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I don't wish to commit acts of disloyalty against the state

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UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:40:25

So am I being untreasonable?

WelshBoris Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:02

An example please?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:04


Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:09

Message withdrawn

hmmm, do I spot a theme...

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:25

tis a joke WB & MB!

I want to eat christmas pudding for tea

Am I being unseasonable?

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:41:53


That was the sound of you joke going over my head!

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:42:30

done that one CD!!

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:16

I can't be arsed to pick up ds after footie

Am I being unreasonable

probably yes!

WelshBoris Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:32

Me too MB, too busy thinking about rustling foofs on that femidom thread

oh sorry

didn't look!

How about

I can't put any salt or pepper in my stew

Is it unseasonable

<<< fp wanders round house muttering ... besenable, cesenable, desenable....>>

Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:43:56

Message withdrawn

I can;'t think of any other rhymes ... isn't that risible (half a point??)

UnquietDad Tue 06-Feb-07 15:45:34

"My DW doesn't want to have sex with me and another woman. I think she is unthreesome-able."

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:46:33

oh, sorry Duur on my part

the curse of speed reading.

I want to read unabridged books

And I being unexpergatable?

Dior Tue 06-Feb-07 15:46:36

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Tue 06-Feb-07 15:49:14

I don't want to travel to South Africa.

Am I being un-equatorable?

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-Feb-07 15:53:20


That'll teach you lot to skim read

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 15:55:48

I've got one!!!

I want to become vegetarian and join the circus

Am I being mungbeans-on-a-ball?

margo1974 Tue 06-Feb-07 16:05:52

Didn't anyone find that funny

<Margo hangs head despondently>

yellowrose Tue 06-Feb-07 16:23:02

unquiet dad - are you just really really bored (like me) and thinking up all kinds of variations of "unreasonable" to get some attention ?

I like the "unseasonable" btw - i bloody hate jumpers too - so unfashionable

hot cross buns, malt loaf and eccles cake have not place in my kitchen.

am I being un-raisin-able?

cornflakegirl Tue 06-Feb-07 16:35:16

margo1974 - i laughed!

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