I have been accused of being a pushy mum, am I?

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moldingsunbeams Mon 14-Oct-13 12:27:15

DD who is almost 11 goes to a University funded group twice a month for 2 hours each time, during that time they have fun, have food but also in a fun way help develop activities and exhibitions to be used for members of the public and their children, they get to go behind the scenes at the place, go on trips and work with the "bosses". Its all fun and games, there is an older group for older teens where it becomes slightly more serious but still fun and they begin to learn about jobs and roles and such as well as doing what the younger group do.

DD chose to go to this group. It is her area of interest and she currently loves it.

DD has sen, she is mentally bright but struggles on paper, I mentioned to a friend that I would encourage dd to go still when she is older and hits the teen stage and its not considered cool because she gets a lot from it and I feel it would also greatly help her get into her area of interest when she is older if she is still interested and slightly lacking on the academic side and also look good if she chose a completely different area that she had given up her time (the university said so)

Above all it is four hours a month where she meets new people, gains new skills, gains confidence and has fun.

My friend has accused me of pushing my dd into a career at almost 11.
Thats not the case, I am fully aware that she may want to be something completely different but the skills she is learning can be transfered to anything.

What annoys me most is my friends dd has been doing dance since the age of 3 and friend is always going on about shows and full time dance schools and her dd wanting to be in the west end as an adult so organising for her to go to workshops and summer schools and such.

Surely she is doing no different?

Your friend sounds pretty dim, and pretty dismissive of your dd's abilities. OK so not everyone is going to go to uni - that doesn't mean they can't do well and achieve their potential. Maybe its more important for your dd than it would be for others - if writing is always going to be a struggle, then showing that she has put time and effort and commitment into something will be good when she goes to college or into a job or whatever.

I guess this friend will have less influence once dd goes to secondary anyway, so maybe no need to worry about it, but I'd certainly encourage friendships with others who have a broader outlook.

ashleysilver Mon 14-Oct-13 14:17:03

Pot, kettle and black spring to mind. Ignore this woman.

"Its not like dd is likely to uni anyway." Well it is also unlikely that her dd will go to full time dance school or dance in the West End as an adult.

Your dd is doing an activity she enjoys and benefits from. You can imagine her continuing with it when she is older. Sounds good to me.

moldingsunbeams Mon 14-Oct-13 14:23:07

Misscph my dd would love maintenance club and wearing a boiler suit!

This particular one is university funded but from what they have said a lot of Museums do a similar Youth panel and activities.

Basically its a bit like school council but fun. They get to help design exhibitions. They help chose a theme and activity for family days and make examples of what the visiting children will then copy.

They get to go behind the scenes and learn new things and do activities. They also get to give their views on exhibitions and help make changes to make them better and produce things to help visitors enjoy the exhibitions better.

In the older group they are given tour of certain area's and learn about stuff by professors from the academic department as well as the fun stuff dds group do.

DD goes because its fun, because they get take away delivered in for tea and because they get to go through the no entry staff only doors hmm grin

mrsjay Mon 14-Oct-13 14:38:32

op your dd may wel go to uni I know this isn't a university thing and I know she has Sn but never say never dd has Ld and she is thinking about university and her school is great she wont be leaving school for another year but she isn't writing it off loads of support in place in universities now,

StanleyLambchop Mon 14-Oct-13 16:16:41

maintenance club at school, where they work with the janitor and wear boiler suits.

This sounds like the most awesome club ever!

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