I hate being a Mum

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ashamedbuttruthful Mon 24-Mar-14 11:31:58

I have nc as I am ashamed but I hate it, I fell pregnant in the midst of many surgeries while with an abusive partner after being told that I could not concieve.

I am exhausted , I get no break, financially its hard as one low working wage, I deal with the constant backlash of exh letting dd down. She has sen so mixture of hormones, lack of understanding and anger means she is really playing up at moment.

I hate the drudgery of it all
I hate where I live but we are stuck here for the time being.
I have no life, I work from home and can go weeks without seeing another adult.
I spend my time being an emotional battering ram for her dads failures

Inknow I am selfish and I love her massively I just hate this life, I am fucking miserable.

fedthefuckupnowwhat Mon 24-Mar-14 15:15:22

OP, do you have any family you can confide in?

I also second the GP idea.

Also, are there any women's advice centres in your area?

I don't drive either so I feel your frustration.

frumpet Mon 24-Mar-14 16:34:32

This is probably a crap suggestion , but could you start your own club ? like a book club or something at your house , ask school to stick a note on the newsletter ?

And i know its a wee bit early , but heres a wine

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