To ask if anyone has had any paranormal encounters/experiences

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HowlingBitch Fri 17-Jun-11 20:46:34

Or do we all need another wine? I just find it all fascinating.

yes I have had a few and I have a most haunted clip on facebook. I really don't care what other people believe or wether they believe me.

HowlingBitch Fri 17-Jun-11 20:51:04

You've had a few? Can I be nosey and ask what happened? grin

there's a lot I can speak about, I wouldn't know where to start. Are you seriously interested or just wanting a laugh hmm

MumblingRagDoll Fri 17-Jun-11 21:00:15

Yes...last week! Well it wasn't me it was DH and I posted here about it.

Our house isn't old or anything but it's built on land which used to be where the local workhouse was. My DD used to see things when she was a toddler which we put down to dreams....bu DH often wakes up seeing lights and a few times mist! in the bedroom.

LAst week he had had a sleep before he went on his nightshift at was about 11.00pm when his alarm went and he wke up. He sat up and the room was partly lit by the neighbours security light and light from our hall....he swears (and hes a very sensible down to earth man) he swears he saw a fiigure standng by our bedroomm window....he says it was kind of flat...and grey...short but he knew it was a man.

He says he could only see a vague outline...head, body. 2 legs and a line where trousers were. It seemed to be looking at him although DH could not see features.

DH says he was fully aware...and awake. He thought "Is that a....?" but he was staring at it trying to wrk out if it really WAS a ghost as it was so unbelievable. He looked at it for about 10 seconds and then it was simply gone.

He came down told me all about it and then buggered off to work! shock

I came on here looking for reassurance...I was TERRIFIED and since then I have been unable to look at the wndow when I go to bed...I crap myself nightly!

HowlingBitch Fri 17-Jun-11 21:01:54

I'm actually seriously interested. My mum and me had a conversation today about a haunting near where she used to live (well I say haunting but it was more of poltergeist situation) and the poor family were tormented so bad they had to leave their home. I've read books, watched films and researched a lot about the paranormal but I've yet to speak to someone who has actually had an experience.

the nicest one was when my nanna was in hospital dying. Me and my sister were one side of the bed and my mam the other. Every so often my nanna would put her hand out as if to take someones hand. I looked up and my dead grandad was standing behind my mam. My sister shot out the door shitting herself. I told my mam and she said she could feel a hand on her shoulder but didn't like to say anything. He then came over by me, I was froze to the spot and told him to go back to my mam, which he did. My nanna died that night. She was supposed to have 24 hours left to live and as usual she pushed her luck.

big hugs mumbling, are you still scared??

HowlingBitch Fri 17-Jun-11 21:04:44

Mumbling shock I would have went to work with him! Did anything else happen while he was away?

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 21:08:28

My mum in law died today. At 4:10pm. Today is her youngest daughter's birthday- she had left her mum to go to the cinema having not left for the last week. It was as if she waited for her to go. She said a while ago that she would not want her youngest there when she dies, but her eldest (my hubby). People say this coincidence of birthdays often happens and I think its spooky.

issey6cats Fri 17-Jun-11 21:11:27

went to a haunted wales night at beuamaris jail which is creepy enough during the day, its a victorian jail and loads happened, i had a little boy following me all night, tickling my ear and pushing me, i saw a little dog go round a corner where there was no way a dog could be in the building, i knocked on some glass and someone knocked back and three of us heard that one, i was sat on my own in a corridor an heard footsteps and a lock being unlocked the corridor was empty and at 6am when the sun came up its like the jail went back to sleep the atmosphere was totally different, several of my departed cats have come back once to say goodbye in thier own way

BettySpaghettiOnAJetty Fri 17-Jun-11 21:12:02

Too many to mention. Lived in a succession of very old pubs for years and it became almost normal to experience people wandering around. Very fortunate that we never came across anything particularly malevolent though.

another one, not long after my grandad died, my nanna wanted to go to town but no one , wanted to go and help her, she was severly disabled after a car accident. Anyway she went alone, someone working in her fave shop kept eyeing her up, she said if she does it anymore I'm going to have her. The woman then came over and proceeded to say, you don't normally do this on your own, your husbands with you. He is going to be with you a long time, he will keep giving you signs, such as a tap running.
Well me and her though ah yeah!! So we said grandad if your here show us a sign and the tap ran. I thought coincidence. So I said show us another way......the smoke alarm went off. For a while we used to say beep once for yes, twice for no, every time it worked.....we started to scare ourselves. So I took the batteries out!! It still went off, so we took it down and put it in the loft. Now and then it still went but sad though it seems I can't get rid of it.

BootyMum Fri 17-Jun-11 21:45:52

Ooooh a spooky Friday night thread.

Marking my place.

I haven't a paranormal tale to tell... although you hear that very young children are sensitive to spirit energies. We live in a Victorian era home. My 2 year son has recently taken to staring intently at something and then pointing it out to us, but I can't see anything there. One day I asked him what he was pointing at and he said "She" and kept looking and pointing, getting quite animated and saying "She, she, she"...

Another thing that has happened is also in regard to him and I'm not sure what to make of it. About 3 times now this has happened. My son still sleeps in a cot with high guard rails. He has been asleep in his cot for an afternoon nap and I have been in the lounge. I hear a thump [as if he has climbed out of his cot] and then hear running footsteps which sound exactly like my son's footsteps. I have then waited in the lounge expecting to see his little cheeky face but nothing... and then when I go to check on him in his bedroom he is in his cot fast asleep! Does anyone know what this might be, someone has suggested to me it might be a form of astral projection confused

MixedClassBaby Fri 17-Jun-11 21:49:41

I got up this morning and last night's washing up had been done.

I think it was a friendly ghost but it only seems to visit once every three years.

sorry not much help, however when I was about 6, my mam said she was having a night in and her brother was there. They both stopped the conversation to see to me as i appeared in the doorway, but when my mam got up I was gone. She recalls I was fast asleep when she got to the bedroom seconds after me.

I have a few, one that has stayed with me extremely vividly (sp?) was 11 years ago. I was going upstairs to bed, at the top of the stairs I saw my older brother just standing there, it was very strange I remember saying "your not X" and it just went away, it didn't disappear like POOF it sort of just faded. As far as I knew everything was perfectly fine, my brother was alive. I can't remember what I put it down to, I won't try and remember as it won't be accurate. About 3/4 hours later in the early hours my Dad rang to say my brother had died about an hour or 2 earlier. He was 35.

We had a ghost in our house when I was a child, I remember talking to the old lady that sat on the end of my bed. She used to talk to me, and I cannot remember what about, for a long time afterwards I thought it was just a childhood dream/false memory until my mum told me she had been aware of it and that "it" used to walk up and down the stairs and the cat would sit at the bottom following something going up, and down, fur bristling, hissing at nothing.

3littlefrogs Fri 17-Jun-11 21:59:04

I grew up in a house that had a ghost - I only met him once, but my mother saw him and a neighbour saw him. I have seen ghosts in other places over the years, and the house I currently live in had many ghosts - we all saw them, but there were a few problems with one of them, and I had to get some help to get them to leave.

My mother could always see ghosts , I can, and my children can. I just accept it as normal.

I don't see anymore, I can just feel it, I think if I wanted to I would be able to see again, but I don't. My mum can. Neither of my other sisters can see or feel.

BootyMum Fri 17-Jun-11 22:05:19

TMDIH - What do you feel? Is it something specific that happens? I am curious as I sometimes get a hairs raising on the back of my neck, feeling of being watched, but am not sure I am just freaking myself out, being over imaginative.

3littlefrogs Fri 17-Jun-11 22:06:37

TakeMeDrunkImHome - I think know what you mean. Sometimes life gets so busy and distracting I am just less aware IYSWIM. However, I don't want to lose the ability to see and hear. I have been told many times that I should develop my ability to communicate, but I think that will have to wait a few more years!

For me, I feel like I am being pushed down, from the shoulders. It is a physical feeling of hands on my shoulders. I think that is just the way that I feel it. It makes me aware if I feel that sensation when I walk in a place, that there is 'something' there. I had a bad experience a couple of years ago and I tend to shut off from it now, as in, I don't open my mind (coo ee I sound all hippy!) to it. Sometimes it is dull very heavy pain in the head and back of the neck, it is just the way that I feel that "they" are there. Cue spooky music grin

3littlefrogs - this might just be me but this is an interesting thread so I will ask you! Do you find that when you talk about this kind of thing, as we are now, that you (struggling to word this) are aware of being listened to?

Booandpops Fri 17-Jun-11 22:25:46

I have holidayed in 2 properties and lived in one where the atmosphere didn't feel right. The house I lived in was haunted but I didn't personally see anything but others had. It was a large shared house 1900 built and a ww1 soldier had been seen on several occasions. My dog only stayed in one part of the house.

The holiday house I stayed in I saw a man moving across the corridor in the night when I went to the loo. I thought it was dh but on returning to the bedroom he was fast asleep. I was terrified. He mocks me being a sceptic but I know it was there and did not like the feel of that place at all. Even before seeing what I did.

Boo - my P mocks me too, I suppose some people find it impossible to understand things they can't see or hear or even explain.

FreudianSlipper Fri 17-Jun-11 22:28:12

yes i was staying friends granny's house. went to bed late just falling asleep when suddenly i felt like someone was in the room. a man was standing at the end of my bed and i knew his name was george, and he was playing with his hands in an odd way not sure how i knew how but i did then i fell asleep.

told my friend and her granny the next day, i also recalled what he was wearing and the playing with his hands her granny nearly passed out it was her father, my friend may have mentioned him but not often as he died before she was born, but i never knew his name until he somehow he told me. before he died he duffered from dementia and would rub his hands together constantly

Amieesmum Fri 17-Jun-11 22:28:41

Yep - Many years ago i lived in a hostel for young parents, that was originally a car home for the elderly that had been converted. I was heavily pregnant, and could hear some one walking about outside at about 3.20am (was looking at the clock) and said (in my head) thinking it might be something spooky, just to pacify myself really - if there's anything out there, just show yourself- and a woman walked into my room, and went into the kitchen (which i could see from my bed) I was just about to ask who the hell she was, and what the hell she was doing in my room (didn't realize she was a ghostly thing) when she vanished. I was so scared i had to call my friend, who's husband came and got me.

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 22:30:03

Yes, Our smoke alarm keeps going off at random times. Middle of the night, during the day...and always at different times and for varying lengths of time, almost as if someone is pushing the button to be funny.

DF does not believe in ghosts...or at least he didn't til a few weeks ago. I was having a shower after the baby had gone to bed and vaugely heard DS begin to cry. I poked my head out of the shower and he had stopped. I assumed DF was with him.

I came down after my shower and DF was still playstation-ing. He asked me if I had gone in to DS, I said no, I had been in the shower. DF went a bit pale. Apparently he had heard someone shushing the baby and singing to him!!

The most profoud experience I have had though was just over a year ago. DF was in a car crash that should have killed him outright. He got one cut that needed stitches and a few bruises. On my way to the hospital, and I swear every word of this is true, my mother, step-dad and I all saw, standing right by the side of the dual carriageway, a pure white stag. It was massive and seemed to be lit up more than it should have been.

I have since worked out the dates for DS, I would have literally been about 3-5 days pregnant at that point...

I can post his car crash pics to my profile if anyone wants to see?

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:32:22

having lost mil today and dh in woods tonight you are really scaring me. I just to know she is not suffering. Dh believes she is in heaven. what / where does ghost stuff fit?

LadyFlump - do post the pics to your profile. That's quite profound. White stag perhaps guardian of some kind.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:36:13

ladyflumpalot do not disbelieve you but interested to see pics.

kangers - I wouldn't be scared. I am sorry about your MIL.

For me, the things/people I see are either here for a reason, something unfinished or they are visiting places they were happy/people they love. IMHO heaven is real, no idea in what way and wouldn't even dare to imagine.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:38:24

thanks tmdih
hope she is there
really sads that dh has no mum hee anymore

Sorry, I keep posting before I have finished yapping blush

Also believe that in some circumstances it isn't a "ghost" it is more of an imprint of a person or a situation.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:39:07

sad here

thats amazing ladyflump, my nanna was left for dead after being knocked over, she had horrific injuries and was in a coma for a few weeks afterwards. After a few year she started to talk about her near death experience, then a few year after that she started to experience visions as if she lived in a previous life, maybe victorian.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:40:34

That's easier to understand.
Someone told my dh that this life is the dream and that what comes next is 'real' but not in a matrix kind of way.

kangers brew and hugs

omg ladyflump those pics are awful, he must have had some guardian angels

Wow Flump those are some scary pictures.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:43:37

devient that is also amazing.
I had a fiend who had terrible car accident and subsequent op to repair her. Her nde experience involved travelling in awell known area in her car, and then thinking, 'if I go down that road I will not return' she turned back and when came round the docs said she nearly died- heart sytopped and BP V low- but they managed to revive- she had lost a lot of blood.

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 22:46:20

I was just going to say - done! But I see you lot have already seen! There are three of them. DF will not be happy if I post the ones of him in hospital as he looks a right state.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:47:09

how do I see pics- sorry to be thick

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 22:49:23

Hover your mouse over my user name, it should turn to a hand. Go to "LadyFlumpalots photos" on my profile page.

SpringFollows Fri 17-Jun-11 22:50:07

Your DS is just ever so beautiful, Lady Flump. smile

I am amazed your DF survived that crash. That is truly extraordinary.

I have had many supernatural experiences, some of which i have detailed at times on MN under my various names. We currently live with the ghost of an old man. He smokes and wheezes and sits on the bed and is generally fine and benign. We have alot of guests in our place (family and occasionally we let it out during summer) and many people see him. I have not seen him for a bit though.

More recently though- last Xmas day, I was the first person up and went downstairs to start the turkey. The whole house smelled of violets. I walked around the house trying to find where the smell was coming from and could not. it was so strong. (It was DS's first Xmas, incidentally). It was odd, and i kept walking around. Then DH got up and the first thing he said was 'where did you get that perfume?' I told him I could not find it, and he insisted 'no, my mother's perfume, where did you get it?'. His mother died about 9-10 years ago. He insisted I had somehow bought her perfume, and wanted to know where I had gotten it from. That was pretty profound for us. We live in the middle of nowhere, and aside from me there were only men in the house, so it was not a scent that had been brought in by anyone, IFSWIM.

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 22:54:31

Oh thank you SpringFollows blush

We don't know still how he got out alive. His car was even taken to the police yard as they thought they would be investigating a fatality. The paramedic told me they thought they had a "magic hour" case and had him air-lifted.

Round these 'ere parts is very local so all the fire-fighters are retained. I know lots of them so have heard first hand from them what their impressions were. Not one of them expected DF to be alive. They all knew exactly whose car it was as well.

Kangers I'm sorry for your loss. (((Hugs)))

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:56:30

seen pic ladyflumpalot- incredible- as is your post baby figure- v impressed. The violets pefume is weid- this is quite a common thing isn't it- smelling someone. I wonder why?

FreudianSlipper Fri 17-Jun-11 22:56:41

sorry to hear about your mil kangers, i think often ghosts come to give messages or just to show they are there and some people are more inclined to see them than others.

LadyF how incredible that your dh survived agree he must have a guardian angel

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 22:58:42

ladyflumpalot and devientenigma thanks for tea and hugs- could do with DH being here instead of woods as feel a bit freaked out. Anyway- MN hellping as ever.

BootyMum Fri 17-Jun-11 22:59:50

LadyFlump what is the secret to your post pregnancy figure? I have a 4 month old baby and still look 3 months preggers!

And ahem, now back to other paranormal experiences...

SpringFollows Fri 17-Jun-11 23:00:21

Hi kangers so sorry for your loss.

SpringFollows Fri 17-Jun-11 23:01:03

Oh, yes and thought the same LadyFlump (jealous alert. smile )

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:01:45

Anyone donea ouija board? My mum is dead scared of them as she has a scary story about one from childhood. And I mean its the ONLY thing she has told me not to do. We had a teacher who once did an assembly about them as there was a run of them at school and a lad hanged himself as he was 'possessed'.

Aw, that's sweet, Spring.

shock, Flump!

MumblingRagDoll Fri 17-Jun-11 23:03:35

Nothing has happened to me but I am literally frozen with fear at night. blush I just dont look...and I think my imagination makes me feel like I am being watched.

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 23:03:41


I've always been a skinny minnie anyway, but chronic heartburn killed my appetite for the last trimester of pregnancy, and I was too tired and busy to even consider eating anything worthwhile after I gave birth...Also BFeeding pulled everything back in really quickly (oh my god - the cramps!)

I'm enjoying having the BFeeding boobage though!

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:03:47

sorry- unintended pun considering thread and mil- 'dead scared'.

A few weeks before I had my ds my ornament of an owl started moving around the shelf, no one saw it moved we just saw it in a different position. Then the night before I went into labour, dh, dd and I were all in the bathroom when the mirror fell off the wall and smashed. My ds needed resuciated twice, was found to have a heart condition and subsequently down syndrome. As he was coming up to 7 I was really worried for him, however again all 4 of us went upstairs when unexpectedly another mirror smashed. The past 10 years have been a really long hard slog and the fight continues.

BootyMum Fri 17-Jun-11 23:04:41

Oh yes Kangers, so sorry to be so shallow and flippant when you have just had a loss blush. But I hope in some small way we can keep you company whilst you are without your DH.

yes kangers I have done a few and been present as a child when my mam used to do them, obviously without her knowing.

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 23:05:52

Kangers - Please don't do a board. I got laughed at last time I said this on MN but they are dangerous on many levels.

If you believe they can let "hitchhikers" through. Even if you don't believe, they can get into your head...

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:06:46

devient that must just be coincidence- so sorry for your ongoing struggle, but not sure what role mirror played- not predicting or causing DS problems surely- what do you think?

SpringFollows Fri 17-Jun-11 23:07:35

Yes, the boards are very very very dangerous, no-one should do them. Really. Best avoided, even if you think it is all harmless fun. It really isn't.

3littlefrogs Fri 17-Jun-11 23:07:36

TakeMeDrunkImHome - sorry just come back to this. I know exactly what you mean. It is a bit like opening a door I think. Most of the time I am so busy that the door stays closed, but if I sit quietly and think, or if I get into conversation with other people who understand/share the experience, the atmosphere changes and I can "feel" the presence of others. In fact I just felt it very strongly as I type this, so yes, I think they are very aware IYSWIM.

7 years bad luck

Kangers - DON'T, PLEASE, use a ouija board. They are really really dangerous. If you don't believe in anything at all then just consider it silly and juvenile and don't use one, if you do, then don't do it. The fucking ouija board is the reason behind my aforementioned "bad experience". DON'T, please.

ddubsgirl Fri 17-Jun-11 23:07:54

had a few when i lived with my flat mate,very creepy,wasnt nice ghosts,and my friends houses is haunted and had alot of stuff going on lately,even my son saw it when staying there.

3littlefrogs - I have been quiet for a while as I had "listeners" and I didn't like it. smile

I agree don't do one as they are dangerous. Any spirit can come through though dead or alive, it just needs to be troubled.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:10:31

Flumpalot- I agree.
Not planning on doing one- the only thing that I am very respectful of.
bootymum you're not being shallow or flippant or anyone else- all fine and great with you all. My daughter is playing music instead of watching TV (V weird) she saw dead grandma earlier and being a bit too nice for my liking.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:13:35

devient realise 7 yrs idea but surely not involved in something as profound as what you describe with you DS.

sorry kangers I'm just a sarcastic person at times, in a joke sort of way.....not that I mean he's a joke either. Just thought maybe it was a warning in hindsight.

devient - might be silly question, but what happened to the owl ornament that moved? did you keep it?

tmhid yes I still have it but it's in a box, I don't have any ornaments around. Ds has challenging behaviour and is great at throwing. Why??

sorry I said your name wrong

ddubsgirl Fri 17-Jun-11 23:18:58

alot of the time its the person that it follows rather than the place.

BootyMum Fri 17-Jun-11 23:19:08

TMDIH - do you know who the "listeners" are?

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:22:35

Oh, yes, LOTS!

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:24:03


Is it particularly special to you? If not, and if it was me, i'd smash it up and get rid. I feel a bit nutty saying this but seeing as we are on this thread (hmm) I will say it anyway, certain things, can attach themselves to objects. If you carry the object around, house to house, through your life, you carry "it" with you. Happened to me with one of those horrible real looking dolls that were fashionable in late 80's/early 90's.

Bootymum - if I was prepared to listen to them yes I would get an idea but I am not doing, am just aware of it, even now. (Nobody will ever speak to me on here again, they will run by shouting AVOID THAT CRAZY TAKEMEHOME LADY!)

funnily enough I loved the ornament but since associating it with his birth am not too keen.

Get rid. Just my opinion. But smash it.

SpringFollows Fri 17-Jun-11 23:29:51

Expat come back and tell tell tell!


FWIW, and again i'm no expert, I don't think that the mirror thing is anything to do with your traumatic experiences. Please don't think I am trying to belittle what you have been through, I am not, but the mirror thing is just a superstition, dating back to roman times, where they believed that a mirror could steal parts of your soul when reflected in a mirror. It has very little basis in modern day fact or even anything spiritual/supernatural. I would be more worried about the ornament and would get rid.

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:32:58

expat tell all

God I said mirror far too many times there!

FreudianSlipper Fri 17-Jun-11 23:33:31

i have had a few other experiences and often have that feeling someone else is in the room, or watching me. its like my senses have come really alive as soon as i have that feeling i shut myself down and think of something else, if i concentrate i am too scared i might see something sad if that makes sense

i have always believed in ghosts and i am very spiritual and beleive messages are given for us through people or in other ways jsut it really scares me

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:33:59

I've told many, many, over the years here.

junecarter Fri 17-Jun-11 23:34:07

ooh tell me about the scary doll please, please, please TMDIH..

do you not think it may hold some guardian type, looking after him

Me, no. I am not an expert I just have my own experiences and those of my witchy mother, hee hee, sorry mum.

junecarter - I will have to pop out for a cig before I can go through that bloody doll story. (Being a tad dramatic smile just need a smoke, back in a tick with blood curdling tales!)

LadyFlumpalot Fri 17-Jun-11 23:37:35

I really want a cup of tea but I've creeped myself out and I don't want to go into the kitchen...

DF won't make me one either.


brew sorry it's virtual

kangers Fri 17-Jun-11 23:40:33

flumpalot- i feel same- have turned on all lights in house

junecarter Fri 17-Jun-11 23:45:50

<bites nails and holds breath> can't wait to hear very interested in two comments here; firstly re spirits or whatever and objects; and secondly about the poster who described the feeling of being pushed down by the shoulders..

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:48:33

Here's a scary doll one I've told on here several times.

I have a mate who is Thai and an interior designer. She and I used to climb together a lot back when I was climbing a lot.

Anyhow, we were scheduled to go climbing one Saturday but she called me in the morning said she had to go to a client's house and take window measurements and as it was one of these new build mansions it would be a while.

So I offered to go along to speed things up. She came and collected me, told me the house was vacant, up for sale and she had the keys.

So we walk in and there's this massive glass case FULL of porcelein dolls.

Right away, she sort of goes on red alert. She's Buddhist and has this thing about dolls.

There was this particularly huge one right in the middle, staring at us. I'll admit, it kind of gave me the heebie jeebies but we break out the measuring tape and get to work.

As we go along, something or other just makes us both want to get this damn job sorted asap.

Finally, we're done. I went downstairs first and as I get to the door she says, 'Expat, let's get the fuck outta here now! Look at the doll!'

The fucking thing had its back to us. In the locked glass case with no one in the house!

Dude, we smoked a shaky ciggy in the car after driving away from there!

Turns out the owner's wife had loved the house, very attached to it, but had died of cancer a few weeks before at home.

The doll; (long), when I was little, probably between 7 - 10, my parents had friends who had 5 children, the two older girls were friends with my older brother and sister and the 3 young lads were friends with me and my little sister, we used to go around to theirs and they used to come over etc. The dad of the family was an antique collector (by that I mean he used to buy crap and pass it off as antiques grin). He bought one of those dolls, with the china faces and curly hair and painted on cupid bows, he gave it to one of his elder daughters who of course was too grown up for it and gave it to me. I had it in my room and it used to move. I never saw it move, it would be on my shelf with other teddies/dolls, and the next morning would be on the bed, or on the floor, or under the pillow. Around that same time things started happening in the house. My mum is still reluctant now to tell me exactly what but I know the dog used to hide under in the understairs cupboard at a certain time every night when "it" came down, my mum saw shadows, had dreams, even my very sceptical dad saw it in the attic room in broad daylight. My brother had the attic room, he must have been late teens at the time, he found his pool cue broken in half and (people will think i am making this up) the freaking doll at the top of the ladder to the attic.

We moved about a month or so after all this started, it was an already planned move. The same things happened in the new house. Eventually my mum found out that the doll had come from a sort of salvage/clearance at what had been a childrens home that had burned down. Something IMO was attached to that doll. They burnt it and everything stopped.

I have had to scale that story down as I have goosebumps!

fuck me expat I need an escort to the toilet now.

june - I'm the pushed down my shoulders poster too! That is just how I feel "it". Hands on shoulders!

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:52:25

Here's another one she and I shared!

She had this boyfriend who lived in a basement flat of an old converted Victorian house. The flat has this little door in the bedroom, like a sort of space, we never wanted to find out to what.

Anyhow, my mate, P, never liked that place or that door. She said she'd dream it was open or dream of a boy inside it. She was glad when he decided to move out.

Well, I went over there to help them clean it out so he could get his deposit back.

She was doing the hoovering. We ran out of cigarettes, so the boyfriend and I decided to walk to a nearby Spar-type shop to get some more.

When we got back, she was on the porch.

She'd been hoovering the bedroom and the hoover kept cutting out, but it was still plugged in.

The third time it did that, she turned to the socket, and the little door was standing open, too.

She bailed.

Come to find out, the original owners of the mansion had a son who was obviously disabled in some way and shut him up in that space for who knows how long till he died.

Alright, that's it, you've done it. Expat, here NOW. You are coming to the toilet with me or I am going in the sink!

On a serious note, how awful for that poor disabled little boy. No wonder the presence was still felt there. That's very sad.

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:55:50

Fuck, TakeMeHome! I hate dolls!

junecarter Fri 17-Jun-11 23:56:34

gosh how scary...would love to hear the uncut version..ha ha...
expat, freaky story..
I have had that feeling on at least 2 occasions but not really spooky just weird..(was too lazy to look back and see who posted it)

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:57:17

I hate mirrors in front of beds or mirrored wardrobes.

I used to have a mirror in front of my bed and one night I woke and there was my dead mate.

I know he didn't mean to scare me. He came up and stroked my arm and then got up and faded away in that mirror.

He never came back, but I never had a mirror in my bedroom again, either.

Not really an uncut version just more of the same kind of incident. It still scares me to this day. Everytime I walk in a charity shop (and those places are full of those bloody dolls!) I get a shiver. It is one of the reasons I won't buy an ornament or such from a 2nd hand shop, nothing to do with snobbery, it is just that!

june - where have you been when you have had that feeling?

expatinscotland Fri 17-Jun-11 23:59:51

My folks belong to Knights of Columbus. They're very active in it.

They hired two blokes to install some new carpet in the hall and they were doing it at night, so they were locked in.

They both reported hearing the sounds of partying - glasses clinking, laughing, voices, music.

In the women's loos there was also the ghost of a woman, the wife of a member who'd killed herself, apparently.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 00:00:32

Last thread we had like this really shit me up. Someone came and old about a time her and her boyfriend were walking in a moonlit field and some big werewolf thing was stalking them.

we have cctv hooked to a recorder upstairs in the bedroom. we live in a rough area. One night about midnight me and dh were bored so we decided for a laugh we would watch the drunks via the cctv, when 2 shadows went past, they were really long and skinny and thats not as extreme as they looked. We laughed, I jumped up from bed to look outside, but no one was there. TBH they looked like something from an alien book. However it was strange.

Ah I fall down at the werewolf thing. I would be inclined to think beast of bodmin or some such :-)

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:03:14

A work colleague used to buy houses to do up and sell for profit, as a sort of hobby.

But she was living in one once and it wasn't long before she realised she wasn't alone.

Anyhow, she finally saw him one night, at the top of the stairs, solid as you or me, a young man in sort of lumberjack clothes.

She told him she was there to turn the place back to its former glory so as to make it a good family home again so she'd appreciate it if he stopped scaring her.

And he did.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:03:29

I have been reading this thread trying to keep up! Gosh some of these stories are amazing. TMHID could I ask what happened with the ouija board? Or any one else who has used them? I have always been to terrified to even try and I don't even know what could happen!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 00:03:38

But it was walking upright and about eight foot tall.

devientenigma - when you see something/someone on a camera or indeed cctv it can look distorted. Not human. Probably is. Well, was smile

Viva - if I respond to that in the way that I want to, people will DEFO run past by posts screaming CRAZY LADY CRAZY LADY! and none of the other boys and girls will play with me!

MY posts not BY posts blush

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 00:05:46

No we on. Please if you know something tell me. I really have been freaked for the last year over that story.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:06:01

Ouija boards are just BAD.

Okay, this is way way way way back, but it sure did put my auntie off using them.

They were fooling around on it.

When she asked, 'Who killed John F. Kennedy?' (like I said, this was way back).

It spelled out, 'Devil did it,' and that was the ouija board into the fire!

the reason I know it's a troubled spirit dead or alive is........we done a few, months after I lost a baby, everything that was asked what I thought was spelt out.
Also when my mam done one of hers, at the time there was someone going round killing woman, the spirit they got told everything plus more when it was all revealed.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:06:50

Oh, believe me, I won't think you're crazy! smile

MumblingRagDoll Sat 18-Jun-11 00:07:07

I used to work in a medieaval church which had been converted into a museum and sitting among all of the meorial slabs and angels on a dark winters afternoon was quite hairy at times. I used to smell a very odd was strong and herby ...not like anything I have ever smelled before....I thought it was some kind of old smelt like you'd imaging perfum might smell in the 16th century tbh. It was always when there was nobody about too.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 00:07:13

There were a few werewolf posts. Someone else here told about a farmer they knew who sat up waiting to catch something that was attacking the sheep and it was a big fucking werewolf.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:07:54

I just went very pale... <downs wine> Is that really true expat?

ok but they will say the same about you if you play with the crazy one...!

I would say it was something, not a dead loved one, ghost, etc, one of the aforementioned "hitchikers", they tend to play on common fears, and can appear in different ways. I can't possibly believe that werewolves exist. I do believe that there are horrible things, uusally the ones that come through on ouija boards, that can change in appearance to scare us.

I have just realised I have drunk almost a full bottle of wine on this thread. shock

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:09:07

When I worked in a hospice, it was an old building that had been a hospital in both WWI and WWII.

About the second day I was there (I was the medical secretary), the nurses all told me it was haunted. Also that the last room on the corridor was very haunted so don't put patients in there unless we're full.

The fucking call light would go off all the time when there was no one in there, and yes we had it checked by sparks and everyone else loads of times.

One time we had a patient in there who was blind, and she was forever complaining, 'Get these people out of my room!'

tmdih distorted to the point of about 20ft and inches wide. It was live and within seconds when I got to the window no one was there.
Meant to say about the ouija boards, I also sat out and wrote my answers but they still came through.

(see above post and use that as an apology for my spelling blush)

I don't mean that the camera is distorting the image I mean that "they" are distorting your perception of the image.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 00:10:41

Ok, I can believe that. Not sure I feel any better. I go camping quite a bit and always remember that fucking werewolf thread when going to the loo block at night.

so what do you think "they" were??

How do you mean that you wrote out your answers? Sorry if I am being thick.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:11:32

first time I can vividly recall it was aged 18. My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table; reeling from the news that my nanny had suffered the stroke which would prove fatal. I suddenly became aware that I was sort of leaving conciousness ;like I was beginning to faint but not ;everything was rushing but I was still and a very heavy presence was pushing me down very quickly; I could hear myself speaking and yet I knew I wasnt. All this took only a split second to me, then I came around quickly and heard my mother call to her mum but she was talking to mother said to me, obviously distressed; 'Whhere did you go?' She was taking to her mother, who would never come to from her illness...

Terraviva Sat 18-Jun-11 00:13:04

Good thread! Yep I've had a fair few experiences as well.

Someone (think it was you kanger... and I am so sorry by the way...) said that this life is the dream and what comes after is reality. For what it's worth, that's what I believe. Don't get me wrong, of course this - our bodies, houses, family, jobs, roses in the garden, cornflakes for breakfast, planet earth, the milky way etc - is all 'real' too, but it's just a teeny tiny part of the whole big picture. These spiritual or spooky experiences are but mini glimpses of there being something else going. I think spiritualists describe it as a veil... as in on earth we are living under a veil, and there is a limited amount of interaction between this side of the veil and the other side, but until we pass through to the other side ourselves, we can never truly know what is there / how it works / what is going on. And that is the mystery of life!

Warning: This next bit of advice might be a bit too 'woo' and hippy-like for many, but sod it, it's what I think so I'm going to share it smile

The biggest force in the universe is love. If you ever get spooked by something that you don't understand or that scares you, just think about love & imagine light - surround yourself with it - feel it in your heart. (And even if you think this is all bollocks, it still works even if it's just the psychological effect of calming and soothing yourself.)

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:13:10

Okay, and in hospice, it was on the first floor. But the doors were all alarmed so if the patients went to the stair doors - some had dementia - the alarm would go off.

This was so that everyone had to use the lift, which was right by the nurses' desk and they could see who was coming and going (also from the CCTV downstairs outside).

One night two nurses decided to go to the basement to get some junk food from the snack machines. We all sent our orders with them.

Now you couldn't get two more skeptical people - a former ER nurse with 25 years experience and an onco nurse who could pin people to the wall with her eyes.

They left in the lift and didn't come back and didn't come back.

Then they did. With no snacks. Totally freaked out.

Apparently, when teh lift doors opened to the basement, they were met with a hospital scene out of WWII - a burns unit. Complete with all horrifying detail. And they couldn't get the fecking door to shut.

Finally, one nurse looked at them and her eyes bored into them and then the door shut.

I sat with a pad and pen and as the q's were asked I wrote my answer. I obviously finished well before they were spelling what I wrote. Hope that makes sense.

I don't really know the words to explain what I think. Sometimes I think it is people who were just beyond awful in life and have become something worse, something worse, something very distorted in death. Other times I think that they are perhaps the very definition of evil. Simple purpose to draw people in and have them believe it. I really don't know. I am not a particularly religious person and I don't pretend to be an expert in this field. I just know what I see/feel and what I make of it.

Yes, makes sense, it is just me being a little slow. Who did you do the board with and what were the circumstances? If that isn't too nosey.

At first it was just me, hubby and my nanna. Done to cheer me up, finding it hard to cope etc after loosing my baby. It ended up where they done it and I sat out in hopes my feelings wouldn't come through.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:17:36

TMDIH That's a horrifying thought and I've always felt the same but have never been able to word it like that. Can I ask what you mean by hitchhikers?

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:17:50

ooh ex pat ;my sister is a nurse and I've heard that story or similar from her before

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:19:12

Call lights going on when no one's there is a really common one, june. Was she in Denver by any chance? At the old Metro hospice?

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:20:04

We had an Irish nurse who would go and open a window whenever someone died, which was often when you work in hospice.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:20:31

this is scaring me now.......

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:20:50

Denver sits on a lot of electromagnetic fields and that's apparently why it has so much paranormal activity.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:22:50

Oh kangers don't be frightened you're fine. We are all here!

Howling - it was a term my mum used years and years ago. Her mum, my gran, was the same as "us", always had feelings saw things etc. She persuaded my mum to do a ouija board when my mum was perhaps ten or eleven, so it would have been in the late 50's.

Gran was trying to contact her husband (my grandad who i never met). They got something through the board that was incredibly sexually abusive, language my mum could only write down to tell me, told them to fuck off, and other horrible things that I dont want to say. It wasn't my grandad, it wasn't a misguided someone elses grandad, it was what they called a hitchiker.

Something using that "open channel" to get through. It stayed in my grannys house for a year until she had the local vicar in to get "rid".

kangers - don't be scared, we are all here.

usualsuspect Sat 18-Jun-11 00:25:00


MalkieFraser Sat 18-Jun-11 00:25:17

My mum used to be a telephonist receptionist in the central station hotel in Glasgow, there were often calls from uninhabited rooms, either silence, breathing or throat clearing and static. It did have a bit of a rep for being haunted.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:26:22

nope in London..the burns unit story
and also a horrifying tale about ghosts floating horizontally around in the brand spanking new hospital (old building demolished)..
Of course the ghosts are rigid and just sort of hover there about waist height.

Or slab height

at the precise location of the victorian era morgue

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:29:21

Back in the 1990s there was a series of rapes happening in Denver. They were found to be connected and everyone was on alert for the 'Cap Hill Rapist', because that's the area he was targetting.

Sadly, he raped a woman and killed her in a basement flat in Cap Hill.

Anyhow, a work colleague's boyfriend took over the let of this place, why I don't know. The landlord didn't even clear it out - there were dead flowers in there brought by mates and such.

Anyhow, this bright, happy go lucky man went from a sunny, easy going person to one who tried to kill himself by slitting his wrists 6 months later.

His girlfriend, my colleague, nor anyone else ever got it out of him what happened. All he said was, 'They shouldn't rent out that apartment.'

He survived, moved in with my colleague and eventually got married and had two children.

But if you're ever looking for a flat in Denver, avoid 12th and Corona, the building on the eastern side.

Also avoid the duplex on 16th and Gaylord near the halfway house.

june - in that case of the floating spirits, I would have said that was more of an imprint, a negative if you like, so it wouldn't manifest to you at what you would conisder to be the level of a bed. Simply because it isn't "real". An imprint of something that perhaps was horrible has been kept there, and so it stays on that particular level in history. It is one of the theories behind why "ghosts" in castles/stately homes etc. seem to "float". Simply because the floors/ceilings at the time would have been higher or lower and they are just on THEIR level but we see it on OURS.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:30:59

ohhh expat tell us more..

Good lord I should enrol on a spelling course of some kind.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:32:24

no no no- can't read anymore....

kangers - what is it in particular that is scaring you?

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:34:07

yeah,TMDIH, I get you . This is apparently a very common sight in hospitals according to sis and her colleagues

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 00:35:29

St Cecilia's Hall in Edinburgh.

My boss went there about 7AM to meet some caterers on winter morning. She got in with the keys and turned off hte alarm. Of course, it's pitch black in there and there was no one there. She went in the kitchen to wait and turn on the heaters.

Only she started to hear noise, lots of noise, like people dancing, and music, from the first floor concert hall.

Needless to say, she waited outside for the caterers.

A well-known academic who had the keys to the place went in there one night to practice. He said he could feel someone's eyes on him, but dismissed it, until he finished a piece and heard clapping.

He turned to see half a gentleman in elaborate brocade clothing applauding, before he vanished into thin area. Of course, this academic also knew the ceiling had been raised some time ago.

Hi TMDIH I answered your q about the board, curious to know what you say next. Iv'e c and p:
At first it was just me, hubby and my nanna. Done to cheer me up, finding it hard to cope etc after loosing my baby. It ended up where they done it and I sat out in hopes my feelings wouldn't come through.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:37:19

is there a link any where to aforementioned werewolf thread?

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:40:00

devientenigma do u have a link to ur youtube clip?

Sorry, this thread is moving quite quick and I have a very slow connection.

I feel a bit wary that I will upset you, and that really isn't the intention, I hope you understand that.

If you were there, engaging in a ouija board having such desolate low feelings about the loss of your baby then you were, perhaps unwittingly, participating. You made yourself VERY vulnerable. The easiest people to "pick off" are those who have suffered loss. They are likely to believe things that in a more rational/non grieving sense of mind, they wouldn't believe. If you read back, one of my first posts was that I saw my brother two hours before I even knew he had died. The nasty little hitchikers/whatever you want to call them, knew I was, or WOULD BE vulnerable. Same with you. It doesn't really matter whether or not you had your finger on the glass or not, if your energy, your grieving energy was there, you were a vulnerable "easy" way in.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:41:23

Am sat in house with 14 yr old daughter, MIL died today and siding onto field. Its dark and I am now scared that my MIL will sit on my bed and stroke my arm, that werewolf will break in, that my MIL will appear through mirror in bedroom, or that I have in some way offended my MIL and she will return as a hitchiker to find her beloved son whi is not here but in woods.
Am freaked- and dogs are freaked too.

ahh June it's on facebook not you tube for some reason it wouldn't upload to youtube. There's 3 of them. MY DAUGHTER BF HAS MADE THE VIDEO INTO STILL IMAGES IT'S VERY INTERESTING. Sorry Re caps. My daughter sees and hears.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:44:13

And now I also feel vulnerable to hitchikers

kangers - were you close to your MIL?

Yeah I can see that TMDIH, how would you explain my mams board mentioned earlier?? I could talk forever on all this but I'm starting to struggle to stay awake.

You haven't opened yourself to any hitchikers in any way, you are not vulnerable at all. Stop worrying.

I know me too, I will trawl back through thread but will PM you a response?

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:46:58

Not hugely- she lived abroad for lasr 10 yrs. But been back and ill for 18 months. She stayed here a few times ( V difficult as medical issues) and also was happy for me to visit as late as last week- her birthday- and said I could come anytime (unlike her brother) so yes- have known her for 25 years.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:46:59

kangers ur dogs are wound up because you are..
and dont worry about werewolves .they are v. sexy these days I believe

Sorry about your MIL

Dunno if this will work June here

aparrantly it's not as obvious to some.

Then look at this way, what possible reason would she have had, whilst alive, to frighten you? None. Why would she choose to do so after her life has ended? She wouldn't. You have had a horrible loss and honestly, you picked the wrong thread. Not a criticism AT ALL but you are grieving and this has frightened you and made you unhappy when you needed comfort. <<hug>>

Get some rest, stop worrying, your MIL is at peace now, so let yourself have some peace for tonight, please. x

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:50:05

thanks June- plucking u courage to go upstairs.
Final comment- had a house we rented out- ALL tenants mentioned it was haunted by an elderly gentleman- we bought it from his estate. All said he was harmless but there in master bedroom. Freaky.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:50:27

kangers I have sent you a PM. Your dogs are probably freaked out because you are. They are intuitive little things. Listen to TMDIH you will be fine.

I agree Kanga your mil is at peace and you are grieving, please don't worry, give the dogs a big stroke, it's very theraputic x

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 00:53:23

Thanks all- I was drawn to thread for obvs reasons I suppose. So not in touch as you are on here. Feeling better now.
Hope she is having a life on the other side of the veil.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:54:05

devient That video didn't work! <dying to see now>

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 00:54:39

devient I cant get on to facebook for some reason tonight so thatlink isnt working but I will keep trying

Sorry, I am having such a terrible connection. Your dogs are edgy because YOU are. No other reason. Picking up on your vibes is all. Get some rest, you will feel better tomorrow.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 00:55:25

<crappy cross post, ish sorry>

Are you feeling abit better now kangers ?

ahh sorry howling it's not stored on this laptop and facebook won't let me download.

(I didn't mean the comment about it being the wrong thread in ANY horrible way, I hope you know what I was trying to say).

RufusTFirefly Sat 18-Jun-11 01:00:17

I haven't, but my bass player has. A very down to earth, cynical sort of man not given to flights of fancy. He was doing a gig in the Lanesborough, an hotel which used to be St George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner. He was washing his hands in the loo when something tugged him backwards. He looked round, but there was nothing there. He had a quick look round - all the cubicles empty and nobody anywhere else in the loo. He shrugged his shoulders and went to dry his hands, and it happened again. When he told the other musicians they said they had experienced similar happenings and that the hotel was well known for being haunted.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 01:01:21

ahhh shite, tis late have to go to bed....
sleep well!

Have been thinking of all the places I have been to and had spooooooky (you have to use the extra o's) experiences. The best would be The Church House Inn in Devon. Recommend a visit to all.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:01:52

TMDIH I know what you meant- is daft of me really- but thinking aboutn death so drawn to thread of course. Very interesting really. Except tall people in CCTV and werewolfs.
I think I get instincts for these things but I try and ignore it. But I listen to my premonitions- they happen all the time- mainly befoe something is about to break or before someone is about to get hurt. I also listen to gut reation about whtehr to say something, not to say something, go and see someone etc. I often stay with nothing really to do then someone will come in and something important happens. DYKWIM?

Oh dear, I hope I didn't upset kangers, I didn't mean "wrong thread" in that way. I hope she understood that. Just worried this had become a ghost story swapshop and she was grieving for loss of MIL today. Always put my bloody foot in my mouth. Eek.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:03:42

Often stay at work

oh thank goodness, I was worrying I had upset you. It isn't daft of you at all, and I really wasn't meaning to be horrible.

I would advise you not to ignore instincts as most of the time they are right. Some of us, I think, just have that extra ability to access the mythical "6th sense" and if you are having these experiences you probably do too. Try not to overthink things at the moment, so so soon after a loss. Do your best to rest and regroup. You know you have a support network here.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:07:46

OK- going to bed but also watching Basic Instinct!!

Basic Instinct!! Bloody hell, you are done for!

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:11:47

That is so weird. I just started watching that on ITV + 1 one second before I refreshed this.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:13:36

It has lots of Moody music which is adding to my mood/ fearfulness I am sure

You are all clearly a bunch of netmummers. I am watching Tangled. Yes I know it is a little late but I am pretty hardcore grin

and also the boy cartoon, Flynn I believe, is quite nice shock

(sneaks out for a fag before being judged for fancying cartoon boys)

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:17:04

<sings> Men with pointy teeth, and stop, no more, you'll just upset me. Mother's right here, Mother will protect you. la de da da da...

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:17:43

Love tangled- love Flynn's 'smoulder' and witch mother character.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:20:55

OH yeah- love that song- all round good disney film. Unlike ice pick murdering mess up I am watching now....

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:20:59

I once fancied a ken doll but only when my best friend did his voice..... She either had a really sexy ken voice or I need therapy.

my sister insists that I fancied Simba (YES the lion from the lion king). Im sure I didn't...

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:22:55

Now that's scary grin

(whispers - Ken has no penis shock)

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:23:26

never had a ken but I guess you were under 8. Its Ok. No therapy required.

WHAT! What is scary? Simba? Well he had the big eyes and the manly mane...y'know...[squirming uncomfortably emoticon]

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:24:43

You're sure? I can see what she is getting at when he is a big lion. Rain dripping down his mane as he walks up that rock and roars. Hrm

I think I had Paul. Wasn't he Sindy's boyfriend? I married a Paul hmm

(a real live one not a Sindy one, was it Sindy or Cindy?)

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 01:26:18

supposed to have gone to bed but....

maybe your Ken doll was ;'...... haunted......

His dad was nice but wasn't he also the voice of darth vadar! Crikey this is becoming surreal.

grin junecarter - if he had been haunted I would have at least insisted he had a penis!

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:29:34

TMDIH that is sick and wrong- a haunting KEN DOLL with a penis (mattel would not allow it). And if he was facing the wall you know what that would make him- what we have always suspected anyway...

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:29:51

Paul..Yum This was the ken (Blaine apparently) doll

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:30:36

OMG Paul is freakishly like a pimp.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:31:06

And Blaine is a rent boy

HAHA!!!!!!! grin

He may face the wall but we will always be a penisless (not to be confused with penniless) plastic scrubber.

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 01:31:59

my god, hauntings and ouija to possessed plastic penises ...only on mumsnet smile

OMG kangers, you knew my ex husband paul too?! [slaps self]

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:32:21

<Has just went into hysterics>

i blame for the distinct lack of intellect this thread has descended to. I am innocent officer, yessir, innocent...backing away...quietly...kangers officer and that june character, yessir....

(betting they both watch the lion king and secretly fancy simba, or worse, the graffiti drawing monkey)

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:35:57

No idea how you get those pics uploaded on here so quick but very entertaining.
Can not believe that dolls of that ilk were poduced....
Luckily for girls we can get the penis without the man, and don't really have any use for man without a penis.
I coming rabbit

what pics!!!!

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:37:43

howling bitch posted the pics

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:39:03

fgmfhmgjh!!!!! I coming rabbit?! You just watched the basic instinct sex scene didn't you?

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:39:09

Have to go to bed now- catch up later- thanks for keeping me company tonight. Much appreciated.
Hugs to all

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 01:39:55

Brace yourself bunny
hoppity hop

grubby monkeys ha!

I am also off to bedfordshire. excellent thread! great company! take care all.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:41:57

Have a nice 'sleep'! <Can't stop laughing>

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:42:20


TheFrogs Sat 18-Jun-11 01:43:30

I used to have a huge problem with the stairs at my previous house. When I was at the bottom I was scared to look at the top, when at the top I was scared to look at the bottom. Ridiculous, it was a tiny new build starter home with stairs in the lounge so nothing dark, creepy or old. I shrugged it off as being newly single and living alone, and never mentioned it to anyone. A couple of years after I moved out I was chatting to the new owner when she said "did you ever have a problem with the stairs?". She then went on to say how freaked out she always was climbing them. I looked into the history of the land the house was built on and found there was a nasty train crash on the line just behind when it was used for passenger trains a long time ago where the "bodies where flung far along the line"....ick. (Still no idea why the stairs in particular freaked us out though).

I once saw a lad in this house too which freaked me out at the time but i've never had the creeps here like I did in that house!

junecarter Sat 18-Jun-11 01:46:10

night ye all.... thanks for the scares.... and the welcome antidote of giggles..

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:51:38

I used to have the same problem with stairs when I lived with my mum. It was also a newly built property (we were the first to live there). I live in northern Ireland and it was built on a large grassland/bog area. The rumors were that people were taken up there to be shot in the troubles. My DP lived with us there for a while and he also felt it.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 01:52:05

Night June!

differentnameforthis Sat 18-Jun-11 01:56:43


What's the significance of the white stag in this instance?

TheFrogs Sat 18-Jun-11 01:57:26

It was the only part of the house to bother me howling and i've lived in some creepy places. The house next door I couldn't bear to be in, horrible atmosphere.

AmberLeaf Sat 18-Jun-11 01:58:05

on page 8 now

scared and hoping someones up still too!

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 02:07:05

I started this thread about a million hours ago and I'm still reading amber. (Too scared to sleep)

AmberLeaf Sat 18-Jun-11 02:08:10

I was going to go down to get a cup of tea but i darent go near the stairs now!

Kangers I've just read your post and had to reply now re the birthdays. We found out our daughter had died on Dec 2nd last year (2010) and I was 37 weeks pregnant so she was stillborn. That's mil birthday; she was born on the 6th. Mil also had a stillborn baby before dh sad

Kangers and I'm so sorry for you loss

TheFrogs Sat 18-Jun-11 02:19:49

Oh, sorry Amber...was that me with the stairs thing?!

GreatScottWeDontNeedRoads Sat 18-Jun-11 04:10:54

Jesus I stumbled on this thread a couple of hours ago and have scared myself rigid. On my own tonight and I got so frightened I dragged my duvet into the sitting room and intend on staying here all night with the lights on.

Ds had mcdonalds earlier and there's. Picture of Kung Fu panda on the happy meal box. It's staring at me! Iv had a few paranormal experiences but to scared to tell them now iv worked myself into a state sad

TheFrogs Sat 18-Jun-11 04:31:03

kung fu panda? Jack Black is scarier than any ghost....shudder grin

GreatScottWeDontNeedRoads Sat 18-Jun-11 04:42:13

Frogs that actually made me laugh smile I had to take the box into the kitchen and flatten it.

Once when I was about 12 or 13 this little ball of light just appeared infront of me and sort of hovered there for a minute before it kind of zoomed away.

A couple of times iv thought I had seen someone pass a window or something then there would be no one there.

Whenever something bad is about to happen I get. Sort of tugging feeling in my stomach that day. It's horrible an makes me feel sick.

Quite alot I'll be thinking of something or someone and then I'll hear from the person or see the thing I was thinking about.

Wow that all sounds very boring...

TheFrogs Sat 18-Jun-11 04:55:35

Not at all, glad you bashed ole Jack Black though...I swear if I have to see him doing a "crazy guitar solo" one more time.........

Vix1980 Sat 18-Jun-11 07:17:05

So many messages from a thread that was only started last night.. is that some kind of record..
I only found this story out when i was 13 or 14, my parents seperated when i was 5 so my dad told me first that when i was born to the time i was 3 or 4 i would constantly stare at things and try to reach out and grab as if someone was playing with me, Id just chuckle to myself all day long but still staring into space, the scariest time for my parents was when they had put me to bed then came to check on me a few hours later to find me sat in my rocking chair with a book on my lap and the pages turning over on there own, i was sat laughing away apparently and when they asked me who i was talking to i began to cry saying they had scared him away, i described them to him as a tall man in blue clothes with black bits on them, My mum was petrified of this - her dad, my grandad who had died 3 years before i was born, had died whilst at work as a mechanic from a heart attack.

I checked this with my mum later as i though my dad was making it up, but she said yes its all real, still thinking they were having me on as i didnt remember any of it, i later found it to be true as i was minding my youngest cousin at my nans house, we were in the kitchen making dinner when he ran out crying, i tried to get him back but he kept crying saying the man was looking at him pulling faces... he was petrified and when i said what man he described a tall man in blue clothes! I literally grabbed him by the hand and ran out.

I do think the young can "see" though then somewere along the way it dissapears... so sad though, i love to be able to still do it now

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 08:44:25

I think the werewolf thread was in chat. I found a link to it in a watched thread of mine but the link says the thread is no longer here.

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 09:06:40

Ahhh you evil evil people! I am trying my hardest to stop myself reading this thread but I really really want to!

DH is away on business all next week so I will be on my own with ds! The last time I was in any house on my own was when I was 15 and I scared myself silly! I slept in the living room with the tv on, dying to go the loo but too scared to get off the sofa never mind go all the way up the stairs!

I am the biggest scaredy cat in the world (and yet I love reading spooky stories?!?)

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 09:10:42

I am quite convinced that my grandad visits my son. I know that if he were alive he would love him to pieces so I always think that whenever ds does the "I see dead people" thing (laughing at nothing, staring at nothing etc) that it's my grandad come to play.

Now reason tells you that as I loved my grandad so much I wouldn't be scared of him would I? Except I know for a fact he'd scare the living daylights out of me just for a laugh!

Tarenath Sat 18-Jun-11 09:23:16

Yes I have had several paranormal experiences. Some of them not very pleasant, and one made me absolutely furious.

AmberLeaf Sat 18-Jun-11 09:24:15

Frogs if it was your post about the stairs not feeling 'right' then yes it was you!

But it was all the others too so dont feel bad!

Its all ok now as the sun is shining and the kids are awake.

Glutton for punishment that i am....I'd love to read about the werewolf.

doradaisy Sat 18-Jun-11 09:37:42

i have had what you might call paranormal experiences but usually in dreams.

the years of the thai/indonesian tsunami, i was staying down with my parents and family for xmas. after going to bed around 1pm after much eating and tv watching, i awoke at exactly 3am (i know this as myself and my sister had to camp out on blow up beds in the living room as so much family were staying over for xmas and there's a clock in living room) after the, what i thought at the time, was the weirdest dream.

i dreamt that i was surrounded by lots of people, standing near, surrounding me. it felt like thousand of people, as if i was in the middle of a crowd.
i looked up at the sky, which was kind of twilight colour, and saw a swirling whirlwind, almost cartoon like, coming towards us. When it hit us we were covered over with a wall of water.
I huddled down with all the people but in my dream i could see under water. The water was a beautiful south pacific blue. I saw tree uprooted, cars and debris floating all around.

i woke up thinking 'WTF, where did that dream come from' was i couldn't relate it to anything i was thinking in my waking life.

sounds strange but felt the dream didn't belong to me.

i heard that those leaving the earth/dying send a message to the living.

the creepiest thing is that 3am (our time, when I had the dream) is about 10am in thailand, the time the tsunami struck.

doradaisy Sat 18-Jun-11 09:39:21

oops, that should read 'the year of the thai/indonesian earthquake. you know, in 2004

Andrewofgg Sat 18-Jun-11 09:53:32

No, because there's no such f*cking thing!

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 09:55:46

Terraviva I completely agree with you about the love thing. Being the scaredy cat that I am, when I was little my mum used to tell me that if I ever had a bad dream or was scared I was to say my grandads name and he would make me feel better. He wasn't even dead then but it always worked, I knew that he loved me and would protect me and of course that he was magic and could do anything! I always believed that when I said his name he knew I was feeling scared/sad and he would make me feel better.

My mum has had a lot of strange experiences and yet the times we have been to those medium things, my mum and I get ignored. The medium will come over to us, shake their head and then walk away and this goes on for the whole night hmm however the lady sitting next to us once got a message which was "There is a bell going "ping""

The lady hadn't a clue and even said, but bells go ding, not ping? But it did mean something to my mum and I - the week before we had had to get my mums cat put down, but for the whole day before this I had been syringe feeding the cat glucose solution, to try and keep her energy levels up. I said to my mum that the cat had had so much sugar she would be "pinging off the walls" I don't know why I said "pinging" not bouncing. The cat's name was Isabell. I still don't know why the medium couldn't have told us directly though.

Similarly, my mum was once approached by a fortune teller who took her hand in the street, then dropped it as though she had been burned, looked at my mum with a look of horror on her face then ran away. hmm

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 10:11:57

My brother, sister and I have all had hallucinations when we were about 7 years old and suffering from a fever. I understand that these were just hallucinations caused by illness but they are a bit wierd. Both my vision and my sisters involved seeing people who weren't there...mine was scary but my sister's was.

My brother's hallucination also terrified him at the time. But terrifies me even more! He became hysterical every time he looked at me, screaming that I had been stabbed all over and was bleeding every where. My mum made me go to another room because I was upsetting him so much! (What about me?!? shock).

Even wierder, is that my brother, from he was little, ever since he was able to talk, has always maintained that if he looks at a knife (or any sharp pointed object) it hurts his head.

Do you know what this leads me to believe? That I am going to be stabbed to death while dh is away on business this week. Fan bloody tastic. And I will not be asking my brother to keep me company: as the knife wielding maniac is running at me, he will be rolling about the floor clutching his head!

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 10:12:52

I meant "mine wasn't scary but my sisters was"

doradaisy Sat 18-Jun-11 10:23:05

Everytime I've gone to a fortune teller, they always say that my psychic 'skills' are very strong and that I should harness it bettersmile

My 3 year old DD has a few imaginary friends. Normal at this age - she chats to them, gives them food, etc.

However, two of her 'best' imaginary friends are called Alice and William. Both the names of my husbands grandparents.

One night, after DD was 'playing' with William lots that day, I asked her where he was gone. She said 'to the college'.
I thought it was weird until DH told me his grandfather worked in a university later in his life before he died!!!

tallulahxhunny Sat 18-Jun-11 10:45:28

We smell smoke regularly in my house even though none of us smoke. not just this house but in my other house too. We (inc my very sceptic DH) believe its my dad.

Tarenath Sat 18-Jun-11 10:54:23

"No, because there's no such f*cking thing!"

Tell that to my children. My daughter frequently woke in the night screaming and kicking like she was trying to get away from something, and with scratches in places she couldn't physically reach. My son described something standing in the corner of my daughter's room that definitely wasn't human, and my daughter would sit at one end of her bed staring at that corner, and we had scratches all along the wall in her bedroom too high for us to make that definitely weren't there when we put her to bed.

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 11:04:15

I grew up in haunted house.Lovely house but glad when we moved tbh.I do think people have to see it to believe it.

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 11:06:25

Oh and my sister and my mum witnessed things in that house.Singing,footsteps,doors slamming etc.So I know I didn't imagine it

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 11:12:51

I believe in premonitions aswell.As I had re acuring dreams about my brother.One of them was me flying through a grave yard.I stopped at a headstone with my brothers name on.Later that day my mum phoned to tell me he was dying and to get there asap

MetalSian Sat 18-Jun-11 11:15:20

I tend to be a it of a skeptic, only I think because I would scare myself shitless if I didn't try to think it wasn't all real.

One thing that sticks in my mind particularly though happened to my DP just over a year ago.
My MIL was away on holiday so we were looking after her three dogs.
Tico, an old collie, however became very ill and after days of visits to the vets to try and make her better it was decided she should be put down.
That night we went to stay at DP's grandparents house.

When we woke up in the morning my DP told me about what he could only describe as a strange dream.
He had woken up during the night to the door opening and Tico walking in and talking to him, telling him Thank you. And then just disappearing.

Whether this was actually a dream or real I don't know.
But I like to think Tico was happy to stop suffering and wanted us to not worry anymore or feel guilty.

faverolles Sat 18-Jun-11 11:16:12

Haven't finished reading the thread yet, but I was the one who told the werewolf on a farm one - last time, I rang my ex-boss to tell me the story, and I wrote it out on here.
As far as I can remember correctly, here goes:-

I worked on a farm near Pendle Hill (think witches, spooky etc) There was a field that wasn't really used - they occasionally cut it for hay or silage, but no-one was allowed to go alone, and they always took a gun.
A few years before, there were sheep in that field, and there were nasty cases of sheep worrying, and several sheep killed and some missing. The vet was called to give his verdict as to what was doing the damage - he said the teeth prints were similar to a dog, but bigger than he had ever seen.
Thinking it was a dog, my boss and his son went out that night with guns to get the dog.
It was about 11pm, they were hiding behind a wall watching (the field was surrounded by tall walls, maybe 5 ft tall, and backed onto a wood. So they were waiting, and they saw in the dark, but shadowy from moonlight, something huge climb over the wall and sort of lope towards the sheep, near to where my boss was hiding. It went quietly near the sheep then had a burst of speed and grabbed a sheep with it's mouth, my boss stood up with the gun ready to shoot, and the thing must have heard him because it dropped the sheep and stood
up on it's hind legs looking round. It was huge, and towered above the nearby wall. My boss reckoned it was at least 8 ft tall. He and his son jumped into the land rover and raced home, terrified.
The next day, they moved the sheep to land the other side of the farm, and never put animals in there again.
Anybody new to the farm was warned against going to that field.

chubbly Sat 18-Jun-11 11:18:18

Ok I've been reading this thread on and off between giving myself the creeps. I'm not really a believer, but I love reading about peoples experiences so I'll add mine. The only time I've seen something weird was when I was six; I was really ill, so ill I had to have complete bedrest for a week; so i was tucked up in bed. I'm Indian, but not a Hindu, but I'm familiar with some deities and such. Anyway in my dream i was lying in my bed, the bedroom door opened and in walked in Vishnu and his wife (I forget her name), they walked round until they were next to my bed and he held my hand. I couldn't move, and I just watched them walk out again. I woke up screaming! I've always put this down to fever induced dreams and never told anyone. My parents are not religious - no statues, pictures, anything. It's creeping me out now... I'm off to hide on some thread about Hollyoaks or some such.

Jaspants Sat 18-Jun-11 11:23:21

I started reading this last night but got too spooked to carry on and I'm glad I went to bed or I never would have slept!

Fascinating reading, and I have had shivers so many times reading these posts

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 11:46:18

I also remember when my ex(i've had quite a few blush ) was driving up the road.It was really quiet.Really strange as it links on to a main road and is always busy.Anyways at the corner of my eye I seen someone in the middle of the road coming up towards the side of the car.I looked and this goth looking man was floating along the side of the car then faded away when he got to the front of the car.I nearly shat myself.We both had seen it so there was no thinking I was delusional.The 1st thing my dad said when I got home was "you look like you've seen a ghost"lol.

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 11:48:44

I always thought maybe someone had been runover scateboarding as it's next to a park.I thought he maybe was skateboarding at 1st but there was nothing underneath his feet.Very strange

ledkr Sat 18-Jun-11 11:48:56

Aw.I missed a spooky Friday night thread.
Ill tell you what ive posted before.
22yrs ago was living in an ordinary semi with my 2 boys 1 and 3.Had been burgled a few months earlier so was nervy.I often heard running about upstairs as did others,my babysitter used to check dc's adn they were fast asleep.
One night i was seeing out a friend and the running noise came from upstairs,he looked over my shoulder and said "whats that" i explained i often heard it and he seemed reluctant to leave me.
I went to bed and could hear all sorts of banging downstairs so was led awake holding my breath.Ds 3 then runs in and snuggles up with me.Everytime this noise occurrs he moves closer.Realising this was not my imagination i called 999 and the operator told me he was sending a van full of police,i was crying so he offered to stay on the line. The phone suddenly went dead and then a mans voiced laughed. Hysterical i was screaming downm the phone when the op came back on,he asked if i had a downstairs phone and i said i did,he advised me to get against the door until the police arrived,he sadi he had heard a man laugh too.I was literally beside myself,the baby was asleep in next room and i was torn betwee getting him and opening the door as i had ds1 with me.
The police arrived and it took them a bout 20mins to persuade me to open the door,they refused to break it down. I ran down with a bseball bat (id been burgled remember)and let them in. There was no sign of any break in and the phone had not been tampered with. I went to my Mums for the night with ds's. Things continued to happen there for many years but never that bad,i got remarried so was alittle less scary with dh around.
One night we came in from a bbq at around midnight.The ds's were at my mujms and we went staright to sleep (bit drunk)
The following morning the wardrobes in the ds's room were in the middle of the room and were twisted and broken. My neighbour later complained to me about the terrible banging that had been coming from the ds's room at around 2am!!!!!!!

elmofan Sat 18-Jun-11 11:50:18

Me too Jaspants blush i gave up reading this thread after reading about the dolls {those type of china dolls have always terrified me } .
Stairs also give me the creeps in this house , i often get a feeling of someone behind me when i walk up them .

seeker Sat 18-Jun-11 11:50:21

In answer to the OPs's original questoin - no, nobody has because they don't happen. There is always a rational explanation. ALWAYS.

If they did, there still wouldn;t be a million dollars waiting in the bank for the first person who can prove they do.

faverolles Sat 18-Jun-11 11:55:07

Bloody Hell ledkr shock

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Jun-11 12:02:29

So whats a rational explanation of hearing glass smashing in an empty room because even I couldn't explain that one when my ex asked me what all the noise was when I was on the phone to him.It sounded like someone was throwing glass bottles at my wall on the 3rd floor upstairs.My poor mum used to have to get bolloxed when we was round our dads weekends because she hated being alone in that house sad

ledkr Sat 18-Jun-11 12:03:10

Ive told it before and i swear it did happen,i am a rational mother of 5 and can still remember it all and ds is now a soldier and will still tell the tail of Mummy weed her pants cos she was scared. I still rack my brains for an explaination.

ledkr Sat 18-Jun-11 12:03:53

And i will still not be alone in the house at night,ever.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 12:04:24

Holy shit, ledkr! That sent chills down my spine!

chubbly Sat 18-Jun-11 12:07:38

Ledkr - oooooh that's creeped me out again.
<hides behind sofa>

ledkr Sat 18-Jun-11 12:11:23

Expat im sure i told you that last yr.You have a few i believe.Have you already posted on this one?
I didnt want to put this one as it make me look like i have many tales but hey ho.
I used to hum a little tune to go to sleep wehn i was a child.One night i herad tapping in time to the tune.Eg lalala-taptaptap iyswim.
Yrs later i was telling friend about this whilst stood by a lift at ahospital i was working and when i said lalala the rythym was re tapped on the lift doors.shock
Another few yrs later i was telling this to another colleague and the tapping was this time heard on the pipes.We actually thought a patient may have fallen and checked all the rooms but everyone was ok. Weird.

toptramp Sat 18-Jun-11 12:25:37

I mentioned my experience on the angel thread. I lived in a block of old warehouses in Liverpool and I could definately sense a presence. The air was electric and there was an atmosphere. i wasn't scared. My friend came to visit me when I first moved in and the first thing she said was that it's haunted. Then about 6 months later someone at work asked me where I lived and when I told her she said ''Oh H (other work colleague) lived there. It was haunted. She saw a man walk through the wall.'' i never saw anything but there was a lot of loud babnging. I thought it was the nieghbours but now I'm not so sure.

Jins Sat 18-Jun-11 12:44:44

I was attacked by the McKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars Churchyard in Edinburgh and have a photograph of the injury

seeker Sat 18-Jun-11 12:51:39

Are you going to share out James Randi's million bucks, or will it be first come first served?

We have doggie day care but its more like a nursery for dogs, you can drop them off, it has rooms for age and size and is filled with toys and tunnels and such grin

God damn wrong thread!! .............[ blush] walks out looking embarrassed .

CrispyHedgehog Sat 18-Jun-11 13:10:57

In the very first flat I lived in after leaving home, the previous tenant had been an old lady who had lived there for many years and died in the flat.

I used to work shifts and when I had an early start, just after the alarm went off I would hear the kettle start up and a cup would be put out with a teabag in it ready for me when I got up.

The house I live in now stands very close to what used to be an old church with a small cemetery, which is now a children's play park. We've had running up and down the stairs, keys and things being moved, lights turned on and off, tv channel switched over, a face at the window when we approach to come home. There were also several cold spots, not in places with draughts or anything.

The visitor in the end became a bit of a nuisance so I contacted the local spiritualist church and a lady came who spoke to him, it turned out he was a teenage boy and his girlfriend used to live here and he was looking for her. The spiritualist lady got his grandad to come and get him and we've never seen/heard anything since.

tallulahxhunny Sat 18-Jun-11 13:22:09

so the ghost made you a cup of tea? like really, not just you hearing it but the cup was sitting there with tea in it??

When I was a little girl I waved to an old lady who I thought was my grandma sat in the rocking chair in the window while I played out, The old lady waved back and smiled, it was only after my mum came back with my Gran and said no one was in the house and that a neighbour had been keeping an eye on me (I was playing with their child)

My grans house is awful, it just feels cold and horrid in there.

peachyuk Sat 18-Jun-11 13:57:00

my friend has this vile looking glass figure of a dog which she kept under the stairs. when we were having a clear out as she was moving. she went to pack it, i asked why doesn't she just bin it (its really ulgy). she then told me that it belonged to her great grandmother and everytime she tried to throw it away it always came back so she had given up trying to get rid of it

i really did think she was pulling my leg, until her mum started telling me about the times she tried to chuck it and the only way she has managed to get rid completly was by giving it to her daughter.

would love to get them to prove it to me but if it turned up again it would really shit me up lol

in my mums house she used to keep a clock that belonged to my nan on the landing. every morning we used to find that it had been turned round, she ended up moving it as she got fed up of it 'dursbing the dust'

the only strange thing to hapen to me was that i dreamt about princess di dying. god knows why as i was still at school and not really a fan. i dreamt that she died in a car crash but it was on an open road in daylight and the car crashed into a tree. woke up put the tv on and it was all over the news

letitlie Sat 18-Jun-11 14:15:21

Loving this thread!

My experience was a long time ago when I was 17. Was relaxing in a lovely warm bath when I felt a real cold feeling come over me in the room, it was really weird. Around 20 minutes later we had a phone call from my Dad to say my Gran had just passed away. I swear I felt the moment she left this world.

Aside to this story, she had had a stroke earlier in the week and was very poorly in hospital, my Dad had been away working and she passed on shortly after her arrived, and I'm sure she was waiting for him.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 14:16:59

Only 2 skeptics in 295 posts. I think Mumsnet believes!

kazmus Sat 18-Jun-11 14:21:29

driving home alone at about 11.30pm across the Somerset moors, I heard a voice behind me say'dont look in the mirror!' Scared me witless and have never driven that road again on my own in the dark!

Wabbit Sat 18-Jun-11 14:35:25

Oooh eebie-jeebies Kasmus!

I've not had anything weird happen of late (for last 15 years or so) but when I was in my 20's I lived in a terraced house in which the front door would knock by itself - knocker was too heavy to be lifted by a gust of wind and the knocks were deliberate, not little taps... Other people experienced it whilst in the house with me, and when I was not there on numerous occasions we never caught anyone in the street however quickly we managed to get to the door (Front door opened onto the living room). Also the radio and the cooker ignition would switch themselves on - I'd hear a tic,tic,tic of the cooker being lit hmm oh, and the electronic timer for the central heating and boiler would randomly re-set itself...

One day whilst Ironing in the living room after coming home from a shopping trip the front door gave an enormous bang, as if someone had kicked it, I went to the door and looked through the little spy hole... no one there. So I turned to go back to the ironing, whist next to the door the same thing happened, I even felt the vibrations in the floor the bang was so loud - I whipped the door open to find my keys in the lock but still no-one there... not a soul!

Bizarre! But I never felt spooked by the house - I wonder what it was all about?

kazmus Sat 18-Jun-11 14:47:43

Not far from that same spot at a notorious accident blackspot, my girls who were both in the car with me (late teens in age) with one in the front passenger seat, wondered why I suddenly slammed on the brakes for no reason. They had not seen the very real figure who had stepped in front of the car waving wildly for me to stop! He was very real and very solid, just invisible to the girls!

did you know this thread has also hit facebook......with one of the posts saying when my hubby does the ironing without being prompted.....that's paranormal.

ledkr Sat 18-Jun-11 15:05:43

there is a mini roundabout nr me and i also once slammed on the brakes as i saw a car come towards me,it kind of wooshed thru me,twas so weird.Ds1 was with me and about 12.I said omg i thought id been hit by that car but i disappeared,he said "yes and me,i even felt the wooshing" used the exact same term as i had thought,he is an adult now,i am going to ask him later if he remembers.

sue52 Sat 18-Jun-11 15:16:33

Our house is very old and every time we do some work on it odd things happen. My car keys went missing and turned up in the greenhouse, all my bank and credit cards were bent, the toothbrushes all vanished from the bathrooms only to turn up in the gardener's loo. Most annoyingly of all the headlights on both my and DH's car stopped working on the same day. This all stops the moment work finishes on the house. We are just about to get the outbuilding reroofed and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Ohhhh issey6cats we had a similar experience in the day in that jail. Horrid feelings, my sensible mother was terrified.

We always went to Manchester on a weekend and me and mum would walk round the arndale shopping and having a general girly weekend, this particular weekend I woke up feeling really uncomfortable about going, I had dreamt of flashing lights and a bang and barking dogs and such but it was really abstract like flashing colours, I really didnt want to go to Manchester but couldnt explain why, my mum took me seriously and we went elsewhere. As we were half way down the motorway it came on the news that they had bombed manchester.... freaked out me? much!

LadyFlumpalot Sat 18-Jun-11 15:56:01

differentnameforthis - I have never seen a white deer before, and I live out in the sticks so I see deer every day. It may just be a coincidence, but I really believe that someone/thing saved my DF's life that evening and that seeing that stag was a sign that all was going to be ok.

If I had seen it in the woods, ok, strange but normal.
It was standing, on the hard shoulder next to the A35, shining!

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 16:00:28

I cannot believe all these premonitions! I sometimes wonder if these things are more primal that paranormal. Like some advanced instinct tho I doubt it. ( Verity Nice to see someone else with a farseers trilogy username!)

neighbours teeanage Kids playing outside, one of them just screamed and I jumped a fecking mile blush Im on my own tonight in the house too eek, dd away and Ive never slept in this house alone before

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 16:02:43

Not sure how true it is, but Sharon Tate is alleged to have seen a premonition of her own death.

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 16:08:13

Just researched the Sharon Tate premonition. That is truly chilling.

LadyFlumpalot Sat 18-Jun-11 16:13:00

We have big cats round here as well. Sheep keep getting munched. The council keeps saying it is foxes. When was the last time you saw a fox capable of dragging a sheep carcass up a tree!

Not my story - but a friend of my mums who shall be called Sue for this story.

Sue was out walking her dog down the lanes. Sue's husband owns a reclamation yard so they have guard dogs. Big fuck off scary Rottweilers.

About an hour into their trip, it was getting dark, that sort of funny purple-y light. Sue can hear the sheep in the field on one side of the lane making one hell of a fuss. All of a sudden her Rotty stopped, dropped his tail and snarled. Then, his tail went between his legs, he tugged on the leash so hard his collar snapped and legged it.

Sue was flabbergasted. Then, she swears, a lioness jumped over the hedge and landed about 4 ft away from her. It turned, looked at her, looked her up and down slowly, made a sort of "Harumph" noise, crossed the lane, leaped the other hedge and loped off across the field.

Needless to say, she turned and made her way swiftly home. There she found her dog, cowering and whimpering inside it's kennel...

DoingTheBestICan Sat 18-Jun-11 16:31:05

I love these threads,i have to say i really enjoy reading expats stories too.

There was talk where i live of a large cat stalking the fields where the sheep & lambs were grazing.Apparantly a farmer found large paw prints on his land which judging by the size, a zoologist claimed could only belong to a panther type creature.

I have walked across this bridge many,many times at all times of day & night,its very creepy to say the least,
bridge ghost

The weirdest thing that happened to me was hearing a very wheezy voice calling out my name when I was 7 or so, I lay frozen with fright in bed, turned out to be a firework grin

And my mum dreamt that her great grandmother, to whom she was very close, was going to die two days before she did die. She says it wasn't frightening, more special.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sat 18-Jun-11 17:00:47

<sorry long post emoticon>

I'm clairaudient. When I was a child I'd hear bells at the precise time that any family member died, and thus I'd always know of the death before my branch of the family was notified. These bells were not church/school bells, or like any bell sound I've heard in real life.

I now live in an old house which has the boards that once contained the servant bells in what used to be the kitchen and scullery, and in the attic bedrooms.

The boards no longer have the bells attached - all that remains is brass T-shape plates where they once were. I've never been able to locate the actual bell pushes/pulls in what were the drawing, dining, day, breakfast rooms etc, but it's probable that the connecting wires are still in situ.

Despite being non-existent, these bells still ring on occasion and I'm not the only one to have heard them. I'm well aware that I share my home with more than my family and incredibly intuitive cat (black, of course) as I sometimes hear snippets of conversation and radio broadcasts from another era.

Thankfully, I'm able to tune out of anything I don't want to hear, or don't have time to listen to, but one weekday morning (when I'd had nothing stronger than a cup of tea) a few years back I was sitting in my kitchen, which is way at the back of the house, when I heard the distant sound of trumpets.

As the sound became more distinct, I recognised a New Orlean jazz style tune which sounded for all the world like one of those used to accompany funeral processions in Louisiana. I was trying to concentrate on some work so I tried to ignore it.

However, the sound kept getting louder and seemed to be coming from outside my house; I eventually gave up and went out the front door fully expecting to see nothing. Instead, I saw a full New Orleans-style funeral procession making its ceremonial way down the hill towards my home.

The smartly-dressed black band members slow-marched past my home followed by a black-plumed horse-drawn hearse and several limousines containing black mourners, As the procession reached the bottom of my road, it made a seamless left turn onto the (usually busy) main road, and disappeared from my sight.

Oddly, there were no pedestrians or other motorists on my road at the time, and no neighbours came out to witness the spectacle although I was outside for 15+ minutes. When I subsequently mentioned this event to my neighbours and shopkeepers on the main road, nobody had heard anything unusual. I even scoured local obits but there was no mention of any relevant death.

I still don't know wtf that was about; I'm not black, and the nearest cemetary is miles away.

hackingandhewing Sat 18-Jun-11 17:07:01

My story will only interst you if you believe that some people can "speak to the dead" - or at least listen to them.

A very dear friend (now deceased) had a bit of a gift and she and my DH were very in to the spiritual side of life. They went on an organised night tour of some local council rooms which used to be court houses with cells in the basement. Not much happened, they came home in the wee hours and that was that.

The following week, DH & I were at home alone as DD had gone to stay at her GPs for the night. We started watching a DVD, wound up the surround sound and settled down. Suddenly we started hearing extremely loud bangs on the ceiling as if someone was jumping off the bed or banging on the floor upstairs. It's hard to explain but they were VERY loud. Not just like when the DCs are banging about, very solid and purposeful. I didn't think much of it. We went to investigate, nothing. We were having an extension built at the time so we checked all that out, nothing. It stopped after about 10 minutes so we got on with the film and didn't think about it much more.

A few days later my friend with the gift came over for a cuppa (she lived across the road) and said DH had told her about what had happened. She had been over the following day when I was out and had heard from the spirit of a little girl of about 7 or 8. She had apparently "followed" my DH home from the night at the courtrooms. Apparently the banging was her expressing her anger at my DDs room. She had said the little girl who sleeps in this room is so well cared for and has lovely things and I had nothing - my parents hated me and abandoned me.

It was a few nights before I could take DD to bed and not be freaked out!!!!

LadyFlumpalot Sat 18-Jun-11 17:09:39

hackingandhewing - That's so sad. sad

Did the little ghost girl stay?

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 17:11:26

Izzywizzy - when I was 13 I heard a specific tune chiming when washing up with my mum, as clear as anything but my mum didn't hear it. The tune was the same tune that my grandad's clock played on the hour but we were 60 miles away. I told my mum that grandad had died and 10mins later we had a phone call saying that he'd just passed.

I've never heard anything like that before or since.

CBear6 Sat 18-Jun-11 17:17:10

Not so much a spooky one but more a coincidental coincidence. I hate the idea of fate and destiny because it's such a such a cop out and stops some people from making the effort to change their lives because of some notion of what is/isn't meant to be being preordained. My odd coincidences ... I mc'd my first pregnancy and later that year got pregnant again. The baby I lost was due 16th November, when I had my 12 week scan for DS and got given my due date I counted the weeks back and had gotten pregnant on 16th November. Last year I lost a baby to mmc, due 5th December. I'm now pregnant again, 28wks tomorrow, and counting back I got pregnant on 5th December.

I've had a few experiences that I can't explain, I don't know if they're evidence of the paranormal or just oddities that there's no explanation for yet.

The first was when I was little, about six years old. I woke up one night and I'm not sure what time it was but I could hear my parents downstairs so probably not that late. I don't know what woke me up but there weasel an extra pair of feet in my bed. Know when you're a kid and someone sleeps over and you top and tail in the bed? It was exactly like that. I could feel a pair of feet, ever so slightly larger than mine, pressed against my own feet. I know they were feet because I could feel the toes curled over the top of my toes, they were feet shaped, and when I gave them an experimental push they pushed back a few seconds later. I wasn't brave enough to sit up and look but I did turn my head and my younger brother was still in his own bed, fast asleep. The bottom if my bed didn't have a footboard, wasn't against a door or wall, and there were no other children in the house. I don't know how long the feet were there but after a while they gave me a gentle kick/tap against my feet, one then the other (and I felt toenails when this happened) and then withdrew, at which point I started screaming for my dad convinced that the owner of the feet was about to come round the top of the bed.

Last year we went to York for a few days and on one very rainy afternoon we went to Barley Hall, it's a restored Tudor house (I'm a history geek) and as good a place as any to shelter. DS (celebrating his first birthday that day) was oblivious, he just enjoyed being carried round, DH was indifferent but mildly interested, I was in nerd heaven. I don't know if anyone has been and knows the layout? Anyway, from the front upper chamber you go down a flight of stairs which take you to the Buttery, the Pantry, and a large room which is currently a sort of children's activity area. These stairs are in a small square corridor/hallway and the three rooms lead off from it. DS was kneeling in front of the stairs drumming on the steps with his hands and I went to pick him up, DH right beside me. As I bent to pick him up there was a scuffling sound behind me (stone floor) and a woman's voice loudly whispering in an urgent/angry way "what are you doing here!?". I nearly shat myself scooped DS up and turned round, no one there. DH heard it too and peeked into the three rooms down there - no one in any of them. Being rational sorts we laughed and realised it must just be part of the tour as some of the upstairs rooms have little speakers playing traditional music/songs, etc. Obviously we tripped a sensor. When we got to the gift shop we were chatting with the two staff there and started giggling about how the speaker in the pantry area nearly caused us to have kittens. They told us there are no speakers in that area and asked us what happened. We told them and they told us that people sometimes hear/see things in other parts of the house but never in that area. The one who had to lock up that night told us she was scared to do it alone after that! When we printed up our pictures when we got home later that week there were blurred spots and lights in some of them, not even the whole photo would be blurred, just one patch of it. In one photo, which we took from the staircase, there is a huge streak of light at the bottom of the stairs. At first we thought it was the reflection from a door handle but when looking closely the light is a good distance in front of the handle and at the wrong angle to be a reflection, in the next photo (taken at the same angle and exposure literally a second later) the light is gone.

hackingandhewing Sat 18-Jun-11 17:17:52

No ladyflumpalot she was there for a few days but friedn thought she just kept quiet so as not to frighten my DD who was only 5 or 6 at the time. When friend came over, she disappeared off upstairs for a bit and when she came down said that she had todl the little girl how to get to where she needed to be. I have been on and off sceptical in my adult life but my friend was truly an amazing person in many ways and what she seemed to experience was so real that I have to beleive something happens after we die and that some people can be in touch with those who have died. It gives me much comfort.

My more sceptical friends often ask, if it is all real, why hasn't said friend made herself known to anyone since she died? I beleive that's because we havent needed her. I think spirits only come to us if we need them or they need us.

LadyFlumpalot Sat 18-Jun-11 17:29:02

I'm a history geek to CBear6. I love the Tudors and am in the Sealed Knot. Again, not my story, but my Step-dads:

Our regiment in the Sealed Knot was hosting a bank-holiday event at Newbury. We were camping on part of the original battlefield. My DSD and his mate were on guard duty in the early hours (as the camps have gunpowder on them it is a police requirement that someone is manning the gates at all times and ID is shown on entry).

DSD and his mate had been dealing with drunk Knotters coming in from Newbury centre for a little while. It had all gone relatively quiet when DSD spotted a large group coming down towards the campsite. He said they were very quiet, all he could hear were footsteps walking in time. He reckoned there must have been about 40-50 people.

As they got closer he noticed they looked weary, dragging their feet.

He moved out of the awning to challenge them for their membership cards. Just as the first of the group came close enough to see facial features...they vanished. Not suddenly, but like when mist dissapates...

He was very shaken up.

Can't believe this thread is still going!

zukiecat Sat 18-Jun-11 17:39:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreatScottWeDontNeedRoads Sat 18-Jun-11 18:19:14

Some of the experiences on here are amazing! I shared my small encounters earlier but I wanted to tell you about my mum now. She's very interested in where we go after we pass away and she went to see a medium (i think that's what she was) the medium told her lots of things that she couldn't possibly have known herself and claime that my nan, grandad and aunt were in the room with them. The medium told my mum that she was to pas on a message to me from my nan. I was experimenting with my look at the time and I had platinum blonde in my fringe and front of my hair (my hair is naturally dark) and my nan apparently didn't like it one bit and told her to tell me I was to get rid of it because my own hair is beautiful as it is smile

Wabbit Sat 18-Jun-11 18:19:46

Battlefield spooks! I wanted to do an Edgehill midnight walk after I heard Sarah Kennedy talking about a Christmas Eve experience she had on Radio 2... then found out the MoD owns the battle site and you can't walk over it. Humph.

Helenagrace Sat 18-Jun-11 18:29:09

I was duty managing a central London teaching hospital one night and had a conversation with a female patient in a waiting area on a ward in a remote part of the hospital. I then went round the corner to the nurses station and relayed the conversation to the two staff nurses there ... who promptly told me that they didn't have any female patients on the ward.

To get to this ward you had to go through three swipe card entry doors and use a key to over-ride the lift. Needless to say we couldn't find the lady and CCTV footage of the ward entrance showed me entering but nothing else.

Cue one freaked hospital manager and two terrified nurses.

Another hospital I worked at had to have a four bed side-room on a male surgical ward exorcised as patients were waking up feeling pressure on their chests and seeing staring yellow eyes leaning over them.

Another hospital regularly used to find surgical instruments moved - even behind locked doors.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 18:35:30

I've told this one before.

A mate of ours lives in a maisonette in Edinburgh. We went there to play cards. No alcohol consumed, as both he and DH are teetotal.

He put his 1-year-old granddaughter to sleep in her cot in an upstairs bedroom.

This man is very tidy and clean. Room was spotless. I went with him to wave wee 'T' night night.

We got the deck of cards out and he started to shuffle. Played a few rounds of poker.

Heard T giggling away. So DH says, I'll go and check her. Then came running down the stairs to say all the drawers in two chests had been completely emptied out and the clothes were all on teh floor, but the drawers were back in.

And yes, they were.

He's had a number of similar incidents happen in there and yes, he and his wife still live there.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 19:36:26

I can't believe this thread is still going either.
Must really try to not get spooked tonight- still just me and DD.
I do not understand why spirits do things like empty draws or put tea bags in cups, but nothing very useful IYSWIM.
No visitations from MIL last night you will be pleased to know.

Teabags in cups is useful. I liked that one.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 19:48:47

but not useful in terms of predicting lottery winning numbers or avoiding a journey that will end in disaster. Or explaining the meaning of life.
But useful in a little way I suppose.

CrispyHedgehog Sat 18-Jun-11 20:00:29

Tallulah.. she didn't actually make the tea but she left the mug out with a teabag in it ready for me to pour the water.

It only ever happened on the weeks when I had an early shift and would have to leave home at 5.30am.

This has been a fascinating thread grin

CareyFakes Sat 18-Jun-11 20:01:11

Yeah, I met Derek Acorah once, fucking tool

CrispyHedgehog Sat 18-Jun-11 20:01:29

Tallulah, she also would turn the kettle on so the water was hot when I got to the kitchen.

CrispyHedgehog Sat 18-Jun-11 20:04:12

midnightservant.. I did ask the neighbours about the previous tenant but apparently she kept herself to herself, no visitors or friends ever, and no one knew much about her at all.

kangers Sat 18-Jun-11 20:28:37

crispy that is amazing
wish someone wud do it here. My hubby is completely allergic to getting up, and I think there may be some law he has to adhere to about NEVER getting uip before me. Maybe its a superstition or a health concern. Wish he'd show as much reliability in other areas!!!
Me sarcastic never

microserf Sat 18-Jun-11 21:08:03

this thread is really, really freaking me out. totally confirms what i thought about hospitals being damn creepy.

i haven't had many experiences myself - i think i already posted the actually creepy things that have happened to me on other threads, so i won't repost. i do believe though that my uncle saw my grandad about 10 years after my grandad passed. my uncle was in a lot of trouble at the time, and felt a strong sensation of peace.

my grandmother has seen several ghosts, but they were much less friendly so i won't tell those stories.

my birthmother is very anti-believing in ghosts. she had an issue though, when her youngest kept asking why a old woman walked through her room at night. she changed the children's bedrooms, and the middle child never complained. however, her own mother had seen the same lady (judging by description) gardening at the property - and wondered what was going on. she fits the description of the original owner of the house, which is about 100 years old.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 21:20:20

I work in a hospital and the far end of the ward is very creepy at night. We don't tend to use it for inpatients, just day case so its normally semi shut up at night. But if we have an emergency we take them down there and it can freak me out.

One room in particular has a very bad feeling and another staff member said as she walked past the room one evening she saw someone hanging from a noose in the room. There wasn't actually anyone hanging there.

Vix1980 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:23:08

I really wish i hadnt clicked on the link to the bridge ghost, my fellas just announced hes off out so im all alone after seeing that!!

Did think of another one though, we bought a house last nov and have been renovating it, in the midst of the ice at xmas we were knocking down walls upstairs, just us 2 in the dark no electricity or heat at all, i started knocking down a section of the bathroom wall and heard a clink, i looked down as it was meant to be just plaster and wood so was surprised to find an ancient glass bottle, i thought it weird but carried on cos i was desperate to finish, another bottle popped out but the after that spooked me a bit the next thing made me run, it was a story book drawn by a child of noddy, on the back was a picture of a baby and a clip of what i guess is his hair...... After i had shown my Bf all these things and spooked him a bit, he went downstairs to make a cuppa, the kitchen is at the back of the house yet i was still upstairs i heard him run back up muttering to himself and said to him "oh what did you forget", but he didnt answer, thinking he was playing a joke on me hiding somewere waiting to jump out, i decided to hide in the bathroom to jump out on him. The next thing i hear footsteps coming to the stairs and its him shouting heres your cuppa....

I freaked out completely hearing those running footsteps, up until then id not heard anything, ive lived there since i was 6, and im now 31 but will not be alone there now!! Luckily im still at my brothers while the work is finished, or i would just drive off and sleep in the car after reading all these stories!

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-11 21:36:58

A similar thing happened to my father, Viva.

About 40 years ago, he and my mother were finally house-hunting.

On Saturdays, of course, since he worked all week.

My mother had originally wanted to stay in the neighbourhood where they were renting, but their money wasn't going far there.

Anyhow, she'd found a house nearby and rang the estate agent to go view it. He made an excuse that he had paperwork to do and handed them the keys to show themselves around hmm.

Now my mother is about as sensitive as a potato, but even she said there was something wrong with that house as soon as they went in.

My dad decided he'd go first. He pushed the door open to the main bedroom, set himself halfway inside, then shut it and wouldn't let my mother in.

Said that was enough and ushered her out.

Tapped on the agent's car door and when he rolled it down said, 'When did she hang herself?'

Agent was aghast. But it was true, the previous owner's wife had hanged herself from the light fixture in the middle of the bedroom, hence the sale.

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sat 18-Jun-11 21:48:30

DH has just told me something that happened to his mum when he was little.

DH's father died when dh was about 4 years old, leaving MIL, dh and dh's two younger brothers.

Not long after the middle brother, who was about 2 at the time, was struck by meningitis. There had been problems getting him diagnosed and it was only MILs insistence that meant he was taken to hospital.

While they were at the hospital they were told it didn't look good for him. While MIL was sitting vigil at his side, he suddenly sat up and said "Don't worry, I'll get better, Goodbye". MIL is convinced it was dh's father that had spoken "through" their son to tell her all would be ok and to say goodbye one last time. She says she just had a feeling about it. BIL fully recovered, against the doctors expectations.

ZisforZillahWhoDrankTooMuchGin Sat 18-Jun-11 22:03:00

i think i've told this one before a long time ago on here but... Mum's best friend (sort of an honorary aunt to me) lived in a house when she first got married and there was an elderly man sitting at the kitchen table - she used to see him out the corner of her eye...she also used to see a shadow outside the kitchen window which she assumed to be the same ghost...

...being a good Catholic lass she called the priest and a medium in...

...she didn't mention the shadow.

The medium immediately said that he was protecting the family and told the priest not to exorcize him as he was keeping the evil man out - the one outside the window.....shock

needless to say she kept in with the old feller at the table grin

WhereonearthamI Sat 18-Jun-11 22:35:34

I would often smell smoke in my bedroom of the last house I lived in. None of us in the house smoked, but I did rather aggressively once ask my housemate who had the room below me if he had been smoking as the smell was strong. And no, it was not brought in on pubby clothes. No explanation.

What freaks me out more is when I know things I shouldn't. I'll feel the knowledge physically, yet will try and convince myself I'm making it up, then find out it's true:

- used to work on a farm part-time whilst at school anf really got on with the guy I wooed with. He was 30 years older than me and I was convinced our friendship couldn't mean much to him, so when I left I rarely contacted him. Went to the farm a few years later, looked at his house and knew he'd killed himself. Had no reason to suspect he was dead. Found out a year later that yes, he'd committed suicide. Was freaked.

- stayed in halls at college. In first term there I had awful time with noise levels on my floor, so, knowing I had essays due and needed sleep a friend I barely knew then said he'd leave his room unlocked as he was going home for a 4 days so I could sleep there. Didn't the first night but got desperate so did the second night. Just getting off to sleep when I know my friend's coming back that night. Told myself not be stupid as he seeing his children and would have no need to come back early. Was woken a few hours later by him coming in. I'd known of his decision the moment he did.

- same friend goes off to party. I know something's going to happen, and had to.tell him to take care, even tho I knew comment would be unappreciated since he was grown man able to take care of himself. He came into my room a few hours later and burst into tears. The grown man who could take care of himself.

I know these sound petty but they freak me out.

we were sitting in a bar in a well known haunted area where I live. There was a group of us in a corner looking through an Ann summers catalogue left after a party. It was a darker area of the bar and we were all laughing. Me an my friend looked at the group after a joke when there was this older lady sitting laughing with us, we looked at each other, looked back at her and quickly went to the bar. However others in the group had seen her too.

Kalinda Sat 18-Jun-11 23:37:57

This has reminded me of an incident from my past which I've never got an explanation for and I'm wondering if anyone out there can tell me if it was real. I know I saw what I saw, but I'm now thinking that perhaps it was a little.... other-worldly?

13/14 years ago I lived in the Maida Vale region of London. I used to go for a 7am swim at the pool at Swiss Cottage or go running before work. Both activities involved me running or walking up to St John's Wood.

One morning, it was dark and really foggy, such that you could only see a couple of feet in front of you. Half way up to St John's Wood I heard horses hooves. A few seconds later, around 30 horses came running out of the fog along the road. I can't recall them having harnesses/saddles on and they were not being ridden. Bringing up the rear was a man on a horse who seemed to be driving them and sort of "yah-ing". They galloped off past me into the dense fog. It only lasted a few seconds. I wasn't scared, it was beautiful.

My rational explanation at the time was to think they were police horses being exercised, but thinking about it, that makes no sense. Surely the police (or anyone else for that matter, eg, a local stables) would not exercise a load of horses by galloping them down a posh residential road in the early hours in thick fog with the risk of collision with passing traffic (this road was part of the local bus route).

I have no idea if this was paranormal or if there is an explanation. Nobody I spoke to who knew the area had encountered similar. I would love to know if anyone else has encountered galloping horses in Maida Vale!

I am prone to a bit of sixth sense/coincidental thinking about things, usually minor stuff. Eg, I'll be thinking about an obscure song or film and I'll switch on the radio/Tv and it will be on (I don't watch TV much and don't tend to listen to music stations, and don't look at listings or anything like that). However, shortly prior to 9/11, I had a couple of vivid dreams about planes crashing into tower blocks. Again, I rationalised this as a variation on a childhood dream I used to have in the cold war 80s about nuclear missiles, although there was no reason, in 2001, why this long forgotten dream should have reoccured.

I have several rational/cynical friends who have had paranormal experiences for which there is no explanation. I'm not prone to religious/superstitious feelings, but sometimes things happen and I just do wonder what is really out there...

footballmum Sat 18-Jun-11 23:41:52

When I was little I remember regularly playing in my garden with a little girl and boy who used to come from next door through a gap in the garden hedge. We moved from that house when I was 8. I never thought anything of it until years later when I mentioned it to my mum. She told me that the house had been abandoned and derelict for years and there was no other access to our garden other than through the house. When I thought about the incidents more I realised that the children had been dressed "oddly" and after research discovered they were in typical Victorian dress. I also realised that they never actually said a word to me. Spooky!

HowlingBitch Sat 18-Jun-11 23:44:05

I am delighted that this thread is still going! Hey kangers! I'm glad you had a nice night last night and remember there is nothing to be afraid of. That goes for the rest of you scardy cats lovely women grin; Paranormal events are VERY rare (especially the bad ones). As long as you don't mess with things better left unmessed with (ouija boards ect) and have love in your hearts you will be fine!

Vix1980 That one is very interesting. Did you throw away the bottles and book?

ThingsThatGoBuzzInTheNight Sat 18-Jun-11 23:53:18

Have name changed for this....I am sure to be recognised, given the circumstances, but there is no way on earth I am posting this under my usual username.

DH died recently. I have since purchased myself a couple of err, toys, to keep myself entertained. A couple of weeks ago I got woken at about 4am by something buzzing in the drawer. It took me a few minutes to work out what the hell it was. Then it dawned on me. So I went to the drawer to find this thing buzzing away. I tried to turn it off I couldn't.

So I did the only possible thing I could have done with it.....and afterwards I removed the batteries!! grin

I swear to God this is true. And I love to think that my very nice vibrator was possessed by DH! grin grin grin

HowlingBitch Sun 19-Jun-11 00:08:22

That is actually pretty wonderful! <Wonders if she was the only one to get alittle welled up?> Did it bring you comfort? (apart from the wonderful orgasm grin)

TheNoodlesIncident Sun 19-Jun-11 00:10:21

Vix1980 don't open the bottles if they are sealed! Remember The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe!

CheerfulYank Sun 19-Jun-11 00:10:38

<<marks place>>

LordOfTheFlies Sun 19-Jun-11 00:18:42

Oooh I had a weird experience a few years ago.
We (my mum & dad, DH,myself, DS ( he was nearly 4) and DD (was 1.6) were staying in a 3 bedroom lodge. DH and I had one room,DS in a twin room himself. Mum & Dad had room at other side of lodge with DD in cot.
One night DS hurt his ankle and came into our room during the night.I popped him in my bed and went to sleep in his room.

I woke up during the night as my duvet was slipping off like it was being pulled.I could hear breathing> Sounded like from the twin bed about 30" away.I froze.I didn't move,didn't say anything,didn't look. Logically I knew it was nothing.I thought at worse someone could have broken in(rented lodge). The beds were solid to floor so no-one could be under it.

Next day I mentioned to my DH but thought nothing more.

Fast forward a few years.DD would be 5.6. We stayed in the same lodge.DS slept in his 'usual' bed ( the one I'd slept in) DD slept in the other one.


One night there was a bump.DD had fallen out of bed. I know children often do in strange beds.She came through to me crying and said someone had pushed her off the bed

F**k Me I was bricking it!!!

I was Sooo temted to ask the lodge owner if anyone had reported odd things in that room but I was scared he'd think I was radio-rental.

expatinscotland Sun 19-Jun-11 00:36:00

My great-uncle used to speak to a man standing at the mantle of the fireplace in their family home. He stopped seeing him when he was about 12. It was only later my greatgrandmother confessed a man had been shot in a duel in the backyard and brought into the house, where he died.

One of my first cousins is married to a man whose parents originally come from Sheffield. They are in their 70s now, so it was some time ago when they moved to America, back when you used to be able to get in easier.

They first came to Chicago, and, with their young son G and small daughter K, rented a flat.

The children kept saying they spoke to and played with a man.

One night, the husband woke to find a man in a tuxedo, smoking a cigarette, at the foot of his bed, staring at him. He said to his wife, 'Julia, are you seeing what I am seeing?' And she was.

They did not realise that people in the US are buried in dress clothes, not shrouds.

Anyhow, a few words with their landlord revealed the former tenant to be a 32-year-old man who was shot to death in a tavern brawl.

They soon moved.

hellymelly Sun 19-Jun-11 00:43:11

kalinda the barracks is there,the household cavalry.They do take them out really early and it is like something from WW1 when you see them.They take different routes,sometimes down through Camden-I used to work on Camden market and we would all stand awestruck when the horses came through.

ThingsThatGoBuzzInTheNight Sun 19-Jun-11 01:01:06

HB, it brought me great comfort thank you!! wink grin

fedupbeingafool Sun 19-Jun-11 01:22:02

Holy crap!! Why did I start reading this when i'm at home alone... The story with the laughing man on the phone has really freaked me out. It reminds me of that film 'When a stranger calls'. I saw the first 10 minutes of that when I was younger and it scared me shitless.

expatinscotland Sun 19-Jun-11 01:39:19

K, here's another weirdy one I've posted on here before but if anyone has any light to shed on it, I'd be much obliged as I can find none myself.

My husband and elder two children are Edinburghers. He and DD1, I'll call her 'H', even more so because we did not move through here, the Western Highlands, until she was 4 and even now, her tones are still have the tint of the Lowlander.

She is also dyspraxic, dyslexic, a number of other things, suffice it to say she is 8 and has poor reading skills, although she is quite skilled in a number of ways not-traditional to academic sort of learning.

Before we moved through here we sought first to move towards where my husband's mother's people were originally from, from the Perthshire Highlands, though their surname is a Western Highland one.

With such an aim we would go exploring there, on day and overnight trips.

When she was 3 and had no so much or such clear speech we stayed overnight in a village there. On the way south on the A9 my husband said he would fancy a break in a village on the river called Dunkeld.

Now he knew this place, but none of the rest of us had ever been there in our lives, myself being foreign and he being of the reticent type.

But the second we exited the motorway, H becan to say, very clearly, oh, yes, stop here, I want to see my sheep.

We parked in a council carpark on the banks of this river. She began to repeat herself, very clearly.

So we went along, DD2, a baby, in her buggy, and H started to detail the place, then saying, 'I mean to see my sheep,' and 'I want to see my sheep.' We'd pass this place and that. She'd tell us, very clearly, and round the corner is this or that. And it would either ring true or when we asked a local have been true, for it was Autumn and there were not many tourists around.

Finally DH got fed up of her rabbiting on and a bit freaked out, for she even pointed out two kirks. He said, 'Fine then! Take us to your blood sheep!'

And she lead us, again very clearly, to an arched doorway in a wall that we'd have walked by.

But when we went through it there were pens full of sheep, three of them. She went ot the northeastern one, and I'll be damned if she didn't walk to that damn fence and make some weird noise and those damn sheep came flcoking up to it and her stroking their foul heads through the fence!

we got the hell out of there!

expatinscotland Sun 19-Jun-11 01:51:27

the same happened to that same mate with the freaky maisonette in edinburgh, with his first son, in N. Berwick.

when it was only him, before the other two were born, as his father was only 18 and his mother 16 when their first came along, he and his wife took a day trip there. and the boy, who'd not been there in his life but was 3, grew very excited when they approached.

he proceded to give accurate details on the layout of the place, leading them about to this place and that, remarking, 'oh, this used to be XYZ,' and when they asked some old yokel it would be true. his wife was well freaked out.

finally, he lead them up a hill saying, 'come now, i'll show you where i'm buried' and up to the left was a cemetary, anyone who knows N. Berwick will know that place. but that boy had never been there in his life and believe me, his parents aren't the chatty types. that was them out of there.

Kalypso Sun 19-Jun-11 07:01:32

Kalinda, I can probably explain the horses in Madia Vale/St John's Wood. They are the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, and exercise their horses regularly in the streets around there. I used to live in St John's Wood, and they used to go past my flat every so often, usually in the very early morning when the streets were less busy. They do go on bus routes and big roads. Sometimes they would go past in full regalia with all the horses being ridden or dragging the First World War era saluting guns (presumably doing a full practice for a ceremony of state), but at other times many of the horses were riderless and simply being exercised.

The horses were always beautifully behaved (which is I'm sure mainly down to the excellent soldier equestrians), and mainly trotted quickly, although sometimes at the back a couple of more excited horses would break into a controlled canter, which could have looked a bit like a gallop.

If this was 13/14 years ago, there may well have only been a rider at the front flagging any traffic to stop. Now that the roads are much more congested, they have vehicles at the front and the rear to ensure traffic stops and waits for them to pass - or at least they did about four years ago.

It's a gorgeous thing to see. How lovely to have seen it in the fog as well.

However, as for the other stuff, I can't explain that!

Kalypso Sun 19-Jun-11 07:25:49

Sorry, I didn't spot Hellymelly's much more concise and to-the-point explanation blush

A couple of odd things have happened to me as a child, but DH writes them off as a hallucination and a coincidence.

When I was about 10 or 11, I was reading a book lying on an armchair with my legs draped over one of the arms and my back propped up against the other. To my left, almost immediately behind the chair were some French windows, leading out onto a patio. Somebody - a child, although I only really saw the sillhouette - walked quickly past the windows. I immediately stopped reading and waited to see them go past the other window (they would have to pass this to keep going in the direction they were going). At that point I assumed it was a neighbour's child who for some reason had broken into our garden. However, the child did not emerge, which must have meant they were standing on the patio in front of the wall between the windows.

I shouted to my mum that there was a child on the patio and she went out to look while I watched both windows, waiting to see the child appear in either of the windows. It didn't. Mum came back saying there was nobody there, nor in the rest of the garden. She said I must have imagined it, but it felt very, very real.

The other one sounds a bit silly. In my stocking one year, I was given a musical Donald Duck calculator. I was about 6. I liked but, but one night had a hideous dream about it. I can't really explain what happened in the dream, apart from the fact this item embodied evil and would demonstrate this by playing by itself. The dream hugely disturbed me, but I didn't get rid of the calculator although I stopped playing with it. Some time later - over a year, but I sure as hell remembered that dream very clearly - I was in my room and the calculator, which was on a shelf, started playing by itself. It was under a load of papers, and I still explain it to myself as a coincidence that at that moment the pressure of the papers got too great and pressed on some of the buttons. The thing is still in my parents' house somewhere - I'm kind of hoping it isn't in the huge box of stuff they brought up last month for me to go through.

Shipscat Sun 19-Jun-11 07:37:24

DH saw his family ghost when he was little, but had no idea who it was until years later when he and my ILs were looking at old photos, and he said "That was the man on the landing!"
Before I knew about this, I would occasionally smell pipe smoke really strongly in odd places around the house, and we now luke to think he pops in to see the family!
He gets credited for all the fortunate coincidences, so maybe he likes the positive vibes smile
He does, however, spend most of his time at a pub he helped to build (the ghost, not DH!) and by all accounts he's not as benevolent there. Glasses fly across the room, it will get very cold in the place he used to sit, animals won't go into the room when he's 'there', and no-one likes to go down to the bar at night!
We did go to the pub once, and without the landlord knowing about DH's connection with the ghost, he told us all about it. No sign of him though, which is possibly a good thing, as apparently he doesn't believe that women should go into pubs - the biggest disturbances always happen when women are there.
A medium also saw him next to DH's Nan, and described him perfectly!

Kalinda Sun 19-Jun-11 07:48:56

Hellymelly, you are the Scully to my Mulder! Thanks for solving that. The fog, the fact that I walked that route at least 4 times a week for a year and only saw this once and that nobody else I knew had heard of such a thing....all made me wonder if it was really real. It definitely was like something out of another era, not at all what you'd expect to see in our health and safety conscious times. Awesome and beautiful, though, I'd love to see it again.

The Mystery of the Maida Vale Ghost Horses has been solved!

Perhaps this thread needs a sister, an X Files thread, post your weird experience and see if anyone can shed some light?

Thanks again, HM!

Kalinda Sun 19-Jun-11 07:55:11

Thank you too, Kalypso, just saw your response. I'm not very experienced in horses, and the fact that they appeared then disappeared in and out of the fog so quickly probably made them look like they were going faster than they actually were. I really don't remember anyone at the front, though. But still, a beautiful and magical memory.

another strange thing........we all know sat navs don't work in buildings. Anyway our sat nav we have to sit waiting in the car until the thing decides to turn on due to no battery and thats before it finds satellites etc. One night me and dh were sitting chatting and all of a sudden we heard "turn around when possible" we sat looking at each other and it said it again. I clicked, got the sat nav out of the cupboard and out of it's pouch. It was turned on, don't know how esp when it's always out of battery.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 08:23:06

footballmum - sorry for picking you out and I know that everyone on this thread ios here becuase they want to believe and put theri fingers in their ears and go lalalalalalal if anyone mentions rational explanations, but your post

"When I was little I remember regularly playing in my garden with a little girl and boy who used to come from next door through a gap in the garden hedge. We moved from that house when I was 8. I never thought anything of it until years later when I mentioned it to my mum. She told me that the house had been abandoned and derelict for years and there was no other access to our garden other than through the house. When I thought about the incidents more I realised that the children had been dressed "oddly" and after research discovered they were in typical Victorian dress. I also realised that they never actually said a word to me. Spooky!"

is actually the plot of several well kown children's books. It's so easy to internalize things we have read or been told until they genuinely become like our own experiences.

kerstina Sun 19-Jun-11 10:01:39

When I was about 8 one night I awoke to hear someone walking up and down the hallway ,big heavy footsteps. I was frozen with fear it seemed to go on for hours but I eventually fell back to sleep. This made a really big impression on me and evolved into me acting out the drama with my friends as a game! My mom admitted years later that she had also heard something but did not want to scare me.
Also I had an experience a few years ago whereby I awoke to feel the prescence of a man standing at the entrance to our bedroom. I am still uncertain as to whether I could actually see anything or just it was the overwhelming feeling. I was having a few problems at the time letting go of a previous relationship,grieving almost and when I told my dp of many years he said jokingly perhaps it was my dad checking up on me. (his dad died when he was 13)

LadyFlumpalot Sun 19-Jun-11 10:40:42

Werm Town Hall

This is one of the best photos I have seen.

I'm intrigued to see if anyone can come up with a rational explanation for this.

TakeItOnTheChins Sun 19-Jun-11 11:53:22

seeker that's the trouble with threads like this; people are apt to genuinely misremember, embellish and in some cases, just plain make things up.

MumblingRagDoll Sun 19-Jun-11 12:15:30

That photo LadyFlump is to me fake looking...the angle at which the girl is standing seems wrong when you compare it to the balcony rail.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 12:15:45

werm town hall ghost Sorry, LadyFlumpalot.

turdass Sun 19-Jun-11 12:17:08

Lady Flumpalot - this picture has already been proved to be a hoax. It was in an article in the Fortean Times. The little girl is off a local postcard (unless she was haunting the site where the photo for the postcard was taken of course!)

"he proceded to give accurate details on the layout of the place, leading them about to this place and that, remarking, 'oh, this used to be XYZ,' and when they asked some old yokel it would be true. his wife was well freaked out."

Thats exactly what happened to my mum in Beumaris, she was telling us exactly where stuff was and the streets etc and she felt really afraid for no reason even though she had never been before (we checked with her parents she hadnt). She was really spooked by it and when I mentioned someone else had said about Beumaris jail on here last night she said "dont mention that place to me" shes still terrified of what happened!

turdass Sun 19-Jun-11 13:59:41

OK here are mine:

1) Had some prophetic dreams including my (healthy) cat dying, a favourite plate breaking and the exact day and lesson when I would be inspected by OFSTED (weird!)

2) 'Spoke' to my Granny (we were very close) in a dream about two days before she died. I didn't think she was going to die but in the dream I was sobbing and crying, 'It's gone, it's all gone' My Granny walked in through the door (of her old house) and laughed at me, telling me not to be so bloody stupid and that the things which are important (I knew she meant love) would never go away. This dream has given me a lot of comfort.

3) When I was a teenage we lived in a very old house. My DB and DSis heard footsteps walking about upstairs WHEN NO ONE WAS THERE! They were literally weeping with fear (I was there too but didn't hear anything). My mother thought it might be a burglar but when we investigated there was nothing there. My father told me recently that he used to lie in bed and hear footsteps going up and down the wooden hallway downstairs. Mind you, I loved that house and always felt safe there.

4) My ex DP's (now deceased mother) moved house to get away from a ghostly lady. Everyone who stayed there saw her (sitting on the end of the bed etc) EXCEPT ME (obviously I am a ghost repeller). EX MIL was deeply embarrassed and ashamed of the ghost and we were all sworn to secrecy. The ghost was very likely that of a lady who had died falling down the stairs in the house and the activity was largely centred on the stairs and a bedroom facing the stairs. She was an 'interactive' ghost as she got to the point of appearing in ex mIL's bedroom doorway and calling her by her first name (to which she shouted, 'What the hell do you want?'!! Poor ghost was probably just lonely and never did any harm.

5) DH and I had a weird experience in a shared house we lived in briefly. We were in the (stereotypically freezing) attic room which had its own set of mini stairs. One night we were both sleeping when someone/something booted the door violently open. There was a pause then THREE clumpy footsteps down - then nothing. Yet there was no one in the house and no way in or out. DH searched the house like mad for ages. No one believed us about that one. DH doesn't believe in ghosts but he was very spooked that night. I reckon something came through. We had been using a red lightbulb for a while in the room and I remember Doris Stokes saying low entities like to travel through red light so she didn't recommend it.

WOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! (These are all true btw!)

faverolles Sun 19-Jun-11 14:08:47

There is a wood near where I used to live that has always been considered haunted.
A long time ago 60's/70's a group of teenagers decided to go camping there. In the middle of the night, they all ran home and wouldn't go back to get their stuff, and wouldn't tell anyone what had happened.
Fast forward to the 90's, one of them is now the local policeman (another is a headteacher, another is a dr, don't know about the others) so this policemen was on good terms with a woman I lodged with in 98. She asked him what had happened that night.
They were all woken at about 1am by strange noises, so looked outside the tent, and saw a line of little people, no more than 6 inches high, walking through the undergrowth. None of the boys stuck around to investigate, unsurprisingly.
This isn't the first or last sighting of that kind in those woods, or other areas of the country, but it certainly isn't talked about openly.
I've never seen anything like that, but there is no way I would set foot in those woods.

Oh I forgot one, there is a wooded area near where I used to live and were in the woods taking the dog for a walk when we came across bricks and foundation of a building, there were all these old shoes (piles of them) that were made out of leather but had like large pins in to hold them together (i dont know how to explain it) we picked up one of the shoes to look and suddenly felt really cold and on edge and the dog went absoloutley beserk, there was no one around at all but the dog was growling and barking and literally yanking us out of there, we fled and when we went back into town we spoke to the historian at the local library who told us that in world war one it was a prisoner of war camp.

missymoola Sun 19-Jun-11 14:50:54

Oh my god, reading this thread has scared me shitless!!! I told my dp about it, we went out and I came home to find he'd put a small pot doll of my grans on my pillow to scare me. My Dad was picking a mannequin up for me from a vintage shop and it's not coming in my room tonight now!

My Grandma has recently moved into a new old folks home. She has seen lots of ghosts before and says she woke up at 3am and there was another older lady in her nightie in her room.

My Dad is a very religious man, and believes that he has seen angels. I don't disbelieve him. It was in a period of struggle for him, and I think they made themselves visible to him for guidance. He says they were in the local church, normal looking people (ie no wings or halo) but dressed in white and very high up above the alter.

We lost out eldest dog in January, and me and dp have both seen him still laid out in the living room out of the corner of our eye. We have hard floors and he used to make a lot of noise walking up and down them, sounded like tap dancing, and we've heard him walking down there at night. DP went to make food on Friday night and heard a dogs steps on the floor, he thought it was our current dog but he was asleep on our bed when he came up. Its really comforting and we think he's been around a bit more lately because we're getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks and he doesn't want us to forget him. (We never could, he was our first dog and a lovely chap!)

wildfig Sun 19-Jun-11 15:22:21

My parents live in a big old Edwardian seaside boarding house up north. (It's no longer a boarding house, not that you'd know from the catering quantities of tea served every half hour.) When I was little, my elderly godmother lived in the top flat and I used to spend a lot of time with her, playing and reading and keeping out of my mum's way while she looked after my younger sister.

A few years ago, Mum and I were talking about the old days, and I mentioned the 'friends' of my godmother's who'd come to stay in the spare double room next to her little bedroom. I'd chatted away with them - they were an older couple - and remember being surprised that that were allowed to smoke in bed. I also remembered the bed wasn't where it was/is now, and said that maybe we should move it back, since it made the room feel bigger. Mum looked a bit freaked out, and said that the bed had never been there in the thirty years they'd owned the house, that my godmother hadn't ever had friends to stay, and that even if she had, was it really likely that she'd have happily let me in there to natter away while they were in their pyjamas?

I sleep in there now when I go home, but sadly have never seen the couple again. (Not allowed to move the bed either.)

LadyFlumpalot Sun 19-Jun-11 15:32:31

Huh, well every day is a schoolday! grin

No need to apologise seeker. I wasn't issuing a challenge, I was genuinely intrigued.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 16:48:33

You all do know that every single example you can come up with is like that photograph, don;t you?

LadyFlumpalot Sun 19-Jun-11 17:14:08

seeker - Who is to say ghosts don't exist? Who, out there, has definitive proof that thousands, upon thousands of people for as long as records have been kept have been fooled by hoaxes, hallucinating etc?

No-one can prove they do exist, no-one can prove they don't.

Personally, I believe that there is something out there that we don't understand. Maybe we will in 100, 200, 500 years time. But we don't yet.

turdass Sun 19-Jun-11 17:27:49

No seeker - for YOU all our examples are like the photo ie fraudulent and can be explained rationally. For those of us who have experienced things, we KNOW they really did happen.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 17:34:01

Not all fraudulent, no, of course not. But there has never been a properly investigated bit of paranormal activity that haven't been explainable in rational terms. Hence Jmae Randi still having his million dollars in the bank!

LadyFlumpalot Sun 19-Jun-11 17:43:30

But that's bollocks. 200 years ago the earth was flat - rational thinking at the time held it to be so. 100 years ago God made the entire earth in 7 days 1900 years ago. Dinosaurs and everything. Rational thinking said so. 500 years ago it was rational to assume that a woman with a black cat who could swim was a witch.

If, 50 years ago, someone had suggested a tiny computer that could be held in your hand, accept telephone calls, play music and video and connect with thousands of people across the world via the internet, would any rational person have accepted it?

Rational thinking changes dependant on the amount of knowledge on a subject and rersources available at the time.

turdass Sun 19-Jun-11 17:44:09

Most people don't contact James Randi though, do they? Eg my ex MIL just thought, 'Fuck! I've got a ghost. People will think I am mental if I tell them so I'll just quietly move house.'

Weird stuff happens to people all the time. I'd say about 90% of people have a weird story. It just comes out in conversations like this one.

LadyFlumpalot Sun 19-Jun-11 17:44:51

And I am getting far too passionate about this! grin

Mumbrane Sun 19-Jun-11 17:48:12

I'm not a believer myself (hope nobody is offended) but my grandmother did have a story which always sent shivers down my spine. She was a very devout Catholic and did not believe in spiritualism, ghosts etc until this happened, as she felt it was against her religious beliefs.

However, one evening (this is going back around 30 years) she was at home alone early evening (around 5pm) and suddenly felt very unwell. She said she suddenly, without warning, felt freezing cold, started to shake uncontrollably and had trouble breathing. It lasted for about 10 minutes and my grandmother was very close to calling for an ambulance, but she said it then passed as quickly as it had come on and she felt perfectly normal again.

She then decided to go and get her washing in from the line in her front garden, and while she was out there, she saw a friend (lets call her Anne) who lived locally walking past on the other side of the lane (they lived in rural Ireland). She said she did think it was odd that the friend was out at gone 5pm and walking seemingly in the opposite direction of her home, towards a very windy, leafy lane that leads down to the sea. She waved and called out to her friend, and her friend turned to her, smiled and waved but didn't stop or say hello. She saw her friend's face full on, and said it was definitely her and that she looked fine, well, happy.

At around 7pm my grandad came home from work and told my grandmother that he had just seen Anne's niece outside their home and that Anne had died at around 5pm, sleeping in her favourite chair in front of the TV (she had had a heart condition). There is no way the woman my grandmother saw could be Anne, but to the day she died she maintained that it was her.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 17:53:33

People didn't think the world was flat, you know - that's a myth!

I just know that every single time these incidents are investigated they are explained away. You would have thought that just one might remain baffling even under the cold light of reason.

cees Sun 19-Jun-11 18:00:26

That's me well and truly spooked, thank God it's a lovely sunny Sunday evening or I'd be sitting here in shitty knickers from the fright.

I love reading these kinds of threads but i always end up terrified, dunno why I do it to myself.

I haven't any scary or weird tales to tell but I am enjoying all of yours. Keep em coming.

faverolles Sun 19-Jun-11 18:01:19

I don't believe James Randi's million dollars will ever be claimed. If someone experiences something, whether seeing a ghost or having an unbelievable accurate reading from a medium, it can never be proved.
Now I believe in lots of woo things, and God and angels and the like, but I don't need proof to believe. Sceptics needto prove something is real to believe, so unless something happens directly to them, they will never believe.
Who is it that said "Always keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out". Not particularly a quote I agree with, but I like it grin

giveitago Sun 19-Jun-11 18:33:37

I was never interested in this sort of stuff but my ds has been talking about 'not born land' - lots, increasingly and in vivid detail which freaks me out quite a bit (not that I show him).

I'm just hoping it's a thing some other kid at school (reception) as got the other kids going on about. But some of stuff he comes out with makes me really uncomfortable as he's talked about something that I know was from my mum's childhood and she was born half way across the world.

seeker Sun 19-Jun-11 19:18:12

I used to think that I had a memory from when I was about 3 months old of being under a tree with my brother (we moved when I was 4 months old so I can place it). Then I found a photograph in my mum's photograpy album of me, at about 3 months old, with my brother, under a tree.

giveitago Sun 19-Jun-11 19:30:55

Yup seeker - that's spooky.

I don't analyse what ds says but I was feeling very uncomfortable when he mentioned this house (in other country that I'd visited in my teens -distant family and overseas) and he described it very well. I've never spoken to him about it (no need to it was a visit about 30 years ago) - but when he mentioned the music that plays by going around and around I did feel wierd.

I just smiled. He even described a smell (a smell I very much associate with this house).

No ghost though thank goodness.

somewherewest Sun 19-Jun-11 19:38:10

I've never had any experiences and am fairly agnostic about the whole thing, but my grandfather had an interesting story about his uncle's arrival home on leave for the first time during WWI. At this point he was the only survivor of a group of friends from the area who had joined up together. The rest were killed at Gallipoli, but he survived. He was dropped a few miles from his house and had to find his way home alone in the dark (think country lanes in a very remote part of Ireland circa 1916, so no light and not many people). Apparently he used to swear blind that he was totally lost when a light appeared and guided him home. If I remember the story correctly the light looked like it was being held by someone, but no person was visible. I have no idea if this true or not, but I've always liked the story. As a Christian I do think that there are good and bad entities out there and that their existence explains experiences like that, but I also believe that God is in control so I don't worry much about it.

Adversecamber Sun 19-Jun-11 20:21:42

Have a few stories, too many to list, everyone in my family senses things to a lesser or greater degree , my sister is very sensitive and has had a lot of experiences. Some are very scary. The saddest was when she was staying at our brothers house, her bedroom door opened a little girl walked in and laid on the bed next to her and said " I miss my Mummy". My sister screamed the little girl vanished and my brother rushed in. He was not suprised, he saw her all the time running up and down the stairs .

I grew up in a very big victorian town house, 4 stories tall, I could always hear people walking about on the upper floor but my Mum always said it was the joists creaking. Twenty years later she admitted she could also hear the footsteps but didn't want to scare me, we also had the same feeling about a spot on the stairs, as did other members of my family.

DS went through a stage of having sixth sense moments all the time. That really freaked me out, he would say, so and so visited him, he died in a fire or he got hot and cold and then died.

We used to stay in MIL old family home a lot, there was a definate presence there, I felt watched all the time. At 4 in the morning the bedroom door of the room I didn't like would open , I could hear the brass door knob turning, no one else was in the house. I even felt someone stroking my hair in the night. My sensitive sister came over for the day and saw an old lady and described her in detail, MIL got upset as it was a perfect description of her granny, who had lived in the house for 40 years. It was getting to the stage that I didn't want to stay there, my sister got me to acknowledge her and put flowers in the bedroom everytime I stayed and ask for a peaceful visit, I never felt or heard anything again. The odd thing is this g.granny of DH, who he never met has the same first name as me which is very unusual now but not 100 years ago which is roughly when she was born. He used to run about as a toddler shouting my/his g.grannys name, his Mum always says it was meant to be. His Granny died the month I was born ( I am older than DH) and his Uncles have joked I am her reincarnated, apparently I sit in the same place by the fireside in exactly the way she did.

megagusset Sun 19-Jun-11 20:52:42

I've had a few unexplained experiences over the years. Nothing truly frightening, and some with a rationale explanation underlying them. For those that don't:

On holiday in france many years ago, stayed in an ancient gite. DD was still in a cot, and a fidgety toddler at night - threw off all bed clothes etc, twisted herself all around the place - we never had a full night sleep as she'd wake up cold. We both woke in the morning and had a panic as neither had gone to her in the night, both rushed in to her room, and found her snug, warm and still asleep tucked into her cot, bedclothes tucked firmly under the mattress - NOT how we left her (she had a quilt cover which I would lie over her). No-one else was with us, no way anyone else could have got into the house.

Nursing home: regularly walked through cold patches, heard doors closing/opening and noises when no-one could be there. Smells especially; rose, lavender in empty still rooms.

Re big cat: near Offa's Dyke, got lost and ended up on some narrow little track with grass growing down the middle, hedges either side. Came around a bend, saw this enormous cat in the middle of the road head down over something - it was huge, filled the road. As we saw it, so it moved away into the hedge, had a v thick, blunt ended tail, like it'd been cut with a knife. Shame we didn't have a camera, could have made a lot of money!!

HowlingBitch Sun 19-Jun-11 20:56:03

<Pokes seeker in the eye> Quiet you! grin

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sun 19-Jun-11 21:49:28

Awww megagusset you had a nana-style-tucking-in ghost! I used to love sleeping over at my nans because she tucked you in all snug and folded up grin really must learn how to do that to ds....

HughManatee Sun 19-Jun-11 22:34:25

I don't have any proper ghosty stuff, but I've often seen things move. Pens, pieces of paper etc., I've seen them slide along a few cms and then stop. It's happened everywhere I've lived.

SeymoreButts Sun 19-Jun-11 22:36:20

I don't believe in ghosts, I think we just cease to exist when we die. But I have had a weird experience to tell....

When DS was 3 weeks old he developed severe sepsis (blood poisoning). During the day before he got really sick and was admitted to hospital he was very unsettled, crying frantically for long periods and hardly feeding. After a fretful morning feed it took me the best part of an hour to settle him to sleep, when he had finally fallen asleep I put him in his moses basket which was next to a large sash window. The window was open because it was hot that day. I decided to close the window because I didn't want him sleeping in a moses basket on a stand next to a wide open window. I thought about locking the window but decided against it. The lock was a simple screw lock that went through both wooden window frames. It was old and had a thread that kept slipping, if you wanted to lock it you had to spend about 5 minutes continuously screwing in the lock and pushing hard, and even then it was half sticking out.... So I decided not to lock it because the effort and noise would probably wake DS up.

Anyway, about half an hour later I went in to check on DS, the room had gotten stuffy so I decided to open the sash a few centimetres. I tugged on the window and it wouldn't budge. I looked up and saw that the window had been locked, not only that the lock had been screwed in so far I needed a pair of pliers to unlock it. Some one had to have locked it, it can't have happened on its own, but I am certain it wasn't me and there was no one else in the house! It really freaked me out!

That night DS was rushed into hospital when it became clear that he was very poorly. In the early hours of the following morning, I was asleep and my mum was sat sat next to DS's cot in intensive care. She looked up and briefly saw her partner, who had died in a car accident a year before, stood next to the hospital cot looking down at DS. But DS is named in her partner's honour and her grief was still very raw at the point, which could explain why her DP was on her mind and she saw him there. DS made a full recovery after a week in intensive care, I'm still puzzled by the window incident, perhaps mum's DP was looking out for DS!

When i was around 3 i used to come downstairs and complain about the lady tickling my feet in bed. This went on for months so eventually dm asked what the lady looked like. I told her she had funny feet so dm asked what i meant. I then stood up and crossed my legs so that it looked like my right foot was on the left and vice versa. Well the old lady that lived in the house when my mum was a teen had some kind of deformity that made her feet look like that. I wouldn't have known this as she died about 6 years before i was born

Same house... my uncle and his gf were staying with us for a while in the spare room downstairs. They were babysitting me one night and at around midnight heard the front door open and close, then someone walking upstairs (stairs were uncarpeted). They thought it was dm but after 5 minutes started wondering why she hadn't said hello. My uncle then went into the hallway and as he got to the bottom of the stairs all he could hear was footsteps going up and down the stairs and people talking. Dm arrived home later to my uncle stood at the front door with a bag packed. he left that night and slept in his cargrin even now he wont go into the house as it creeps him out so much. He is a big ex soldier so not one to be taken with a flight of fancy.
my aunt who has stayed has experienced her quilt being pulled of her and someone pinching her bum.
Dm still occasionally hears things but it doesnt bother her, myself on the other hand I don't like the house and have told her not to bother leaving it to me in her will.

OldMacEIEIO Sun 19-Jun-11 23:00:05

True story.
About ten years ago I had a heavy night on the wine, and went to bed feeling very ill. I felt I was dying and then my vision went and I saw a long dark tunnel , with a bright light and an angel at the end. I met God and he offered to send me back as I was a good person, so I chose to come back as a chicken.
I fought off the cats, roosters and foxes for three days before I got serious pains in my belly. Then I laid six beautiful eggs.

It was the smell that woke me up. Sh1tting the bed aint much fun after two bottles of merlot and a kebab

VivaLeBeaver Sun 19-Jun-11 23:06:19

On the labour ward where I work one of the rooms has a reputation. I've been in it and seen a birthing ball move by itself, round and round in circles. The woman and her h saw it too.
Another midwife saw the heavy ctg machine move on its own, moved some distance. Again the woman also saw it.

SeymoreButts Sun 19-Jun-11 23:07:34

OldMac I am crying! grin

wonderfultykes Sun 19-Jun-11 23:11:31

We lived in a 1730s cottage, the house rabbit would chase something invisible up the stairs. A few times I felt i was being watched, but it wasn't scary. One BOILING summer day, windows all closed, I went from the hall through the kitchen door and walked through a FREEZING cold spot. Like passing through an ice house. I was so scared I stayed in the kitchen & didn't dare pass through doorway again till had to, then it was normal again. Scared the life out of me. No worldly explanation.

garlicnutter Sun 19-Jun-11 23:20:45

I saw a shadowy Big Cat, too, in London. I was in a taxi, not totally sober, and thought I'd probably misinterpreted something ...

Then the cab driver said ...

"Did you see that lynx just now? There's quite a few roaming around now, but you don't often catch sight of them."

Apparently they were ex-pets, abandoned by rich folk, and are now breeding! So, if you catch a glimpse of a large, shadowy, cat-like creature - you're not seeing a supernatural being, but you are very lucky smile

garlicnutter Sun 19-Jun-11 23:28:53

Love OldMac's story grin

I used to have 'supernatural' experiences but they stopped after I'd done a few years' therapy. They were tricks of a very stressed mind. One thing I'm still not sure about, though, are the 'past life' memories of very young children. Although it has been extensively investigated, my amateur knowledge leads me to think that we may be born with vestigial memories, through evolutionary processes. Not that it really matters all that much. It does spook you a bit when tots come out with them, though, doesn't it?

kakapo Mon 20-Jun-11 01:32:52

something i have never understood is when people are living in a house with DC, and strange things happen, why would you not get the hell out of there asap?

ledkr Mon 20-Jun-11 07:14:59

kaka I was single parent with nowhere else to go but i had anyone i could stay over and slept in the car with the kids one night when i kept getting a loud bang on my bedroom door.eventually i moved out but as it was marital hime ended up in 2up2down with no garden and 2 dc's in one room,loved it tho and slept better than had done in years grin

AmberLeaf Mon 20-Jun-11 13:42:20

Kakapo, its not always that easy to just move!

GreatScottWeDontNeedRoads Mon 20-Jun-11 13:56:14

Justa random question, could be reading way to much into this but iv had a really awful time the past few days. I haven't Been eating or sleeping and generally just feeling very low. I was getting dressed this morning when I had this sort of strong tingling in my head ( as if someone was running there fingers trough my hair?) it's happened quite a few times today and I think it might be my grandmother doing it as a way of comforting me?

Am I delusional or mental?

kakapo Mon 20-Jun-11 16:27:01

I know it's not always that easy, but it would be a cold day in hell before I let my kids sleep in a room/place where I truly thought there was paranormal activity (extreme skeptic here though).

It seems so odd... I mean, you would have NO IDEA what could happen. Especially the less benign-seeming ones. E.g. the one where the little girl woke up with scratches on her back/bedroom wall (maybe those people did move, just an eg). You wouldn't leave your DC to sleep in a room with a live wolf/angry old man etc.

TakeItOnTheChins Mon 20-Jun-11 17:48:00

I was getting dressed this morning when I had this sort of strong tingling in my head ( as if someone was running there fingers trough my hair?) it's happened quite a few times today and I think it might be my grandmother doing it as a way of comforting me?

Static, most probably. Do you wear a lot of nylon?

seeker Mon 20-Jun-11 17:50:56

About people moving - why should they? there is no evidence that anyone has ever been even remotely hurt by "paranormal" activity. Why subject your family to massive upeaval for a load of tosh?

TakeItOnTheChins Mon 20-Jun-11 17:59:00

It seems so odd... I mean, you would have NO IDEA what could happen. Especially the less benign-seeming ones. E.g. the one where the little girl woke up with scratches on her back/bedroom wall (maybe those people did move, just an eg). You wouldn't leave your DC to sleep in a room with a live wolf/angry old man etc.

That's actually a very good point. Of course, nobody who truly believed that any sort of "entity" was harming their child would stay put. They'd camp out at relatives houses. They'd buy a tent. They'd do anything rather than put their children in physical danger.

Which rather suggests that they know full well that there is no such thing, and that the children are not being attacked. But people just love the drama of imagining/pretending that their house is haunted or whatever.

An acquaintance of mine, years ago, was a horsey type and had a horse with "issues". She got this witchy-type person out to cleanse its aura/read its bumps/fondle its withers or whatever. Anyway, in this money grabbing nutjobs woman's "conversations" with said horse, it was apparently complaining that it didn't like its name. The woman went to great lengths to explain how much the horse loathed its name. It wanted a new name, apparently and if it was given a new name, it promised to start behaving and stop tossing its owner off or whatever it was that the trauma of having the wrong name was causing it to do.

Now, you'd think that the owner would IMMEDIATELY change its name, wouldn't you?? I mean, how amazing! This horse had communicated that all its problems were due to the wrong name, and if it was changed, all would be well! Brilliant! You'd change its name in a heartbeat, surely.

Well, no. Because she really LIKED its name. Even if the horse itself didn't like it.

But - get this - she STILL goes on about how amazing this woman is, and how she's got marvellous powers.

CLEARLY, deep down, she doesn't believe a word of it. She is an intelligent woman. She knows it is nonsense. It's a lovely IDEA, and having various crystal healings and other such rubbish makes for a lovely conversation piece, and makes her feel all spiritual and whatnot, but when it comes to it, she doesn't ultimately believe it. Quite rightly, of course!

Same principle with the "My Child Got Scratched To Pieces By A Thing In The Night!!!!!!!!!!! But, Erm, Well, Yes, We're Still Living Here....." bods.

Mizza76 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:16:29

My parents are very skeptical types, but both of them, strangely, swear they have had paranormal experiences.

When they were first married they lived in Oxford and my mum worked in an office with three floors. The third floor was basically an attic where the photocopier was kept, and there was no window, and only one door into the room. One day my mum was walking up the stairs to the third floor. In front of her, she says, she could clearly see a woman in a very long, unfashionable skirt. But when she got to the room, there was no one there - although there was no way out of the room other than the door which my mother came through a few seconds after the woman. Later she found out that the cleaners didn't like going to that floor because they also saw 'strange things' up there.

My dad's story also happened in Oxford, but he was there for a weekend at a small hotel. In the middle of the night, he says, he woke up to the sound of a car crash outside his room. It was extremely vivid and he swears it was real. He rushed outside but couldn't see anything so he phoned the police. When the officer turned up they also couldn't find anything - but the officer told him that every year on that particular weekend they get reports of a car crash on that road!

expatinscotland Mon 20-Jun-11 18:41:23

'I know it's not always that easy, but it would be a cold day in hell before I let my kids sleep in a room/place where I truly thought there was paranormal activity (extreme skeptic here though). '

Then I hope you don't wind up a single mum on benefits, unemployed and already in a council house, with credit problems or bankrupcy.

You'd have not much luck finding a landlord willing to take you on.

GreatScottWeDontNeedRoads Mon 20-Jun-11 18:51:34

Nope no nylon Chins. Could have been anything though, like I said probably reading way to much into it smile

SenSationsMad Mon 20-Jun-11 19:09:10

Now, I'm a believer, though I haven't had anything massive happen ( though our big whiskey bottle of coppers has been rattled on occasions confused) and other bits and bobs.

My DF on the other hand doesn't believe in anything woo woo and calls it mumbo jumbo, but, he has seen an UFO. He wasn't drunk as he was on the way to work, early in the morning.

seeker Mon 20-Jun-11 19:21:01

"Same principle with the "My Child Got Scratched To Pieces By A Thing In The Night!!!!!!!!!!! But, Erm, Well, Yes, We're Still Living Here....."


TakeItOnTheChins Mon 20-Jun-11 20:00:41


ModreB Mon 20-Jun-11 20:10:37

When I was young, we had a lady who used to come and sit with all the kids when we were going to sleep, and would also tuck us in at night. I remembered it as she would tuck me in really tightly, which my Mum and Nan never did.

My mum and I lived with her parents, my grandparents until I was about 11, and it was in their house.

It happened to my uncle, then to me, and my cousin. It also happened to other visiting relatives, who thought it was my Nan until she told them that it wasn't, and could prove that she had been in another part of the house at the time. She also came to both my elder DS's when they stayed at the house. DS3 was born after we (the family) sold the house after my Nan died. None of us were ever frightened by her at all.

The stange thing is, DS2 now nearly 19 years old, recently met the daughter of the woman who brought the house off of us, and asked her if she had ever had a strange experience in the house. She replied "Oh, you mean the lady that tucks you into bed" confused. We had never told the people that brought the house about her, and apparently she is still tucking in people at night when they go to sleep.

shakey1500 Mon 20-Jun-11 20:29:05

My dad died when I was 4 and I have always longed to see him/talk/have some kind of sign that he's around. I yearn to hear that he's proud of me, that he's seen his grandson who is the spitting image of him etc. I know that it probably will never happen because I want it to so much, but it's not a longing I can pretend isn't there. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

Bottleofbeer Mon 20-Jun-11 22:25:48

Last week me and my husband were going to a surprise birthday party, I couldn't find my black handbag anywhere and in the end had to give up on it and use another instead. The kids were staying over at my mum's so there was nobody in the house at all during the time we were out.

Woke up the next morning and said handbag was perched right on top of my dressing table. It most definitely had not been there the night before as I'd searched high and low for it and was obviously using the dressing table to get ready.

GetBehindMeSatan Mon 20-Jun-11 22:33:54

Wow.. Ive just wasted my evening reading this thread!!... My Nan, who is still alive but very very ill, told me when I was a little girl on a few occasions that she would come back to haunt me and would follow me everywhere..WTF.. how fcked up is that/she shock now shitting one after reading these stories.

electra Tue 21-Jun-11 22:40:17

I just want to thank everyone for this thread which makes excellent reading!

I haven't read it all yet but am very interested in TMDIH's ideas about strange creatures being shape shifting hitch hikers - I also have trouble believing in wearwolves etc but people clearly do see strange things (like the leprechaun on other thread) and this seems like it could be a good explanation.

I would also agree about ouija boards. I did them as a child because we thought it was a game and we also got abusive and foul language coming through. A relative of mine warned me against them at all costs.

I have had various paranormal experiences which were not particularly disturbing. But my advice to anyone who is scared is that if you don't want anything to show itself you can tell it not to. Sometimes if I've ever sensed anything spooky I say in my head 'Not now, please I don't want to see you' and the feeling subsides immediately. I agree with the poster who talked about imagining love around you.

electra Tue 21-Jun-11 22:46:57

oh and may I also say that the doll stories scared me witless and if any doll in my household moved even once it would be out of the house pronto!

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 01:09:11

had a few.

dsis died in 2004 and gave ds a message for me 3 weeks after her funeral. made me feel 100x better i have to say.

and when i was 10 i saw a proper, bonafide, ufo. so did a group of workmen and they reported it to was in the local paper next day.

i was laid in bed, i never used to draw the curtains. i saw an orange dot, like a star, moving in the sky. i got up, went to the window, and watched it until it went out of view. it was so far away it took ages to move, but it didnt flash or anything, it wasnt a plane.

then, only mins later, a large orange triangle appeared, it twisted over the tops of some poplar trees over the road. it was silent, and i could see its shape perfectly....a large orange triangle with a column down the middle, and two other columns going off the mid section on both glowed bright orange, it was completely hovered for a few seconds before speeding off into the sky, and when i say speeding, i mean speeding.....nothing like ive ever seen before, or since. it was amazing.

next morning i told my mother. she said i must have been dreaming. then that night, in the Yorkshire Evening Press there was a small headline....some workmen from Rowntrees sweet factory had seen it too and reported it to police. so i wasnt dreaming. i saw what i saw.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 01:42:01

oh...also did a ouija board with a group of mates when i was about 13 or something....asked what U2 next album would be called....came back with the most odd words....i wrote them down...."humandrattle"...i was baffled.

now work that back wards. Rattle and Hum. That still makes me go cold. that was u2's next album. scary stuff.

the group of friends were doing the board daily, until something went home with one of the group.
her mum had to get an exorcist in....she had to confess all and ive never ever touched a board since. nor would i. madness. messing with things we dont understand.

electra Wed 22-Jun-11 09:38:56

Scary stuff indeed Vicar! Ouija boards are dangerous and not worth doing anyway because you never know who you're talking to.

TakeItOnTheChins Wed 22-Jun-11 09:41:52

Yeah, never mess with Ouija boards - they're SO dangerous! Sometimes they predict what albums will be called!

electra Wed 22-Jun-11 10:05:07

If you don't believe in spirits or in anything you can't see then you won't think ouija boards are dangerous. But I think it's more logical to consider that we aren't in a position to understand everything as we are limited by definition.

JudysJudgement Wed 22-Jun-11 10:27:13

there is an article today in the Express (didnt read it, just flicked thru) about young children and why they are more prone to seeing this sort of thing

like i say, didnt read it so dont know if its interesting or not

nomadwantshome Wed 22-Jun-11 10:46:52

Visitn dover castle years back. Having a tour and there was a long corridor. At the end I saw someone go through a door at the end of it. I was transfixed by this but I didn't know why. Once I got closer I realised that it was a solid wall.

Driving home around midnight along a long country road with no turn offs, north downs. I saw a cars head lights behind me, it came closer and then I presumed went to overtake me. The lights then completely disappeared.

Along a winding country lane near by, there is a place were the the land suddenly drops away from the road. It's a small valley and goes uphill over the other side. Again, driving home around midnight I saw some lights, which I thought were tractor lights on the farm land below. The lights though came across the land far too fast and high and went back again. Maybe there was a reasonable explanation. I slowed to look and the lights came back again, I'm sorry but I wasn't going to hang around and sped off.

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 12:02:23

Those of you who've seen orange lights in the night sky - were they anything like these?

loveulotslikejellytots Wed 22-Jun-11 12:16:11

My Great Grandma on my Grandad's side lived with my Nan and Grandad (and my Dad and Auntie) for the last few years up until she died.

She stayed in my Auntie's room as it was the only room big enough to fit 2 single beds in. My Auntie used to sit one the edge of her bed and read to her while she plaited my Auntie's hair. My Auntie was only young but the night she died my Auntie was reading to her.

My brothers and I always used to have sleep overs at my Nan's and I used to sleep in the bed where my Great Nan's bed used to be. My Nan said that I came down one morning (3 or 4 y/o) saying that someone had been playing with my hair in the night. She asked me who, and all I could remember was that she was old and she was wearing a nightie with Purple flowers on it. My Nan knew who it was immeditately and told my Auntie.

My Great Nan still visits my Auntie and Me now. She sits on the edge of the bed and brushes and plaits our hair. There is never any pattern to her arrival, it can be a year or so inbetween visits or she can come twice in one week. But she always visits us both in the same night. Normally when something is troubling us.

What is even stranger is my Grandad still comments that (his Mum - my Great Nan) my Auntie and I are all very similar. The way we sit, talk, eat, our mannerisms etc. And we all have the same knuckles and hands!!! smile Random but true!

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 12:34:48

haha garlic....nope! definitely wasnt a chinese lantern. it was huge, and triangular, silent, with a big X in the middle..not a plane.

at least i was not the only one to see it. i lived in a village just out side of York back then, but workmen at Rowntrees factory in the centre of York saw it and it was they that reported it to police, and why it was in the Yorkshire Evening press next day, a tiny piece on the front, entitled Black Magic? or something...but it confirmed my sighting and meant i wasnt off my trolley at such a tender age!

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 12:38:24

smile Vicar smile They are pretty, aren't they?
I think the ones where the UFO suddenly vanishes, or zooms away to a tiny point of light, ARE chinese lanterns. Not zooming or vanishing, just going out!

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 12:51:44

might be pretty but they are very bad for the environment,

what i saw definitely was not a chinese lantern, like i say, i wasnt the only one to see it, other people saw it too, independently from me. it must have been 1982.

This thing was the size of a plane, but totally silent, very fast and very maneuverable, and it hovered for a few seconds before twisting, thats when i could see the shape of it properly with this column down the middle and the two other columns off either side, it was really amazing to see. It didnt scare me, it happened quite fast, i didnt really know what on earth to make of it and i knew id sound like a loon if i told anyone, but i told my mother and a few people at school next day, it was that evening in the Press (the evening press came out in the evening! suprisingly!_) that i read about the work men in the centre of York seeing the same thing.

i quite like my little ufo sighting, makes me special!

fgaaagh Wed 22-Jun-11 12:53:28

There are 2 (long) incidents that I know of which have been told to me by reliable, reasonable people I trust. I'll tell them both here since this is anon. I haven't even shared these with anyone else IRL, including DH, in case they laugh at me for believing any of this - since I'm totally unmystical, not religious, don't believe in ghosts, etc!!


Before I was born, my mum sadly lost a little girl close to term, happily followed by 3 boys with no complications (my brothers). She'd have been my oldest sister if she'd lived. After years of wanting a girl eventually my mum and dad had given up trying for another baby. My brothers grew up, and when they were young teenagers my mum took them to Blackpool for the day (my dad was at work I assume).

My mum has only ever spoken about this once, because she's a complete no-nonsense type, and I'm 100% sure she wouldn't lie to me about what happened.

But apparently as my brothers went off to buy some sweets at a stand, and my mum was watching them, a old-ish woman came up to my mum. She said that she didn't want to upset my mum but that she had a message to give her: the little girl that was lost before mum's 3 boys was not the only girl mum was supposed to have, and that this time next year another girl would arrive, followed the year after with another girl. She told my mum not to be upset and that the two sisters would get on in the way my mum never had with her own sister. When my mum asked her who she was, the lady said that she just had a gift for sensing these things and had waited until my brothers were out of earshot before saying something in case she upset her. The lady wished her well and said her goodbyes.

I arrived 1 year to the day that my mum went in Blackpool (although at night - I was born about 30 mins to midnight). My youngest sister arrived 13 months after me.

I have no reason to doubt my mum's story, and the one time she did speak about it, I did ask my brothers (seperately) about "the day trip to Blackpool" - although one of them couldn't remember anything about a sweet stand, my oldest two brothers do remember a candy floss stand and getting sweets there that day.

I'm not sure what to make of all that.


When I was at university, I lived with 2 other girls, and I've kept in contact many many years later with one of them. We don't catch up very often, but I do remember a story she told me about our flat about 10 years after we moved out and went our seperate ways.

Again, she is a very solid, reliable person and was doing biology at uni. At the time, she had a boyfriend in the same year as us who was studying music - he had his own flat share a bit further from campus but they often used to visit live music bars/drinks promo nights and crash at our place for a few hours until lectures the next morning.

The incident she told me about, and doesn't like talking about even now, is that one morning they were walking down the road from a late night sesh at about 5am in the morning. She maintains that neither of them were anywhere close to drunk the entire evening, although they had been drinking earlier in the night, and she never touched drugs as far as i was aware (then and now).

As they rounded the corner to the house we were sharing, it was dawn - streetlights still on, but getting lighter. Rounding the bend, as they got to next door's gate, my friend noticed something at the other end of the street underneath a streetlamp. It was a figure walking AWAY from them with great big lopes, massive strides, just strolling. Apparently it looked very, very tall and very very thin - cartoon proportions, almost half the height of the lamp post. But no "detail" apparently - she tried to explain it and from what I could gather it was like an outline of a person, there was just blackness where the face, body, clothes, should have been - like an outline, or a shadow. Or a straw man with a circle where the head should have been. But much too thin and tall to be a straw scarecrow.

My friend stopped dead in her tracks, and her boyfriend noticed, asked her what's wrong, and looked to where she was looking.

He stared at it too. According to Ellie (my friend) the thing appeared to pause in its strolling and turn to the side to look around at them - the overwhelming sense of emotion that came from it was a rush of malice. She said it was like a wave of negative emotion came from it. For some reason she said that she seemed to feel as if it was ANGRY about something - that it had been spotted?

It turned a bit more and started coming towards them, and although it was at the other end of the road, it could cover the distance much faster than a normal human because it was so tall and long.

At this, my friend's BF apparently grabbed her hand, ran into our garden, and they frantically started trying to get the keys from her bag. They got inside before it reached our house, but when they looked back at the door after locking it behind them, the 2 panels of misty glass that covered the top half of our door had a shadow twig type figure, like it was looking for them in there. Apparently it stayed there for 15 or 20 seconds, peering in, whilst they cowered in the stairwell holding their breath.

She said she'll never forget the unhuman shape and thinness of the thing, and its stick arms as it peered in the glass. And the malice / feeling that it was very very angry at them for seeing it.

Paranoia of student drunks with too little sleep? Normally I'd laugh and say without a doubt, but I know my friend, and she maintains that she'd barely drunk that night, her and her boyfriend saw the same thing, later collaborated, and she was so freaked out by it that she never came home alone at dawn EVER again (I do remember her doing this, but I thought it had to do with knuckling down for exams!!, looking back).

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 13:09:13

that gave me goosebumps fgaaagh....reading this now as just not a good idea at night when youre alone! DH works nights....

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 13:21:18

Oooh, fgaaagh, your friend's shadow man reminded me of something that happened when I was youth hostelling with a friend, aged 17. We both saw it and ran down to the big dorm room, where we slept on the floor for company. Ours was wearing a hat.

As you know, I'm pretty sceptical about paranormal events: not saying they can't happen, but I do believe 99.9% can be explained by known-world phenomena. We later found out there'd been a spate of sexual attacks on girls in that town; I thought we'd had a lucky escape from some crackpot woman-hater who likes playing tricks.

Still, your story prompted me to google "tall, thin, shadowy figure" and there are lots of similar tales! Some of them wearing the hat shock

We used to see "ufos" but there is a military base that the authorities keep saying doesnt exsist near my parents house, some very strange planes go over as they always test the new ones there before they are released.

electra Wed 22-Jun-11 13:38:01

I find the incidents involving unidentified creatures far more frightening than the ghost - poltergeist ones. I hope I never see a wearwolf or shadow man. hey, it reminds me of that advert years ago that was creepy - anyone else remember it?

poutintrout Wed 22-Jun-11 13:40:01

Garlic I'm so glad you mentioned the big cats thing in London because I'm sure that I've seen one too. We were driving through Belsize Park about 9 or 10 years ago, it was dark and I swear I saw a lion cub run up someone's drive. It was definitely not a fox or a dog/cat, it was too stocky. The telling thing for me was the tail. It was thinish with a tufty end.

I was so convinced at what I'd seen that I did ponder calling the police or something but thought that they'd think I was a crackpot so didn't. I have thought about this often over the years and still believe what I saw was a big cat cub.

seeker Wed 22-Jun-11 13:40:22

'I hope I never see a wearwolf or shadow man. '

Don't worry, you won't!

electra Wed 22-Jun-11 13:46:59

seeker, I hope you're right but you cannot dismiss people's experiences when you weren't there. I've seen things that cannot be explained easily but they didn't scare me like seeing a strange creature might!

seeker Wed 22-Jun-11 13:52:58

"you cannot dismiss people's experiences when you weren't there."

I'm not saying they didn't see something. But is wasnt't anything paranormal. Absolutely certainly it wasn't.

I've beeb spooked before - everybody has. I remember the shadowy figure in the pantry whan I was a child that scared be so badly I couldn;t talk about it for months. I kept seeing it. Eventually I told my mother - we went together to look and found a patch of damp that, from a child's eye level looked exactly like an hunched old man. And I was petrified one evening alone by a repeated tapping at my door when there was nobody there. When I looked in the morning, I found a piece of guttering hanging loose and blowing in the wind. ALL the experiences people havba had can be explained like this. Honestly, they can.

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 13:58:44

Haha, verity, is that the non-existent airbase near Malvern?
They had to 'fess up a few years back - since its location appeared in an online game grin We saw loads of amazing slinky, black, ufos supersonic planes last year, but it's been pretty quiet lately ... budget cuts, I bet!

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 14:48:26

Just catching up on the posts I missed earlier. Terraviva, your advice is absolutely sound and the best possible, imo:
The biggest force in the universe is love. If you ever get spooked by something that you don't understand or that scares you, just think about love & imagine light - surround yourself with it - feel it in your heart. (And even if you think this is all bollocks, it still works even if it's just the psychological effect of calming and soothing yourself.)

PigeonPair Wed 22-Jun-11 17:13:06

This is a bit of a friend of a friend story, but my friends Father was staying in their new home alone while his wife and children had gone to see her parents. In the middle of the night, he felt the duvet slipping off. He pulled it back on but once again it was "pulled off" him and again, and again. By this time, he was absolutely petrified and ran downstairs putting all the lights on. When he went into the sitting room, there was a log that had fallen out of the fire and was smoking on the carpet. He is convinced somebody was trying to warn him.

seeker Wed 22-Jun-11 17:15:40

"The biggest force in the universe is love. "

No - the biggest force in the universe is reason. The human mind is a wonderul, intricate, powerful thing.

garlicnutter Wed 22-Jun-11 17:46:44

I agree, seeker - but where reason fails, love may conquer. Ime, this is even true of real-life 'evil presences'.

Speaking of which: Tiny people are often large insects, toads or small mammals. Nobody sees them in full, uninterrupted daylight do they? If ghosts are restless spirits, how come so many of them are cars, tractors & trucks? Large cats are often large cats, as previously mentioned. If you saw something you felt sure was a lion or panther, it probably was a lion or panther.

There is a cold spot in my house. Even plants won't grow there (woo!) It's in the corner where a North-facing wall adjoins an east-facing one, both external ...

XH#1 and I had a lovely little cottage in a small terrace, near a large prison. The houses were originally built for the prison staff. We used to hear footsteps in the attic - which was odd, because the attics were just vent spaces; not big enough for a person to move around in. We heard these often at night, and sometimes went outside to see if something was falling onto the roof or there were any animals up there. Mysterious!

After a few years, we mentioned this to some of the prison officers in the pub. They fell around laughing. Pointing out the obvious, they told us that the rooves of our terrace made a popular exit route for escaping prisoners ...

And, in a flat on the top floor of a tall block, we used to hear all sorts of sounds coming from above. Heavy footsteps, things banging & crashing, music, voices. The space above our flat was the lift maintenance area, which could only be accessed through heavy, locked steel doors ...

... or from above, which is how the guys who ran a pirate radio station up there got in and out grin

Tarenath Wed 22-Jun-11 18:03:21

"It seems so odd... I mean, you would have NO IDEA what could happen. Especially the less benign-seeming ones. E.g. the one where the little girl woke up with scratches on her back/bedroom wall (maybe those people did move, just an eg). You wouldn't leave your DC to sleep in a room with a live wolf/angry old man etc."

The night that happened, DD spent the night in our bedroom and DH spent the night in her room with an attitude of "GTFO, this is our house". We haven't heard anything since, and neither of the children have brought up "ghosts". Maybe we did imagine the whole thing, and DHs vigil gave us the psychological boost to stop imagining, or maybe we didn't and it really has pissed off. I'll probably never know.

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Wed 22-Jun-11 19:40:35

[runs in to keep my place so I can find thread again once dh is back home and I can actually read the rest of it without scaring myself to death while I'm on my own!]

I will return at the end of the week....

SenSationsMad Wed 22-Jun-11 19:51:45

Shadow men shock


Vev Wed 22-Jun-11 20:46:37

A lady who was training me to do her job (brand new job for me, she was retiring) told me that a new woman who had once worked in the same office, kept staring at her, it went on for most of the day, she was just going to ask her why she kept staring when the new woman asked her if she had lost a little girl, to which she replied yes, the new woman told her that her little girl had been with her all day and was holding balloons. She said she was absolutely gobsmacked because it was her DD's birthday that day.

She had never met the new woman before that day.

electra Wed 22-Jun-11 21:55:45

I disagree that reason trumps love because

Humans are more motivated by love than they are by reason

When people lose the ability to reason they may still feel the positive influence of love

seeker Thu 23-Jun-11 06:54:09

True, electra.

But in the case of every single "paranormal" experience anyone has you can choose between "surrounding yourself with thoughts of love" and maybe feelling better, but still being shit-scared and vulnerable to being shit-scared again the following night, or you can apply your reason and intellect and go and find the piece of dangling guttering that's making realistic tapping noises on your front door and free yourself from fear.

chubbly Thu 23-Jun-11 07:43:11

I can't believe this thread is still going... It's been giving me the heebie jeebies for days now!

petitepeach Thu 23-Jun-11 08:57:38

Enjoying this thread - although like a lot of people felt a bit of a scaredy cat last night as my dp was away....!

The shadow men/stick men stories always intrigue me...if you go onto fortean times site they have a lot of posts about them...really interesting info on there and people are looking for a rational explanation etc..
I do tend to listen to my "6th sense"

The only really spooky thing that has happened to me was at a well known mediums night out..
I went with two friends; one friend had booked the tickets as she had lost a close family member a few years ago and wanted to see if anything came up..
We sat down in a giggly mood; expecting the usual "there is someone begining with a b no c " type thing ready to have a good laugh really; only it wasn't funny in the slightest. The medium was very accurate with other people and we were soon feeling quite sombre...
I had also lost a close family member; when we first sat down she said "someone has followed me here and is quite insistent they want to speak" looking more or less where I was sitting.......about a quarter of the way through she said this person is here he is called xxxx (my relatives name) and is looking for xxxxx (my name)shock I couldn't answer she kept repeating it and my two friends had their mouths hanging open staring at me.....after a couple of minutes of her insisting I put my hand up and all I said was "I think it is my xxxx" She then asked if she could carry on I said yes that was all; she described exactly how my relative had died and things that were true without a single prompting from me...
I was so shocked as somebody else said you had to be there....seeker you may scoff ...
It did bring me peace of

seeker Thu 23-Jun-11 09:59:32

Don;t worry, chubbly - read my posts and you'll be fine!

kickingking Thu 23-Jun-11 10:24:34

The stick man story! shock

OTheHugeManatee Thu 23-Jun-11 10:34:14

Marking, in case anyone else has any spooky stories.

My only really spooky story is probably too long to tell so it makes sense, but involves a Mexican witchdoctor, a ritual in a darkened room in Chiapas, and levitating objects which I saw with my own eyes, and which could not have been a trick.

jendot Thu 23-Jun-11 11:58:54

I am NOT a believer in ghosts.......but a few things have happened that I cannot explain.

Ds 1 - when he was 3. We were in BurgerKing in Windsor which has been refurbed to modern standards but has an original feature staircase left running up the side. It was REALLY busy and we were squeezed into a tiny space by the staircase sharing a table with a chatty american couple. We were chatting away about their trip and ds 2 who was about 8mnths was in his buggy at the bottom of the stairs giggling and giggling away. I said to Ds 1 what is your brother laughing at? and he said that lady pulling faces at I looked and said puzzled which lady?He pointed at the stairs and said that one....he then went on to give a detailled explanation (as much as a 3yr old can) of the lady that none of us could see who was pulling faces!! Was a very strange experience!

Ds 2 - We stayed in a little thatched cottage in Devon when ds 2 was 4. He spent the entire week telling us tales about the old lady in the rocking chair who gave him sweets and the old man who was grumpy as he had to do all the work. One evening a mighty draught blew through the house and the inner door slammed, ds said "the old man has to go and get the cows in the barn as its going to snow" a bit later it snowed! He also said that the old lady would die soon as she couldn't get up the stairs anymore and the old man was too weak to carry her :-( He was really sad about it. When we left he cried as he was 'sad' to leave the old people and we should stay and look after them.

Not even going to try and explain them!

Dozer Thu 23-Jun-11 12:04:47

The week we moved into our (1950s) house (where no children have previously lived as far as we know) DD1 (then 2.5) kept chattering to thin air, saying "hello, come in, come in and play!" and beckoning, peeking round the living room door and out to the hall. She was disappointed because "the little ones won't come to play".

Probably just imaginary friends (we'd just moved areas), but a bit spooky nonetheless.

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 12:35:17

On one of these threads a while back a Mner had a good story - freaked me out. Apparently as a child she had known a girl who was older than her, then later she moved to another town and came across this girl again (knew her name as soon as she saw her) but this time the girl was younger than her! Very odd anyone remember that?

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 13:05:39

Don't suppose the girl could have been a younger sister or cousin? Or perhaps she had one of those rare progeria-related conditions that cause very slow development?

HopeEternal Thu 23-Jun-11 13:16:48

I remember that, electra. Wasn't it something to do with Brownies or Guides or something similar? IIRC, the poster did ask the girl but the girl said she wasn't the same person.

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 13:19:59

Ahh, Hope! Never mind, electra's summary set me on a very interesting (if pointless) wikipedia journey!

seeker Thu 23-Jun-11 13:42:09

Another thing to remember is that if there is a one in a million chance of something happening to someone (a co-incidence, or whatever) then it could actually happen to 60 people in the UK every day.

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 13:56:11

Yes, the girl apparently denied that she'd ever lived in the previous town but had the very same (distinctive) name and the mner said she knew who she was as soon as she saw her. It raised questions about whether some people among us are not human. I think it'd be quite arrogant to assume we are the only living, thinking beings in the entire universe.........and actually quite unlikely.

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 14:01:45

Although, garlic - I've had situations where I've seen someone in my town and thought 'how can he still look about 18, he's my age' before realising it's his brother who's about 10 years younger. But the Mner who posted about the Brownie clearly had a situation that was different from that.

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 14:02:00

I think it'd be quite arrogant to assume we are the only living, thinking beings in the entire universe

I do agree with this, electra. But, to me, it doesn't even follow in the slightest way that there are inhuman doppelgängers shopping at Boots!

I've met my doppelgänger. We look alike, have the same (unusual) name, the same voice & laugh, and knew some of the same people. It's a long story and, as things turned out, her existence damaged my career. It's 100% explainable in ordinary terms, though.

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 14:05:04

Yes I see what you mean - some coincidences are almost unbelievable but none the less explainable. Your story sounds interesting though, whether explainable in ordinary terms or not!

MySweetPrince Thu 23-Jun-11 14:12:59

Three and a half years ago on New Years Eve 2007 we lost my beloved Dad to cancer. He died at my brother's house with all his children at his side and although in horrendous pain managed to say goodbye to all of us. We stayed at my brother's house late into the night hugging each other and comforting each other and at about midnight my DH and I took my sister to her home and then went home ourselves. As I fell into bed exhausted with my DH I noticed an orange light - oblong about 6 inches long - hovering in the corner of the room near the ceiling. DH saw it too - when I said "Can you see?"..........He said "yes I see it...I think it's him" ( My DH had always been a bit of a cynic and if he hadn't seen it too I would have put it down to the grief). The light faded as we watched to a pale yellow and then flickered and faded away. I am convinced this was some sign from my Dad that he was watching over us, and as I was the last of his children to get home that night he was waiting until we were safely in before he departed this earth.

BootyMum Thu 23-Jun-11 14:33:53

Vicar I have seen something very similar to what you describe!

I was sitting on a beach at night in Australia. I was with my BF [now ex] and we were star gazing. Neither of us had been drinking or taking drugs...!

As I was looking up at the sky I suddenly saw four orange lights only slightly bigger than the stars. They were in a line and appeared to be moving in formation, quite slowly. They were too far away from each other to be lights on a plane -initially I had thought this was what they might be but they weren't blinking or flashing and they weren't as bright. They were a dull orange colour.

I pointed them out to BF and he saw them too. Both of us started to ask what they could be and then the lights started darting everywhere really quickly before all zooming off in one direction, leaving a trail of light and then disappearing. It seemed as if they knew they had been spotted somehow and decided to get moving. When they zoomed off it looked like when a spaceship goes into hyperspace [I think that's what it's called?] in Star Trek or Star Wars.

Also when they were darting all over the sky it looked like a scenario in the X-Files. I am not an X-Files fan but did see this one particular episode a while after my UFO experience. In the episode [I think it may have been the very first episode after the pilot] Scully and Mulder go to a remote air force base in the desert where they are experimenting with UFO technology. They are flying UFOs in the sky and these orange lights are darting all over the sky at incredible speeds. I saw this episode and was thought wow that's almost exactly what I saw...

I have always wondered what the orange lights were and whether this could have been UFOs... Does anyone have any suggestions?

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 14:40:07

There is a famous account of a UFO which appears around Israel and apparently changes it's formation - it looks like several slightly varying shapes. I'll see if I can find a link.

seeker Thu 23-Jun-11 14:44:04

I would expect any Unidentified flying object in Iseael ia much more likely to be some sort of secret military research than visitors from another planet......

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 14:46:51

Chinese lanterns leave a trail of light then disappear as the fuel cell burns out.
They appear orange or white/yellow, dependent on whether you're seeing them from the side (orange) or below (looking at the flame).
They appear to fly in formation and scatter, as they're being transported on air currents.
They seem to be going fast because they're not as far away as you think.
Some party organisers tie them to a bamboo frame to make a particualr pattern.

I'm sorry about this - but not all that sorry; they're magical in their own right, though obviously not if they're set off near dry vegetation!

They are very popular in coastal areas of Australia.

electra Thu 23-Jun-11 14:48:23

It could be, who knows? But seeker do you honestly think we are the only life in the universe?..........I saw it on a programme - there was footage of a bright orange formation which changed into various specific shapes - it is the only UFO thing which has stuck in my mind because it was so distinctive.

We all know that governments around the world are involved in projects we know nothing about though, I do agree with that.

seeker Thu 23-Jun-11 14:56:30

"But seeker do you honestly think we are the only life in the universe?..........I"

I don;t know. But I do know that I've never come across a UFO sighting that didn;t ahve an very humdrum explanation. Sad, that. I'd like there to be real ones!

BootyMum Thu 23-Jun-11 15:09:54

Good explanation Garlic but I'm still not convinced...

I have seen chinese lanterns drift and float and the lights I saw looked more purposeful... Also when they were darting around they were travelling in straight lines and then suddenly stopping and then darting off another way and then coming back to original point. And they left a very definite streak of light when they finally departed, not like a candle being extinguished...

They just didn't look like chinese lanterns or how they move although I guess I could be wrong...!

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 15:16:13

Ah, who knows for sure, Booty?

<sings theme from The X-Files>

BootyMum Thu 23-Jun-11 15:20:14

Garlic I guess I want to believe


HowlingBitch Thu 23-Jun-11 15:58:31

I know there are always going to be skeptics but I think you should consider the fact that some of these experiences mean something to other people and that they are very sure of what they experienced. There is a logical theory for all of these situations if you try hard enough but a logical thinker IMO must be open to the fact that there is (even the smallest in their mind) chance of these things being real.

To simply say "nonsense" when you were not there at the time of the event happened is a little pig headed IMO and this thread wasn't really asking "Do you think these events are real" it was asking if you have experienced anything .

I am (believe it or not grin) a very sensible person but I am not so closed minded to say "Nope I don't believe that is true and you are a silly peasant for doing so <sniff>"

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 23-Jun-11 16:58:32

but what i saw wasnt just orange lights in the sky. i saw a large,bright orange (size of a plane) silent, hovering triangular craft, with a solid column down the middle, and a sort of X shape off either side of the solid column, it hovered over some trees before twisting away over the trees at speed, it seemed to just stop dead, hover, then go, but it never made any noise at all, and i could clearly see the shape of it.....

i realise i am making myself sound like a loon and am opening myself up to derision etc, but i was 10 years old, no drink or drugs involved!

and it was independently seen by the workmen who reported it in the centre of York, i saw it in a village just outside York, unless anyone has made a chinese lantern that is the size of a small plane, that can stop and hover, then move again i dont think what i saw was a chinese lantern....

i had a google yesterday and it seems some other people have seen the same thing, i keep trying to find pictures of it but i cant. i drew it, for my mum the next day, and kept it. I cant quite describe it properly in words but it wasnt solid, the out line was, but there was then this solid column that ran from the tip of the triangle to the bottom, with the two other solid bits off either side, the rest was just open.

do i sound completely mad? but it wasnt a chinese lantern!

garlicnutter Thu 23-Jun-11 17:47:32

No, Vicar, you don't sound completely mad! (not completely, anyway wink)
There definitely are things we can't explain. I tend to fall into the camp that says "I can't explain it just now, but all will become clear if I can get hold of the real-world facts."

Others prefer some magic & mystery in their lives: nothing wrong with that, and I wouldn't get into an argument about it unless there were going to be damaging consequences. In precisely the same vein, I'm an atheist but I do recognise the value of religion to its adherents.

HairyBeaver Thu 23-Jun-11 18:22:31

I can only sense spirits mainly, have seen orbs and the odd figure in the corner of my eye but those were in old pubs I used to live in.

I get a tinglely sensation running from my left side of my head down to my left shoulder and upper arm, anyone else get this??

I have also started to get spirits visit me just as im nodding of to sleep, I can only hear "pub chatter" i,e, loads of conversations happening at once and can't disinguish (sp) actual words. Also a man and woman i've never seen before come to me but couldn't hear what they were saying. Anyone else had this?

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 23-Jun-11 20:48:39

the only spirits i see are whisky, gin, vodka, brandy....grin

BuntyPenfold Thu 23-Jun-11 22:55:41

DH and I were wandering around some ruins near Cirencester. It was a lovely sunny day, long meadow grass underfoot, no one else there.

I saw him stop and turn to look behind him - where there was no one.
He looked very surprised. He said something tapped his shoulder - not lightly but quite firmly.
He said, 'like Mum does if I walk past her without seeing her at the supermarket.'

We haven't told anyone else about it, as there was nothing else much to say. But it was very real, I saw him look surprised.

We weren't talking about ghosts, though I had related a bit of Roman history. We were talking about my new long dress.

We agreed if it happened again he would say 'Do that again.' out loud, to see what happened, but nothing else happened.

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 23:10:22

My DP is clairvoyant and telepathic. She was picked in communist times to go to a special scientific school for such kids but she didn't like it.
It used to freak me a bit in the early years even though I have studied esoterica very deeply. Now I just accept it.

kangers Thu 23-Jun-11 23:14:58

archie- tell us what impact this has on her life and how she explains life and death..... please

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 23:25:12

Difficult to say (of course) Well it made her sadder, more sensitive (although who could say whether she would have been that way anyway?) It made her less trusting of people and more intuitive (and she is often right about people though not always)
I don't know if that is the sort of answer you were looking for. Often answers to such questions are ineffably dull.
To give an example Personally I don't believe in an afterlife as almost all people would think it to be. I am only saying this because all those who have "spoken from beyond" be it ghosts, through mediums etc etc have absolutely nothing interesting to say about the afterlife or life's big questions.
However I stray. Being telepathic and clairvoyant has no relevance to how she explains life and death. There is no connection.
The answers to those questions are a cosmogeny (I think that is the word) - which we all have, independent of any special sensitivities we might have as individuals
If you ask a more specific question, you might get an interesting answer.
Sorry if it was boring.

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 23:37:43

HairyBeaver Thu 23-Jun-11 18:22:31
I can only sense spirits mainly, have seen orbs and the odd figure in the corner of my eye but those were in old pubs I used to live in.

I get a tinglely sensation running from my left side of my head down to my left shoulder and upper arm, anyone else get this??

I have also started to get spirits visit me just as im nodding of to sleep, I can only hear "pub chatter" i,e, loads of conversations happening at once and can't disinguish (sp) actual words. Also a man and woman i've never seen before come to me but couldn't hear what they were saying. Anyone else had this?

I honestly can't tell if you're having a laugh here. Just sounds like you were having a few too many drinks in the pub. If so, that's pretty good satire.

kangers Thu 23-Jun-11 23:41:48

OK archie
What evidence is there that 'spirits' who contact us are actually that? What purpose would it serve? How do we ascertain that the communication is from some kind of sentient being or life/death force, rather than interference between dimensions?