tesco shopping trolleys.

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mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 16:56:40

yesterday when i went shopping with my husband and four children who are all under 4 i couldn't find a shopping trolley with a double seat so needing two i had to make two of my children walk around getting bashed by everyone else who was shopping. when i asked the customer service advisor he informed me a store of that size (extra) only had to supply 2 double trolleys for the whole store!!! shock !!!!
so on we went with great frustration as the kids pick up everything they see asking "can we have this" so it takes twice as long!! angry
at the end while we were packing the shopping one of my children went missing and after looking for a few minutes a kind member of public brought my son to us from outside in the middle of the road. not only could he have been run over and killed but could have been taken but god know who!!
still the customer service advisor did not see this as his problem and couldn't have cared less, he even suggested it was unusual to have twins and four children over all and went on to say they should have been on rains!!!! angry by this point i was very distressed and making a fool of myself blush
is it unreasonable to ask for a trolley with two seats? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

views please xx

ClaraMay Sun 06-Mar-11 16:59:00

I understand your frustration but it is your responsibility to supervise your children and make sure they don't end up in the middle of the road! shock

AtYourVernalCervix Sun 06-Mar-11 17:00:33


UrsulaBouquet Sun 06-Mar-11 17:00:46

Couldn't one of you take the kids somewhere else while the other did the shopping?

ClaraMay Sun 06-Mar-11 17:00:55

And you had your husband with you!? Between the two of you it should be easy to make sure your child is safe.

JaneS Sun 06-Mar-11 17:02:02

That sounds a nightmare but surely it is really hard to get two double trolleys around the store anyway? Could you not have left the children with your DH and gone alone, or vice versa?

I have to say I would be, erm, peeved if I saw a couple both with double trolleys going around a small shop together, it'd be such a hassle for everyone else getting out of the way.

ladyfirenze Sun 06-Mar-11 17:02:49

how old are the dcs? could you have put the two oldest in two single trolley, and then you and dh carried one each of the younger? awkward I know but you gotta eat!

TheVisitor Sun 06-Mar-11 17:03:04

As a mother of triplets plus one, I'd say that it's your responsibility to keep an eye on your kids, and if you have your husband with you, there's no excuse. The reins suggestion is a good one. I was perfectly capable of taking my 3 year old triplets to the supermarket and keeping a close eye on them whilst shopping.

Awhiteelephantintheroom Sun 06-Mar-11 17:03:26

Our local Tesco has lots of trolleys with double seats in them. They are all crap though, stiff to push and old, dirty and tatty.

I agree with the others though; you should have supervised your children. If they are that badly behaved that they just run off, either you or your husband should have packed while the other watched the kids.

januaryjojo Sun 06-Mar-11 17:03:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ladyfirenze Sun 06-Mar-11 17:04:29

I have twins and singleton, so I have to think lateral like!

Mamaz0n Sun 06-Mar-11 17:04:42

I think you are in a minority to have 4 children under 4.

I have always been able to source double trolleys at every TEsco I have ever used so not sure why you found it so difficult, oither than the fact it was a weekend and it was busy so they were all in use.

I dont see why it is Tesco's problem that you have lots of young children and chose to take them all shopping with you despite you clearly finding it difficult to supervise them

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:06:13

a small shop?, its the biggest they come!!
we have to have two trollys to get all the shopping for a six person family!!
we spend a fortune every week at tesco the least they could do is provide adiquate shopping trollys? sat is the only day we could go shopping with us both working full time, if i did the shopping on my own i would have to go round with a trolley, pay then go round again to get it all done. i really dont have time for that with 4 children!!!!!!!

FabbyChic Sun 06-Mar-11 17:07:28

Sorry but why does it take you and your husband to do the shopping with your children? Why can't one of you go alone.

What is this need that you have to take children shopping with you?

You are responsible for them not Tesco, so what if they did not have a double trolley, who gives a flying monkey.

So one was found out in the road, what the fuck were you doing that one of you couldn't watch them?

Leave the kids at home and go shopping solo, takes less time and less whinging.

Mamaz0n Sun 06-Mar-11 17:07:30

Thats your problem, not Tesco's

ChippyMinton Sun 06-Mar-11 17:07:50

Your children, your responsibility.
I don't understand why you all had to go shopping?

BTW I am not unsympathetic - I had 3 under 2.5yrs.

FabbyChic Sun 06-Mar-11 17:08:29

Whats wrong with getting it delivered on a Saturday? Too much like hard work for you?

majormayhem Sun 06-Mar-11 17:08:29

By double trolley, do you just mean the regular sized trolley with two child seats in it? If so, then YANBU. Loads of people have either twins or two small children at the same time. (Like me, for example).

That being said, I've never had a problem finding one when I need it.

i'd have stuck the DCs back in the car with DH and let him sing to them while I shopped in peace

IloveJudgeJudy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:09:48

Agree with FabbyChic. It doesn't take two of you to go shopping, or even better, do your shopping online. That would be much less stressful for everyone. Or, one of you could go shopping when they are all in bed so you don't get the whingeing of where's mummy/daddy going.

I can see it's a pain for you but it's not Tesco's fault that one of your DC was in the road, that's your fault.
I agree about the reins too.

JaneS Sun 06-Mar-11 17:10:41

I'm sorry, I thought Extra was the size up from the little corner-shop ones, my fault.

I guess doing two loads separately might be a solution, or carrying/wearing on a sling the littlest children.

Does sound like a right hassle though and you must have got a horrible fright from the child going missing, I think I would be pretty upset too.

ClaraMay Sun 06-Mar-11 17:10:44

Get it delivered!! It's the future

cheekeymonkey Sun 06-Mar-11 17:11:33

OMG sounds like a nightmare! Think I would shop on-line, get it delivered and so something far less stressful with the extra time. Only costs around £3 to have it delivered, with the cost of fuel now that actually saves me money.

inthesticks Sun 06-Mar-11 17:12:39

I wish they'd had such a thing as home delivery when I had two small children. Surely it's worth a small delivery fee to avoid all the time and hassle of dragging 4 DCs and DH around a supermarket?

Ambi Sun 06-Mar-11 17:12:43

Get it delivered like fabbychic said. YABU..

SKYTVADDICT Sun 06-Mar-11 17:13:37

You need to ask for a customer complaint form which goes to head office.

I did this recently as had 3 under 3 with me (I am a childminder) and all the double trolleys were no where near the parent and child parking. I filled a form in asking why - someone rang me and said it would be sorted so some were placed nearer. Next time I went it wasn't sorted so I asked in store, someone rang me the next day and it is now sorted - sorry a bit of a ramble!

They do have loads though and it is a small tesco but larger than an "extra".

nobodyimportant Sun 06-Mar-11 17:14:01

I think all the trolleys at our Tesco have 2 seats so YANBU to think it's reasonable to expect them to have enough.

However YABU to think it's anyone else's fault that you lost one of your children. I don't want to be mean because I know it can happen easily enough, but it is your responsibility nobody else's. I also don't understand why you all needed to go shopping together like that. Surely it would be easier and safer for one adult to be at home with the children while the other did the shopping, or shop online?

With 4 children under 4, I would be leaving my dp/dh at home with the children, doing the shopping at my leisure, and having a cuppa and a sticky bun in the coffee shop once I'd paid and loaded it all in the car.

If you don't drive, he can drop you off, and you can either ring him to come and get you, or go home in a taxi - it has to be worth a taxi fare to have a stress-free shopping trip.

And don't forget, there is light at the end of the tunnel. One of these days, they will all be at school, and you will be able to shop in peace and quiet, smiling sympathetically at all the mums who are tearing their hair out as they wrangle their fractious children round the supermarket.

TheVisitor Sun 06-Mar-11 17:14:30

Two trolleys full for 6 people? Blimey! We don't do that and my 4 kids are big, in fact, one an adult. Do your shopping online if you can't control your kids.

UrsulaBouquet Sun 06-Mar-11 17:14:45

Online shopping? Seriously, I think this is a wind up.

Either way YABU

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:15:34

we didnt have any rains as we didnt expect to not be able to put them all in the trolly. i have two 2 year olds a 1 year old and a 3 year old, yes the 3 yr old is old enough to walk by himself but i have boy twins that get alittle over excited lets say. it was impossible to pay and keep hold of him at the same time. both trollys were completely full or he would have been in the food section of the trolly.
i really dont see how it is unreasonable to expect a huge shope like tesco to supply a trolly with double seat! if i had been on my own with my twins and neather were walking i just wouldnt have been able to do the shopping at all.
and yes iv tried to do shopping online and it turned up gone off!!

majormayhem Sun 06-Mar-11 17:16:55

Hell, where I live they even have double trolleys with those little tikes cars attached to the front so you can have a third child "drive". (which I don't recommend, btw. They're so long that it's near impossible to steer them and the "driver" is below eye level, so he or she can grab goodies from the shelves without you seeing.)

But overall, shopping online is just about the best thing ever.

JaneS Sun 06-Mar-11 17:18:15

Might be worth getting the non-perishables delivered then, so you'd have less to pack into the trolley? That'd cut down your load a fair bit.

readinginsteadnow Sun 06-Mar-11 17:18:28

Two trolley's full of shopping? Blimey. What on earth do you buy, esp given how small your kids are?

toddlerama Sun 06-Mar-11 17:20:29

Give the online shopping another go. Sounds like you were unlucky the first time, but that's never happened to me and if it did, I would get it refunded. Still less hassle than shopping with 4 under 4!

bonkers20 Sun 06-Mar-11 17:20:53

Tesco online?

I can't imagine anything worse than dragging my DH and 2 DCs to a supermarket. I'd be in there all blooming day. So YABU for turning a trip to Tesco into a day out for all the family and then moaning on here because it was a nightmare.

You're also BU for requiring 2 trolleys for a week's worth of shopping. You've got 4 babies FGS, not 4 teenage boys to feed.

You did ask.

inthesticks Sun 06-Mar-11 17:22:33

To be fair I should think nappies alone for 4 babies would fill a trolley.
I recommend you persevere with online shopping though. I have found that there is never any problem with getting a refund if something is unsuitable or faulty. It's particularly good for huge bulk buys such as washing powder, milk, cartons of juice....stuff that is heavy.

AnnoyingOrange Sun 06-Mar-11 17:24:34

this has to be a wind up

I agree that supermarkets should have more double seat trollies available (I have a 1yo and 2yo) but it's not Tesco's fault one of your children ran out into the road. It's your job to prevent that happening.

I'm also failing to understand why you would go on a family outing to the supermarket. I order online from sainsburys and have done since DD1 was born. If I need to pick up any extras at the weekend, the children stay at home with daddy!

myhouseisnotamess Sun 06-Mar-11 17:25:02

YANBU to ask for a trolley with two seats, YABU to blame tescos for your children being in the road if they cant provide one.

Its yours and your dh responsibility to supervise your children, to teach them or stop them grabbing everything they can see. Put them on reins, give them their own "list" and get them to help.

I have children, mine have sn, Im not unsympathetic honestly, I used to be a sole care nanny for triplets who had an older sibling, Im not saying its easy at all!

readinginsteadnow Sun 06-Mar-11 17:25:21

And if you get it delivered one evening, when you're both at home so one of you can be dealing with any waking kids, then you've created a whole extra free day on the saturday/sunday smile

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:27:10

3 in nappies takes up alot of room in a trolley!!
but i really don't think its unreasonable to supply more than 2 double trollys in a big store!!
i take responsibility yes my child ran off and i lost him for a few minuets, it was horrible and hope it never happens again but yes kids do sometimes, I'm not the first mum it will happen to nor will i be the last.
i wont be shopping at tesco anymore anyway. iv never had a problem finding double trolleys anywhere else so don't see why i should there.

Grabaspoon Sun 06-Mar-11 17:27:49


I know several people who are able to take their 2 and 3 year olds grocery shopping without sitting them in the trolley - myself included.

It is not Tesco's fault that you don't get shopping delivered or that you need 2 shopping trolleys worth of shopping.

YATBU to suggest that because your child wasn't in a trolley he was able to escape a supermarket and get into the carpark. With a ratio of 1:1 between adults and walking children - this should not have happened and is your parental fault not Tesco's fault.

myhouseisnotamess Sun 06-Mar-11 17:30:39

"he informed me a store of that size (extra) only had to supply 2 double trolleys for the whole store"

The extras are the superstores arent they??

All the ones I have been to have had billions of double ones.
The express ones only have a couple.

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 06-Mar-11 17:32:35

So let's say that Tesco had 4 x double trolleys in the store but you still only got one because the other three were in use - would you still blame Tesco then?

You really can't blame anyone else for your DS running off; there were two of you there. As horrible as I'm sure it was, you need to accept responsibility for it yourself and work out how you're going to shop from now on. After all, once they are all walking, it's not going to make supermarket shopping any easier is it?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:33:04

look, im not saying its tescos fault that my child ran off, im saying if he was in a trolly it wouldnt have happened. seriously im being unreasonable for asking for a double trolley? really? !!!

sourdoughface Sun 06-Mar-11 17:36:08

cba to read whole thread but is it really necessary for six people to do the shopping?

this really is one of my bugbears

PDR Sun 06-Mar-11 17:37:09

Shop online. Simples! Then if you forget something and have to pop in leave DH at home with the DC. I wouldn't even take 1 under 4 to the supermarket let alone 4.

myhouseisnotamess Sun 06-Mar-11 17:37:30

Your not unreasonable to ask, theres nothing really the customer assistant could do though, if there were none. There could have been 20 and all of them in use, the end result would have been same.

UrsulaBouquet Sun 06-Mar-11 17:39:06

Get nappies, tins, dried goods etc delivered and send DH to get fresh stuff or you pop out and leave him with the kids for a bit. It really can't be fun for anyone the way you're doing it.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:40:24

just one double trolley would have done the job but there was none.
the customer service bloke said they were allocated 2 for the whole store and so thats what they had.
i could have been anywhere and yes he still could have run off the same and hes just that sort of child that does. adhd?? maybe i dont know. all im saying is none of the staff battered an eyelid when he went missing, as if a child has never ran off before.
life would just be a lot easier with a double trolley and i dont think its too much to ask.

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 06-Mar-11 17:40:32

Yes you are - "at the end while we were packing the shopping one of my children went missing......still the customer service advisor did not see this as his problem"

The only person responsible for your children is you. You said above that you've never had trouble finding double trolleys anywhere else so you should have left Tesco when you realised you couldn't accommodate all your DC and gone elsewhere.

We are a family of 6 and I have never used 2 trollies to do a shop. Our tesco extra only has a handful of trollies with 2 baby seats which can be inconvenient but to be honest I really think that online for bulky items and a quick one person shop for perishables is the way to go.

myhouseisnotamess Sun 06-Mar-11 17:41:50

fwiw when smaller dd1 who has sn needed to be strapped into trolley as she walked very late wouldnt fit, the only way I could shop was if there was one of the car sit in ride trolleys available. I used to get out of the car with dd1 and have to sit there until one became free, there was only one, and make a run for it, I used to have to shop on my own.

YANBU to expect to find a double trolley as loads of families have more than one small child and would have the need of one and It must have been a terrible fright to have lost your little boy.

Bribary works well with my three little ones. My 1 1/2 year old sits in the trolley if it is a big one and my 3 and 5 year old hold on to the trolley (apart from when I ask them to put things in the trolley). When we go to pay they have to hold on to the area where we pack bags (no letting go at all or there is no treat!) For great behaviour they get a small treat normally a go on one of the little rides most markets have outside. 3 rides for a pound means one go each for them and well behaved children for me every one is happy and best of all I know exactly where they are as do they. Any messing about at all and that child or children don't get a ride.

NonnoMum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:44:44

I wouldn't dream of taking all three of mine shopping. I often go at 8pm when they are all in bed.

SOOOOO much quicker and less hassle th.an going with any kids.

Go twice a week. I bet it'll still be quicker.

nannyl Sun 06-Mar-11 17:45:58


if between the 2 of you you cant watch your children than consider it your own fault and shop online.

Have to say that many of my nany friends regulalry look after 4 under 4, one of my best friends looked after her own baby and 3 charges. (most of my nanny jobs have been caring for just 2 children)

By HERSELF pretty much all the time she managed without fail to control the children, and they would NEVER have made it to a road without her noticing!

squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:46:29

simple solution. if you insist on making the supermarket trip a family outing hmm.. why couldnt the husband put two of the children in one trolley, mother put two in another trolley, and problem solved... not exactly difficult.. is it.

ginmakesitallok Sun 06-Mar-11 17:46:52

YANBU! Of course a store that size should have more than 2 double trolleys. What about a single mum with 2 small kids - is she expected to manage to do her shopping with one in the trolley and one....well who knows where. Our Tesco extra had loads of double trolleys. Can't believe people are siding with Tescos on this one!!

ginmakesitallok Sun 06-Mar-11 17:47:38

Squeaky - have you read the OP??? There wasn't even ONE double trolley - never mind 2!

squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:48:26

she means seating enough for four, not two..

is it unreasonable to ask for a trolley with two seats? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

its a fucking shopping trolley, not a ride at Legoland... hmm

usualsuspect Sun 06-Mar-11 17:49:45

Theres always loads of double seated trolleys in my local tesco ..had no idea they were so rare elsewhere

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:51:52

squeaky, i needed a double trolly not one for four lol, never seen one of them!!

ginmakesitallok Sun 06-Mar-11 17:52:09

She has said that she usually takes 2 trolleys - 2 x 2. Do 4 seat trolleys even exist??

TheVisitor Sun 06-Mar-11 17:53:49

In Tesco in Northampton they have 2 4 seater trollies as there's such a high number of triplets there and the triplet and HOM rallied Tesco to get them.

Pay the few quid and have it delivered

Grabaspoon Sun 06-Mar-11 17:54:44

"im not saying its tescos fault that my child ran off, im saying if he was in a trolly it wouldnt have happened"

But if you had shopped online/been watching him properly it wouldn't have happened either [swings and roundabouts] And I am talking as someone that has had to shop with a baby, 2 and 3 year old boys.

squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:54:55

when i asked the customer service advisor he informed me a store of that size (extra) only had to supply 2 double trolleys for the whole store

well in that case, someone is telling porkies, because I regularly shop at lots of different tesco stores, and double trolleys are never in short supply, ever.

Awhiteelephantintheroom Sun 06-Mar-11 17:55:21

Squeaky I've just laughed so hard at your Legoland post I've spat cherry coke all over the laptop.....

squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:56:32

"im not saying its tescos fault that my child ran off, im saying if he was in a trolly it wouldnt have happened"

And if your husband had been holding his hand or keeping a closer eye on him he wouldnt have been able to run off either...

I just cant believe you are blaming tesco because between the two of you, you are seemingly incapable of controlling 4 children.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 17:56:43

anyway i have vented now. so thanks everyone.
grin think i will give shopping online another go.
i still don't think i was being unreasonable to ask for at least one double trolley tho. yes i have difficult children. SORRY!!!

YANBU to ask for a double trolley but YABU to expect, and definately BU to blame a shop for you not knowing where your child is. That's just plain odd

squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 17:58:17

Why not just leave the kids at home with your husband and shop in peace.. much easier.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:01:48

if i was so incapable of controlling my 4 unruly children they wouldn't be here with me now!!
i have never lost any before. and after yesterday im sure it will never happen again.
like i said im not the first nor will be the last to have a child run off so any1 questioning my parenting i just hope you never have to experience a child going missing its not nice but it happens!

nailak Sun 06-Mar-11 18:02:16

some people cant shop online as they dont have credit/debit cards, like me#!!!

i leave kids and dh at home 2 do shopping, less stressfull#!!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:03:42

hellooutthere i was not expecting them to know where my child was, just give me a hand to find him!!

Why could your DH not have taken the children to the car or outside or WATCHED them whilst you bagged or vice versa?

Its your responsibility to look after the children whilst shopping.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:05:43

how much i would love to go shopping on my own, sounds fantastic. but yes i do need two trolleys worth however unbelieveable that is!!

sorry x-post with above post

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:06:52

two trolleys two separate isles for packing.

lyra41 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:07:52

i would suggest shopping online from now on. supermarket shopping with 4 under 4 must be a total nightmare, esp with the volume of shopping you need.

worraliberty Sun 06-Mar-11 18:08:17

FFS (wonders how parents coped before double trollies) just shop online or get some childcare biscuit

TheMonster Sun 06-Mar-11 18:08:45


stressheaderic Sun 06-Mar-11 18:09:37

Our Tesco child trolleys have a blue bit than you flap down to sit on, and 4 leg holes. If you have 1 child you put them in the centre with legs between holes 2 and 3, if you have 2 children, you put them side by side using all of the leg holes.
I hope this makes sense!
I did this just today with 1yo old DD. Not even a Tesco Extra but had loads and loads of trolleys of varying requirements.
YABU, and also a bit mad to go food shopping en famille. Online is your friend.

altinkum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:09:45

why did you and your husband just take two trolleys, and one of you had one child each to supervise.

Its not a unreasonable suggestion, however your children are your responsibility.

bullet234 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:10:14

1: Two adults. So one pushes the trolly that has two of the children sitting in it and the other adult holds onto the other children's hands. Get the essentials or perishables in that trolly and have the rest delivered.

2: Get everything delivered.

3: One of you goes shopping whilst the other one stays at home with the children.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:11:05

why should i have to though is also my point. i spend an absolute fortune at tesco is it so unreasonable to have a double trolley. lol. why have any if there not needed eerrrrmmmm because they are needed!!

I do actually quite enjoy shopping with DH and the DCs

bullet234 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:12:28

My ds2 is 5 and still loves to run off, so I have to keep a vice like grip on him. But I wouldn't blame the supermarket because he's now too big for the trolleys and they haven't got any ones with bigger seats.

worraliberty Sun 06-Mar-11 18:12:37

Ok so just say they buy an extra 10 trollies and all of them are in use when you get there? Do you think they should be reserved for you and your brood with their names on?

altinkum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:12:40

You have to!!, you ejit, so your children dont come to harm, you lost him, and could have nearly killed him!, that's not tesco problem!!.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:13:03

2 trolleys worth!!
bad experience with having shopping delivered.
as if i would have taken us all shopping if i didnt need the 2 trolleys worth. confused

EveWasFramed72 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:13:27

Seriously, I still want to know why you go shopping with the whole family??? I wouldn't take DCs with me shopping, ever, no matter how well behaved they usually are!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:14:46

worraliberty.........YES!! lol

so tesco shouldnt have helped me look for him?

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 06-Mar-11 18:15:40

In your position OP, I think it would have been easier to get TWO normal sized trolleys, plonked all four kids in one of them and given it to DH to take care of. You could have zipped around then getting what you needed, getting husband to load the kids into the car, load the shopping - getting yourself another trolley to go and do the last bulky bits.

Or shopped online... nothing would induce me to take little kids to a supermarket if I really didn't have to.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:16:14

once again 2 trolleys worth.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 06-Mar-11 18:17:39

I've accounted for your TWO trolleys-worth, OP.

altinkum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:17:50

so you make TWO journeys then, its not rocket science tbh. Im confused, I do my shopping on a Sunday for a family of 6 also, also 2 shopping trolleys...

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:22:54

i actually work full time. i dont have time to be going backwards and forwards from tesco. we go when we have a spare hour or two. iv taken responsibility for my child going missing yes i shouldn't have let it happen!! but what im saying is. is it unreasonable to have a double trolley and is it unreasonable to expect a member of staff to help me look for a missing child?

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:25:19

Lots of miserable, shrewish posters on here. Tescos isn't the NHS, it's a BUSINESS and if it wants customers it should make more effort to be nice to them. A 'We're sorry madam, we'll talk to Head Office' wouldn't have gone amiss.

As for those posters saying the family shouldn't leave the house together for things like this, are you really so mean minded that you think families should stay indoors and be socially excluded from mainstream society for years at a time if they find it tricky to keep track of several tiny children all at once in a busy shop (and who doesn't? I am a trained teacher with four children and it has been known for my offspring to escape from time to time)?

Listen to yourselves, people. You are effectively suggesting that families should work towards fitting a mould based on childless adults, or at the very least, cornflake families with 1.9 perfect children for the benefit and convenience of others. This family has as much right as anyone else to be provided with suitable facilities. Their money is the same colour as other people's.

It is not long ago since disabled people were prevented from accessing cinemas on the basis of being 'fire risks', asked to leave schools in case they needed more attention than other pupils, and were unable to go shopping because of lack of wheelchairs/space in aisles/accessible toilets etc. The arguments used in this thread by some people in relation to larger families are horribly reminiscent of those days of discrimination against the disabled, something I would not want to go back to.

families with 1.9 children

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:28:03

Last bit was a typing error

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:28:41

thanks you boffinmum
its nice to know at least one person sees my point. smile

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:29:44

TBH I think most people would think Tesco's could have been a bit more professional and helpful.

worraliberty Sun 06-Mar-11 18:30:17

I am a trained teacher with four children and it has been known for my offspring to escape from time to time

And that's got exactly what to do with anything? hmm

Is being a 'trained teacher' supposed to make you a more capable parent than if you were a 'trained refuse collector'?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:31:27

if you are trained to look after children yes! lol hmm

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:31:57

You only had two children out of a trolley walking whilst you shop not 20, cant see the drama here at all sorry. If its all too much go on your own and leave DH with kids.

sourdoughface Sun 06-Mar-11 18:32:39

of course they are worra

thats why our kids in society are so excellently behaved and educated

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:32:58

hello........... two shopping trolleys full!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:33:50

Hello two shopping trolleys full what? Are you on drugs?

Gemsy what on earth was that for?

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:35:17

Because ive no idea why shes blathering on 'hello...two shopping trolleys full'

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:35:40

Because I have been trained to look after groups of 30 children. Of course it's relevant.

<refrains from swearing in exasperation>

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:35:43

the only reason i take dh and only reason i have to take the children!! why would you think im on drugs. slightly small minded!!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:36:37

But according to you you DIDNT have two shopping trolleys...wtf?

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:37:16

So are you telling me there were NO other shopping trolleys? I really dont get this saga- was it even real?

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:37:37

BTW we are also a two-shopping-trolley family, and we are not alone around here as families tend towards the larger rather than smaller.

It is not always possible to get things delivered in a slot we can cope with, and there are lots of diverse trollies at our local supermarkets which means those branches have been a lot more prescient than this Tesco branch.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:37:55

yes i did... keep up
two shopping trolleys one in each two walking

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:38:46

How can you each not control a child walking?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:41:00

yes....... while we were paying one ran off.
children run off it happens and not just to me!
but should the tesco workers not just help me to find him and just supply double trolleys?

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 18:41:16

Why did you not use a wrist link for the children who were walking?

I personally find it difficult to believe that there were only 2 double trolleys for the whole store as my local one has at least 6 that I count in the trolley park. Did you see them both in use?

fedupofnamechanging Sun 06-Mar-11 18:42:01

Not read whole thread, but I do think that if Tesco want your custom, then they ought to do everything in their power to make shopping as easy as possible. That includes providing enough trolleys with two seats in. I don't think you are that unusual in wanting a trolley with two seats.

The thing is, Tesco don't have to make an effort, because you shopped there anyway, even though it was difficult for you. The last time I went to Tesco and found no trolleys, I thought 'fuck this' and went elsewhere, where they did have trolleys.

Vote with your feet.

I don't, however think it is Tesco's responsibility to take care of your kids. You have to keep a proper eye on them and I agree that reins would be useful for you.

In your position I would do two smaller shops instead of one big one, or I would order some thing online.

Gemsy you've obviously never had a bolter

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:43:01

ring them and ask then lol tesco fulbourn. i didnt have wrist straps as i didnt expect there not to be a double trolley!! for the last time!!!!!!!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:43:40

Wtf yes I have- I do however only have one child so await to be told I couldn't possibly comment on the scenario as ive no idea about it....

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 18:43:50

still do not understand WHY YOU DON;T SHOP ONLINE If you do work full time surely the little time you have with your kids should be for fun things not for dragging them round busy shops grin

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 18:44:38

Oh I have 3 kids and I manage to get round shops easily <awaits big gold star>

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:45:35

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 18:46:42

I am going to assume this is the store that you usually use? And every time previous you have had use of at least one double seater and one single seater?

EdgarAleNPie Sun 06-Mar-11 18:47:01

Tescos trolley provision is usually excellent - the one in Durrington has singles with a plastic car on the front (DD & Ds love it) as well as doubles and 1-up 1-down style ones.

the customer service dude was a bit rubbish to the OPthough. theyshould have fedback to HO an used t to leverage the purchase of more doubles.

though in the ops position i'd have had two trolleys - but one of them for all four kids and the other to do the actual shopping with.

kittybuttoon Sun 06-Mar-11 18:49:57

I've read through the thread and seen that you have plentiful empathy, so could I venture that YABU?

I'm not sure what makes you think you have an entitlement to tailormade transportation and extra childcare from Tesco and its staff.

I'd like them to supply a special wheelchair and an assistant to push me round and carry heavy items and get out-of-reach ones off the shelf. But do you know, I just don't think I'm that important (even though, like you, I spend a lot of money there, I don't expect a personal carer service)

As it is, I overcome everything by shopping online and I can heartily recommend it. Tesco are excellent ime. I think it would help you to get things in perspective and might even help feed your expectation that the world should revolve around your needs.

Sorry if it sounds mean, but really - get things in perspective. Tescos don't owe you anything except groceries in return for your pennies.

victoriasandwich Sun 06-Mar-11 18:50:52

Fgs however many trolleys they had were being used, 2 adults and 4 kids, you should have been able to watch and controll your kids, if you couldn't then you should have left and came back a little later when more trolleys were available,

You cant blame Tescos for your lack of controll over your children,

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:52:18

both trolleys are usually full,
tesco obviously just dont want custom from families with more than 1 child under 3 thats fine, il go elsewhere now.
i just hope no one else has the same problem i had.

NonnoMum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:52:51


We are a family of six, and we don't use two trolleys ('cept once at Christmas when we DID all go - ah happy days).

Honest, think around the problem of kids and trolleys. Go by yourself twice a week (or even once a week with daily bread and milk top-ups at a local shop like we do)...

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:55:08

i just hope no one else has the same problem i had.

Oh god know I mean that would be like the worst thing in the world hmm

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:55:52

Okay so what if you go to Morrisons and all their double seat trollies are in use? Write to your MP?

sourdoughface Sun 06-Mar-11 18:57:55

tesco obviously just dont want custom from families with more than 1 child under 3 thats fine, il go elsewhere now.

yay, one crowd of screeching kids and moaning mums down! a couple of hundred thousand left to go lol

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 18:58:04

maybe she'll shop online ???? jesus I can't imagine anything worse than shopping in a big supermarket on a Sat - hell on earth - some people are odd

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:58:25

the fact is tesco wouldnt exist with out customers. they dont have to supply trolleys at all! and would loose quite a few customers if they didn't!!
they will be loosing me as a customer as they dont supply double trolleys, other big supermarkets do and for a reason to keep the customer happy so they come back again! if i saw someone in distress looking for a child i would help them, so why didnt the people that actually work there? its there job to help customers.... thats why they are there!!

EdgarAleNPie Sun 06-Mar-11 18:59:25

ah you mean two trolleys full of shopping

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 18:59:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 18:59:58

gemsy. yes it is the worst thing in the world to loose a child!! sorry!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:00:48

Yep been there done that- my fault for taking my eyes off an active toddler! Nobody elses for not finding them

Well if you have a bolter then you will understand how it is impossible to control a child walking when you are shopping, watching a child in the trolley and pushig the trolley at the same time

FFS shop online!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:02:35

Its not impossible at all- just takes more effort, it doesnt mean a bloody supermarket is to blame.

OK there is some serious nastiness going on now. Stop it ffs.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:02:46

the job of customer service is to help the customer. no?

nobodyimportant Sun 06-Mar-11 19:03:27

YANBU to think they should have had more trolleys with 2 seats, most places seem to manage it. YANBU to think they should have helped when a child went missing shock. Yes, it is your responsibility to keep hold of them but it is one of those things that does happen sometimes and they should help you when it does. Reins might be a very good idea in the future though, if you have a runner.

I still think you should do your shopping online though! Far easier to do a quick trip to pick up missing bits, get any bad things refunded, than to take all of you shopping together. I do most of my shopping online and I've never had a major problem with it.

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:03:37

The job of customer services is not to go running after kids who's parents cant control them!

OK sorry, not impossible, difficult. And I agree the supermarket is not to blame. I just don't understand all the nastiness on this thread, sometimes think people sharpen their claws when they click on AIBU

in the last 5 mins the OP has been called a fuckwit and odd by two separate people. You should be ashamed of yourselves

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:05:46

supermarket not to blame.... iv said its my fault, my responsability to keep hold of my children yes. but is it unreasonable to have a double trolly and have some help to find a lost child?
seriously if you think it is then im glad i dont have you as a friend lol!!

WorzselMummage Sun 06-Mar-11 19:05:50

How much do you eat if you need 2 trollys shock

Stealth I think folk are just exasperated that the OP doesn't shop online making it easier for herself.
Even if she'd rather pick out fresh stuff, she could get nappies, and loo rolls and tins and what have you delivered, so one of them could go to the store without the kids and only need one trolley.

nobodyimportant Sun 06-Mar-11 19:07:31

kittybuttoon I've seen people being helped around my local Tesco in their wheelchairs/scooters by staff members getting all the stuff off the shelves for them and helping them out to the car. It does happen .

kittybuttoon Sun 06-Mar-11 19:07:34

You are too high maintenance to be an ordinary shopper, I'm afraid.

Take your business to whoever will provide you and the children with a free childcare service.

Good luck with finding that, then.

wellwisher Sun 06-Mar-11 19:08:53

Why don't you get everything EXCEPT fresh stuff delivered and either you or DH go to the supermarket just for fresh stuff while the other stays at home with the children? Surely your fresh food isn't more than a trolley-load - most of your trolley space must be nappies, washing powder etc.

YABU taking 4 small children and DH to the supermarket

YABVU shopping on a Saturday at a store that is open 24 hours and then moaning that they have run out of ANYTHING, let alone trollies.

YABVVVVVVU punctuating all your sentences with lol.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:09:17

yes it is their job to help. because it happens!! call me what ever you like, im a good mum. every health professional i have come across say they dont know how i manage and yes this one time he went missing im not perfect and neither is my son. anyone that thinks they are a perfect parent is obviously deluded.

D0G Sun 06-Mar-11 19:09:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sourdoughface Sun 06-Mar-11 19:10:00

as the girl in tesco told me the other week, and i relayed to their Head Office, "they dont give a monkeys about the customers here"

Head Office couldnt have given a monkeys either confused

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:10:34

You DONT though clearly if one of your kids managed to get far enough away from you to end up on the bloody road!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:10:44

im saying lol as some of these comments really do make me laugh!!!!!! so small minded

nobodyimportant Sun 06-Mar-11 19:10:53

I would be appalled if I got no help from staff when I lost a child. With the best will in the world it can happen very easily and surely the important thing then is that the child is safe rather than berating the parents for losing it?

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:11:47

Why didnt one of you stay at home whilst other shops. I neve understand why whole families trail round busy shops together. If DH and I do end up going at the same time we split up get the stuff and get out of there.

If your not happy with trolley provision I would shop eleswhere if you need to take all four children food shopping with you.

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 19:13:26

OP give up, you're clearly fighting a losing battle here.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:13:28

to the road yes, we were at the till closes to the exit and he went straight out. no wise in hindsight. why is it you cant grasp that some children run off?!!!

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:14:58

I can grasp it but ffs there were TWO of you not one?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:15:10

why didnt one of us stay at home while the other went shopping, oh i hadn't thought of that one!!!!!!!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:15:38

yes at seperate isles

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:16:06

when I say whole families I dont just mean children I mean grown ups too - gangs wlaking side by side blocking ailes not moving arguing - this is a pet hate of mine.

However actually I di think it is reasonable that a 24 hour store which are the largest ones should have the correct troleys mine does have lots of those, but if it didnt I would go elsewhere.

victoriasandwich Sun 06-Mar-11 19:16:16

Your kids therefore your responsibilty.

But why can't you. You haven't told us why you can't buy the non perishables online!

WorzselMummage Sun 06-Mar-11 19:17:15

I want to know why you need two trollys.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:18:10

as if i have time to go to every supermarket to check which ones supply double trollys, i wanted a double trolly so my children didnt get in the way of other customers, it annoys me as much as everyone else!!

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:19:29

well why didnt one fo you stay at home then?

OP I think you had a bad shopping trip which was series if events thats got you worked up.

My DS (an only child) ran away from me one the way out of school and got to the road, so yes this does happen and can happen to anyone and he has run away from both of us too.

Why are some people calling the OP names, you can disagree without being nasty FFS.

altinkum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:19:47

You choose to continue to shop, knowing full well that it was going to be a hard task in hand, you stupidly believed that it was OK to continue and in the end could nearly have killed your child, due to your own irresponsible actions. You need to re-address your shopping routine, and prioritise your kids safety in doing so.
I work full time,its not a competition! also, its a piss poor excuse tbh, you would have got those two shopping journeys done faster, if you didn't have the children with you. Tesco does have shopping trolleys that we're suitable, however they we're being used by other customers.

Gemsy83 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:20:11

The thing is even if they DO supply them they may all be in use- you can expect the world to revolve around you and your kids on a shopping trip! In my local tescos on a weekend you would be lucky if there was a single trolley available let along two with double seats!

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:20:32

Well you could ring up! Or through trial and error re trolleys, I think that is a poor excuse.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:20:43

i could buy non perishables online. why cany tesco supply double trolleys?
i have 3 children in nappies i need two trolleys to fit nappies mild as well as all the food shopping, but its irrelevant why i need two trolleys

Journey Sun 06-Mar-11 19:21:45

Your child ran out of the shop and was in the middle of the road and you're blaming Tesco for not having enough trolleys! What on earth were you and your partner doing when your DC ran away like that? How about taking responsibility for your actions rather than blaming someone else.

kittybuttoon Sun 06-Mar-11 19:22:06

OP, what is wrong with you that you are blaming everything on Tesco?

Can't you accept just a tiny bit of the responsibility for putting your kid in so much danger that he had to be rescued from mid-road by a stranger?

Are you going to tell the health visitors who admire you so much about this incident? Or would that spoil their rosy view of your capabilities?

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 19:22:14

1. Get food delivered. There are other supermarkets than Tesco.

2. If you think your child has ADHD maybe get him assessed.

3. Consider buying reins or wrists straps.

4. Organise it so one parent shops and the other stays at home with the kids.

5. Some stores have trolleys with enough seats for four children.

6. How much you spend has no baring on how many trollies there are available.

victoriasandwich Sun 06-Mar-11 19:22:31

4 kids under 4 yet you have been responding on here since 5 o'clock, surely you should be seeing to them, bedtime and stuff?

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:23:39

the trolley provision and the child running out are two seperate issues here.

altinkum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:25:08

If your talking about me, calling the OP a ejit, then tbh she is that, she asked why she thought she didn't need two trolleys and why she should have to need two trolleys, her OP is exactly why she needed two trolleys, or why either of them went shopping alone!

januaryjojo Sun 06-Mar-11 19:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:27:30

i cant predict my child running off if i could it wouldnt happen obviously!
we actually got the shopping done really quickly and they were very well behaved apart from picking a few things up. i had no warning he was going to run off. it would be better for me and other people shopping if the children could be out of the way in a shopping trolley so the dont get in the way or run off! its best all round for everyone im happy, other customers happy, tesco should be happy as i would have more time to lokk around a nd buy more. i cant see why they wouldnt have double trolley!

wellwisher Sun 06-Mar-11 19:28:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:29:05

hello..... iv taken responsibility!!!!!!!!!! it just wouldnt have happened if there were sufficient trolleys

houseworkwhore Sun 06-Mar-11 19:29:39

this is a joke surely? hmm

If you cannot control 4 children in tescos then maybe you shouldnt have 4 children... bigger age gaps may have made it easier for your shopping....

you should be ashamed that YOU not tesco allowed your child to end up in the middle of the road shock

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:32:24

You hant as you are blaming it on the lack of trolleys. Why did you all need to go?

Because you say in your OP that the kids picked up everything and it took twice as long, also that they got bashed by other trolleys.
Why put all of you through that when the kids could have fun elsewhere and one of you could shop?

loueytb3 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:32:55

OP - you've had some very unfair responses I think. As a mum of twin boys, one of whom is a runner - YANBU

Our nearest Tesco extra also has very few double trolleys and I regularly couldn't find one. Customer services frankly couldn't give a shit and never made any effort to try and find one for me when I complained. End result they no longer get my custom. Which given how much we spend per wk on groceries is really short-sighted of them.

I do as much of my shopping online as possible but sometimes you can't get a slot, or you just need to physically look at stuff in the store. I did actually scope out our local supermarkets when DTs were born to see what double trolleys they had before I went because trolleys with 2 baby seats were even harder to find than ones with 2 toddler seats. I am shortly going to have another but I'm not sure I would brave shopping on my own with 3 of them.

victoriasandwich Sun 06-Mar-11 19:34:07

No matter what anyone else says the op isn't gonna blame anyone else but Tescos,

So op, Don't shop there again, i'm sure they will manage without your custom.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:34:15

lol!! even if i had just two and was on my own the same could have happened. i shouldnt have 4 children so il send a couple back shall i? wtf!
if i shop on a saturday its not because i want to, i hate it!! its the only time i had free. once again im not blaming tesco for my child running off. but not to help and to only have two double trolleys for the whole store!

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:34:52

I didn't call the op ODD for the record - I said 'some people are odd' for wanting to spend Sat in the supermarket! so you can maybe slow down your high horse a little

I think it is ODD if you work FT to spend Sat in Tescos

I think if I had 4 kids I would shop online or go on my own

I have 3 kids and work - I shop on line

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:36:08

your husband is at home - can you not nip to tesco at 8am without the kids - get it all in an hour - be home by 9:30 with the whole day to spare?

it just seems crazy to spend family time in Tesco!

so are you saying the OP is odd or not?
PResumably she fits your definition?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:37:23

they could have been bashed by other trolleys had i no moved them out of the way and it could have taken twice as long had they not been behaved

Choufleur Sun 06-Mar-11 19:38:21

I've not read all of this. Do you go shopping every week and fill two trolleys? Just curious what you fill them with?

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:39:09

No I just think it is odd - a strange thing to do - I don't understand it - but feel free to continue in your superiority fest wine

Well don't bloody do it then, shop online and take turns with your DP to go once a week after work for fresh bits!
<bangs head on keyboard>

sourdoughface Sun 06-Mar-11 19:40:03

it just wouldnt have happened if there were sufficient trolleys


it wouldnt have happened if you didnt have four kids


it wouldnt have happened if you didnt work full time and could go shopping in the week


it wouldnt have happened if Germany had won WW2

it did happen though and you need to have a bit of a rethink about childcare arrangement and shopping

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:41:06

mayb i am a bit odd, whatever i dont care. if i could have gone antother day of the week i would have and if i could drive and do it on my own even better! but in my opinion tesco should cater for all their customers. and customer service could have been alot more helpful

OK, np, so completely unrelated to the OP then. Just clarifying. Sorry if I'm coming across as superior, I don't see it really. Just don't like some of the nastiness on here, but that was mainly the fuckwit comment (not yours).

houseworkwhore Sun 06-Mar-11 19:42:07

i think the op is very odd...

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:42:12

yeah obviously im not going to be doing it again that goes without say derrr

snakesandladders Sun 06-Mar-11 19:42:34

mummummymum with 4 lo's and a full time job I am amazed that you even manage to be organised enough to make it out of teh front door as a family!
YDNBU there should be more trollys with two seets, you can't be the only family that needs one!!
I personally dislike tesco beacuse I think that customer service is right at the bottom of their agenda.
That sounds like a nightmare shopping trip, hope that you have all recovered.
Online shopping can be handy, if the fresh stuff isn't much good, as others have said try different stores, or just bulk order nappies/tins etc everyother week, or month or soemthing so that you can get away with one trolly.
I am hmm at some of the comments on this thread, walking a mile in other peoples shoes and all that....

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:43:37

Oh I am maybe being a mild cowbag ;) Stealth !

snakesandladders Sun 06-Mar-11 19:43:39

ps have you tried complaining to tesco?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:44:39

your opinion on me being odd just proves you dont really get what im talking about. if people have nothing to say they name call. v small minded

D0G Sun 06-Mar-11 19:44:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:49:58

well i put this on here to see whether it was worth complaining but looks like it wouldnt be confused
i used to have opinions of people with large families not being able to control their children. but then i see people struggling with one child more then i do with my 4 so i dont think its just how your child wants to behave on the day

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 19:50:58

OP it is one thing not to accept things could have been done differently (trolley provision aside) but you dont seem willing to acknowledge any of the advice a lot of which is contructive as to how you can avoid this in the future. If I see a one women picket in the news re Trolley @tesco campaign then I will know it is you.

Anyway Trolleys is all you have to be concerned about with four small DC's you cant be doing that bad.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:51:10


gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:51:34

no I think spending family time when you work FT in tesco is odd - not you - just that specific bit of behaviour

why not spend the time at the park, swimming, baking, relaxing

honeslt for the sake of a few brown apples shop on line

you seem a tad controlling - you wont let other people, including your husband, shop on your behalf

bottom line is you have choices - lots - you chose to take the whole family with you - and maybe other people did to - so they also needed and where using the trollies

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 06-Mar-11 19:53:05

I'm beginning to wonder whether this isn't just a massive wind up. 4 kids under 4 and she's been posting consistently on here for almost three hours without a gap for tea, bathtime and bedtime?

soccerwidow Sun 06-Mar-11 19:53:50

My sympathies,

I normally just ask the trolley-pusher blokey (whatever his job-title is)to find me one (politely with a smile) I might have to wait 5-10mins but they nearly always manage to find me one.

I dont understand why there are so many of the ones with blue seats for babies in diff combos (2 baby seats or 1 baby & 1 toddler) but hardly any double seats.

Also why are they smaller than usual trollies? Sainsbos told me it was because I already had the weight of 2 children to push around before any shopping but surely having 2 children would mean that I need a bigger not a smaller trolley!

I now rarely shop with kids in tow unless I really have to. Internet is good if I can be organised enough to book a slot 3 weeks ahead & then I get my fresh stuff from local shops. I often also go on my own late at night (and then DH puts it all away when I get home)

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:54:14

i am taking on board it all had actually occurred to me. im not so small minded to think i need to shop some where else or do it online. wev already said its a mistake we will not make again but i just cant think of a reason they dont have more double trolleys or why they didnt care at all my child was missing

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:54:47

to think i dont*

stoatie Sun 06-Mar-11 19:56:27

Do you normally shop in this store because if you do and normally have enough trollys then maybe it was bad timing today. Tesco do not care about customer service.
I sympathise with you re having a bolter, I lost my daughter in M & S once - totally my fault, was with my OH, mum and had newly born DS in pram. We split up to do some shopping (pre mobile phone days)each thinking DD was with the others - 10 mins later when we met up I realised she was missing - luckily M & S staff were fantastic (the store was situated on a retail park just off M1 - I had visions of her either being in a accident (she was 3.5) or abducted and being miles up the M1 already.) and soon located her (via CCTV) sat on the settees in the home section!

baabaapinksheep Sun 06-Mar-11 19:56:54

Haven't read the whole thread, but why didn't you get a trolley with a baby seat and toddler seat for the 1 yr old and one of the twins, then a normal trolley for the other twin/ the 3 yr old?? then you would of only had one child to watch.

Also, if you know the 3yr old is prone to bolting, why didn't you put him in one of the trolleys instead of the 2 yr old?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 19:58:43

im sorry i didnt realise i had to post on here when i take my children to the park lol. we do plenty of family activities thank you very much!!
i wish i could trust my husband to go shopping for me. life would be easier!! mayb i am a bit controlling. but thats not the issue here. why dont tesco have more double trolleys?

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 19:59:47

OP- the store rotas staff on according to the bare minimum they think they will need for a particular shift. There are rarely enough people to do everything on a Staurday which is traditionally the busiest day.

Perhaps using the online service for things like the nappies,washing powder, etc so that only one person has to physically go to the shop for the rest would be a better solution, especially as your children are in what can be considered the most challenging age group for shopping?

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 20:01:30

If it's anything like our town- because they get nicked by idiots pissed out of their head who use then for trolley racing and end up in the river.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:01:51

i wasnt expecting him to bolt obviously or he would have been in the trolley. he was very excited and yes i should have just stopped and put him in but hindsight is a great thing isnt it. like i said im not perfect im human and make mistakes but why dont tesco have more double trolleys!!

FabbyChic Sun 06-Mar-11 20:02:11

If you had got to the store when it opened you may well have found the two trolleys they did have were avaiable.

When Tesco deliver you can check the goods whilst you are carrying it in if anything is off you can send it back.

You could to an online shop to be delivered any evening of the week up to 10 or 11, you could then do it twice, or even just the once so that when you do go shopping for the perishables you only need one trolley and one actual parent.

So why don't you do that? Buy all the stuff that is not fresh online i.e like nappies that take up one whole trolley?

Surely that makes bloody sense.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:03:33

but they said they only have to supply two per store. knowing that must mean they have had a complaint about it before.

Rosieeo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:03:50

OP, I have my shopping delivered from Tesco every week and there are very rarely any problems, even with fresh stuff. Maybe you just had one bad experience? I'd definitely give it another try. It make my life a lot easier and I only have two children.

Apart from that, I'd say YADBU although I am surprised you couldn't get two doubles. They seem to have an abundance of them at our Tesco Extra.

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:04:39

Just a thought, once the trollies were emptied of food why not put the child in it? Not great or hygenic but better than a dead child.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 20:05:41

not necessarily. They said that they only HAD to supply 2, not that that was all they had. Or at least that is how I have read your posts.

Don't all trolleys have two seats then? They did when I was wee. I've actually never put DD in a trolley, thinking about it. She's too big for them now of course at 4. I think enough people have told you to shop online so I won't repeat.

But holy crap at the amount you must spend on nappies - a whole trolley full of nappies? shock I bought a couple of packs once and nearly fainted when I saw the price - never bought them again!

I would suggest that the 'nappy trolley' - as just a few large items, from the same location, does not need to be pushed round empty until the nappy aisle and then pushed round irrelevantly until you pay. I would send DH back with the trolley as it was scanned to fill with nappies and return. Might have to go through the till twice depending on how quick you are but it's got to be easier!

How do you manage when you shop elsewhere - places without trollies?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:05:51

thanx fabbychick like the 20th person to suggest that and it has been taken on board. i would just like to be able to choose what im buying. that must just be too much to ask

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:06:10

I don't see this being related to you having 4 kids at all, you were there with two adults and four toddlers, that means that is one adult to look after two toddlers each - that is no different to me taking my two out with me. So the fact that you are a family of six is irrelevant.

When I go, if I am lucky there is a double trolley and they both go in there, no problem.

If I am unlucky and I can't get a double trolley then I get out the reins that I keep in my change bag and put them on the eldest (2.1yrs) and I go around slowly ensuring I keep control of DD at all times. She can't run off because she is on her reins and I can get my shopping done.

The rest of us manage if when we get there all the doubles are taken so you need to too. I think you are blaming Tesco, but really you need to ask why you hadn't come prepared.

I even have a cheapy pair of reins and a wrist link stored in the boot of my car for emergencies like this after learning my lesson the few times I couldn't find my normal set in the change bag.

Tesco ought to have lots of double trolleys, but you need to be prepared for anything yourself. You could easily be in my position where there are loads of double trolleys but the are often all taken.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 06-Mar-11 20:07:39

Surely with just using the online facility for the stuff like nappies and other big non fresh stuff it would be the same as you going to the store?

lovenamechange100 Sun 06-Mar-11 20:07:42

You will have toask tesco why they dont have more Trolleys, what does it matter if you are resolved to doing things different in future.

Not trusting your DH to do shopping is odd, what elese dot you trust him with? If he can read shopping list.....

You creating jobs for yourself here, learn to delegate...

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:08:26

we dont go out much lol. no its only the food shopping we struggle with. and yes we spend hundreds on nappies, i dont even want to think about it shock

tyzer2001 Sun 06-Mar-11 20:08:53

It has been mentioned several times that all standard supermarket trollies have space for two children.

Does the OP not agree?

usualsuspect Sun 06-Mar-11 20:09:27

bloody hell over 200 posts on shopping trolleys ..only on MN grin

they don't tyzer
most have one seat in the middle
some have one seat and one reclining one for tiny babies
a few have 2 toddler seats - I always have to search for them but do usually get one

penguin73 Sun 06-Mar-11 20:11:02

One person pushing trolley with 2 kids in, other walking around holding 2 hands. That could have worked surely? So yes, YABU.

us this is the new P&T space row

penguin, there weren't any trolleys for 2 children

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:11:46

husband is useless yes no capable of finding anything silly me for marrying him. and silly me for going out with out reins that my children refuse to wear.

TragicallyHip Sun 06-Mar-11 20:13:00

I don't think you are unreasonable to expect a few more double trolly's than 2! There are heaps at mine but I shop in the flag store which is huge!

I don't think there is any harm in writing a letter asking if they can increase the amount of trolly's you are after.

Would I would suggest is maybe order on line things like nappies, cereals and all non perishables and then go in to get your meat and veg etc to make it a bit easier. I know what you mean by going in and seeing what you are buying. We only really buy meat in the quick sale, you can't do that on line.

mumbar Sun 06-Mar-11 20:13:44

Well I don not find shopping online easier myself. op has said she'll try it again

OP has admitted losing child was her fault - actually it just happens to most people - usually an accident!!

I am shock that there was a child missing and no-one from Tesco helped. OK so the child had run off - but what if they had been taken??

gemsy I think your being rude. Theres no need for name calling. OP thinks Tesco should provide the equipment for families like hers to shop - if they want the custom they probably should!!!

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:13:48

Tyzer Neither my local Asda or Tesco have the double as standard, they definitely have more of the single seated trolleys. Though they have lots of the double they are often all gone when I get there so out comes the reins and the valium!! (This is a enormous Asda and a normal sized Tesco btw)

TragicallyHip Sun 06-Mar-11 20:14:20

Would I would confused

Use cloth nappies. Then you don't have to shop online, you don't have to take the kids to the supermarket, you save hundreds of pounds and DH can do the washing the night you do the shopping grin

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:15:43

OP My DD hates her reins too but its tough, she has to wear them, there is no choice in it for her.

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:16:51

You are being silly if your husband can't do the shopping. Be less fussy.

You don't have to spend so much on nappies - use washables. I had 3 in washables and it is no big deal.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:18:40

i wish i had time to wash terry nappies. it would cost alot less but its just not practical with 3 of them. well if ur dd wears them even if she doesnt like them good for you but mine wont walk or move and scream the place down. that would mean no shopping at all.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:21:06

did you have a ft job and studding while u had 3 in washables? if u did well done but i cant be doing with it sorry! anyway its not the issue. why dont tesco supply more double trolleys? i just cant see why they dont

Have you checked out cloth nappies recently? Not just terries any more. Some really lovely stuff just as easy as disposables, just bung them in the wash. Take no time at all. Certainly less time than earning hundreds of pounds to pay for disposables...

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:23:09

You clearly have too much time on your hands to be posting all these replies!

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 06-Mar-11 20:23:25

Where have your kids been the last three hours you've been posting mummummymum?

Reckon you've done enough studding OP with 4 under 4 grin

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:24:51

We had the throwing themselves on the floor refusing to walk/move thing believe me, but she learnt that is isn't an option. The alternative is to be held fireman or rugby ball style whilst I am both doing the shopping and pushing the younger one in the trolley. She has now learnt that there is no option and wears them. Its not a case of 'lucky me, my DD is soo compliant' I can assure you.

I get that you are busy with four kids, I get that you are angry with Tesco but really, the problems you are describing are ones everybody else just deals with so don't get defensive just look at what is happening and change it.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:25:00

can you suggest any? it is something i have thought about but my sister inlaw put me off as she is in the same boat as me spent a fortune and never used them. it is something i would consider.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:27:06

do you honestly think iv not tried with reins before? i have 4 children.... some kids will eventually get it but some dont, you cant really judge without seeing my son.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:28:25

my children are tucked up in bed fast asleep and before that their daddy had them, not that i can see that its your concern

NestaFiesta Sun 06-Mar-11 20:29:16

OP- I just think you're making life difficult for yourself.

Firstly, why does it take six of you to do the shopping? why are you indignant that your kids got elbowed when you went at the busiest time of the week? and why are you so anti online delivery?

Tesco is not legally obliged to provide the trolley you want. They have obviously done research or some such and concluded only 2 doubles are needed per large store.

I just think you had a bad experience taking all 4 kids and DH to a very very busy supermarket at peak time and you want someone to blame.

I have 2 DCs under 4 and no way do DH and I attempt the weekly shop as a foursome. I get bulk stuff online, then leave DH and the kids in the toy dept/car/cafe whilst I nip in and do a trolley top up.

Its massively stressful taking the kids round so we find other solutions. You have been offered lots of solutions on this thread. I don't think you will be happy until you get a post saying "Tesco-what a bunch of gits!"

On the other hand, you have my utmost sympathy and admiration in looking after 4 under 4s, but just don't take them all to the supermarket!

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:30:37

Personally I think you are either a troll or have a real chip on your shoulder. Your attitude is very rude and defensive.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:31:12

nesta if u had read through you would see the answers to all your questions

If you really want recommendations I'd say ask on the nappies topic.

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:31:53

You put a nappy on, you take it off and put it in the bin. Why not put it in a nappy pail and then in the washer? You are not washing by hand, it is no work at all really. Only trying to help but you seem to be rejecting all suggestions.

Who looks after your kids while you work full time?

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:32:00

As highlighted by your post to nesta

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:32:32

If you want washables try bumgenius, they are easy to get a hold of and so really easy to use. Wash well and dry quick, essential if you have more than one in cloth.

No OP, I haven't seen your son so I don't know how he is with reins. The problem is that all of our posts have a feeling of 'woe is me' and 'you don't understand how hard it is' about them. I'm saying that most of us do* understand, we've been there, done that and had the toddler hissy fits *but we get on with it and find alternatives and compromises to make it workable.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:33:28

onad, how am i rude exactly? i came on here to see whether it was worth complaining to improve shopping for myself and others. obviously its not. i get it. i feel like im having to defend myself on here. not nice people. chip on my shoulder?

tyzer2001 Sun 06-Mar-11 20:33:42

Ah fuckit, let's just give you what you want.

Tesco's are a total bunch of cnuts and don't deserve your money. Well done you for being angry.


onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:35:02

Who the fuck is onad?

itshappenedagain Sun 06-Mar-11 20:35:41

mummummymum YADNBU my friend has 6 under 4 and when she asked her local tesco what they could do to help, they bought in a trolly with more seats. i would write to them or call them and see what they do. she has always shopped in there and they have been really helpful...i understand your problem...you have to shop, as in some places they dont deliver to.
hope they sort it soon.

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:35:42

Gonad's little brother!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:35:43

yes and i do too. im sorry but u dont no me. yes iv come on here to have a little moan.... is that not what its all about. not people being abusive!! and thank you i will look into bumgenius

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:37:08

Attuitude in every post you have published.

Can't be bothered to waste time I could spend studying.

Shop online and do a top up shop. It's not hard!

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 06-Mar-11 20:37:08

I hope this post has given you the attention you crave OP, because if you're a mother of 4 under 4 who also happens to work full time and manages to spend a whole Sunday evening posting here during what would be bath and bedtime then I'm Jedward.

hides thread

NestaFiesta Sun 06-Mar-11 20:37:10

OP- I make no apologies for not having time to read an 11 page thread, I dipped in and out.

6 under 4 shock

How'd she fit them all in?

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:39:04

im not trying to say tesco are all *** but just why dont they have double trolleys and why are their staff not better trained. i actually prefer tesco to asda or sainsburys but if it makes my life more difficult i will be taking my custom else where

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:40:02

First and only thread.

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:40:09

Fantastic. Problem solved, we can all shop in tescos in peace now!

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:40:58

Look, I lost my son in ToysRus and I was shock the man I told did nothing but it was my responsibility to find him.

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Sun 06-Mar-11 20:41:03

Bumgenius is a pocket nappy, see here for lots of different types www.babykind.co.uk/pocketnappies.htm

I have about 25 with two in cloth so I'd expect you to need about 30 or so, it would be a big initial outlay money wise but saves a fortune in the long run. You would need to think about how you'd dry them all, do you have room for the airers or do you have a tumble dryer. I find washing them is no issue, sometimes drying them all in a smallish house is.

If you want more info go onto the nappy board on MN, they're all very nice on there (even me!)

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:41:08

my husband has bathed and bed them we take it in turns not that it concerns you. this is my relaxing time which i think im quite entitled to thanks!!!! hmm

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:42:01

thank you tinky

ballstoit Sun 06-Mar-11 20:42:21

If you know your child is likely to wander then you should have had him on reins or held his hand.

I shopped, every week, with my 3 under 4 (now 3 under 5). Alone. 2 in the trolley if possible but sometimes with just a single seated trolley. None of them ever ended up in the road outside a shop. And if they did I know who would have been to blame. And it wouldnt have been Tesco.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:43:29

yes and we found him within seconds thanks!! four

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:45:23

Since you didn't know he was missing I don't think you can say it was within seconds.

MN is a lovely place and lots of people will help but you need to accept that you could have handled things better and take on board posters advice.

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:46:24

MN is a lovely place and lots of people will help but you need to accept that you could have handled things better and take on board posters advice.

Best Post I have since on mumsnet for a long time!

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:46:34

There are some distinctly nasty elements on here.

"Where have your kids been while you've been posting"

"You clearly have too much time on your hands to be posting replies"

I think that's pretty appalling, given that the OP is making some fairly uncontroversial, routine and commonplace points about a deterioration in customer service amongst some larger companies over the past 5-10 years. Heaven forfend that you lot should think for a moment, and consider whether it might be better for all if there was a better attitude towards customers by those who are happy to make millions from the family grocery market. Especially as they have acted so agressively to close down local independent providers.

Women are their own worst enemies sometimes.

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 20:47:35

She has ignored all suggestions and just wanted to winge. Yes women are their worst enemies sometimes

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:47:54

ballstoit if u had read the rest you would have seen i took responsibility. had there had been sufficient trolleys he would not have wondered and i cant predict when he will bolt but yes i should have done things differently. the situation would not have occurred had there been a double trolley as i expected there to be and has been in the past. new policy is they only have 2 double trolleys and i would like to know why. and why wasnt i helped when my son went missing

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 20:48:17

I don't think it's anything to do with gender - if the OP was male and being so obtuse and down right silly they'd get the same response grin

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:48:27

onedietcoke grinblush I love you grin.

FourFortyFour Sun 06-Mar-11 20:49:36

But you going on about it wouldn't have happened if Tesco had more trollies is putting the responsibility for the safety of your kids on someone else.

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 20:50:19

maybe you where not helped because he was only missing for 'seconds' - so not a lot of time to staff to join in the drama - there where 4 kids and 2 adults - loads of people here shop alone with 2 toddlers and manage

you are being a bit silly - I wish I had 2 adults to help with my 3 sometimes

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:50:39

i have not!! if you had read through you would see that.

TragicallyHip Sun 06-Mar-11 20:50:49

I was being nice but got completely ignored hmm

ballstoit Sun 06-Mar-11 20:51:31

Boffin, are you joking? Do you really think that treatment of customers has deteriorated in the last 10 years.

When our parents were bringing us up there were NO trolleys with more than one seat, NO toilets with baby changing areas and NO staff to help with packing if you were struggling.

In my view, parents were also aware of their responsibilities in keeping children safe and from stopping them disturbing other adults.

JaneS Sun 06-Mar-11 20:52:38

Why shouldn't she want to whinge? She's had a scary experience when her child was briefly lost, she wants a rant.

readinginsteadnow Sun 06-Mar-11 20:53:08

ballstoit, facilities are better definitely, but actual customer service is certainly a dying thing.

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:53:38

I don't think she was being particularly whingey. Suggestions have included:

1. Not going out shopping and staying at home instead.
2. Putting her children on reins.
3. Taking better care of her children.

All of these points have been responded to repeatedly, and you lot are still poking and prodding her regardless.

ballstoit Sun 06-Mar-11 20:54:19

"had there had been sufficient trolleys he would not have wondered"

How is that taking responsibility? Lets hope your car never breaks down on a motorway, I presume you dont have 2 doule seated trolleys in the boot of your car normally?

gordyslovesheep Sun 06-Mar-11 20:55:16

not at Waitrose it isn't grin

You are right - she wants a moan - and some

I want to moan as well - I went to Tescos and didn;t get given a magic pony, a size 8 figure and £67272722 in used notes - I should sue them really but I don;t have time wine

readinginsteadnow Sun 06-Mar-11 20:55:20

op, even if you do want to pick your own shopping, you could do a delivery of nothing but a 3 month supply of nappies , keep them up the loft or under the bed. then no prob shopping alone on a sat.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:55:31

no iv taken responsibility and if any thing had happened to him i would have to live with it. im just suggesting they should have more trolleys. yes he was found in seconds after i noticed he was missing so had been gone for around a minuet. i think your all just trying to put me down for the sake of It. iv admitted that i should have done things differently and will in future but i still feel tesco should have more double trolleys and better customer service and i stand by that.

BoffinMum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:57:12

I really do think customer service has deteriorated, in many places we all use. I am sure we all remember the Tesco advertisements starring Prunella Scales and Jane Horrocks, with helpful members of staff changing a fish for a fussy customer because it 'looked sad', loading customers' cars, packing bags and so on. This is now the exception rather than the rule.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 20:58:29

so what if i want a moan!! grin it is a serious situation but i think youv all gone overboard on it. all im asking for is more double trolleys lol.

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 20:59:54

OP change the record, surely you must have better things to do than argue with strangers. Either complain to Tesco, try some of the other things posters have suggested or forget about it.

SoupDragon Sun 06-Mar-11 21:00:40

welcome to Mumsnet

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:01:28

so why are you replying then lol. this is good for me im enjoying it

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 21:04:07

Was that aimed at me? I'm not arguing, and I haven't been here for the last 4 hours

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:05:54

well its the first time iv been on here and probably last by the reaction lol wow people go well over the top lol

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 21:07:26

You'd probably be best on netmums ... lol

<feels need to batter OP round the head for overuse of LOL>

Going food shopping as a family sounds like hell to me grin.

That said, I'm with you on the double trolleys. I wanted 1 of the buggers at our Tesco extra and the only one left was right at the back of one of those trolley park bits, which was totally full. More than one member of staff watched me drag it out with a heavy baby on my hip whilst trying to keep an eye on a 3 year old. angry

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:09:58

i feel your pain and soory about the lol its a bad habbit!!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:10:46

netmums i must try that wink

Joolyjoolyjoo Sun 06-Mar-11 21:11:51

Well, YANBU to want Tesco to have more double trolleys, and YANBU to put a complaint/ suggestion in writing and e-mail it to the manager of your local store. But YABabitU to expect them to be there. Yes, it's a pain. Same way as lots of inconveniences in life are a pain.

I'm not going to judge you for your son running off- dd1 was a bolter, so I can sympathise. however, given that it happened, and I'm sure it was horrible, and you won't want it to happen again. And given that you cannot guarantee there will always be trolleys to suit you, I'm thinking your best bet is to listen to the advice of the online shoppers!

I have 3 (who were all under 4 at one point) and I soon gave up any idea of shopping in a supermarket- far far too stressful! So I do a combination of online (for the non-perishable items) and top-up shopping. Many butchers and fishmongers deliver- mine deliver to my work, the wonderful souls. And when I was a bit more flush, I also got an organic fruit and veg box left at my back door while I was out at work (sadly finances no longer allow!)

Online has been great for me. Yeah, I get the occasional odd substitution, or short use-by date, but compared to the stress of 3 children all mewling at me for things, all needing the toilet at 3 different stages of the shop, and then getting home to realise that in trying to distract them I have forgotten half the stuff on my list, it is a godsend! Give it another go, seriously!

moomaa Sun 06-Mar-11 21:12:55

I think you are being mean to the OP. When I worked in Sainsburys lots of people had two trolley's worth. It was either large families or people who buy all their non-perishables for a month in one go.

It is horrible losing a child and it can happen to the best of us.

I have 3 small ones. Having a double seat trolley is very handy. Stores who want to keep as many customers as possible should have them. When my local store was being refurbished and they cut down on the amount of trolleys I used to go to customer services and someone would pootle off and find one for me. Never a problem. One week they couldn't get one but promised they had ordered more and they would be there the next week and they were. I think you should email a complaint in, they might get some more.

Having said that I do think that you are being unreasonable about the reins. Mine didn't like them either to start with, but we did plenty of 'practice' when we weren't in a hurry where I waited for them to stop screaming and get up off the pavement. They got used to them eventually. They don't really want to spend all day sat on the floor not going anywhere. I did it because I don't want them run over. We have also had a 'training programme' about them holding onto the sides of the trolley/pram and 99% of the time I can rely on them to do that and not move. Not much fun but necessary for safety when you have several preschoolers.

Anyway, I think you need a better plan for shopping. Whether that is trust DH/go twice a week/go solo and pay for one load then go back in do another load/shop for some or all online is up to you.

onadietcokebreak Sun 06-Mar-11 21:14:11

Its your fiest time and you have already worked out the smilies. Well done!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:17:33

yeah i take it all onboard tho the reins arn't worth the break down i would have if i had to get him to use them. i just dont think it makes any sence to just have two double trolleys for the whole store.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:20:55

i was really worked up about this but talking about it on here really has helped and i probably exaggerated a bit in my first message to how bad it was because i was so worked up. so thanks everyone grin


sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 21:21:42

FFS complain to Tesco then!

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:24:19

if your not interested then why are you posting on my post? hmm

Susiewho Sun 06-Mar-11 21:30:22

I'm confused by two things:

1. Customer Services is to help with customers' shopping - refunds, price checks etc, etc. Why would you expect them to chase after your children? I bet they had a queue of customers to deal with on a Saturday.

2. You say you can't "trust" your DH to do the supermarket shop? Why? This is a very weird thing to say about an adult!


PrincessScrumpy Sun 06-Mar-11 21:31:07

I would have left dh at home with dc while I went shopping. Tesco is rubbish though:

When pg I had a slipped plevic bone so needed a shallow trolly. There were none in the trolly park so I asked at customer service if someone could get me one only to be asked "Why, what's wrong with your back?" They made a big thing of having to empty my deep trolly onto the conveyor belt as I simply couldn't do it.

A week later I went to Asda and asked someone to reach something down low on the shelves as I was in so much pain - the lady turned out to be the manager and she allocated a member of staff to walk round with me and get the shopping I needed - nothing was too much hassle. I now shop there and not Tesco.

mummummymum Sun 06-Mar-11 21:34:08

there was no queue and this disscution is over now. i feel alot better about it thanks for the helpful comment everyone.

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 21:36:51

Princess I think it depends on your local store. I refuse to shop at ASDA because I find their staff extremely rude and unhelpful. One of their delivery drivers even turned up clearly pissed off with us because we were an extra delivery that had been added to his round at the last minute hmm

TheSleepFairy Sun 06-Mar-11 21:56:25

susie I don't trust my DH to do the shopping either & I would probably die laughing if he tried to do the shopping with our 3 small children alone.

He'd buy the wrong washing powder, wrong shampoo for the girls & god only knows what he would make of my shorthand list requirements for wupl, p/crack, rpep, GreggSauR etc grin

mum you've been given a hard time but I hope you have also taken onboard some of the better ideas at helping you handle your shop & family at the same time.

Bit of friendly advice, change your username it's shite & drop the lol's.

Please don't call me hun or sending me hugs.

kittybuttoon Sun 06-Mar-11 22:00:08

I heard this in Tesco today:

"Has she gone now? Is it safe to bring out all those double trollies we hid in the back room?

Your turn to nab one of the kids next time, Doris."

cheekeymonkey Sun 06-Mar-11 22:03:44

Blimey, the time you've wasted on this post you could have gone to Tesco 3 times!!lol

TheSleepFairy Sun 06-Mar-11 22:08:29

Your a norty nest of vipers this evening grin

I think mum messed up her mums net with her net mums this evening poor wee lass.

There's six of us in my house, 2 adults, 2 food monsters teenage boys and 2 toddlers both in nappies. (and a big hungry dog)

1. I only need one trolley if I go instore (rarely)
What are you buying?!

2. Why not shop online?

hmmSleep Sun 06-Mar-11 22:18:47

Ignoring everything else I am surprised they only had 2 double trolleys, surely there are loads of shoppers with two young children needing a double trolley. So on that point I may be the only one but YANBU grin.

BarryShitpeas Sun 06-Mar-11 22:26:15

Op, in a few years this will all- --seem like a bad dream you will look back on this and laugh.

I had four under 5s and used to put one twin in a back carrier, one twin and the 3 year old in a double trolley, and the 5 year old would hold the trolley.

If I was going shopping when dh was home, he would stay with the kids while I went alone.

Good luck smile

TandB Sun 06-Mar-11 22:45:22

I really don't see the big problem here. I only have one child, but I have plenty of friends with two under the age of 4 and they all manage to function in society with one adult supervising the two children. This was no different - one adult with two children - times two.

If the lack of a double shopping trolley is such a problem, how on earth do you manage normal trips out, not to the shops I mean?

Re: the two trolleys per shop requirement - I read that very much as that being the basic requirement, rather than it necessarily being the case that the shop only actually had 2 such trolleys. OP - did you go in all guns blazing to complain and someone pointed out that they were only actually required to have two?

Why don't you and your husband both get back carriers? Stick one of the smaller children on each of your backs, and one in each trolley. Sorted.

Earlier on in this thread, OP, you asked if another poster had ever had a 'bolter', and you referred to your children as being 'difficult.' Knowing that this was the case, perhaps you should have taken reins with you, in case you couldn't get the trolleys that you needed.

Or have back carriers, as kungfupannda suggests.

Or get the bulky items, such as nappies, baby wipes, tinned goods, loo roll, washing powder etc delivered monthly so the weekly shop goes down to one trolleyful - and I have to say that even when I had three children aged 4 and under, I never had to use more than one trolley except at christmas.

You could have booked the online shop for first thing Saturday morning, got it all put away and then gone out to do something fun with your family. And if you book the slots well in advance, I doubt you'd have a problem getting the slot you want. You could book a late night slot on the Friday night - all the kids should be in bed, and you and dh could put the shopping away unhindered - and then the whole of saturday is yours!

mumeeee Sun 06-Mar-11 23:22:56

YABU. You and yor husband both went shoping togehter so you should have been able to jeep an eye on the two that were walking. I have taken 3 children under 5 shopping on my own before,

differentnameforthis Sun 06-Mar-11 23:25:27

I assume your children are in childcare of some sort, seeing as you both work full-time & they are under school age. So why can't you pay for an extra & shop after work?

You decided to have 4 children, therefore it is up to you to find ways to do the household chores with/without them. You aren't always to going to find a trolley to suit your needs.

How would you shop if your dh had to work the weekend?

And no, I wouldn't really have expected Tesco to help me look for a child I lost.

differentnameforthis Sun 06-Mar-11 23:31:53

i didnt have wrist straps as i didnt expect there not to be a double trolley!!

Maybe now you'll invest? Contingencies. It's called having a back up!

MosEisley Sun 06-Mar-11 23:36:55

YANBU to expect a large Tesco store - a major retailer of products aimed at families with young children - to offer more than two trollies with two child seats.

Our local smallish Tesco has at least 8 of the 'baby & toddler' combo type, and dozens of the 'toddler & toddler' type, so I am very surprised that you were told there are only two.

I think you've had a bit of an unfair flaming on here today, although some sensible points have been raised too about how you might find shopping a less stressful experience.

At least in a few years the kids will be able to help push the trolley for you!

MosEisley Sun 06-Mar-11 23:41:38

I think some of the posters here are missing the point. e.g. Why don't you and your husband both get back carriers? Is it really realistic to take two back carriers to Tesco?! I own one and (1) wouldn't dream of taking it to Tesco because I'd assume I'd be able to get a trolley and (2) it would be bloody hard work to do a supermarket shop - reaching up and down to pick items off the shelves - with a back carrier on!

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 08:51:48

I'm not talking about those massive framed back carriers - there are plenty of options out there that make life pretty easy. I don't own a pram - the commute, the shopping, trips out, all are done with a wrap sling or an ergo. I can't say I notice any difficulty with reaching for things.

It's not missing the point - the OP thinks that the point is that Tescos should cater better for her particular circumstances. I, and it would seem quite a few other posters, think that the point is that the OP could cater better for her own particular circumstances. I read a lot of threads of this sort on AIBU - AIBU to think that there should be more highchairs, AIBU to be annoyed about waiting for a lift etc. I think there are an awful lot of ways that people with children, particularly mums out and about on their own with more than one child, can eliminate a lot of the daily problems. Problems getting around with the pram? Try a sling. Not enough highchairs in your local cafe? Get a cloth or clip-on one. Can't manage the shopping with multiple children - do an online shop. Not all of these things will be for everyone, but there are a lot of solutions out there that people seem to want to reject out of the hand on the basis that X organisation should provide better. Even if that is right, you are still the one experiencing the difficulty, so would it not be better to avoid the problem in the first place? The OP has come back and back and back to 'well they should have had more trollies'. She doesn't know how many trollies they have just that 2 is the minimum requirement - perhaps there were 10 sets of twin parents shopping that day. Lots of good advice on this thread has been met with a lot of "yes but" rather than "good idea".

BoffinMum Mon 07-Mar-11 10:31:24

It beggars belief, doesn't it. The expense people are expected to go to and the complex workarounds they are expected to contrive, simply to do a bit of shopping. And the flaming the OP got for making the point that she would quite like to be able to turn up to a shop and be treated like a valued customer, like she might have been in other branches of the same store.

Ring slings, reins, wrist straps, backpacks; not eveyone can use them successfully, for a number of personal reasons. In days of yore you could smack children to make them conform, but I bet those people invoking child constraint technology would be flaming anyone who smacked their children in the supermarket.

It would kill you lot to be sympathetic, wouldn't it, you bunch of bloody know-it-alls, done-it-alls, anyone-who-can't-do-it-like-us-is-defectives. Walk a mile in this woman's moccasins before you point your accusatory fingers, you coven of criticisers.

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 10:40:35

My take on it is that the expense I have chosen to go to and the purchases I have made, are entirely worthwhile to ensure that my life runs smoothly and I am not dependent on shops/coffee shops/public transport having exactly what I need when I need it. I know I always have what I need and that makes my life run more smoothly.

If I was reliant on others for my needs I would find it stressful and irritating to be constantly wondering if there would be a trolley/high chair/space on the bus etc.

It is just a different way of looking at things - moan about the problem or negate the problem and get on with your life. I choose to do the latter. OP chooses to do the former.

Nice alliteration by the way, Boffinmum. Coven of criticisers. Don-it-all defectives. How about jury of judgers?

Mumwithadragontattoo Mon 07-Mar-11 12:20:40

I actually think it's perfectly reasonable to expect Tesco to provide enough double trollies for their customers. OP is unusual in that she needs two but even a parent on their own with 2 kids wouldn't have been able to have a trolley to do their shopping.

I guess there are ways around this (delivery is the obvious one) but you shouldn't be forced to do this if you don't want to.

You could also do two shops a week one on weekend and one after kids in bed but really Tesco should be trying a bit harder to provide a good service for their customers.

RealityIsKnockedUp Mon 07-Mar-11 12:24:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kittens Mon 07-Mar-11 12:33:22

I'd shop in Sainburys - my DD fell asleep so the lovely customer service lady went to get a trolley with a baby seat and then helped transfer the shopping across, and they always pack your bags.

OOhhhh Boffinmum used the word coven it'll be nest of* *vipers next.

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 13:18:11

No Hobnobs, that doesn't alliterate. Venue of Vipers perhaps? Nest of noxious newts?

<wishes she could come up with some equally imaginative alliterations>

SoupDragon Mon 07-Mar-11 13:30:29

I don't believe a word of this anyway.

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 13:34:43

[boos Soupdragon for spoiling the alliterative fun with a dose of blunt reality]

I agree and a few sockpuppets adding to the bullshit too, and anyone who says LOL as much as the OP makes me slightly homicidal.

Mumwithadragontattoo - you say that you think it is entirely reasonable to expect Tesco to provide enough double trollies for their customers - but how many trolleys is 'enough'?

How are the managers of an individual supermarket supposed to work out how many double trolleys will be needed? And however carefully they work it out, you are still going to end up with a situation where all the double trolleys are in use, and another customer wants one - what are the supermarket to do then?

It's all well and good to say what the supermarkets 'ought' to do - but on a practical level, it isn't that easy. The formula for how many double trolleys a supermarket needs is probably '1 more'.

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 13:38:28

LOL is always lost on me as I imagine the poster "lolling" rather than laughing out loud.

TragicallyHip Mon 07-Mar-11 13:43:33

I too think of "lolling" when I see LOL, can't stand seeing it.

Makes me want to yell abuse at the computer, but that would be pretty pointless confused

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 13:44:43

Not pointless at all. Maybe we should all do a bit of computer abuse shouting. After 3...1,2.....

BettyCash Mon 07-Mar-11 13:45:29

OP you HAVE to start using online shopping. How do you do the shop with 4 kids??? Saint!

TragicallyHip Mon 07-Mar-11 13:46:40

You're right, let the anger out!

Just hope no one can see me through the window hmm

TandB Mon 07-Mar-11 13:48:27

I think I just heard someone yelling from down the road - was that you?

TragicallyHip Mon 07-Mar-11 13:50:13


Knew I should have closed the windows..

Chulita Mon 07-Mar-11 14:05:58

It's the trollies that get me, surely it's trolleys - yep, doesn't get underlined so it must be right.

Another vote for online shopping, I've only got 2 LOs and I cba to go to the supermarket with them.

I've only got one and shopping with her makes me suicidal, probably because I always bump into families with 4 kids making an outing of it and randomly lolling their way around the store.

Just come back from an utterly shitty trip to Lidl with DD. OP they had NO double trollies there at all so maybe you'd like to try shopping there next weekend so you can start another LOLing annoying thread angry

SoupDragon Mon 07-Mar-11 16:55:44

As an aside, every single trolley at my local huge Tescos is a double one. (barring the ones for wheelchairs, the SNs ones, the little ones for small shops and the ones with the fecking cars on the front)

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 17:12:15

Im stunned at the nastiness from some posters

The supermarket PROVIDES child trolleys for families, because the OP has a larger family does not mean she should not be catered for too?
As for the comments stating supermarkets should not have to cater for her families needs, BOLLOCKS, by providing any trolleys with seats in,supermarkets are obliging themselves to cater for ALL families, not a majority

The OP has 3 children in nappies, I know from buying the large packet of nappies, 3 packs of these plus a weeks shopping for 6, would require a 2nd trolley.

And the suggestions that OP is nuts, mad by taking 4 DCs shopping on a Saturday, is nobodies but the OPs business. The OP has actually been flamed here for taking 4 children to the supermarket by some posters. Ridiculous

And no I dont think it is unreasonable to ask help from staff to find the missing child

Careless to lose the child, but that irrelevant, I do not know anyone, who would turn a blind eye to a missing toddler, all because mum has taken her eye off the ball for a minute.

Shame on you all the nasty words posted to the OP.

OP Im wishing you well with your shopping trips in the future, also less LOL in your future posts x

NestaFiesta Mon 07-Mar-11 17:26:29

welshbyrd, with respect, I think some of the perceived "nastiness" comes from the fact that the OP refuses to take helpful suggestions and has been quite rude.

The OP has obviously had a rough day at the supermarket, and many posters have suggested ways to avoid this happening in future, only for the OP to reject a lot of the advice.

In my eyes, taking 4 under 4 to a supermarket during its busiest time of the week is always going to be more stressful than NOT taking all 4 kids to the supermarket at peak busy times.

As for the trolley shortage-the OP does not have exclusive rights over double trolleys and wanted to use both of them herself anyway. Yes, Tesco maybe should get a few more in as they can now see there is a demand, but they are not at fault for her not being able to get the trolley she wanted at their busiest time.

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 17:50:33

The OP never asked for exclusive rights over the double trolleys, she simply stated that 2 double trolleys in a Tescos Extra is not acceptable

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 17:56:07

Also agreed OP has had some good advice, most of the advice has been suggestions of not taking all 4 dcs to the Supermarket.
I dont think OP was asking of more suitable ways of shopping with 4 dcs, online etc. Had she had access to the trollies required, her shopping trip would not have become a nightmare. If she wants to take herself and her family to the supermarket that is her choice

NestaFiesta Mon 07-Mar-11 19:45:08

I think what some posters have taken exception to is that the OP is blaming Tesco for a stressful shop when in fact she chose to take all 4 kids during peak time. It IS her choice to do so,she is entitled to that choice. However, being annoyed with Tesco because the trolley she wanted is in use and her children are getting "bashed by everyone" seems like misdirected anger when the problem could easily be solved in other ways.

Politely explaining to Tesco that they could do with some more is fine, but being angry that the one she wanted was in use on a busy Saturday seems a bit unreasonable to me, as does blaming the lack of trolley for a bolting child.

We all like convenient things and the last highchair and the best parking space, but very often its just tough if someone else got there first, and that's how I feel about trolley-gate.

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 19:55:02

I wonder if you would feel like, if you went to a supermarket, and all the trolleys were being used, and you, yourself had wanted to do shopping yourself

Irritating but hey it's not my own personal supermarket.

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 19:56:27

I have had this happen to me, so it does happen.

This supermarket was not prepared for its customers, whatever the OPs minority

myhouseisnotamess Mon 07-Mar-11 19:57:50

Is this still going,
why has it taken 370 plus posts to tell op if she is or isnt being unreasonable about a shopping trolley grin

Online shop.

welshbyrd Mon 07-Mar-11 20:03:10

agreed myhouseisnotamess - I did not really have any interest in a heated debate about a trolley, or 2, my post was mainly with regards to the nastiness on the thread

TinkyWinkyLovesPo Mon 07-Mar-11 20:39:48

Welshbyrd a few people have said that they have been to the supermarket only to find no trolleys suitable for them (or at least none that are available). Thats why people said they keep reins with them just in case etc.

Its not a case of people not understanding the frustration the OP felt.

NestaFiesta Mon 07-Mar-11 21:09:59

welshybyrd, it has happened to me (at Christmas) and I had to do a basket shop instead of a trolley shop and go back when it was quieter. Its just tough. I can't blame the supermarket for being busy.

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