To think hairless pudenda look gross?

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watching not a regular watcher of porn so I'm not innured to the sight of hair free pubic zones on women - so I donut get why would you want your whole labia exposed like that? It looks completely gross on an adult woman. Cameltoesville. Ick.

GreenEyesandHam Sun 30-Jan-11 00:00:35


But then you haven't seen my pubic hair au naturelle, so.....

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:01:26

I don't know what a pedenda is


I have no objection to trimming/tidying/shaping. It's the complete baldness of the front bit I find icky. Fanjo lips should be disguised somewhat I think, for aesthetic reasons!

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:29


I think they look a bit like a sad old man


in our house it's called 'the gruffalo'

FabbyChic Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:47

I think just having a wee stripe is enough or a little square, I personally find hair down below unhygienic.

TitusOates Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:55

agree but a hairy bush turns me on, and armpits...french films in my formative years grin

GreenEyesandHam Sun 30-Jan-11 00:04:18

Actually, I think pudenda look gross,full stop.

I mean... euuuurgggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Is a sprinkling of hair such a redeeming feature?

Thank Christ I don't have to look at it is all I can say

nooka Sun 30-Jan-11 00:06:35

pudenda is a good word isn't it? grin I prefer au naturel

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:07:19

Lol green!!

Pudenda is a great word grin I learnt it in GCSE english (Philip Larkin) and it resonated...

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:08:01

Gruffalo is much better

ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Sun 30-Jan-11 00:08:37

Yours might, the one on Sexetera might... who knows... mine is lovely wink

Chocolocolate Sun 30-Jan-11 00:11:44

I tried hairless once, it was awful - something sick and pre-pubescent about it.

Never again!


FudgeGirl Sun 30-Jan-11 00:14:39

I hate mine furry. Mine hasn't changed at all since I was small, it's exactly the same, which is probably weird.

I shaved all mine off once too out of curiosity. Couldn't bear to look at it, there was a mirror opposite the loo in my office and I got a peek as i was pulling up my knicks <shudder> glad i did it as now I know how ming it looks!

(but I'm sure chipping's is indeed lovely)

cantspel Sun 30-Jan-11 00:17:28

I dont care what other womens muffs look like as i dont want or need to to look at them

lockets Sun 30-Jan-11 00:19:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:28:53

Horrible Horrible things can happen to you if you let it overgrow though

I know of a girl (*cough* err me) who let it get a bit wild- the ex had a toungue bar and it got tangled


let that be a warning to you all.

BelfastBloke Sun 30-Jan-11 00:32:47


velouria Sun 30-Jan-11 00:37:39

I agree, I worked as an HCA and cleaned my fair share of genitals, both ill and post birth. Honestly nothing more off putting than whipping the sheets back and seeing a bare one.

They look much better with a beard, bare ones are just so fanny like, staring at you in their fanny like ways. I'm sure pubic hair is there for a reason, don't know what it is, but I bet it's a good one grin

velouria Sun 30-Jan-11 00:42:10

I don't even agree with the "trimmed and hairless underneath" thing either tbh. Then again I'm not that hairy really, I understand that for some women pubic hair doesn't read the job description and strays to other areas.

I let my fanny be, hairy and proud.

<did I just post that hmm>

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:44:08

Yep, you did- I have recently grown mine and I look like a thatched cottage

cantspel Sun 30-Jan-11 00:44:37

stop worrying about it as it falls out anyway the older you get.

KalokiMallow Sun 30-Jan-11 00:46:08

I can't say that I find any genitals particularly aesthetically pleasing hmm

I feel "gross" is a little harsh though. But then I shave it all off, so obviously don't agree with you.

WimpleOfTheBallet Sun 30-Jan-11 00:46:27

I find the little stripe/patch thign a bit a Fanjo Goatee...slight;y off putting on a mans face or a womans fanny.

WimpleOfTheBallet Sun 30-Jan-11 00:47:40

but equally I don't think fannys are ugly...the lippage are part and parcel of the whole box of tricks!

velouria Sun 30-Jan-11 00:53:10

I do think fannies are pretty ugly, along with cocks and balls. Childrens bits are pretty non-offensive. But there is a reason we hide them away in pants.

Actually with the whole vajazzle trend maybe we will see the advent of crotchless trousers. That'd be a larf in Tesco lol.

ambarth Sun 30-Jan-11 06:01:14

YANBU. When I shaved it it looked like a plucked chicken and itched like hell.

MsKLo Sun 30-Jan-11 07:15:50

Does it really fall out cantspel?!

I never knew that?

I hate the plucked chicken look too... A nice tidy snatch is best grin

MsKLo Sun 30-Jan-11 07:18:03

Kaloki and venouria

There are some lovely looking cock and balls out there!

They are like faces... Some pretty, some not...


PlentyOfParsnips Sun 30-Jan-11 07:24:43


I whipped the whole lot off once and hated it! Looked prepubescent, felt horrible and slimey and freaked DP out.

I now sport a full, luxuriant 'Borneo'*

* term adopted from a similar thread a few weeks ago - I'm hoping it catches on wink

mylifewithstrangers Sun 30-Jan-11 07:29:52

Can I just ROFL at "staring at you in their fanny like ways" grin

Don't go dissing the MN Hive Vagina is all I'll say!

ilovemyhens Sun 30-Jan-11 08:37:40

I actually know what fanny hair is there for grin

Is anybody going to admit that when they take a pee with a bald fanny, the pee goes everywhere!!! shock

When it's hairy, the pee goes where it's supposed to be and you don't end up feeling all wet and messy hmm

TallulahdoesthehulainHawaii Sun 30-Jan-11 09:31:29

I watched a recording of that CH4 teenage sex programme last night. I was shock at the girl getting her fanny waxed and a sparkly playboy bunny stuck on it.

Maybe younger boys need entry directions these days? (In which case an arrow may be more practical).

Chandon Sun 30-Jan-11 09:38:58

the pee does go everywhere, that's the bit I do not like!

Other than that, I like it really short and tidy (would wax but do not like chicken skin, so trim every few days), and think nice plump labia can look lovely, nicer than a massive Black Forest, so there!

IMO, baldy fanjos are for little girls the same age as mine.
Chandon, what about old skinny labia? Are they lovely [wondering]

cubbie Sun 30-Jan-11 09:55:31

Ilovemyhens and chandon

I am with you on the pee!! I wondered if that was just me!! I end up having several showers a day or using a lot of wipes if I'm at work etc!

It's especially a pain if, like me, you "hover" when not in your own bathroom! I had to go at a petrol station the other day and a lot started going down my leg!!!! GROSS! (had a shower and put on clean clothes when I got home!)

Apart from that, I prefer being smooth. I get the whole lot waxed, hurts like hell, even with strong painkillers, but I feel cleaner and I also think it looks nice. JMHO!

My dh absolutely loves it and regularly "pays homage"! I first got him a "trip to Brazil" for his 40th, then I just decided to get the whole lot off.

I have to get it done regularly, as it really really hurts if I leave it too long. Apart from the fact, I just don't like being furry. I don't get a plucked chicken effect, my waxer is great, am always very smooth!

YANBU, it's your opinion at all, each to our own!

KalokiMallow Sun 30-Jan-11 10:56:34

"Is anybody going to admit that when they take a pee with a bald fanny, the pee goes everywhere!!!"

confused It really doesn't.

How on earth would hair make a difference to that anyway?

HecateQueenOfWitches Sun 30-Jan-11 11:00:08

I think they look gross hairy or bald.

Genitals are not, imho, the prettiest parts of the body.

PlentyOfParsnips Sun 30-Jan-11 11:09:07

Mine looks like a big, hairy exotic orchid, so there grin

HecateQueenOfWitches Sun 30-Jan-11 11:11:00

Really? Mine looks like a chunk of liver that's been beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat, savaged by an alsation and trampled on by westham united.

marantha Sun 30-Jan-11 11:14:20

HecateQueenofWitches, does this mean that we won't be seeing prints of it in Athena any time soon, then?

HecateQueenOfWitches Sun 30-Jan-11 11:15:54

I don't think you'd want to...

dementedma Sun 30-Jan-11 11:27:15

PML at Hecate. Agree that all are fairly unappealing to look at.Bald seems to child-like and therefore a bit creepy to me.

BreconBeBuggered Sun 30-Jan-11 11:35:54

Each to their own. But I clicked somebody's link to a whole fanjo selection here the other day and it's been haunting a small corner of my brain ever since. On that basis, I'd say that at least a little hair is the way to go aesthetically speaking. To paper over the crack, as it were.

TallulahdoesthehulainHawaii Sun 30-Jan-11 11:37:14

grin @ Hecate

Mine certainly doesn't look like an orchid.

sassyTHEFIRST Sun 30-Jan-11 11:37:18

Totally agree. Shaved all mine off once...never again. Turkeys sprang to mind. Long live my bush.

bubblewrapped Sun 30-Jan-11 11:47:34

I think there is something a bit disturbing about men (or women) who want a women to look pre-pubescent.

By all means a landing strip, or neatly trimmed if you are a bit on the wild side, but not completely bald.

Chandon Sun 30-Jan-11 17:22:23

I am sure ALL labia are lovely to someone, old skinny ones too! I am quite surprised by the wide variety of shapes and sizes.

men LOVE them, why do women hate them? men don't hate their genitals or think they are "disgusting".

It is such a shame.

I genuinely wonder where the hangups come from? It has never occurred to me to "hate" that part of my body, but most people on here say that all labia are awful.

Am currently reading "the whole woman" (Greer), let me have a look what she has to say on this topic grin

why do English women hate their bodies so much? is it cultural ?(I am from a more body loving country as you can tell smile , somewhere in the North...)

bubblewrapped Sun 30-Jan-11 17:24:52

I dont hate my body, its me and we are all unique.. I wouldnt get a mirror and contort myself to study my undercarriage in depth either. grin

Butterbur Sun 30-Jan-11 17:33:51

"Is anybody going to admit that when they take a pee with a bald fanny, the pee goes everywhere!!"

Maybe that's what Fabbychic's wee stripe is for.

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 30-Jan-11 18:29:42

I don't look at all prepubescent with a baldy fanjo... Just baldy.

Ormirian Sun 30-Jan-11 18:32:50

Yes. They look vile IMO.

It makes me think of 9am on Xmas morning when the turkey goes in the oven,.

FudgeGirl Sun 30-Jan-11 18:51:20

I think there is something a bit disturbing about men (or women) who want a women to look pre-pubescent

So men (and women) who like women with small boobs/flat chests (they are out there) are weirdos as well?

I fucking love some of the amazing generalisations on this forum grin

Unwind Sun 30-Jan-11 19:49:40

flat chests are normal

bald pudenda are not

I think it depends on the style of fanjo tbh.

My friend admitted she had the inside out run over cat flaps and that was why she won't go for a wax as she is too embarrassed that the beautician could see this.

My fanjo hasn't really changed since my teens, it's all inside iykwim. My husband calls this the ziplock fanjo as opposed to the butterfly or crimped pasty.

So waxing looks okay, I don't pee everywhere and he has less to pick out of his teeth.

I agree about the wetness though, quite noticeable and distracting. And I always end up with an ingrowing hair no matter what I do. And that is the most exquisite pain. Plus the regrowth - like George Michael's chin.

I tend to save it for holiday beach wear tbh. I quite like twiddling my pubes whilst watching Telly in bed.blush

Plus I can never normally commit to the upkeep.

Unwind Sun 30-Jan-11 20:06:01

why would pubes make you pee everywhere confused

I have had nearly all of mine lazered off and it has been wonderful - now I just get the srip down the middle waxed off - normally near birthdays, valentines or anniversary - get a much better pressie after wafting a bald pudenda in DHs direction for a few eeks beforehand!

Bit wetter then normal but haven't found that am spraying like a tom cat when I wee?

nickytwotimes Sun 30-Jan-11 20:10:09

mine's like old holburn.

wouldn't have it any other way

CointreauVersial Sun 30-Jan-11 20:16:49

The wee issue - who knew??!

I haven't noticed mine falling out now I am advancing in years, but it is starting to march down my upper thigh.

jennimay321 Mon 31-Jan-11 20:04:18

I hate to tell you CANTSPEL but it does not fall out when you get older, quite the opposite. I used to work at a care home and tend to old peoples personal hygiene, it would have made my job ten times easier if it had all fallen out! blush

dementedma Mon 31-Jan-11 20:12:21

it does get sparser, and greyer as you get older. definitely.

LaWeaselMys Mon 31-Jan-11 20:28:59

The wee thing is so true. Hair clearly helps with direction.

TiggyD Mon 31-Jan-11 20:31:21

I was going to say that they would look horrible and that the fur was their best feature....but then I realised you weren't talking about pandas.

I'll go now.

GloriaSmut Mon 31-Jan-11 20:34:54

I've never understood why a grown woman would want to look like a paedophile's dream.

Bare growlers really do look bizarre and how can something as natural as pubic hair be "unhygienic"? What are you women doing with your fannies?

I can't understand "hovering" over the lavvy either, mind. If the sodding toilet is so disgusting that one cannot sit on it, why piss in it at all?

IslaValargeone Mon 31-Jan-11 20:37:07

I'm crying with laughter at this thread.

oldraver Mon 31-Jan-11 20:37:11

I personally think overly hairy ones are gross. I dont mind a bit of hair but just dont like the 70's porn star hairy mary.

I also dont like pee or blood getting caught up in it so tend to shave at least my lips, and I think I have lovely labia, even if they are a bit saggy and any hair I leave has quite a lot of grey

IslaValargeone Mon 31-Jan-11 20:40:19

I'm dying to know at what age it starts becoming sparse, given I'm in my forties and it would emigrate down to my knees if left to its own devices.

This thread has absolutely made my day. FWIW I can understand why people get the whole lot whipped off. Prefer a bit left down there myself. In an ideal world I'd say neat landing strip or triangle. But I'm lazy, disorganised and pain shy so more often than not it ends up like a forest for weeks.

taffetasplat Mon 31-Jan-11 20:43:24

PMSL @ bear bare growler

GloriaSmut Mon 31-Jan-11 20:45:41

When will it get sparser? Well don't hold your breaths. I'm an extremely old gimmer and it's not exactly deforested down there yet.

CatIsSleepy Mon 31-Jan-11 20:45:52

i don't think i could stand the sight of mine without any hair

the more hair the better, frankly!

NorthernGobshite Mon 31-Jan-11 20:48:31

Mine is wild and woolly and happy that way. I find it a bit wierd that women would want hair free vaginas. Its supposed to be hairy when you're a grown up!

bubblewrapped Mon 31-Jan-11 20:52:41

I cant understand how pee sprays everywhere if it is bald. Young girls manage to go to the loo without any problems.

InPraiseOfBacchus Mon 31-Jan-11 20:53:49

YANBU to personally dislike the look of it. YABU to hint that it's wrong. It's basically a wanky statement to tell everyone how cool and non-image-conscious you are. I'm habitually bare down there, I find it more attractive and comfortable. I know it's not for everyone, and have nothing against full pubic hair, though.

I wonder if anyone whining about how it's "sick" because it makes a lady look "pre-pubescent" or "unnatural"... I wonder how many of you have lightened your hair or shaved your legs?

NorthernGobshite Mon 31-Jan-11 20:54:03

bubble, my dd doesn't!! She wees all over the floor every. single. time!!

bubblewrapped Mon 31-Jan-11 20:55:52

Shaved legs are completely different to shaved genital areas. Well, I dont have pubic hair on my legs.. dunno about anyone else.

As for hair lightening.. not quite seeing the relevance there.

LaWeaselMys Mon 31-Jan-11 20:56:18

Way TMI, I used to wee on the floor too. Through the gap between the ceramic toilet and the loo seat IYSWIM, I don't wee straight down, the hair helps!

OTheHugeManatee Mon 31-Jan-11 20:56:37

This thread must win a prize for most synonyms for cunt.

I haven't heard 'growler' for years.

Made me grin

OTHM <---- shaggy and proud

bubblewrapped Mon 31-Jan-11 21:00:36

I would say keeping your legs a bit closer together when you sit on the loo helps too grin

I would also advise, dont lift one leg high to fasten your boots as you are sat on the loo... that results in a very unexpected direction of flow blush

tyler80 Mon 31-Jan-11 21:05:14

It's made my day about the wee thing, it happens to me too.

Not quite worked out the mechanics of it yet but know that no hair = wee running along skin, and then even after you wiped, there's a stray drop that manages to drip down your legs as you stand up!

Hair, even a tiny amount clipped really short, prevents this happening.

bald - blurgh and itchy!! I try to keep mine neat and trimmed (or at least not running away down my legs!) but im even too lazy for that grin. Thankfully my DH prefers the natural look (which he decided after asking me to shave it all off - grrr).

But back to what someone asked earlier - the point of pubes - they are there to protect your foof from foreign bodies and other stuff what shouldn't go down there so pubes are actually for hygiene reasons! Probably more useful in ye olde days before knickers though.....

ENormaSnob Mon 31-Jan-11 21:48:27

So has anyone tried anal bleaching?

brightlightsandpromise Mon 31-Jan-11 22:04:33

i think my fanny looks crap wihtout any pubic hair, but my DP likes it and it makes for better tongue action so i indulge him from time to time grin

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