To wish a plague of boils on these drivers

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SudsAndSodaMixOKwithBeer Wed 29-Jun-16 17:41:37

The Royal Norfolk Show is on. This means that everyone who lives in a 10 mile radius south of the showground has to endure utter arseholes avoiding the official routes and blocking up the villages, because they think they have been so clever to find a back road. They're not. Instead they are at a standstill, sitting on the wrong side of the road because they overtook a parked car and got stuck, completely blocking access for people who actually live in those villages.

I got honked at by someone because I had the temerity to actually park outside my own house hmm


What is it about people who will drive perfectly reasonably any other day of the week, but adopt a pack mentality when they are all trying to escape an event like this?

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