Why do people care about class?

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I really don't understand. Why does it matter? I can't think of a single time in my life when I have considered class to be an issue and tbh I have no idea what class I am.

AIBU or just ignorant?

lazy your posts are really interesting but very sad. I'm also on benefits and I don't feel the way that you do (perhaps because my children aren't at school yet? I don't know).

lazybastard Wed 06-Feb-13 18:53:43

Maybe I just know a lot of ignorant snobs like the guy who told dd in front of me 'just ask your Mum for an iPad, I'm sure she'll buy you one if she loves you' or the person I had thought was a friend who now blanks me in the street and has defriended me and blocked me on FB.


lappy Wed 06-Feb-13 20:18:44

Nothing helpful to add but just like to comment that in my workplace (large office) we are all generally working class but also have some very posh ladies (private school educated - working to help pay private school fees for their kids) and also some very much 'dragged up on rough estate' folk. Have to say they all get on really, really well with each other and all seem genuinely interested in each other. Us 'in the middle' love both sides equally. Social events are well attended by everyone and no one seems to judge anyone. So in my life class doesn't matter.

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