To wish my friend would STOP telling me how well her baby sleeps

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SayCoolNowSayWhip Mon 07-Oct-13 11:37:06

I AM being unreasonable, I know. But Grrrr.... angry

My friend had a little boy 2 weeks ago, and he sleeps beautifully, only wakes once or twice in the night for a feed, has lovely long naps in the day, and feeds well.

I suffered with both mine - tongue ties and feeding issues, never sleeping, etc etc. am still in the throes of sleep deprivation with 6 month DS who only naps 20 mins at a time and wakes up every 2 hours (or less) at night.

I am very very happy for her, and I'm not wishing for her idyllic baby to change, but AIBU to wish she'd STOP texting me saying 'Ah, DS just had a 3 hour nap after his morning feed', or posting on FB about how she's finding everything soooo easy, keeping her house clean and getting everything done.

It's driving me insane! She knows how knackered I am. Stop with the stealth boasting! It makes me feel shit.


As you were.

kidinasweetshop Wed 09-Oct-13 05:48:34

Ahhhh I hear you. I had a non sleeping DS and 5 monthDd barely naps (no longer than 20 mins) and am currently up hourly with her.

However, she did sleep through in the early weeks which a) was nothing to do with me as I did nothing different second time around and b) all went to pot in the 4 month sleep regression.

So now it's just a waiting game grin.

Like a PP I also had some nights with a sleeping baby but an up all night toddler.

Now I'm just up all night!

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