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To think that many of the best people have birthdays in November

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Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:48:36

Well am I?

Think carefully before answering.

RoxanneReidsChafingFishnets Tue 05-Nov-13 09:50:15

No, cant be true. My birthday isn't in November so obviously isn't right. Fact.

On the other hand, the toddlers is but I can say he ain't as great as me


Mignonette Tue 05-Nov-13 09:51:35

I don't know if I am one of your 'favourite people' MaryZ (slightly scared of the answer) but I have followed you here.

My birthday is in August but my lovely BiL is a Nov baby.

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:51:39

Maybe you are the exception that proves the rule Roxanne [comforting]

DS's is November. He's the best.
However, he shares a birthday with my mother. She's not.

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:52:44

August, now, that's not a good month, sorry -my brother--

Keepingthepeace Tue 05-Nov-13 09:52:59

Not sure I I'm allowed here as new but have been enjoying the conversation. Ps I'm may ☺️

Mignonette Tue 05-Nov-13 09:53:22


I was at the start of august- before it got bad...

saythatagain Tue 05-Nov-13 09:53:26

I can absolutely and whole heartedly agree with that.

BanjoPlayingTiger Tue 05-Nov-13 09:53:48

It's clearly a true fact Maryz I have no idea how anyone could doubt it.

Passes round cake to all the other November people.

JaquelineHyde Tue 05-Nov-13 09:53:57

My son is a November born so I am inclined to agree with you.

However, upon further consideration I remembered my ex husband has a November birthday as well and he is a cunt.

Hope that helps grin grin

BoreOfWhabylon Tue 05-Nov-13 09:54:11

My birthday is July but my lovely Dad was a Novemberer, as is my lovely niece.

<blatant attempt to curry favour with MaryZ)

StoorieHoose Tue 05-Nov-13 09:54:27

I agree! Especially ones on the 27 November smile

SaucyJack Tue 05-Nov-13 09:54:30


Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:55:13

May? Meh grin

Welcome saythatagain, you wonderful person. And Travel's ds.--ignores her mum--

Mignonette Tue 05-Nov-13 09:55:40

March 2nd was auspicious. My best friend and Lou Reed.

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:56:20

Oh, goodie. Lots of Novembererers <ignores everyone else>

Pinkpartysprinkles Tue 05-Nov-13 09:57:25

Well it's my birthday today so I'd have to agree smile and a good friend has hers next week!

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:57:28

I'm struggling a bit with strike outs on the iPad.

HerBigChance Tue 05-Nov-13 09:57:51

Yep. November birthday people rock.

ercoldesk Tue 05-Nov-13 09:57:59

DD1 and DH, so definitely something there...

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:58:50

And to add to my op:

AIBU to think that Christmas should wait until our Very Important Days are over?

TheOldestCat Tue 05-Nov-13 09:59:32

Oh yes. So says DD and so say I (november birthdays both).

And, of course, no one must mention Christmas until the fab birthday month is over.

Happy birthday, Pinkpartysprinkles!

Maryz Tue 05-Nov-13 09:59:35

Happy birthday Pink wine

blondiep14 Tue 05-Nov-13 10:01:32

Definitely. Without a doubt wink

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