To think it's absolutely ridiculous that parents can't choose their own children's lunch?

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annabanana84 Thu 26-Sep-13 08:37:30

I've read a few threads on here now where parents have been told they can't put chocolate/fizzy pop/whatever the fuck they want into their childrens lunchboxes. Am I alone in thinking this is absolutely absurd? Why on earth is the school taking away the parents choice? I remember once a week, as a treat, I would be sent with jam butties, a packet of crisps, a kit kat and a panda pop cherryade, and the school didn't bat an eyelid. Why do schools feel they have to do this, I wonder?

Preciousbane Tue 01-Oct-13 11:06:46

When I was at school in the 1970's and very early 1980's there was one very overweight child in the entire school.

I live very close to a site with three schools on, a noticeable proportion of the dc are overweight, some just a little and some a lot.

I get the annoyance with the nanny state interfering. MN will have parents using it that are generally concerned parents whether about food, Sats or evil women on the PTA. We want to be informed and couch opinions. A few people always choose to ignore sage advice and that is why schools have lunchbox policies that are harsh. They are irritating but I do get it.

I know Xbox kind of activities are blamed on dc becoming overweight but I think the rise of car useage is more to blame. I had to walk a four mile round trip to school from the age of nine. My neighbour actually laughed when she realised I choose to walk the 1.5 miles in to our town centre and back unless doing a big shop.

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