To ask if anyone has had any paranormal encounters/experiences

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HowlingBitch Fri 17-Jun-11 20:46:34

Or do we all need another wine? I just find it all fascinating.

GlassofRose Tue 31-Jul-12 10:27:47

I love to read other peoples experiences smile

I've never seen figures like others have mentioned, but very recently in my bedroom I've started to see the air next to my bed become shimmery which is hard to describe. It's always cold and looks a bit like something you'd see in a movie shot of a hot desert - like this []
At first I thought we might have a gas leak etc but had it all checked and all is well.

Sometimes I feel added weight on top of my quilt as if something is sitting on it when you pull on the quilt it sometimes remains heavy and other times it will quickly disappear. My partner is rather sceptic of this stuff, but even he notices it.

I have a dressing table in the bedroom with a mirror directly above it on the middle of the wall. Last year I found what looked like wallpaper paste dripping down the wall. Couldn't work out any reason for it.

The two dogs we have quite often bark at empty door frames and at the stairs.

GlassofRose Tue 31-Jul-12 10:28:53


freddiefrog Tue 31-Jul-12 14:00:32

I started reading this hours ago and finally got to the end and thought I'd add my own experience.

Years ago my (now) step-FiL managed a pub where we used to live. It was supposed to date back to the 16th century and was the oldest building in the village in which we lived and Dick Turpin was supposed to have stayed there.

MiL had been seeing him for quite some time and it had started to get serious. FiL had been single for years and lived above the pub and the living quarters were quite sparse. He spent most of his time downstairs in the pub so the upstairs was pretty empty and unfriendly. MiL started to spend more time there so they decided to redecorate the upstairs.

The upstairs consisted of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, sitting room and a little box room they used as an office. The sitting room had this really ugly black and white portrait of an elderly lady - it was a close up of her face and a shawl over her head, and had been there years. FiL said it had been there when he took over the pub 8 years previously and he'd never touched the decor so it had stayed there undisturbed. MiL hated it and wanted it gone.

Over a weekend DH (although he was my boyfriend at the time) and I helped MiL and FiL start redecorating the upstairs. We started in the living room and the picture was taken down and put in a box of stuff to take to the tip and dumped in the office.

We finished quite late on the Saturday evening and we'd agreed to help carry on the next day so we stayed the night in their spare room. We went to bed, with the pub downstairs all locked from the inside, and the upstairs also locked from the inside (it was a door locked with a bolt at the bottom of the stairs).

Slept fine, and woke around 8am to MiL screaming her head off. We went to investigate and found the portrait of the elderly lady back on the sitting room wall and the office completely ransacked - all the paperwork thrown around, filing cabinet tipped over, etc. The door to the upstairs was still bolted from the inside.

On another occasion in the same pub, FiL had decided to repaint all of the public bar area and had asked us to help. So that he didn't have to shut the pub he wanted to do it over night so we started after closing time. Before we started we tidied and cleared the bar area and DH and I removed all the drip trays from under the beer taps, took them into the kitchen where we washed them and stacked them on the draining board ready for opening the following day, glasses stacked in the dishwasher, wiped down all the tables, etc, etc, then we started painting.

Around 3am we all went outside for a fag break. We'd been out there for a couple of minutes when the pub dog started barking like mad so we all dashed back in to the pub to find all the drip trays back under the beer taps, about 10 dirty glasses on one of the tables and the smell of pipe smoke in the air.

The pub was locked from the front, and the only way in through the back would have been past us.

I never stayed in the pub over night again, and FiL said he'd never experienced anything in there before until he'd started renovating the place. Once all the work was finished, nothing ever happened again

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Tue 31-Jul-12 15:58:57

There's a story that my grandfather, who sadly died earlier this year (at the ripe old age of 99), told the family about when he was a lorry driver. Apparently he frequented a local hardware store for bits and bobs for work, a lot of the items for sale were stored in kind of pigeon holes in the wall, on one occasion he went in and during his visit all the items in the holes suddenly flew out on to the floor. The staff told him that it always happened on the anniversary of the mine explosion, the shop being located on top of (or very close to) the mine.

DappyHays Tue 31-Jul-12 21:07:46

My mum bought her house from the estate of an old lady who'd passed away. Before they moved in, it was gutted, extended and became a lovely, modern family home, with all new kitchen and new bathrooms.

Now and again the main bathroom stank of smoke, even thought no-one in the house smoked.

Turns out the old lady who'd lived there until she died, had told her family she'd quit but a neighbour told my mum she used to have a sneaky puff in the bathroom.

sonissuccubus Tue 31-Jul-12 23:29:03

My grandad died on my gran's birthday,several years later she passed away on my father's birthday. I'd never heard it was a common coincidence.

DappyHays Tue 31-Jul-12 23:33:27

My Grandma died at home, with me and my mum holding her hands, in her bedroom. She'd been ill for some time and flowers kept arriving for her. On a shelf outside her room, in the hallway, were about 5 bouquets of flowers in vases.

We called the undertaker who arrived about an hour after her death. When the doorbell went all the flowers swayed as if a gust of wind had just passed through them.

There was absolutely no draught in the house. I took the wind through the flowers as if to say it was my grandma saying, "right that's it, I'm off".

thebody Tue 31-Jul-12 23:43:00

Does anyone do ougi board??

I don't name change but previous posts might out us and hurt in RL..

Dd was in fatal crash, she survived but badly hurt. She's 13. One session has seemed to get her some peace, not sure though but my parents have always done this and I open minded. If helps it helps?? Yes/ no ???

SoleSource Wed 01-Aug-12 09:20:26

The documentary of the ghosts in the London underground was the nearest to believable for me. Was scary.

GlassofRose Wed 01-Aug-12 12:10:01

But Derek Acorah has been exposed as a fraud several times, using information he was pre-'fed' by producers on his show and claiming he was told it by his spirit guide etc.

To whoever wrote the above, I agree! My father's friend was employed by Islington council to go and see if council tenants who claimed they wanted a different house were lying about activity in their homes. The researchers of Most Haunted contacted my dads friend for information about haunted London buildings, Acorah took credit.

SoleSource Wed 01-Aug-12 13:32:31

Sam was one of Derek's so called spirtual guides. The acting and voices were all the same. Used to have me in stiches.

What happwned to the visual crap that was Most Haunted anyway...

GlassofRose Wed 01-Aug-12 13:40:47

Unfortunately "Sam" seems to be anyone he's got information off. My dad's friend (living not spiritual) was called Norman and he did provide Most Haunted with locations to visit and information about locations. They didn't pay him and promised to accredit him - they never did.

I don't know if the show is still going.

I've just remembered one.

Some time ago (before DD was born), I woke in the night and saw a figure at the end of the bed. It was a male form, and looked as though it was dressed in brightly-coloured leaves; reds, yellows, and oranges. As I looked more closely I realised he was dressed in flame.
I wasn't at all afraid, and asked him who he was. He said 'Lugh' and then faded away.

I've done a little research now and it appears that Lugh is the 'shining one', a craftsman, associated with the Birch tree. When I looked at the shape of birch leaves, these were the shape of the flames he was dressed in.
Unfortunately I haven't seen him since. He gave a great feeling of peace.

IShotJR Fri 03-Aug-12 12:16:35

I have been to several mediems and always have close family/friends come through. I thinks its a massive comfort for the bereaved who are left here.

I have no idea if derik accorah is fake or not, I only mentioned him because that's where I was the night my exh had a dream about my dad and the name my dad told exh had been mentioned by accorah.

I just think my dad might have been with me while I was there and told exh the name as dad would have known it was a name I'd remember ( one of his bf was called jock) it was very strange.

Me and my sister went to see Sally Morgan a few months ago but tbh I wasn't that convinced by her

curiousgeorgie Sun 12-Aug-12 16:02:11

When I was a tiny baby my parents lived in an old conversion with an unusual layout and one bedroom off of the kitchen. My brother was almost two at the time and had that room since I was born to make room for me in the main bedroom, and over the course of a few weeks kept coming out with random facts about planets and animals and mathematical equations. (Not particularly understanding what he was saying, but very unusual things to say.)

He was going to a childminder for two afternoons a week (as I was a nightmare baby, my poor mum!) and one day the childminder came to see my mum to tell her my brother could read the paper, and she was really impressed.

My mum and dad said that she must be mistaken, so she took the paper out and he read an entire article, every word. (I swear! This story is much told in family by all concerned.)

My dad asked him, 'how can you do that' or something, and he said...

'The man in the fireplace teaches me.'

We had no fireplace, at all. So they asked him what man, what fireplace.

He said 'The man in the fireplace in my room.'

Within the next few months, my brother learnt to read everything, could do maths, etc. It was remarkable.

My Aunt was over for the day (every Thursday) and my brother was playing in his room and started absolutely screaming.

He told my aunt and my mum that the man in the fireplace wouldn't leave him alone and was nasty.

My aunt asked him where the man was and my brother pointed to his wardrobe.

My mum and aunt opened the fitted wardrobe and between them pulled the back panel off and found an old boarded up fireplace. Seriously. There's no way he could have known it was there.

He became so upset after this about 'the man in the fireplace' that my parents took him to the doctor, and eventually had to move house.

My brother is 32 now and is a genius. Full scholarship to Emmanuel School, first class degree. Amazing jobs.

But absolutely hates being alone. Won't watch scary films. Suffers insomnia and nightmares. And I know he was young, but he says he remembers it, but can't talk about it.

I swear to god that's all completely true.

Clawdy Sun 12-Aug-12 16:03:17

Weird,there are 666 posts!!

tiggy114 Fri 09-Nov-12 21:28:50

Marking my place to read in bed later. If i dare confused

BraaaaaainsButterfield Fri 09-Nov-12 21:31:19

Rats, tiggy, I got all excited that there was another huge scary thread but I've read all these!

Whothefuckfarted Mon 05-Aug-13 15:15:09

Does anyone have anymore tales of experiences? I'm hooked reading these!

SpookyDolores Mon 05-Aug-13 20:59:53

I have just found this & nc to add as my experiences may out me.

First one...

As a child lived in a modern semi-detached house which was built on old army land. Aged about 4/5 I tripped over a toy on the landing and fell head first down the stairs.
As I was falling I distinctly remember looking over the bannister and seeing men in our living room in high back chairs and I was being carried my a big lady in a nurses uniform, inc a starched cap.
I landed on the bottom step on my feet, immediately started screaming and ran upstairs to my mum who was also screaming as she'd seen me fall. She had to be talked out of taking me to A&E as I was fine as she was freaked that I had landed on my feet.
My dad and I talked about that when I was about 16 & he remembered me falling - i had never mentioned the people but he said that he wouldn't have been surprised given the circumstances of the fall (and he's a proper non-believer my dad!)

In that house I also saw someone at an upstairs window and thought it was the window cleaner yet when I went own stairs no one was there. That vision haunted me yet the nurse & men didn't?

I have lots of dreams where I have predicted pregnancies or future, innocuous events - sadly no lottery numbers grin

Re: the hospital posts - I worked in a hospital for 15years and almost every professional I have worked with has had some experience. I have heard babies crying in the nursery yet none there when I have gone in, call bells going off in empty rooms even when disabled and heavy fire doors opening and closing with no one there blush It seems a pretty normal experience amongst night shift workers!

I too have experienced the feeling you get in certain rooms on labour ward - the bereavement room always had a feeling of sadness in there. It wasn't horrible just like the room had held the strong emotions. Haven't they shown that fabrics of buildings can do that?

Annakin31 Tue 06-Aug-13 05:44:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

likecherrycola Tue 06-Aug-13 14:20:55

we had some scary things happen in our last flat , it was old tenemant flat we had stayed there for about 6 months before anything strange happened , at first it was just little things like dd waving and giggling away at seemingly nothing , and things being moved ,Tv switching off and on (from the main switch). Our dog point blank refused to go in our bedroom from the day we moved in we put that down to dd being young and noisy. One night dh woke me up terrified , he said he had been attacked by some old lady I told him it was a dream but he was insiting it was real he said he coulsnt move , his boxers had been ripped and he had scratches on his back. I still insisted he must have done it but I am a light sleeper and heard or felt nothing. About a week later dh was away overnight , I remember going to bed then suddenly being told to leave I got out of bed and walked to the front door and unlocked it all the time trying to fight with myself as dd was in our room alone and if i had left and shut door i couldnt have got back in, luckily whatever it was stoped and I went got dd and spent rest of night in living room with all the lights on.Again though put it down too a dream.
Few nights later we were in bed and both me and dh seem a white lady not scary just there , the next night though is one we will never forget dh woke me up at about 3am he hadnt been able to sleep and had been hearing strange noises they were coming from the corner of our room they were demonic evil voices and evil laughter Dh is a big sceptic until we heard knocking on the wall (should add dds bedroom is only room connected in anyway to ours and she was still in ours) dh tapped the wall back and everytime he did a few seconds later it would be repeated, he checked dds room and all clear no toys left on etc. It happened everynight after then and got more and more threatening. Dd was around 12 months old and started talking in a demonic voice she never heard them at night all our family thought it was brilliant her evil voice except us .must say dd was never scared she would wave and smile at the lady. We handed in our notice after the first night of noises but still had to endure 2 months there , we had a priest visit and he was brilliant he did an excorcism and blessed us all even the dog , it calmed down a bit after that but still scared even thinking of that place, there is more but already so long a story.

likecherrycola Tue 06-Aug-13 14:28:38

Fogot something there had once been a door between our room and dds it had long been taken out and covered over but you could still make out where it had been the knocking voices etc all came from that exact spot.

berrycake Thu 08-Aug-13 05:16:43

Last year I lived in an apartment in Leicester which was in a building which had once been a factory, and was right next to an old church and graveyard. From our apartment windows you could only see the huge red brick wall that separated our building and the graveyard, it was a huge wall and because our apartment was ground floor you could not see above the wall.
Anyway, one night last summer it was really hot and we slept with the windows open in our bedroom. I woke up at about 3 in the morning to the sound of voices behind the wall. It sounded like there were about 10 or 20 people talking, but not talking to each other, each voice was on its own, IYSWIM? Like, as if each person was talking on the phone, totally not connected to the other voices. There was a range of people too, not like a group of teenagers, or elderly people, it was definitely a variety of old and young. Because I had just woken up I assumed that it was just people walking home from the pubs and clubs and cutting through the graveyard (as people often did), but then I distinctly heard the childish voice of a young girl, very happy and light, definitely not what you'd expect a six year old to sound like at 3am. I couldn't make out any words that any of the voices said, but it was all very upbeat and casual, like regular conversational tone.
I lay awake listening for at least an hour. I woke up my DP but she either couldn't hear it/didn't care/was too sleepy. I was wide awake though and know what I heard, but eventually I fell asleep.

I'd never really considered ghosts or anything until then, but that's all I can think of. The voices were definitely in the graveyard, and the church was only used sporadically by a religion/denomination that hadn't originally owned the church (they only had services once a month, and I only ever heard the church bells ring twice, and I lived in that apartment for six months), so it's not as if a late-night service had just got out and the congregation were chatting afterwards... not that any of this would happen in the middle of the night!

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