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To think that people who use the term Hollibobs

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GogoGobo Fri 29-Mar-13 16:50:28

For holiday are twats?

Feminine Fri 29-Mar-13 16:51:04

I've never heard it!

PuppyMonkey Fri 29-Mar-13 16:51:28


seeker Fri 29-Mar-13 16:52:34

First up against the wall. Along with people who say sarnie, pressie and Chrimbo.

gordyslovesheep Germany Fri 29-Mar-13 16:52:45


WorraLiberty England Fri 29-Mar-13 16:53:25


They should be kicked in the Cuntibobs.

seeker Fri 29-Mar-13 16:54:16

Or the testibobs........

Gigondas Fri 29-Mar-13 16:54:34

Yanbu - they also usually say crimbo or crimble.

Salmotrutta Fri 29-Mar-13 16:54:44

Sarah Kennedy:



GogoGobo Fri 29-Mar-13 16:55:23

Cuntibobs! grin

Salmotrutta Fri 29-Mar-13 16:55:52

And that was why I couldn't bear to listen to the stupid woman when she was on Radio 2!!

GogoGobo Fri 29-Mar-13 16:56:11

Sarah Kennedy is their hero......

seeker Fri 29-Mar-13 16:56:37

My father used to say sainsbuggers, though. I quite liked that.

goodfreyedaysusan Fri 29-Mar-13 16:56:39

<coves ears>

I knew it was a bad idea to click on this thread.

<runs from thread screaming>


Mrsrobertduvall Fri 29-Mar-13 16:57:07

grin at seeker and worra.

Salmotrutta Fri 29-Mar-13 16:57:34

Oh and Nicholas Teacosy was another one of her hilarious jokes when talking about the French Pres. hmm

Salmotrutta Fri 29-Mar-13 16:58:40

Ah but sainsbuggers is rebellious and sort of "up yours".

Not twee and stupid.

shockers Fri 29-Mar-13 16:59:06

How do you feel about 'Jollidays'?

CherylTrole Fri 29-Mar-13 16:59:16

YADNBU. I HATE all that crap -- 5 sleeps til Crimbo, my hubs, my bubs, my lil bubba, pretty pleeease, every other word facebook this facebook that AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH. Have you been lurking in Netmums?????

AllOverIt Fri 29-Mar-13 17:00:20

What about 'hubster'? That sets my teeth on edge angry

BitBewildered Fri 29-Mar-13 17:01:38

I am nicking 'cuntibobs'!

CherylTrole Fri 29-Mar-13 17:02:53

What a load of shite.

CherylTrole Fri 29-Mar-13 17:04:31


CherylTrole Fri 29-Mar-13 17:05:43

* shiteybobs

navada Fri 29-Mar-13 17:06:29

grin at seeker.

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