To quite simply adore that we are so different in our 'ideal' man...

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BolshierAyraStark Sun 04-May-14 00:27:36

Mine is Jason Statham-would fuck him every which way to Tuesday-& beyond, he wouldn't be able to walk when I'd done...grin
However, I appreciate that some will go, err no-minger & I love that we are soo different!!

Btw-I don't need to know you agree with me, Statham is mine-end of.

AgentZigzag Sun 04-May-14 00:36:57

If Statham kept his gob shut and I didn't hear his mid-Atlantic accent, I would be maybe up for it grin

I know lots of people don't like him, but Brad Pitts brawniness in Snatch is a bit of a draw, although him mumbling would do my head in.

I like a nice clear voice it seems

Yambabe Sun 04-May-14 00:39:15

yuck. I like men with hair. Google Olli Herman. Sit down first.... wink

BolshierAyraStark Sun 04-May-14 00:45:15

Googled-keep that one lol.

I actually would like him to talk to me-its a thing that does it for me though if we were going purely on voice I would be thinking Vin Diesel or Antonio Banderas...

BolshierAyraStark Sun 04-May-14 00:46:28

Brad Pit isn't for me but I FULLY understand his appeal.

RhondaJean Sun 04-May-14 00:46:41

May I present Alexander Skarsgåard. I would RUIN him.

He is also older than me which helps on the not-feeling-like-a-perv front.

BolshierAyraStark Sun 04-May-14 00:48:19

Too pretty for me.

RhondaJean Sun 04-May-14 00:49:35

I get the feeling he would be both intelligent and dirty.

And pretty.

I may currently be ovulating...

phoolani Sun 04-May-14 00:53:40

You are soooooooooooo wrong OP. Statham is mine. Always has been.

AgentZigzag Sun 04-May-14 00:53:40

Very retro Yambabe grin

I'm sure Alexander S is a great bloke Amber, but that can't be a good example of him, any man who would agree to pose like that needs a word in his shell like from concerned friends grin

RhondaJean Sun 04-May-14 00:57:03


His awesomeness has obviously made you unable to read names zigzag zgrin

I love that photo...

Salazar Sun 04-May-14 00:57:54

Mine is Alan Rickman. About 95% of my attraction comes from things like presence and voice, so he is the whole package for me.

AgentZigzag Sun 04-May-14 01:01:32

Danny Craig, now there's a man who knows how to treat a laydee wink

grin sorry Rhonda, I was reading your name but thinking of amberleaf for some reason, none of them stalkerish I hope

Because I am small of brain, when you said Jason Statham, I visualised Mark Statham. As in, Dr Statham of Green Wing.

I was about to applaud you for your brave non-conformism while backing away slowly from the mad woman.

As you were. blush

Mark? Alan. The actor Mark Heap, the character Alan Statham.

Fuck knows what has happened to my tiny mind.

This guy.

Yambabe Sun 04-May-14 01:09:22

he's quite cute, in a Cleese-ish sort of way

alleypalley Sun 04-May-14 01:46:21

I 100% love Tim Minchin. I can see why he's not everyone's type but if I ever met him I would fall apart. If I had the time to spare I would stalk him blush

ThingsThatShine Sun 04-May-14 01:52:29

Idris Elba

Germgirl Sun 04-May-14 01:54:46

Lawrence Dallaglio. As long as he didn't speak (seems like quite a dull man but LOOK AT HIS THIGHS!!!!)

I would wear idris Elba like a blanket. I would ride his like a horse. He is a beautiful man.

Every time that sky ad comes on I leave a small puddle on the couch.

Germgirl Sun 04-May-14 02:13:15

Things & Take. He is splendid. I completely agree.

TheRavenIsRising Sun 04-May-14 02:45:58

Anthony Stewart Head for me. I'd have his bones creaking like a battered rocking horse by the time I was done grin

Fideline987654321 Sun 04-May-14 02:54:18

If I had the time to spare I would stalk him

You'll never get into the stalkers society with an attitude like that Alley - MAKE time, focus!!

SourSweets Sun 04-May-14 07:04:36

Zack Galafanakis is my ideal man. I actually love him.

Luckily my husband is pretty similar so he'll do I suppose.

fairylightsintheloft Sun 04-May-14 07:28:03

OOh yes, Anthony Stewart Head but could I also have James Marsters (Spike from Buffy)? If I have to choose I'll go with Spike. I met him once without the bleached hair - bloody gorgeous.

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