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kids calling to play at 7.15

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emanjay Sun 16-Jun-13 19:21:18

Its too late. Ds in bath and getting ready for bed!!

KellyElly Mon 17-Jun-13 15:10:27

7.15 is too late because whether your kids go to bed or not then they should be winding down for bed at that time on a school night at 6. If they go out running around at that time you'll never get them to bed!

On a school night mine would be in bed / reading quietly at that time. They are 6 and 8. Yes, they both stay up a bit later on occasion, but not regularly....they need their sleep and are much much nicer for it! grin

Mother2many Wed 19-Jun-13 14:59:36

Yes, depending on the time change...when they are younger, it could be 7:30 or 6:30.... Supper was at 5 then...

My children now go to bed at 8:00 and 8:30. If they do not, they are tired and cranky in the morning...

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