To change my surname by deedpoll so I can register to vote?

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moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 21:21:59

The electoral roll have sent me a form that I have to fill in by law.
The problem is exh was EA, destructive and has severe MH issues including threats of suicide and extreme thoughts.
He doesnt know where we live and dds school is very close to house so easy to link too.

I asked council for advice and was told I should go on standard one as we fled without reporting and have no injunction because he doesnt know where we are so cannot be annonymous.

The problem is the standard one is still available to be viewed in the offices/libraries and he has a general idea of village we may be in.
It also is realised to CRA and I know he has managed to get these details in the past. Council werent interested in this.

Its not a risk I want to take.
Is thrre anything stopping me simply deed polling my surname?

TheHouseCleaner Fri 04-Apr-14 21:27:36

There's nothing stopping you at all. The only difficulty will be that you can't change your DC's surname too unless your ex husband gives his permission (assuming that he has parental responsibility too).

But, for the purpose of you being Ms Smith instead of Ms Jones and being able to 'hide' on the electoral role, yes you can. You can do it online for about £20, there's no need to go to a solicitor. Actually, you can just become Ms Smith without a deed poll but the problem with that is that many institutions such as banks etc insist on seeing proof of the change of name.

fuzzpig Fri 04-Apr-14 21:27:58

I have no clue about the legalities or how it relates to voting etc, but I think changing your name is a very good idea if it helps you stay and feel safer thanks

deakymom Fri 04-Apr-14 21:29:20

its easy and cheap google it x

NeedsAsockamnesty Fri 04-Apr-14 21:29:52
NeedsAsockamnesty Fri 04-Apr-14 21:30:33

Sorry I missed the bit where they said you couldn't, I would still fill it out

NeedsAsockamnesty Fri 04-Apr-14 21:32:57

If you used a social worker for help they can get the form signed for you,it takes ages and you have to ask in writing.

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:33:05

In v similar situation a few years ago I just used a pseudonym for phone co, electoral roll etc (no deed poll). I took the polling card and voted in usual way. Never had a problem and kept it up until I remarried.

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 21:35:04

Thanks fideline did your deed poll name match your council tax name though?

ICanSeeTheSun Fri 04-Apr-14 21:36:54

Perhaps give women aid, I am sure they must have dealt with this problem in the past.

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:38:32

You mean elctoral roll? No.

I did always mention the 'other' name on any official forms during that period though, to establish there was no fraudelent intent.

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:39:19

As in, gave the other name as a previous name.

Ronmione Fri 04-Apr-14 21:40:20

Can you go on the edited list? I think that's more confidential

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:41:37

Edited list is fully searchable on amongst other places. Not safe. Only protects you from junk mail.

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 21:42:50

Sorry yes meant electoral roll.

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:43:26

Sorry correction- editted list is not fully searchable, but it is not guaranteed confidential, mistakes do happen. Womens Aid locally advised me against relying on edited list.

fideline Fri 04-Apr-14 21:44:37

PP's advice to ring your local WA is good idea.

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 21:46:22

Thanks all for quick response. Will get in touch with WA.

ICanSeeTheSun Fri 04-Apr-14 21:46:39

Contact details of WA

PHONE: 0808 2000 247

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 21:52:49

Thanks ican smile

elahrairahforprimeminister Fri 04-Apr-14 21:56:48

There's nothing stopping you at all. The only difficulty will be that you can't change your DC's surname too unless your ex husband gives his permission (assuming that he has parental responsibility too).

Not actually accurate.

Yes, it's in the guidelines.

I left EA exH and he soon dropped DS like a hot potato when he met someone else. I wanted to change DS's name when he started school. I just told the Deed Poll office I didn't know where exH was (true) and they accepted that.

Don't see why you can't do the same. Doesn't sound like you owe him anything.

TalkinPeace Fri 04-Apr-14 21:58:30

TBH : cope with not voting for a few years and change your name by default - as then there is no trail

choose a name : be willing to refer back to the other to those in authority
but start to use your new name

if you can, get DBS checked at school as "also known as"
once you have the DBS form, you can get Library, and all other documents
and step by step your old name will vanish

I have two names concurrently - all legal, very useful

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 22:11:21

Talkin no issue with not voting but worried will get fined for not returning form. Or worse neighbour who has shared main front door will be confronted by one of those people who knock if you dont register and will pass my details on.

moldingsunbeams Fri 04-Apr-14 22:14:09

I am also worried if I fill in electoral roll asmrs jones and council tax/working tax credit etc are still as mrs smith they will stop everything thinking I am giving wrong info!

TalkinPeace Fri 04-Apr-14 22:14:36

delay the form
and if there is a hassle, go into the council and say that you are in the midst of changing your name so would like to wait tiill 8 weeks before theh general election ..... ie April next year ....

(I'm not British so its all quite surreal)

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