AIBU to want DP to take a shower in the morning before work or just to wash at all?!!

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williaminajetfighter Thu 25-Apr-13 07:06:09

My DP is 50 years old and in a well paid professional job. Over the last year he has stopped taking showers in the morning before work. Instead he sometimes just washes himself in the sink or not at all. He then douses himself with Right Guard deodorant covering not just his underarms but chest and bits.

He probably only has one or two showers a week and always at night.

This behaviour seems to stem from laziness as opposed to some ideologically about bathing frequency. He likes to jump out of bed at the latest time possible and race out the door - a shower would slow him down.

I am finding his behaviour puerile -- it's like living with a teenager not a grown man - and his hygiene lacking. He does not smell great. I have tried to raise this with him and he gets very angry. Thoughts??

Ps I don't think people do have to shower every day. i also think showering/bathing in the evening is ok but men do tend to sweat at night and a shower in the morning can really make a difference!

Jan49 Fri 26-Apr-13 13:28:51

LOL It sounds like the answer is that a power shower is much quicker. We're renting so we don't have a choice. We have a bath with a bath/shower attachment and a combination boiler. The temperature is mostly fine but usually needs adjusting a few times while showering. I step in, rinse water all over me, then soap all over, then rinse it all off. Sounds quick when I put it like that. But isn'

LaQueen Fri 26-Apr-13 16:10:14

Jan I think there must be something wrong with your shower?

I only take 5-6 minutes to shower, and in that time I manage to exfoliate/wash/condition my hair. It's a power shower though. Very fast, and it drenches you.

But, even if it took me 20 minutes, I would still always, always have a shower. Yes, even if that meant having to get up 20 minutes earlier - because the thought of starting the day with yesterday's debris and stale aroma on my skin, just makes me erk confused

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