to think the RSPCA are losing it?

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SundaeGirl Tue 09-Oct-12 19:22:49

They've prosecuted a woman for feeding paracetamol to her cat after it broke its leg Poor woman, her and her sister rang them for advice and now she has a criminal record.

Misguidedly trying to help your pets surely, surely can't count as cruelty?

Stays with u doesn't it sad I'll never forget the pet who effectively died in my arms. Felt so guilty as I was trying to syringe feed at the time but she was old and shouldn't have had the op in the first place and her little body just couldn't take it any more sad vets tried to resuscitate but to know avail. I still feel guilty for feeling so relieved it was all over for her. But I'm
Glad it happened with me. I may have been a stranger to her but I'm so thankful I was with her and she wasn't alone sad

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 20:23:06

I agree.
I remember seeing an elderly dog with a huge tumour on his head. It was blinding him and causing great discomfort. They wouldnt let him go. It was all about them and not him.

It must have been about 25 years ago and I can still see him.

Now that is probably one of the worst things I have seen sad animals made to hang on and hang on. I loved my cat so much but always promised myself that when time came I'd not put her thru what I'd seen.sad

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 19:59:44

Well some people are stupid.

But equally a lot of 'animal' people treat pet owners with utter disdain. They are treated like bloody idiots.

I have experienced it when I worked at the RSPCA, when I have rehomed from Battersea and from numerous charities.

There is a culture of condescension that runs through the whole field of animal welfare that pisses me right off.

Just because there are irresponsible, ignorant animal owners out there does is not an excuse for the sort of behaviour I have experienced.

I have 'seen the other side' too. Sometimes people cannot afford it. Its not a card. Its an unfortunate reality. Animals should not be made to suffer but most cases are through ignorance rather than deliberate.

Like the hugely obese animals or ones that are left to linger for months after they should have been PTS.

I never said u couldn't use common sense. But I've also been unfortunate enough to see the other side. Animals brought in , in such a state as owners Mis judge how serious something was or play the " I can't afford it card" animals in such a bad way they had clearly been suffereing for days unnessecarily when a batch of frontline would have prevented the whole thing. Or a shot of antibiotics would have saved a surgical
Procedure. Or animals put to sleep as in order to save £60 spaying their puppy that dog developed a life threatening infection and they couldn't afford the surgery and treatment. sad

YouMayLogOut Wed 10-Oct-12 19:41:07

Hear hear, Paiviaso.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 19:34:34

So you would give antibiotics for every cut? Just incase it might get infected?

Its not entirely about avoiding a consultation fee. That will come in to it but for me its about using common sense. Why stress an animal for no reason? There is also the argument that if someone needs to go to a vet for every minor injury they shouldn't really have a pet in the first place.
That shows a lack of knowledge about animal care.

Now I don't mind if people feel the need to go to the vet every day if they want. Its not the NHS, they are not stopping anyone else getting treatment. But I do object to people telling me I should do it because of their own lack of confidence.

My 16 year old terrier has the occasional seizure. He might have one every 6mths - year.

I do not need to take him to the vet for these. He is happy and healthy. I do not want to put him on anti seizure medication for the sake of the very odd one he has.
Because the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages. It would be costly and pointless.

Likewise. If he got cancer I wouldn't have him treated. I would say goodbye and have him put to sleep and bring him home to be buried in the back garden.

Thinkability Wed 10-Oct-12 19:33:32

I'm with Mrs DeVere on this. You can use your common sense with pets and not rely on the vets to tell you the bleedin' obviouse then charge you lots for it!

I learnt my lesson when I took my lab (one of the most common breeds) for what I didn't know at the time was very common to the breed 'cold water tail'.

He charged me a lot to give an injection when all it required was overnight rest. I learned this from Googling a specialist lab site on my return home.

As an experienced vet you can't tell me he didn't know that!

No I didn't work at Hamsworth Mrs DeVere

Yes a cut is fairly miner and yes a consult can be expensive BUT the point I was trying to make is that however minor an injury can seem, even a cut can become infected resulting in treatment that would have cosy more than the original consult they were trying to avoid paying for.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 19:15:29

But were were not discussing this idiot.
We were discussing the issue in general terms.

A vet would tell me what to look for. I know what to look for. Its really not that difficult to spot if your animal has a major injury.

I would treat a minor cut on my dog. Because I treated it I wouldnt need to take it to a vet. What on earth for? So he could say 'its needs cleaning and dressing, Oh you have done it already. That will be twenty quid for wasting my time please'

Because they talk u through what to look for and to help gauge the severity of the injury.

Ur missing the point though. The injury is not what the problem was it was the medication used to treat it. If it was bad enough to warrant treating then it was bad enough to warrant taking in and getting checked over!

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 19:04:44

Erm who said anything about limping badly?

Read my post again, answer that and not what you want me to be saying.

You are free to carry on as you please. Its your money.
I have more confidence in my abilities to care for my animals without rushing to the vets all the time.

How can a vet tell you if a leg is broken from a phone call?

Erm, of my child was limping badly with no visible sign of injury then course I'd seek attention. That kind of negligent attitude is what led my brother to being forced to walk round school with a broken ankle. a teacher thought he new better.

I would not be comfortable making any decision like that with out phoning the vet first! Funnily enough the advice is free and my pets r worth a phone call.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 18:51:38

And anti inflammatory shots are not always necessary. They will do no harm though and a vet has them so will give them.

Giving pain killers can risk further injury. It encourages an animal to use a limb that it would otherwise rest.

It is silly to rush to the vet with every tiny injury. You risk stressing your animal more than helping it.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 18:49:45

Do you take your kids to the hospital every time they limp?

I don't. I haven't missed a broken bone in a DC or a pet yet.

If the animal is still limping after rest and continues to be unable to weight bear, is in pain, showing signs of distress that is one thing.

Having a limp is another.

Feel free to shell out unnecessarily. I will continue to behave in a sensible manner

And the anti inflammatory shots the same price whether u go that day or the next. Y risk further injury

But u don't know it's a sprain unless they X-ray hmm or a vet can have a feel.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 18:31:59

well no.
If your pet has landed a bit funny and is limping a bit.
A trip to the vets for anti inflams and a vit B shot will leave short £70.

Rest overnight costs nothing.

If a pet has a broken leg you take it to the vet because you cannot treat it yourself.
You can treat a sprain yourself.

It always amazes me how people think they r saving money by not taking them
Or getting the animal treated. A broken leg treated straight away could just needs splint and a bandage and a shot of a pain killer. If u leave it it could heal funny and need surgery to fix or even cut of circulation to the leg if it pushes on artery. The difference in cost is immense. Always pays to treat straight away!!!!

JamieandtheMagicTorch Wed 10-Oct-12 17:41:28

I'm pretty sure this article doesn't tell the whole story.

MrsDeVere Wed 10-Oct-12 17:36:07

I have had a lot of animals in my 45 years. I have never been able to let any of them die 'naturally'

As I said before I am not one to rush to the vets for the least reason but its very unusual to just come down one day and find your pet has died in their sleep.

I think its a very important responsibility to have your pet PTS when the time has come.

one of the things i hated most when working as a nurse was the animals that were kept going because 'we love them so much'

ZuzuandZara Wed 10-Oct-12 17:08:30

mrsminerva it's unfair to let 'nature take its course'. Your cat will undoubtedly be suffering towards her final days, whether you know she is in pain or not is debatable. If she hates going to the vet, call the vet to you.

Paivaiso well said.

It's done it again mOst odd ( sad face!!!! )

What the gel is up with my smiley? Damn phone that was meant to be sad

I've seen cats on tv with paracetamol poisoning it's horrific sad that cat would have suffered. Again proving she with held treatment

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