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to hate this desciption of David Tennants family?

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Bogeyface Sun 27-Oct-13 22:31:14

I have noticed that it has happened to Dawn French and Lenny Henry too, but reading about DT earlier prompted me to post.

Reading an article about his new TV series and it said that he was a father of 2 with his wife and "adoptive father" of her eldest child. So......father of 3 then?

DF and LH have always been described as having an adopted child, rather than having a child. Why?

A family is a family regardless of how it comes about and emotionally and legally DT is that childs father, so why make the distinction? Who's business is it and really, who cares?

AIBU to think that the media should stop doing this as it fosters the belief that an adopted child is somehow different from a biological child. In this age of blended families, it seems especially ridiculous to make distinctions.

Devora Wed 30-Oct-13 14:04:19

Green Velvet, I'm sure you are not adopted or an adopter or you would realise the implications of your post. It is of course true that adopted children affect family dynamics and that genes count. But that's true of everybody, isn't it? Your post only makes sense as an explanation of this kind of journalism if we believe that the way adopted children affect family dynamics and the kind of genes these children bring are understood by us all.

In other words, you are saying that adopted children are trouble. Which chimes perfectly with what an awful lot of people say, often to our faces and in front of our kids.

So you'll find some of us a little sensitive on the issue. This is my child. She is not a bolt-on, a dynamic or a ticking time bomb. She does?how ever, have a lot to deal with in terms of being seen as 'different' by the outside world and constant little reminders that she is not considered fully valid or valued are fantastically unhelpful.

usuallyright Wed 30-Oct-13 14:29:32

I hate this distinction.
Adopted children are the same as bio children; they're your children, end of. No need for separate distinction.
I also hate the term 'half brother/sister' because you share the same mother but different father, or other way around. They're your sister or your brother, not a half brother/sister.

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