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To think there must be a way of locking up our micro scooters.

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moocowmrs Mon 16-Jun-14 14:14:42

How do you lock them up, all ways I can think would not work. there must be away of keeping nearly £400 of scooter safe.

JimmyCorkhill Mon 16-Jun-14 14:18:44

We have a mini micro scooter and just use a cheap cable bike lock from Tesco through the wheel spokes.

smellyfishead Mon 16-Jun-14 14:21:03

£400 on a scooter? what is it a gold plated micro scooter?? I paid £100 for ds2 maxi micro 2yrs ago, surely they haven't gone up that much? or are you on about a different motorised? scooter?

moocowmrs Mon 16-Jun-14 14:40:16

We have 3 scooters smelly at £120 each !

moocowmrs Mon 16-Jun-14 14:48:38

Thanks Jimmy, will get one and give it a go, was not sure there would be room, could lick them all together then to a fence or post x

moocowmrs Mon 16-Jun-14 14:49:03

Link not lick awwwww x

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