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I don't wish to commit acts of disloyalty against the state

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KISSassangel Tue 13-Feb-07 19:53:47

i don't like having sex in conventional positions - ami i un-mission-able?

(Dior inspired me)

margo1974 Mon 12-Feb-07 20:24:30

I can only exhale

am i unbreathe-in-able?

sorry, but this came to me today ...

My family seem to suffer from an unusally high level of near-death accidents - but miracullously, they survive everytime... so, am I un-bereaveable?

margo1974 Fri 09-Feb-07 22:09:55


Is that a yes to my profile question or are you agreeing that I am unreasonable?

I feel I am now a real Mnetter!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 09-Feb-07 14:27:54

Message withdrawn

margo1974 Thu 08-Feb-07 22:22:19

now I really was being unreasonable for that last one!

margo1974 Thu 08-Feb-07 22:20:45

btw don't kick me out - I was only joking

margo1974 Thu 08-Feb-07 22:20:16

I don't want to be on this forum anymore

Does this make me un-mumsnet-able?

Dior Thu 08-Feb-07 22:14:06

Message withdrawn

Pann Thu 08-Feb-07 22:11:22

I have real problems setting up intiguing connections....

am I being unfrissonable??

speedymama Thu 08-Feb-07 10:03:29

Ahh, this thread is brilliant and so many great play on words. Question is, which one wins the prize for being the most unassailable?


sockmonkey Wed 07-Feb-07 20:41:16

I refuse to sham-a-lang-a-sham-a-lang-a-ding-dong

Am I un-grease-able?


My hymen grey back....

Am I unshaggable??

melpomene Wed 07-Feb-07 20:34:11

I play the violin, but I don't look after the strings properly. Am I un-resin-able?

Ponka Wed 07-Feb-07 20:05:22

Ah poo.

Tonight's, I mean! Can't spell for toffee

Am I being unreadable?

Ponka Wed 07-Feb-07 20:04:28

I just ate my hamster in tonights stew.

Am I being Unbelievable?

<<bows, I thank you Dior >>

My pet sheep has been rolling in ds' paints again - is he now-dyed-in-the-wool?

Pann Wed 07-Feb-07 19:07:17


margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 19:06:56

I don't want to appear on daytime chav TV talk shows

Am I un-Trisha-able?

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 19:04:42

my friend cant have kebabs

is he un-shish-able?

Pann Wed 07-Feb-07 18:58:34

so I was out walking with my two buddies across the tundra, as one does, and I fell into a polar bears fishing hole,<< no, stay with me >> and was iced up immediately.

Try as they might, my buddies just couldn't get me out as the water solidified round me.
And one turned to the other and I heard him say....

wait for it

Is he being unfreezable?

Dior Wed 07-Feb-07 18:47:11

Message withdrawn

filthymindedvixen Wed 07-Feb-07 18:42:43

I'm trying to learn a new skill. Hhowever I keep falling from my very high swing. Shoukd i give up and accept that I am un-trapeezeable?

MrsBadger Wed 07-Feb-07 18:21:24

DH spends all day watching motor racing but I hate it - am I unGrandPrixable?

JillybeansNW Wed 07-Feb-07 18:20:23

The local convent is having a French Food Faire. The sister running the stall with the soft round cheeses is known as


No - that doesn't work does it <sigh>

Pann Wed 07-Feb-07 18:12:15


You're ridiculous.

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 18:01:35

this is just getting too clever

filthymindedvixen Wed 07-Feb-07 17:46:16

Pann!! Is it really you?? <I'm not really here>

My dh wishes us to emigrate to a nation formerly known as British Honduras - a small nation on the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea bordered by Mexico to the northwest and Guatemala to the west and south. The country is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy which recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as Sovereign. It's the only English-speaking country in Central America, and was a British colony for more than a century and was known as British Honduras until 1973. It became an independent nation in 1981. It's a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (SICA) and considers itself to be culturally both Caribbean and Central American.

I however, wish to remain here.

Am I being unBelize-able??

Pann Wed 07-Feb-07 17:29:04

Sorry doesn't cover it.

melpomene Wed 07-Feb-07 17:21:09


melpomene Wed 07-Feb-07 17:20:55

I keep large South American birds. They want to mate with each other but I always stop them.

Am I being un-rheas-on-the-pull?

melpomene Wed 07-Feb-07 17:15:17

I refuse to sing repetitive songs. Am I being unreprisable?

melpomene Wed 07-Feb-07 17:06:02

I refuse to pluck my eyebrows. Am I being untweezerable?

speedymama Wed 07-Feb-07 16:34:22

My DTS, who are nearly 3yo, haved turned whining into an endurance sport that would qualify for the olympics. Are they indefatigable and am I inconsolable? (boo-hoo)

MrsBadger Wed 07-Feb-07 14:29:15

([baboom-tzing] - we'll be here all week, try the veal)

I won't wear 80s bomber jackets - am I being unblousonable?

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 13:38:01

ooh vvvqv

another word play?

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 07-Feb-07 13:25:44

I'm sure a man would argue that men were more cunning linguists than women

UnquietDad Wed 07-Feb-07 13:07:25

No, I'm just wondering what monster I have unleashed!!

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 12:36:26

he threw down the gauntlet and never challenged us further - he is probably off playing isketch
which i discovered yesterday

MrsBadger Wed 07-Feb-07 09:59:36

I think he's in awe of our linguistic prowess...

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 09:48:24

hmmm did we get too silly for unquiet dad?

kickassangel Tue 06-Feb-07 22:37:29

just worked 14 hours without a break, so have no brain power left to come up with any, but you've made me happy.
make a pun out of that if you can!

Aloha Tue 06-Feb-07 22:26:49

I can't get the hang of exercising on my new gym ball. Am I un-at-ease-on-a-ball?

we'll just sit here together whittering, shall we margo?!

My dh finds dairy products satiating - one-cheese-and-he's-full

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 21:10:31

don't worry fp - this is driving me loopy too

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 21:09:34

My (Italian) farmer was telling me how to milk a cow


AND I seem to have developed immunity to childhod diseases - am I un-measle-able?

<<fp is having fun on her own in a sad little way now>>

And my honey production has gone right down in this cold weather - are the bees-in-a-chill?

My aging heifer won't eat his veg ... is he un-peas-on-a-bull?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 20:53:54

(have got DH started now - he says if your newborn won't sleep, is it unzeezable?
And if you think that food intolerance testing is rubbish, are you unkinesiable?)

filthymindedvixen Tue 06-Feb-07 20:46:26

lol. I have the same problem MrsB.
I . Am. now. attempting to - step away from the PUN!

(see what I did there...

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 20:44:34

I don't like DH's loutish mates - is it because I'm ungeezerable?

(this is driving me nuts)

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 20:42:05

ds is refusing to read the Gallic Wars for his Latin coursework - is he being unCaeserable?

filthymindedvixen Tue 06-Feb-07 20:31:52

I am digging my heels in and will not sign the Nisi - amd i being un-decrees-able??

filthymindedvixen Tue 06-Feb-07 20:30:00

I refuse to succomb to this cold and insist on increasing my dosage of Vit C and zinc - am I being unsneezable?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 20:28:10

I won't let dd (11) build a scale model of a Central American tableland in the garden

Am I being un-mesa-nable?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 20:26:00

DH wants to take me to historical sites in Italy but I'd rather stay home - am I unPisanable?

I wouldn't like the food anyway - I'm unpizzanable...

pesme Tue 06-Feb-07 20:20:29

my dh only wears polycotton shirts. is he uncreasable?

merryberry Tue 06-Feb-07 19:19:29

I can't stop my naughty split personalities posting inflammatory AIBUs about supermarket grapes and misplaced apostrophes. am i being un-me's-on-a-troll?

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 19:14:30

I know, I know...

It doesn't sound anything like unreasonable...

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 19:13:34

To get into the theme of today

If you don't have a blue badge or a child

Are you unparkable?

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 18:00:39

margo - great minds think alike

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 17:59:44

itsme - in fact i think yours - unappeasable - is one of the few that exists in the dictionary !

ItsMeMellowma Tue 06-Feb-07 17:55:07

I am very unhappy - am I unappeasable (is that a word)?

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 17:54:12

Sorry yellowrose - I should've read your last post

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 17:53:08

i'm having a bad hair day

Is my hair unteasable?

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 17:48:48

obviously we all get the jokes here - none of us here is unteasable !

Oati Tue 06-Feb-07 17:41:06

my hay-fever is cured - am I being unsneezable?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 17:41:06


MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 17:40:45

DH wants to keep ferrets etc in the kitchen and I'm objecting strongly

Am I being unweaselable?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 17:40:40

My toothpaste has run out, is this unsqueezable

MarsLady Tue 06-Feb-07 17:39:26


Oati Tue 06-Feb-07 17:39:21

I'm having my garden paved over - am I being untreesable?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 17:39:07

I want to sail across the atlantic (possibly in that schooner) the day after giving birth - is this unfeasible?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 17:38:21

The wiper jets on my car frosted up this morning - I thought windscreen wash was meant to be unfreezable?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 17:37:42

I just hit my neighbours wall is this in de-fenceable?

Oati Tue 06-Feb-07 17:37:22

my asthma is cured - am I being unwheezable?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 17:34:07

I don't believe in nuclear power, am I un-fissionable?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 17:33:15

My schooner doesn't seem to have room for a third mast

Is it unmizzenable?


VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-Feb-07 17:22:00

I never quite feel that 'spark'. Am I being unfrissonable?

Dinosaur Tue 06-Feb-07 17:19:55

I'm a lawyer. Is my drafting indefeasible?

Aloha Tue 06-Feb-07 17:17:49

I'm terribly picky. Am I being unpleasable?

sockmonkey Tue 06-Feb-07 17:06:38


The cat has peed on the carpet, and I can't get the smell out Is it un-fabreeze-able?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 16:55:13

my cat won't stay still while I spray her with insecticide - is she un-FleasGone-able?

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 16:53:31

i am totally unfazeable !

anyone can park in my baby & toddler space

i just get pissed off when it's a man in a van, not carrying a child and being "unseasonable", not wearing a jumper, just a t-shirt, revealing big hairy arms

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 16:49:34

My family can't seem to stick together - are they uncohesionable?

Imafairy Tue 06-Feb-07 16:48:34

I don't like cows all that much.
Am I being unfreesianable?

lulumama Tue 06-Feb-07 16:46:43


you are all, so much more cleverer than what i am

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 16:44:36

Thankyou Cornflakegirl!

I like making the mumsnet site a happier place!....especially since I have been on the "parking in parent & toddler spaces" thread.

MrsBadger Tue 06-Feb-07 16:38:41

ooh, I'm scraping the barrel here...

DH won't dress up as Molesworth's best friend - is he being un-Peason-able?

My best friend has a deep hatred of twinkly-eyed Irish actors - is she un-Neeson-able?

cornflakegirl Tue 06-Feb-07 16:35:16

margo1974 - i laughed!

hot cross buns, malt loaf and eccles cake have not place in my kitchen.

am I being un-raisin-able?

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 16:23:02

unquiet dad - are you just really really bored (like me) and thinking up all kinds of variations of "unreasonable" to get some attention ?

I like the "unseasonable" btw - i bloody hate jumpers too - so unfashionable

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 16:05:52

Didn't anyone find that funny

<Margo hangs head despondently>

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 15:55:48

I've got one!!!

I want to become vegetarian and join the circus

Am I being mungbeans-on-a-ball?

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-Feb-07 15:53:20


That'll teach you lot to skim read

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:49:14

I don't want to travel to South Africa.

Am I being un-equatorable?

Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:46:36

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:46:33

oh, sorry Duur on my part

the curse of speed reading.

I want to read unabridged books

And I being unexpergatable?

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:45:34

"My DW doesn't want to have sex with me and another woman. I think she is unthreesome-able."

I can;'t think of any other rhymes ... isn't that risible (half a point??)

Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:56

Message withdrawn

<<< fp wanders round house muttering ... besenable, cesenable, desenable....>>

oh sorry

didn't look!

How about

I can't put any salt or pepper in my stew

Is it unseasonable

WelshBoris Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:32

Me too MB, too busy thinking about rustling foofs on that femidom thread

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:16

I can't be arsed to pick up ds after footie

Am I being unreasonable

probably yes!

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:42:30

done that one CD!!

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:53


That was the sound of you joke going over my head!

I want to eat christmas pudding for tea

Am I being unseasonable?

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:25

tis a joke WB & MB!

hmmm, do I spot a theme...

Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:09

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:04


WelshBoris Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:02

An example please?

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:40:25

So am I being untreasonable?

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