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To have a little bit of a SQUEE even though everyone's in bed?

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I had a good old scream on Facebook, but everyone's in bed. And I can't really phone anyone up, because, in bed. But it was really ever so exciting, sitting there clicking the links and they were going 'Live... Live... Download now... Click here to download.'

And it was a lot more of a Moment than I thought it would be, really. It's been a tiresome week, what with having cellulitis and stressing about the mess the house is in, and I'd almost forgotten, but not quite.
My book is out, and someone, somewhere, might already have bought it and be reading it. And it might be someone I don't even know.

AnyFucker Sat 31-Aug-13 10:02:02

Congratulations, SGB grin

And if it was one of you that posted that nice review on Amazon, thanks thanks

Can't sit on my hands... Can you ask your publisher to update the synopsis "Rosa's has tried" as it may put people off buying
Congratulations btw

Oh shit. I must have looked at that a million times and not spotted it. I will ask them (though I rather think they will go Oh dear, really? and do nothing about it...) but thanks for telling me.

Congratulating you SGB!

angry that I can't download it but the Kindle I use actually belongs to the school I work for and I reckon I might be facing a child protection related disciplinary if I did.... grin

Wonderstuff Tue 03-Sep-13 21:49:51

Congratulations flowers

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