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to tell my boss I'm happy to work until 38 + 2?

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wonderingifiam2013 Fri 06-Sep-13 14:04:11

Even though I can't guarantee I'll be ok/not given birth by then?

I worked up to 37 weeks last time and I was working full-time with a 80+ mile round commute.

This time, I'm part-time and most likely having an ELCS.

From what I gather most finish for maternity leave between 36 & 38 weeks so I'm guessing I'm not being unreasonable?

Talkinpeace Fri 06-Sep-13 19:33:09

I worked till 38 weeks with DC1 - and then went back in to help with some stuff at 39+3
I knew baby would be late (maternal family history)
with DC2 I did not even pack a bag till 41 weeks and was designated driver (so DH could drink) at a distant family do 11 days overdue

you know your family history and your body

McNewPants2013 Fri 06-Sep-13 19:43:19

Mortifiedadam that is a good suggestion.

I worked till 37 weeks until I was adviced to give up. Dd 34 weeks as I used my Al, so my ML started 4 days after dd was born.

Xmasbaby11 Fri 06-Sep-13 19:43:37

You can work up to your due date.

Personally I would rather have a couple of weeks off before the DD to relax, as it wouldn't affect the time off I'd have afterwards - I would still go back at the same time because of being a teacher and term dates.

Thatballwasin Fri 06-Sep-13 19:53:34

I didn't have your commute but I worked until 38+4 both times. If everything is going ok I think you should be fine

TheToysAreALIVEITellThee Fri 06-Sep-13 19:56:55


Was that recently?

SaltySeaBird Fri 06-Sep-13 20:00:56

I was asked to work to the end of the week before my DD (which was on a Sunday, so asked to work to 39+5).

I worked to 38+5 and was induced early due to complications on the Monday (having finished work on the Friday).

Wouldn't be keen to go that long again.

Xmasbaby11 Fri 06-Sep-13 20:07:19

You can just carry over your annual leave I think - that's what I did, because you accrue it anyway, and bank hold. They tacked it onto the end of my ML. It was quite a bonus going back up to full pay for the last 2 months!

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