What happens when someone convicted of child sex offences is released from prison?

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Upyourdaisy Thu 20-Oct-16 11:52:00

I've been on mumsnet for 2.5 years, but have created a whole new account for this question incase there's any way to link it to my other account.

In short, a family member was convicted and sent to prison for sleeping with someone aged under 13. He received around 6 years and has served 3(ish) in total, at the time of the offence he was 22. He is due to be released from prison next week, he's a close family member & I'm worried about the impact it will have on my family and I, my dad seems to think he will be released and is able to come and go as he pleases, I know this isn't the case, but he's convinced he can move into my house and live his life as before. Before I get any abuse, there is no way that I'd allow him to live here or see my children and I'm fully prepared for my dad to fall out with me over this. I don't want to fall out with him though, is it likely that a probation officer will get in touch with him and explain that, by law, said family member WOULDN'T be allowed near any children?
I guess what I'm asking is, what procedures/rules are put in place for when he's released?

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