To think that listing properties as detached on Rightmove…

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CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:20:32

…when they're not detached should be a capital offence?

Although there are many, many things that irritate me about estate agents in general and Rightmove listings in particular, this is the one that is currently irritating me the most.

Also, barn conversions that are actually still barns. If there's still a fucking cow in it, it's not a barn conversion.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:22:32
steff13 Wed 18-Jun-14 01:23:52

If there's still a fucking cow in it, it's not a barn conversion.

Maybe it was an indoor cow? smile

It was so frustrating when we were buying our house how much nicer the houses looked on than they did in real life.

emotionsecho Wed 18-Jun-14 01:27:52

Agree CorusKate, it's so damn irritating especially when they just put 'house' and you have to look really closely to see it is semi-detached.

steff13 Wed 18-Jun-14 01:33:46

What do home ads mean when they say, NO CHAIN? It's all in capitals, so I think it must be VERY IMPORTANT, but I don't know what it means.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:34:18
CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:35:18

Hmm, strikethrough doesn't work on links then?

No chain means you don't have to wait for them to complete on somewhere else before you can move in.

Steff it's when the house you are selling is being bought by someone trying to sell their house to someone trying to sell their house and so on and so on.

That 'beachside residence' is my MIL dream! They currently live in a perfectly nice 2bed semi.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:37:08
CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:37:56

Yep chains can go in both directions grin Bloody nightmare.

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Wed 18-Jun-14 01:39:01

It does say semi in the text below the photo. Gorgeous hallway.

TillyTellTale Wed 18-Jun-14 01:42:38

Yeah, they own up after they've got you to properly click! Grrr-argh!

False advertising, I call it. Or maybe Misappropriated Page-Views has a ring.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:44:20

It does say semi in the text, but it shows up on searches for just detached properties, as that's the property type it's listed as. TBF it's not the most deceptive one I've seen, but it was the first one that popped up on my list after deciding to post about it, so got the brunt of my linky.

Some of them never actually point out they're semis/terraces at all. What do they think they're going to achieve? Do they imagine that some of people who want to narrow their search to detached properties are going to be so bowled over by how lovely this semi is that they change their mind about what kind of house they want to live in? Or do they think they can get all the way to completion before the buyer goes, "Hang on, there's someone else's house stuck to this one"?

steff13 Wed 18-Jun-14 01:44:39

Portakabin Chalet Bungalow.

That's what we call a "double wide" here in Ohio.

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Wed 18-Jun-14 01:45:44

Ah, OK I get the point you're making. Fuckers.

Still love that hallway though grin

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:47:20

Yes some lovely houses round there smile

Properties listed as "cottage" seem to show up when you search for detached houses, too.

Though I've seen some stretchy definitions of "cottage" on there.

OldLadyKnowsSomething Wed 18-Jun-14 01:55:28

"Cottage" round my way seems to include 4 in a block ex LA/council housing. Eh?

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:57:28

Less chocolate box, more 10p mix.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 01:58:35

I'm still uncertain as to whether it's acceptable to list an end-terrace as a semi-detached.

Perhaps capital punishment is a little too far for that one.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 02:02:43

Can't find any barns listed as barn conversions at the moment (there was a spate of them a few months back but here's an example that is no longer up for sale.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 02:04:21

Here are some barns listed as a four bedroom town house.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 02:05:54

Barn conversion.

CorusKate Wed 18-Jun-14 02:07:08

Another classic barn conversion.

steff13 Wed 18-Jun-14 02:11:04

Hmm, they seem to have a more flexible definition of "townhouse" than I do. Also "conversion," and "exciting opportunity."

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