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weight loss related, am I being impatient?

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MissMalteser Thu 23-May-13 13:19:02

So been on a diet for the last 4/5 weeks now, had a total of 2 stone to lose and having lost 12 pounds am almost halfway there, but... I cannot see any difference in myself at all! Well, a little on my face, but surely the start of that double chin wasn't harbouring nearly a stone's worth of fat?
It's so annoying as everyone knows im dieting so keep asking how im doing and im afraid to say as I don't want them scrutinising me wondering if its all came off my cankles!
Aibu to have expected to notice a difference by now? I am a size 12 who was creeping into a 14 btw

Darkesteyes Thu 23-May-13 21:24:11

Miss Malteser Thankyou. With me it was hell for the first 3 -4 weeks. SOOO hungry but its getting better now.
My congrats to everyone too.

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