to watch the RW in my wedding dress?

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Well I was considering it if I could squeeze into it find it, but my earrings still fit, so I shall be wearing those.


Anyone else planning to wear their wedding frippery?

gapbear Tue 26-Apr-11 21:05:36

Thought I might take mine into school on Thurs...not sure though

you're a loon

and no

but enjoy wine

GloriaSmut Tue 26-Apr-11 21:05:56

I'm not sure I can string a coherent reply together. Especially with all the tea that I've just spat on the keyboard...

Mummywalsh Tue 26-Apr-11 21:06:19

The RW has been at the front of my mind for the past week and it still took me ages to work out what RW was pmsl, I am so exhausted! No, I am not wearing mine, my LOs are bin distracted with junk while I watch in peace x

Mummywalsh Tue 26-Apr-11 21:06:56


celticlassie Tue 26-Apr-11 21:07:42


shakey1500 Tue 26-Apr-11 21:08:55

I could wear my wedding dress on Friday if I knew where it was but being as I'll be working in a well known DIY store selling "flange brackets" and "rear entry ball valves" it might be a bit distracting!

LadyFascinator Tue 26-Apr-11 21:09:22

I wore a kind of cocktail dress and hat for my wedding which was abroad.
I wouldn't fit in the dress and the only thing left of the hat is the hat box. But it is a gorgeous hat box so could I wear that?

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Tue 26-Apr-11 21:10:25

Ooh what a good idea. Now, will my husband think I have lost it...

QuickLookBusy Tue 26-Apr-11 21:13:43

Oh go ahead.

I doubt anyone will even notice. you mad mad woman

MangoTango Tue 26-Apr-11 21:14:21

I shall be wearing mine...
as I do every day...
Love from Miss Havisham. grin

Booandpops Tue 26-Apr-11 21:16:20

Yr post is one of the few that made me laugh out loud! Love it!!!
I'm really excited but havnt told anyone in rl To scared!

maighdlin Tue 26-Apr-11 21:17:36

I really want to but DH may have me sectioned. I love weddings and shall be watching it with a bottle of cosmo fizz from markseys and some malteasers. DH is taking DD to the festival of fools and i shall have the house to my self grin

LauraNorder Tue 26-Apr-11 21:17:53

What a marvellous idea - unfortunately I don't think I could get one boob into mine sad

NorthernGobshite Tue 26-Apr-11 21:18:03

Hilarious! Go for it.

Shoesytwoesy Tue 26-Apr-11 21:18:20


ooh, these smilies are for more me! hmm (royally suspicious)

Since my wedding dress was a ridiculous 17th century style creation with a huge frame contraption underneath, I think I will pass on wearing it thanks :-) Might wear the tiara and get sloshed with a yankee royalist chum though, whilst trying to keep British and disinterested and suave about it all...

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 26-Apr-11 21:20:12

Wish I'd thought to bring mine on holiday with me - what a great idea!

BeeMyBaby Tue 26-Apr-11 21:20:36

Love the idea, unfortunately like many others I can't fit in mine anymore sulks

HRHShoesytwoesy Tue 26-Apr-11 21:20:51

I binned my the other week (been married over 20 years so very 80's) so I would look daftblush

sausagesandmarmelade Tue 26-Apr-11 21:21:51


With all due respect...that is hilarious!!! grin

I won't be getting out my wedding frippery for those way jose!

sausagesandmarmelade Tue 26-Apr-11 21:22:34

BUT ...I might have a posh sarnie and a glass of something chilled and bubbly...

just to get into the spirit of things!

Waltons Tue 26-Apr-11 21:23:02

Please, please let me be the first. biscuit

No offence OP - wear as little as you want, or whatever you want. I just had to post a Royal Biscuit. Duchy Originals, actually. grin

Preggersplayspop Tue 26-Apr-11 21:24:45


Now this is more like the kind of rw thread we should have on mn.

I have a fantastic image of a bunch of mnetters sat in front of the Telly watching the wedding in a dress that won't do up anymore

FellatioNels0n Tue 26-Apr-11 21:25:17

I was a bit confused when I saw the thread title and then I PMSL when I saw it was you, Chaos. grin I love the idea of loads of MNers sitting in front of the telly on Friday in our wedding dresses that we can't do up.

I haven't kept mine sadly so I can't join you. I might dig out my massively valuable diamond tiara though. And I'll sit on my velvet throne. hmm

Are we going to have a wedding reception, with cake and dancing to Abba in the evening? Please?

FellatioNels0n Tue 26-Apr-11 21:25:54

Actually I 'm going to starty a thread about that. I am the Wedding Planner.

sausagesandmarmelade Tue 26-Apr-11 21:27:36

They are going to be selling wedding cake and sparkling wine at stalls in hyde park I believe..............

Had I planned this I could have made a 1 tiered wedding cake...I love a bit of cake (so does hubs)

cottonreels Tue 26-Apr-11 21:27:38

I just laughed out loud and scared the cat!

Maryz Tue 26-Apr-11 21:27:54

I let dd try on mine the other day. She looked much better than I did blush, though she did laugh at the out-of-datedness of it.

rubyrubyruby Tue 26-Apr-11 21:28:27

I could wear mine!

I would love to wear mine infact smile

Maryz Tue 26-Apr-11 21:29:04

I do want to wear a hat though, but I'm in Ireland where we are pretending it isn't happening sad.

RespectTheDoughnut Tue 26-Apr-11 21:29:14

I was 7 months pregnant when I got married, so I can probably still fit into it - but my divorce is currently going through, so I may not bother grin

DoubleDegreeStudent Tue 26-Apr-11 21:38:10

I've got these to wear to university, and a little bottle of "dating a royal" nail varnish. Wish I'd checked the arse side of the pants before I bought them though hmm

We have (really really really) considered making this compulsory attire for our street party. No really. But arem't doing it. May yet reconsider on this one..

ShirleyKnot Tue 26-Apr-11 21:41:23


RespectTheDoughnut - Me too! ( except divorce long since obtained!)

I might drape myself in RW tea towels

LadyBlaBlah Tue 26-Apr-11 21:43:10


I am actually going to do this on Friday as an ironic republican protest

Wll make the day much more enjoyable

Maryz Tue 26-Apr-11 21:43:52

Oh, Oh, Oh, I've just noticed the crowns blush.

What does c stand for confused?

I may have to post a lot grin.


I have a very large union flag - i shall wear the dress and use the flag as a stloe to cover my gapping back.

I shall be sectioned the talk of the town walking down an A-road to my frinds house.


<<note to self - buy new bra, just in case of majorslippage>>





pigletmania Tue 26-Apr-11 21:54:21

No go for it, enjoy wine

SugarPasteFrog Tue 26-Apr-11 21:57:27

I would if I could get the damn thing on - I don't think I'd even be able to get it past my hips anymore blush

One of my friends puts hers on every so often and wears it round the house for a bit, just to check that she can still fit into it. It's not uncommon for her DH to come in and find her doing the washing up whilst wearing her wedding dress and veil grin

Rubber gloves?

GeneralissimoVonBobbington Tue 26-Apr-11 22:01:18

Erm, you are all the mad ones, Chaos and I will be royally decked out and sipping fizz while we wave to all you improperly dressed plebs.

My wedding was only 18 months ago so I can still fit into my dress if I breathe in and don't eat anything and my tiara, veil and shoes definitely still fit.

You may curtesy grin

Lizzylou Tue 26-Apr-11 22:04:58

I lent my dress to a size 10 Brazilian, she looked sooo much better than me, once she'd got it altered to fit her svelte self. So no, won't be wearing mine grin
Anyway, I will be on a plane for the first time since I had kids so will miss the whole shenanigans. I am slightly regretting that now, I quite fancy sitting on my sofa in my basque and tiara (only things that still fit 9 yrs on).

PumpkinBones Tue 26-Apr-11 22:06:05

I had my wedding dress made into a lovely classic dress so I could wear it, but DS's will be clattering around and may spill or drool on it.

marmaladetwatkins Tue 26-Apr-11 22:15:51

I knew this would be a Chaos thread as soon as I saw the title grin

I am dressing up like a wedding guest, in a fascinator and Coast frock. I am
being serious about this.

madcatlaydee Tue 26-Apr-11 22:47:25

chaos - my friend is wearing hers so you won't be alone! More worryingly she wants the rest of us to wears ours too...

SugarPasteFrog Tue 26-Apr-11 22:48:53

Of course - she's very fussy about taking care of her hands!

She had a big 'princess' style dress as well - it looks lovely offset with some marigolds and her big fluffy slippers grin

Her DH is used to it now, but got a bit of a shock the first time she did it, when he came home and apparently busy wrestling with her veil while she was hoovering the front room...

ShoutyHamster Tue 26-Apr-11 23:15:55

I'm going to put a corgi on my head

jetgirl Tue 26-Apr-11 23:19:49

Yep, wearing mine too! Haven't worn it for 10 years though so it might not fit too well grin

I am serving cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes iced red, white and blue!

SugarSkyHigh Tue 26-Apr-11 23:27:39

I was 9 months preg when i got married so my wedding attire will definitely fit grin shock

RatherBe Tue 26-Apr-11 23:28:04

I might wear my tiara! I will also be serving cucumber sandwiches - with scones and Pimms - but not until Saturday.

ReindeerBollocks Tue 26-Apr-11 23:31:42

I got married in a simple blue dress in Feb, so could wear it again but it wouldn't provide me with any embarrassment. Plus DH would probably ask me if it was a new dress hmm

SugarPasteFrog Tue 26-Apr-11 23:32:52

I nipped to the Co Op earlier for chocolate whilst in my slippers and noticed that they are selling Royal Wedding cupcakes!

reelingintheyears Tue 26-Apr-11 23:37:38 are truly bonkers.grin

PureBloodMuggle Tue 26-Apr-11 23:43:57

There is absoluly no way i could fit into my dress though i think I might join the other slightly chubbier than they where when when they where brides and just wear the tiara and get sloshed

(obviously one will be recording and watching in the evening as one wouldn't like to be drunk wearing a tiara during the day - it just wouldn't be fitting)

RatherBe Wed 27-Apr-11 00:02:27

Excuse me, Pure - I am slimmer than when I was a bride!

MsGee Wed 27-Apr-11 09:02:13

I'm so glad its not just me that thought about this grin

DD is going to wear her princess dress and I am going to squeeze into my wedding dress. It may not fit though because I am fat pregnant.

We might even have cake and cucumber sandwiches. I might dress DH up as corgi too.

valiumredhead Wed 27-Apr-11 09:08:52

I am having a fancy royal tea party and wearing my wedding tiara! grin

rubyrubyruby Wed 27-Apr-11 09:14:59

MsGee - I am PMSL at "dress DH as a corgi" grin

Jajas Wed 27-Apr-11 09:15:03

I'm I the only person who wouldn't wear their wedding dress because they hate don't like it anymore sad?

Skifit Wed 27-Apr-11 09:30:49

Seems a bit strange to me !! My friends would think I was off my!

sunshineandshowers13 Wed 27-Apr-11 09:34:44

pmsl!! just like the girls in friends!! am seriously now thinking i might grin
our kids are all at school on fri as council too stingy (read poor) to give council staff extra day off. so royal wedding at school complete with cake, invitations, bunting etc. dd's excited, ds not so much.
Again, too scared to admit am planning a whole royal day in rl.

CareyFakes Wed 27-Apr-11 09:38:11

Damn it, wish I had a wedding dress. Never have and never would get married crazy ladies

Might wear a dress, a fascinator and some jewellery though, just to feel part of it

JessicaDrew Wed 27-Apr-11 10:06:46

might all our DHs get the idea they will be getting a wedding night afterwards????? hmm

MsGee Wed 27-Apr-11 10:15:07

If you dress DH as a corgi, then you can just put him in the dog bed at night. Or make him sleep at the bottom of the bed.

Its basically a foolproof plan.

tulpe Wed 27-Apr-11 10:31:00

We are having a street party and the dress code dresses.....and absolutely NOT suggested by me!

There is no way I could fit into my wedding dress. I am considering buying a cheapy tiara and veil to wear instead as DH thought it a waste of money at actual wedding

JessicaDrew Wed 27-Apr-11 11:00:29

thast a bit harsh Gee, but what ever floats your boatgrin

SylvanianFamily Wed 27-Apr-11 11:04:16

My Dd is wearing a bridesmaid dress on Friday.

It's a compromise - she wanted to wear it to school today...

MsGee Wed 27-Apr-11 11:06:33

Ah my husband is very low maintenance! My DD makes him pretend to be a dog all the time and uses his belt as a lead, so corgi not too harsh for him. grin

JessicaDrew Wed 27-Apr-11 11:08:38

I am sure your would really prefer a great Dane to a Corgi wink

MsGee Wed 27-Apr-11 11:14:09

Ooh no, not a great dane! Much prefer smaller dogs grin

JessicaDrew Wed 27-Apr-11 11:23:37

guess it beats an old goat (prince Charles) anytime

lambethlil Wed 27-Apr-11 11:49:23

Me in my dress on my profile.

For a short time! grin

lambethlil Wed 27-Apr-11 12:28:44

Not on the day- 16 years on!

Only sunflowers on your proflie lambet.


lambethlil Thu 28-Apr-11 08:31:27

Back up.


vegetariandumpling Thu 28-Apr-11 18:40:48

That is an awesome idea...if I had a wedding dress I'd join you. The organisers have said they want people to dress for a wedding grin

kviddy Thu 28-Apr-11 18:46:05

I'll be wearing mine... well sort of.. at 40+3 and three stone heavier not sure it'll fit! grin

I have sent dh to the attic to fetch mine

headfairy Thu 28-Apr-11 19:00:00

OMG what a great idea. The whole dress might be a bit much as I'm working but I'm sorely tempted to come in wearing my tiara grin PMSL

MrsSnow Thu 28-Apr-11 19:04:19


You wouldn't go to someone else's wedding in your wedding dress would you?? hmm

MarianneM Thu 28-Apr-11 19:06:24

Great idea! I'd do it myself if I could fit into my wedding dress!

chrisonabike Thu 28-Apr-11 19:15:23

Gutted I can't join in. Getting married next month and sitting in front of the box in the frock with a fried egg sandwich and a can of Strongbow will surely end in tears.

CommonerTrulyReigns Thu 28-Apr-11 19:17:59

Just the one can coab? wink

lambet great photo hmm grin

madonnawhore Thu 28-Apr-11 19:18:52

Never having been married, my friend and I were tempted to buy second hand ones...

I think I'll just settle for a hat, with a fascinator of course!

MaureenMLove Thu 28-Apr-11 19:24:34

Speaking as the notorious Mo, who wears hers on a scarily regular basis, you are so nbu! It's a fantastic idea and I will be doing the same! In fact I'm wearing it tomorrow AND Saturday at another Royal Wedding party! grin

It cost be a small fortune in 1991, so I need to get my monies worth! grin

I am wearing mine to a wedding themed BBQ. Tried it on last week and is too big for me oh the joy! Am going to be stuffing with loo paper!

SoupDragon Thu 28-Apr-11 19:31:21

MrsSnow, you do understand that no one here is actually going to the wedding, don't you?

greensnail Thu 28-Apr-11 19:43:23

ooh, I'd love to wear mine. I think it should fit now I've lost a bit of weight. It might even be too big. I'm quite excited now but DH will think i've gone crazy grin

Should I find something weddingy for DD1 to wear? I have the bridesmaid dress I wore when I was pg with her, she could maybe use it as a tent to watch the wedding from.

paisleyII Thu 28-Apr-11 19:43:37

i sold my on loot years ago but great idea! i still have my shoes and bag and tiara! you have given me a good idea cheers wine

HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix Thu 28-Apr-11 19:46:02

I cannot believe that someone else had this idea grin blush

but i'm 6 stone heavier now and don't think i'll fit, and it wasn't a meringue or anything anyway.

i feel i must confess, the charity shop in town had a large lacy bride frock in the window and I actually thought about it for a second or 2.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 28-Apr-11 19:52:16

lol - will not be watching the wedding, but did think it might be fun if everyone wore their dresses that day - even those selling flange brackets in b&Q, tho maybe not firefighters. I shall be taking the dc to atheme park -so probably wont but there is a street party in our road we may look in at later to met the neighboursgrin
Min is not the trad type, is very short and lacy - in fact so short that my younger step-daughter's job at out weddign was to carry a whistle in her bouquet and blow it if my knickers were showing - she was very proud of her duty (she was 7)
I took a pic of myself tonight in mine to put as my temp facebook pic-for one day grin

We are having a BBQ with a few friends and will be wearing wedding dresses smile

One of my friends isn't married (yet - 8 year engagement !), so she is borrowing one of mine (I still have one from my previous marriage). We're hiring a bouncy castle - supposedly for the dc's so tomorrow, somewhere in the midlands, there will be 5 women jumping on a bouncy castle, quite possibly in the rain, in wedding dresses grin

MABS Thu 28-Apr-11 20:09:29

only if i can have lipo and a tummy tuck before 11 tmro sad

pointydog Thu 28-Apr-11 20:28:42

Utterly bonkers

CocktailQueen Thu 28-Apr-11 20:35:44

Har har - do! I'm going to wear my wedding tiara grin

Lexilicious Thu 28-Apr-11 20:39:17

I was thinking this exact idea today! I said it out loud at work and people thought I was la-la (I am). Got married Dec 09 so probably still fits. Fifties knee length thingy (prob on profile).

Have got no flags or bunting or anything though. May just look like a crazy lady in an ivory dress. Oh! I have a union jack tea towel! I will drape it over my arm when I pop to Tesco.

HappySeven Thu 28-Apr-11 21:52:36

I just read this out and suggested I do the same. DH said "would you still fit in it?". Red rag... bull! Just been in the loft, dragged it out and tried it on. First time in 9 years and tighter than it was but felt great! DH smiling too. Thanks!

berylmuspratt Thu 28-Apr-11 22:21:23

That is a brilliant idea OP. I can't get into mine and it's a 90s confection of daisies and lace, I might try and pop it on though. DS (5) will freak out when he comes downstairs and sees Miss Havisham sat on the sofa eating toast smile

FellatioNels0n Fri 29-Apr-11 08:23:40

I haven't got mine anymore - what shall I wear instead?

SugarPasteFrog Fri 29-Apr-11 08:30:00

FN - I suggest a home-made confection, stapled together sheets from OK magazine and Hello perhaps? grin

MotherMucca Fri 29-Apr-11 08:30:01

Rollers out, Ellnette sprayed.

Coral lippie applied. WillKat earrings donned.

Half a bottle of cooking sherry downed.

Get a bliddy move on kids! Cheers!

SugarPasteFrog Fri 29-Apr-11 08:31:26

Arf at Huw pointing out that seats in the Abbey aren't pre-allocated? Who knew the Royals had taken a leaf out of Ryanair's book? grin

FellatioNels0n Fri 29-Apr-11 08:36:50

I don't know what to do with myself until lift-off now!

CommonerTrulyReigns Fri 29-Apr-11 10:11:41

grin at lift-off.

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