To think Robbie Williams...

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IsChippyMintonExDirectory Sat 05-Apr-14 22:19:24

Is the extremely untalented, mediocre and not the least bit entertaining? Just catching up on Ant and Dec, I really love the show but do not get RW at all

also I hate his stupid smug grin

I think he's well suited to his wife. I once saw an interview where he said 'how many other women can say that their husband has been in Take That and 2 of the Spice Girls".


Pawprint Mon 07-Apr-14 13:10:47

He's not someone I am interested in - I think he got lucky, really, with the "Angels" song back in the late 1990s. Don't think he's very talented, but I don't mind him.

The one I really can't stand is Michael Buble - he really is a smug, talentless cunt.

moldingsunbeams Mon 07-Apr-14 13:11:45

Can I just add Howard is lovely. He once spent thirty minutes chatting to dd when she was about five. She had no clue who he was, she has sen and spent ages telling him all about her school/pets/house/holiday and anything private she could think of, much to my mortification and he spent ages engaging with her in the middle of Manchester simply because he had smiled at her and she had decided that must make him her friend!

Total Sweetheart.

Met the others a few time through life and work.

Gary can be offish but actually much funnier than he comes across.

Jason nice as long as people dont invade his space which is fair enough.

Robbie can be lovely or a complete twat depending on his mood. He had a vip room of his own at a vip party when much much bigger stars mingled but i bumped into him at work when he was looking for someone and he was lovely.

Mark was down to earth and lovely everytime bar one when he was pissed early one morning, ive also seen his temper and flirting with women while engaged.

ClockWatchingLady Mon 07-Apr-14 13:26:27


I think he can be alarmingly self-aware. Like in that song "come undone". And sort of humane.

But most importantly he's delicious.

squoosh Mon 07-Apr-14 13:36:43

Thank God the awful 'Angels' seems to have buggered off the airwaves. It used to be played on an hourly basis for nearly a decade.

Shockers Mon 07-Apr-14 15:49:29

I met Howard at a party when TT were just starting out. He was lovely. He could also flip all the way down the 100'+ garden.

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