The chalet school and ofsted?

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thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 11:56:56

Aibu to wonder what Ofsted would have made of the Chalet school.? Any fellow chaletians around?

lessonsintightropes Thu 01-May-14 20:51:27

Anyone else also re-reading the books as a result of this and the 'which school would you have gone to' thread? I am currently re-starting The Chalet School and the Oberland, and have bought the next six... I am trying to reassemble the whole collection. Love this thread grin

Louise1956 Thu 01-May-14 21:45:14

I liked the first few books, but lost interest after Joey left the school. She was by far the most interesting character.

But she never really left, did she, Louise? All that stuff about still being a Chalet girl when she's 90 years old and gaga, and her slightly obsessive over-involvement with the school and the pupils.

DeWee Thu 01-May-14 22:05:48

Joey? Left? And I thought I'd read them all! Which book did that happen in? wink

I think maybe Joey used to be let in to see the girls instead of sex education lessons.... Warning: if you don't use contraceptives loook what you could become....

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