To have been excited this morning when I saw the Google camera going down my road?

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TidyBush Fri 11-Mar-11 12:54:49

I was just getting into my car this morning when I saw a car coming down the road with a bit tripod thing on the roof.

It had Google livery on the doors and so I stayed where I was until it went down and back up the road just to make sure I got maximum exposure grin.

Having said that I'm embarrassed to admit that last year I fell for an April fool prank when my local radio station spent a week building up a story about the Google satellite going overhead in our area. Yes, I was stood on the car park at work at 9am hoping my image would be captured for posterity. It took about 10 minutes for the penny to drop and for me to realise the date blush.

TidyBush Fri 11-Mar-11 12:55:27

bit big

cookielove Fri 11-Mar-11 12:57:11

Your claim to fame smile

reelingintheyears Fri 11-Mar-11 12:58:05

They blank out faces..
Shame really.

iliketea Fri 11-Mar-11 13:28:13

No YANBU - and although they blank out faces, if you were wearing something distinctive, you'll be able to see yourself.

My dh is on google maps - thank god they blank out faces, because with what he was wearing to work that day he looked like where's wally dressed like a tramp and I would have been a little blush if he was recognisable.

Condensedmilkaddict Fri 11-Mar-11 13:34:27

I am excited for you!

Emmanana Fri 11-Mar-11 13:37:31

Please tell me you're in S London, and I will go out and do the front garden, wearing all the neon I can find smile

bran Fri 11-Mar-11 13:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kittybuttoon Fri 11-Mar-11 13:40:11

I am surprised they blank out faces - on our Google streetview there is a bloke in the yard next door baring his bum at the camera, and they didn't blank
THAT out!!

BluddyMoFo Fri 11-Mar-11 13:40:41

You should have flashed your tits.



poppyknot Fri 11-Mar-11 13:47:45

I was standing at the window looking out when I saw ours last year...

It is a huge picture window and I realised that if I could see it, it could see me..... Fortunately the windows seem blacked out.

Our green recycling box however looks very fetching by the front door.

squeaver Fri 11-Mar-11 13:51:04

oh oh You all have to look at these amazing pictures from Google Street View

SpermyShenanigans Fri 11-Mar-11 13:52:59

Lol at tit flashing. I was telling my mate about the Google cars so she insisted we found her house and there she was putting her rubbish out looking a right royal mess grin

There was a funny thread about that once. I liked the post from the lady who had an empty wine bottle visible in her window

DaisyDaresYOU Fri 11-Mar-11 16:09:29

Lol I found my sister on street view and text her to tell her.She didn't even notice there was a camera there.I had to laugh at that tbh and I also seen dps dad in the front room window asleep haha

I'm getting DD out of the car on mine. You can't really make out my face very clearly but I look rough as a bear's arse and dead pissed off. I didn't notice the car either!

TidyBush Sat 12-Mar-11 11:35:43

Sorry for not coming back yesterday I was on one of my very rare nights out grin.

I'm in the Midlands but I'd guess there is more than one car or the poor bloke would be driving around for years.

I did consider a bit of flashing but I'm a fine upstanding member of the community and it would not have gone down well (although I'm very proud of my naturally tidy bush grin).

TBH if I'd have flashed my biscuit biscuits he'd have needed a wide angle lens wink.

mayorquimby Sat 12-Mar-11 13:20:24

I found myself on google street view. Never even noticed the car go by

Grumpla Sat 12-Mar-11 13:22:52

My cat was in the google street view of our old house! I wonder when they're doing our new one?!?!

I must admit my first thought on reading your thread title was "I wonder if she mooned it?"

But then I am just very, very childish.


Where was my HeadsUp?

I could have wunked at them.


<<lives 2 minutes away>>

ABitBatty Fri 18-Mar-11 16:06:59

I followed a Google car in Sheffield on Wednesday! I over took him when I had chance to have a good look accrossgrin

radiohelen Fri 18-Mar-11 16:09:37

We got lost in a village looking for a bakery and ended up in loads of the shots cos the Google car was driving round at the same time we were... it's bizarre but quite exciting.

Obliquidie Fri 18-Mar-11 17:40:09

Didn't notice the car either. I got caught in my previous car, waiting for the kids to get out of school. Unfortunately I was preening myself in the rear view mirror and making a troll-like face. Oops!

FellatioNelson Sat 19-Mar-11 15:53:27

I got very pissed off when I discovered that the day the google street view camera came to my house, the only car on the drive was the cleaner's measly specimen, and not either of our rather nice expensive ones. angry

So anyone I haven't seen for years who is interested enough to spy on my house and see how much money I've got will think it's mine. I think there should be a right to reply on this very important matter of misrepresentation.
I feel affronted.

FellatioNelson Sat 19-Mar-11 15:55:10

Plus, we should be given advance notice so we can sweep the driveway and trim the hedges. [sad middle class Margot/Hyacinth emoticon]

I'm on it, but near a friend's house! It was a bloke on a trike. As it was't by my house

DD1 bouncing while she walks

Mandy2003 Sat 19-Mar-11 17:40:36

Holy heck! Nobody's mentioned throwing anything at it yet shock - I would if I saw it. Very pleased I live on an upper floor well set back from the road.

ThisIsANiceCage Sat 19-Mar-11 18:20:11

lucy your DD is so cute!

TidyBush you amateur! Now these guys, that's what I call dedication.

Type in Rugdeveien 39, Bergen, Norge.

Look west.

And then run this sequence up and down the street.

PepsiPopcorn Sat 19-Mar-11 18:35:33

YABU. I think it's creepy that a periscope goes round looking at everyone's house.

Yes, several people do go along the street each day and look at houses/people. However, I wouldn't expect a million people outside my house with a periscope, which is what Google Street View amounts to, as it's viewable by millions.

PepsiPopcorn Sat 19-Mar-11 18:36:05

(no, I'm not that interesting that a million people would pick my house to look at though!)

TidyBush Sat 19-Mar-11 18:47:27

Chaos I thought you'd be too busy in the hairdressers/coffeeshop/MNing working hard to worry about such things grin.

Fellatio do you really think that people like I do to everyone I know spend time searching the adresses of people they know on Google street view?

You'll be suggesting next I they also look at the size of my neighbours' other people's gardens on satellite view grin.

Selks Sat 19-Mar-11 22:08:54

Its got my neighbours washing hanging on the line, including hubby's boxers, grin

Thank gawd I hadn't hung my washing out blush

StableButDeluded Sat 19-Mar-11 22:21:04

I saw one in Cardiff last week, it was parked in the street next to DS's primary school just after I dropped him off. Must have just pulled up as it wasn't there on the way to school.

I had to walk past it to go home & I confess I spent a minute or so wondering what I could do to dither about in front of it, but then realised the driver was looking at paperwork and probably wasn't filming anyway.

Still, I did have a little frisson of excitement, so YANBU.

PepsiPopcorn Sat 19-Mar-11 22:59:00

What's exciting about it though? Is it some kind of "5 seconds of fame" thing?

pigletmania Sun 20-Mar-11 00:42:52

LOL Fellatio LOLOLOL could be better than my dh silver Mondeo

Are they doing an up to date one?

<wonders when it'l be in my area so i can stand in the garden and get my tits out hmm>

goldenpeach Mon 21-Mar-11 20:52:19

I was very excited when my partner found our old house and our car was still parked there, making the picture three years old. He also found a photo of us pushing our daughter in the pram in a nearby street, which was funny (again three years ago).

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