To cringe a bit when i hear or see joe swash.

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VIX1980 Mon 26-Nov-12 12:01:09

Urgghhh even that name makes my stomach flip, i dont know what it is about him, i just cant wantch or listen to him speaking without feeling a bit ill. I didnt like him in eastenders (how he got the job i will never know, but then i wonder the same about most soap "actors")

maybe its the 2 year old in a mans body thing he has going on, but still tell me im not alone.

He looks like a Gloobee doll.

toofattorun Tue 27-Nov-12 01:54:34

Great. I just google-ised Gloobee doll and its official - I am going to have nightmares about a Nick Clegg Gloobee doll chasing after me!

Softlysoftly Tue 27-Nov-12 02:08:58

What the actual fuck are they shock

toofattorun Tue 27-Nov-12 02:13:56

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