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To announce that it's my birthday and I'm old [sad] - Warning this will be ranty

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MaryZezItsOnlyJustNovember Fri 16-Nov-12 21:43:48

And I want to moan. I'm sitting here with a shitty cold and feeling distinctly miserable.

ds is watching crappy Derren whatsisname which is boring and dd is asleep.

What happened to my life?

flow4 Fri 16-Nov-12 23:30:48

'Mature'. Interesting choice of word! hmm grin

HoneyDragon Fri 16-Nov-12 23:31:03

Happy Birthday and goodnight you booze addled old baggage! thanks grin

MaryZezItsOnlyJustNovember Fri 16-Nov-12 23:31:54

<snogs HD>


Bed is a very long way away.

SantasStrapOn Fri 16-Nov-12 23:35:00

Happy Birthday Maryz my lovely winethanks

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Fri 16-Nov-12 23:35:13

I am quite shock at this thread. In my head you are all 27 and I am the oldest one here by aaages <slurps gin through false teeth>

Icut, feck the false teeth..use a straw!!

Or if else fails, use sterident mixed with gin! That'll soften them up! grin x

SantasStrapOn Fri 16-Nov-12 23:42:51

Lord Occam, I'm 45, I left spring chicken ground long, long ago.

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Sat 17-Nov-12 00:09:28

Omg sterident and gin <boak>

I am 41, in fact, and my teeth are all my own --so far because I am too scared to go to the dentist-- grin.

But I really did think everyone else was v v spring-like and smooth <eyes wrinkles sadly>.

Littleblue Sat 17-Nov-12 00:17:36

I'm 43 and a half.... do I get a sticker? grin

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