel is trying to be green, they'd do better to use something other than plastic for their soap dispensers.

fairyfly Sat 07-Apr-07 00:31:41

Not read the thread....... no..... i would never take a pump dispenser... ever

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 00:30:47

i've always said that they shouldn't have chased it up, hunker. but that wasn't where the debate took us.

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 00:30:03

well, nobody has yet answered my question 'would you have taked pump dispensers off the bathroom shelf and packed them in front of the hotel manager?'

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 00:28:51

Two "it was theft"ers!

Come on!

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 00:28:31

Ah, someone who thinks it was theft

What do you think of my point? Hmm?

AitchTwoOh Sat 07-Apr-07 00:28:27

utter boswellox, ll.

LittleEasterLapin Sat 07-Apr-07 00:27:36

You're just trying to reach the 1000 posts mark now, aren't you...

hunkermunker Sat 07-Apr-07 00:26:51

<unladylike snort> at NadBag and lotion

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 23:56:55


expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 23:51:41

Someone called 'NadBag' doesn't get enjoyment out of the lotion dispenser?

Yeah, right .

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 23:50:30


hunkermunker Fri 06-Apr-07 23:45:19

There is NO way that the hotel can have known for sure that it was m2s who had taken the dispensers, and for that reason and that alone, they should NOT have sent the letter IMO.

So there.


NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 23:25:49


Oh yeah I get loads of enjoyment from pumping soap and lotion, so much so that I spend all my time in the bathroom, never venturing out

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 22:04:27

We had the champagne, no chocolate condoms thankfully, that would have been embaressing to have to send back

The letter said:

We hope you enjoyed your stay on Fri 30th and Sat 31st March.

We note from our room check that you have packed the "Gicrest and Soames" body lotion and hand soap.

Please could you return the body lotion and hand soap dispensers for the next guests enjoyment.

Kind Regards

The most ironic thing is that it is actually dated 1st April.

wurlywurly Fri 06-Apr-07 21:57:25

mum2sons did you have any of the extras?? the scattered rose petals or champagne and flavoured condoms.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 21:50:20

no chance. you need moondog and some bfing research for that.

powder28 Fri 06-Apr-07 21:48:03

Is this the longest thread ever on mumsnet?

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 21:44:49

i would hope that you would get some sort of acknowledgement from teh hotel, tbh. i think they've been very heavy-handed. did you ever tell us what they said in the letter, by the way?

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 21:43:05

I can`t believe we have run up 755 messages on my dilemma
Does that win some kind of MN award?

To think that this time last week I was happily celebrating at said hotel, an innocent virgin to crime and now here I am a soap phobic with lotion aversion..

The stolen goods will be returned tomorrow via Royal Mail all being well with the post and this sorry episode in criminal history will be yesterdays news.

fuzzywuzzy Fri 06-Apr-07 11:38:40

Flossalump lol.

Having stayed in hotels, and been asked on more than one occasion whether I wanted a different brand of toiletries (as I don't tend to use hotel soaps/shampoos, I usually take my own). I too find it rather amusing that this particular hotel appears so very attached to it's soap dispensers. I may be looking at the wrong plastic bottles in the links, but they look very similar to ones one can buy from places like Muji pretty cheaply.

FlossALump Fri 06-Apr-07 11:20:07

Amazing this is still going on!

Seeing as it is, I'm prepared to put myself forward for Mn to carry out its own investigation.

Everyone donate money for me and DP to have a two night stay in the red room (£450 please) and I will return to confirm if the bottles looked a) expensive b) stealable or c) that the stuff inside is worth a snotty letter!

That should then resolve the matter. Does this sound like a plan?

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 11:07:15

omg you can still buy it

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 11:05:34

beige aramis soap on a rope

KatyTheProcrastinator Fri 06-Apr-07 11:02:47

Maybe we should suggest soap on a rope to them - only it would have to be soap on a chain, and the other end fixed to something!

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 10:48:53

it does make me think that if you are upset and can obviously afford to stay in this kind of place without thinking too much about it..just how would someone for whom it was a big once in a life time 25 aniversary occasion feel bad they would feel terrible

LittleEasterLapin Fri 06-Apr-07 10:37:33

change your name to "whiffymum2sons"

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 10:35:06

I know, I know am just feeling sensitive about it all today.

Have been dreaming of being rounded up and put in an orange jumpsuit and taken to Guantanemo.

This could be the start a soap phobia, I could start being really smelly, lose my Dh to a more fragrant woman, lose my job due to poor personal hygiene and have to fork out for cognitive behaviour therapy to gently re-introduce myself to soap.

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 10:32:11

perfectly put www!

WideWebWitch Fri 06-Apr-07 10:28:55

If it had happened to me I'd have

- posted in AIBU
- Written a stroppy letter to Strattons
- Posted reviews on Tripadvisor and Laterooms (if I had booked through them, which I have done for other hotels in the past and I have reviewed after my stays)
- Vowed never to stay there again
- told people about my experience

It doesn't really matter what the morality of taking hotel soap is, the facts are:

- MOST hotels EXPECT or sometimes encourage guests to take toiletries, as Aloha/Expat/others have confirmed. It's very, very usual practice.
- Had Strattons not wanted guests to follow usual practice they should have explicitly stated so because otherwise most guests might assume that Strattons policies are the same as most other hotels, which would be fair enough.
- Even if they didn't want guests to take them to actually bother writing to a customer to say 'send them back' under the guise of environmental policy is just a) slightly obsessive imo b) out of all proportion to the actual costs, as we've already established c) customer unfriendly in the extreme d) terrible, terrible PR

and after tll that it achieved nothing other than the hotel received 2 poxy plastic bottles back from a pissed off customer. And that action saved them, what? £4? Even if you double it and say it saved them £8 or a tenner or twenty quid, it's NOTHING compared to the bad publicity they've garnered.

Commercial suicide imo. Big companies employ PR/publicity/media people to make sure exactly this kind of thing is avoided. But snotty Strattons have exacerbated the situation by defending their stupid policies and crap customer service.

It's quite breathtaking, their attitude.

ENTP Fri 06-Apr-07 10:20:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleEasterLapin Fri 06-Apr-07 10:18:01

That is EXACTLY how I picture you!

Socci Fri 06-Apr-07 10:17:53

Message withdrawn

ENTP Fri 06-Apr-07 10:17:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 10:17:13

<raises chin, flicks hair back, crosses legs and waves cigarette holder in the air>

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 10:15:38

they could use the handties to stop guests whipping the soap away

LittleEasterLapin Fri 06-Apr-07 10:15:15

"the memory is tarnished forever"

Ever dramatic, NB

If mum2sons chooses to put it behind her, she can. I am sure the hotel did not mean to humiliate her. If it had happened to me, I'd probably have got the giggles, said to DH "ooh, I'm a criminal" and just sent them back.

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 10:14:14

well I could probably srape together the 39.00 quid but they would have to throw the room in free unless they wanted me to do it in the car park

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 10:12:54

zippi are you contemplating one of their special offers?

The Horney little devil's dirty adventure by Savonnerie....

Racy, cute & cheeky package, including single use camera, pointy feather, red lipstick and handtie.....ahem


'pointy feather'?

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:55

it does look nice..

Nightynight Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:36

never mind, m2s, it is still not as bad as the mnetter who once posted innocently "I was forced to double park" outside her child's school, and sparked a huge thread about double parking!!

I would have been mortified in your shoes as well.

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:28

how can she?
the memory is tarnished forever.

It's not so much slagging of the hotel - it seems a lovely place and m2s said she couldn't fault it.

It's the handling of the situation and their pious attitude that is under fire.

zippitippitoes Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:19

I don't think it is the toiletries which are the issue it is the letter which is extraordinary, you would think they would just chalk it up to experience and either make it clear that the bottles are to be left or if as they say it is never a problem except on this occasion then just forget it...

if i make a mistake in business then i use it as a tool for next time I don't hound the customer after and say I shouldn't have let you have special delivery you'll have to pay..I change the process

Socci Fri 06-Apr-07 10:06:33

Message withdrawn

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 10:06:21

As I said I did not read the small print. DH booked it. It was spontaneous and because it looked nice.

LittleEasterLapin Fri 06-Apr-07 10:05:41

mum2sons, it's obvious you didn't mean to "steal" them, you thought they were yours to take, I don't think anyone is accusing you of deliberately nicking stuff. But it's become more of a debate on whether or not people think large toiletries are there for the taking (does that make sense?)

And FWIW, you seem to have been very little involved in all the emailing and slagging off of the hotel, so please don't think you are being got at.

<I still would be genuinely interested to see the text of their original letter!>

It's a shame that you feel it has spoiled what whas obviously a lovely time... hopefully you can just forget about it now, it's done, and just concentrate on the great time you had?

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 10:03:20

And I would say that an MD of a large successful company and his wife who is highly regarded in her profession are exactly the kind of customers they would want.

Chandra Fri 06-Apr-07 09:57:46

Appologies for the crossposting.

Chandra Fri 06-Apr-07 09:57:06

I have not read the full thread (up to the link to the hotel) but I found this under their "Green Awareness" section:

"Luxury bathroom miniatures have been replaced with refillable pump dispensers helping to reduce plastic bottles to landfill by 97%, instead one excellent product that can be used as shampoo, bath foam or shower gel, manufactured by a company which does not test on animals and has their own environmental ethics which re-endorses Strattons own position. "

I don't know how special those dispensers where but they seem to be not the thing the maid would keep in her trolley...

But perhaps a £250 bill per night should cover the cost of replacing them. Having siad that, I have stayed at hotels about that price range and the toiletries are usually miniatures worse in quality than what you would get in The Body Shop (although some of them are beautiful like ceramic with a cork lid- but still small enough for it to be understood that they are meant to be smuggled out).

Socci Fri 06-Apr-07 09:56:02

Message withdrawn

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 09:55:57

FFS It was not a purposeful steal
I have sent the bloody soap back and the lotion

Yes a charge on DHs credit card would have been preferable to the humiliation of being treated as though I am a petty criminal when I have been taken away for our wedding anniversary. I doubt we would have noticed the extra £35. We had to pay a fortune in childcare for the weekend anyway.

Whatever happens, I do hope if Strattons are reading this they realise the genuine upset that has been caused.I do hope they put notices out.I made a mistake. I took the toiletries I thought actually belonged to us by virtue of staying 2 nights in a hotel. We didn`t study any manuals or check out the small print before we went and why should we? We weren`t buying a bloody house, just wanting to have a chilled out time away in a gorgeous place. I am not out to get anyone. I haven`t written any reviews.

I was just sharing a dilemma on MN, never for one minute thought it would cause such a furore!

talcyegg Fri 06-Apr-07 09:37:42

Been lurking here,
really do have to agree with ENTP.

ENTP Fri 06-Apr-07 09:31:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Socci Fri 06-Apr-07 08:12:45

Message withdrawn

gess Fri 06-Apr-07 07:50:10

I missed this yesterday, but my god how hilarious. Terrible, terrible response from the hotel. I've just booked our 10 year wedding anniversary in a suite at a posh hotel (£190 for poshest suite including champage, cream tea, dinner, + breakfast so considerably less that Strattons- although looks similar), and will be examining the toiletries carefully.

Why are businesses that rely on good PR more than anything else, so terribly, terribly bad at it? Surely it's obvious? I would now never stay at Strattons, and if someone asked me if I knew anything about it, I would have to tell them this story.

It is a bit like grape eating mark 2 this thread isn't it.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:52:36

first name aitch, surname youberk.

dd is also 15 months, i can borrow a car seat no problem. we are Good To Go.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:47:11

Aitch, I'd most likely have the precocious 15-month-old, Roisin, in tow.

The girl's a bum shuffler. She speaks, though. With a Scottish accent already!

What's up with that?

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 00:46:57

aitch - what's your real name, maybe I'll find it that way?

hee-hee -

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:45:34

Sofia, you echo my sentiments.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:43:28

cool, looking forward to meeting up. i can probably borrow a booster seat if you need a lift anywhere.

SofiaAmes Fri 06-Apr-07 00:43:02

Only an english hotel would come up with such a non-customer friendly idea. I have yet to have a stay in a british hotel that was any where near worth what I was paying for it. It's nicer, cheaper, better weather, better food and better customer service to take your holidays abroad!
I have never in my life stayed in a hotel where you were not expected to take the little bottles of shampoo etc. with you.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:42:02

Short train trip!

I'd just go for the day because I like my own toiletries .

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:40:24

it's not online either vvv, which is god's way of etcetera... but thanks for the tips on what to do when i met him. i got feedback that he thought i really nailed it and wasn't gruesome or patronising so that was a relief.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:40:03

Was in the 'Ecosse' section of Times, VVV.

I had heard of this from the BBC, and my interest was piqued, for some reasons I'd rather keep private.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 00:38:46

Nooooooooooooooooooo i want to see it!!!!

now noww now now now now now now now now now now now now

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:38:10

I'm free next week entirely until 17 April.

I sent you an email.

Trying to give DH a break from DD1 and DD2, so if I go anywhere I'll have one girl in tow.

I've been in touch w/the Home Office to set up an appointment for the passport, but they've not got back to me as of yet.

It's a new thing as of 1 April, though, that all new applicants must report for interview.

And the countersignees!


Luckily one of the professors I work with is an MBE, a 'person with honours' according the Home Office, because one countersignee has to be on a list of professionals the Home Office has designed.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:37:13

did you see the one on the deafblind chap as well, expat? [now conducting convo with jockos only]

fez Fri 06-Apr-07 00:36:49

thank u AitchTwoOh. i can go to bed happy now

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:36:06

if it's not online then it's god's way of saying 'please don't let the women of MN find out about this and critique aitch's writing style'.

and i found your joke funny, fez.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 00:36:00


AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:34:56

ach, no, vvv...

fez Fri 06-Apr-07 00:34:39

does no one think my joke link funny?

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:34:28

are you coming through? do you want to meet up? if you need to stay over you'd be more than welcome. <<removes all toiletries from bathroom in readiness>>

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 00:34:19

Aitch - any chance you can copy it onto yahoo???

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:32:35

I'd be willing to travel. I have to for a British passport, it seems.

I need to go to Govan.


Last time I was in Glasgow, it was in Castlemilk.

I was kipping on an American pal's couch.

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 00:32:18

<big cheesy grin>

is it?

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:30:41

Maybe it's online for Jools?

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:30:22

i'll see what the leaderene says. if you have access to a dvd recorder at work you might be able to help as they have not much in the way of resources.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:28:55

i don't think it's online, jools.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:28:49

It's soap, not world peace!

For real, man, as I'm apt to say!

I always say truth is stranger than fiction. And part of that is what I heard taking those depositions.

Those girls, if I can help them stay, I will. If they don't mind me bringing my daughters with me to help them, well, hey, drop me an email.

Honestly, though, mum2, those people are just straight up rude. Haven't they got better things to do than chase up soap and lotion?

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 00:27:41

I think its really unfair to talk about an article concerning Scottish girls when i can't see it <stamps foot>

fez Fri 06-Apr-07 00:24:57

dh has just reminded me of this joke

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:24:36

or should that be fadgewash?

wrt the piece, you would no doubt have some insight about what they told me that was, frankly, too painful for them to have in a newspaper. but it turned my hair white, tbh. <shiver> that we should not want to clasp these children to our bosom should be a source of national shame.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:21:57

how fab, expat, thanks. although you are talking bollocks about the facewash.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:21:54

Sorry, mum. I'm sorry you feel that way. But really, the way they treated you is pretty bad.

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 00:20:05

Maybe your FIL got a letter too Linnet and did nt like to say

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:19:26

In your article, Aitch, that really shined through. That's what struck me. I cut it out and sent it to my sister. I hope you don't mind. It's part of how we keep in touch, she and I. I always admired her because she has a real career and not just BS ghost writing and romance like me.

She's always interested in women journalists from other places, and their style and what they're researching and writing about.

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 00:18:02

VeniV, I think I would be too embaressed to go back

WotzsanEgg Fri 06-Apr-07 00:18:00

mum2sons I didn't see your post.

Sorry you had a letter and sorry you and DH have argued over it.

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:17:14

I wonder, too, Wotz. I'm not a journalist, Wotz, as I wrote. And I don't know how British journalism works. My experience is very limited. My sister has been in the biz since she was 22 and graduated from uni.

She only just got her own column and she is 40 now.

I see how hard she works so I have some understanding.

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:17:02

expat, they are ALL wonderful women. i was quite giddy in their company. and only 17, the lot of them... so impressive and committed.

Linnet Fri 06-Apr-07 00:16:37

Which room did you stay in? I looked at the website and I'm curious.

Have to say though I don't like their website, I like to be able to see proper pictures of a room not subtle arty bits of rooms.

When dh's father got remarried the reception was in a very posh hotel in Mayfair, London. They paid for the room and I took the little plastic bottles of Molton Brown handwash, shamppo etc home with me. I was very impressed with it being an expensive product that poor little me couldn't afford to buy myself from a shop. I'm now wondering if FIL was charged to his credit card for these, lol

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:15:34

so seriously, would you have packed the soap into your case if the manager was standing beside you? if so, then a thousand sincere apologies.

as i have said countless times before, i do think this is an own goal for the hotel and they should have let you make off with your ill-gotten gains but i wouldn't personally take anything that wasn't clearly single use or sample size. unless, as nulnulcat observed, i was able to get it off the chambermaid's trolley...

adamadamum Fri 06-Apr-07 00:15:09

Hi, On the hotel website they have a "gossip column" full of comments from people who have stayed there...nuff said! I have only read about 1/4 of this thread so far, so this may have already been suggested, but if not...I wonder if anyone can post on it, unmoderated...!

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:14:55

Oh, Aitch, I was really impressed!

I worked in that field during my uni years, mostly because I speak Spanish and French and so I used to take oral deposistions from Central Americans and Haitians for Amnesty International.

That situation is so close to my heart!

I see those girls, and they are Scotland. They are the future. So strong. So real.

I'd love to meet them!

Sorry for hijack!

WotzsanEgg Fri 06-Apr-07 00:14:54

Expat - I often wonder if some of the post like "have you ever done it on an office table" & "how to stop craked nips" were used for research by journalist here. Because sometimes things like that appear in the papers soon after.

I don't buy newspaper, full of rubbish. I read them at other peoples houses though and wonder why I have done it.

mum2sons Fri 06-Apr-07 00:11:47

Blimey, I go out for a few hours and look what happens!
Let me make myself clear:
The thread was NOT started to slate the hotel, it was started because I was genuinely upset and embaressed about being asked to send back one bottle of soap and one bottle of body lotion to a hotel that we spent our wedding anniversary in.
We did have a lovely time and I could not fault the hotel. If fellow MNetters wanted to e mail the hotel, that was really up to them. I did not start an email campaign!!

My total humiliation (some would say deserved) comes from receiving a letter from the hotel we had such a lovely time in asking for said soap and body lotion to be sent back "for the enjoyment of future guests". As a professional working woman and mother, this really upset me. It has caused a row between DH and it has essentially tarnished a luxury weekend away without the kids which happens for us very rarely.

So if Strattons are reading this, I really do hope you think again next time someone takes body lotion/soap that they genuinely thought came with the room. Next time just charge the platinum amex.

NadineBaggott Fri 06-Apr-07 00:10:14

oh lemme see, lemme see.

the Times you say? impressive

lemme see, lemme see

AitchTwoOh Fri 06-Apr-07 00:08:42

why thankyou... i'm a little in love with those Glasgow Girls now. especially the leaderene. i'm going to take her for a picnic in the botanics next week, i think i might wish to adopt her formally.

Socci Fri 06-Apr-07 00:06:59

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:06:30

There are some journalists on this site, Wotz, let's just say.

She might not say 'haitch' - I never knew anyone did, tbh, before I came here - but I have to say, good article in the Sunday Times, you!

My sis has got a subscrib now!

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:04:40

How do journalists deal, I wonder?

My sister's sub-editor is a battleaxe extraordinnaire! And she's on an education beat.

Hats off to them, I must say.

WotzsanEgg Fri 06-Apr-07 00:03:39

pretty heavy journalists were on that site - explain? I can't find what you mean.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 00:02:23

vim - surely you'd not reply at all, in that case?

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:01:46

Especially when my research revealed that some pretty heavy journalists were on that site, reading away.

I don't know. As I wrote, I'm not a journalist, but my sister is, so I know a bit about the industry.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 06-Apr-07 00:01:07

m2s - if they offered you another stay by way of an apology for their poor handling of the situation, would you go back?

expatinscotland Fri 06-Apr-07 00:00:11

Well, then, I guess I really am foreign, because I've have researched the whole thing and taken it pretty seriously if I were in the hospitality/tourism industry and I had to feed my children off what I made.

I really would.

But I come from a service industry culture.

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 23:59:19

I do not think that you can just charge the card without authorisation from the card holder to do so. Maybe that's what they were hoping for. Maybe the letter was intended to lead to that.
As I said I expect the things will be thrown in the bin as soon as they are returned.

vimfuego Thu 05-Apr-07 23:58:24

If I ran a business and I got a complaint letter from an unconnected third party based on something overheard on the internet, I think my reply would make that one seem polite.

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:54:18

I did address my concerns to them via email.

Not impolite, not rude.

I'm a Southerner. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

But the response I got?

Completely unmannerly and defensive.

And not even personalised.

Okay, I get it. Southerners are trained not to take, not to 'cause a scene'.

If plastic bottles of used stuff are that important to you, fair enough.

But I don't get the writing a letter about it after the fact. I don't get it myself.

I'm foreign, I admit that.

I'll never understand some things. I'll never understand my own children in many respects.

But they Lord! Charge the card already if worst comes to worst.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:40:57

well one assumes the contents of the bottle are free of charge so she should really have sent the empty bottles back or a postal order for £4 ie 32 each container

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:40:31

Or put the stuff in nice ceramic or glass containers. Not crappy little plastic pump dispensers like the kind you or I would chuck out without a second thought.

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 23:38:16

Maybe they've had a problem with things going and wanted to know if it was a guest or the cleaning staff. They handled it poorly I agree, but this should be resolved between the op and hotel as soon as the letter was received.

If I was mum2sons, I would have called them to say how I felt. If they still wanted the items back, I would not have been happy. I think the hotel might have expected the op to pay for the items and I should imagine they will be thrown away when they are returned.

In future fixing to the wall may be the answer as that is what the majority of posts suggest means 'dont take'.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:38:14

Look, if you want to believe that 99% hotels don't give you the toiletries in your room, then that's your prerogative. You are wrong, but believe it if you want

The OP made the mistake of thinking that the hotel would have no use for a half empty plastic pump dispenser of so-so body lotion. She made a mistake. I think that was really worth spoiling her expensive anniversary stay for, don't you? And I hope the hotel is happy that it lost a customer and future business. I think it's really shoddy.

talcyegg Thu 05-Apr-07 23:35:21

Blimey, are you lot still on here?

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:35:02

yes expat



I hope mum2sons didn't pay an optional service charge!

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:32:18

We're talking about a 250mL bottle of used soap and lotion.


I really need to get out of here!

I don't get it.

I honestly don't.

Harassing a guest after they'd left.

How fucking embarrasing.

The mind boggles. It really does.

Charge their card.

But write a letter accusing them like that? Not to mention the response I got.

Good grief!

Really, this is ALL over NYC now.

Socci Thu 05-Apr-07 23:31:11

Message withdrawn

vimfuego Thu 05-Apr-07 23:30:53

I always pocket the toiletries in Sainsbury's too. Three reasons, 1. they're plastic, and cheap, 2. I sometimes pay over £100 for the rest of my shopping, 3. (and this is the really damning part) there's no sign saying I can't!

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:29:14

a-ha - no stamina

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:29:10

Then remind people of the policy, powder.

Placards screwed into the wall.


Already there about a number of regulations.

This is a hotel, not a private house.

Unbelievable, really.

Very foreign concept to me, I guess.

vimfuego Thu 05-Apr-07 23:28:47

I love this idea that it's fair game to take stuff unless there's a sign saying you can't.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:27:39

powder, you beat me to it... sorry, southeastastra, you are on your own now!

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:26:48

I'll re-iterate (sic?) what my cousin the sous-concierge told me: why not post the policy on plastic placards screwed into the wall then? Why not inform them that the products are for sale in the lobby or pick up the phone and dial O and have some delivered?

If you take them, your card will be charged.

Bolt the dispensers to the wall.

Simple, really.

Chase up a client after the fact and assume they took it home with them?

Could have been the cleaning staff. Could have taken the lid off in the shower because the pump didn't work and then dropped it. Could have used it up.

You're sending them a letter accusing them of stealing.

Unprofessional and not on.

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:26:30

You pay for the privilage of using the products and the towels, robes etc, but they are not yours to take away unless the hotel states they are.
Anyway, thats it for me, im off to bed before i pass out on my keyboard. Night night.

JodieG1 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:24:40

Expat I totally agree with you on this. Not much more to say really! I would inform my cousin as she used to write for a national but then she moved into producing for tv.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:24:26

"I know of this amazing hotel where even the mini bar is included in the price of the room so I usually take all the alcohol. Well the hard liquor. I figured I could use it on a rainy day. Plus if I have to pay the obscene price for the room, the least I can do is take it you know?"

Socci Thu 05-Apr-07 23:23:56

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:23:23

Taking things that aren't yours is wrong.

Taking things that you've paid for and they built the cost into it isn't.

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:22:38

So what if it's not the Hilton!

It's a hotel in the tourism industry.

You're right. I've not stayed there. I'm not a journalist.

I wouldn't write a review on them.

A hotel, a B&B, a guesthouse, whatever, the best advertising they get it word of mouth!

I've written that on this thread already.

I book academics into hotels, B&Bs, guesthouse, etc. every week.

I always ask them how their stay went. That's my job.

If it wasn't satisfactory, for whatever reason, I want to know. Because I'm going to chase it up.

If I don't get a satisfactory response for my client, I'm not going to book other visitors into that establishment.

I want my vistors to have a 100% good time.

Because otherwise, it's a reflection on me.

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 23:21:42

taking things is just so wrong

i find it odd that people just take them

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:21:20
JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 23:20:22

But powder, the hotel should have said DO NOT TAKE THE TOILETRIES because generally, in the industry, taking them is fine!

vimfuego Thu 05-Apr-07 23:20:17

This has really put me off staying there!

Oh, wait, no it hasn't.

Let me try again.

This has really put me off trying to nick something while I'm staying there!

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 05-Apr-07 23:19:58


powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:18:39

Janh, the hotel, or they wouldnt have asked for them back!!

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:18:34

I think it is MONUMENTALLY unfair to even intimate that someone would write a negative article about this hotel based on one thread on a chat board. It is a small family business, FGS, not the Hilton.

This has got waaay out of control if that sort of thing is happening.

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:18:12

We had a fantastic experience at Malmaison!

Fab, really.

I can walk to the hotel right now.

GREAT attitude.

Love 'em.

We'll be going back for a belated 5-year anniversary celebration.

They really know their stuff and are a credit to the industry.

This is a serious business.

Anyone who doesn't think so, well, doesn't really belong in there.

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:17:53

Aloha, What organisation?!

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:17:11

she wasn't 'trying her luck' - she was doing what most people do in most hotels

and I agree, no matter what you think, it was terrible PR to send a snooty letter asking for them back!!

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 23:17:05

<<It doesnt matter whether the bottles cost £17 or 17p, they werent supposed to be taken>>

But who said they weren't supposed to be taken???

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:16:58


expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:16:32

Btw, I'm not a journalist. Far from it. I'm a crap wannabe excuse for a writer. A ghost writer. A romance writer.

My sister, however, has a nice column, for a paper with a circulation of about 2m.

She's been in the biz a long time.

She has lots of friends.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:15:56

"she got caught"
Great attitude from a great organisation.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:15:34

i wonder if the Stratton send you a letter if you take their tickling stick home?

oh no, you have to pay for those doncha

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:59

This is really making me want to stay in a hotel, by the way!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:58

Which is probably why the Malmaison is a successful chain! Great attitude.

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:41

It doesnt matter whether the bottles cost £17 or 17p, they werent supposed to be taken, and the hotel asked for them back. The op tried her luck and she got caught. I'm sure she'll get over it even if some people here can't!

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:41

I've stayed in a Malmaison (thanks, Mom! )

Nice experience.

Nice toiletries.

No, I didn't take them.

My take on this thread: not about whether it's right or wrong to 'take' toiletries.

But how the hotel handled it.

The OP spent £500+ in the hotel for a weekend.

But the last point that sticks in her mind is the letter she got about two plastic bottles of used lotion and soap.

Everyone who worked hard to do his/her job, yes, she'll remember them.

Not as much as she remembers her embarassment at that letter.

Was it worth it to the hotel? For the plastic bottles?

Guess so, judging from the accusatory, defensive stock response I got when I raised my concerns about their 'policy'.

Fair enough.

Will my retiree parents or their pals be staying at Stratton?

Will my cousin the sous-concierge at a 5 star hotel in NYC or her colleagues?


Because I showed them this thread.

This is a service industry. That's the bottom line.

This is an industry that relies on the good experience of its clients in order to progress and continue to profit.

And their actions show that they don't care about that experience.

Well, plenty of others do.

Socci Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:38

Message withdrawn

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:34

Malmaison Oxford - "the pampering, fig-scented goodies come with a sign saying kindly, "Take the toiletries. They're all yours"."

A SIGN, because otherwise people would think they are too large to take...

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:14:15

All our rooms have the complete set of Mal ingredients - great beds for sleepy heads, moody lighting, power showers, CD players, CD libraries, satellite TV, serious wines and naughty nibbles. Other little luxuries include fast and free internet access, same-day laundry, toiletries that you’re encouraged to take with you and ‘vroom’ room service for breakfast, dinner or those midnight munchies!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:13:04

Why is it manipulating? The plastic dispensers are cheap as chips. they are refilled from gallon containers that cost $84. What's to manipulate. That aint £17 of product in anyone's book. And if they are being charged £17.50 for an empty plastic pump dispensers they need their heads seeing to!

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:12:28

you're all missing a trick, I'm telling ya. The toiletries are there to be taken!

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:12:14

Nadine - PLEASE make me go to bed!

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:12:03

no Ihave a mother AND a father

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:11:44

aloha is very well connected doncha know

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:11:20

From the Malmaison website:

Our new and exclusive Arran Aromatics toiletries await you in your bathroom. They are yours to take home and enjoy!

Recently launched, our new bespoke fragrance was combined with essential oils, plant extracts, and generous bottle sizes to give you an indulging experience whilst with us and to continue at home. It is natural aromatherapy with cedar wood and peach notes finishing off an exquisite fig aroma.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:11:12

steady on Lapin you're getting too embroiled

as embroiled as the rest of us

god I'm pmsl!!!!

Jan Happy Birthday (in case I forget which is likely given my advanced years)

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 23:11:03

you're all gypsey thieving bastards!

Socci Thu 05-Apr-07 23:10:34

Message withdrawn

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 23:10:15

Yes but ll, the hotel in question quoted £17.50 per bottle to justify their request for the return of the 2 in question

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:09:55

foxinsocks - but you might get caught short by the side of the road without a nappy to wee in!

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:09:52

Aloha, have you been phoning hotels all day?!

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:09:02

I don't think it's a "fact" to go

"Ha! A GALLON (yes, a gallon) of the Gilchrist body lotion costs $84 dollars - that's, what, £50. £17 my arse. "

Well, it is a fact (d'oh, obviously) but it is manipulated to prove a point... a gallon of refill product is not the same as the bottle being refilled.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:09:01

It is why they are called 'complimentary'

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:08:36

Sheesh...I've phoned hotels to ASK them. Were they lying to me? Other people who work in hotels/own hotels have posted to say the toiletries are there for you to use and/or take home. The Malmaison chain specifically encourages guests to take their large-size Malmaison-branded toiletries home.

It is common practise everywhere, all over the world.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:08:18

I doubt whether the Stratton would have your first example <shudder> so you've lost that one

I think dementia is coming on .....

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:07:55

you wouldn't want that plastic cup though - you'd be mad to take that away (false economies)

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 23:07:23

2 weeks yet, Nadine (feel free to wish me a HB on the 19th )

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:07:08

NB, the same goes for you

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:06:36

LOL, "how plastic is your cup"!

I am thinking this rather than this . You know, the sort you get in a little plastic bag in the bathroom.

And in regard to "going around accusing people of stealing", Aloha, the OP asked for views. My view is that it is stealing.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:06:29

HEY JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isn't it your birthday soooooooooooooon? very soon?

FrannyandZooey Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:55

"Aloha, you need some backup if you are going to present things as facts"

Yes, not just saying "Duh"

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:49

lol nadine - bet my cheapy Manc hotel has dolly size bottles

I would have thought my horses had all come in if I was confronted with large plastic pump dispensers

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:39

she has presented facts - read the thread

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:17

HOTEL TOILETRY ANARCHY, yes, fab, woohoo!!!!!, I have not been anarchic for - oh, must be decades

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:05

I think this will go down in the annals with red rugs, pirates, grapes, cats and footballs

how very excellent

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 23:05:04

Aloha, you need some backup if you are going to present things as facts.

FrannyandZooey Thu 05-Apr-07 23:03:38

"But Franny, others are saying it's OK to take this size {----} but not this size {--------} - where do we draw the line without rules?"


I must say this thread has kept me alternately amused / appalled / entertained for much of the day now, good work everyone

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:03:31

how plastic is your cup?

cos I've got plastic picnic cups that are rather nice

<here we go gathering nuts in may tra-la>

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 23:02:44

so the hotel assumes that you've read their entire website word for word before you arrive?

either they state obviously that you can't take the bottles or fix them to the wall (indicating that they are permanent fixtures) OR people will take the toiletries because that's what most people do when they go to hotels.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 23:01:42

Well, it isn't just my opinion that hotels give you toiletries, it's a fact. It's also a fact that these are plastic pump dispensers we are talking about. As I said earlier, I don't know why it's worse to say that than it is to go around accusing people of stealing.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 23:01:38

so are you saying its ok to take aplastic container as opposed to glass?


LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 23:00:37

<bangs head against laptop> no, I didn't mean the glass/plastic difference, more the, um, permanency difference (is that a word?)

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 23:00:29

Its sense and common and common and sense, sometimes they do go together, sometimes they don't.
That's why some celebs take most things because they either lack, common or sense or both.
LittleEasterLapin I liked your visual comparison/explaintion.

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:59:20

but they weren't glass

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:57:11

> insert missing word > CLEAR difference.

<pokes brian with stick to wake it up>

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:56:58

But Franny, others are saying it's OK to take this size {----} but not this size {--------} - where do we draw the line without rules?

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:56:27

Is it a bull with a rag or rag with a ball or dog with a rag bull? Not sure.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:56:25

But they DON'T give these ones, and they state it on their website! They give you towels and sheets and teacups and glasses etc - but you don't take them!

OK, comparison (not that good, but brian is on strike) - if there was a plastic cup in the room, and I needed a plastic cup for the car, I would take it. I would not take a glass. There is a CLEAR (no pun intended).

And JanH - - you are very norty!


FrannyandZooey Thu 05-Apr-07 22:55:02

Aloha you seem to be taking the tack of battering people with your opinion until everyone either goes away or agrees with you?

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:52:59

So you take, ll - it's spit or swallow, surely?

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:52:46

Duh! But hotels GIVE them to you! They are YOURS! (except, obviously at Strattons )

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 05-Apr-07 22:51:46

Crikey is this still going on? Surely there are only two POV's

its right - and they handled it badly.

its wrong - and they handled it badly.

Surely there is no need to discuss this up to 600+ posts????

here dotty - the other half of your line....


LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:50:58

I would definitely take these but not these .

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:50:38

you see, you should all start taking them.

Otherwise, you are subsidising all of us who do and missing out yourselves.

milge Thu 05-Apr-07 22:50:35

This thread should be emailed to Waitrose, so they can start stocking Gilchrist and Soames under their "apsirational toiletries" aisle.

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:49:21

lol nadine - I would never have thought you were like that

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:49:05

that's no surprise though NB next time dont' like the camera zoom in too much on your tightened skin

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:48:48

Oh I would be a taker, fis (if we ever went to a hotel )

My roof still waiting till next year - good luck with your bathroom

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:48:15

but sea, they are in bottles.

It's not like cleaning your face with a bar of soap someone else has used to clean their backside.

scatterbrain Thu 05-Apr-07 22:47:35

What I don't understand is why they weren't fixed ? You know how the Molton Brown liquid soap and handcream always is in loos in nce places - in those metal bracket things ! you just can't take them out so it's not an issue !

FWIW I sometimes take the travel sized ones to keep in my sponge bag for weekends away - but wouldn't take a full size one !

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:47:18

I do btw

any freebies and I'm in there

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:47:06

you're missing a trick there then

(which side are you on Jan? did I tell you, our bathroom is about to be done - at last. Hope your roof is in one piece!)

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:46:10

LOL yes very very very sad.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:44:53

it's even sadder to take doll sized shampoos at least she took a usable amount - you know it makes sense

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:44:40

No, its not what everyone does in hotels.

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:44:37

no i wouldn't use communal toiletries though tbh

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:44:35

There is a Berlin Wall between those of us who think hotel goodies are freebies and those who don't

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:41:39

have you never taken/used the toiletries when you've stayed in a hotel?

I can't recall a time when I've stayed in a hotel and not done tbh

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:40:50

She wasn't offered the option to buy. And the pump dispensers are not expensive!
Of course celebs take freebies. Do bears relieve themselves in woodland regions?

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:38:44

seems weird to nick the stuff to me..


foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:36:13

she doesn't need them - she paid top dollar for a swanky hotel and wanted to use the toiletries. That's what everyone does at hotels - they use the stuff and take home what they haven't used. She only did what most people do when they stay at a hotel.

Had she been asked not to take the plastic bottles, she wouldn't have done!

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 22:36:09

Exactly, if you want it that badly just buy it! £17.50 isnt exactly breaking the bank when youve paid so much for your room.
The dispensers are not cheap, and the hotel has every right to ask for them back. It is unreasonable to think that is unfair.

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:31:07

I havn't looked at what these things look like but get real, if you need it that much, you're just sad!

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:28:01

you scavengers

themoon66 Thu 05-Apr-07 22:26:26

Started reading this thread at work this morning during a quiet spell. Cannot believe it's still going !!!

Dottydot Thu 05-Apr-07 22:26:15

Tut. Can't believe you're all ignoring my half a line...

mummytosteven Thu 05-Apr-07 22:26:14

rofl at nulnulcat giving us top tips for how not to get caught for stealing hotel toiletries

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Apr-07 22:25:27

Go Aloha, agree with you

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:24:42

oooooooh I think so.

they all take the freebies at fashion shows so a bit of Gilchrist and Soames, why not?

They'd probably give em as Christmas gifts, the richer you are the tighter you are!

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:24:33

lolol at luxury plastic pump dispensers

I always make dh get the toiletries for me when he's away on business - he never uses any of it and that's what it's there for!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:24:16

You might not 'need' them, but you bet your boots that everyone travelling first class with Virgin or BA or anyone takes the little toiletries bag home with them. And no, it isn't stealing, they give them to you!

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:23:00

would posh or gwynnie taken them though?

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:21:51

would Gwnny or Posh been hounded for the bottle back?

I rest my sphincter

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:21:12

write a feature on the Stratton Hotel

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 22:20:38

come on it's a no brainer. if you can afford to stay in said hotel. why the hell would you find the need to take the dispensers?

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:20:22

I am bored witless by the features I've been writing today! Am fascinated by people who believe that hotels don't give you the toiletries as a rule and who think that plastic pump dispensers are luxury items!

WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:20:10

Aloha have I made you laugh?

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 22:19:34

well the hotel are making false claims about the price of their product

lying is as bad as stealing in my book

foxinsocks Thu 05-Apr-07 22:19:03

lol aloha

I so admire your staying power on this thread!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:18:20

psml at 'luxury' plastic pump dispensers!

Dottydot Thu 05-Apr-07 22:18:15

(We definitely need OO - hers would have been much better! )

Dottydot Thu 05-Apr-07 22:17:36

We need Olive Oil to do this:


WotzsanEgg Thu 05-Apr-07 22:16:59

I think you have lost the plot. Small individually wrapped items are the normal stuff to take. And in this hotel guest would probably complain that this standard was not suitable and have put some more luxury larger items in thinking guests that thier lovely guests wouldn't take it!

Maybe you are the first! Maybe from bow on they'll put some smaller samples in a bowl for guests to take, who knows.

Some hotels put up signs saying things like 'if you like the dressing gowns, pillows, blankets, towels, please speak to reception as we sell them for X amount'.

I have been told that some hotels have the plugs taken from the sink! What's that about?

Leave it. Stand away.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:16:38

and I'm not accusing someone of being a thief.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:13:37

Look, I'm just stating a point of view, I am not ransacking the internet looking for prices of plastic dispensers possibly sold in a hotel which I didn't even go to!

I'm with Aitch, I'm bored of going round in circles. I think it was wrong, you don't, end of discussion as far as I am concerned.

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:11:25

(Not you, aloha )

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 22:11:01

Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:10:32

How many times have I said that hotels routinely supply toiletries on the understanding that they are for you. Included in the room rate. To do with as you wish. It is not stealing.
So you have in your room a plastic bubble bath dispenser. YOu have stayed two nights and there are two of you. You have had a couple of baths, two showers and washed your hair. Half the product at least is gone. I would assume that the bottle will be chucked when I left and would be likely to take it home. I would not assume that in a smart hotel, someone would come along with a gallon bucket and refill the crappy plastic dispenser.
I have stayed in beautiful hotels where the bath stuff comes in glass decanters or ceramic pumps. I wouldn't take those. But a half or three quarters empty plastic pump dispenser like the one I've just chucked out from my kitchen? Yes, I'd take that. I'd be horrified to be harrassed over it.
FFS put the stuff in properly environmentally friendly glass or ceramic not plastic if you want to show off about being green.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:05:09

Gosh, hotel products (possibly) not as expensive as claimed. OK to steal then!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 22:04:00

Ha! A GALLON (yes, a gallon) of the Gilchrist body lotion costs $84 dollars - that's, what, £50. £17 my arse.


nulnulcat Thu 05-Apr-07 22:03:27

not had time to read all of this but if you are going to nick anything from an hotel get it from the trolleys the maids use to service the rooms - loads of towels toiletries and bath robes fancy individually wrapped tea bags etc and they can nver trace it back to anyones room

im ex cabin crew so stayed in lots of hotels and ive always nicked the toiletries, contents of mini bars

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 22:00:38

powder, there's another thread, verbatim reporting of the hotel's reply email

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:59:40

I think the op has retreated back into the shadows...

FrannyandZooey Thu 05-Apr-07 21:58:34

I wish OP had taken a photo first before sending them back

god some people hey? very thoughtless of you OP

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:58:08

Lol Sea

We should divert the thread to another topic...

talcyegg Thu 05-Apr-07 21:57:16

<<enters room, apologises for the interruption and declares "i live in swaffham",leaves room allowing the bottle detectives to investigate in peace>>

southeastastra Thu 05-Apr-07 21:56:54

why is this still going on?!
you shouldn't have nicked it

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:55:41

because it's mumsnet

and a refuge from cricket and football back to back everyday

FlossALump Thu 05-Apr-07 21:54:20

why am I still here arguing about this??!

FlossALump Thu 05-Apr-07 21:53:56

but there were different bottles in different rooms. One of the bottles I can believe did cost that. The one aitch linked to IIRC. However the one I linked to just looked like a run of the mill soap dispenser, much like the kind you buy radox soap in.

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:51:08

the bottle without the contents is supposed to be it can't be that one

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:50:47

LL, i missed that, has someone named names?

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:50:09

And in any case the hotel claims £17.50 per refillable bottle. They are not being straight here.

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:49:31

But not £14, ll - how can they possibly be £14 a bottle if refillable plastic?

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:49:23

not £17.50 either

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:49:08

LEL get real £14 RETAIL price

come on now!

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:48:17

So £14 not £3, and £150 rooms not £250... and from the "future enjoyment of guests" line in the OP, I would guess that the letter was polite, rather than "send back our bottles you thief"...

I am more shocked at the sending of emails and the naming of the hotel manageress on here, I feel that is totally unnecessary.

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:45:42

i just found those too

butn they are not really refillable are they?

I mean you could but you wouldn't

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:42:56

Oh well-found, NB

(lol at waving at Hannah btw - I do hope she is cringing now )

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:42:39
NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:42:18

\link\here is the soap - price £14 - to the paying public}

you're not telling me a hotel buying in bulk pays that!

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:41:29

Perhaps it was one soap dispenser too many...

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:41:25

aloha, you take my point about the manager. you might have dirty knickers but you'd have a clean conscience, presumably. and i agree that the letter is a spectacular PR own goal.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:39:49

apart from to return to say that they don't have to charge a fair price for the product, just like they don't on the minibar. so £2 or not, it makes no difference, they can charge what they like. although i think it's highly unlikely that they are paying anything like £17.50 per bottle.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:39:27

Aitch i WOULDN'T TAKe oops a pump dispenser either but I wouldn't expect a letter asking for it back if I did

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:38:44

And I agree the hotel seems nice, which makes the bizarrely arsey attitude even more strange.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:38:26

By mum2sons on Thu 05-Apr-07 10:02:54
The bottles are gilchrest and soames, I dont think they are particularily expensive for such an expensive hotel.
It is such a shame as we really did have such a fab time!

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:37:38

I'm not sure I'd want to pack my dirty knickers with the manager peering at me!

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:37:07

Good point LL

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:36:43

i'm giving in, we're going round and round. i think it looks like a nice hotel, and i think that those rooms look pleasant for £150 a night, and the suite looks worth it at £225. i would not take a pump dispenser from a hotel, i just wouldn't. but if the op would have, with the manager in the room, then i'd have to buy that she thought they were included. if not...

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:36:30

no they would have to be very silly to ask for cheapo bottles back

unless the op seriously wound them up during her stay

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:35:45

the OP told us

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:35:36

It may be a different brand of gunk, but a plastic bottle and pump is a plastic bottle and pump. I think we agree that the OP is entitled to use as much of the contents as she likes (I hope), so the hotel is squabbling over a crappy plastic pump dispenser.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:35:22

I wonder if Hannah is reading this right now?

<waves> hello Hannah

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:34:22

I suspect them of being economical with the truth.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:34:19

Aloha - another genuine question - how do you know that is the brand they use?

Seriously, because you seem very definite about all this.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:34:11

just think of the mess and hassle refilling 6 bottles per room

I hope the staff are paid well

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:33:50

You might not dream that your half used toiletries in a plastic bottle are refilled from a five litre bucket.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:32:48

well done Inspector Clousaloha!

do you think they are actually lying?

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:32:03

Miniature bottles of shampoo etc that you get in some hotels are not refillable so they are yours to use and throw away.

Large dispensers are refilled when new guests stay in the rooms.

Why should the hotel have to point this out. It is common sense.

FlossALump Thu 05-Apr-07 21:31:58

Our bottles are very special. The are enviromentally friendly, green bottles. Therefore we feel a £15 mark up in price is entirely justified over a. n. other refillable plastic bottle.

Perhaps I can now understand why the prices are (to me!) so high...

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:31:28

Blimey I bet their laundry department are on overtime
£60 for a bottle of champers and a few condoms - things are pretty pricey in Norfolk

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:31:21

you see? i think it's perfectly clear that you would expect to remove your chocolate massage mousse even if you hadn't finished it. because you've paid for it...

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:31:04


Rachmumoftwo Thu 05-Apr-07 21:30:32

I would usually take stuff like that, but if you read the website it says:
'Luxury bathroom miniatures have been replaced with refillable pump dispensers helping to reduce plastic bottles to landfill by 97%.'
So they reuse them as part of their green policy- sort of fair enough but still, if it was my hotel I wouldn't show myself up by asking for them back.
Maybe they got fed up replacing them all the time & are making a point.
Tell them you are using them as part of your homes green policy.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:29:46

Holy Moly, NB, I thought you were joking!

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:28:02

oooh la-la

A little extra for your lover.........

Bottle of champagne
Chocolates to share
Massage oil
Oscar & dehn sensual eye mask
Rose buds scattered sheets
Flavoured condoms


A Bottle of Champagne in your room on arrival with rose bud scattered sheets......


The Horney little devil's dirty adventure by Savonnerie....

Racy, cute & cheeky package, including single use camera, pointy feather, red lipstick and handtie.....ahem


WideWebWitch Thu 05-Apr-07 21:27:37

x posted but I'm with Aloha.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:27:27

I still would very much like to see the text of the original letter? <hopeful>

Aloha - how do you know £2? Have you rung Strattons and asked?

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:26:58

but the hotel gets special green ones for 17.50

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:26:49

Well done, you must be very pleased with yourself.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:25:38

Er, they are cheap to buy. I found out how cheap! £2.

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Apr-07 21:25:20

I don't think £250 is that much for a hotel but I think it's beside the point here really: most hotels expect you to take this stuff when you go, it's usually complimentary. It's not stealing imo.

And I think a discreet notice would be fine, as would a note saying "these are for sale at reception for xxx" (can't believe the prices they've quoted tbh)

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:24:57

Then the hotel is being ridiculous. If they are so attached to their silly plastic dispensers they should charge her credit card, not write letters implying she is a thief.

maisym Thu 05-Apr-07 21:24:28

if the op sends them back hopefully the hotel will see how silly they were to ask for this.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:24:27

we have not seen exhibit A yer honour but we have the OP's word which we have no reason to dispute. Would you really start a thread if you'd nicked silver and glass dispensers that sit in their own little tray.

I doubt you'd get much sympathy for that.

I say again - its the hotel's response that is staggering to me.

please send our soap back

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:24:16

Those crappy plastic dispensers arent cheap to make or buy. I used to work for a company that makes soap dispensers for hotels etc.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:24:06

The OP described them. Plain plastic, pump dispensers. I have looked up their hotel products on their website. Very unimpressive indeed. Bloody hell, I even checked out how much empty pump dispensers cost hotels (just under £2 for the bottle and pump, as it happens).

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:23:11

well, none of them are of the take-away variety according to the hotel.

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:22:37

250mls. Though of course, after two nights, there would be a lot less in there. It's not exactly a cut glass decanter full of Chanel no5 we are talking about. It's a crappy plastic pump dispenser! Like my ds's Kandoo hand foam.

Dottydot Thu 05-Apr-07 21:22:18

Aloha - I'm with you!!!

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 21:21:46

yes she deffo said plastic variety.

the ones aitch linked are obviously not the take away variety

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:21:20

did you ask the size of bottles, aloha, as i think that is very relevant?

as i say, if the OP would have taken them with the manager in the room then there is no problem, she did not think she was stealing.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:21:16

Aloha - have you actually seen these containers? (this is not a dig, genuine question)

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:20:35

Aloha, i think you are fighting a losing battle

Aloha Thu 05-Apr-07 21:19:31

They are PLASTIC! Not sodding baccarat crystal decanters. Just like the L'Occitane one I have just chucked in my recycling box from my kitchen. Worth almost nothing.
I hope the hotel think it is worth upsetting and embarrassing customers over, and preventing future business. I wouldn't.
I can only think that people who think it is stealing to take hotel toiletries never stay in hotels. It is totally normal practise. I actually called a couple of £250 a night hotels to ask about this specific point and they were both utterly baffled that anyone would ask. Of COURSE they are yours.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:19:05

honestly, they look utterly refillable to me so therefore i wouldn't take them.

FlossALump Thu 05-Apr-07 21:17:10

here is the most expensive room

And the bottles here look rather less impressive!

I am sorry Mts, but I am home alone and bored!

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:14:47

and 250 a night is mid-price for a hotel, regardless of how expensive it might feel to the individual. although they actually appear to charge 150, to be fair.

maisym Thu 05-Apr-07 21:14:23

Sending the bottles back is ok - you can't be the first for this!

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:14:04

perhaps they paid extra for the horney little devils adventure?

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:13:58

Lord I didn't say it wasn't expensive - not that it matters, but I couldn't afford it myself - I said it wasn't uncommon for smart boutique hotels. ie it is not as though every other similar hotel in the country charges half the price.

And the OP and her DP were obviously OK with the price, otherwise they wouldn't have gone there, would they...

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:13:25

describe? disguise...

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:12:49

okay, maybe they're plastic but have metal caps, suppose that would be more practical if the chambermaids are clumsy. it's covered with a sleeve at any rate, so that ould describe plastickiness.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:11:34

well, they're refillable dispensers so there's every chance that they are the same ones.

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:11:30

But the OP said hers are plastic! (And if posting them back only cost £2.40, they're defo not glass!)

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:10:27

but the photo on the website is not necessarily the product in the room?

evidently waterford cut glass bottles with silver nob ends are not for helping yourself to

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:09:58

I think it looks like avery nice hotel that trusts people not to steal, and doesnt insult peoples intelligence by putting up signs advising what can and cant be taken.....

FlossALump Thu 05-Apr-07 21:09:38

[thud] at £250 a night not being considered expensive - thinks of own battle to fork out for a £120 B & B for two nights stay. Also trip to holiday camp for 4 days for less than the cost of one night in this place.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:08:41
powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:07:27

Its fine as long as you pay for them. Taking children to the supermarket is quite stressful. Anyway I digress.....

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:07:26

I think crisps is different from grapes, because you are paying a fixed price for the packets, whereas grapes are often weighed at the checkout...? But anyway, we digress (as usual!)

I think it is unfair that Strattons is being slammed as a "cheapskate £250 a night" hotel when they don't actually charge that...

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:07:05

am pmsl at myself here, but i was looking at the prices and LL is right, the most expensive is a suite and £225. anyway, if you go to rater, then rooms, and then Stalls, you can quite clearly see the dispensers and they are made of glass and metal and to me it's abundantly apparent that they shouldn't be taken. at geekiness.

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:04:50

Yes, we (ie kids) open multipacks of crisps before paying for them - we (ditto) also eat chunks of bread - as long as the packet has the barcode on and the full price is paid, what's the prob?

This is a natural consequence of self-service in grocery shopping.

zippitippitoes Thu 05-Apr-07 21:03:57

gosh i could never hope to stay in a hotel that cost 250

don't most people think that is a lot?

the hotel says the empty plastic refillable containers cost them 17.50 each and they rather recklessly leave 6 in each room

now i think they need to find a different supplier and probably get fixed ones

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:03:35

really, ll? i often open things before paying for them, particularly for dd. but i always pay for them so therefore am happy to do it right under the noses of staff etc.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 21:02:26

oh i do that all the time, powder. sticking it to the man Gary Lineker...

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 21:02:19

Maybe the hotel's biggest mistake here then was to overestimate its guests' usual experience - eg to me £100+ a night is a lot, £250 a night is incredibly serious money.

If they assume a certain level of savoir faire in their guests they assume wrong

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 21:01:53

My DH went MAD at me for drinking from a bottle of water in Waitrose the other day before paying for it (but I was gasping <plaintive>)

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 21:00:00

Oh right, well i wont give my views about that then. How about opening a multipack of crisps before paying for them?

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 20:59:50

Oh it's definitely not cheap, but it isn't something that makes me go . Places like 42 The Calls (in Leeds) are a similar size, I think, and have similar tariffs.

And actually, if you look at their rates , Strattons' rooms are actually around £150... even the suite is £225.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:58:53

but malmaison is a very specific chain, to be fair. as i said, i recently interviewed ken mcculloch, who started the hotels, and he's all about the customer service at a medium budget. malmaison therefore is not a great example. (actually i don't even think it's that great a chain, tbh, but i liked ken).

edam Thu 05-Apr-07 20:57:42

Infamous MN thread on the ethics of allowing your children to eat grapes as you traipse round the supermarket. Got very heated.

Dottydot Thu 05-Apr-07 20:54:53

Not flaming LEL, but I do think £250 a night is a lot - considering dp and I stayed at Malmaison in Manchester in an upgraded room for £120 b&b.

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 20:53:59

lol edam. Whats the grapes and supermarkets thing?

edam Thu 05-Apr-07 20:52:41

Blimey, it's grapes and supermarkets all over again. When I used to have a Proper Job and do lots of travelling it seriously cut the amount of money I had to spend on toiletries. Never took large obviously refillable bottles though, unless there was a sign saying it was OK, only the miniatures.

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 20:51:08

I completely agree lel. I can't believe that people have been emailing this hotel concerning something that has nothing to do with them.
It is very obvious that these types of dispensers are not meant to be taken. The presumption that everything is there for the taking is ridiculous.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 20:46:23

I would still be very interested to read the actual text of their original letter.

LittleEasterLapin Thu 05-Apr-07 20:45:21

Hotels are increasingly providing those large bottles, and I think it is fairly clear that they are not complimentary (sp?) with the room.

If they had been those large Molton Brown bottles, would you feel free to take those?

As has been mentioned, perhaps the hotel should put a little sign, saying that they are not to be taken - sadly, they probably thought that was unnecessary. I am sure they know differently now, particularly after receiving emails from non-guests on this matter .

I will probably get flamed for this, but £250 is NOT a vast amount for a smart boutique hotel these days, and just because it is considered expensive, does not entitle you to help yourself to things.

The website states that it is a small family run, independent hotel; that just makes the whole thing worse, to my mind.

I really am quite astounded by peoples reaction to this.

Earlybird Thu 05-Apr-07 20:44:25

I used to travel alot for business, and was fortunate enough to usually stay in 4* or 5* hotels. I would often take the sample size 'luxury' toiletries with me when I left.

'Shop size' bottles are another matter. But, must admit to once staying in one of the top hotels in Hong Kong for a few days. They had retail size Hermes bath products in the bathrooms. It never occurred to me not to take them with me - I assumed that the size was more generous, and products more luxurious because it was a top of the line hotel. I also assumed that the products would simply be thrown away if I left them as I couldn't imagine a 5* hotel 'combining' contents of toiletry bottles to 'refill' for the next guest.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:43:20

oh i agree that it is disastrous customer relations. very poor. but i was more surprised at the responses than the OP iykwim?

PinkChick Thu 05-Apr-07 20:42:44

send letter back "not known at this address"

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 20:41:27

I understood they were not in special containers but were the branded bottles?

AND I still thinks its crappy to write and ask for it back!

They could have just said, 'these items should not actually be removed from the hotel, however that aside we hope you enjoyed your stay and hope you will return soon.'

wouldn't that have been better?

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:40:57

probably whould be more [sympathetic] than ...

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:40:27

that is the god's honest truth. mental health issues by the bucketload...

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 20:38:58

is that the same hamster someone on here made a stew with?

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:38:47

the logic is easy-peasy. you can quite clearly see that one is refillable and large and you can see that the others are single-use. if in doubt, you could ask the chambermaid, they'll soon tell you if it will get them into trouble or not.
if the OP will attest to the fact that she would have taken them under the nose of the manager, then we do not have a problem imho. but no, i wouldn't take something that i didn't have to break a seal on, iykwim.

eemie Thu 05-Apr-07 20:37:21


AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:36:19

particularly since my friend, who works with people with mental health issues, told me that one of her clients used to take her hamster to the supermarket and let it into the fruit section to 'get a wee nibble'.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 20:35:25

I don't follow that logic - you're taking toiletries provided by the hotel whichever way you call it.

It's a crappy plastic dispenser same as you'd get from any supermarket

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:35:20

an unwashed grape? yeuch.

NadineBaggott Thu 05-Apr-07 20:34:13

let me try this one on you aitch

have you ever eaten a grape from a supermarket?

without paying for it?

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:33:13

taking the single use or sample size toiletries is not stealing, definitely. taking a set of 250ml pump dispensers is. and the hotel clearly thinks so.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:32:01

unless she will swear an oath to the effect that she would have wrapped them up and taken them had the manager of the hotel been standing in her room while she was packing, i think that it's theft. if she says otherwise then i will readily concede that she did not think that she was doing somethign dodgy.

JanH Thu 05-Apr-07 20:30:24

Taking hotel toiletries is not stealing!!! (well, not normally)

Taking the bedlinen and towels would be stealing - as has been repeatedly pointed out, here and on the other thread, you are normally assumed by the hotel to be going to take the toiletries home (and if you don't they will be chucked anyway).

This hotel should have spelled out that it does things differently.

AitchTwoOh Thu 05-Apr-07 20:30:09

crapola, eemie.

eemie Thu 05-Apr-07 20:28:06

It's not theft.

For it to be theft, she would have to intend to deprive the rightful owner of the goods or the value of the goods.

She thought she had paid for them.

SO no intent to deprive.